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Full text of "Clogher clergy and parishes [microform] : being an account of the clergy of the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Clogher, from the earliest period, with historical notices of the several parishes, churches, etc."

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This work is a Private Print for Subscribers, 
and is not on sale at the Booksellers; but any person 
sending a Subscription 0/30/" towards the cost to the 
Author, REV. CANON J. B. LESLIE, Kilsaran Rectory, 
Castlebellingham, will receive a copy post free. 300 
copies only have been printed. 





\Y, B.A.I., C.E. 

1- f \ 1 . . - 

Clobber Clergy 















Printed for the Author at the "Fermanagh Times" Office, Enmekillen, 

by R. H. Ritchie, J.P. 


* ; 







The collection of Church Records is a most important work, and when we 
have added to this the names and places of persons, with the dates thereto 
belonging, who form the ground work of such an undertaking, the task becomes 
the more trying and exacting. 

Many persons have, in a small way written histories of parishes and of 
dioceses ; but few have had the perseverance, the knowledge, and the almost 
unique gift of the compiler of this Book, Clogher Clergy and Parishes, Canon 
J. B. Leslie, M.A., M.R.I. A. It may truly be said of him that he is a walking 
encyclopaedia, where things new and old concerning the Protestant, Reformed 
and Catholic Church of Ireland are concerned. No man living in Ireland to-day 
has anything approaching his storehouse of knowledge in things ecclesiastical 
Parochial and Diocesan. For many years he spent much time, energy, and 
patience in collecting details in the then existing Record Office in Dublin ; and 
since the destruction during the unfortunate troubled times in Ireland, of the 
invaluable documents stored there, from every diocese in Ireland, Canon Leslie 
is the only reliable authority on the historical records of the once available, 
but now, alas, destroyed documents. That the Church of Ireland owes a deep 
debt of gratitude to him is saying far too little. No doubt the men of to-day 
value and highly prize the outcome of his efforts in thus presenting them with 
past and present particulars of the dioceses he has already dealt with ; but it 
is to future generations of Churchpeople in this land that his research work will 
prove most interesting. The people of to-day know something of the names, 
places, and positions as in this book dealt with ; but for the generations to come 
there would be a great blank, were it not for the timely intervention of the 
Author of Clogher Clergy and Parishes. 

Already the Primatial Diocese has its storehouse of diocesan information 
from the pen of Canon Leslie, while in this volume, the ancient Diocese of Clogher, 
founded by St. Macartan, the friend and disciple of St. Patrick, has, what will 
prove to be to the present, and more especially to future generations, an inspiring 
record of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. 

More than one of the remaining dioceses are, we understand, receiving 
attention as to their ecclesiastical records from the Author of this Book. 


May, 1929. n j ' - 


Lord Bishop of Clogher from 1923. 
[From a Portrait by Miss Eva Hamilton.'] 



THE compilation of these Records of Clogher Diocese was first suggested 
to me by the late Rev. Canon Fleming, of Kilskeery, in 1911, after the 
publication of my Armagh Clergy and Parishes. It was fortunate that I 
adopted his suggestion at the time, as the Diocesan Records up to 1870, 
which were the main foundation of the work, have since been totally destroyed 
with the Public Record Office. 

The Visitation Books from 1661, which had been used by Bishop Reeves 
who had made up a Succession List, now in T.C.D. Library were not in 
the Record Office and their whereabouts was unknown for many years. In 
1922 Archdeacon and Mrs. Hobson drew my attention to a pile of mouldy 
papers in the old Muniment Room of Armagh Registry, now connected with 
the Armagh Library. On examining them the Clogher Visitation Books were 
found intact, as well as many other important documents. 

The plan of the work, in the main, is the same as that of my Armagh Clergy, 
with this exception that the notes on the parishes are of less extent for two 
reasons : First, because the history of most of the parishes has been already 
fully dealt with by writers, such as Shirley, in his. History of Monaghan ; Dundas, 
in his Enniskillen, Parish and /Town ; the late Earl of Belmore, in his books and 
articles in UJ.A. ; W. F. Wakeman, Rev. J. E. M'Kenna and many others : 
and secondly, because I lack that personal acquaintance with the topography 
of the diocese which I have with Armagh. But I can faithfully say that I have 
spent more time, labour and care on those Records than I did on those 
of Armagh; and they are fuller in biographical and genealogical material. 

The publication in 1924 of that wonderful mine of information the Alumni 
Dublinenses, edited by the late G. D. Burtchaell, M.R.LA. and T. U. Sadleir, 
M.R.I.A,., has been a great help to me, and that work has been fully 
used throughout the lists. 

those who deserve my special thanks for help are : Very Rev. 
Dr - H. J. Lawlor, M.R.I.A., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and Professor of 
cc . Hist., T.C.D., who freely placed his valuable notes on the Bishops and 
i f h ? ter f C1 S her at my disposal ; Rev. H. B. Swanzy, HiR.I.A., Prebendary 
J Wlckl w, Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, and Vicar of Newry, 
wno read over my MS, and made many corrections and biographical additions, 


some of which only are marked " H.B.S." by me ; and Mr. T. U. Sadleir, who also 
kindly helped me. The late Mr. George Knight, Diocesan Registrar, and his 
son, Mr. M. E. Knight, were most helpful in giving me full facilities for examining 
the Diocesan Registers since 1870, which have been exceedingly well kept. 
Very many of the Diocesan clergy, and the relatives of many deceased clergy 
replied to my queries for information and I thank them sincerely. I found it, 
however, easier, as a rule, to get information about the dead than about the 
living. The Officials of the Record Office, National Library, T.C.D. Library, 
R.I. A. Library, and Armagh Library have, by their courtesy and assistance, 
earned my gratitude. 

The Lord Bishop of Clogher (Dr. MacManaway) has been most en- 
thusiastic in his approval of the plan of the work and most anxious for 
its publication. In consequence of the great rise in the cost of printing it re- 
mained in Ms. for a long time and was likely to remain so much longer, but 
that the Ven. the Archdeacon of Clogher kindly enlisted the interest of Mr- 
R. H. Ritchie, J.P., Proprietor and Editor of the Fermanagh Times, whose 
public-spirited enterprise in the matter is something for which the Church 
people of the Diocese of Clogher owe him thanks. 

During the publication of these Records in the issues of the Fermanagh 
Times, 1925-27, I received invaluable help from Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry, 
who has an intimate knowledge of the topography and history of the various 
parishes in the diocese ; and my grateful thanks are due to her. 

This Volume is not, however, a mere reprint of the newspaper articles ; 
many changes in arrangement, corrections and additions have been made, 
so that subscribers receive some compensation for the slight delay in 
producing it. 

I am indebted to Mr. H. T. Ottley Day, B.A.I., C.E., for the Map of 
the Diocese. 

As regards the biographies herein given over fifteen hundred in number 
I do not believe in biographical whitewash. The one Book we all revere tells 
the faults of good men for our instruction. The truth, though instructive, is 
sometimes unpalatable, but being one of the clergy I recognise that the 
clergy are men, not angels, and have the same human nature as the laity. 
But the clergy in these lists were, as a rule, splendid men, who faithfully did 
their duty. 

May I make one deduction from my researches ? It is this, that the 
Empire and Nation and Civilisation, as a whole, owe a vast debt to the families 
of the clergy of the Church of Ireland. 

It would be extraordinary if, considering the mass of names, dates and 
facts here recorded, some errors have not crept in. No one knows better than 


myself the imperfections of the work, but if one were to wait till a work is perfect, 
more than a life-time would be necessary. With all its imperfections, I am proud 
to have been given the opportunity of producing it and hope, if God spares me, 
to compile similar works for other dioceses. 

Finally, my sincere thanks are due to the subscribers who enabled me to 
produce it, a list of whom is given, and to very many kind friends for information, 
help in its compilation, and corrections. 


Kilsaran Rectory, 
Deeetnber, 1928. 

N.&. During reprinting the following errors were overlooked and should be corrected 
Page 23, line 4. " 2,400 " should be "24*000." 
Page 30. line 27. " Cane " " Carre." 

Page 84, line 23. " William " " Walter." 
Page 140. Delete the two lines at foot beginning " Owing to." 
Page 181, line 33. " Aline " should be "Allen." 
Page 207, line 1. " Loftus John Reade " should be " Loftus George Reade." 

Page 207, line 8. " Thomaso Robert Hamilton " should be " Thomas Robert 

Page, 223, line 24. "Thomas Joseph Hill Tardy" should be " Charles Joseph 
Hill Tardy." 

Page 252, 8th line from foot should be delated. 

Page 254, 16th line from foot "454 " should read "1454." 



List of Subscribers ix 

List of Principal Authorities used, and Abbreviations . . . . . . . . xii 


Notes on the History of Ologher Diocese 1 

Bishops of Clogher 3 

Dean and Chapter 29 

Deans 31 

Archdeacons 41 

Precentors . . 61 

Chancellors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 

Prebendaries of Kilskeery 66 

->, Donacavey (or Findonagh) . . 71 

Tullycorbet 78 

Tyholland (or Tehallen) . . . . 84 

Devenish 89 

Bepresentative Canons in St. Patrick's, Dublin 94 

Canons of Clogher (without Stall) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 

Canons (whose Prebends are unknown) . . . . . . . . . . 96 

Succession of Parochial Clergy Parishes being in Alphabetical Order .. .. 100 

Diocesan Curates, and General Licences . . . . . . . . . . . . 259 

Clergy with Unidentified Cures . , 260 

Appendix i Hearth Money Beturnl744 .. .. .. .. .. ., 261 

1764 . . . . 262 

ii Old Burial Grounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 263 

iii Clergy Justices of the Peace by Canon Swanzy, M.B.I.A, . . 264 

iv Corrections and Additions 285 

v Ancient Churches and Graveyards by Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry ,. 286 

Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 291 


Map of the Diocese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frontispiece. 

Portrait of the Lord Bishop of Clogher Facing Preface. 

,, Bishop C. M. Stack .... . . . . . . page 1 

the Lord Primate (Dr. C. D'Aroy) 16 

Bishop Maurice Day ,. .. . 32 



JAMES MAcMANAWAY, D.D., St. Angelo, Ballinamallard. 

(6 copies). 

C. F. D'ARCY, D.D., F.B.A., M.R ; I.A., The Palace, Armagh. 

J. A. F. GREGG, D.D.> M.R.I.A., The Palace, Shrewsbury Road, Dublin. 

J. G. F. DAY, D.D., The Palace, Kilkenny. 

ALLEN, E. G. & SON, Ltd., Library Agents, 12 & 14 Grape Street, Shaftesbury 

Square, London, W.C.2. 

ATKINSON, VEN. E. D., M.A., Archdeacon of Dromore, The Vicarage, Rostrevor. 
ARMAGH CLERICAL UNION, per Rev. Canon Hogg, M.A., Hon. Sec., Keady, Co. 


BARCROFT, REV. J. P., M.A., Derryloran Rectory, Cookstbwn. 
BELMORE, THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF, D.L., Castle Coole, Enniskillen. 
BENSON, J. R., Esq.;, Watersmeet, Salisbury. 

BRETT, VERY REV. H. R., M.A.-, Dean of Belfast, Montrose, Fortwilliam Park, 

CAMPBELL, A. ALBERT, Esq., Drumnaferrie, Rosetta Park, Belfast. 
CARMODY, VERY REV. W. P., M.A., M.R.I.A., Dean of Down, The Deanery, 


CARY, CAPTAIN GEORGE S., "Wayside," Glemsford, Suffolk. 
CHAMBRE, C. B. M.^Esq., Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. 
COWELL, VERY REV. G. Y., M'.A., 14 Herbert Place, Dublin. 

DOLAN, J. T., Esq., M.A., Ardee. 

DUNDAS, REV. W. HARLOE, B.D., Magheragall Rectory, Lisburn. 

ECCLES, REV. L. G. F., M.A,, Tissaran Rectory, Belmont, King's County. 
FORD, REV. CANON A. LOCKETT, M.A., The Rectory, Ardee. 
FORD, REV. CANON R. I., B.D., The Rectory, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. 
FRENCH, REV. C. E., B.A., Clonmore Rectory, Dunleer, Co. Louth. 
" FRIEND, A " per M. C. 

GARSTIN, Miss R. A., Braganstown, Castlebellingham. 

GIVEN, REV. M. H. M., M.A,, St. Mary's Rectory, Athlone. 

GREEN, W. J., Esq., J<P., Roslyn, Portadpwn. 

GROVES, TENISON, Esq., B.E., 33, Mt. Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. 

HAJRE-FORSTER, VERY REV. A. N., M.A,, Dean of Clogher, Killycobnagh, 

Newbliss, Co. Monaghan. 
HODGES, FIGGIS & Co., LTD., 2,0 Nassau Street, Dublmv (3 copiies). 


KENNEDY, VERY REV. H. B. KENNEDY, B.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oorrig 

Castle, Kingstown. 
KING, VERY REV. R. G. S. KING, M.A., Dean of Derry, The Deanery, 

KNIGHT, MICHAEL E., Esq., Clones. 

LAPHAM, REV. R. C., M.A., Cleenish Rectory, Enniskillen. 

LAWLOR, VERY REV. H. J. LAWLOR, D.D., Litt.D., M.R.I.A., Dean of St. 

Patrick's, Dublin, The Deanery, St. Patrick's Close, Dublin. 
LEPPER, ROBERT S., Esq., M.A., LL.M., Elsinore, Carnalea, Co. Down. 
LESLIE, REV. CANON JOHN HERBERT, M.A., B.D., The Rectory, Clonmel. 
LESLIE, W. J., Esq., J.P., Sunnyside, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry. 
LESLIE, Miss K. M. B., B.A., Belle Vue Arms Hotel, Bangor, N. Wales. 
LIBRARY, ARMAGH PUBLIC, per The Dean of Armagh. (3 copies). 

DERRY DIOCESAN, per the Dean of Derry. 

DOWN & CONNOR DIOCESAN, per the Dean of Down. 

MARSH'S, Dublin, per Rev. Dr. White. 

PICCADILLY REFERENCE, Manchester, per Ernest Axon, Esq. 

COLLEGE OF ARMS, Queen Victoria St., London, E.C., per G. Woods 
Wollaston, Esq., Richmond Herald. 

OFFICE OF ARMS, Dublin Castle, per T. U. Sadlier, Esq., M.R.I.A., 

HENRY, Tuam, per Rev. Canon G. R. Nixon, M.A. 

REPRESENTATIVE CHURCH BODY, Dublin, per late Rev. Canon Kernan, 

PUBLIC 'RECORD OFFICE, Northern Ireland, per D. A. Chart, Esq., 
Litt.D., M.R.I.A., Deputy Keeper. 

BOSTON (MASS.) PUBLIC, per Messrs. Bernard Quaritch, Ltd., II 

Grafton Street, New Bond Street, London W.I. 
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LOWRY-CORRY, LADY DOROTHY, Castle Coole, Enniskillen. 

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MURRAY, REV. LAURENCE P., Lisnawilly Road, Dundalk. 

MYLES, REV. E. A., M.A., Tullylish Rectory, Gilford, Co. Down. 

NELSON, REV. CANON E. A., M.A., Drumbanagher Vicarage, Jerrettspass, Co. 

O'NEILL, P. J., Esq., Long Avenue, Dundalk. 

PATERSON, T. G. F., Esq., 5 Upper English Street, Armagh. 
PRATT, REV. CANON I. H., B.D., Rossory Rectory, Enniskillen. 

REID (the late) J. G., Esq., Solicitor, Castleblayney. 

RUDD, REV. CANON T. E., M.A., The Rectory, Castleblayney. 

RUDDELL, VEN. JOSEPH, B.A., Archdeacon of Clogher, The Rectory, Clones. 

SEYMOUR, REV. ST. J. D,, D.D., Litt.D., M.R.I.A., The Rectory, Donohill, 

SCOTT, WALTER T., Esq., West Gables, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth. 


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SOTHERAN, HENRY & Co., Booksellers, 43 Piccadilly, London, W.I. 

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TAYLOR, REV. J. WALLACE, LL.D., Crystal Brook, Ballybay., Co. Monaghan. 
THOMPSON, REV. CANON H. W. B., B.D., St. Catherine's Rectory, S.C;R., Dublin. 
TICHBORNE, VERY REV. FORDE, M.A., Dean of Armagh, The Library, Armagh. 
TODD, REV. CHANCELLOR HENRY, B.A., The Rectory, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh. 
TUNSTALL, REV. A. F. B., M.A., The Pavilion, Armagh. 
TYNER, REV. RICHARD, M.A., Dartrey Rectory, Cootehill. 

WARD, REV. E. GORDON, B.A., St. Colman's Glebe, Clontibret. Co. Monaghan. 
WEBSTER, VERY REV. CHARLES A., D.D., M.R.I.A., Dean of Ross, The Deanery, 

Rosscarberry, Co. Cork. 

WEST, E. ERSKINE, Esq., Shoyswell, Highfield Road, Dublin. 
WILKINSON, W. F. S., Esq., Northern Bank, Armagh. 
WILSON, REV. PRECENTOR D. F. R., M.A., The Rectory, Ailesbury Road, 

Donnybrook, Dublin. 

WILSON, REV. JAMES A., M.A., Crossgreen Cottage, Helperby, York. 
WOOLSEY-BUTLER, MRS. ALICE, Milestown, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth. 



A full list of the Principal Authorities used in this Succession will be found 
in the Author's Armagh Clergy and Parishes, pp. xv-xxiii. For readers not 
acquainted with that Work we give below a short Index of the Abbreviations 
for Authorities, &c., used. 

Ann. Clonmac= Annals of Clonmacnoise. 

A. P.M. : A. Ult. Annals Four Masters, or of Ulster. 

Ann. #t&.=De Annatis Hiberniae, pub. 1909. 

5.L.G : .=Burke's Landed Gentry. 

C.P.L. 0yC.P.P.=Calendar of Papal Letters or Petitions. 

C..F.=Cotton's Fasti. 

Chart. 5.Af./l."=Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey. 

Comm. P^s.=Common wealth Papers. 

Dep. of i64i=Depositions of 1641. 

Z).iv.B.=Dictionary of National Biography. 

D. J R.=Diocesan Register. 

F.F.=First Fruit Returns. 

Ing. Excheq.='ExchGquer Inquisition. 

Jour. R.S.A. 7.= Journal, Royal Society of Antiquaries, Ireland. 

Z,.M.=Liber Munerum. 

M.L. Marriage Licence. 

Af.^.=Memoranda Roll. 

Par. Reg.=Pansh Register. 

P.#.=Patent Rolls. 

P. PF*#=Prerogative Will. 

Proc. and Twns. R.I.A. =Proceedings and Transactions Royal Irish Academy. 

Rep. D.K., P.#.CJ.=Report Deputy Keeper, P.R.O. 

R. V. =Royal Visitation . 

S.P.7.=State Papers, Ireland. 

C7./.-4.=Ulster Journal of Archaeology. 

F.S.=Visitation Book. 

app. =appointed. w.=Married. 

b. =born. ord. =ordained. 

bur . =buried. P. ==Priest . 

C.=Curate or Curacy. P. C.=Perpetual Curate or Curacy. 

coll. =collated. P.R.O. =Public Record Office. 

D.=Deacon. ^>^s.=presented. 

Div. Test. =Divinity Testimonium. q.v. quod vide (which see) . 
<?.=died. d.s.p.=died sine prole. R=Rector or Rectory. 

J R.C.5.=Representative Body of the 
Church of Ireland. 

T.C.D. =Trinity College, Dublin. 
unm. =unmarried. 
V.= Vicar or Vicarage. 

Lord Bishot) of Cloeher 1886-1902. 



A Diocese has been defined by Dr. Lawlor, Dean of St. Patrick's, as " the 
sphere of a Bishop's government and activity. " It is at all events the territory, 
with definite boundaries, over which a Bishop exercises jurisdiction. That 
there was any " Diocese " of Clogher in this sense before the Synod of Rath- 
breasil in IIIO, is not clear. That is not the same as saying there is no evidence 
that there was a See (i.e., the seat or place from which a Bishop exercised 
jurisdiction) of Clogher before that date, A.R.C. writer, Rev. Thomas Gogarty, 
in an Article in Irish Theol. Quarterly, July, 1909, on The Boundaries of Some 
Irish Dioceses, said he was " inclined to lay down the year 1128 or 1129 as the 
year in which the Seeoi Clogher was founded and to conclude " that Cinaeth 
O'Boyle, who d. 1135 was " its first Canonically consecrated bishop." But the 
Annals give at least two bishops -" of Clogher " before that date S. MacCairt- 
hinn, who founded the See, and Ailill who d. 869. If the word " Diocese " were 
substituted therefore for the word " See " (italicised by me) the first part of 
the statement would probably be correct. 

Most Ecclesiastical Historians hold that there was no such thing as Diocesan 
Episcopacy in Ireland up to mo, when the Synod of Rathbreasil divided Ire- 
land into dioceses and defined their boundaries, and in a sense, Anglicised the 
Church. Mr. Chas. McNeill, lately in papers read before the R.S.A.I. and 
Louth A. Soc., combats that view and maintains that it is untenable. There 
is no doubt that from St. Patrick's time bishops had Sees connected with the 
Early Monastic Communities ruled by an Abbot, and that the Bishop, unless 
he held also the position of Abbot, had no jurisdiction over them as a ruler, 
but exercised his functions in ordaining and consecrating. Also he had a See 
sometimes connected with a tribe or clan or family. Where, of course, they 
possessed a territory, his jurisdiction extended to it, but it may be questioned 
if he did not extend it further at times without any regard to the " jurisdiction" 
of other bishops. That there was any such definite territory allotted to, or ruled 
over spiritually by any early Bishop of Clogher before mo, no one has yet 
shown, and it is improbable. There were other Bishops in the district, as well 
as Clogher e.g., at Kilskeery and Clones. The Diocese defined in IIIO, Was 
from the River Blackwater, on the one side, to Galloon, on the other, and- 
from Slieve Beagh to Slieve Largy, near Sixmilecross. It included, therefore, 
approximately the Barony of Clogher and that part of County Fermanagh, 
between that Barony and Upper Lough Erne. It did not include County 
Monaghan, which was allotted to Armagh. In fact some writers believe that 
what was then carved as a diocese was originally under Armagh. How Mon- 
f-ghan was added is very clearly shown in an Article by Very Rev. Dr. Lawlor, 
ln L.A. Joitr. iv. 129 et seq. on The Genesis of the Dioeese of Cloghev which is 


illustrated by a map showing the extent of the Diocese in 1180, and which 
should be carefully read by anyone interested in the subject. 

It seems that the See was removed from Clogher to Louth early in the I2th 
cent, under the influence of Donough Q 'Carroll, King of Oriel, who had subdued 
the Plain of Muirthemne and brought it thoroughly under his rule. This 
removal of the See to Louth- which at the Synod of Rathbreasil (and long be- 
fore), belonged to the Diocese of Armagh must of course have been done with 
the assent of the Archbishop of Armagh, and there is some suspicion that 
it was done with the purpose of consolidating the power of the Bishop of Clogher 
arid suppressing the smaller Sees in the territory. The Bishops from 1135-97. 
were known as Bishops of Louth or Oriel, and exercised jurisdiction over that 
part of O'Carroll's domains which included the Diocese of Clogher as defined 
in mo, the rest of Fermanagh and also Monaghan as well as Louth. Then, 
perhaps, because of the jealousy of the Primate" (or see below under Bishops 
circa., 1195), the See was removed back to Clogher about 1.197. Louth was 
soon after restored to Armagh, but Monaghan -and the rest of Fermanagh 
remained in the Diocese of Clogher. A part of the Diocese which at one time 
had a bishop of its own Ardstraw was, however, about this time wrested 
from Clogher by the Bishop of Deny (or Maghera). 'No change, except some 
minor changes in boundaries, has since taken place. . 



[Note. Ware and Cotton include many names among the early Bishops of 
Clogher (presumably taken from the Ancient Register of Clogher, extant 
in the early iyth century, but now lost), which will not be found in the fol- 
lowing list as no evidence is known to exist that they were bishops at all. 
The only extant extracts from the Ancient Register were published by 
Very Rev. Dr. H. J. Lawlor in the Louth Arch. Jour., Vol. iv. (1918), pp. 
226-257, and these fragments include a catalogue of the " Bishops " which 
is undoubtedly wrong. Dr. Lawlor's paper is enriched with valuable notes 
which should be studied. Other Bishops of Clogher Diocese, who had 
their seats. at Clones, Kilskeery, Devenish, &c., are also excluded.] 

493. MacCarthinn (or Ferdach'rioch) a companion of St. Patrick and of 
noble family, founded the See and built a Monastery here. He d. in 506, 
and was bur. in his churchyard (An. Ult.) He is commemorated on 
24th Mar. probably the day of his death. j 

843. IVIoran, Abbot of Clogher, who is called ." Bishop of Clogher "in An. 
Clonmac : d. this year a prisoner with the Danes. (But he does not appear 
in the Catalogue mentioned above, nor in any other Annals] . 

869. Ailill, scribe, and bishop, Abbot of Clogher d. (An. Ult.) 
1135. Cinaeth O Boyle (Ua Baighill), Bishop of C. d. (An. Tigh.}. 

1135. Christian O Morgair seems to have succeeded. He was brother of 
Primate M'alachy, with whose sanction, and with the support of Donough 
O Carroll, King of Oriel, he enlarged his diocese to include Uriel (i.e., the 
Counties of Louth and Mqnaghan). In the account of his death the 
Irish Annalists call him "Bishop of. Clogher," but the Anglo Norman 
Annals of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, call him " Bishop of Louth." Dr. 
Lawlor has shown reason for thinking that he removed his See (i.e. the 
seat of his bishopric) from Clogher to Louth. It is quite certain that his 
four successors were known -as " Bishops of Louth." He is highly spoken 
of by St. Bernard in his Life of Malachy (see Lawlor's Ed. pp. 67 et seq.}. 
for wisdom and piety. He d. on June 12, 1138 according to Martyr. Gor- 
man and. A. P.M., but more probably on June 12, 1139 (Chart. S.M. Abb. ii. 

1139. Edan O'Kelly (Edan has a variant Odo, modern Hugh latinized by 
R. de HoVeden into Odanus see Wilkins Condi. 1.472 succeeded and was 
cons, by Malachy, the Bishop of Down. He organised the Diocese and 
with the help of Donough O'Carroll established the Augustinian Monasteries 
of S.S., Peter and Paul, Knock and St. Mary, Louth the latter Church 
becoming the Cathedral. He signed Deeds in 1172, 1178, &c., as " Bishop 
of Louth." He is the first Bishop called " Bishop of Uriell (or Oriel)," i.e., 
Bishop of a territory corresponding to a diocese. He d. in 1182. (See 
. Ann. Loch Ce ; Benedict of Peterborough i. 26, Reg. All. SS. Dub. ii., 100 
Lawlor's Life of Malachy, &c.). 


1182. Mae lisa O'Carroll (Ua Cerbhaill) succeeded. He became Abp. of 
Armagh in 1184, and d. in 1187 on his way to Rome to receive the pall. 
Was styled "Bishop of Oriel." (An. Ult.} 

1187. Christian (or Cristin) O'Muccaran succeeded. See a Charter of his 
printed by Dr. Lawlor in Louth A . Jour, iv., 14 He d. in 1193 (An Loch Cc ; 

1193. Mae lisa O'Mulkerin, son of an Abbot of Mellifont, who was also a 
bishop, and son of Mael Ciaran, succeeded. He d. in 1197 (An. Loch Ck ; 
when the See was definitely removed from Louth to Clogher. (Lawlor 
in L.A. Jour, iv., 139.) 

Probably in consequence of the removal of the See to Louth 0.1140, there 
seems to have been established at Clogher a rival line of Bishops, for in 
1185 tne Annalists tell of the death of Amlave (or Auliffe) O'Murray, 
Bishop of Ardmacha (to which he evidently had laid claim) and of Cinel 
Feradhaigh (i.e., the Barony of Clogher). Dr. Lawlor suggests that the 
See was removed back to Clogher in order to drive out the usurping 
bishops. (L.A. Jour, iv., 140). 

0.1197. Thomas appears as " Bishop of Clogher," and though Louth con- 
tinued in the diocese for some time, his predecessor is the last spoken of as 
Bishop of Louth. Thomas was probably Prior of Louth previous to his 
consecration. The authority for his name as Bishop is a Charter of Donat, 
Prior of Louth to Roger Pipard, preserved in the Muniment Room of 
Kilkenny Castle and printed by Dr. Lawlor in Proc. R.I. A. xxxii C. No. 19, 
and in L.A. Jour, iv., 146, which the Bishop signed as a witness. 

c.12 Gilla Tighernach MacGilla Ronan succeeded, but the date of his 
accession is not known. He was head of the Aug-ustinians in Ireland. He 
d. in 1217 or 1218 (after 20th April) and was bur. in St. Mary's Abbey, 
Louth. (An. Ult., C.P.R.E. 1216, p. 148, 173.) 

1218. Donat O'Fidabra succeeded. It is very probable that he was " Donat 
Prior of Louth," mentioned above. He was translated to Armagh in 1227 
and d. I7th Oct. 1237. ( An - Loch &'> C.D.I., i. 247, C.C.R., 1224, p. 


1227. Nehemiah O'Bragan, Prior of Mellifont, succeeded (C.C.R., 1224, 
2OI). He was elected by the Chapter in 1227 an( ^ arter some litigation was 
confirmed by the Pope and cons, by the Abp. of Tuam. He d. in or before 
1240. (Theiner, 35, 40, C.P.R.E., 1225, J 66). On Oct. 10, 1227, after 
the trans, of O'Fidabra, the King united the See of Clogher with that of 
Armagh. Considerable litigation followed, with the result that the union 
was not carried out. (C.P.L., i., 192, Chart M.A., i. 153, 160, C.P.R.E., 
1225, 126.) 

Nicholas. Bishop of Clogher appears in 1238 in C.C.R., 1237, 49' but tm ' s is 
evidently a mis-reading of the roll for Nehemiah, 


1246. David O'Bragan , brother of Nehemiah seems to have succeeded, after 
an interregnum. He was probably the " Bishop-elect of Clogher " un- 
named, who appears in 1246 (C.P.L., i. 224). He was a monk of Mellifont, 
and we find him Bishop in 1252, when, according to Ussher (Work* VI., 
417) the Louth portion of the diocese was again joined to Armagh, and part 
of the north, including the ancient Diocese of Ardstraw, was wrested by 
the Bishop of Maghera (or Derry). David d. in 1267, and was bur. in Melli 
font Abbey. (An. UU.) 

1268. Michael MacAnthsair (or Carpenter), " Official " of Armagh, was 
then forcibly intruded into the See by the Primate, who cons, him on 
Sep. 9, 1268, although the Chapter had elected the Archdeacon, Reginald 
McGilla Finin. Michael built a palace at Clogher and d. in 1285, and was 
bur. in the Abbey of St. Mary, Clogher. (An. UU.} 

1287. Matthew McCasey (MacCathasaid) I., Chancellor of Armagh Cath.j 
was elected Bishop by the Dean and Chapter and was cons, in Lisgoole 
Abbey, Co. Ferm. by the Bps. of Dromore, Haphoe and Tuam. (See 
Extracts from Clogher Dio. Register by Dr. Lawlorin L.A. Jour., iv., 147). 
He is said to 'have been of the Sept of Dortain of Co. Meath. He was a 
benefactor to his See, and rebuilt and enriched the Cathedral. He seems 
to have res. some time before his death which took place in 1316. He was 
bur. in his Cathedral. (An. UU.} 

1310. Henry appears as Bp. of Clogher this year. (Berry, Irish Statutes /., 
261.) Nothing else is known of him. 

1316. Gelasius O'Banan, Abbot of Clones, was cons, by the Primate and 
held this bishopric for three years. He d. in 1319 (C.P.L. ii., 219, 
An. UU. : A.F.M., Theiner22^}. 

1320. Nicholas McCasey (MacCathasaid), Archdeacon of Clogher, was 
elected by the Chapter, and cons, at Lisgoole Abbey by the Bps. of Derry, 
Raphoe and Kilmore the Primate being abroad. A Letter of Nicholas 
concerning the " Purgatory of St. Patrick " is in the Fleming Collection, 
p. 27ob. He d. in the " harvest " of 1356, and was bur. in his Cathedral. 
(An. UU.} 

1356. Bryan McCawell (MacCamaill), Archdeacon of Clogher, was then 
provided to the See by the Pope. He d. of the plague in 1358. (An. UU.} 
Ware, however, puts his death in the year 1361 the year of the " common 
pestilence " and perhaps he is right. 

1361. Matthew McCasey (MacCathasaid), II., nephew of his namesake 
above, and Archdeacon, was elected by the Dean and Chapter, and cons. 
Bp. circa 1362 by the Primate, assisted by the Bishops of Down and 
Ardagh, in Dromiskin Church, Co. Louth (Extracts from Register as above). 
He was bishop but a short time. 

Circa 1366. Hugh (Odo) O'Neill, Chancellor of Armagh, succeeded. He 
d. on 27th July, 1370. (Reg. Swet. ; An. UU. : A. P.M.) There seems 
to have followed an interregnum ot three years. 


1373. John O'Corcoran, O.S.B.,a monk. of St. James without, Wurzburg, 
was provided to the See by the Pope on 6th April, 1373 (Theiner, 349). 
The date of his death is not known, but he was d. in 1389 (see next). 

1389. Arthur MacCawel! (IVIaoCamaill) was cons. 1389, or carry in 
1389/90 O.S., and bound himself to the Papal Court for the first fruits on 
I5th Feb. 1389/90. (Ann. Hib. i., 54). He continued Bp. of Clogher for 
43 years, and was learned and zealous. He restored the Cathedral which 
had been ravaged by fire in 1395. He ,d. on loth August, 1432. (Eubel, 
An. Ult., C.P.L. viii.). The A.F.M. speak of his death as follows :--." A 
pious man who had kept a house of public hospitality for the poor and 
indigent of the Lord died after penance." 

1432. Peter (or Piers)IVIaguire(IVIagiiidliir), Archdeacon, was "postulated" 
to the Bishopric by the Dean and Chapter, who could not " elect " him, as 
he was of illegitimate birth, and was granted a dispensation by the Pope on 
account of this defect, and provided to the See on . I3th July, 1433. 
(C.P.L. viii, 470.) He res. c. 1447 and d. in 1450 at Cleenish, and was bur. 
at Lisgoole (A.F.M.} . 

1449. Roger. (or Rossa) IWaguire (BVlaguidhar) Canon of Clogher, was 
provided to ttie See (" Vacant by the resignation of Peter ") on 2ist July 
1447 (C.P.L. x., 299), and was cons, at Drogheda by the Primate in 
1449/50. The Four Masters say of him that " he was a man eminent for 
wisdom and piety." In 1458, on the complaint of the Dean, he was served 
by the Primate with a monition to reside and keep hospitality (Ann. D.R.). 
He d. in 1483 and was bur. at Aghalurcher (An. Ult.). He had res. the 
bishopric before his death. See also below. His son Hugh became Dean, 
(see Deans). 

1475. Florence Wulley (or Wooley), a professed monk of St. Mary's 
Benedictine Monastery at Abingdon, Salisbury Diocese, and beneficed 
in the Diocese of Norwich, was provided to the See by the Pope, " Vacant 
by the res. of Roger " on 20 Nov.; 1475, and was cons, on 27th Nov., 1475. 
He d. in 1500 (E{ubel ii., 146 ; fessop's Memoir of Norw. Dio.). Stubbs 
(Reg. Sac. Angl. 148) says he was suffragan Bishop of Norwich, 1478-1486. 
He probably held the Bishopric of Clogher but a short time, if he took 
possession at all. He seems to be ignored in the next Papal provision 
to Clogher made to one Neillan before June 1484 " on the death (sic) 
of Bishop Roger Maguirc." Neillan d. at Rome before his bulls were 
perfected (see Ann. Hib. i., 45). Perhaps Bishop Roger resumed the 
Bishopric in 1478 and thus allowed Florence to go to Norwich ? 

1484. John Edmund Courcey, D.D., a Franciscan friar [usually said to 
have been the first Englishman that filled the See, but query was Wulley 
not English ?] was prov. by Pope Sixtus V. on I4tli June, 1484, but the 
Pope having died before the bulls were made out, his successor Innocent 
VIII., confirmed the provision on I2th Sept., 1484 (Ann. Hib, i., 45). 
As Bishop of Clogher Uc took the part of the King against the Pretender, 
Perkin Warbeck, and thereby became a favourite of Henry VII. He was 


trans, to the Bpric. of Ross in 1495, but the translation seems not to have 
taken effect for some 3rears. Meanwhile in .. 

1495. James is called " Bishop-Elect of Cloghcr " and: is provided by the 
Pope to the Cistercian Abbey of Maure, diocese, of Ross, in com mendam. 
(See Ann. Hib. i., 55-6). It does not appear that any Bp. of that name was 
cons, at the time, and I suggest that James (Jacobus) is a misreading for 
John (Johannes) (Courcey ?), for . on loth June, 1500, Andrew was 
appointed as a. ".Coadjutor Bishop and successor to 'De Courcey, Bishop 
of Clogher," (ib., p. ,56). De Courcey res. the See of Ross on 24th Mar., 
1517, and d, loth Mar., 1518 (Theiner, 519 ; see Ir. Ecc. Record, i., 106). 
He seems to have held Clogher till 1502. What became of Andrew is not 

1502. Nehemiah Clonin, an Augustinian Monk was prov. to the See, " va- 
cant by the translation of Edmund to the Bishopric of Ross " on 29th Jan., 
1502 (Ann. Hib. i., 56). Ware says he res. on 29th Aug., 1503. 

1504. Patrick O'ConnolIy [O'ConnoIaid] succeeded by provision on 6th 
Mar., 1504 (Eubel'n., 186). He bad been Abbot of Clones. He d. within 
a few days of his return from Rome in the same year. (An. UU.) 

1505. Eugene McCawell [MacCathmaill] , Dean of Clogher, was prov. by 
the Pope to the See on 4th April, 1505 (Eubelui., 186), but he was not 
consecrated till 1508 by Octavian, Abp. of Armagh,assisted by the Bishops 
of Kilmore and Down and. Connor. He d. 111.1515 and was bur. in his 
Cathedra.]. (An. UU.} ''.... 

1517. Patrick O'Cuillean, an Augustinian, celebrated as a preacher, Prior 
to St. John 's-Without -Newgate, Dublin, was elected Bishop. by the Dean 
and Chapter. King Henry VIII. recommended him to the Pope on 27th 
Sep., 1515 (Theiner, 515) and he was " provided " on lith Feb., 1516/7 
(Eubel iii., l86j. He was a learned man, and compiled a Register of Anti- 
quities of the Diocese, written by his Archdeacon Rory O'Cassidy in 1525. 
which is now lost, but extracts from which, containing Catalogues of the 
Bishops of Clogher, were made by Ussher and Ware, and have been col- 
lected, and' (as mentioned above), published by Dr. Lawlor in L.A. Jour., 
1918, 226-257. These extracts include a Hymn written by the Bishop 
in praise of St. MacCairthinn. He held his Priory in commendam with 
this See until I53i : In 1528 the Pope dispensed him for non-residence on 
account of the poverty of the See, which had been so wasted by the wars 
that it was not worth more than 80 ducats per annum (Reg. Cromer). He 
d. in 1534, and was bur. in Ins Cathedral. He is the first Bp. of Clogher 
whose name was considered worthy of inclusion in the Diet. Nat. Biog. 

1535. Hugh [o'r'Odo] O'Cervallan [O'Cearbhallain] , Rector of Donagh- 
more, Diocese of Derry, was then provided by the Pope, on 6th Aug., 1535, 
and a mandate for his consecration was directed to Alfonso, Bp. of Bova, 
i6th Jan., 1537 (Ann. Rib. i., 57). He renounced his provision to trie King 
on ist Oct., 1542. In S.P., Henry VIII (Vol. III. part III., p. 427) the 


King, writing to the Lord Deputy and Council of Ireland, 8th Oct., 1542, 
says " We have also taken the submission of the Bishop of Clogher and 
caused our Consaill to receive of him, his bulles and his othe [oath] here, 
which he yielded unto Us." In consequence of this renunciation the 
Pope naturally ceased to recognise him as Bishop of Clogher, and on 27th 
Aug., 1546, provided Raymond MacMahon to the See " in succession to 
Patrick O'Cuillean." (See Ann Hib. L, 57. Col. Lett. H. VIII., %viii., 
890,924), who went to Ireland to claim the See " on the deposition of 
O'Cervallan," 22nd Feb., 1557 (Ettbd iii., 186 ; C.5.P., Foreign, Mary, 
289). MacMahon, therefore, would be the first Bishop of the modern 
Roman Succession. O'Cervallan, however, was sitting in October, 1557 ; 
how long after is not known. 

If MacMahon came to Ireland during Mary's reign (she d. Nov. 17, 1558) 
he may have got possession of the See. There was a Parliament held 
in Dublin on nth Jan., 1560, at which 20 Irish Bishops attended, but no 
Bishop of Clogher (Irish Arch. Soc. Tracts ii., p. 134). There may have 
been no Bishop of Clogher at the time. 

1560. Cornelius MacArdghail was prov. to the See by the Pope on 29th 
May, 1560 (Eubelm., 186) and he seems to have got possession whether 
legally or not is a question and to have exercised jurisdiction (see Lawlor 
L.A. Jour, iv., 247 and note). Sir Henry Sydney, Lord Deputy, describing 
an Expedition to the North against Shane O'Neill, says (See Jour. R.S.A.I. 
1870, p. 17). "The 27th (Sep. 1566) we encamped within 8 miles of Clogher, 
a Bishop's See, but the Bishop, a rebel, with Her Majesty. . . (burned) 
that day above 24 miles compass, saving only the Bishop's Church." 
He was living on 28th July, 1592, for a State Paper among the 
Rawlinson Mss. in the Bodl. Lib. states " There is one Cornelius McBar- 
daill (sic) Buishoppe of Clogher, those XXII yeres past, using the like 
authority [as Redmond O'Gallagher, Bp. of Derry] alwaies, saveing for 
the space of three yeares in Sir Jo. Perrott's tyme that he hath bene re- 
strayned from the most parte of the dyoces by virtue of a comissyon from 
the said Sir Jo. Perrott. And this Cornelius hath bene diverse tymes before 
diverse Governours, and ys not yet reformed or compelled to yeald any 
obeyance to Her Majesty's Lawes." 

Unless XXII. is a mistake for XXXII. his bishopric would date accord- 
ing to this from the translation of Miler Magrath below. (See Jour. 
R.S.A.I., i. 81). 

A Bishop of Clogher attended the Parliament oi 1569 (Falkiner's Essays 
Relating to Ireland, p. 234). A Bishop of Clogher also attended the Parlia 
ment held in Dublin, 20th April, 1585 (Loftus Mss. in Marsh's Lib.) If 
it was Cornelius that attended the latter, one would expect him to have 
accepted the Royal Supremacy, notwithstanding what is said above. 
Otherwise, he would scarcely have received a Writ of Summons, nor would 
he have felt at home with the Spiritual Peers. 


1570; Wilier Wlagrath, a Franciscan Friar, who had been schismatically 
provided by the Pope to the Bishopric of Down, on Oct. 12, 1565, and who 
subsequently had found it convenient to throw in his lot with the Reform- 
ing Party-who at all events, took the Oath of Supremacy to the Crown-was, 
according to Ware, appointed Bishop of Clogher by patent, dated Sep. 13, 
1570. Whether he took possession or exercised any jurisdiction at all is 
doubtful, as he was six months later, on 3rd Feb., 1571, made Abp. of Cas- 
hel. Some think that he was still allowed Clogher bishopric in commen- 
dam, his ancestral home being near. That does not seem probable, though 
it would fit in very well with what we know of him. He was b. in 1523, 
the son of Donagh Magrath, Chieftain of Termonmagrath, and m. in 1557 
Amy, dau. of John O'Meara, of Lisnisky, Co. Tipp., and had a large family 
of which he was not neglectful. In his day he was one of the most remark- 
able and influential men in Ireland, but his influence on the Church seems 
to have been anything but good. He is suspected of being insincere in his 
Protestant sm. Roman Catholics claim that he died reconciled to their 
Communion, which is doubtful, though his children seem to have been 
Roman Catholics. As a diocesan administrator he was rapacious and 
unscrupulous, enriching himself and his relations to the detriment of the 
Church. With Cashel he held Waterford and Lismore Dioceses from 
1582-9, and from 1592-1608, and Killala and Achonry from 1613-22, 
besides numerous incumbencies ; and from a Queen's Letter of Aug. 22, 
1592, it seems to have been intended to give him also Kilmore and Clogher 
(see Morrin ii., 245). Two remarks one may offer here. The first is that 
there must have been something more than human in the Church of Ireland 
when it survived such times as. his, and the second is more relevant to the 
matter in hand, viz., that the Diocese of Clogher had then no Bishop. 
Magrath d. Nov, 14, 1622, aged 100. For much about him, his family, 
and his Castles see Articles by the late Earl of Belmore in U.J.A. ix. 
(1903), 49, et seq. and x., 41. Also see Jour. R.S.A.I. V., (1902), 251. 
D.N.B., &c. 

There is a portrait of him, as of his successors, in the Clogher See Col- 
lection of Bishops' Portraits. 

1571. Cornelius MacArdghail, again. Query see above. 

1605. George Montgomery, D.D., of the noble house of Eglinton in 
Scotland (see Peerages), who had been Chaplain to King James I., and was 
made Dean of Norwich, was promoted by Patent, dated June 13, to the 
Sees of Clogher, Deny and Raphoe, all of which had been wasted and 
impoverished by wars and tumults. In 1610, he res. Derry and Raphoe, 
and was made Bishop of Meath, which Bishopric he held with Clogher till 
his death. The Crown granted to the See of Clogher by Patent, dated 
Dec. II, 1610, the lands that belonged to the Abbey of Clogher. The 
Bishop seems to have been a persona grata with the King for whom he 
drew up in 1607 an interesting account of the position of the Church in 
Derry, Raphoe and Clogher in a letter addressed to the Earl of Salisbury, 
printed in the Ordnance Survey of Templemore, Londonderry, 1837, a copy 


of which is preserved in Armagh. In the Trevelyan Papers, Part I'll. 
. . (Camden Society, 1872) some letters of the Bishop- to his wife, are printed 
with notes. He d. in. London on 15 Jan., 1620/1, and was bur/ in Ard- 
braccan, where his monument, which had been defaced, was restored in 
.I75i--the Latin inscription is given in Cotton, Vol III. Here also his wife 
and dau. were buried. His portrait shows him to have been a pleasant 
featured man. A portrait of him in oils is -also in the Hall 'at Howth 
Castle, Co. Dublin. . . 

1621. James Spottiswood, D.D.,Univ. of Glasgow, succeeded by Patent 
.dated 'October 22. He was the son of John S. ,Parspn of Calder, N.B., b. at 
Calder, Sep. 7, 1567 ; ed. at Edinburgh Gram. Sell.,, and at Ljnlithgow 

and Glasgow University. After graduating at Glasgow, Aug. 1583, he 
accompanied James VI. of Scotland to Denmark in 1589. Was. persuaded 
by Whitgift to take Orders in the Anglican Church ; became R. Welles 
(Norfolk) in 1602. He was Commissioned by the Crown to visit and 
reform St. Andrews .University in 1616, when he took the D.D. degree. 
On a visit to the Court in London in 1620, having heard of Bishop Mont- 
gomery's death, he applied to the King for promotion, and was granted this 
Bishopric. He was cons. Bp. at Drogheda by the Primate in Nov., 1621. 
In 1629 he was offered the Archbishopric of St. Andrews in succession to 
Abp. Hamilton, but declined it. 

While Bishop of Clogher he exercised himself to recover for the See some 
of the See lands which had been alienated before his time, and he improved 
the revenues of the bishopric. This led to some unpleasantness. In a 
dispute between the servants of Lord Balfour, of Clanawley and the Bishop's 
agents in 1626, a struggle took place at Lisnaskea, which resulted in the 
death of Sir John Wemyss, Kt., High Sheriff of Co. Ferm., at the hands of 
(Rev.?) Humphrey Galbraith, so that in 1627 the Bishop was accused 
before a Grand Jury " of being accessory, to the murder of Sir John, who 
was slain in his cause and by his servant." The Grand Jury acquitted him 
and adjudged him innocent, Jan. 7, 1627/8. Yet he had to pay Lady 
Wemyss 100, and to give her a lease of lands for 50 or 60 years worth 
50 per annum. She re-married Archibald, son of Abp. Malcolm Hamilton. 
(See Morrin in., 298, 405 and U.J.A., 1895, 202.) For some particulars 
of a dispute he had with Francis Blennerhassett, whom he excommuni- 
cated and at the instance of the King's Council afterwards absolved, see 
Morrin Hi., 404. When the Rebellion broke out he fled to London, 
but his house at Clogher was plundered, and some of his servants were 
killed (Dep. of 1641) He d. at Westminster, March ---, 1644/5, and was 
bur. in Westminster Abbey, where his father and uncle had been interred. 

He Was m. evidently twice- and had issue by the first wife , viz. Sir Henry 

S., Kut. (who became M.P. for the Borough of Clogher, 1634, an 3 was 
living in 1644, and had a dau. Jean, who in. (i) George, son of John Hay, of 
Barra, Law Register of Scotland and had issue ; she ni. (2) James Sinclair, 
of Roselin and had issue). He had also a dau. Beatrice, m. Rev. Archibald 
. Areskyn or Erskine, Late in life he m. " a religious and virtuous gentle- 
Woman/' by whom he had a son, John, and two daus. The late Earl of 


Belmore contributed a Memoir of the Bishop to a Special Number of 
U.J.A., 1603, and. printed, his Will in full. Admin, of it was. granted on 

" Feb. 24, 1644/5, to his daus., Elizabeth Spotswood .alias Hierome, and 
Mary Spotswood, alias Creighton, [She had m. Col.- Abraham Creighton 

' or Crichton, and by that marriage Crom came into the Crichton family.] 

He wrote : 

i. St. Patrick's Purgatory. 

2. The Execution of Nesach. A Discourse on Usury. 

3. A Brief e Memoir of his own Life and Death, 410 Edin., 1616, including 
an account of his troubles in Ireland, pub. by Sir A. Boswell, 
4to Edin, 1811, printed in the Spottiswoode Miscellany, Vol. I., 
Edin., 1844 which also contains a Peidgree of the family. Portion 
at least of the Life and Death must have been written by 
someone else. 

4. Concio-ad Clerum, 1616. 

Lord Belmore, in his Memoir, says the story of the Bishop's persecution 
for such I believe .it was presents " some traits of life in Fermanagh, 
not altogether obsolete." It reminds one of the methods influential 
parishioners sometimes employ elsewhere to get rid of an Incumbent who 
displeases them. The Bishop, unfortunately, though a well-meaning 
man, had little tact or judgment. (See also D.N.B.). 

1645. Henry Jones, Dean of Kilmo re, was appointed by Patent, dated 
Oct. 27, and was cons, in Ch. Ch., Dublin, gth Nov., 1645, by Lancelot, 
Abp. of Dublin, assisted, by William, Bp. of Kildare and George, Bp. of 
Cloyne. He was the eldest son of Lewis Jones, Bp. of Killaloe by Mabel, 
sister of Primate James Ussher, and was b. in 1605. Ed. in T.C.D., Sch., 
1616 ; B.A., 1621 ; M.A., 1624 '> Fellow, 1624 > Vice-Chanc., 1646. He had 
truly a very remarkable career. Having been ordained, he held the 
Deanery of Ardagh, 1625-37 '> Preb. Dromara (Dromore), 1630-7 ; V. Kil- 
leshandra, 1631-3 ; V. Kildrumferton and Dean of Kilmore, 1637-45 ; 
Archdeacon of Killaloe, 1638-61, holding the latter in commendam. with 
his bishopric. During the Rebellion of 1641 he was sent by the rebels to 
present the celebrated Cavan Remonstrance to the Lords Justices in Dublin, 
his wife and family being kept as hostages. Having returned he escaped 
to Dublin and warned the Government of a projected attack on Drogheda. 
When Cromwell came over he threw in his lot with him. His brother, 
Colonel Michael Jones, was one of Cromwell's chief officers ; and the Bishop 
was employed in various ways, but chiefly as " Scout -Master-General," 
for which he received a salary, and in taking Depositions and preparing an 
Account of the Rebellion. It is even said that he fought valiantly in battle, 
and was, therefore, known as "the Warrior Bishop." At the Restoration 
he transferred his allegiance to Charles II., and was by him promoted to 
the Bishopric of Meath, by patent dated 25th May, 1661. He presided 
over that diocese for 20 years and earned a reputation for learning, judg- 
ment and liberality. He was a benefactor of T.C.D. Library, and in his 
later years was interested in a project for printing the Old Testament and 


Liturgy in Irish. He d. in Dublin on 5th Jan., 1681, and was bur. in St. 
Andrew's Church. He had granted the ground site for the building of that 
Church, reserving 3 seats and 2 vaults for the Jones family. He was twice 
married (i) to Jane, dau. of Sir Hugh Collum, M.P. ; (2) on 3lst Dec., 1646, 
in St. Werburgh's Dublin, to Mary, dau. of Sir Henry Piers, of Trister- 
nagh. His second wife was a niece of Sir James Ware. They had several 
children. One son and two daughters became Roman Catholics. His 
second wife died 5th May, 1672. (Par. Reg,). The late Archdeacon 
Hobson, of Armagh was 7th in descent from him. 

He published 

(1) The Cavern Remonstrance. 4to. London, 1642. 

(2) A Remonstrance concerning the Church and the Kingdom 

of Ireland. 4to., London, 1642. 

(3) St. Patrick's Purgatory. 4to, London, 1647. 

(4) Sermons. Pub. 1667, 1676, 1679. 

(See. D.N.B., Ware, Cotton iii., 79-186, &c. Allibom, &c.) 

1861. John Leslie, Bishop of Raphoe, was OB the promotion ef Jones, 
made Bishop of Clogher by patent, dated I7tb June, 1661, and again 27th 
June, 1661. He was b. at Crichie, Aberdeen, I4th Oct., 1571, and was 
eldest son of George L., of the family of the Barons of Balquhain, and vwas 

ed. at the Univ. of Aberdeen (where he may have graduated) and after- 
Wards " Incorporated " at Oxford. He became a good Latin scholar 
and subsequently went to the Continent, improving his studies in France, 
and Spain and other countries. He remained on the Continent for about 
20 years from about 1589 to 1609. During this period he took Holy 
Orders and seems to have served as Chaplain abroad and received a Doctor- 
ate of Laws, and other degrees from Continental Universities. On his 
return to Scotland he again entered Aberdeen University and grad, M.A. 
in 1614. He brought himself to the notice of James I., appearing at 
Court ; and also made the acquaintance of Laud. The King made him a 
Domestic Chaplain, c. 1621, and as his reputation as a scholar and preacher 
was high, he was offered the living of Burmash, in Kent, but declined it. 
In 1624 ne obtained the living of Hartlebury, in Gloucester, and in the same 
year was made a D.D. of Cambridge by Royal Mandate. He exchanged 
Hartlebury for the R. St. Faith's, London, Mar. 2, 1624/5, and Was also 
appointed R. St. Martin, Vintry, London, a few days later (Mar. 6). (See 
Hennessy's Repertorium Londinense, pp. 100, 135.) His modern bio- 
grapher, Rev. R. J. Leslie, Author of John Leslie's Life and Times, London, 
1885 (a book which tells far more about the Bishop's times and other 
times as well- than about the Bishop's life) calls the first parish " St. Iflary's 
Aldermanbury " a benefice which did not then exist but which was 
established two centuries later as a Perpetual Curacy ! 

It is said that Dr. Leslie Was with Buckingham at Rhe in the celebrated 
Siege of Rochelle in 1627, perhaps as Chaplain, very possibly as combatant. 
In 1628 he was appointed " Bishop of the Isles " in Scotland, it is .called 


" Sodor " in his Monumental Inscription) and a mandate for his consecra- 
tion was issued on Aug. 17, 1628. He was elected by the Chapter on 
2ist Aug., and cons, m Edinburgh on 24th Aug , by the Archbishop of 
Glasgow, assisted by the Bps of Brechin and Edinburgh. He was trans, 
to the See of Raphoe, June I., 1633, receiving on the same day Letters of 
Denization. He Was a strong Churchman of the Laudian type and re- 
solutely opposed the Puritans and Presbyterians. He built a Castle at 
Raphoe, which he made his Episcopal residence, and when the rebellion of 
1641 broke out he put it in a state of defence, procured a garrison, and held 
it against the rebels. He is said to have been the only bishop who remained 
in Ireland during the rebellion. When the Cromwellians came into power 
as a Royalist, he held out against them, and his Castle was one of the last 
places to be surrendered to Cromwell in Ireland. His biographer, who is 
unreliable in some of his facts and prejudiced in many of his judgments, 
who cannot even quote Scripture correctly and who, though an Irishman, 
Wrote from what Was evidently a " superior " Anglican standpoint, pro- 
tests against him being called " the fighting bishop " as D.N.B. says rightly, 
he was called, like his predecessor. But there is evidence* from his own 
letters and from the biographer himself that he carried arms and led forces, 
and Was in several engagements. After all even "bishops are not angels, 
but human, and have some imperfections, and archangels have fought ! 
Rev. R. J. Leslie, in his endeavour to magnify the bishop's character 
and conduct, throws unmerited slurs on other Bishops of Clogher, e..g, 
he writes of Bishop Henry Jones (p. 452) probably because he was too 
much of a Puritan " He became titularly Bishop of Clogher, but where 
or by whom consecrated seemed to be passed over in silence." Mr. Leslie 
here displays his own ignorance and forgets that he himself gives no evi- 
dence of the ordination of Bishop Leslie (abroad ?) ! 

Dr. Leslie received a yearly income of 120 from the Commonwealth 
in 1654 * ater increased to 160 and at the Restoration was allowed to 
hold also the Deanery of Raphoe, 1660-1, and was translated to Clogher, 
1661 over which diocese he sat for 10 years. He got a grant of 2,000 
from Parliament for expenses incurred during the wars, and also an estate ; 
and he purchased an Estate at Donagh, where he built Castle Leslie, now 
known as Glaslough. Here he d. on 8th Sep. 1671, aged 100, and Was 
bur. in the Parish Church, where is a monument to him with an inscription 
in Latin given in Shirley's Monaghan, p. 74. He m. at the age of 67, 
on 6th June, 1638, Katherine, dau. of Alexander Cojnyngham, Dean of 
Raphoe, who was then in her i8th year, and had several children, including 
Rev. John, b. 1645, who became Dean of Dromore and d. s.p. ; Rev. Charles, 
the celebrated Non juror and writer, whose eldest son, Robert, was ancestor 
of the Glaslough Leslies. (See Baronetages). His wife d. 28th Jan., 
I 6Q3/4 in her 73rd year. Two of his writings only are extant one a 
Metrical Mnemonic Summary of Biblical Writings, the other entitled 
An Epithrene ; or Voice of Weeping bewailing the want of Weeping ; A Medi- 
tation. (See Life, as above, D.N.B., Wills' Lives f Illustrious Irish- 
men iv., 192, &c.) 


1671 .Robert Leslie, D.D., Bishop of Raphoe, Was then promoted to Clogher 
on 26th October, 1671. He held the See scarcely ten months as he d. at 
Ballygawley on August loth, 1672. He Was bur. in Clogher Cathedral. 
He was the son of Henry L., Bishop of Down and Connor, and Was ed. in 
Dublin, and at Aberdeen Univ., where he grad. M.A. He was Preb. 
Rasharkin (Connor) 1638-61, and was cons. Bishop of Dromo re in .1661. 
He held with it in commendam the Arch, of Connor. In the same year 
he was trans, to Raphoe, holding also his Archdeaconry till he, became 
Bishop of Clogher. , 

His P. Will was proved in 1672. 

1672. Roger Boyle, Bishop of Down and Connor, was then translated to 
Clogher by Patent, dated September, 19. His parentage is not known, 
but he Was a younger brother of Richard B., Bishop of Ferns. I suggest 
that they were sons of Robert B., Vicar of Carrickmacross, who d. in 1665, 
for he seems to have taken much interest in, and contributed largely 
towards the rebuilding of that Church. He was ed. at T;C.D. v Sch. 1638, 
Fellow i646,D.D. 1664. He was R. Carrigaline and Ring rone 1661-2, 
Preb. Lisclery 1662-3, Treas. of Cloyne and Prec. Ross 1663-7, Dean of 
Cork 1662-7, cons. Bp. of Down and Connor, October i8th, 1667, a ^ P n - 
Ch. Cath., Dublin, by the Abp. of Armagh, assisted by the Bps. of Kilmore 
and Ferns. He filled the See of Clogher till his death at Clones, 26th No- 
vember, 1687. He was bur. in Clones Church. He had a reputation for 
learning and piety. 

Published . 

1. Inqiiisitio in fidem Chvislianorum hujus Saeculi. I2mo., Cork, 

2. Summa Theologiae Christianae. 4to., Dub. "1681. 

His Ms. Commonplace Book is in the Library, T.C.D. His P. Will was 
proved in 1687. (See D.N.B.). 

After the death of Bishop Boyle, the Crown (King James II.), made no 
appointment, but the revenues of the See were given by the King to Patrick 
Tyrrel, the Roman Catholic Bishop. 

On the Accession of William and Mary, 

1691. Richard Ten ison, Bishop of Killala and Achonry, was trans, to 
Clogher on 26th February, 1690/1. He was the son of Thomas T., and b. 
at Carrickfergus. Ed. by Mr. H. Radclifie, at St. Bee's, Cumberland, 
ent. T.C.D. November 2nd, 1659, a e d about 17. Degrees unrecorded, 
except D.D. 1682 ; Vice-Chanc. 1698. Was Dio. Schoolmaster of Meath, 
V. Laracor and Agher, 1669-82, R. Ardmulchan 1671-2, V. Donaghmore, 
Meath 1675-7, Chapl. to. L.L., Dean of Clogher, R. of Louth and Beaulieu 
and V. St. Peter's, Drogheda, 1675-82 ; cons. Bp. of Killala February igth, 
1681/2 ; fled to London in 1689 and worked in a London parish, probably 
with his relative Thomas Tenison (afterwards Abp. of Canterbury), who 
was then V. of St. Martin 's-in-the-Fields, and Minister of St. James', 


Piccadilly. In 1691 he Was trans, to Clogher Where his preaching is said 
to have " won many dissenters to the Church." " In a letter to Abp. Teni- 
son, I4th September, 1696, on the subject of dissenters, he refers to the 
building of a. See-house. " I am now building a hermitage at Clogher, 
where I will . . . . . end my life in religious retirement." His 
wife, Anna, d. in that year, and was bur. at Clones (Par. Reg.). In 1697, 
.however, he was trans, to Meath. He d. 29th July, 1705, and was bur. 
in the Chapel of T.C.D. His name is sometimes spelled. "Tennison." 
Among his sons were (i) Henry, T.C.D. B.A., 1687 ; M.P. for Monaghan 
1695 and for Louth 1703 ; d. .1709 aged 42, bur. in the Tenison Mausoleum 
at bunker. (2) Richard, B.A., T.C.D., 1704 ; B.L., M.P. for Dunleer, 
1715. (3) Thomas, b. at Knockbalrymore, of Thomastown, Co. Louth, 
afterwards known as "Knock Abbey," (see Shirley's Monaghan, p. 255 
and B.L.G.) 

He published : > 

1. A Sermon, preached at the Primary Visitation of Primate Michael 
Boyle, at Drogheda. Dub., 1679. 

2. A Thanksgiving Sermon on 2 Chron. xxviii, 9. 410, 1690. 

3. A Sermon, preached at the Funeral of Bishop Hopkins of Deny, 
4to., Dub., 1690. 

4. A Sermon, preached at Ch. Ch., Dub., before the L.L. 4to., 
Dub., 1692. 

5. A Sermon, preached at Ch. Ch., Dub., before the Lord Deputy, 
and Parliament. 27th October, 1695. 4to., Dub., 1695. 

(See D.N.B.) 

1697. St. George As he, Bishop of Cloyne, succeeded by .Patent, dated 
June 25th. He Was the son of Thomas A., of St. John's Abbey, Co. Meath ; 
b. at Castle Strange, Co. Roscommon, 3rd March, 1657 J- e( Mr. Norris 
at Drogheda Gram. Sch. ; ent. T.C.D., November I4th, 1671, aged 14 ; 
Sch. 1674 ; B - A - J 676, Fellow 1679, Sen. Fell. 1686, M.A. 1679; B - D - 1687, 
D.D. 1692, Provost 1692-5, Vice-Chanc. 1702, Prof, of Mathematics 1685. 
Was F.R.S. ; appointed Bishop of Cloyne 1695, and cons, in Ch. Ch. Gath., 
Dub., July i8th, 1695, by Narcissus, Abp. of Dublin, assisted by the Bishops 
of Meath, Kildare and Waterford. He was trans, from Cloyne to Clogher, 
and from Clogher in 1717 to Derry. While at Clogher he repaired the 
See House and improved the See lands, but he was for years non-resident, 
and seems to have sadly neglected the Diocese, being so long absent from 
it in 1714, that Abp. King remonstrated with him that he "justified 
Mr. Boyse's [a Presbyterian Minister's] reproach by making his bishopric 
only a pompous sinecure." The Abp. also reflects in another letter on his 
mismanagement of Derry Diocese (see A Great Archbishop of Dublin, by 
Sir Chas. King, Bart., p. 249 note}, tie was a friend and correspondent of 
Swift, who Was his pupil in T.C.D., and Was said by some to have officiated 
at the supposed marriage of Swift and " Stella," which is evidently apocry- 
phal. He founded the Irish Branch of the S.P.G. in 1714. He m. Jane, 
dau. of Sir George St. George, Bart., of Dunmore, Co. Galway, and left one 


son, St. George, who d. s. p., and a dan. Elizabeth, who m. Sir Ralph 
Gore, Bart., and had issue (see Baronetages). He d. in Dublin on Feb. 
27th, 1717/8, and was bur. in Ch. Ch. Cathedral. His Will was proved in 
1718. He bequeathed all his Mathematical Books and Instruments to 
T.C.D. He contributed learned papers to the Philosophical Transactions 
and published : 

1. A Sermon on Matt, xxvi, 13., preached on January Qth, 1693/4, 
before the University of Dublin. 4to., Dub., 1694. 

2 . A Sermon, preached before the Protestants of Ireland in London. 
October, 169.1. 

3. A Sermon, preached in St. Clement's Dane, October 23rd, 1712. 
Dublin, 8 vo. 1712. 

3. Two Sermons on 2 Pet. iii., II, preached at Tunbridge. 4to., 
Lond., 1714. 

4. A Sermon, preached before the S.P.G. at Marylebone. 4to., 
Lond., 1715. 

5. A Sermon, preached before the Lords Justices, January 30th, 
1715/6. 4to., Dub., 1715. 

6. A Sermon, preached before the Society for the Reformation of 
Mariners. 4(0., Lond.; 1717. 

And the following among other Papers, contributed to the Trans. Roy. 
Soc. : 

A new and easy way of solving some Propositions in Euclid. 
Observations on a Remarkable Solar Eclipse at Dublin, July 2nd, 


Account of a girl with horns, 1685. 
Account of Butter Dew, 1686. 

A Periodical Evacuation of Blood at the end of a Forefinger. 
Extraordinary Effect of the Strength of the Imagination. 

(See D.N.B.) 

1717. John Stearne, Bishop of Dromore, was then translated to Clogher 
on March 30, 1717. He was the son of a celebrated Dublin Physician, 
Dr John Stearne, Fellow and Reg. Prof, of Physic, T.C.D., and 1st Prest. 
of the College of Physicians. He was ed. by Mr. Ryder at St. Patrick's 
Cathedral Gram. Sch. and ent. T.C.D. , April 2nd, 1674, a S e( * 14 ; b. in Dub- 
lin, B.A. 1678, M.A. 1681, D.D. 1693, Vice-Chanc.'i7(>4, ord. D. by Bp. 
Dopping of Meath, October, 1682, and became his Domestic Chaplain 
soon after. There was another John Stearne, probably a relative, T.C.D., 
B.A. 1673, M.A. 1676, who was also beneficed in the Dio. of Meath, and 
curiously enough, obtained his D.D. in the same year as the future Bishop, 
and who d. in 1703-4. In consequence there is a difficulty in distinguishing 
the benefices they held. The Bishop Was the J.S., who held the 
V. Trim and R. Clonmacduffe, 1698-1702, and V. Killary, 1703-4, and R. 
Moymet to 1713. He became Chanc. St. Patrick's, Dublin, in 1702, 
and chiefly owing to Swift's influence Was elected Dean of St. Patrick's in 
1704/5. The same influence procured him the Bishopric of Dromore in 


{Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh) , when Bishop of Clogher 1903-08. 


1713. He was cons, in St. Patrick's, Dublin, on May 10, 1713, by the Abp. 
of Dublin, assisted by the Bps. of Kildare, Ossory and Down (Arm. D.R.). 
In 1717 he Was trans, to Clogher. He is often mentioned in Swift's Letters 
and Journal to Stella : was very hospitable. Swift mentions specially the 
good dinners he gave, and Dean Smedley in his Gulliveriana, page 111, 
also refers to them thus : . 

" Good John, indeed, with beef and claret, 
Makes the place warm that one may bear it. 
He has a purse to keep a table, 
And eke his soul as hospitable." 

He is well spoken of by contemporary writers for his learning, kindness 
and hospitality the only discordant note seems to be in Burdy's Life of 
Skelton. He certainly appears to have treated Skelton badly ; and it was 
only after Bp. Stearne's death that Skelton got the promotion he deserved. 

Dr. Stearne's charities were munificent. He gave l,ooo for the building 
of the Printing House in T.C.D., and 200 to buy type for it ; and by his 
Will made I3th May, 1741 (with three codicils) he disposed of about 50,000 
in charity. Among his -bequests were the following : 80 a year for a 
Divine to explain the Catechism by a weekly lecture in St. Werburgh's, 
Dublin, and 40 a year for a Chaplain for Dr. Steevens' Hospital in Dublin, 
which hospital was to have his estate at Ballough, Co. Dublin, on the death 
of his nephew, Richard Hall, subject to 20 per annum to Mercer's Alms 
House, which got also 200 ; ten Exhibitions, value 5 each, to T.C.D., 
with a preference for students from the Diocese of Clogher ; to T.C.D. 
Library, such of his books as were not already in it, and also his collection 
of Mss. ; 100 a year for binding as apprentices five sons of deceased clergy- 
men ; 40 a year to the Lying-in Hospital, Dublin ; 400 to t]he Bluecoat- 
Hospital ; 600 to Swift's Hospital ; l,ooo towards building a spire on 
St. Patrick's Cath., Dublin ; 50 a year to Chetwoode's Charity; 2,000 to 
the Trustees of First Fruits towards the purchase of Glebes, &c. ; 1,000 
or 2,000, as his Exors. decided, towards completing Clogher Cathedral. 
The remainder of his books, after Marsh's Library got certain of them (see 
Stokes' Worthies, p. 126 et seq.) to be sold for, or, given to the Curates- 
Assistant of the diocese. The Exors. afterwards divided them in lots, 
and they were drawn for by the Curates. The residue of his property, 
including estates in Armagh, Monaghan and Dublin, Was left in trust to his 
Exors. and Trustees for charitable purposes. The only one of these living 
at his death was Richard Vincent, of New Abbey, Co. Kildare, who proved 
the Will. As the Vincent family jealously kept the trusteeship in their 
own hands and considerable dissatisfaction was felt as to the management 
of the Charity an Act of the Irish Parliament Was passed in 1764 (il and 
12, Geo. Ill) the heir of the Vincent estate being then a minor settling 
the Trust and setting up a Corporation to be known as " The Trustees of 
the Charities of Dr. John Stearne, Bishop of Clogher," which was to include 
among others, the Primate, the Bishop of Clogher, the Preb. of Tynan, 
and the Vicar of Donagh, in the Diocese of Clogher, for the time being, 
so tha t ever since , Dr. Stearne's Charitable intentions have been fully carried 


out, and have been thankfully felt by many a hard-working clergyman. 
He d. unm. 6th June, 1745, aged 85. Some of his M'ss. are in Marsh's 
Library, others are in the " King Collectanea " in the National Library, 

He published : 

1. Tractatus de Visitatione Infinnorum etc, I2mo., Dub., 1697. 
This was reprinted in The Clergyman's Instructor of 1807 and 
1813, and translated and published as The Curates' Manual in 

2. Concio ad Clerum, etc., delivered in St. Patrick's Cath., Dublin, 
Feb. 1703/4 to the Irish Convocation. 4to., Dub., 1704. 

(See also D.N.B., Swift's Works, Mason's St. Patrick's, Ware, 
Cotton, &c.) 

1745. Robert Clayton, Bishop of Cork, Was then translated to the See, 
August 26. He Was b. in 1695, in England, probably near Preston, Lan- 
cashire, and was the son of John C., D.D., Dean of Kildare, ed. at West- 
minster School, according to Cotton, but according to Mat ric. Book, T.C.D., 
in Dublin, by Mr. Pearson, ent. T.C.D. June 25, 1710, aged 15, B.A. 1714, 
Fellow 1714, Senr. Fell. 1724-8, M.A. 1717, LL.B. 1718, LL.D. i722,p.D. 
1730. He seems to have come into contact, at an early period, Witn Dr. 
Samuel Clarke, who has been called " the reviver of Modern Unitarianism 
in England," and whose teaching had also influenced Queen Caroline. 
Clarke, through her, recommended Clayton for the Bishopric of Killala 
and Achonry to which he Was appointed by George II., and cons, in St. 
Patrick's Cath., Dub., by the Abp. of Tuam, assisted by the Bps. of Elphin 
and Clonfert, on May 10, 1730. In Mary Greville's Autobiography i., 293, 
We are told that he Was offered a better bishopric in England, but thought 
he Would do more good in Ireland, and he is also said to have kept a magnifi- 
cent house in Stephen's Green, Dublin, and to have lived sumptuously. 
In 1735 he Was trans, to Cork and from thence to Clogher. His Seal as 
Bp. of Cork is engraved in Harris's Ware. He inherited affluent estates in 
England and Was most liberal in the use of his money. The Duke of Dorset, 
Lord Lieut., recommended him in 1751 for the Abpric. of Tuarn, but on 
account of the Arian tendency of his writings the King Would not sanction 
his appointment. From these Writings he appears to have been a learned 
man, of vivid imagination, but wanting in sound judgment. 

He published : 

1. A letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Cork and Ross. Dub., 

2. A Pastoral Letter, 1743 (see Webster's Diocese of Cork, pp. 319-20) 

3. A Sermon, preached before the Judges of Assize at Cork, I5th 
April, 1739. 

4. A Sermon, The Religion of Labour, preached before the Incor- 
porated Society in Ch. Ch. Cath., Du-b., 4to, Dub., 1740. 


5. The Chronology of the Hebrew Bible Vindicated, etc. 410. Lond., 

6. A Dissertation on Prophecy, etc. 8vo., Lond., 1749. 

7. An Inquiry into the Time of the coming of the Messiah and the 
Restoration of the Jews. 8vo., Lond., 175*- 

8. An Essay on Spirit wherein the Doctrine of the Trinity is con- 
sidered. 8vo. Lond., 1751- 

(This Was published anonymously and ascribed to Clayton, and 
not disowned by him, but is said to have been written probably 
under his direction, by a young clergyman in his diocese 
? John Hawkshaw). 

9. A Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testaments, etc. 
8vo., Lond., 1759. 

IO. A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai Translated from 
a Ms. 4to., Lond., 1753. 

Among the curious opinions expressed in these books, apart from their 
Arian tendencies perhaps to-day we might call some of these Modernist- 
are the following :- that the Dispersion of the Jews will terminate and the 
fall of the Papacy take place about the year 2000 ; that the Logos Was the 
Archangel Michael, and the Holy Spirit the Angel Gabriel. Burdy says 
that Clayton Was fond of argument with Skelton, who Was well able to hold 
his own. The Bishop's views on he Trinity Were tolerated for a long time 
until he ventured to propose in the Irish House of Lords that the Athana- 
sian and Nicene Creeds should be removed from the Prayer Book. A 
charge of heresy Was then made against him and he was summoned to 
appear before an Ecclesiastical Commission, but ere his trial began he 
died of a nervous fever on 26th February, 1758, aged 64, and Was bur. at 
Donnybrook. Cotton (III., 82-3) and Blacker's Booterstown and Donny- 
brOok, p. 39, give the long inscription on his tomb. He m. in 1728 Kathe- 
rine, dau. of Lord Chief Baron Nehemiah Donnellan, who survived him, 
and was bur. in Donnybrook, 8th January, 1766 (Par. Reg.) His P. Will 
Was proved in 1760. He was made a J.P., Co. Tyrone, I4th May, 1750. 
(See also D.N.B.) 

1758. John Gannett, Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin, Was then translated 
to Clogher, by Patent, dated April 4th. He was an Englishman, descended 
from a Northumbrian family, b. in Surrey, 1709, ed. at St. John's College, 
Cambridge, B.A. 1728, M.A. 1732, S.T.B. 1739, S.T.P. by Royal Mandate 
1752, Fellow of Sidney Sussex Coll : T.C.D., B.D. and D.D. (ad eund. 
Cantab.), 1752, Lady Margaret Preacher, Cambridge ; was Chap!, to the 
Duke of Dorset, L.L. ; and became Bp. of Ferns and Leighlin, 1752, cons, 
at Ch. Ch. Cath., Dub., November I2th, 1752, by the Abp. of Dublin, 
assisted by the Bps. of Kildare and Down. Burdy, in his Life of Skelton, 
tells us that he had but one eye, and was " a pious, humble, good-natured 


man, a generous encourage r of literature," and "to the honour of his 
country, born in England." He was a friend and patron of Skelton. 
He was made a J.P., Co. Tyrone, 7th June, 1764. 

He published : 

1. A Sermon. The New Creation : a State of Proselytism on Gal. VI., 

15, 410., Lond., 1740. 

2. An Assize Sermon on 2 Sam. xx., 19. 410., Camb., 1741. 

3. A Dissertation on the Book of Job, etc. 410., Lond., 1749. 

4. A Sermon w\ Luke xv., 7, before the Incorp. Soc. 4to., Dub., 1756. 

He m. Dorothea, youngest dau. of Sir Thos. Molyneux, Bart., and had 
issue. His son John became Dean of Exeter. The Bp. d. in Dublin on 
March i, 1782, aged 73. The following inscriptions appear on marble 
tablets in Clogher Cathedral : 

(i) " Memoriae Sacrum 

Johannis Garnett, S.T.P. 
E Stirpe ortus est antiqua Northumbriensi 

Lamenthae Surriensum Natus, 
In Academia Enutritus Cantabrigiensi 
Collegi de Sidney Sussex aliquando Socius, 
Episcopus deinde Fernensis constitutus, 

Et post quinque annos, 

Ad Episcopatum Clogherensum, Evectus 

(Cui sese ambitione semota unice addixit) 

Per plusquam viginti annos praefuerit. 

Taceat marmor 

Deo Structae passim aut restauratae, 

Aedes, Narrent, Domusque Sacerdotales 

Obiit Kalendis Martius A.D., MDCCLXXXII. 

Annos Natus Lxxiii. 

Monumentum, hoc grati animi indicium 

Posuit Consangineus 

P. Pierson." 

(2) " Sacred to the Memory of Dorothea Garnett, 

Wife of Right Reverend 
| John 

Lord Bishop of Clogher, 
Youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Molyneux, Bart. 

by Catherine, his wife, 
As she lived without reproach, 
She expired without a sigh 
After a two years' lingering illness, 
May i8th, 1770, 
aged 52." 

. (See also D.N.B). 

1782. Sir John Hotham, Bart., Bishop of Ossory, succeeded by Patent, 
dated May i7th. He was 2nd son of Sir Beaumont H, Bart., of Yorks, 


and Was b. March 16, 1734-5, ed. at Westminster Sch. and T. C. Cambridge, 
B.A. 1756, M.A. 1760, D.D. , ord. D. 1757, P. 1759, held Vicarages in 
Middlesex, etc., Was Preb. Reculverland 1763-71 ,Preb. Rugmore, Lon- 
don, 1771-9, Archd. of Middlesex 1764-79. By the influence of the Earl 
of Buckinghamshire he Was promoted to the See of Ossory and cons. Bp. 
in St. Patrick's Cath., Dub., by the Abp. of Dublin, assisted by the Bps. of 
Kildare and Fems, November 14, 1779. He held the Bpric. of Clogher till 
his death at Bath on 3rd November, 1795, and was bur. at Dalton in York- 
shire. He had succeeded his brother Charles (who d. s. p. in 1794) in the 
baronetcy. His Wife, Susannah, dau. of Herbert Mackworth, M.P., whom 
he m, April Ilth, 1765, predeceased him and was bur. at Castleknock, 
Where he placed a slab of black marble to commemorate her. He left an 
only son, Charles, who succeeded as 10th Bart., and d. s. p. To him he 
left all his property by his Will proved 25th January, 1796 except 
3,100 .to his dau. Caroline, with his Picture by Stuart in oils, silver musical 
instruments and books. Part of the 3,100 was a mortgage on his brother 
.Charles's estate at Hutton Cranswick, Yorks. His son Charles, Dr. Howard 
St. George and Rev. Hugh Nevin, Were the Exors. In the Will he desired 
to be bur. at Castleknock if he died in Dublin, but if he died in Clogher 
he Was to be buried " in the new part of the Churchyard taken in by me 
in the year 1787." He Was "not to be bur. until the most unequivocal 
signs of death had appeared." Some amusing letters of the Bishop appear 
in The Hothams by Mrs. Stirling (2 vols., 1918) in which he does not cloak 
his ambitions. 

(See also Baronetages, Hennessy's Rep. Londinense, etc.) 

1796. William Foster, Bp of Kilmore, succeeded by Patent dated January 
21. He Was the 2nd son of Anthony F., Chief Baron of the Exchequer, 
Ireland, and the brother of Lord Oriel, last Speaker of the Irish House of 
Commons ; was b. in 1744, ed. by Mr. Norris at Drogheda, T.C.D., B.A. 
1765, M.A. 1767 (Spec, grat.), D.D. (Spec, grat) 1789. He was 
admitted Middle Temple 27th April, 1765. Was V. Trim and Rathcore 
1776-80, R. & V. Ardbraccan 1770-80, R. Louth 1781-9, R. Urney (Deny) 
1780-9, Chaplain to the Irish House of Commons ; cons. Bp of Cork and 
Ross, in St. Peter's, Dublin, on June I4th, 1789, by the Abp. of Dublin, 
assisted by the Bps. of Dromore and Ossory ; trans, to Kilmore in 1790. 
He filled the See of Clogher but a short time, dying in November, 1797. 
He m. Catherine Letitia, dau. of Rev. Henry Leslie, D.D., Preb. of Bally- 
more. She d. 23rd November^ 1814, aged 57, and was bur. at Dunleer, 
leaving issue : (i) John Leslie, LL.B., T.C.D., 1810 ; M.P. for Dub. Univ., 
Judge of C.P. ; (2) Rev. Wm. Henry, R. Loughgilly (see Armagh Clergy, 
p. 355). ; and five daus. (i) Catherine, m. William Drummond Delap, 
father of Robert Foster Dunlop ; (2) Anne, m. Jonas Stawell, of Old Court, 
and had a son, Sir Wm. Foster S., Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Victoria ; 
(3) Henrietta, m. Jerome, Count de Salis ; (4) Elizabeth, m. Rev. James 
M'Creight, R. of Ready (see Arm. Clergy, p. 315) ; (5) Letitia, m. John 
Henry North, K.C., M.P. for Dub. Univ. (See Foster's Baronetage) 
The Bishop's Will was proved in 1797. 


1797. John Porter, Bp. of Killala, then succeeded by Patent, dated De- 
cember 30, 1797. He Was of an ancient Cumberland family, son of Rev. 
Thomas Porter, M.A., Pembroke Coll., Oxford, who Was born in the city 
of Lincoln (son of Thomas P., gent.) and Was P.C. of Northenden, Cheshire, 
1752-1802, and died May 25, 1802; born in England, educated at 
Manchester School and at Cambridge, B.A. (5th Wrangler) 1773, M.A. 
1776, D.D. by Royal Mandate 1792, Fell, of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
Archdeacon of Llandaff 1789, Reg. Prof, of Heb. in that University 
1790. Came to Ireland as Chaplain to Earl Camden, Lord Lieutenant, 
was appointed Bp. of Killala and Achonry by Patent dated June 5th, 1795, 
and cons, in Tuain Cath. on June 7th, by the Abp. of Tuam, assisted by the 
Bps. of Clonfert and Waterford. He worthily filled the See of Clogher till 
his death at Clogher, July 27th, 1819. He Was bur. at Clogher. He m. 
in 1786, Mary Porter Smith of Norfolk, who survived him and d. in 1830= 
and left issue (i) Rev. John Grey see Prebs. Kilskeery ; (2) Thomas, 
Comr. R.N. ; (3) Rev. Charles, V. of Rounds see Aughnamullen ; (4) 
Henry, Major-Gen. ; (5) William, also in the Army ; and also a dau. Eliza- 
beth, who m. Colonel Carmichael. 

On an elaborate marble tablet in Clogher Cath. is the inscription " Sac- 
red to the Memory of the Right Reverend John Porter, D.D., formerly 
Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge^and late Lord Bishop of 
this Diocese, who died on the 27th of July, 1819, in the 68th year of his 
age, and 45th of his ministry. Deeply versed in sacred learning, he united 
the scholar with the gentleman. Firm in his trust and inflexibly attached 
to truth, in his intercourse with the world he feared God more than man 
and in every situation of life, in which the Providence of God placed him he 
sustained the conduct and character of a righteous man. This monument 
is erected by his afflicted family in testimony of their affection and his 
worth." (See also B.L,G.) 

1819. Lord John George Beresford, Bishop of Raphoe, succeeded by 
Patent , dated September 2 5th, 1 81 9. He was third son of the ist Marquess 
of Waterford, and Was b. at Tyrone House, Dublin, 22nd November, 1773. 
Ed. at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, M.A. 1796, D.D. 1805, ord. D. 2nd 
April, 1795, by Abp. of Tuam at Dublin, P. iTth December, 1797, by het 
same. R. Clonegam and NeWtownlennan, Lismore, 1799-1801, Dean of 
Clogher, 1799-1801 ; R. Termonmaguirke 1801-5 ; Cons. Bp. of Cork and 
Ross 24th March, 1805, in St. Patrick's, Dublin, by the Abp. of Cashel, 
assisted by the Bps. of Derry and Clogher ; trans, to Raphoe 1807,. From 
Clogher he was advanced in 1820 to the Abpric. of Dublin, thence in 1822 
to the Abpric. of Armagh ; Was a P.C., Vice-Chanc. Dub. Univ. 1829, 
Chancellor do. 1851. He again became Bishop of Clogher, when 
in 1850, on the death of Lord Robert Tottenham, the See Was 
united to that of Armagh. He was indeed a princely bishop, 
not only in his manner and in his living, but above all, in 
his benevolence. It is said that his benefactions to the Church and 
other good objects during his life amounted to 280,600. He erected the 
Campanile in T.C.D. at a cost of over 5,000, gave 2,000 towards the 


Chair of Ecclesiastical History in that College ; 300 for the. purchase and 
500 towards the publication of the Book of Armagh (recently published 
by the R.I.A. under the Editorship of the late Rev. John Gwynn, D.D.) ; 
over 2,400 towards the restoration ot Armagh Cathedral ; endowed eight 
Vicarages with 1,800 a year, spent 1,800 a year towards the salary of 
Assistant-Curates and about r,ooo a year on parochial schools ; gave 
5,000 towards the founding of St. Columba's College, Rathfarnham, and 
made many private benefactions to distressed clergy, etc. He d. nnm. at 
Woburn, Donaghadee, iSth July, 1862, in his 8gth year, and Was bur. 
in the Crypt of Armagh Cathedral, Where a beautiful monument in the 
Nave, with a full-length recumbent figure of the Primate in his robes, 
sculptured by Baron Marochetti, commemorates him. For a description 
of memorial Windows and other particulars about him see Rogers' Memoir 
of Armagh Cathedral and J. R. Garstin's account of him in Coleman's ed. 
of Stuart's Armagh, pp. 412-416. He provided in his Will for the continu- 
ance of curates' salaries.. He is commemorated in Clogher Cath. by an 
East Window, which is inscribed " Erected to the beloved memory of 
Lord John George Beresford, late Bishop of Clogher, and Primate of All 
Ireland. Raised to his high office in mercy to the Church of this Nation, 
he graced it by princely beneficence and saintly life. Called to receive his 
Crown of Righteousness, May i8th, 1862." There is no doubt he owed his 
elevation to the Episcopate to the influence exerted on the Government 
by his brother the Marquess, who had supported the Union ; yet he was 
one well fitted for a bishopric. He published : 

1. A Speech delivered in the House of Lords on the Bill for Removing 
R. C. Disabilities, 1829. 

2. A Speech on the system of National Education in Ireland. 

3. A Sermon for the London Charity Schools, on Matt. Vi. ( 22-23, 
preached in St. Paul's Cathedral. 8vo., 1838. 

4. A Charge to the Clergy of Armagh Diocese. 1845. (See also D.N.B.) 

1820. Hon. Percy Jocelyn, Bishop of Ferns, succeeded, King's Letter, 
dated April 3. He owed his promotion to political influence. He Was 
third son of the ist Earl of Roden (see Peerages). T.C.D., B.A. 1785, 
Treas. of Cork 1787-95, R. Tamlaght (Armagh) and Archd. of Ross 1788-90. 
Treas. Armagh 1790-1809, R. Disert (Lismore) 1796-1809, Bp of Ferns 
1809-20. Summoned before an Ecclesiastical Court at Armagh consisting 
of the Bps. of Kilmore, Deny, Dromore and Raphoe for an offence com- 
mitted on i9th July, 1822, and in consequence deprived (see Annual Re~ 
giste, Appendix to Chronicle, 1822, p. 138). He d. at Edinburgh, Decem- 
ber,! 843, and Was bur. in the New Cemetery there. (See Armagh Clergy, 
p. 44 ; Cotton Fasti iii., 43, 84 ; Brady's Records i., 23 and D.N.B.) 

1822. Lord Robert Ponson by Tottenham Loftus (afterwards Lord Robert 
Ponsonby Tottenham), Bp. of Ferns, Was than trans, by Patent dated Decem- 
ber 2ist. Enthroned December 30 (D.R.). He Was b. September 5th, 
1773, second son of Charles, ist Marquess of Ely, ed. at Christ Ch., Oxford, 
MA., D.D., ord. D. (Tuam), October 27th, 1797 ; P. (Tuam) March nth, 
1798 ; Prec. Cashel 1798-1804 ;cons. Bp. of Killaloe December i6th, 1804, 


by the Abp. of Cashel, assisted by the Bps. of Kildare and Elphin, in St. 
Peter's, Dublin, trans to Ferns and Leighlin 1820, and. thence 
to Clogher. It is clear he obtained his original bishopric as a 
reward to the Marquess of Ely for supporting the Union (see 
Viceroy's Post Bag). He m. 2ist May, 1807, Alicia Maude, 
dau. of Cornwallis, ist Viscount Hawarden and had issue, ten 
sons including Rev. Robert Loftus, see Donaghmoyne ; Rev. Henry 
see Prebs. Donacavey, and Very Rev. George see Deans of Clogher 
and one dau. Isabella, m. Robert G. A. H. Gun-Cuninghame (see Peerages 
"Ely.") He d. 26th April, 1850. A Brass Tablet to his memory in 
Clogher Cathedral bears the inscription " To the Glory of God and in 
loving memory of Right Reverend Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham, 
D.D., for 28 years Lord Bishop of Clogher. Died 26th April, 1850, aged 
76 years. Erected by his surviving children Isabella Gun-Cuninghame, 
John Francis Tottenham, Commander R. 1ST. ; George Tottenham, M.A., 
Dean of Clogher, and his grandson, Charles Robert Worsley Tottenham, 

On his death the See was by Act of State, united to that of Armagh ; 
and the Primate 

1850. Lord John George Beresford, again became Bishop of Clogher. 
On his death in 1862, Rev. Alexander Irwin, Prec. of Armagh, was ap- 
pointed Administrator of the Spiritualities of the Diocese of Clogher, 14th 
August, 1862, by the Chapter of Clogher. 

1862. Marcus Gervais Beresford succeeded to the Primacy and the Bis- 
hopric of Clogher, and held both until his death, December 26th, 1885. 
He Was 2nd son of George B., Bp. of Kilmore and Ardagh (see Peerages, 
Waterford), b. February i4th, 1801, in Dublin; T.C., Cambridge, B.A. 1823, 
M.A. 1827 (ad enndem, Dub. 1832), D.D. 1854, R. Kildallon 1825, V. 
Dnmg and Larah 1825, Archd. of Ardagh, 1839, Bp. of Kilmore, 1854 ;cohs. 
at Armagh, September 24th, 1854. 

A movement Was set on foot in Clogher Diocese about 1870 to. separate 
the See from Armagh, and to raise an endowment fund for the Bishopric, 
the leading spirit of which Was the late Earl of Belmore. It does not 
appear that the Primate viewed it with much favour. He d. pec. 26, 
1885, before the requisite amount Was raised. A monument, erected by 
his family, in the Nave of Armagh Cath., opposite to that of Lord John 
George B., his predecessor, and with a similar recumbent figure in Carrara 
marble, carved by John Taylor, commemorates him (the inscription is 
given in Coleman's Armagh, p. 417), but truth compels us to say that both 
in personality and in beneficent Work these Primates are not to be com- 
pared the one left his mark on the hearts of his people, the other by 
an action of his left a soreness in the hearts of his successors, and of Armagh 
Church people, Which resulted in the main entrance of the Palace, Armagh, 
being closeid up as an entrance for the Primates until recently, when a 
descendant of his generously removed the obstacle to its use. 

On the Primate's death, the amount required for the endowment of the 
bishopric was raised, Mr. John Grey Porter, who had already subscribed 


largely, advancing over 3,500 to complete it. [Four years later all but 
1,500 had been repaid. He generously wiped out the balance] . It ap- 
pears that the preliminaries necessary to the separation Were not actually 
completed, When under the Statutes concerning the election of a Primate 
the Synod had to be summoned. So that the Synod of Armagh and 
Clogher " Was summoned to meet at Armagh, i8th March, 1886, to elect 
an " ad interim Bishop of Armagh and Clogher," when William Reeves, 
Dean of Armagh, was elected and subsequently became Bishop of Down 
and Connor. 

But all necessary requirements having been carried out, the Gene al 
Synod separated the dioceses and made Clogher a separate See ; and the 
Diocesan Synod of Clogher Was summoned to meet and elect a Bishop 
on June 4th, 1886, when 

1886. Charles Maurice Stack, Archdeacon of Clogher, was elected by both 
orders of clergy and laity, obtaining over two-thirds majority. He was 
cons, on June 20,th, 1886, in Armagh Cathedral by Primate Knox, assisted 
by the Bps. of Meath, Ossory and Kilmore.- Dr. Wm. Reeves Was at the 
same time cons. Bp. of Down and Connor and Dromore. The new Bishop 
of Clogher Was the son of Rev. Edward S. (see Derryvullan Curates) 
and J.P. for Cos. Tyrone and Fermanagh (by Tempe., dau. of Rev. Walter 
Bagot, R. of Monasterevah). He Was b. at Tubrid, near Kesh, in 1825. 
Ed. at Foyle Coll. and at the School for the Sons of the Irish Clergy, ent. 
T.C.D. July 2nd, 1842, B.A. and Div. Test. (2), 1848, M.A. 1858, B.D. and 
D.D. 1875, ord. D. 1848, P. 1849 (Killaloe), C. Badoney Upper 1848-9, 
V. Lack 1849-71, R. Tydavnet 1871-3, R. Monaghan and A.rchd.of Clogher 
1873-86. He "Was of the Evangelical School, yet in many respects 
Was a strong Churchman and resolutely opposed the revision of the 
Prayer Book. He strongly supported the Spanish Reform Movement, 
assisting in the consecration of Senor Cabrera as Bishop, which did 
not make him popular with some High Churchmen. He married, 2ist 
November, 1859, Margaret Jane, elder dau. of Daniel Eccles Auchinleck, 
of Crevenagh, County Tyrone, and had issue (i) Edward Churchill, 
J.P., F.R.C.S.I., of Burton-on -Trent, b. 25th November, 1860, m. ist June, 
1887, Susan Masfen, and has issue (a) Charles Maurice, b. 17th March, 
1888; (b) John Masfen, b.28th August, 1889 ; (c) Wm. Auchinleck. (2) 
Rev. Charles Maurice see Prebs. Kilskeery. (3) Rev. Walter Auchinleck 
see Muckross. (4) Rev. William Bagot see Magheraculmoney ; and 
a dau. Elizabeth Mary, d. 26th July, 1879, aged 17. Abp. Benson speaks 
with appreciation of the Bishop in his Diary when on a visit to 
Ireland before his death. He retired from the See in December, 1902, 
and lived at Ardess. He presented a new Pulpit to Clogher Cathedral, 
which bears the inscription " To the Glory of God and in love for the 
Diocese, the gift of the Right Reverend Charles Maurice Stack, Bishop 
of Clogher, 1886-1903." He d. at Ardess, January gth, 1914, and was 
bur. at Cappagh, Omagh. His wid. d. January 2nd, 1915. A carved oak 
Pulpit and Prayer Desks were dedicated to his memory by many friends 
in Tubrid Church, and an East Window in Lack Church, by his four sons. 


1903. Charles Frederick D'Arcy was elected Bishop of Clogher by the 
House of Bishops, January 2ist, from two names sent forward by the 
Diocesan Synod, the other being that of the Archdeacon (George Finlay, 
D.D..) He was cons, in Armagh, Cathedral by the Primate (Alexander), 
assisted by the Bishops of Meath (Keene), Down (Welland), and Deny 
(Chadwick). He is eldest son of John Charles D'A., of Rehoboth House, 
Co. Dublin, by Henrietta Anna, eld. ctau. of Thos. Brierley, of Dublin. 
He comes of an old Anglo-Norman family, whose pedigree can be fully 
vouched by records, being descended from Sir John D'A., of Knayth, 
and Sir William D'A., of Flatten, both of whom fought at the Battle of 
Crecy (see B.L.G., " D'Arcy of Hyde Park.") He was b. 2nd January, 
1859. Ed. at the High School, Dublin; and at T.C.D., Where he had a 
distinguished career, obtaining ist Place at Entrance, ist Honours in 
Mathematics and Ethics, ist Math. Sch., 1882, B.A. (Sen. Mod. and Gold 
Medal in Mental and Moral Phil.) 1882 ; Div. Test (i) 1884, M.A. 1889, 
B.D. 1892, D.D. 1900, Ord. D. 1884 (Kilmore for Down), P. 1885 (Down), 
C. St. Thos., Belfast, 1884-90. R. Billy (Connor) 1890-3, R. Ballymena 
1893-1900, Exam. Chapl. to Bp of Down 1892-1903, Chapl. to L.L. 
1895-1903, Dean of Belfast and V. St. Anne's 1900-3, Donnellan Lect. 
T.C.D. 1897-8 and 1914, Preb. Connor 1890-1900, Canon of St. Patrick's, 
Dublin, 1902-3, Select Pr. Camb. Univ. 1907-8 and Oxford Univ. 1908-10. 
m. August I2th, 1889, at St. Thomas's, Belfast, Harriett le Byrtt, dau. 
of Richard Lewis, of Comrie, Co. Down,and has issue, a son, John Conyers 
b. i2th February, 1894, ed. at Trent College and Roy. Mil. Acad., obtained 
Com. in R.H.A., served in the Great War, won the M.C., is now Capt. 
R.H.A. ; and three daus. (i) Elinor Marian, m. October 4th, 1916, Donald 
James Handford, Capt. R.F.A., elder son of Theodore H., of Norwood, 
Newport, Mon. ; (2) Henrietta Grace Lewis ; (3) Dorothy Frances. On 
November 5th, 1907, he was elected Bp. of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin by 
the House of Bishops, from two names submitted by the Diocesan Synod 
(the other being Ven. J. K. Latham, D.D., Archd. of Ferns). Elected 
Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore by the Synod, Mar. 27, 1911, 
and in 1919, the Archbishopric of Dublin having become Vacant by the 
resignation of Dr. Bernard appointed Provost T.C.D. he was elected to 
it on August 6th, 1919, by the House of Bishops, to which the Diocesan 
Synod had left an unfettered power of election. When Dr. Crazier died he 
was unanimously elected Primate by the House of Bishops, June 17, 1920. 
Dr. D'Arcy has a world-wide fame as a writer on Ethics and Moral 
Philosophy, and some of his books have been translated into many 
languages. He published : 

A Short Study of Ethics. Lond., Macmillan, 2nd Ed., 1901. 

Idealism and Theology. Donnellan Lectures. Lond., Hodder and 
Stoughton, 1899. 

Ruling Ideas of Our Lord. Lond., Hodder & Stoughton, 2nd Ed , 1902. 

Christianity and the Supernatural. Anglican Church Handbooks Series. 

Lond., Longmans. 

God and Freedom in Human Experience. Donnellan Lectures. 
London, Arnold, 1915. 


Christian Ethics and Modern Thought. Anglican Church Handbooks. 

God and the Struggle for Existence. 

Three Urgent Questions. 

Science and Creation. The Christian Interpretation. Longmans, 1925. 
He also contributed Articles to the Hibbert Journal, Hastings Dictionary 
of Christ and the Gospels and Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, etc. He 
has been an outstanding personality at the various Lambeth Conferences 
which he attended, and was an able defender of the Ulster Covenant and 
Ulster policy, in the Spectator and Times and other newspapers, and he has 
won the confidence and affection of the clergy and laity of the various 
dioceses over which he has been set. 

1908. Maurice Day, Dean of Ossory, elected Bishop on Dec. iQth, 1907, by 
the House of Bishops, to which by resolution the Diocesan Synod left the 
power to elect. He was cons. Bishop in St. Patrick's Cathedral on the 
Feast of Conv. of St. Paul, January 25th, 1908, by the Bishop of Meath 
(Keene), assisted by the Bishops of Killaloe (Archdall), Cashel (O'Hara), 
Down (Crozier) and Ossory (D'Arcy). Enthroned at Clogher January 
agth, 1908. He was the son of Very Rev. John Godfrey D., Dean of 
Ardfert ; b. September 2nd, 1843, a ^" Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, ed. at 
Beaumont Coll., Cork, and Queen's Coll., Cork ; ist Sci. Sch. 1860 ; and 
T.C.D. ist Hons. Math., B.A. (Jun. Mod. Exp. and Nat. Sci.) 1865, .Div. 
Test (2) 1866, M.A. 1872, B.D. and D.D. (jure dign.) 1908, Ord. D. 1866 
P. 1867, C. Ballymoney, Cork 1866-7, c - Rincurran 1867-8, C. St. Luke's, 
Cork 1868-70, C. St. Matthew's, Dublin, 1870-3, R. Greystones 1873-6, 
R. Killiney 1876-94, I. St. Matthias's, Dublin, 1894-1905, Canon Ch. Ch. 
Dublin, 1901-5, Dio. Nomr., Dublin 1904-5, Select. Pr. University Dublin, 
1897, Chapl. to L.L. 1963-7, R. Kilkenny and Dean of Ossory 1905-8, 
Commissioner of National Education 1911-22. He m. 29th April, 1873, 
Charlotte Frances Mary Forbes, dau. of Herbert Taylor Ottley, of 28 
York Ter., Regents Park. It was the first marriage celebrated in St. 
Matthias's, Dublin. He had issue (i) Right Rev. John Godfrey Fitz- 
maurice, D.D. , now Bishop of Ossory, b. I2th May, 1874, married Oct., 
IQ22, Cicely Doiothea Langrishe, in Kilkenny ; (2) Herbert Taylor Ottley, 
B.A., B.A.I., T.C.D., Lt. R.E. and R.A.F. 1917 to 1919, A.M. Inst. C.E., 
b. 27th May, 1875; (3) Maurice Fitzmaunce Day, M.C., Lt.-Col. 1st 
K.O. Y.L.I., who served in the S.A. War (Medal and three Clasps) and 
also at Ypres, etc., in the Great War, P.S.C. G.S.O. at the War Office 
1921 to 1926, b. 27th August, 1878, married at Washington, U.S.A., 
Eleonora Morgan, Nov., 1918; and a dau. Kathleen Mary Agnes. The Day 
family of Kerry, like three or four other families of Kerry gentry, gave 
many ministers to the Reformed Church of Ireland, but the Day family 
gave more than any at least two score, including three bishops ; and 
unlike some other families-- noble and gentle in other parts of Ireland 
who are suspected, with some reason, of sending sons into the Ministry for 
what they could get out of it, the Days entered the Ministry in order to 
give, not get, and they gave of their best. Maurice Day, of Clogher, 
was a typical example, who won the affection and respect of all who 
came in contact with him, 


He died suddenly, in the Vestry of Broomfield Church (before Morning 
Service at which he was to have preached) While conversing with some of 
the parishioners, on Sunday, May 27th, 1923, and was bur. at Dean's 
Grange Cemetery, May 3ist. The Provost delivered a funeral address in 
St. Matthias's and spoke of him as "a truly patriotic Irishman, warm- 
hearted as became his good Southern blood, always forward to promote 
the best interests of his country and his Church .... Benignus, 
humanus, stabilis, certus, securus." 

1923. James Mac Man a way, Archdeacon of Clogher, was elected to the 
Bishopric by the Diocesan Synod of Clogher at its meeting called for 
electing a bishop on July gth 1923. He received at the final vote 59 
out of 66 clerical, and 106 out of 121 lay votes an overwhelming majority. 
Consecrated at Armagh Cathedral, August 6th, 1923, by the Primate 
(D'Arey), assisted by Bishops of Meath (Plunket), Derry (Peacocke), 
Down (Grierson), and Kilmore (Moore). His Lordship is 2nd siirviving 
son of the late John M., of Coolougher, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Was 
ed. at T.C.D.,B.A. i888,M.A. 1891, D.D. (jure dign.) 1923,. Ord. D. 1888 
and P. 1889 (Derry), C. Clanabogan 1888-90, R. Termonmaguirke 
1890-1, R. Fivemiletown 1891-1910, R. Monaghan 1910-19, R. Ennis- 
killen 1919-23, Preb. Donacavey 1905-11, resigning it Voluntarily on being 
made Preb. Donaghmore and Reptve. Canon of Clogher in St. Patrick's 
Cathedral, Dublin, Canon of Clogher 1914-17, Archdeacon of Clogher 
1917-23 ; for many years member of R.C.B. and Standing Committee 
of General Synod, and Diocesan Nominator, etc. Enthroned at Clogher 
Cathedral, September 5th, 1923 ; m. (i) April 8th, 1891, at Marylebone Ch., 
London, Sarah Thompson, youngest dau. of Thomas Ringwood, of Castle- 
pierce, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny (she d. I4th May, 1920), and has. issue 
(i) Launcelot Thomas, ed. at St. Columba's College, Cand. Bach. T.C.D., 
and a member of the O.T.C. at Whose contests he won a Silver Cup. He 
d. at Meath Hospital, Dublin, April 30, 1914, aged 21 ; (2) Richard T. 
RingWood, ed. at Christ's Hospital, England, and at Campbell Coll., Bel- 
fast (where as an athlete he won three silver cups) and at T.C.D. ; became 
Capt. A.S.C., served in the Great War, and Was mentioned in Despatches ; 
m. December i2th, 1917, Zelma Norah Kathleen, twin dau, of Sir Robert 
Gardner, Kt. of Dublin ; (3) Rev. James Godfrey, B.A., T.C.D. , Curate 
Drumachose (Limavady), 1923-26, who m. Jan. 27, 1926, Catherine Anne 
Swetonham, only child of the late Sir Thomas Lecky, of Greystone Hall, 
Limavady, and wid. of F. C. B. French; and (4) a dau. Mary Elizabeth 
Christiana, m. November 5th, 1924, Christopher H. Maude, D.L., of 
Lenaghan Park, Enniskilien, 3rd son of M. C. Maude, J.P. The Bishop 
m. (2) April 7, 1926, in St. Michael's Church, Trory, Mary, 3rd dau. of 
the late A. R. Richardson, Annacramp, Armagh, and niece of the late 
Rev. John Winter. 

The present work, as everything that tends to the advancement of the 
interests of the Church, has the enthusiastic approval of the Bishop, whose 
clear call, and elevation to the Episcopate was evidence of the Diocese's 
appreciation of his Work and worth. 


[I am indebted for many of the notes under this heading to Very Rev. H. J. Lawlor, D.D., 
. Professor of Eccl. Hist., T.C.D., and Dean of St. Patrick's.] 

That there Was a Chapter in n88is evident from the Charter of Bishop Chris- 
tian, preserved in the Muniment Room of the Marquess of Ormonde and pub. 
in Proc. R.I. A., xxxii., C. 29-33, etc., and in L.A. Jour, iv., 143, in which the 
Bishop grants the patronage of Clonkeen and Drumcar, Co. Louth, to Roger 
Peppard " With the assent and common counsel of all our Chapter." This 
Chapter consisted of the Augustinian Canons of St. Mary's, Louth. When 
the See was removed back to Clogher the Chapter seems to have been no longer 
composed of these regular Canons but of secular Canons (see Charter of Donatus, 
Prior of Louth, in Proc. 'R.I. A. xxxii, C. 315-19 and L.A. Jour, iv., 147). In 
1227 there was an election of a Bishop in which the Dean, Precentor and Chan- 
cellor of the Cathedral Church took part (Theiner, p. 36). The Chapter of 
Clogher in 1366 seems to have had the appointment of the Canons (Col. Reg., 
Sweteman No. 47). According to the old Register of Clogher, to Which reference 
is made elsewhere, there were 12 Canons, including Dean and Archdeacon, 
but no Precentor or Chancellor. In Cal. Reg., Fleming, No. 176, " the Dean 
and Chapter of Clogher " are mentioned 20th August, 1411. and Deans, Pre 
centers, Chancellors and Archdeacons are mentioned in the early part of the 
I3th Century. It does not appear that there was at any time a Treasurer. 
In 1546 there was a Dean, an Archdeacon and 12 Canons in the Chapter (Ann. 
Rib. \, 57). Bishop Montgomery (1605-20) restored the offices of Precentor 
and Chancellor, but his successor complained that " the ancyent Chapter, 
as may appeare by the Register of Clougher eonsisteth of twelve Chanons, 
whereof the Deane and Archdeacone were airways to be two, but my predeces- 
sor . . . without warrant from his Majestic or consent of the clergie 
[added a Precentor and Chancellor] which he collated on two of his Chaplens, 
but without any instrument under his hand and Scale, but only With a verball 
inaugaracon, which is supposed in law to be insufficient, and that the Ld. Bp. 
must hold him to the auncyent bodie of the Chapter, or ells proceed in actions 
which require the assistance of the Chapter ex consensu totus cleri : or ells peticon 
to his majestic that a new corporacon of a Chapter may be erected wherein I 
humbly intreat yor. . . . resolucon and advise " (Ms. T.C.D., E. 3, 6, p. 176). 

The Royal Visitors in 1662 abolished these two dignities, though it appears 
now that Bp. Montgomery had historical precedents on his side. 

The Canons seem to have had prebends attached in 1381 (C.P.P. i., 556, 559)- 
Here it may be remarked that a Prebend Was the parish, etc., Which provided 
or supplied the fruits (or fodder !) for the Stall which the Canon, as a member of 
the Chapter occupied. Not every Canon held a Prebend, but every Prebendary 
Was a Canon and subject to the Canon or Rule of the Chapter. Canons Regular 
[i.e., holding Can.onries, who were members of Monastic Communities under 
a rule (regula) of life] were, of course, supported by their Community, aiid 
if they held prebends, the fruits of the same went to the Community. Secular 
Canons were drawn from the parochial clergy, or those not under a monastic 
rule of life. 

When Disestablishment came, the fruits of the Prebends were confiscated 


by the State, and since then their Stalls have been empty of fodder, unless the 
Diocesan Synod has endowed them. 

In Clogher, we are told that there Was "no distinction of Prebends;" in 1398, 
and in 1411 and in 1414 (C.P.L. V. 100, vi. 232, 428). A Canonry and Prebend 
had been newly erected in 1471 and probably before 1464 -the name is not 
given (Ann. Hib. i.,. 39). To this the R. of Clones was united for the life of 
the then Preb. (ib. i. 40). A Canonry was erected out of the fruits of V. of 
Derryvullen and of the V. of the Chapel of Magheracross in that parish, ist 
May, 1492 (ib. i. 42). 

A Charter was issued by Letters Patent of Charles I., and Letters directing 
the issue of that patent, dated 20th April, 1629, 12 February, 1630, and 24th 
July, 1631, give Lists of Prebendaries and of their Prebends which do not com- 
pletely agree with each other in the order of the Prebs. or in the names of their 
parishes (see Morr-in Hi., 464, 544, 615). According to this Patent, the Chapter 
was to consist of a Dean arid Archdeacon and 6 Prebs., With the addition of a 
Precentor and a Chancellor, when provision should be made for their main- 
tenance by the Bishop. The Order in the first Letter Was Robert Barkley, 
Dean, James Highgate, Archdeacon, Edmund Hatton, R. of Tighallon, ist 
Preb., Claude Hamilton, R. of Donaghcavey, 2nd Preb., Archibald Erskine, 
R. of Tullycorbet, 3rd Preb., Christopher Seaton, R. of Kilskeery, 4th Preb., 
Edward Hatton, R. of Monaghan, alias Karrickmalis, 5th Preb., Norman Lind- 
sey, R. of Denybruske, 6th Preb. In the Letter of February I2th, 1629-30, 
the order is Dean, Archdeacon, E. Hatton (ist), James Slack, R. of Enniskillen 
(2nd), A. Erskine (3rd), C. Seaton (4th), C. Hamilton (5th), Robert Boyle, 
R. of Tullycorbet, who succeeded Erskine there (6th). In the Letter of 24th 
July, 1631, Hatton is ist, Slack is omitted, the others go up one, and Archibald 
Cane, R. of Dromore is 6th. Dr. Lawlor suggests that the explanation is, per- 
haps, to be. found in the fact that the men who hitherto held stalls were selected, 
and when they moved, their parishes Were made prebendal. At some, subse- 
quent period, before 1661, Dromore and Monaghan ceased to be Prebends and 
Derrybrusk was united to Tighallon [or Tyholland] . A Precentor and a Chan- 
cellor appear to have been added also before 1661. In 1661 V.B., the Chapter 
seems to consist of the Dean, Chancellor, Precentor and Archdeacon. In the 
V.B. 1662 the order is : Dean, Chancellor, Archdeacon and Precentor ; and this 
order is observed in all Ordinary Visitations until 1712, When the opening 
Corporation consists of 11 members, viz. : The Dean, Chancellor, Archdeacon, 
Vicar-General, Precentor, Preb. Tehallan, Preb. Devenish, Preb. Donacavey, 
Preb. Tullycorbet, Ludimagister Regia Auctoritate apud Inniskilling [=Royal 
Schoolmaster at Enniskillen] and Ludimagister Diocesan Apud Monaghan 
[=Diocesan Schoolmaster at Monaghan]. 

In modern times the order has been : Dean, Archdeacon, Precentor, Chan- 
cellor and 5 Prebs., viz. Kilskeery, Tullycorbet, Donacavey, Tyholland and 
Devenish. It is quite exceptional for an Archdeacon to rank next to the Dean 
where there are other dignitaries, and it might be suggested by some of the 
foregoing facts that the Archdeacons of Clogher were pushing men ! But as 
it has been pointed out, the Ancient Register gives him that precedence. Of 
course, outside the Cathedral and the Chapter, an Archdeacon as " Oculus 
Episcopi " ranks next in order of precedence to the Bishop. 


1227. A Dean unnamed appears. (C.P.L. i., 164). 
1237. (&>.) 

1306.- (C.C.C. 177) 

1366. ,, (C.P.L. iv. 63). 

1390. Peter O'Owen (Ua Eoghain) " Dean of Lough Erne, "-d. (A.F.M.) 
Query, was he only a Rural Dean ? 

1395. A Dean, unnamed, appears (C.P.L. iv., 541). 
1397. probably the same (ib. v., 540). 

1399. John O Muldoon (Ua Mealaduin) vacates the Deanery by death 
(C.P.I, v., 249). 

1399. David IVTGowan [Mac Gabhann] succeeds, prov. I4th October 
(C.P.L. v., 249) is called David Macconcabond in C.P.L. vi., 241. 

1411. Odo O'Luchairen, prov. I4th December (C.P.L. vi., 241). 

1414. Donald O'Owen [Ua Eoghain], "Dean of Lough Erne," d. on 5th 
October (A.F.M.) same remark as under 1390. 

1422. Donald IWaccener vacates the Deanery by death (C.P.L. vii., 242) ; 
he is called " Macreuye " in Ann. Hib. i., 29. Dr. Lawlor suggests the 
correct name is Mac Reavy. 

1422. Philip O'MolwoyrtP^O'Mollover] succeeds ; prov. March 6th. (C.P.L 
vii., 242). He was Dean and called Philip O'Mulloyre in 1451 (Arm. D.R..) 

1458. John MacCawell [McCalhmayll] appears (Arm. D.R.). He was 

also R. and Herenach of Argull [=ErrigalJ. 

1484. Philip Maguira [Maguyr] appears (Arm. D.P.). 

1498. Cathal (or Charles) MacManus IVIaguire [Maguyr], Dean of Clog- 
her, d. of smallpox [Gaelarbreac] March 23rd, 1498. He was in his 6oth 

He was the compiler of the Annals of Ulster, which under A.D., 1498, 
speaks of him thus : " MacManus Maguire died this year, i.e. Cathal Og . 
" He was a Biatach at Seanadh, a Canon Chorister at Armagh, and Dean 
" in the Bishopric of Clogher, Dean of Lough Erne and Rector of Inis 
" Caein in Lough Erne ; and the representative of the Bishop 15 years 
"before his death. He Was a precious stone, a bright gem, a luminous 
" star, a casket of wisdom ; a fruitful branch of the Canons and fountain 
" of charity, meekness and mildness, a dove in purity of heart, and a 
" turtledove in chastity ; the person to whom the learned and the poor 
" and the destitute of Ireland were most thankful ; one who Was full of 
grace and wisdom in every science to the time of his death, in law, di- 
" vinity, physic, and philosophy, and in all the Gaelic Sciences," &c. 
(See also Ware's Writers.) 

32 DEANS. 

1505. Eugene M'Cawell [McCamaill] was Dean and succeeded to the Bis- 
hopric in 1508, and perhaps was Dean from 1498 (See Bishops). 

1506. William MCawell [McCamaill] was prov. in succession to him, 
February 22nd (Ann, Hib. \., 44, 51). He d. in 1508. He Was the son of 
Art McC. and brother of preceding and was also Canon of Armagh (A. P.M.) 

1518. Hugh Maguire, Dean, son of Bishop Roger M., d. this year (An 

1519. Arthur M'Cawell [McCamaill], Dean, appears (Ms, T.C.D., f, 4, 30). 

1528.- Magonius M'Creynr is "Dean" [of Clogher] this year (Arm. 
D.R.). He had been V. Tullycorbet (see Shirley's Monaghan, p. 321), 

1530. Odo (or Hugh) Was coll. Dean June pjth. Arthur McCamaill, who 
Was first nominated, being found unfit (Arm. D.R.) 

1606. Robert Openshawe, M.A., was pres. to the Deanery by the Crown, 
July 7th (Erck's P.R. 4, Jas. I., p. 298) ; he probably held till 1617. He 
was Dean of Connor and Chapl. to Ld. Deputy Chichester, 1615-27 and 
d. 1627. There. is a mont. to him in Carrickfergus Church (see Jour. 
S.P.M.D., 1911, p. 231.) 

He is probably Robert O., Matric. as Pens., St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
Mich. 1569, ord. D. (Peterboro.) August I3th, P., October 8th, 1575, as 
B.A. ; rector of Benacre, Suffolk, 1575-7 (Venn's Al. Cant.) 

1617.' Robert Barkley was pres. by the Crown on April 3Otb, and insta. 
May 2ist (R.V., 1622) pres. a 2nd time December I3th, 1634 (L.M. v., Ill, 
and adm. Rector of Clogher 26th April, 1635 [Note Claude Hamilton Was 
adm. R. of Clogher and R and V. Donacavey, gth January, 1614/5 
(/?.l-". 1634) an d probably held the R. Clogher till 1617 see Prebs. Dona- 
cavey] . Barkley got a grant of a glebe here February 29th, 1631/2 (Morrin 
iii., 592). In 1622 he Was " resident in a friend's house two miles from 
Clocher." The Cathedral Church was then altogether ruinous " the Walls 
of the Abbey Church stand, but will bear no roofe " (R.V.). The living 
Was worth 100. Barkley was also V. Donagh and Errigal Trough from 
1617. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Maxwell, Dean of Armagh, and d., 
as Dean, April 1st, 1654. ^is dau. and heiress, Maria, in Cope an,d Was 
30 years old and married at her father's death (Inq. Monaghan, 5 Chas. II.) 
According to Foster's Funeral Certs., p. 24, his wife Eliz. d. in 1635, and her 
dau., Mary, was bur. in Armagh, Sept. 

1661 . John Hodson, D.D., was pres. to the Deanery and to the R. of Louth 
and V. S. Peter's, Drogheda, and R. Beaulieu, February 6th, 1661. (L.M. 
v., 114) insta. Dean, March 6th (Arm. DM., see Cotton). He held also the 
V. Donagh and Errigal Trough. He was V. Annagh (Belturbet), 1640-61, 
and suffered during the rebellion (see Miss Hickson i., 308). He became 
Bishop of Elphin in 1667, and d. February i8th, 1686. He m. (I?) Abigail, 
dau. of Robert Madden, of Donore, Co. Meath, by Joyce, dau. of Edward 
Bassett, of Staffordshire, Mentions in his Will his (2nd ?) wife, Elizabeth, 

Lord Bishop of Clogher 1908-23. 

[L f. yette. 

DEANS. 33 

and his son-in-law, Henry ToWnley, of Townley Hall. (See Armagh Clergy, 
p. 238). One, Thomas Go Wan (Commonwealth Minister) made a claim 
to the Deanery in 1662 (V.B.) 

1667. John Roan, D.D., was pres. by the Crown to the Deanery and the 
three parishes above-named on August igth (LM. v., 115), inst. August 
27th (F.F.). He Was b. in Wales and eel. at Brasenose Coll., Oxford, and 
T.C.D. ; Was Chapl. to Primate Margetson and R. Erriglekeerogue, 1665-7. 
Preb. Swords 1664-75, V. Donaghmore, Meath c. 1667-75, became Bishop 
of Killaloe in 1675 and d. September 5th, 1692. (See Harris's Ware, C.F., 
and Arm. Clergy, pp. 238-9.) 

1675. Richard Tenison, pres to the Deanery and same three parishes, 
April 2gth (LM. v., 116), adm. Dean and R. Clogher, June 8th (F.F.), 
also succeeded Roan as V. Donaghmore : cons. Bp. of Killala 1682 See 
Bishops of Clogher, above. 

1682. Joseph Wilkins was pres. to the Deanery and R. of Clogher, April. 
20th (LM. v., 118) and adm., May 20th (Leighlin D.R. and F.F.). He 
did not succeed to the Louth parishes. He Was Fellow of T.C.D. , 1661, 
Vice-Provost 1670. D.D. 1693. He also held the R. Lisburn from 
1672-1716 ; m. at Lisburn Cathedral 23rd April, 1674, Mrs. Mary Tandy 
[probably a dau. of Rev. Philip Tandy, V. of Glenavy, by Mercy, sister 
of Sir George Rawdon, Bart., of Moira, Co. Down Archdall's Lodge in 
error calls the latter " Elizabeth."] He d. in 1716 and Was bur. at Lisburn 
May 22, 1716, aged 82. His Wife Mary was also bur. there 30th November, 
1681 (Par. Reg.) He had a son, George, b. in Lisburn, ent. T.C.D. May 
loth, 1693, aged 18, Sch. 1696, B.A. 1697, M.A. 1700, who succeeded his 
father as R. Lisburn. A Joseph W., perhaps a grandson, ent. T.C.D. 
July 13th, 1730. 

1716. William Gore was pres. on June 7 (LM. v. 123) inst. June 9 (P.P.) 
insta. June 28 (D.R.). He was the son of Sir Wm. G., Bart., and Was b. 
at Castle Hamilton, Co. Leitrim, ed. at Drogheda Sch., ent. T.C.D. Jan. 
2ist, 1695/6, aged 16. B.A. 1703, MA. 1700, B.D. and D.D. 1717; was 
R. and V. Templederry and Kilmore (Killaloe) 1703-14 (Eillaloe D.R.) 
and Chaplain to the Irish House of Commons in 1716 (Boulter's Letters). 
Preb. Timothan, Dublin, 1719-30, R. and V. Aghalurcher 1722-4, res. 
Aghaluicher and this Deanery for the Deanery of Down in 1724, and d. 
Jan. 6th, 1731, and Was bur. in St. Mary's, Dublin. He m. Honora, dau. 
of Henry Prittie, of Dunalley and had issue (i) William, D.D., Bishop of 
Limerick- see Cleenish ; (2) Hamilton, drowned 1775 ; (3) Henry, ent. the 
Army (4) Frederick ; (5) Francis and two dans., Caroline, m. Rev. the Hon. 
Nathaniel Clements, and Elizabeth, m. Rev. Robert Brereton. 
(See Baronetages}. 

1724.- Jonathan Smedley, pres. April loth (LM. v., 124) inst. June 24th 
(Arm. D.R.). He was son of John S., b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Birkbeck, 
. T.C.D., September i8th, 1689, aged 18. B.A. 1695, M.A .1698. Was 

34 DEANS. 

R. and V. Rincurran, Cork, 1709-20 ; Dean of Kiilala 1718-24, V. Knock- 
mark, Meath, 1724. He res. the Deanery of Clogher early in 1728, and 
Went to Fort St. George, Madras, on a clerical mission. While in Ireland 
he espoused the Whig cause, and published Various pamphlets and verses, 
Gulliveriana etc., and wrote against Swift and Pope (see Scott's Swift, Vol 
xiv., and also D.N.B.). Among his religious publications Were : 

1. Concerning the Love of ouy Country, Accession Sermon on Gen. xii, 

1-3, 8vo., Lond., 1715. 

2. The Obligation of an English Army to their King and Constitiition 

in Church and State. Sermon on I Pet. ii., 17, preached on Prince 
George's birthday. 4to., Lond., 1716. 

3. The Original Freedom of Mankind. A sermon on the Irish Massacre. 

Deut. xxx, 15. 4to., 1715. 

4. A Sermon on I Sam. xii., 25. 8vo., 1716. 

He dedicated an Anniversary Sermon to Mrs. Hales, of Putney as " her 
dutiful son." 

1728. Paschal Ducasse. pres. Feb. 2Qth, 1727/8 (L.M. v., 125), inst. 
Mar. 6th (D.R.}. He grad. B.D. and D.D., T.C.D. in 1722. Of him we 
read in 2 Rep. Hist. Mss. Com., Vol. I., 243, that- " Ducasse, a chaplain in 
" Col. Echlin's Regiment,who hath a living of 8o,near London,is chosen 
" to be one of the ministers of St. Mary's, Dublin. He is to serve for 40. 
" Dean Abbadie [of KillaloeJ is to preach once a month for him." He d. 
in December, 1729. His P. Will made i6th December, 1729, proved I3th 
January, 1730, left all his property to his two daus., Anne and Marianne, 
his nephew, Anthony Meyrac, and his cousin, Lieut.-Col. John Batereau, 
being named as Exors. 

1730. Edward Cresset, pres., July 4th (L.M. v., 125), inst. August 8th 
(D.R.) Was M.A. He res. the Deanery in 1738. An Edward Cresset, 
son of Robert C., of Glimpton, Oxford, Armiger, Matric. at Wadham 
College, Oxford, gth November, 1693, aged 15, degrees not recorded. 
Foster (Alumni Oxon.) suggests that he was E.C., M.P. for Shrewsbury, 
1710-14, but more probably he Was our Dean and I think also the E.C., 
Who was cons. Bishop of Llandaff, in Kensington Church, February I2th, 
1749, and d. February I3th, 1755. Published : 

1. A Sermon on Psa I. xvi., 7. 4to, Lond., 1749. 

2. A Sermon for S.P.G. on Tim. ii., 9. 4to, Lond., 1753. 

1738. John Copping, pres., March 30th (P.R.), inst. either on 4th, 5th, 
I5th or 25th May (all these dates appear in entries in F.F. \ !) He Was 
either J.C., Who was M.A. of Cambridge, 1728, or J.C., M.A. Cams Coll., 
Camb., 1690 and Fell, of Caius and Gonville Coll., Cambridge, 1690, and 
M.A. 1690. 

In September, 1742, at a Triennial Visitation, "John Copping, V. of 
Clogher, is ordered to call a Vestry to fence the burial place about the 
Chappel, and to repair the Chappel," (Arm. D.R.). He d. on 6th April, 
1743, and there is a monument somewhere in St. Ann's, Dublin, to him. 

DEANS. 35 

His P. Will made in June, 1735, describes him as Vicar of Heybridge, Essex. 
He left legacies to his Wife, Mary, who predeceased him, and to his sister, 
Mary, of Norwich, Who proved the Will. Published : 

A Visitation Sermon on Titus ii., I. 4to., Dublin, 1739. 

1743. William Langton, pres., June 2ist (P.R., King's Letter, April 23rd), 
inst., September 4th (or 24), (F.F.), M.A. He d. on July 30th, 1761, 
owing to a fall from his horse down a precipice at the Peak of Derbyshire 
(Gent's Mag., 382). His son William, b. in London, ent. T.C.D., January 
i6th, 1747/8, aged 17, and became C. Clogher, 1760, and perhaps was the 
W. L., B.A., Clare Coll, Camb., 1753. Dean L's widow d. on 7th May, 

1764. (Faulk. Dub. Jour.) 

1761. Edward Young, pres., September 2Qth (L.M. v., 160), inst. at Bath, 
December 3ist, insta. by proxy, January 28th, 1762 (D.R.) received dispen- 
sation for not "reading himself in," March 5, 1762; read himself in, April 
i8th (D.R.). Was ed. at King's Coll., Camb., B.A. 1746, M.A. 1752, T.C.D. 
D.D. (ad eundem, Camb.) 1764, Fell of T.C., Camb., Chapl. to Earl of 
Halifax, L.L.; became Bishop of Dromore, 1763, cons, by the Primate, 
assisted by the Bishops of Meath and Clogher in the Chapel Royal, Dublin 
Castle, October i6th, 1763 (D.R. Arm.), translated to Ferns and Leighlin, 

1765, d. of pleurisy in Merrion Square, Dublin, August 29th, 1772. He 
had in. an illegitimate dau. of Henry Fox, 1st Lord Holland (Reeves). 
By his Will he left 700 to build a See. House for Ferns, and also other 
charitable legacies. 

1763. Richard Woodward, pres., August 27th (L.M. v., 160), inst. De- 
cember 10th, insta. by his Proctor, January 3ist, 1764 (D.R.), received 
dispensation for ' ' reading in " 20th March, 1764. He Was b. at Grimsbury, 
near Bristol. Ed. by Dr. Tucker, Dean of Gloucester, and at Wadham 
Coll., Oxford, B.C.L. 1749, D.C.L. 1759. In T.C.D. he obtained the de- 
grees of Mus. B. 1768, Mus. D. 1771, D.D. (spec, grat.) 1781; Was Chanc. St. 
Patrick's, Dublin, 1772-8, R. Louth 1778-81, became Bishop of Cloyne in 
1781, cons. 3rd February, 1781 in Ch. Ch. Cath., d. in 1794, aged 67, bur. 
on May 12, at Cloyne, where his widow, Susanna, dau. of Richard Blake, 
of Bristol, erected a monument to him. For a History of his family, see 
Brady's Records of Cork Hi., 122-6. Among his sons Were : 

1. Francis Blake, B.L., b. in Dublin, 1766, ent. T.C.D., 1781. 

2. Benjamin Blake, B.L., b. in Clogher, 1768, T.C..,D LL.B. 1792, M.P. 
for Midieton. 

3. Rev. Richard, b. at Clogher, circa 1770, T.C.D., D.D. 1804, Preb. 
Glanworth, Cloyne, 1799-1828. 

4. Rev. Henry, b. at Clogher, 1775, R. Glankeen, Cashel, 1807-12, 
and of Fethard, Cashel, 1812-63, who Was father of Rev. Thomas, Dean 
of Down, 1856-75. 

The Dean published : 

A Sermon on Prov. iii., 16, for the Incorp. Soc. 4to, Dublin, 1764. 
Christianity the Covenant of Repentance. A Sermon for the Asylum 
for Penitents, 4to., Dublin, 1774. (See also D.N.B. and Allibone). 

36 DEANS. 

1781. Cadogan Keatinge, p*es., Maich 2 (L.M. v., 160), inst. Maich 3, 
(F.F.). Was b. in Berkshire, 5th son of Maurice K., "Armiger," of 
Narraghmore, Co. Kildare, M.P., by Eliz., eldest dau. of James Waller, of 
Castletown, Co. Limerick, (see Jour. Kild. Arch. Soc. vi. 484), ent. T.C.D. 
as Fellow-Commoner, July I, 1741, aged 20. B.A. 1744, M.A. 1747. 
He was Preb. Monmohenock and V. Castledermot and Kinneigh (Kild.) 
1759-78 ; Preb. Kilrush, (Kild.) 1764-75, R. & V. Narraghmore 1775-99, 
appearing in the Suffering Loyalists List 1798-9 for horses and plate lost 
in the Rebellion of 1798. Chanc. St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1778-81. He d. 
igth November, 1799, and his P. Will made 22nd February, 1798, proved 
I7th December, 1799, left bequests of 200 each to his sisters, Catherine 
and Elizabeth ; the residue to his wife, Elizabeth and his dau., Anne Waller 
Keatinge. His bro-in-law, John Taylor, of Dublin, and Robert Weir, of 
Dublin, and his widow, Eliz., were named as Exors. His wid., Elizabeth 
Maria (prer. M.L. of Elizabeth T. and C. Keatinge was dated i6th July, 
1779), who was dau. of Thomas Taylor, Lord Mayor of Dublin, by Anne, 
dau. of Michael Beresford (son of Sir Tristram B.), d. at Cheltenham, April 
i6th, 1849, in her 98th year (Dub. Ev. Mail}'r A Brass Tablet beside the 
E. window in Clogher Cathedral, bears the inscription " Underneath the 
Lord's Table in this Cathedral lie the mortal remains of Cadogan Keatinge, 
some time Dean of Clogher, who died the I9th November, 1799." His 
only dau. Anne Waller K., m. February, 1805, John Kearney, of Co. Kil- 
kenny (Walker's Hib. Mag.} 

1800. Lord John George Beresford, pres., December 23, 1799 (L.M-. V., 
160), inst. and insta., February I, 1800 (D.R.), became Bishop of Cork, 
1805. (See Bishops, above.) 

1805. Richard Bagwell, pres., February 21 (L.M. v., 160), inst., March 
27 (D.R.). He was second son of John B., M.P. for Co. Tipp., of Marl- 
field, Clonmel, b. in Co. Cork, ed. by Mr. Carey, ent. T.C.D. August 5th, 
1793 aged 15 ; B.A. 1797. He seems to have become an M.P. two years 
later as he sat in the Irish Parliament in 1799 as M.P. for Cashel; was ord. 
soon afte . Probably his becoming an M.P. explains to a certain extent 
his not having proceeded to a higher degree than B.A. an exception 
among the Deans of Clogher. He was V. Urney and Annagelliffe, 1804-5. 
Dean of Kilmacduagh 1804, Prec. Cashel 1805-25, holding the latter With 
this Deanery. He m. in 1808, Margaret, dau. of Edward Croker, of Bally- 
nagarde; and had issue (i) John, b. 3rd April, 1811, J.P., D.L., High 
Sheriff of Co. Tipp, 1834, M - p - f r Clonmel, 1857-74, m - 2ist June, 1838, 
Hon. Frances Eliza Prittie, sister of Henry, 3rd Lord Dunalley, and 
succeeded his uncle at Marlfield, and was father of Richard, of Marlfield, 
the historian, and author of Ireland Under the Tudors, etc. ; (2) Edward, 
b. August 21, 1819, Captain 3rd Dragoon Guards, after Lt.-Col. Tipperary 
Militia, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff for Co. Tipp., 1856, Who took the additional 
surname of Purefoy on succeeding to the estate of Greenfield in 1846, and 
m. twice and had issue (see B. L.G.I.) ; and three daus. : 
(i) Margaret, m. Joseph Gore, of Derrymore, Co. Clare, 

DEANS. 37 

(2) Mary m. George Gough, of WoodstoWn, Co. Tipp, and 

(3) Jane, m. November I3th, 1841, Benjamin B. Freud. 

The Dean d. December 25th, 1825, i n his 48th year. His grandson, 
Richard (above) erected a Memorial Brass Tablet to him in Clogher Cathe- 
dral in 1916, With the following inscription : 

" In Memoriam, viri admodum reverendi 

Ricardi Bagwell 

Johannis filii Clonmellensis 

Hujus ce Ecclesiae Decani 

Qui Obiit xxv., die Decembris mdcccxxv. 

Anno Aetatis Suae xlviii." 

He Was bur. in the Cathedral Churchyard. 

1826, Hon. Robert William Henry Maude, pres. by Crown ; inst. May 
27 (D.R.). He Was the third son of the 1st Viscount HaWarden ; Was 
b. August 2ist, 1784, ed. at T.C. Cambridge, M.A. 1806. During his 
occupancy of- the Deanery his brother held the Precentorship, and their 
sister Was mar. to the Bishop, Lord Robert S. Tottenham. The Dean m. 
Martha E. M., eldest dau of Hon. Francis A. Prittie. He d. at Rostrevor, 
3ist October, 1861, leaving issue (i) Thomas Francis, b. 1829, d. unm. 1857; 
(2) Robert Henry, 5th Viscount Ha warden ; (3) LudloW Eustace, and five 
daus. (See Peerages " Hawarden "). His Will Was proved by his Widow, 
7th December, 1861. 

1862. Ogle William Moore, pres. Jan. 21, inst. Feb. 13, insta. Feb. 20. 
(D.R.) He was the son of George M., " Jurisperitus " [lawyer], barrister, 
M.P. for City of Dublin, and Was b. in Dublin, ed. at Bath by Mr. Knight, 
ent.T. C. D. Nov. 2, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1823, M - A - i857 C. Blessington to 
1833, V. Blessington with Kilbride 1833-56 (?6i), Dean of Cashel 1856-61. 
M. Ann Alicia, dau. of Thomas Casey, of Ely Place, Dublin, M.P. for 
Kilmallock (M.L. 23 April, 1833) and had issue including a da-u., Sarah 
Ogle, m. Aug. 23, 1871, Richard, son of Sir Richard Langrishe, Bart., Co. 
Kilkenny, and a dau. m. Robert Truell, of Clonmannon, Co. Wicklow. 
She d. at Bath April II, 1926. He died in London in 1874, having res. 
the Rectory of Clogher in 1873. In consequence of disestablishment 
the Deanery became severed from the Rectory. 

1874. Thomas Le Ban Kennedy, was coll. to the Deanery on Nov. 21, 
insta. Nov. 27 (D.R.) He Was the son of Robert K. " generosus," Was b, 
in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Stokes, ent. T.C.D. Nov. i., 1830, aged 17, B.A. 1836, 
M.A., B.D. and D.D. 1875, ord. D. 4 Sep., 1836 Down, P. 1837 Chester, C. 
Aghancon 1836-7, C. Ballymore Eustace 1837, c - Sutton, Cheshire, 1837-9, 
P.C. Errigle Shanco 1839-52, R. Kilmore, Clogher, 1852-83, Exam. Chapl. 
to Primate 1874-86, R. Donaghmoine 1883-99, Exam. Chapl; to Bp. of 
Clogher 1886-99. At the election of a Bishop for Clogher, when the diocese 
Was separated from Armagh, his name was proxime accessit to Archdeacon 

38 DEANS. 

Stack, who was elected. He Was a delegate to the Convention of 1870, 
and afterwards till his death a member of the Dio. Council and General 
Synod; Was presented by the Clergy of Clogher with the fees for his M.A., 
B.D. and D.D. degrees in 1874. He Was the first Dean since the Reforma- 
tion who was not " imported " into the diocese but owed his appointment 
to 35 years' sterling Work in it, and justified that appointment by devotion 
and service till his death on 31 Dec., 1899, aged 86. He Was bur. at Kil- 
more, Co. Mon. For an In Memoriam Notice, see C.I. Gaz., Jan. 12, 1900. 

He m. Mar. I, 1851, Georgina. Hester, 3rd dau. of Doctor James Smith 
of Newpark, Queen's Co. (she d. Jan 15, 1899) and had issue. 

1. Rev. Mervyn Le Ban, Sch. Line. Coll., Oxf.; M.A. and Sch. T.C.D., 
R Kilmeaden, Waterford, d. 1907. 

2. Very Rev. Herbert Biownlow. M.A., B.D., T.C.D., now Dean of 
Christ Ch., Dublin, and an Hon. Sec. to General Synod. 

3. Rev. Kenneth William Stewart, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., T.C.D., Founder 
of the D.U. Mission to Chota Nagpur (1891), now S.P.G. Missionary at 
Kamdara, Chota Nagpur ; and 4 daus., viz. : 

1. Edith Georgina, d. 1905. 

2. Emma Louisa, m. Rev. Wm. O'Connor, formerly Missy. S.P.G., 
Sec. S.P.G., in Ireland, and now R. Hedgerley, Bucks. She d. 20 May, 

3. Charlotte Maria d. Sep. 22, 1919. 

4. Norah Kathleen. 

To Dean Kennedy's memory a new bell Was erected in Donaghmoine 
Church by Canon Hurst in 1901. (See Boase Supp.) 

1900. George Tottenham, coll. Feb. 10, insta. July 6 (D.R.). He was b- 
20 Oct., 1825, 10tn son f Loid Robeit T., Bishop of Clogher, and younger 
bro. of Henry T., Preb. Donacavey; Was ed. at T.C., Cambridge, B.A. 1849, 
M.A. 1854, or d- D. and P. 1849 (Killaloe), C. Donaghmoine 1849-51, Preb. 
Devenish 1872-1900, acted as Chapl. at Turin 1883-5, Representative 
Canon of Armagh and Clogher and Preb. Donaghmore in St. Patrick's 
Cathedral, Dublin, 1885-1911. M. Jan. 27, 1858, Emily Frances, 2nd 
dau. of Rev. William Maclean, Preb. Tynan, and had issue (i) Ponsonby 
John Loftus, b. 17 Nov., 1858, late of Fermanagh Militia. (2) William 
Henry Loftus, b. 21 Dec. 1859, d. 25 Aug., 1873. (3) Cornwallis George 
Loftus, b. 13 Jan., 1864. (4) Edward Loftus, b. I Nov., 1867 ; and three 
daus, Alicia Jane, Georgina Isabella, d. Aug. 16, 1923, and Emily Millicent 
(see also B. L.G.I, and Peerages " Ely "), He res. the Deanery Oct. I, 
1903, and d. at Belcourt, Bray, Co. WickloW, Oct. 19, 1911. 

A Memorial Window, erected in Inishmacsaint Church bears the inscrip- 
tion : " To the Glory of God and in loving memory of the Very Rev. 
"George Tottenham, Rector of this parish from 1865-1903, Canon of 
"St. Patrick's Cathedral, and Dean of Clogher ; also in loving memory of 
" Emily Frances, his wife. This window is dedicated by their children." 

DEANS. 39 

1903.- Charles Thomas Ovenden, coll. Nov. 12, 1903, insta. Jan. 14, 1904 
(D.R.), b. at Carleton House, Enniskillen, Sep. n, 1846, eldest son of 
William Chambers O., M.D., by Isabella, dan. of Rev. Thomas Parkinson, 
V. of Stabannon, ed. at Portora Royal School, and at Lyceum, Mannheim, 
Germany, and T.C.D., B.A. 1869, M.A. 1874, Div. Test. (2) 1870, B.D. 1882, 
D.D. 1891, ord. D. 1870, P. 1871 (Down), C. St. Anne (for Magdalen Ch.), 
Belfast 1870-2. R. Dunluce 1872-9, Succentor of St. Patrick's, Dublin, 
and Warden of the Gram. Sch. 1879-84, R. Ballywillan (Portrush) 1884-6, 
R. Enniskillen 1886-1911, Free. Clogher 1886-1903, Preb. Monmohenock 
1889-1911, res. the Deanery and R. Enniskillen on being elected by the 
Chapter to the Deanery of St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1911, Married 
Feb. 7, 1871, in St. Stephen's Church, Dublin, Isabella Mary, elder dau. 
of John Robinson, of Wilton Place, Dublin, and had issue. 

(1) Isabella Gertrude Amy, M.D., T.C.D., m. George Randolph Webb, 

(2) Florence Irene Harriet, m. (i) Nov. 29, 1916, Lieut. H. T. Kennedy, 
of the Royal Scot. Fusil., who Was killed in the Great War ; m. (2) June 
3, 1926, Arthur Wynn-Finch, of Crawthorne, York. 

The Dean was a man of Wonderful versatility. He was a talented 
musician ; exhibited oil paintings annually in the Dublin Amateur Sketch- 
ing Club and formerly in the R.H.A. ; painted the portrait of Bishop D'Arcy 
in the Clogher Collection, which is not, however, a good example of the 
Dean's work as a painter ; was well known as a popular lecturer and 
writer ; contributed several articles to the Hibbert Journal and 
published : 

Cathedral Anthems (compiled) 1880. 

In the Day of Trouble. S.P.C.K., 1901. 

To whom shall we go ? S.P.C.K., 1902. 

The Face of Nature. Murray, 1902. 

The Enthusiasm of Christianity. Skeffington, 1903. 

The Church Navvy. S.P.C.K., 1903. 

Marvels in the World of Light. 1904, S.P.C.K. 

The Foundation of a Happy Life. 1905, S.P.C.K. 

Problems in Life and Religion. 1906, S.P.C.K. 

Deep Questions. 1907, S.P.C.K. 

Popular Science for Parochial Evenings. Elliott Stock, 1907. 

Also published the following music : 

Morning and Evening Service and Holy Com. in D. A.P.C.K., 1904. 
Anthems : " / will always give thanks." Novello, 1908. 

" For as the rain eometh down." Stainer and Bell, 

No. 1567, 1909. 

" // the Lord Himself had not been on our side." Com- 
posed for, and sung in MS. in, St. Patrick's Cathe- 
dral, Dublin, on Armistice Day ; now used in 
Enniskillen Church, 

40 DEANS. 

The Dean Was also the Author of Hymn 484, Irish Church Hymnal 
" Thou Art My God," PS. 63. 

He d. at his summer residence, Earlscliffe, Baily, HoWtb, July 9, 1924. 
The present Writer received a most interesting lettei from him on the matter 
of this Succession List, a week before his death. Obit. Notices appeared 
in Irish Times of July 10, and in Ch. of Ireland Gazette, &c. His wid. d. 
on Aug. 7, 1924. 

1911. Arthur Newburgh Haire-Forster, coll. Sep. n, insta. Sep. 21 
(D.R.) He is the son of Rev. Hamilton Haire, P. C., Collinstown, Go. 
Meath; b. in 1846, and took the additional name of Forster in 1875. Edu- 
cated at Portora Royal School, T.C.D., B.A. 1867, M.A. 1871, Div. Test. 
1868, ord. D. 1869, P. 1870 (Meath), C. CollinstoWn 1869-72, R. do. 1872-4, 
R. Currin 1874-6, R. Clogher 1900-25, Preb. Tullycorbet 1901-4, Prec. 
Clogber, 1904-11, J.P. Co. Monaghan, High Sheriff Co. Monaghan 1898. 
m. in 1871 Margaret Selina, dan. of Henry Thompson, M.D., of Omagh 
(She d. in 1923) and has had issue, three sons and three daus. 


Bishop Montgomery united to the Archdeaconry, the R. & V. Clones and 
R. & V. Clontibret, as its Corps. In 1622 R. V. there is no corps given. 

1268. Reginald M'Gilla Finan, Archdeacon, was this year elected Bishop 
of Clogher, but the "Primate set aside the election. (Ms. T.C.D., F. 1-18 


1306. -- Archdeacon, unnamed appears (C.C.C. 177) 

1319. Nicholas McCasey [MacCathasaigh], Aichdeacon, was this year 
elected Bp. of Clogher (Ms. T.C.D., F. 1-18), see Bishops. 

1356. Brian MacCawell [MacCathmal], Archdeacon, became Bp. of Clog- 
her this year (ib.). See Bishops. 

1356. Matthew McCasey [MacCathasaigh], Junior, succeeded. He Was 
elected Bp. in 1361 (ib.). A "Matthew, Arch, of Clogher," appears in 1365 
(Reg. Sweteman 28), perhaps =Malachi (next). 

1361. Malachi McGu ire, Archdeacon of "Uriel," appears (ib.) He d. 
in 1367. Probably he is the same as 

1365. Matthew, who is apparently Archd. of Clogher and acted as Com- 
missary for the Bp., July 31, 1365 (Lawlor's Cat Reg. Swet. No. 14) 

[In 1362 Paidin O'Connell [Ua Congaile], "Archdeacon of Rossory," 
d. Probably=" Archinneach " (An Ult.)] 

1367. Arthur MacCawell [MacCamail] is Archd. He became Bp. in 
1389 (Ms, T.C.D., F. 1-18). 

[13 . -Conchabur said to have been Archdeacon [? of Clogher]. See 
Ann. Ult. iii. 73]. 

13 .Paul O'Carbri was coll. R. Aghalurcher and Archd. of Clogher. 
(C.P.L. vii., 355). 

1413/4. Maurice McGuire appears, coll. R. Aghalurcher and called by 
the Pope "sometime Archdeacon;" yet he continued Archdeacon till 
his death. He d. April 26 1423. (See C.P.L. vi. 477, 497 ; vii 355). He 
was also R. Aghalurcher and Lord of Cleenish and Rossory. (An. Ult.}. 

1423. Peter Mag u ire, probably succeeded in 1423. He was Archdeacon 
when he became Bp. of Clogher in 1432. (C.P.L. vii 482). See Bishops. 

1441 Murtough MacAenghusa[=MacManus or MacGuinness] (Ms. T.C.D. 
F. 1-18). He d. Feb. 18, 1440/1 and was Parson of Airfech MaeUain [= 
Derry vullen] . "A select ecclesiastic" ; was son of Cathal MacManus 

Cathal Maguire was Archd. about this time. (A.F.M., note p. 79). 


1471 .Edmund Maguire, Archd. son of Bp. Peter Maguire, d. 
(A.F.M.) An: Ult. give the date of his death Ap. 14, 1471. 

1474. Philip Maguire [Maguyr] appears .(Lodge Mss:) He had been 
dep. in 1482. (Arm. D.R.) . 

1502. Ropy O'Cassidy appears Sep. 2 (Arm. D.R.) ; was a divine, civilian 
" and philosopher. He assisted his Bishop, Patrick Culin (see Bps.).in com- 
piling a Register of Antiquities of the Diocese. He completed and 
edited the Annals of Ulster and d. at a great age in 1541 (An. Ult.) 

1580. James Duffe appears (Ms. T.C.D., F. 1-18). He usurped half 
the R. Donagh in 1586/7 (C.R.O. 29 Eliz, m. 29, as quoted in Fefguson's 
Ms. Vol. i., p. 30). He d. in 1609 (C.F.) 

1609. James Heygate (called also Huggatt and Hagate and Highgate) pres. 
by the Crown, July 3 (L.M. v., 102) to this Archdry and V. Calbeys [Killy- 
begs] in Raphoe dio. R.V. 1633/4 states that he was appd. Domestic 
Chaplain to Duke of Lennox 22 Feb., 1605/6. He was insta.' July 19 
(R.V.) He was a native of Glasgow and an M.A. Glasgow University, 
was R. Tedavnet 1612-36, and R. Derryvullen 1612-38. He got a grant 
for a glebe in Derryvullen Feb. 29, 1631/2 (F.F. and Morrin iii., 59 2 )- 
He was cons. Bishop of Kilfenora in St. Patrick's, Dublin, May 9, 1630, 
by the Abp. of Dublin, assisted by the Bps of Ferns and Clonfert, and was 
allowed to hold in commendam this Archdry, the R. Derryvullen and R. 
Clones to which he had been inducted in 1613 (C. S.P.I. 1625, p. 625.) In 
the R.V. 1622, he is said to be " a reverend and grave preacher " and was 
then resident in Clones. The Bp. d. April 30, 1638 and was bur. in Clones. 
He had a son John, his heir, who was R. Drummully (and m. Jane Perkins, 
who survived him at his death 31 May, 1640) and a son, James, who d. 20 
July, 1639, leaving a dau. Thomasin, 5 years old and a widow Thomasin, 
who subsequently m. Charles Manyng (Inq. Ult. Ferm. } 52 and 54, Chas I.) 
The Bishop's P. Will, made 26 May, 1625, left his 2nd dau. Elizabeth 100 
to be paid out of his goods in England and Ireland ; his 3rd dau. May 80, 
his 4th dau. Agnes 80, his 5th dau, Ursula 60, his 6th dau Ann 60 ; his 
wife, Ann alias Blake was appointed sole Exor. The Bp had received 
Letters of Denization, 20 May, 1617, and 1,000 acres, known as Mt. Calvert, 
were confirmed to him Aug. 26, 1629 > tm " s became the Manor of Heygate, 
\vhich subsequently passed to Dr. Alan Cooke, Bishop Bedell's Chancellor 
and Vic-General [who gave the name to Cookstown] who had m. a dau. of 
the Bp. [she d. May 31, 1643] and d. seized of the Manor Dec. 31, 1641. 
They had a son Edward. 

1638. .Thomas Fairfax pres. by Crown, June 8 [!.] inst. June 13, insta. 
July I [F.F.] . He was also R. Clones ; was Treas. Dromore 1635-8. He 
d. at Clones March 16, 1641, and was bur. in St. Michan's, Dublin ; his 3 
sons predeceased him (see Archdall's Lodge ii., 86 and Fun. Entries U.O.) 
There was a record of the intestacy of " Thos. Fairfax, Clownish, Clk," 
among the Dublin Administrations of 1657. 


JQ40. Humphrey Galbraith, inst. April 10 (F.F.) insta. April 16. He is 
I think by some writers, including Reid (History of Irish Presby. i, 
226) confused With a James Galbraith, who was pres. to the V. Taghboyne 
(Raphoe), circa. 1638, by the Duke of Lennox, and who laid claim to the 
Archdeaconry of Raphoe to Which Taghboyne had been annexed and who 
is said to have given considerable trouble to Bishop Leslie at the time. 
Our Archdeacon seems to have been a staunch Royalist. "A Scot by 
origin, Well affected to Episcopacy and Monarchy ; a man of very good 
sense and learning ; great prudence and full as great resolution." (Reid i., 
226, following Carte). It is no doubt of the other " Archdeacon " Gal- 
braith that Wentworth in his Letters to Laud, Aug. 7, 1638 (Vol. ii., pp. 195, 
230) says it was reported that he had taken the Covenant. 

Humphrey Galbraith, of Dublin, Clk., m. Joyce (or Joan ?) daughter of 
Henry Everley, Wilts., and wid. of Capt. Samuel Newce, of Newmarket 
wid. (MX. 3 Nov., 1634). He was then of Dublin. He is very probably 
the H. Galbraith, who Was involved in the trouble concerning Sir John 
Weymss's death (see Bishops above). The Earl of Belmore (U.J.A., 
Special Vol. 1903, p. 132) gives a short pedigree of the Archd.., which shows 
he had 3 daus. (i) Lettice, m. Colonel Michael Sampson ; (2) Mariana, 
m. Rev. John Leslie, D.D. ; (3) Angell, m. William Wray. He was still 
Archdeacon, July 20, 1655, When we find him co-plaintiff as Exor. of Sir 
Robert M'Clellan in a Chancery Petition and Decree. He was R. Derry- 
brusk, 1622-8 R. Tedavnet, 1637, R- Muckno, 1634. ^ * s not known 
when he vacated the Archdeaconry. 

1661. Miles Sumner [or Symner] appears. Shirley, quoting from 
Reeves, says he was Arch, in March, 1661, and admitted to the appropriated 
parishes, including Tedavnet, 2 May, 1661. In the Trien. V.B. of 1661, 
14 Aug., his name is struck out and it is noted that he had res. the Archdry. 
There are two Miles Sumner's in the Reg. of T.C.D., one evidently our 
Archdeacon, Was Sch. 1626, Fellow 1652 (by order of the Parliamentary 
Commissioners), Prof, of Mathematics 1652-86, uniting it with Lord 
Donegall's Lecturership in Math, from 1675. He was M.A. on 20 Aug., 
1634, Wnen ne Was mst - Preb - Kilmacallan and V. Cowlea (Elphin). It is 
said that he had been a Major and Chief Engineer to the Parliamentary 
Army probably that was the other M. S., who was Sch. T.C.D. in 1640. 
He must have conformed after the Restoration, as he Was admitted D.D. of 
T.C.D. in 1664, besides holding this Archdry. In 1667/8 he Was made Arch- 
deacon of Kildare, and d. 22 March, 1686, and was bur. in St. Andrew's, 
Dublin. He Was a benefactor of T.C.D. 

1661. -Edward How, coll. Aug. 15, insta. Aug 16, (V.B.) The Deposition 
of Edward How, Clerk, of Galloon, states that he was plundered of 124 
in the rebellion of 1641 (Dep., T.C.D.) Cotton thought from this that he 
Was Chanc. of Clogher (which later on Was connected with Galloon), but he 
was wrong. See Chancs. How was probably curate there to James Mar- 
getson (afterwards Primate). He was Commonwealth Minister at Charle- 
rnont, Armagh, from 28 March, 1658 (see Leslie's Armagh, p. 172) and V. 


Kilmore and Drumsnatt May to Aug. 1661. In the Clones Parish Register 
\ve find record of the following : Baptism of Isabel, dau. of Arch. Edward 
and Mrs Mary Howe, 24 Jan , 1667/8 bur. 31 Jan., 1667/8. Bap of their 
son Charles 23 April, 1671 bur. 2 May, 1672. Bap. of their dau. Mary 
19 Aug., 1673. Bur. of their son William 18 Sep., 1670. The following 
entries also occur : Arthur How m. Jane Leeth 23 April, 1672 ; William 
Mosse m. Dorothy Howe 8 Dec., 1668. 

The Aichdeacon's Will was pioved in 1682. 

1682. John Smyth [or Smith], adm. Arch, and R. Clontibret, 2 Oct., 1682; 
(F.F. & D.R. Leight.), insta. Oct. 6 (V.B.). Clones Rectory, which had 
been held by the Archdeacons from 1613, was evidently separated froin 
that dignity in 1673. Smyth had been R. Clones 1673-82. Cotton gives 
the date of his ord. as Deacon, as 14 April, 1672, but I think he confuses 
him with John Smith Who was C Carrickmacross in 1674, J. S., the Arch- 
deacon is apparently the J. S., who was V. Donaghmoine 1663-1704, and 
R. V. Inniskeen, 1683-1704, and Who was succeeded on his death, 1704, 
in both Archdeaconry and Donaghmoine on November 10 (D.R.). He was 
most probably J. S., son of Henry," generosus," b. in Co. Armagh, ed. by 
Mr. Viridet at Chester and ent. T.C.D. July 12, 1641, aged 15, degrees not 
recorded. He is M.A. in D.R. In the Clones Parish Register the following 
baptisms of children of him and his wife Grace, are recorded, viz. : 
Grace, 5 Oct., 1672 ; John, 18 Jan., 1669/70 ; William, 5 Oct., 1672 ; Roger, 
4 Jan., 1673/4. I think his son Roger settled in Clones and had a son 
William, ed. at Carrickmacross, who was b. in Clones circa. 1712 and was 
B.A., T.C.D., 1723. 

Rev. John S. seems to have m. again for there was a Mar. Lie. of 
John S., of Clones, Clk. and Ellinor Packenham, of Dublin, dated Dec. 
I, 1675. He died in 1704 (D.R.) See also Appendix Corrections and 

17O4. Dillon Ashe coll. Nov. 10 (F.F.) res. in 1705 for Chancellorship. 
See Chancellors. 

1705-6 Thomas Parnell adm. and coll. Feb. 9 (F.F.) He was the elder 
son of Thomas P., of Congleton, Cheshire, by Anna Giace, his wife (M.L., 
April 18, 1674) and was b. in Dublin in 1679, where his parents had come 
to reside. They weie attainted by K. James in 1689. He was ed. in Dub- 
lin by Mr. Jones and ent. T.C.D. Nov. 25, 1692, aged 13. B.A. 1697, 
M.A. 1700, B.D. and D.D. 1712. He was ord. D. 1700, Dub. by faculty 
fiom the Piimate ; P. 1703 ; Minor Canon St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1704. 
With the Archdeaconry he held the R. Aghnamullen 1706-16 ; was V. 
Finglas (Dub.), 1716-18. He m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Minchin, of Tip- 
peraiy, and had 2 sons, one Theobold Tobias, b. in Dublin, 1711, B.A., 
T.C.D., 1734, d. yoiang, as did also his brother. He had also a dau. living 
in 1793. His wife d. in 1711 or early in 1712. He d. in 1718 and was bur. 


at Tiinity Church, Chester, Oct. 24, 1718. He often visited London, where 
he mingled with famous literal y men and politicians. He was a contri- 
butoi to the Spectator and Guardian ; aided Pope in his translation of the 
" Ileid " and Wrote for it an introductory " Essay on Homer" ; was also 
a fiiend of Swift and is often mentioned in his Letters and Journal to Stella ; 
Was a poet of no mean order. His published poems ro elude : The Hermit 
and The Fairy Tale, 1st Collected Edition 1721, republished at various 

There is a letter from his mother to Archbishop King in A Great 
Archbishop of Dublin, pp. 93-4, written about the time of his ordination 
as deacon. 

He is said to have been a most amiable man, but the D.N.B. refers to 
one of his faults which was that of his age he was given to convivial 
habits. His poems, unlike many of those of his age, have a high moral 
tone. The late Chas. Stewart Parnell was descended from his brother. 
(See also D.N.B. ; Wills' Lives of Illustrious Irishmen, iv., 468. His Life 
by Goldsmith piefixed to ParnelTs Poems, 1772 ; Swift's Works, etc.) 

1718. John Cranston, coll. Nov. 14 (D.R.) He was the son of William, 
" Colonus " [? farmer] ; was b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Martin at Lifford, 
ent. T.C.D. May 21, 1695, aged 18, Sch. 1696, B.A. 1699, M.A. 1702 ; was 
Preb. Tyholland 1716-18. He was R. Tedavnet 1720-62, and built a 
glebe house there, and got a grant of 40 acres of land for a glebe, Oct. 10, 
1743 (L.M. v., 128). He d. in Nov., 1762, and his P. Will made 15 July, 
1760, With a codicil dated 10 Sept., 1761, was proved in 1762. In it he 
refers to a Settlement dated 9 Oct., 1752, made on the marriage of his 
nephew, Andiew 1 Cranston, of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, to Margaret Alexander. 
He left to Wrn. Stewart, of Killymoon, and Rev. James Richardson, of 
Magherafelt, certain lands in the Barony of Dungannon, and the residue of 
his estate, in trust for the use of his nephew, Rev. John Cranston (see Agha- 
bog) for life and in tail for his male children ; failing this to his nephew 
Andrew (same conditions) to his nephew James C., bro. of John (do) 
to his nephew Andrew, bro. of John (do), etc. his nephew Rev. John to 
pay a jointure to his (testator's) brother Andrew's wife out of Lowei Coi. 
Mentions his nephew, Thomas Wright, of Claggan, leaves James C., son of 
his bio. Andrew, ^40 a year ; his sister-in-law, Alice, wid. of William C., 
20 ; his nephew, Andrew (son of Andrew C.), "supposed to be now in 
Ameiica," 100 ; his grand nephew, Walter C. (son of the late Alexander C., 
his nephew), 50 ; Walter's eldest sister, his god-dau., 20 ; his nephew, 
Thomas (son of Andrew C.), 150 ; his grand-niece, Mary Forster, dau. of 
John F., of Drumreask, 150 ; his niece, Mary, wife of Robert Forster, of 
Monaghan, io ; the poor of Tedavnet, 20 ', mentions his nephew, Andrew, 
son of William C. ; leaves his grand-niece, Alice, wife of Robert Montgomery 
10 ; appointed Rev. Peter Richardson, R. of Drumgoon, and Rev. John 
Cranston, of Tyshoghlan, Exors., the latter was res. leg. Few wills are so 
ricjh in family history as this, 


1762. John Maxwell, coll. Nov. 12 (D.R.) He Was the eldest son of 
Robert. M., of Falkland (son of Robert M., Bp. oi Kilmore) Was b. at Falk- 
land. Ed. by Mr. Knolles, in .his father's house, ent. T.C.D. May 13, 1721, 
aged 15, B.A. 1725, M.A. 1728, B.D. and D.D. 1753. He may have been 
the J. M., who was C. St. Catherine's, Dublin, 1732 ; C. Clontibret, 1735, 
He was V. Donagh, 1738-46, R. Aughnamnllen 1746-62, R. and V. Ros- 
sory 1764-8, R. Drummully, c. 1763 to 1783, holding it with this Arch- 
deaconry. He m. (i) Jane, dau. of Thos. Wright, and had issue 3 daus. ; 
m. (2) Isabella, dau. of Rev. John Leavens, Co. Louth, and by her had 
issue Rev. William, D.D., R. of Kilcleagh and Ballyloughloe (Meath) ; 
Rev. James, R. of Tullamore, and another son. (See B.L.G. and Peer- 
ages, " Farnham.") He res. in 1783 (D.R.) and d. in 1784, m which year 
his P. Will Was proved. 

1783,- John Jackson, coll. Oct. 28 (D.R.) He Was son of Rev. John Jack- 
son [who Was son of Rev. Daniel J., V. of Santry], V. of Santry and Preb., 
Wicklow, by a dau. of Alderman Castletown, of Finglas (see Adams's 
Santry) was b. in Dublin, ed. by Dr. ShaW, Dublin ; ent. T.C.D. Feb. 14, 
1732/3, aged 18, B.A. 1737, M.A. 1740. He was, I think, C. Cloghran 
Swords 1742, V. do. 1745, V. Coolock 1745-60 and Preb. Nurney and P.C 
Great Council, Lady town and Sheilockstown, Kildaie, 1764-87, holding 
it with the Archdeaconry for four years. He Was also Preb. Tullycorbet 
1771-83, He benefited under the Will of his uncle, Rev. Daniel J., of 
Santry, and in accordance with the wish of his grandfather, Rev. Daniel J. 
(Sen.) as stated in his Will, he built the schoolflouse at Santry in 1756. 
He d. m 1787 and Was bur. at Santry 21 Oct., 1787 (Par. Reg.) In his Will 
made 6 May, 1785, proved 1787, he left his wife, Coidelia, 100 per annum 
for life, with 100 and furniture ; books to Armagh Library ; 10 to the 
poor of Santry ; mentions his sister, Jane, m. to Rev. George Phillips, of 
Rathcoole (M.L. July 24, 1759) and his sister Frances Dickson and his 
" friend and relative," Dr. Jonathan Shipley, Bishop of St. Asaph. Rev. 
G. Phillips, Rev. Robert Sheuston and Mr. Henry Betagh were named 

1788.- Caulfeild Burne Caulfeild, coll. Mar. 4 (D.R.) AsCaulfield Burne 
he ent. T.C.D. as Sizai Jan. 14, 1748/9, Sch. 1751, B.A. 1753, M.A. 1758, 
assumed the surname of Caulfield. Was R. Deiryloran (Armagh) 1762-4, 
R. Monaghan 1764-8, R. Rossory 1768-1803, R. Donaghmoine 1768-88. 
d. 23 Nov., 1803. He m. Catherine, dau. of Sir Richard Wolseley, Bart., 
of Mt. Wolseley, Co. CarloW, and Wid. of Thos. Burgh, of OldtoWn, Who d, 
1759. His Will Was proved in 1804. It Was made 29 Dec., 1800. Men- 
tions his Wife, Catherine ; his sons, Rev. St. George James and John, 
and 2 daus ; Letitia, wife of John George Ogilvie, and Anne, wife of George 
Dixon. See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 

1804. Andrew Allen, coll. and insta. Mar. 17 (D.R.) ; was younger son of 
George A. " Armiger," of Co. Tyrone, and ent. Glasgow Univ. in 1771 ; 
M.A. 1773, LL.D. 1795, was ord. D. (or P.) 13 July, 1777 (S,R.) Was R. 


Drumkrin 1784-91, appointed Registrar and V.G. of Clogber Dio., 15 May, 
1784, R. Belleek 1791-5, R. Templecarne 1791-3, R. & V. Kilmore (Clogher) 
1793-5, Chanc. Clogher 1795-1804, holding it with R. Killeevan as its 
corps; held R. Killeevan as corps of Archdeaconry 1804-8, was V. Dium- 
snatt 1793-1808, R. & V. Currin 1804-8. He d. on 29 Sept., 1808 (D.R.) 
By his P. Will made 31 Oct., 1800, proved 30 Mar. 1809, he left all his 
property to his sister, Jane Allen, Exor. arid sole heiress. 

1808. John Brinkley, coll. and insta. Oct. 7 (D.R.). Was son of John 
Toler B. of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Ed. at Caius Coll., Cambridge, became 
Senior Wrangler, M.A. 1791, T.C.D. (ad eundem Camb.), M.A. 1792, 
D.D. 1806, appointed Prot. of Astronomy 1790, Astron. Royal for Ireland, 
created much stir in the scientific World by his discoveries, F.R.S. 1803, 
Copley Medal Royal Soc. 1824, Pres. R.I. A. 1822-6, Pres. R. Astron. Soc. 
1830-3. Was V; Laracor (Meath) 1808-9, R. Derrybrusk 1806-9, Preb. 
of Kilgoghlin (Elphin) 1806-26. Was coll. to R. Clones 20 Oct., 1810, but 
on a Quare Impedit his collation was annulledthe Crown, not the Bishop 
having the right to present. Cons. Bishop of Cloyne in T.C.D. Chapel, 
Oct . 3, 1826, by the Abp. of Cashel, assisted by the Bps. of Meath and Kildare; 
m. Esther, dau. of Matthew Welsh, and had 2 sons (l) Rev. John, Who Was 
his Curate in Clontibret q.v. ; (2) Matthew,b. in Dublin, 1794, T.C.D. B.A. 
1816, M.A. 1832, Lay Vic-Choral of Cloyne. He had also a dau. Sarah, 
m. Robert J. Graves, M.D. He d. in Dublin Sep. 14, 1835, a ed 7 2 an< * Was 
bur. in the vaults of T.C.D. Chapel. Cotton (Vol. I.) gives an inscription 
on a monument to him in Cloyne Cathedral, Which understates his age by 
8 years. There is also a Mont, to him in T.C.D. He pub. : 

Elements of Astronomy, 1808, and Papers in Trans. andProc. R.I. A. 
(See D.N.B., Brady's Records of Cork, &c.) 

1826. John Abraham Russell, pres. by the Crown (to which the pres. fell 
by law, because the occupant had been made a bishop) Nov. 30 (L.M. v. 
227), inst. and insta. Dec. 12 (D>R.). He was b. in Limerick, eldest son of 
Abraham R., merchant, ed. by Mr. O'Bryen, entd. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1809, 
aged 17, Sch. 1813, B.A. 1815, ord. D. 1815, P. C. Chapelizod 1817, C, 
St. Werburgh's, Dub., 1822-5 ', Exam. Chapl. to Bp., Meath, in 1841 ; 
held R. & V. Clontibret as Corps of Archdeaconry; m. Aug. 23, 1831, Frances 
Thomasina, 6th dau. of Rev. J. B. Story, Chanc. of Clogher (she d. 27 Feb., 
1899) and d. of apoplexy 29 April, 1865, aged 73, having had issue by her 
(i) Rev. Chas. Dickenson, T.C.D. B.A. 1855, M.A. 1864, Canon of Ch. Ch., 
Dub., and C. Geashill, d. 25 Nov., 1915, aged 83 ; (2) John Abraham, T.C.D. 
B.A. 1856, C.E., killed accidentally in constructing the Letterkenny Rail- 
Way, 12 July, 1864 > (3) R GV - William Guthrie see Chancellors ; and 5 
daus. (i) Jane Kate ; (2) Frances Mary, m. 4 Feb., 1864, Rev, Thos. Lucas 
Scott, Canon of St. Patrick's and R. St. George's, Dub., and d. 26 Sep. 
1914, he d. I May, 1908, leaving issue ; (3) Bessie Margeretta, d. unm. ; 
(4) Emma Letitia ; (5) Geraldine Croker, m. 3 July, 1879, R ev - Heneage 
Horsley Jebb, M.A., R. Streatham (Rochester), who d. 19 Jan., 1913, 
leaving issue (Swanzy, Family of Hassard, p. 345). He published : 


(1) The Remains of Rev. Charles Wolfe, with a Brief Memoir of his 

Life. 8vo,, 1825. 

(2) Thoughts on the State of the Established Church, &c., 1835. 

Shirley (Hist. Monaghan, pp 340-1) prints the inscription on his tombstone 
in Clontibret. 

1865. John Charles Wolfe, inst. June 29 (D.R.) He was the 2nd son of 
Major Jas. W. (bro. of Rev. Chas. W., the poet, and son of Theobald W., of 
Blackhall, Co. Kild , by Frances, dau. of Rev. Peter Lombard. See B.L.G.), 
Was b. in Dublin 10 Feb., 1817, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 17, 1834, a S ed l8 > B -A. 
1839, M - A " B -E>. and D.D. 1871, ord. D. 1840, P. C. Tessauran, 1843, 
C. Donagh 1843, R. Ematris 1850-65, m. 28 Nov., 1855, Sarah Emilie, 
yst. dau. of Isaac Higgin, of Cave Valley Estate, Jamaica (she d. at Fulham 
. May 2, 1923, in her gist year), and had issue (i) James Charles, b. 5 Nov., 
1856, m. Mary Alicia (Adams), wid. of Capt. Thomas Coote, of Co. Mon., 
and d. leaving issue, a son Charles and a day. Eileen ; (2) Rev. Edward 
John, M.A. T.C.D., b. Aug. 4, 1858, m. Henrietta Mary Alcock and has issue 
3 daus (see Armagh Clergy, p.. 388) is now.R. Reedham, Norwich ; (3) 
Arthur Theobald, b. I July, 1870, m. Freda, dau of Capt. Robinson and 
grand-dau. of Rev. T. Romney Robinson, D.D., and has issue, 2 daus., 
Joan and Maeve ; (4) Augusta, m. late Ven. Lewis A. Pooler, Arch, of Down, 
and had issue, Rev. Jas.. Galbraith, R. of Loughinisland, and Isabel, m. 
Lieut.-Col. Smith ; (5) Mary Emilie m. Capt. Albert Aug. Eyre Coote, 
Armagh Light Inf., yst. son of Major Thos. C., of Brandrum Ho., Co. Mon., 
and had issue (i) Charles Albert Eyre, m. Miss Martin, of Griquland W. J 
(2) Violet Mary, m. Hope Johnston, Belfast, and has issue ; (3) Thos. Wolfe, 
m. Miss Von. Thuzen and has issue ; (4) Emilie Horatia, m. Percy Angelo 
Staynes, Artist, London, and. has issue, i boy ; (5) Sylva V. M., m. Rev. 
N. St. G.Sides, and d. leaving issue ; (6) Beatrice Augusta, now of Montreal; 
(7) Olive Stephanie, m. Rev. T. B. Singleton, Moulton Chapel, Lincoln- 
shne, and has issue ; (8) Ruby Stephanie, now in Johannesburg ; (9) Con- 
stance Clare, m. Dr. W. F. Pirn, of Foxrock ; (10) Arthui Eyre, killed at 
the Somme, July, 1916 ; (11) Grace Alberta. Ven. J. C. Wolfe d. 30 Aug., 
1871 Archdeacon Wolfe Was the Author of 

The Ecclesiastical Primer or " Wo He's Catechism " and also 

The Revelation of St. John, the Divine. 

The R. & V. Clontibret, after Disestablishment, no longer formed part of 
the corps of the Archdeaconry. 

1871. Joseph Callwell, coll. Nov. 10, insta. Mar. 15 (D.R.) He was the 
son of Nathaniel C., merchant ; b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Wright, ent. T.C.D. 
Oct. 18, 1824, a S e d 16, B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832, ord. D. 1831, P. appears to 
have been C. Newcastle, Dublin, in 1836 and 1843, Perpetual Curate 
Newtownmountkennedy 184- to 1849, R. Drummully 1849 to ^SS- 
R. & V. Aghavea, 1853-73; he res. the Archdeaconry in 1873 for the R. & 
Preb. of Kilskeery, which he res. in 1874. He m. in 1832, Louisa, 3rd dau. 
of Jeffery Foote, of Holly Park, Co. Dublin, and had a very large family. 
He d, at Monkstown, Co. Dubljn, Nov. 10, 1876 (I. E.G.) 


1973. Charles Maurice Stack, coll Sep 2, insta. Sep. 10 (D. R.), became 
Bishop of Clogher in 1886. See Bishops. 

1886.- George Finlay, coll. May 14 (D.R.) ; no record of installation. He 
Was son of Dr. James F., b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1844, a S e< ^ I ^ 
B.A. and Div. Test (i) 1852, M,A. 1856, B.D. and D.D. 1875, ord. D. 1852, 
Down ; P. 1853, Meath ; C. Fahan 1852-3, C. Templeport 1853-4, c - Lower 
Langfield 1855-7, C. Collon 1857-61, R. Drumcar 1861-73, R. Clones 1873- 
1903. M. (i) in 1856, Isabella, dau. of Rev. Gilbert King, R. of Langfield, 
Co. Tyrone (by Anne, dau. of Lt.-Col. Samuel Madden, of Hilton, Co. 
Monaghan), son of James King, by Lady Elizabeth Creighton, dau. of John, 
ist Earl of Erne ; she, d. Mar. 9, 1888, leaving a son, Rev. George Alexander 
King, R. of Currin (q.v.) ; m. (2) Sep. 5, 1889, Helen, youngest dau. of 
Rev. Joseph Chapman, of Wykeham, Co. Carlo w, and by her had no issue. 
He res. the Archdeaconry and R. Clones, Dec. 1903. His name had been 
sent up with that of the present Primate, on the death of Bp. Stack, to the 
Bench of Bishops, Who elected Dr. D'Arcy to the vacant Bishopric, Jan. 
21, 1903, He d. at Hughenden, Glenageary, Co. Dublin, Sep. 9, 1905, bur. 
at Kildallon. Co. Cavan. His only son, Rev. G. A. K. Finlay, M.A., 
British Chaplain at Dusseldorf,- m. Sep. 21, 1898, Isabell Cundell, 5th 
dau. of A. N. Dare, of West Lodge, Mortlake. 

1903. Francis James Hurst, coll. Dec. i, insta. Jan. 14, 1904 (D.R.) He 
was the 2nd son of Rev. Francis H., R. of Currin (q.v.), b. 9 June, 1834, 
at Errigle Trough Glebe, ed. at Portora, &c. T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 
1858, M.A. 1871, ord. D. 1858, P. 1859, Kilmore > c - Tror y 1858-63, C. 
Tydavnet 1863-73, R. Clabby 1873-1900, V. Donaghmoine 1900-6, Preb. 
Tyholland 1885-1902, Chanc. Clogher 1902-3. M. July 18, 1876, Mary 
Edwards, eldest dau. of Robert Vincent, formerly of Herbert Place, Dublin; 
d. 7 Mar., 1906, bur. at Errigle Trough; was noted for his munificent gifts 
to poor parishes (see Obit, in C.I.G., Mar. 16, 1906). A Memorial Window 
was erected in Clogher Cathedral in 1909 to his memory. He had issue 
a son Rev. Fiancis E. L. now V. S. Petei's, Bury with whom the Arch- 
deacon's widow resides and a dau., m. Rev. Edward M. Gumley, B.D., 
R. of Ballintoy, Co. Antrim. 

1906. David Charles Abbott, coll. April n, insta. June 5 (>.R.) Son of 
John and Mary A., of Anaghadoe, Co. Mon., b. Aug. 14, 1844, ed. privately 
and at T.C.D., B.A. (Resp.) 1867, Div. Test. 1869, M.A. and B.D. 1887, 
D.D. 1891, ord. D. 1867 (Arm.) P. 1869 (Down), C. Carlingford 1867-9, C. 
Mullaghdun 1869-72, C. St. John's, Sandymount 1872-4, R. FivemiletoWn 
1874-86, R. Tydavnet 1886-1917, Preb. Devenish 1900-6, Can. of Clogher 
1901-6 ; m. (i) Jan. 8, 1870, Louisa, dau. of John Wills, J.P. of Tiveiton, 
Devon, by whom he had issue (i) Nina Frances, (2) Ethel Mary, d. 1902 ; 

(3) Louie Kathleen, who m. Frederick Hodson and has issue, 2 children ; 

(4) Charles Napiei, d. y. 1875 She d. in 1875, aged 27, and a Brass Lectern 
was presented to Fivemiletown Church in her memory ; at the same time 
3 Brass Alms Dishes were presented in memory of their only son, Charles 


Napier. He m. (2) Dec. 31, 1879, Charlotte Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James 
Church, B.L., of Oatlands, Co. Deny, by whom he had issue (i) Vivian 
Hartley Church, m. 1909, Eleanor, only dau. of Henry Riddell, of Belfast, 
joined Canadian Infantry, killed at Lens, Aug. 22, 1917. Tablet in Bal- 
linode Church (Tydavnet). ; (2) Rev. Wilfrid Courtenay, M.A., now Rector 
of Killowen (Derry); (3) Alicia Caroline, m. George Montseratt, of Dublin, 
and has issue 2 daus ; (4) Herbert Henry Bloxham, m. Winifred, elder 
dau. of Thomas London, of Vancouver, B.C. ; (5) Muriel Beatrice Talbot, 
in. Rev. L. G. Eccles, M.A., R. of Tissaran, and has issue, 3 daus ; (6) 
Charlotte Olivia, m. Wm. Cochrane Mercier, of Clara, and has issue, Vivian 
Herbert Samuel. The Archdeacon d. April 22, 1917, in his 73rd year, 
and Was bur. at Ashfield (Tablet in Ballmode). 

1917. James MacfWanaway, coll. May n, insta. May 16 (D.R.) Elected 
Bishop by the Synod, 1923. See Bishops. 

1923. Joseph Ruddell, coll. Sep. 5, insta. Sep. 5 (D.R.) B. 9 Nov., 1866, 
at Clonroot. Co. Armagh, son of John R., and his wife Louisa Wright. 
Ed. at Santiy School, Dublin, and R.U.I., B.A. 1891, Q.U.B., 1910, and 
T.C.D.; was Math. Master at Rathmines Sch,, and at Drogheda Gram. Sch., 
ord. D. 1893, P. 1894, Clogher; C. Muckno 1893-5, C. Clones 1895-1900, 
R. Castle Archdall 1900-4, R. Clones 1904, Preb. Donacavey. 1912-23, 
Dio. Nominator 1923, Member of Dio. Council 1905 and Gen. Synod 1912, 
Rural Dean 1916. M. 18 Oct. 1905, Dorothy Marian Susan, 3rd dau. of 
Major Frith Thomson, of Glenvar, Co. Fermanagh, and has issue (i) Joseph 
Frith William, b. 6 August, 1906 ; (2) John Shegog, b. 8 July, 1908 ; and (3) 
a dau., Dorothy Rita. To his encouragement and efforts is largely due 
the fact that this Succession List is published. 


(NOTE .As the Rectory of Enniskillen called also Enniskeene Was the 
corps of this Dignity from 1633 to 1886 much additional information about 
the Precentors will be found in Enniskillen Parish and Town, by Rev. W. H. 
Dundas, B.D. (Dundalk, Tempest 1913) under the head of " Post-Reforma- 
tion Rectors " pp. 67-77. T.C.D. was granted the Presentation in 1610, 
but does not seem to have exercised the right till 1666.) 

1237. A Prec. unnamed appears (C.P.L. i., 164.) 

1633. John Smith, pres. by the Crown (L.M. v.. no) and adm. Nov. 19 to 
the Prec. and R. Enniskillen (as its corps) and insta. Prec. Nov. 26 (R.V. 
1634). He was an Englishman, son of John S., of Cowling in Craven, and 
Boudgate, Yorkshire, b. at Athboy, Co. Meath : Matric at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 
18 June, 1624, a & e d !7> B.A. 1627 (Foster's Alum. Oxon.), ord. D. 21 
Sep, 1628, as B.A., Chester, P. as M.A. 20 Sep. 1629, York. He was also 
pres. by the Crown to R. & V. Rosso ry, united pro hac vice to Enniskillen 
April 30, 1635 (L.M. v. ( Ill), and adm. thereto Aug. 31 (F.F.}. He seems 
to have left Enniskillen during the 1641 and later troubles and fled to 
England, and took the Com. Plate with him. He d. in Dublin in 1653. 
He m. Deborah Warwick. His Will Was proved in the Prer. Court of 
Canterbury 28 Sep., 1653, and probate Was granted to his wid. in Ireland 
30 July, 1655. He mentions in his Will a Chalice and Cover, belonging to 
Enniskillen parishpresented at his request by Mr. Edward Davis, which 
is still in use (see King's Upper Lough Erne; Dundas p. 69). He was 
brother-in-law to Primate Margetson and there Was at one time a monu- 
ment to him in Ripon Cathedral, now removed or effaced. He left issue, 
at least 4 sons, viz. : Rev. William, Aichd. of Armagh ; Stephen, Edward 
and Rev. Walter, R. of Dromiskin, b. at Ripon, 1652 (see Leslie's Armagh 
Clergy, pp. 51-2). The name John Smith was so common among the 
clergy as among laity that it is no wonder that Cotton, Bradshaw and 
others have identified him with the wrong persons. 

. - * 

1655-61. Interregnum in Precentorship. (Commonwealth period.) 

1661 .Robert Sheidow, coll. June 29 (Armagh D.R.) held also R. Rossory 
with Enniskillen. He was M.A. (D.R.). Was Commonwealth Minister 
at Enniskillen in 1656, at a salary of 60 (Commw. Papers). He seems to 
have d. in 1666, as his Will was proved on Aug. 15,- 1666. In it he desired 
to be bur. in the Chancel of Enniskillen Church " according to the rites and 
prescriptions of the Holy Church of this Nation." He mentions his son, 
Robert (b. in Co. Perm., who ent. T.C.D. , July 10, 1683, aged 18, as " Ro- 
bert Shadowe," ed. by Mr. Isaac Collyer, B.A. 1688) ,and his nephew Wil- 
liam, son of his brother, William, who seems to have been Acting-Minister 
and Chaplain to the Regiment of Enniskillen in 1649. Made his wife Kath- 
rine, sole Exrix. appointed Michael Cole, Esq., Rev. Alex. Keith, R. of 


Drummully, -Rev. James Auchenleck, R. of Cleenish, Thomas Dunbar, of 
Enniskillen Free School, and James Warnock, Ennisldllen, overseers of the 
Will, &c. Witnesses Wm. Delgarno, Alex. Hogg. 

1666. William Vincent, pres. by T.C.D., inst. June 25, insta. June 26 
(V.B.) held with it also V. Rossory, 1661-83. He was ord. D. 28 April, 
1658. Was Fellow T.C.D., 1660-5, held R. Ardtrea 1660-6. A. W. V., 
probably the same, Was C. Ballyfermot and Palmerstown (Dub. Diocese) 
1661/2 (Dub. Grant Book] and V. (St. Mary's), Athlone 1661-4 (Healy's 
Meath). He got a lease of some ground in Dublin from the Corporation in 
1660 (Gilbert iv., 269). Perhaps he was son of Rev. Wm. V., M. A., Preb. ' 
Aghadoey and R. Coleraine 1628-40. He seems to have held the Prec. 
till 1683. There is a tablet in Enniskillen Church to his Wife, Elizabeth 
(d. Nov. 17, 1675), with a Latin inscription, surmounted with the Vincent 
Arms (see Dundas, pp. 92-3), and the record of the baptism of his son, 
Spencer, in 1668. He presented the Font to Enniskillen Church. 

1683. Richard Crump, pres. by T.C.D., adm. July 26 (F.F.). He Was 
son of George Cramp, b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 16, 1670, aged 16, 
ed. by Mr. Spring, Sch. 1672, B.A. 1675, M. A. arid Fellow 1678. His D.D. 
is not recorded in College Records. He seems to have exchanged the 
Precentorship and R. Enniskillen in 1684 with Rev. Ezekiel Webbe for 
R. & V. Birr, Letterluna, Kinnitty and Preb. Loghkeene (Killaloe) which 
he probably held till 1699. Was R. Lissan and Desertlyn 1691-5, R. 
Donoughmore (Armagh) 1691-9, R. Drumglass and Tullaniskin 1699-1709, 
R. Termonmaguirke 1695-1730, V. Carlingford 1709-30. He m. Miss 
Sarah Wybrants, in St. Michan's, Dublin, Jan. 6, 1684-5, and had issue, 
including Rev. Westerna, b. at Birr, ed. by Mr. Harvey at Dungannon Sch., 
ent. T.C.D. May 12, 1705, aged 17, B.A. 1709, M. A. 1712, Was Preb. Tagh- 
boyne (Elphin) 1731-61 ; Rev. George, ed. at Dungannon, ent. T.C.D. 
Dec. i8,-i7i2, aged 14, Sch. 1716, B.A. 1717, was Preb. Tecolme (Leighlin) 
1747-76, ob. ; Rev. Richard, b. at Castlecaulfield, ed. at Dungannon, ent. 
T.C.D. May 10, 1712, aged 17, B.A. 1716, M.A. 1719, R. Killyman 1739-58 
6b. (see Leslie's Armagh, p. 338) ; and. a dau. Dorcas m. Rev. John Ball, 
R. of Charlestown. For ref. to his Will made 19 July, 1729, proved 30 
Nov. 1730 see Leslie's Armagh, p. 159. 

1684. Ezekiel Webbe, adm., Sept. 26 (F.F). probably pres. by T.C.D., 
Was son of a clergyman in priest's orders ; Matric. at Corp. Christ. Coll., 
' Oxford, 19 Feb., 1648/9, B. A., 23 May, 1650 ; Chorister Magd. Coll., 1643-54, 
Preb. Killenelick (Emly) and R. Clonbeg and V. Tipperary, 1666-70 ; 
V. Lea . (Portarlington) .1670, R. & V. Birr 1666-84, R. & V. Kinnitty 
Roscomroe and Letterluna and Preb. Lockeene (Killaloe) 1667-84. He 
exchanged the Preb. Killenelick for the 3rd Canonry of Kildare With 
Rev. John Thompson iji 1670, and became Archdeacon of Kildare in 1675- 
Ah Ezekiel Webbe Was Dean of Limerick and Archdeacon of Aghadoe 
1692-1704. The Irish Parliament granted him 1,000 for the repairs of 
. Limerick Cathedral. He may have been the Prec. of Clogner, but Cotton 
(Vol. I.) states that the latter Was ord. 29.Feb., 1683, and t]iere is a, record 


of the Matric. in T.C.D. of Ezekiel W., as a Fellow Commoner on July g, 
1675, aged 17, son of Ezekiel, born in Athlone, no degrees recorded. The 
Precentor may, therefore, have been the son of the Dean Who Was 
appointed Commonwealth Minister at Athlone from 25 Dec., 1657 (Com. 
Pps., P.R.O.). Yet his vacating this Preb. in 1692, when the Dean of 
Limerick Was appointed, points to the identity of the Dean and Prec., 
Who must have been an old man before 1704, as he is only able to sign a 
Parliamentary Paper with his mark. (Parl. Ret., P.R.O.) They were 
evidently relatives of Geo. Webbe, Bishop of Limerick, 1634-41, who was 
also ed. at Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford. 

1692. Thomas Smyth is Prec. '(V.B.) He was son of William S., of Dun- 
drum, Co. Down (whose father William had come over to Ireland from 
Rossdale Abbey, Yorkshire) by Mary, dau. of Thomas DoWdall, of Glas- 
pistol, Co. Louth. (See B.L.G., "Smith of Gaybrook," and Peerages, 
" Gort ") b. 1654, ent - T.C.D. as Siz. Dec. 3, 1669. [Smith], Sch. 1673, 
B.A. 1674, Fellow 1676. He seems to have been like some of his prede- 
cessors, a pluralist for he held also from 1692-1695 the Preb. Devenish ; 
R. Boho and Preb. Fennor (Cashel) 1693-5 in which three parishes he Was 
succ. in 1696 by John Folque. He had succ. his father-in-law as Dean of 
Emly and Preb. Fennor 1693-5. Was V. Grean (Cashel) 1692-5. Bishop 
Tenison recommended him for promotion to Bp. (afterwards Abp.) King, 
Oct. 12, 1694, as " Inniskilling does not agree With his wife and children, 
being a cold moyst place." (Notes and Queries 4, Ser. I, 310-1). He 
became Bishop of Limerick and Was cons, in T.C.D. Chapel Dec. 8, 16951 
by the Abp. of Cashel, assisted by the Bps. of Clogher, Killala, Dromore 
and Cloyne. He Was appointed Vice-Chanc. T.C.D. 1714. He had a 
high character for diligence, good example, tact and liberality. He m. 
Dorothea, dau of Ulysses Burgh, D.D., Bishop of .Ardagh, and had issue, a 
large family. The following children are named in his Wilf proved in 1725 : 
(i) Rev. William, b. in Limerick, 1697, Dean of Ardfert 1728-30, Arch, 
of Meath 1730-2 (ob.}\ (2) Charles, b. 1698, M.A., T.C.D. 1721, M.P. for 
Limerick 1731-76, whose son Was created Viscount Gort ; (3) Michael, in 
the Army ; (4) Rev. John, b. 1702, at. Limerick, T.C.D. B.A. 1722, Chan- 
cellor of Connor 1760-81, (ob.); (5) Rev. Henry, b. c. 1704, T.C.D. B.A. 
1726, B.D. & D.D. 1760, Archdeacon of Glejidalough 1760-4, d. 1765; 
(6) George, b. 1706, T.C.D. B.A. 1727, Irish Bar 1734, became Baron of the 
Exchequer; (7) Rev. Arthur, b. 1707, T.C.D. B.A. 1727, D.D, (ad&md. 
Oxford) 1755, Archbishop of Dublin 1766-1771, d. s.p. (the long inscription 
on his monument in St. Patrick's, Dublin, says he Was the eighth son of his 
father) ; (8) Edward, b. 1709 ; (9) James ; he d. worth 50,000. He had also 
a son [? Rev.] Thomas, Who Was b. in Limerick 1699-1700 and ent. T.C.D. 
Feb. 26, 1714/5, aged 16, who probably Was dead When the Will Was Written. 
2 daus. also are mentioned in. the Will, viz., Dame Mary, Osborne alias 
Ramsay and Dorothea Sandes, He left lands in Co. Tipp. to .his son John. 
Ulster's Office in Dublin, has, I understand, a full pedigree of this 
remarkable family. The Bishop d. May 4, 1725, and Was bur. in' St. Mun- 
chins, Limerick, where his wife Dorothea was also bur. (Par. Reg.) 


[1696 Wm. Greene was pres. by the Crown on Dec. 31, 1695 (L.M.v.izo), but 
there is no record of his institution. If he had not been inst., both the Parish 
of Enniskillen and the Dignity were vacant for nine months which is very 
probable because his successor was also pres by the Crown, and was inst. 
on that pres. The CroWn had this right in all cases where the previous 
occupant was promoted to a bishopric. William Greene was son of Marma- 
duke G., of Drumnisklin, Co. Perm., and nephew, maternally of Col. Abra- 
ham Creichton, of Crom. He m. a sister of Col. Brockhill Newburgh of 
Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan (H.B.S.). He was M.A. and R. Killesher (Kilmore) 
1683-1701 ob. : was attainted in 1689 (King's Lists.)] 

1696. Andrew Mitchell, pres. by the Crown Sep. 22 (L.M., v. 120). Like 
his predecessor there is no record of his institution and Cotton (Fasti, 
Vol. iii) says he Was not appointed Precentor at first. Query ? He was 
certainly Prec. in 1701 (F.B.); an entry in the Enniskillen Pay. Reg. states 
that he Was inst. by the Bp. of Clogher, R. & V. Iniskeen [Enniskillen] on 
Oct. 16,1696, and was inducted on 20 Oct. He was M.A. (D.R.), was V. 
Carlingford 1695-6, R. & V> Derrybruske 1701-14. He d. Jan. 8, 1742/3, 
in his 8ist year and Was bur. in Enniskillen. In his Will, made Nov. 9, 
1742, proved in 1743, he mentions his wife Elizabeth (probably a Sampson), 
and his dau. Ann, b. 1710 (who m. Rev. Richard Vincent, Preb.of Devenish, 
in 1738), and his "brother " [in-law] Ralph Sampson, of Dublin. Mrs. 
Mitchell pres. a Paten to Enniskillen Church in 1743. He had a son, 
Thomas, bap. 1714, who ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1729, aged 16, ed. by Mr. 
Grattan, Royal School, B.A. 1734, and a son Andrew, m. Finivill 
Doughill in 1724, and a dau. Jane, m. Simon Isaac, 1738 (See Dundas, p. 
139, etc.) 

1743. Caleb Cartwright, inst. Prec. and R. Enniskillen June II (F.F.) 
He was the son of Charles C., " generosus," b. in Cork, ed. by Dr. Andrews, 
at Kilkenny College, ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1716, aged 19, B.A. 1720, M.A. 
1723, Fellow 1724, B.D. 1730, D.D. 1735, Abp. King's Lect. in Divinity 
1735, Donegal Lect. in Maths. 1735, Prof, of Nat. Philos. 1738. He res. this 
Dignity on Aug. 10, 1743, for another College Living, the R. Kilmacrenan, 
Which he held till his death Aug. 25, 1763 (Gents. Mag. 465). He also held 
1744-63 the Preb. Clonmethan, Dublin. He m. Jane Cunningham in St. 
Mary's Church, Dublin, Dec. u, 1746 (Par . Reg.) 

1743. Samuel Virasel,adm. 2 Nov. (F.F.) ind. as R. Enniskillen Nov. 12 
(Par. Reg.). He Was son of Daniel V. " dux " [? Colonel], b. in Dublin, 
ent. T.C.D. May 5, 1714, aged 14, B.A. 1735. res. this Dignity June 6, 1750, 
for R. Dromore (Clogher) which he held till his death Oct. 19,1751 (D.R.) 

1750. Samuel Lindsey, coll. July 31 (D.R.) ind. into R. of Enniskillen Aug. 
I (Par. Reg.) He was eldest son and heir of Thomas L., of Turin Castle, 
Co. Mayo, ent. T.C.D. June 8, 1739, B.A. 1743. He was V. Templecarne 
1746-50 and res. this Prec. in 1768 for the V. St. Mary's, Drogheda, which 
he held till 1774. He m. Frances, dau. of Rt. Hon, Col. Charles Bucknall, 


of Dublin (M. L. Jan. 2, 1749/50, Dub.) and had issue, 2 sons (i) Thomas 
Bucknall, his heir of Turin Castle, Who m. and d. s.p. ; (2) John, who succ. 
his brother and took the additional surname of Bucknall (see B.L.G.). 
He had also 3 daus. Anne, m. Arthur Chichester Macartney; Frances and 
Letitia (or Lettice), both married. He d. in May 1774 and Was bur. in St. 
Thomas's, Dublin (Par. Reg.). His P. Will made 10 July, 1757, Was proved 
on 17 May, 1776 ; his property Was settled on his Wife for life with remainder 
to his eld. son Thomas Bucknall and his daus., Lettice and Frances. 

1768. William Dobbin, inst. Aug. 6 (F.F.). He Was son of William D. 
gent., b. in Cork, ent. T.C.D., 1747, aged 14, Sch. 1750, Fell. 1759, B.D. 
1762, D.D. 1772, Was ord. D. Cork 1759 (Brady), exchanged this Prec. 
With Thomas Smyth (below) for V. Finglas (Dublin) 1772, which he held 
till 1823. Was also Preb. St. Michael's, Dub., 1789-91, Preb. St. John's, 
Dub., 1791-7, Preb. St. Michan's 1797-1809. As Preb. St. Michan's he 
officiated at the funeral of Robert Emmet. He was R. St. Mary's, Dub., 
1809-23. M. Catherine, dau. of Rev. Chidley Coote (M.L., Dub., Jan. 4, 
1769), and d. Feb., 1823, bur. at St. Mary's, Dub., Feb. 23, 1823 (Par. 

1772. Thomas Smyth, coll May (D.R.), Cotton has May 15 ; ind. into 
R. May 27 (Par. Reg.) He Was, I think, son of James S., Collector of 
Limerick, Who d. 25 Jan., 1766, and Was b. c. 1744, and ent. T.C.D. Dec. 26, 
1759, ed. by Rev. Mr. HarWood; B.A. not recorded, M.A. 1765, B.D. and 
D.D., 1779. He was C. of Dunleer, 1763-7, V. Finglas 1767-72, and held 
with this Prec. the V. Santry 1781-1821 (See Adams's History of Santry). 
He m. Judith, dau. of James Forde, of St. Anne's Par., Dub. (M.L., Oct. 3^ 
1774) she d. May 16, 1860 and had issue by her, including (a) James, 
b. and bapt. 1776, at Enniskillen, ed. by Rev. Thomas Carpendale at Ar- 
magh Roy. Sch., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 24, 1793, B.A. 1798, M.A. 1801, Who Was, 
I think, his father's curate in Santry, 1798, and P.C. Glasnevin 1822-7 ; 
(b) CareW, b. and bapt. at Enniskillen 1778, also ed. by Mr. Carpendale, 
who ent. T.C.D. June 6, 1796, aged 17, degrees not recorded. He became a 
lawyer, ent. Middle Temple 1799, and had a son Carew Howard, Who ent. 
T.C.D. July I, 1833, aged 15 ; (c) Arthur, bapt. and bur. 1788; and daus., 
Juliana bap. 1784 ; Mary Anne bap. 1786, Dorothea 1791. He Was Provost 
of Enniskillen in 1792, and d. at Molesworth St., Dublin, March 9, 1821, 
aged 77. (See also Dundas's Enniskillen). There were several Rev. 
Thomas Smiths living at the time, and it is hard to escape from confus- 
ing them. 

1821 . Thomas Romney Robinson, inst. Sep. 21 (D.R.) He was the eldest 
son of Thomas R, Portrait Painter (by his wife, Ruth Back), who gave 
him the name of Romney after his Art Master. He had a first Christian 
name of John, which he discarded. He was b. 23 April, 1792, in Co. Ant- 
rim, lived at Dromore, Lisburn and Belfast, when young; ed. at Belfast by 
Dr. Bruce, ent. T.C.D. Jan 6, 1806 (In this year he published Juvenile 
Poems. Svo.l). Seji. 1808, B.A. 1810, Fell. 1814, M.A. 1817, B.D. 1822, 


D.D. 1825, LL.D. (hon. causa.) 1863, F.R.A.S. 1830, F.R.S. 1856, Royal 
Medallist do. 1862, Pres. R.I.A. 1851-6, D.D., LL.D. (Camb.), D.C.L. 
(Oxon). While Free, he was appointed Astronomer of Armagh in 1823, 
and held that post till his death, residing at Armagh. He res. the Free. 
in 1825 for the V. of Carrickmacross (Magheross) 1825-82; .Was elected 
Representative Canon for the United Diocese of Armagh and Clogher, 
and Preb. Donaghmore in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 1872-82. M. 
(i) 1821, Elizabeth, dau. of John Rambaut, and had issue ; his eldest son, 
Rev. Thomas Allgood, who ent. T.C.D., April 7, 1842, aged 19, ed. at 
Armagh Roy. Sch., B.A. 1847, 4- J ulv 6, 1858. One of his daus. by her, 
Mary S., m. Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Bt. M. (2) Lily Jane, half-sister of 
Maria EdgeWorth, and dau. of Richaid L. E. Abp. Magee (a successor 
here) speaks of him as " one of the ablest and best informed men he ever 
met. ... an Irish Whewell" (Life by MacDonnell i., 74). He d. 28 
Feb., 1882, and was bur. in St. Mark's Churchyard, Armagh, beside his 
first Wife, There is a portrait of him in the R.I.A. Besides " Juvenile 
Poems " he pub. many scientific works, including : 

System of Mechanics, 1820. 

Armagh Observations, 1828-30. 

Places of 5,345 Stars Observed at Armagh, 1828-54, & c - 

He invented the Cup Anemometer. 

(See D.N.B. and Dreyer's Historical Account of Armagh Observatory and 

1825. (Hon.) John Charles Maude, inst. Mar. n (D.R.) He was the 5th 

son of 1st Visct. HaWarden, b. at TestWood, Hants., Sep. 16, 1792, ed. at 
Christ Church, Oxford, matric. 27 Jan., 1812, aged 18 (sic), B.A. 1815, 
M.A. 1818, P. C. Lisnadill (Armagh) 1818-23, R. Kinnitty (KiUaloe) 1823-5. 
He m. 21 Dec., 1815, Mary Ceely, eldest dau. of Wm. Ceely Trevilian, of 
Somersetshire, and had issue (i) Rev. Chas: William, R. of Munden Magna, 
Herts., previously R. Templecarne, q.v. ; (2) Col. Sir George Ashley, 
K.C.B., K.M. ; (3) Maurice Ceely, J.P., father of Captain Anthony F., 
Sec., to R.C.B. ; (4) Gen. Sir Fredk. Francis, V.C., G.C.B.', etc. ; (5) Lt.- 
Gen. Cornwallis Oswald ; (6) Capt. Robert Eustace, 4ist Foot ; and 4 daus. 
. Emily Mary Rebecca, m. Wm. H. Archdale, M.P. ; Alicia Ceely ; Charlotte 
Georgiana, m. Rev. Lewis Richards, D.D., R. of Drumglass, and Mary 
Sophia Juliana, m. Hugh de Fallenberg Montgomery, of Blessingbourne. 
(See Peerages, "HaWarden.") He d. at MonkstoWn, Co. Dub., June 21, 
1860 (D. JR. in error has June 22). Will proved Aug. 14, 1860. There is a 
monument to his memory in Enniskillen Church, and another to his six 
sons. (See Dundas's Enniskillen, p. 94). His wid. d. 26 Oct., 1865. 

1860. William Connor Magee, inst. Nov. 28 (D.jR.).son of Rev. John M., 
V. of St. Peter's, Drogheda, and grandson of .Wm. M., Abp. pf Dublin, b. 
in Cork, Dec. 17, 1821, ed. at Kilkenny College, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 9, 1835, 
aged 14, Sch. 1838, B.A. 1842, B.D. 1854, D - D - 1860, Donnellan Lect. 
1865, ord. D. 1844, Chester ; P. 1845, Tuam ; C. St. Thomas's, Dub., 1844-9, 


C. St. Saviour's, Bath., 1849-51, Asst. Min. Octagon Chapel, Bath, 1851-60, 
Preb. of Wells 1859-61, Min. of Quebec Chapel, London, 1860-61, res. this 
Dignity and became Dean of Cork 1864-8, Dean of Chapel Royal 1866-8, 
Bishop of Peterborough 1868-91, Abp. of York March to May, 1891, d. of 
influenza in -London May 5, 1891. His forbears Were Enniskillen people 
and unlike many of his predecessors he owed his advancement, not to 
family influence, but to his remarkable ability and eloquence. He Was one 
of the greatest preachers of his day, and his speech in the House of Lords 
against the Disestablishment Act Was one of the finest delivered in that 
assembly. It Was in the College Historical Society that his oratorical 
powers first got scope. His sermons Were always preached extempore 
from notes. In his biography some letters written from Enniskillen show 
that he scarcely understood either the clergy or laity of the district. The 
Orangemen's celebrations gave him some trouble. He m. Aug. 14, 1851, 
his cousin, Anne Nesbitt, dau.of Rev. Thomas Smith, R. of St. Thomas's, 
Dublin-to Whom he Was curate-and had issue, including Rev. John Arthur 
V. Magee, M.A. His Life (2 Vols. Isbister, London, 1896) by Rev. J. C. 
MacDonnell, Canon of Peterborugh, his life-long friend, is more a collection 
of letters than a biography, as it omits many details one Would expect to 
find in it. (See also D.N.B.) 

1864. -Samuel Greer, pres. by T.C.D. June 4, inst., June 15, insta. June 27. 
(D.R.) He was son of James G., b. in Co. Down, ed. by Mr. Wild, ent. 
T.C.D. as Sizar, May 19, 1818, aged 18, B.A. 1824, M - A - l8 32, ord. D. 
1828, P. I June, 1828, as Samuel Grier (Kiimore), P.C. Straflan (Dub.) 
1834-64. d. at Enniskillen Jan. 31, 1886, bui. in the New Cemetery, 
Enniskillen. His Will Was proved 10 March, 1886, exors. Rev. W. Ben- 
jamin Greer and S. M. Macrory, his son-in-laW. He m. and 
had issue. His yst. dau. Frances, m. April 26, 1873, Samuel Martin, son 
of Robert Macrory, J.P., Ar-dmore Lodge, NewtoWnlimavady. Annuity 
declared, 1870, 563 5s. 2d 

The Act of Disestablishment having come into force during his 
incumbency on his death the Dignity became disunited from its corps, 
the Rectory of Enniskillen, and T.C.D. no longer held the right of 
Presentation, having been compensated for the loss of it (with 5,274 145. 
id.) The Bishop henceforth had the right of appointment (or collation) to 
the Precentorship, and a Board of Nomination appointed (or nominated) 
to the Incumbency of Enniskillen. 

1886, Charles Thomas Ovenden,R. of Enniskillen, Was coll. and insta. 
Prec., Sep. 28 (.&) He res for the Deanery in 1903. See Deans. 

1804. Arthur New burgh Haire-Forster, coll. Jan. 6, insta. Jan. 14 
(D.R.) res. for the Deanery in 1911. See Deans. 

1911 . Augustus Blayney Russell Young, coll. Sep. n, insta. Sep. 21 
(D.R.) b. 17 sep., 1845, son of Andrew Knight Young, F.R.S.C.I., J.P., 
ed, at Ennis College, T.C.D., Eras. Smith Sch. 1864-9, B.A. and Div. 


Test. 1869, M.A. 1876, ord. D. 1869, P. 1870, Kilmore for Arm; C. Currin 
1869-72, R. Ballybay 1872 ; was a member of Co. Mon. Committee Agric. 
and Techn. Instruction and took a useful part in the public life of Co. Mon., 
m. (i) Annie Louise, wid. of J. C. Brady, Newry, and dau. of John Johnston, 
of Monaghan ; m. (2) Ellen Grace, dau. of Hamilton Price, K.C., had issue 
3 sons (2 died). His son Captain Marcus Graham, late Sth. Staffs, m. 
June 8, 1921, Vera, dau. of Captain Maxwell Fox, R.N., of Annaghmore, 
Tullamore. He res. the Precentorship and also the R. Ballybay on super- 
annuation in 1920, and is now residing at Bath. 

1920. Henry Wilson Swinburn Given, coll. Aug. 28 (D.R.), insta. Sep. 21 
(D.R.), b. Oct. 10, 1848, son of Andrew G., of Limavady, Co. Derry, ed. at 
Royal Gram. Sch., Lancaster, and St. Aidan's Coll., 1878, ord. D. 1878, 
P. 1879, Kilmore ; C. Drumgoon (Cootehill) 1878-80, I. Donamon 1881, 
I. Clogh 1881-4, R. Killeevan 1884-9: Preb. Devenish 1911-20. Prec. 
Clogher, 1920, R. Ematris 1889 and With Rockcorry 1904, Rur. Dean, 1901, 
m. Annie Geraldine, dau. of Rev. Thomas Moore, M.A^, R. of Drumgoon, 
and had issue, 3 sons including Rev. Marcus Henry Moore, B.A., R,. of 
Enniskeen, Meath, and 2 daus. Retired on superannuation Aug. I., 
1924 ; d. at Sandycove House, Co. Dublin, Oct. 17, 1925- 

1924. John Moor head Strickland, b. 1856 at Dublin, son of John George 
S. oid. D. 1885 Maritzburg, P. 1888, DoWn for Clogher C. Estcourt, Natal 
1885-7, C. Kilmore, Clogher 1887-8, R. Rockcorry 1888-1903, R. Inniskeen 
1903-10, Tyholland 1910, Preb. Devenish 1920-24. Is unm. He retired 
on Superannuation, July 7, 1927. 

1927. John O'Connor, Chancellor, succeeded. See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 



This Dignity is said to have been first erected in the Chapter of Clogher 
by Bishop Montgomery, but see below. It had the Rectory of Galloon as its 

e.1227-37. Chancellor unnamed appears. (C.P.L. i., 164) 

1448. Arthur McCraith [Magrath] appears Chanc. (Brady i,, 250) see 

1617. Edward Hatton, pres. by the Crown July 12. (P.R., see S.P. I. 
July 6, 1619). As " Chanc." he installed Barkley as Dean 21 May, 1617 
(R.V.) Was also Preb. Tyholland from 1622, which he held With R. 
Monaghen [or Karrickmalis] . In 1622 he was " non-resident " in Galloon, 
and had no Glebehouse there, but the Church Was ruinous ; he evidently 
resided in Monaghan (R.V.) In 1629 h e ^ as named by the Crown as 5tk 
Prebend, but in 1630 and 1631 as 1st Piebend (see Monin Hi.-, 464, 544, 
615). He got a grant of glebe in Galloon parish Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Monin 
iii., 591) In the State of Dio. of Meath, 1622 he is V. Clonarney and Castle- 
towndelvin, and is described as an "M.A. and a preacher of good life and 
conversation and resideth sometimes in his vicarage at Castletowndelvin 
and sometimes at another living of his in the Diocese of Clogher ;" in his 
absence from Meath his cure was Served by Mr. Bartholomew Hatton, his 
nephew, "a reading minister of honest conversation (i.e., manner of life)." 
" a single man who boardetb with his uncle." He was also Archdeacon of 
Ardagh in 1615, (R.V. 1622) and in 1628. He held lands in the Ba- 
rony of Clonkellv, Co. Feim. in 1618, according to Pynnar (Survey), who 
desciibed him as "a minister and a good teachei of the Word of God." 
These lands he sold 20 May, 1622 (Inq. 6, Jas. I.) He seems to have res. 
this Dignity in 1631 (see below) or eaily in 1632. By his P. Will proved 
in 1632, made 28 March, 1632, he left his wife Anne 40 per ann. and his 
dau. Ma,rtha, wife to James Slacke (R. of Enniskillen and Cleenish) his 
stone house in Monaghan, also left bequests to his grandchildien, and to 
Edward Hatton, his nephew " apprenticed to Mr. Roe in Patrick Street," 
to Patrick Chapman, etc. ; residue to his son, James (below). He was 
J.P. of Co's Perm, and Mon. 

[1624. George Mackeson received from the Crown a grant of the Chan- 
cellorship and the R. & V. Galloon with his Deanery of Armagh on May 13, 
1624 (LM. v. 106), but this grant must have been made under a misappre- 
hension and does not seem to have taken effect, as E. H. Was Chanc. up to 
1631. For Mackeson, see Leslie's Armagh pp 13-14.] 

1631 .James Hatton, coll. July 6 (R.V. 1634). He Wa5 on ty son of his 
predecessor. Was B..A., T.C.D., 1619, M.A. 1622, ord. D. 5 July, 1631, 
P. 2 Mar., 1631/2, dispensed by the Primate to succeed his father in his 
benefice 2 July, 1631 (R,V.) pres. again by the Crown to R. Galloon Feb. 28, 


1635/6 (L.M., v. in) and inst. 13 April, 1636 (F.F.) He d. May 5, 1637 and 
the P. Will of Rev. J. H., of Knockballymore, Co. Mpn., made 20 April, 
1637, Was proved 1637. He desired to be bur. in the Church of Clones, 
near his dead wife, bequeathed his manor of Knockballymore to his eldest 
son, Edward, with remainder to his younger son, James, and his dau. 
Jane ; mentions his " sister Slacke " and her daus., Lydia Sugden and 
Susan Slacke. 

1637 Archibald Erskine, inst. R. Galloon, 6 May (?Mar'.), (F'.F.) Query Was 
he also Chancellor ? 

1637. James Margetson, Abp. of Dublin, Was pres. by the Crown to the 
Chancellorship Dec. 19, 1637 (P-R-) He seems to have held it in commen- 
dam until 1663, when he Was translated to the Abpric. of Armagh. 

1663, - Michael Boyle, Abp. of Dublin, was allowed to hold this Chancellor- 
ship in commendam, like his predecessor, by Patent dated 17 Nov., 1663 
(P.R.) res. it 1678 on his transl. to the Primacy. 

1678, John Parker, Abp. of Dublin, succ. in commendam, Patent 28 Feb. 

1678 (P.R.) He seems to have held the Dignity till his death in 1681. 
Yet I find in the. Lodge Mss., Armagh Library, that in 

[1679. George Lovell, LL.B., was adm. Chancellor, giving Reg, Boyle, as 
authority. I have not found such an entry, in that Register and think it 
Was an error of Lodge. Lovell became Preb. St. Andrews, Down, in 16861 
Neither does Ware seem correct in stating that Abp, Francis Marsh, who 
succ. to Dublin in 1682, held the same livings in commendam as his pre- 
decessor ; substituting only the Preb. Desertmore, for that of St. Finnbarr. 
for in.] 

1681/2. John Forster, Was adm. R. & V. Galloon (the corps of the Chan- 
cellorship), Jan. 2 (F.F.) and he Was again coll. V. Galloon, 22 July? 1682 
(Armagh D.R.) According to V.B. he was pres. to Chane. by the Crown 
by lapse on Jan. 19, 1683/4 (see L.M. v., 118), and inst April II, insta. 
April ii. He Was the eldest son of John Forster, a Lieut .-Colonel in the 
Royal Army (described as "Centurio" in Maine, Book.T.C.'D.) and M.P. 
for Co. Mon. stated to be a younger son of Sir Humphrey Forster, of 
Aldermaston, Berks., who came to Ireland during the'wars of 1641, and was 
granted the estate of Tullaghan. He ent. T.C.D. July 6, 1664, aged about 
18, having been b. at Omagh, and ed. by. Mr. Dunbar, at Enniskillen 
School. He does not seem to have proceeded to a degree in T.C.D. , but 
Was B.A. 1674, of Cambridge, and M.A. (D.R.) He Was.prd. P. 20 May, 

1679 (V.B.}, was attainted by K. Jas., in 1689 as " John Foster, of Toton, 
elk." (King's Lists).. According to Shirley (Monaghan p. 224), who does 
not agree With B.L.G., but Who Was probably correct, he had 2 sons, John 
and George, and 2 daus, Louisa and Catherine. John, his eldest son, was 
b. in Co. Mon., ed. at Drogheda Sch. by Dr. Walker, ent. T.C.D. April 17* 


1701, aged 17 ; he m. Mary, clau. of Rev. Andrew Montgomery, V. of 
Carrickmacross, and his grandson, Rev. Thos. F., was cr. a Bart, in 1794 
(see Baronetages). Rev. John F., d. in 1705, in which year his Will Was 

1705. Dillon Ashe, coll and adm. Chanc. Sep 3, (F.F.), and coll. R. & V. 
Galloon by the Primate, Feb. 9, 1705/6 (D.R. Armagh], He was 3rd son 
of Thomas A., of St. John's Abbey, Co. Meath, and bro. of St. George A., 
Bp. of Clogher, b. c. 1666-7, ed. by Mr. Carr; T.C.D. Sen. 1685, B.A. 1688, 
M.A. (ad. eund., Oxon.) 1690, B.D. 1698, D.D. 1703. He Was Preb. Ros- 
serkbeg (Killala) 1693-1708, R. & V. Aughnamullen 1702-5, V. Finglas 
1694-1716, Archd. of Clogher 1704-5. Abp. King on Aug. 17, 1704, wrote 
to the Bishop of Clogher, on hearing that he intended giving his brother 
Dillon 3 parishes in Clogher in Which he Was to be non-resident, and to hold 
them, with Finglas paying for 3 curates in them. Abp. King gave 7 reasons 
against this, among them being "The people of the North have a peculiar 
aversion to Curates and call them hirelings." "They do not grudge their 
tithes to the clergy as they spend them in the place." " A dignitary ought 
to reside in one of his parishes." . . " Otherwise is to prefer the clergy- 
man's ease to the salvation of the people." (See A Great Archbishop of 
Dublin, p. 106). "Was a friend of Swift's, who called him "Dilly ;" is re- 
ferred to in Jour, to Stella, April 10, 1711^5 having gone to Bath, and it is 
suggested that excesses after dinner had something to do With his visit. 
He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir George St. George, Bart., of Dunmore, Co. 
GalWay (her sister Jane, also m. his bro. the Bp. of Clogher.) A monument 
to his memory in Trim Church bears .the inscription " In ye ould Chancell 
Vault of this Church is interd among his ancestors, ye body of ye late Rev. 
Dillon Ashe, Doctor of Divinity, Rector of Galoon, and Vicar of Finglass. 
To whose truly pious and Virtuous memory hi v s afflicted Wife Mrs. Elizabeth 
Ashe alias St. George has erected this monument. 

He departed this life ye i6th day of May, Anno Dom., 1716, in ye 48th 
year of his age." (See Jour. R.S.A.L, 1873, p. 403). 

His P. Will made 10 July; 1712, Was proved in 1716. 
Published : 

A Sermon on 2 Tim. iii., 1-4, preached before the House of Com- 
mons in St. Andrews, Dub., Jan. 31, 1703/4 (for which he 
received the thankjs of the House) printed by request, Dublin, 
John Forster, 1704. 

1716. Arthur St. George, coll. July 7 (F.F.} He was a cousin of the 
, Bishop's Wife, wa*S 2nd son of Henry St. G., of Athlone, and Woodsgift, 
Co. Kilkenny, b. 25 "April, 1681, ent. T.C.D. June 6, 1697, B.A. 1701, M.A. 
1704, B.D. and D.D. 1716. He was R. Tedavnet 1706-9, Preb. Kilskeery 
and R. Magheracross 1710-16. He also served the curacy of his own 
family parish in the Diocese of Ossory (Reeves). Held with this Dignity 
the Deanery of Ross, 1744-72, m (i) 5 Dec. 1717, Elizabeth, sister of Rt. 
Hon. Matthew Clements, and dau. of Robert C., and had issue, Arthur d, 


y., Anne d. unm. 1774, Eleanor m. Jas. Smyth, of Ballymore, near Dublin. 
He m. (2) 2 Mar., 1730/1, Jane, dan. of SirThos. Molyneux, Bt. and had 
issue by her, 6 sons and one dau. (i) Richard, of Kilrush, b. 1738, d. 1767, 
ed. at Kilkenny Coll., m. Sarah, eld. dau. of Richard Handcock, Dean of 
Achonry, and had an only son, Richard,d. unm. 1840; (2) Thomas, M.P. for 
Clogher, b. 1738, ed. by Dr. HeWetson, Kilkenny College, T.C.D. B.A. 1758 
LL.D. (Hon. Causa) 1758, m. Lucinda, dau. of the ist Lord Gosford, and 
had issue, 5 sons, including Acheson, of Woodpark, Co. Armagh ; (3) 
Capel, Capt. Grenadiers, d. in W. Indies ; (4) Arthur, Maj. Infantry, d. in 
W. Indies ; (5) Rev. Howard, D.D. (see Tedavnet) ; (6) Rev. Henry, ent. 
T.C.D. Jan. 13, 1755, aged n, ed. at Kilkenny College, B.A. 1765, M.A. 
1770, of Altamont, Co. Carlow, R. of Aghade (Leighlin) 1791-1831 ob., m. 
twice and had issue, including 2 sons in Holy Orders, viz., Rev. Arthur, 
Preb. Tulmagymah (Leighlin), and Rev. Henry, B.A., 1816 (see Baronet- 
ages and B.L.G.} He d. on Sep. 24, 1772, and Was bur. in St. Anne's, Dub- 
lin. His Epitaph has been printed in the Gents. Mag. He pub. 

The Archdeacon's Examination of Candidates for Holy Orders, 2nd 

ed. Rivington, London, 1799. 

Bishop Garnett remarked in 1777 "Dr. St. George was 55 years incum- 
bent of Galloon. This remark made not so much to record his longevity 
as to account for the wild barbarous state of this vast parish in so long an 
incumbency. 'Tis but justice to him, however, to add that he was a close 
resident for many years till the education of his sons called him unto 
Dublin at an advanced age, and for the last years of his life his senses 
Were on the decline very visibly so no stepps could be taken towards bring- 
ing things in order till his death." 

1773. Thomas Campbell, coll. Feb. 8 (D.R.) He Was the eldest s. of 
Rev. Moses C., R. of KiUeshil, by Eliz., dau. of Wm. Johnston, of Tully, 
Co. Mon., and Was b. at. Glack, Co. Tyrone, May 4, 1733, ent. T.C.D. April 
15, 1752, Sch. 1754, B.A. 1756, M.A. 1761, LL.B. and LL.D. 1772, ord. D. 
31 May, 1761, P. 4 Sep., 1763 (S.R.) He was C. Clogher 1761-72, Preb. 
Tyholland 1772-3, m. Jane Holmes [? dau. of David H], of Moyare, Pome- 
roy Parish. He Was a Well known writer on miscellaneous subjects, and 
author of : 

1. A Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland. 8vo., Dub., I77& 

2. Strictures on the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Ireland. 

8vo. Dub., 1789, Lond. 1790. 

3. A Sketch of the Constitution and Government of Ireland down to 


4. A Diary of a Visit to England in 1771-2. 

Printed in Sydney, N.S.W., 1854 an< * i n Johnsoniam, Bonn's 
Series. It included a record of a visit to Dr. Johnson, men- 
tioned by Boswell. 

5. A Sermon preached at St. Andrews, Dub., 1780. 

He d. in London 20 June, 1795. His P. Will was proved in 1795. The 
East Window in Killeevan Church was dedicated to his memory (see 
Shirley's Monaghan, p. 336. D.N.B. and Allilone}. 


1795, Andrew Allen, coll. July 18 (D.R.), res. on 10 Feb., 1804, for Arch- 
deaconry. See Archdeacons. 

1804. John Benjamin Story, coll and insta. Aug. 3 (D.R.) On 17 Jan., 
1804, by Act of Council, the parishes of Killeevan and Currin, which under 
the name of Galloon, had formed the corps of the Chancellorship, were 
disappropriated and separated therefrom, and in lieu thereof a corps was 
appropriated to it called the R. & V. Galloon, consisting of the island of 
Galloon, the site of the parish church of the ancient corps of the dignity, 
and other portions or denominations of townlands belonging to the parish 
of Drumkrin, together with a portion of the parish of Drummully (D.R.) 
Dr. Story res. the Chanc. on Mar. 6, 1806, in order to give effect to this 
arrangement, and was again coll. to it on the same day (D.R.) He was 
s. of Benj. S., of Corick, Co. Tyrone (and was grandson of Thos. S., of Corick 
who wa^s elder brother of Joseph S., Bp. of Kilmore), b. in WickloW. ed. by 
Dr. Murray, ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1780, aged 16, Sch. 1784, B.A. 1786, M.A. 
1789, B.D. and D.D. 1804. He was C. Clogher and P.C. Fivemiletown from 
i796-(l8c>4 ?), m. in 1790 Jane, dau. of Alexr. Young, of Coolkeiragb, Co. 
Derry, by Catherine, dau. of Richard Hassard, of Gardenhill, and d. 24 
March, 1844 (his wid. d. 18 June, 1851) having had by her 3 sons and 7 
daus., viz. (i) Rev, John Benj. (Junr.), see Fivemiletown ; (2) Alexander, 
d. unm. ; (3) Rev. William see Aghabog ; and (i) Catherine ; (2) Anne, m. 
12 Oct., 1818, Rev. Win. Lodge, R. of Killybegs, and d. 27 Sep., 1881, 
leaving issue ; (3) Elizabeth, m. 4 July, 1828, Richard Stewart Twigg, 
M.D., of Clogher, and had issue ; (4) Jane, d. unm. 21 Oct. 1860 ; (5) Letitia ; 
(6) Frances Thomasina m. 23. Aug., 1831, Ven. J. A. Russell see Archdea- 
cons ; (7) Maria Elizabeth, d. unm. at Rostrevor, 1 April, 1859. (See 
SWanzy's Family of Hassard, pp. 32-5). In the 1836 Report of Comrs. of 
Eccl. Revenue we read " The Incumbent, being Chief Surrogate or Official 
Principal of the diocese does not reside within the benefice, but in his own 
house at Corick, near the Cathedral of Clogher." 

1844. Hency Tottenham, coll. May 9 (D.R.) res. in 1847 for the Preb. 
Dofcacavey (01 Findonagh) q.v. 

1847. John Richardson, coll. July 10 (D.R.) He was elder s. of John R., 
of Summerhill, Co. Ferm.,High Sheriff, 1783; Cornet Light Drag, (by Anne, 
dau. of John Madden, of Hilton, Co. Mon.), who was s. of Dr. Henry R., 
of Belturbet, by Anne, elder dau. of John Stanford, of Cam, Belturbet, 
High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1734, and Co. Mon., 1741; who Was son of John R. 
Preb. Donacavey, q.v. (H.B.S.) He was b. in Co. Ferm., and ed. at 
Derry, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 7, 1803, aged 18, B.A. 1809, ord. D. 1809, Kilm, 
C. Drung and Larah (Kilmore) 1811, R. Drumcheeran 1823-47, m. Mary 
Anne, yst. dau. of Rev. Joseph Story, of Bingfield, Co. Cavan (son of Rev. 
Joseph, Archd. of Kilmore and grandson of Joseph, Bp. of Kilmore). At 
least six of his sons Matric. in T.C.D., viz. (i) Joseph, ent. Feb. 3, 1834, 
aged 18, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Dr. Butler, d. 30 June, 1845 ; (2) Robert, 
ent. Nov. 9, 1835, aged 18, b. in Co, Perm,, ed. by Mr. Jameson; (3) John, 
ent. Jan. 17, 1835, aged 17, b, in Co. Ferm., ed. by Dr. Butler, B.A. 1838, 


Irish Bar 1840, Q.C.,D.L., m. at S. Peter's, Dub., 23 Oct., 1851, Mary Anne, 
dau. of Wm. Christopher St. G. French, Cloonyquin; Co. Rose., Lieut., 
6th Drag. Guards, and d. 1893 ; his eldest son is Major John Rooert St. 
George R., the King's Liverpool Regt., J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, 1907866 
Shrewsbury School Register ; (4) William, ent. Oct. 14, 1837, a S e & *&> t>- in 
Co. Cavan, B.A. 1842 ; (5) James, ent. Nov. I, 1841, aged 18, ed. at Sher- 
borne Sch., b. in Co. Perm., d. in Canada ; and (6) Edwatd, ent. Feb. 5, 
1843, aged 17, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. at Dungannon School. He had also an 
eldest son Henry, d. y., and 2 daus, Sarah d. at Bath and Georgina Hamil- 
ton Story d. at Rome, 1897. He d. Oct. 6, 1866, at Summeihill, Clones, 
aged 81. His Will was pr. by his wid. Mary Anne, who was sole Exor., 
on Feb. 4, 1867. 

1866. John Crozier Hudson (Sen,), coll. Dec. II, insta. Dec. 20 (D.R.) 
He Was eldest son of Alex. H., J.P., of Trory House Co. Ferm., by Frances, 
his Wife, dau. of John Crozier, of Gortra, Co. Ferm., J.P. (by Catherine, 
dau. of Thomas Rosborough, of Cloncarn), b. at Enniskillen, ed. by Rev. 
J. Taylor, ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1837, aged 17, B.A. 1842, M.A. 1874, or <*- D - 
1843, P.C. Barr 1847-66. He m. Aug. 17, 1848, his first cousin, Everina, 
eldest dau. of John Crozier, of Gortra, by Frances Catherine, dau. of Alexr. 
Bailey, of Mulladufr, Co. Ferm., and had issue (i) Alexander, d. unm. in 
Dublin Nov. 22, 1919; (2) Rev. John Crozier, see Prebs. Kilskeery ; (3) 
Francis, m. I July, 1880, Thomasina Agnes, dau. of James H. M'Gormack, 
and d. s.p. 9 Nov., 1916, and 4 daus. (i) Fanny ; (2) Kate, d. unm. 3 
March, 1891 ; (3) Mary ; (4) Eva Meta. Annuity declared 1870, 378 95. 3d. 
He d. at the Rectory, Newtownbutler, 31 May, 1876, and was bur. at 
Enniskillen (Tombstone Dundas, p. 108-9) His wid. d. 2 Jan., 1899. The 
Rectory of Galloon became separated from the Chancellorship on his 
decease, consequent on Disestablishment. ' 

1876. William Smyth Burnside, coll. June 30, insta. July 27 (D.R.) 
He was s. of Matthew James B., " Armiger," and was t>. at Corcreevy, in 
Cot Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Henderson, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 22, 1827, aged 15, 
B.A. 1832, M.A. and B.D. 1861, D.D. 1869, ord. D. 1834, p ~ > A $st. Chapl. 
St.Patrick's, Newry, 1835, C. Aghalurcher 1838, P.C. Fivemiletown, 1845, 
R. Muckno 1853-62, R. Magheracross 1862-9, R. Aghalurcher 1869-82, 
m. Anne, only dau. of John Henderson, of Grange, Co. Tyrone, .at Moy 
Church, 26 Aug., 1835, and had issue, including John Hejidersonj Agent, 
Bank of Ireland, and William Snow, F. T.C.D. the, latter d. II Mar., 
1920, aged 81 (Tablet in Fivemiletown) who as Exors. proved his Will 
May 21, 1884. His wife d. at Corcreevy House, Co. Tyrone, Oct. 25, 1881, 
and he d. there Jan. 14, 1884 ; a dau. m. Rev. Edward Malone Weir. 

1884. William Quthrie Russell, coll. Feb. 14, insta. Mar. 28 (D.R.[ 
He Was 3rd son of Ven. John Abraham R. (see Archdeacons), T.C.D' 
B.A . 1859, M - A - 18 77> ord V- 18 59> Cashel, P. 1860 Oss., C. Aghold (Leighl.) 
1859-61, C. Clontibret 1861-65, R- Ematris 1865-1888; res. the Chanc. and 
R. Ematris for the Preb. and R. GeashiU 1888, which he res. in 1913, retiring 
on superannuation. He d. 14 June, 1918, at 18 Waterloo Road, Dublin. 


1888. Samuel Leslie Bra key, coll. and insta. 25 April (D.R.) He was son 
of Rev. Andrew Breakey (Pres. Mr. ?) and changed his name to Brakey, 
Was b. in Co. Armagh and ent. T.C.D. as Sizar May 20, 1845, aged 16, 
ed. by Mr. Murphy, Sch. 1848, B.A. (Sen. Mod. Math) 1851, Wray Pri. 
1849, Bp Law's Pri (2nd) 1851, Heb. Pri. 1852, Fell. Prem. (3rd) 1854, 
(2nd) 1855, M - A - 1856, ord - D. l8 5 8 p - 18 59< Os ^ ' c - Kilmanagh 1858-60, 
C. S. Nich. Cork 1860-3, V. Kilmaley (Killaloe) 1863-70, R. Magheracross 
1870-6, R. Trory 1876-1901, Financial Sec. Clogher Bio. for 30 years, res. 
R. Trory and this Dignity in 1901 on superan., m. Feb. 8, 1869, Frances 
Maude, yst. dau. of John Crowe, Capt. 93rd Highlanders, d. at Weymouth 
July 18, 1902, aged 72 (see Obit, in C.I.G. July, 1902). 

1902. Francis James Hurst, coll. Aug. 30, insta. Sep. 12 (D.R.), res. Dec. 
I, 1903, for Archdeaconry. (See Archdeacons). 

1904.^ Benjamin Moffett, coll. Jan. 6, insta. Jan. 14 (D.R.), res. on Oct, 19, 
1912, for Canonry of Clogher. See Canons of Clogher. 

1912. Elias Frank Naylor. coll Oct. 19, insta. Oct. 22 (D.R.) b. in 1860 
in Belturbet, son of Thomas N., of Limerick, younger bro. of late Rev. 
Thos. B. N., of Warrenpoint (see Killeevan), ed. at Limerick, T.C.D. B.A. 
(Resp.) 1878, Div. Test (2) 1879, M - A - an<i B -- D - l8 9 I ord D - ^79> p - 1880, 
Eilmore for Arm., C. Tempo 1879-81, R. Aghabog 1881-7, R. Fivemile- 
town 1887-91, V. Finner (Bundoran) 1891. Dio. Financial Sec. of Clogher, 
Select Pr. Univ. Dub. 1899, Preb. Tyholland 1993-12, member of R..C.B., 
m. Sep. 14, 1881, at S. Peter's, Tiverton, Devon, Madge, dau. of John Wills, 
. of Park Villa, Tiverton, and has issue (i) Alfred George, B.A., T.C.D., 
S.A. Police, d. in S. Africa Jan. 18, 1919 ; (2) Major Cyril, Canadian and 
B.E.F., m. Evelyn Hearn, resident in Canada ; (3) Kathleen m. Jury 24, 
1918,- John Bolton Barnett, Inniskillen Fus., son of R. W. Barnett, of 
London ; (4) Mary. He res. Finner, &c., 1925. 

1925. John O'Connor, succeeded, coll. Oct. I, insta. Nov. 5 (D.R.), became 
Precentor in 1927. See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1927. Thomas Dagg, Preb. of Donacavey, succeeded, July. See Prebs. 




1622. Matthew Young appears "An honest man but no graduate, has 
a sufficient house and one great tate [of glebe] in his possession ; Church 
reasonably repayred." (R.V. 1622). He was also R. & V. Magheracross 
1622-6 (R.V.) His tombstone , is at Kilskeery and is inscribed in Roman 
Capitals " Here [under] lyeth the Body of Mathew Young, clerke, 
sometyme Parson of this Parish. An honest man in his vocation, who 
departed this mortal life the 16 of December, Anno Domi. 1626." 

1626/7. Christopher Seaton,coll. Feb. 8, ind. Feb. 9 ; ord. D. & P. Dec. 10, 
1622 (R.V., 1634) He is named as 4th Preb. in Charter of 1630; and as 
3rd Preb. in 1631. He got a grant of glebe in Kilskeery Feb. 29, 1631/2 
(P.R.). The Preb. Was then value for 32. He Was ind. R. & V. Maghera- 
cross 2 Feb. 1628/9 and allowed to hold it with this Preb. (R.V. 1634 a ^ 
F.F.), but he appears to have held it from his predecessor's death in 1626 
(F.F.) He held also the V. Rossory from 8 Feb., 1626/7 (R.V.) With this 
Preb. until 1628-9 ; when he seems to have vacated it. He vacated this 
Preb. sometime in 1634. 

1634. John Galbraith, pres. by the Crown to R. & V. Magheracross and 
Kilskeery, united pro hae vice Dec. 22, and adm. in Jan. 1634/5 (F.F.) . 

1639. Andrew Hamilton, pres. by the Crown to the R. & V. Kilskeery and 
Magheracross : inst. Aug. 7 (F.F.) He Was forced to flee at the rebellion 
in 1641. In 1660 he returned and petitioned to the authorities "that he 
Was in 1640 by Letters Patent presented and inducted into the Parish of 
Kilskeery, in Co. Tyrone, and Magheracross in Co. Fermanagh, and possessed 
them till expelled by the rebellion ; that in his absence Kilskeery is disposed 
of to Mr. James Graham, and Magheracrosse to Mr. Robert Auld." On 
which an Order Was made, dated 25 June, 1660, " that petitioner shall 
enjoy same, When he proves his right, as there Was a saving in the late 
Orders for Settling Ministers in Tythes " (Commw. Pps. A/25). As a result 
he appears to have been coll. to these parishes on 28 Mar., 1661, and insta. 
Preb. 29 Apiil (V.B.) 

1662.-^ James Hamilton, coll. Mar. 19, insta. April 6 (V.B.) ; ord. P. 3 
Oct., 1661. He was M.A. He was probably J. H., who was R. Donag- 
heady (Deny) 1666-89, and Archdeacon of Raphoe i674~(89). He va- 
cated the Preb. 4 April, 1666, for R. Magheraculmo;ney. It seems that 
Primate Boyle recommended him for the Bishopric of Dromore in 1683, 
but the Earl of Arran, whose chaplain he was and the Earl of Mountjoy, 
whose neighbour he was, declined to recommend him to Ormond, though 
the King had promised both his father, James H. and himself, a bishopric. 
Arran slights his preaching and Mountjoy considers him entirely unfit- 
(Orm. Mss. N.S. Vol. vii, 35, &c.) He d. c. 1689 and left a numerous family- 
including Andrew, Arch, of Raphoe (see U.J.A. 1895,246) and James, 
Arch, of Arm.). 


1666. Andrew Hamilton! coll. April 4 (V.B.), adm. again to Kilskeery and 
Magheracross, Feb. 5, 1675 (F.F.), ord. P. Aug. 7, 1661, Was M.A., and Was 
son of Rev. A. H. (above). He was sent by the Enniskilleners to Wm, III., 
as their agent in 1689, and raised a Troop of Horse for him, and Was at- 
tainted by King James II. He was, I think, the A. H. Who was R. & V. 
Errigle Kerrogue 1681-90. Pub. : 

A True Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling Men from Decem- 
ber, 1688 for the Defence of the Protestant Religion and their 
Lives and Liberties. London, 1690. 
Died in 1690-1. (See D.N.B.) 

1692/3, James Kirk wood, pres. by the Crown to Kilskeery and Maghei a- 
cross, Mar. 13 (LM. v., 119 and V.B. 1693). There is a reference to a 
prosecution of this Preb. in the Court of the Bishop of Clogher, in Abp. 
King's MSS. (see Rep. Hist. MS. Com. ii., 233). KirkWood res, in 1704. 

1704. Nicholas Browne, coll. Nov. 9, to Kilskeery and Magheracross 
(F.F.) He Was son of John B., "generosus," by Edith, dan. of Rev. 
James Slacke, b. in Co. Perm., ed. by Mr. Dunbar at Enniskillen, ent. 
T.C.D. July 4, 1678, aged 17, Sch. 1680, B.A. 1682, M.A. ^685, Pieb. Fin- 
donagh 1696-1704, Preb. Kilskeery 1704-10, R. Dromore and Rossory 
1704-10.. He Was an Irish scholar and interested himself in teaching the 
Irish Bible and used the Prayer Boole in Irish at services, and Was remark- 
ably successful. He translated the fiist part of Thomas a Kempis's, 
Imitation of Christ into Iiish. It Was of him a R.C. priest once said " his 
Church had. stolen the piayers of the Church of Rome," when one of his 
hearers answered "If that is so they have stolen the best, as thieves 
generally do." (See John Richardson's Short Attempts to Convert the 
Papists. Also I.E. Gaz., Dec. 1868.) He had a son Rev. Nicholas b. at 
Rossgarn, Co. Perm., ed. by Mr. Clarke, at Wakefield, England, ent. T.C.D. 
May 7, 1716, aged 16, B.A. 1720, M.A. 1729, m. Eliz. Donlevy, of Donny- 
brook, 1731, V. Timolin (Leighlin) and d. 1733/4. 

1710. Arthur St. George, coll. June 2, to Kilskeery and Magheracross 
(F.F.) ; res. in 1716, see Chancellors. 

1716. Joseph Story, coll. July 17 (D.R.) He was ed. at Edinburgh Univ. 
Was b. 1679 at Bingfield, Hexham, Northumberland, ord. D. 1703, ord. P- 
24 Feb., 1704/5, C. Inishmacgaint 1703, C. Clogher in 1709 and to 1714 and 
perhaps to 1716 (V.B. and Den. & Excom.); became Chaplain to the Irish 
House of Commons. Dean of Ferns 1733-40, cons. Bp. of Killaloe in St. 
Bridget's, Dub., Feb. H, 1739/40 by the Abp. of Dublin, assisted by the 
Bps. of Cork and Limerick, trans, to Kilmore 1742, m. twice. By his 
fiist wife; Deborah, sister of Rev. James Richardson, of Londonderry (Will 
pr. 1727) he had 2 dans. Catherine m. 23 Sep., 1745 John Irvine, of Rockfield 
(from whom the Irvines of R. or Killadeas are descended) and Elizabeth 
(H.B.S.); m. (2) Hannah, dau. of Sir Wm. Gore, 3rd Bart., and widow of 
-Grattan by whom he had a son, Joseph, who became Archd. of Kilmore. 
He d. on [22 ?] Sep., 1757. The following entries appear in the Par. Reg. 


of Kilmore, Co. Cavan " Buried Sept. the 23rd, 1757, the Right Rev. 
Joseph, Lord Bishop of Kilmore." " Buried Mrs. Sophia Story relict of 
Dr. Joseph Story, Bishop of Kilmore." B.L.G. gives her name as Hannah. 
The Bp's. Will was proved in 1757. He pub. : 

An Essay Concerning the Nature of the Priesthood by J. B. B.K. 
[Joseph Story, Bishop of Kilmore]. 8vo., Dub. 1750. 

A Sermon preached at St. Andrew's, Dub., on Anniversary of the 
Irish Rebellion. 4*0., Dub., 1735. 

1740. Alexander Montgomery, pres. by the Crown to Kilskeery and 
Magheracross April 7 (L.M., v. 127) inst. April 23 (F.F.) He Was son of 
Alexr. M., " Atmigei," b. at Ballyleck, Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. M'Mahon, at 
Monaghan, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 27, 1719/20, aged 16, B.A. 1724, M.A. 1732, 
ord. D. 22 Sep., 1728, P. 20 Sep., 1730. Held the R. & V. Derrybrask, 
May-Aug., 1758. Will proved 1766. The Hist, of Montgomery of Bally- 
leek gives no information about him. 

1766. Thomas Hastings, coll. April 6 (D.R.) to Kilskeery only, Maghera- 
cross having been disunited by Order in Council. Hastings seems to have 
res. very soon for he Was coll. again to the Preb. on May 3, when he sub- 
scribed the Roll (D.R.). Ent. T.C.D. July 15, 1750, "aged 17," B.A. 1755, 
LL.B. 1756, LL.D. 1765. Was V. Gen. of Clogher 1765, Preb. Donacavey 
1764-6, Prec. St. Pats., Dub., 1781-5, Archd. of Dub. 1785-94; ? m. (i) 
the wid. of Joseph Wright, of Golagh (Pub. Reg. Aug. 25~Sep I, 1764) ; 
? m. (2) Mary, dau. of Rev. Samuel Madden (known as " Premium Mad- 
den"); d. in Dublin Feb. 19, 1794, "aged 69," (sic), bur. in S. Peter's, 
Dub. Cotton (ii, 132) gives the inscription on his tomb, erected by his 

1794. Hugh Nevin, coll. July i (D.R.), exchanged in Nov. 1801 with John 
Stack for R. Derryvullen (q.v.) 

1801. John Stack, coll. Nov. 14 (D.R.) Son of Edward S., "Agricola," 
b. in Co. Cork, ed. by Mr. Stack, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 3, 1777, aged 17, Sch. 
1780, B.A. 1782, Fell. 1784, M.A. 1786, B.D. & D.D. 1803. He Was R. 
Derryvullen 1791-1809, m. (M.L. Aug. 17, 1792) Elizabeth Barker, of 
Timolin. 3 of his sons ent. T.C.D., viz., (i) (Rev.) Edward William, ent. 
July 3, 1809, aged 16, B.A. 1814, became R. Graigue (Leighl.) ; (2) 
William, b. in Co. Perm., ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1823, aged 17, B.A. 1828 ; 
(3) (Rev.) Thomas, b. in Co. Tyrone, ent. T.C.D. July 5, 1830, aged 16, 
ed. by Mr. Turpin, Sch. 1833, B.A. 1836, Fell. 1838, M.A. 1839, Reg- proi 
Greek, 1855, Sen. Fell.' 1869, m. (i) Anne Eliza, dau. of Lieut .-Col. Gilbert 
Elliott ; she d: 28 Mar., 1854 '> w. (2) July 4, 1861, Anne Vigors, dau. of 
Captain Edwin Richards, R.N., and had issue ; d. Feb. 16, 1896. Rev. 
John S. d. in 1813 aged 52. In his Will, made and proved in 1813, he 
mentions his nephews, Edward and Tom ; his eldest son, Edward, " to 
be ordained," his other sons, John, William, Henry " to go to the Navy," 
and Maurice " has the promise of a place in India." Pub. : 
A Short System of Optics, &c. 


He d. Sep. 28, 1888, aged 71. (See I. E.G. Oct. 1888) A brass tablet in 
Clogher Cath. erected to his memory is inscribed : " In memory of William 
Richey Bailey, D.D., Rector of Monaghan, 1864-74, Rector of Clogher 
1874-1885, Rector of Killesher, 1885-1888. Obiit 1888." 

1875. Richard Verschoyle, coll. Feb. 22, insta. Mar. 19 (D.R.) He was 
the 5th son of John V., "generosus," of Castle Shanaghan, Co. Donegal, 
and Stillorgan Park, Co. Dublin, and Was nephew of James, Bishop of 
Killala, 1810-34; his mother Was Margaret, dau. of Hamilton Stuart, of 
Dromspill, Co. Tyrone; Was b. in Dub., ed. by Mr. Crawford, ent. T.C.D. 
Oct. 22, 1827,. aged J 7 B.A. 1832, M.A. 1836, ord. D. 1832 Ossory, 
P; 1833, C. Loughgilly 1834, P.C. Balleek (Armagh) 1848-52, V. Carling- 
ford 1852-66, R. Derryvullen North 1865-91, m. (i) in 1841, Margaret 
Davenport Lloyd, dau. of Rev. Barth. Lloyd, Provost of T.C.D., and had 
issue, a son Richard Lloyd, died young, and a dau. Eleanor, unmarried ; 
m, (2) 12 April, 1853, Emily, eldest dau. of James Kynaston Edwards, of 
Oldcourt, Co. WickloW, Major, and had issue (i) John Hamilton, Lt.- 
Col., m. and had issue ; (2) Jas. Kynaston Edwards, B.A., T.C.D. 1881, 
C.M.G., Asst,-Insp.-Gen., Irrigation Dep., Egypt, m. and had issue ; (3) 
Stuart Joseph, D.L., J.P., of Tullycleagh House, Co. Perm.-, m. and had 
issue ; (4) Beresford, of the Govt. Engineering Dept., Egypt, m. and had 
issue ; (5) a dau. Amy, unm. He d. Sep. n, 1895, at Tullycleagh 
House, Co. Fermanagh, aged 86. His Wid. d. 15 Mar., 1906. (See B.L.G.I.) 

1895. John Crozier Hudson (Jun.), was then appointed, but there is no 
record of his collation in the D.R., and he Was not installed until 7 July, 
1900, mand. for insta. is dated 30 June, 1900. He Was 2nd son of John 
Crozier H., Chanc. of Clogher (q.v.) , T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test 1874, M.A., 
B.D. & D.D. 1891, ord. D. 1876, Derry ; P. 1877, Armagh ; C. Templecarne 
1876-8, V. Donagh 1878-92 and C.-in-charge Errigle Shanco 1889, R. 
Drumcheeran, 1892-5, R. Muckno 1895-1905, m. 17 Oct., 1878, Jane 
Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Walter Young, R. of Templecarne, and d. s.p. 
20 Sep. 1905. His Wid. d. 19 Sep., 1921. 

1906. William Edward Fleming, coll Jan. 13, insta. Jan. 17 (D.R.} uniting 
again in his person the Rectory of Kilskeery with the Preb., b. at Aghoboys 
Parish of Kilmore, Co. Mon., ed. at Diocesan Sch., Monaghan and T.C.D., 
Abp. King's Pri. (2) 1867, B.A. (Resp.) and Div. Test, (i), DoWnes Pri., 
Written Comp. Pri. (i) and Eccl. Hist. Pri. (2) 1868, M.A. 1873, ord. D. 1868, 
P. 1869, Armagh ; C. Clogher 1868, C. Holy Trin. Burton-on-Trent 1875-7* 
R. Currin 1877-81, R. Kilskeery from 1881-23, Canon of Clogher and Exam. 
Chapl from 1906-23, retired on superannuation 1923, m. at St. Mary's, 
Wellington, Staffs., Feb. 23, 1881, Susanna Margaret, 3rd dau. of Thomas 
Fosbrooke Salt, of Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent, and had issue Rev. 
Wm. Edwin Charlton, M.A., T.C.D. (See Curates Kilskeery). He d. Dec. 
3, 1926, at Kilskeery Rectory, bur. at Kilskeery. 


1923. Charles Maurice Stack, coll May g, insta. Sep 5 (D.R.), 2nd son of 
Bp. Chas. M. Stack (see Bishops of Clogher) b. 6 Sep., 1865 T.C.D. B.A. 
1887, Div. Test. 1888, M.A. 1890, ord. D. 1888, P. 1889, DoWn > c - Bal ty- 
money (Connor) 1889-91, R. Derryvullan 1892-1902, V. Magheraclooney 
With St. Patrick's, Ardagh from, 1902, m. 7 May, 1901, Anna Kathleen, 
dau. of Rev. T. L. F. Stack, of Mullaghmore, Co. Tyrone, and has issue 
(i) Marcia Elizabeth Margaret, m. ; (2) Kathleen Tempe ; (3) Mary ; (4) 
Meta Dorothea ; (5) Isa Molua. Pub. : 

Ireland's Apostle. A Fiction. Adapted for Service of Song, Dublin, 
Charles, 1894, 3lpp. 


Note. In the .modern D.R. it is almost invariably called Donacavey, 
except in the collations of 1787 and 1794, when it is called Findonagh. 

1615. Claude Hamilton, coll. Jan. 9, ind. April 26 (R.V., 1634). I s named 
as the 2nd Preb. in 1629, tne S^h in 1630, the 4th in 1631, King's Letters 
(Morrin iii., 464, 544, 615). He was a native of Scotland and in 1616 Was 
naturalised as an English subject (P.R.) Morrin (iii. 593) says Edward 
Hamilton got a grant of a glebe for Donacavey Parish, Feb. 29, 1631/2. 
It is evident that " Edward " is an error for " Claude." 

1661. Robert Brisbane/ coll. Mar. 28, having been ord. P. same day, insta. 
April 28 (V.B.) He held also the R. Dromore 1661-4. He was Common- 
wealth Minister at Termonmaguirke in 1657, but, probably because he 
Was considered shaky in his dissenting views, Was ordered on 22 July to 
remove himself out of Ulster (see Armagh Clergy, p. 423). His son Robert, 
ed. by Mi. Thos. Dunbar, at Enniskillen Royal School, b. in Co. Tyrone, 
ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1677, a g e( i *8, Sch. 1679. B -A. 1681, M.A. 1684. 

1664. Robert Echlin, inst. by the Primate May 10 (F.F.), insta. May 18, 
ord. D. Jan. 11, 1662, P. Mar. 15, 1662/3, is still Preb. 1673 (V.B.) Held 
also R. Dromore 1664-86. 

1686. Michael Mosse, adm. Sep. u (F.F.) Was son of Michael M., b. in 
Coik, ed. there by Mr. Tindall, ent. T.C.D. May 13, 1678, aged 18, B.A. 
1682, M.A. 1685. He Was a nephew of Richard Boyle, Bp. of Ferns and 
of Roger Boyle, Bp. of Down, (B. Mus. Mss. 4820), and bro. of Thomas 
Mosse, a Preb. of Ferns, and of Leighlin. He was Minor Can. of St. Pat's., 
Dublin/ in 1685, held also R. Dromore (Clogher) 1686-96 and R. Rossory 
1686-96. Seems to have res. this Preb. in 1696. Was Preb. Whitechurch 
(Ferns) 1701-9, Preb. Edermine (do.) 1709-22, d. in 1722 before Nov. 14 
(Ferns D.R.) Was attainted in 1689 (King's Lists); m. (M.L. June 18, 1685) 
Frances Drury, of St. Michan's Par., Dub. According to B.L.G. he m. 
(secondly ?) Eliza, dau. of Richard Donovan, of Clonmore. 


1696. Nicholas Browne, appears Preb., and also R. Dromoie (tf.B.) ; res. 
in 1704, and became Preb. Kilskeery q.v. 

1705. John Richardson, coll. April 27 (D.R.) He Was son of William 
Richardson, gen., b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. John Morris, ent. 
T.C.D. July 27, 1683, aged 14, Sch. 1686, B.A. 1688. He Was R. Deny- 
loran, Co. Tyrone, 1694-1709 (see Armagh Clergy, p. 212) and res. this 
Preb. for the R. Annagh (Belturbet) in the Diocese of Kilmore, which he 
held from 1709-47 (D.R., Armagh and Kilmore). Swift in his Jour, to Stella, 
Mar. 6, 1710/11, says of him " I presented a parson of the Bishop of 
Clogher's, one Richardson, to the Duke of Ormond to-day ; he is translating 
prayers and sermons into Irish, and has a project about instructing the 
Irish in the Protestant religion," and again on May 16, 1711 " (Walked) 
to-day with one Parson Richardson who came to see me, on his going to 
Ireland." His predecessor Browne (see Kilskeery Prebs.) had been engaged 
in the Work that he continued. Swift's friendship seems to have been 
useful to him, as it gained him Ormond's patronage. The Duke appointed 
him as chaplain, and in 1731 he Was made Dean of Kilmacduagh, which 
he held With R. Annagh till his death on Sep. 9, 1747, aged 78 (see Coxe's 
Mag., Sep. 1747, p. 396). He Was a J.P. for Co. Cavan. He Was m. and 
had issue, a son, James, b. near Dungannon, ed. by Mr. Brogan, at Bel- 
turbet, ent. T.C.D. May 18, 1721, aged 17, Sch. 1724, B.A. 1725, M.A. 1737, 
Who Was evidently the J.R., R. & V. Magherafelt, 1738-71 (whose dau., 
Mary, 1759, m. Daniel Stanford, Attorney at Law, Dublin). Rev. Canon 
H. B. Swanzy, M.A., tells me John R. had also Henry, M.D., of Belturbet 
(MX. 4 Dec., 1747) father of Major John, of Summerhill. 

He pub. : 

(1) Three Sermons upon the Principal Points in Religion translated 

into Irish. London, 1711, 8vo. 

(2) A Proposal for the Conversion of the Popish Natives of Ireland to 

the Established Religion. Dub., 1711, 4to. 

(3) A Short History of the attempts that have been made to convert the 
Popish Natives of Ireland to the Established Religion : with a 
proposal for their conversion and a vindication of Usher's opinion 
concerning the performance of Divine Offices to them in their 
own language. 8vo., London, 1712; 2nd Ed. 1713, reprinted 
in Ir. Eccl. Gaz., Oct. to Dec., 1868. No. 2 Was also pub. With 
No. 3, 1712. 

(4) The Great Folly, Superstition and Idolatry of Pilgrimages in 

Ireland, especially that to St. Patrick's Purgatory. 8vo. Dublin, 

(5) Lewis's Church Catechism Explained, rendered into Irish. Lond. 


(See also D.N.B.) 


1709. Nathaniel He wets on (or Huson),adm. 12 Oct. (D.R.) He wa,s the 
son of Richard H., and b. in Somersetshire, ent. T.C.D. as Sizar Oct. 22, 

1676, aged 1(6. B.A. 1681, ord. D. , ord. P. 24 Dec., 1683, Cork; Preb. 

Crosspatrick (Ferns) 1685-6, insta. as M.A. 27 May, 1685 (Ferns D.R.}, 
. Preb. Tombe (do.), 1686-1720, Prec. Ferns (i720)-37, holding this Preb. 
also till 1737 ; was a Proctor in Convoc. 1704. 

1737. John Kerr, coll. Nov. I (F.F.) son of Hugh K., "gen," b. at Black- 
laugh, Co. Cavan, ed. by Dr. Dennis, at Enniskillen Sch., ent. T.C.D. as 
Siz. June 17, 1712, aged 19, Sch. 1716, B.A. 1716, M.A. 1719, Incorp. B.A. 
Oxf. 20 April, 1719, ord. P. 25 Sep., 1720, V. Errigle Trough 1721-5, V. 
Drumsnatt, and R. Kilmore 1725-9, Preb, Devenish 1729-37, d. in 1764. 
His Will in the Clogher Collection Was proved in 1764. In 1742 he Was 
ordered to nominate a Parish Clerk in the room of James Gatt (V.B.) 
He had a son, Lewis, ent. T.C.D. June 5, 1737, aged 13, Sch. 1739, B.A. 
1741, M.A. 1744, M.B. 1759, Master of Cavan School 1764-8. 

1764, Thomas Hastings, coll. Jan. 13 (D.R.) res. in 1766101 Pieb. Kil- 
skeery, q.v. 

1766. Philip Skelton, coll. May 31 (D.R.) He was the son of Richard 
S., " Coriarius " [tanner] and Was b. at Deriiaghy, near Lisburn, 
in 1706, and ent. T.C.D. as Sizar June 2, 1724, aged 19, Sch; 1726, B.A. 
1728. He Was ed. by Dr. Clarke, at Lisburn, as were his two brothers 
[viz. (a) Thomas* ent. Siz. June 17, 1709, aged 18, Sch. 1712, B.A. 1713, 
M.A. 1717, Who became a tutor to the family of Mr. Lucas, of Castleshane, 
was afterwards . V. NeWry, m. (i) Miss Lucas and had a, dau., Mrs. Ennis ; 
(2) Miss Huston, aunt to Bp. Dickson, of Down, issue a son d. s.p. ; (3) the 
wid. of Carleton, mother of Sir Guy C., afterwards Lord Dorchester ; 
(b) John ent, as Siz. May 30, 1716, Sch. 1718, B.A. 1720, Headmaster 
Dundalk Grammar Sch. and C. Dundalk 1754-1767, m. Rebecca, dau. of 
Jackson Thurkild, and had issue, including Dr. Francis, of Drogheda and 
Lisbam, father of Rev. Thomas, V. Kildrumferton and of Rev. James, 
father of Rev. James W., C. Bally mascanlan, 1840 (see Armagh Clergy, 
p. 283)] . He was ord. D.~, P. 25 Sep, 1728 (D.R.) for the C. Drummully 
where his Rector was the celebrated Samuel Madden [Premium Madden] 
to whose family he also acted as tutor. He became C. Monaghan, at 40 
a year, in 1732, and there remained until 1750. He was a hardworking 
and conscientious parish clergyman, attentive to his duties, good to the 
poor, giving always of his best, and was a most eminent divine perhaps of 
all the parochial clergy of Clogher the most eminent. It Will always be a 
blot on, the memory of the worthy Bishop Stearne that he never promoted 
Skelton, and allowed him remain as Curate for 20 years. Perhaps Skelton 
Was not polished enough, nor humble enough in manner to his superiors, 
nor Was his family one that by dubious means had Won a place among the 
so-called " better class." One could understand Bishop Clayton, whose 
theological views were more or less Arian, while Skelton Was a vigorous and 
powerful upholder of orthodox views parsing him over, but he even 


appointed him R. of Templecarne,which Skelton held 1750-9. In 1759 Bp. 
Gamett, who recognised his worth, made him Preb. of Devenish, which he 
held till appointed in 1766 to this prebend. Of Skelton 's Writings it has 
been said : " In his reasoning he is as clear as Sherlock ; in his Warnings 
as solemn as Seeker ; in his piety as engaging as Porteus ; in his exhorta- 
tions as vehement as Demosthenes." He d. in Dublin on 4 May, 1787, 
and was bur. in S. Peter's, Dub., where a long inscription on his tombstone 
is worth quoting in full as it gives a true character of the man. 

"Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of the Reverend 
PHILIP SKELTON, Prebendary of Donacavey, in the Cathedral of 
Clogher, Who departed this life on the 4th day of May, 1787, in the 59th 
of his ministry, and 82nd year of his age. Liberally endowed by Provi- 
dence with intellectual peifections he did not suffer them to lie waste 
through inactivity ; nor did he pervert them by mis-direction. 

His understanding he habituated to attentive reflection, invigorating 
it by exercise and enriching it by information, and pursuing the noblest 
ends by means the best adapted. 

He laboured industriously to promote the happiness of mankind by 
advancing the interests of the Christian Religion. 

His arguments evinced the reasonableness of his doctrines, while his 
example showed at once the practicability and the agieeableness of its 

For, as his opinions were oithodox, his manners were primitive, his 
conversation was candid and unreserved for he harboured no thought 
Which required concealment. 

His preaching was forcible and dignified, impressing on his jhearers the 
rightful authority of virtue and with indignant elocution and nervous 
diction holding out her adversaries to CONTEMPT and DETESTATION. 

Pious without superstition and zealous Without bigotry, his life Was 
practical Devotion and his controversies the earnest efforts of Philan- 
thropy, leading infidels to Truth and, sinners to Salvation. 

With a heart which felt for the distresses of the indigent he had a hand 
still open to relieve them, denying himself even moderate gratifications, 
that he might more liberally provide for the necessities of others. 

Without ambition he acquired celebrity ; 
Without ostentation he long continued to enjoy it. 
A father to the poor, an ornament to the Church, 

Admired foi his talents, and revered for his virtues, he Was at length 
called to the rewards of his Patiiarchal life in the immediate presence of 
that God. 

Whose Name he had worshipped with such piety, 
And Whose Word he had taught with such success." 

His P. Will Was proved in 1787. He left to his nephew, Francis Skelton, 
Physician, of Drogheda, 150; to his god-dau, Maria, grand-dau. of Rev. 
Wm. Leslie, a bequest; and mentions that he Was boarding with Rev. 
Richard Drury " for self and servant, fuel and candles," at 80 per annum, 
and that he had given his own relations from time to time 1,400. He 


appointed Rev. James Hastings (above), Archd. of Dublin, his Exor. 

He published several works which were collected and published during 
his lifetime for the benefit of the Magdalen Asylum, Dublin, in 6 vols., 
8vo., Dublin, 1770, to which was added in 1792 A Life of him by Samuel 
Burdy. They were republished with Burdy's Life in 6 vols., 8vo, London, 
1824, Ed. by Rev. Robert Lynam, Assistant Chaplain to the Magdalen 
Asylum. His Life Was reprinted in 1816 by Chalmers, and in 1914 with 
Introduction by N. Moore. 

The published Works, include : 

(1) 73 Discourses, Controversial and Practical, chiefly on Evidences 

and Fundamental Doctrines. 1st pub. in 1754. 

(2) A Form of Prayer for Families. 

(3) Some Reflections on Predestination. 

(4) A Summary of Religion in 17 Propositions. 

(5) Opiomaches ; or Deism revealed in 8 Dialogues. 1st Pub. 1748, 

2nd Ed., 2 vols, i2mo, : Lond., 1751. 

(6) Some New Reasons for Inoculation. 

(7) Some Account of a Well in County of Monaghan famous for curing 

the Jaundice. 

(8) An Account of Lough Derg. 

(9) Vallis Longivada, five Meditations Poetical. 

. (10) A Curious Production of Nature Observed near Monaghan. 

(10) Some Observations on a late Resignation. 

(12) Juvenilia, containing Truth in a Mask. 

(13) A Vindication of the Bishop of Winchester (Hoadly), &c. 
Ironical, ist Pub. 1736. 

(14) Some Proposals for the Revival of Christianity. 

(15) A Dissertation on the Constitution and Effects of a Petty Jury. 

(16) The Necessity of Tillage and Granaries. 

(17) A Dream in the year 1770. 

(18) Hylema. 

(19) A Appeal to Common Sense on the Subject of Christianity, to 
which are added some Thoughts on Common Sense. 

(20) Senilia or An Old Man's Miscellany. 

(21) Hymns. One of these " Sing Him, ye distant Worlds and 
Suns," is included in Roundell Palmer's " Book of Praise," 
and Palgrave's " Treasury of Sacred Verse." 

Also other Works, see AlUbone's Diet, and Darling's Cycl. Bibliogr. 
His Life Was the subject o a Trinity Festival Oration by Canon Hannay. 
(See also Burdy's Life, D.N.B., Wills' Lives of Illustrious Irishmen vi., 145). 

1787. Michael Hugh Tuthill,coll. July 25 (D.R.). He Was the s. of Roger 
T., "generosus," of H.M. Customs, Surveyor at Ringsend, b. at Chapelizod, 
ed. by Dr. Quigg, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 10, 1736, aged 16, Sch. 1740, B.A. 
1741, M.A. 1744, ord. D. 22 Jan., 1749, in St. Peter's, Dublin, by the Bp. 
of Raphoe. He appears as C. Donagh 1751 and 1754, R. Errigletrough 
1756-62, R. Templecarae 1761-7, R. Killany 1767-8, Preb. Devenish 


1768-87. He d. in 1791 (D.R.); P. Will proved 1791. He m. (M.I. 
Dublin 1749), Amy Benson . He had a son Rev. Hugh (R. of Drum- 
cheeran, q.v.) by his wife Amy who d. in childbirth Nov. 1759. 

1791. Hugh Nevin, coll. 23 Sep. (D.R.) res. July i, 1794, for Preb. 
Kilskeery. See Derryvullen. 

1794.- James Johnstone, coll. July 3 (D.R.). Was M.A. (not identifiable), 
ip T.C.D. He had been Chaplain at Copenhagen to the British Envoy 
Extraordinary to Denmark, and was celebrated for his researches into 
Scandinavian Antiquities and for his translations of Danish and Norwegian 
Classics. Was R. & V Magheracross 1785-94, d 28 July, 1798 (D.R.) 
His P. Will Was proved in 1799. His Library was sold in 1810. 
He pub. : 

(1) Lodbrokar Quida or The Death Song of Lodbroe. Islandic and 

English With a glossary, 8vo., 1782. 

(2) Antiquitates Celto-Scandicae, 1784. 

(3) Antiquitates Celto-Normannicae, 1786. 

(4) Anecdotes of Olave the Black King of Man t Copenhagen, 1780. 

(5) The Norwegian Account of Haco's Expedition against Scotland. 
8vo., A.D. 1263, 8vo 1782. 

(6) The Robbery of the Nunnery, A Danish Ballad, Copenhagen, 1784. 
See D.N.B. 

1798.- William Atthill, coll. Dec. 15 (D.R.) He was the only s. and h. of 
Anthony John A., of Biandiston Hall (see B.L.G.) b. April, 1774, Was M.A. 
and Fell, of Caius and Gonville Coll., Camb.. 1796. With this Preb. he 
held from 1818 to 1847, the R. and V. Magheraculmoney; m. April 1st, 
1805, Henrietta Margaret Eyre, eldest dau. of Rev. Geo. Maunsell, R. of 
Drumcree, PortadoWn, and Dean of Leighlin,and had issue 7 sons, including 
(i) Rev. William, his heir, b. II July, 1807, T.C.D. BA. 1830, M.A. 1856, 
Canon of Middleham, Yorks, 1839-55, m. and had issue ; (2) Robeit, ent. 
T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1826, aged 16, b. in Co Tyrone, B.A. 1831, Staff Assistant 
Surgeon to the Forces, d. abroad 1839 > (3) R ev - Richard, b. in Co. Ferm., 
ent. T.CD. Nov. 5, 1827, a ed I ^ B.A. 1832, R. Clenchwarton, Norfolk, 
m. and issue, d. 1870 ; (4) John Grey Porter, b. in Co. Ferm., ent. T.C.D. 
Oct. 19, 1829, a e< 3 *6> ed. by Mr. Wall, B.A. 1835, called to Irish Bar 
1836, Chief Justice of St. Lucia ; (5) Henry, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. 
Harrison, at Maidstone, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 15, 1841, aged 16, m. and has 
issue ; (6) Lombe, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Graham at Enniskillen, ent. 
T.C.D. July i, 1844, aged 16, B.A. 1849, M.B. 1849, M.D. 1865, m. and had 
issue ; (7) Edward Eyre, J.P., Co. Fer. He had also 3 daus. (see 
B.L.G.) He Was the author of 

The Way of Catechizing, Dub., Curry, 1840. 

The Church Catechism with Scripture Proof, Dub. do. 

and d. at Hull, Yorks, Mar. 5, 1847, aged 73, (B.L.G. has Mar. 7) P. Will 
proved 1847. 


1847. Henry Tottenham! coll. May 6 (D.R.) He was s. of Lord Robert T., 
Bp. of Clogher, b. at Tamworth 17 Sep., 1814, ed. by Mr. Lloyd, ent. T.C.D. 
as S.C. Oct. 17, 1834, a e( i IQ, 3.A. 1838, M.A. 1844, B.D. 1871, oid D. at 
Holywood (Down) for Clogher Dio., Dec. 16, 1838, P. 1839, c - Aughna- 
mullen 1839, R- Aghabog 1840-4, Chanc. Clogher 1844-7 Annuity de- 
clared 1870, 541 33. 2d. d. unm, Jan. 6, 1875, aged 60. His Will Was 
proved 24 Mar., 1875, effects being about 15,000, his bro. Rev. George T,, 
Was Exor. 

1875. Henry Charles Groves, coll. Feb. 19, insta. Mar. 19 (D.R.), 
son of Rev. Edward Kelly G., V. Holywood, Co. Down, b. in Dub. 22 Dec,, 
1822, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 1838, B.A. 1845 (Sen. Mod. Eth.), M.A. and Div. 
Test (i) and Reg. Prof. Div. Pii. (i) 1848, B.D. and D.D. 1866, oid D. 
1849, P. 1850; A College "grinder " till 1852, Hon. C. St. Mark's, Dub., 
1849, C. Kinsale 1852, C. Mnlla brack 1853-5, C. Kilrnore (Armagh) 1855-8, 
P.C. Mullavilly 1858-72, C.-in-Ch. Donaghmoine 1872-3, R. do. 1873-88 
res. the R. Donaghmoine in 1883, but retained the Preb. of Donacavey, 
doing temporary duty and literary work; m. Dec. 5, i86r, Kate, dau. of 
Tennison Little, of Cork, and had issue (i) Tenison A., B.A. T.C.D., Record 
Agent, .Blackrock, Dublin ; (2) Henry Charles, L.C.R.S.I., Monmouth ; 
(3) Francis William, Provincial Land Suiveyor, British Columbia ; and 2 
daus, Eleanoi Elizabeth and Kate Frances Mary. He d. at I Eaton Sq., 
Monkstown, Dub., 20 Jan. 1903, bur. in Mt. Jerome Cemetery. 

Pub., amongst other Works (see Armagh Clergy, p. 388 for full list) : 

The Latin Verson of Dean Nowett's Catechism, Dub., 1871. 
The Doctrines and Practices of the Jesuits. Lond., 1889. 

The Titular Archbishops of Ireland in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 
Dub., A.P.C.K. 1897. 

Commentary on Genesis. Lond., 1861. 

1903. William Cripps Ledger, coll. April 30, insta. June n (D.R.) T.C.D. 
B.A. and Div. Test. (2) 1853, M.A. 1866, oid. D. 1854, p - 1855, Killaloe, 
C. St. John's, Limerick, 1854-5, C. Kilfinaghty 1855-60, C. CastletoWnarra 
1860-2, C. Shinrone 1862-70, C.Lisnaskea 1870-3, R.Lisnaskea 1873 to 1905 
When he res. both R. and Preb. on 31 Mar., m. July 4, 1866, Henrietta 
Grace, 2nd dau. of Wm. Smith, J.P., of Northland, Co. Tipp, and had 
issue. His son Robert E., of Assam m. Susie (B.A.), dau. of James W. 
Paxton. He d. at 14 Winton Av., Rathgar, Co. Dublin, May 30, 1920, in 
his 93rd year. 

1905. James MacManaway, coll. July 8, insta. July 14 (D.R.), res. in 1912. 
See Bishops. 

1912. Joseph Ruddei I, coll. Oct. 19, insta. Oct. 22 (D.R.), res. in 1923 for 
Archdeaconiy. See Archdeacons. 


1923. Thomas Dagg, inst. Aug. 5, insta. Sep. 5 (D.R.) t b. 22 Oct. y 1869, 
at Coolkenno, Co. WickloW, son of Thomas D. ed. at The King's Hospital, 
Dublin, T.C'D, B.A. 1895, Div. Test. (2) 1896, M.A. 1899, otd. D. 1896, 
P. 1897, Dublin, C. St. Paul's, Dub., 1896-1901, C. Taney 1901-2, R. 
Templecarne 1903-8, R. Magheraculmoney 1908-10, R FivemiletoWn 
1910, m. and has issue, three daus. Maisie, Eileen and Margery. He 
became Chancellor in July, 1927. 

1927. Thomas Stewart Watson, R. of Carrickmacross, succeeded. See 

1622. Alexander Dunbar appears (R.V.) 

1627. Archibald Erskine (name also spelled " Arreskin ',) M.A.,. pres. 
by the Crown, Sep. 24 (L.M., v. 107), inst. 28 Feb.; 1627/8, to the R, & V. 
Tullycorbet and the V. Aghnamullen (F.F.}, dispensed to hold the Prebs. 
of Tullycorbet and Devenish, 23 Feb., 1628; res. this Preb, in 1629; see 
Prebs. Devenish. 

1629. Robert Boyle, coll. Nov. 20, ind. Feb. 21, 1629/30 (R.V., 1634), but 
F.F. has coll. Nov. 30, ind. Feb. 10, 1629/30; ord. D. July 12, 1621, P. 
Nov. 27, 1621, M.A. (R.V.) allowed to hold the V. Magheross (Carrickma- 
cross) and the V. Magheraculmoney with this Preb. from 1628, by faculty, 
and also the V. Aghnamullen from 1629/30. He is named in the King's 
Letters as 6th Preb. in 1630 and 5th Preb. in 1631. The Value of the 
Preb. in 1634 was 60. He Was seized by the rebels in 1641 and plundered 
of property worth 1,520 (Dep. of 1641, T.C.D.) We find him Common- 
wealth Minister at Carrickmacross in 1660 (Commw. Pps. Vol. A/25, PP- 
329,331). John Kerrin 1661 claimed the living of Tullycorbet (V.B.} 
Boyle seems to have held till 1664, when he res. a short time before his 
death. The Pay. Reg. of Carrickmacross has the entry " Robert Boyle, 
the Minister, was buried the 26th day of June, 1665." 

1664. George MacKullo, [McCullough] inst. Nov. 2 (F.F.), insta. Nov. 4, 
(V.B.}, also R. Aghnamullen, 1664-95, ord. P. 30 July, 1662. Exchanged 
Tullycorbet, &c., for V. Carlingford with Alexander Read in 1675, d. in 
1695 (D.R. Arm.) 

1675. Alexander Read, coll. and adm. Preb. July 21 (F.F.) was M.A., also R. 
& V. Aghnamullen from July 15, 1675. Was V. Carlingford 1665-75. An 
Alex. R. was Lie. C. of St. Andrew's, Dub., in 1674 and m. Leila Murray, 
of St. Marks (M.L., Feb. 6, 1672) and had a son, Rev. James, b. in Dub., 
ed. by Mr. Davis, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. July 18, 1694, aged 17, Sch. 1698 
B.A. 1699, M.A. 1702, B.D. & D.D. 1734, ord. P. St. Saviour's, Dub., 3 1 
May, 1702, R. Kilvellane, Cashel, 1709-34. Alexander R. was probably 


the same as A. R., who was R. Aghanlo (Derry), 1663-1701/2 ob. 
See also Appendix Additions and Corrections. 

1678. William Smith, adm. Preb. Mar. 26 (F.F.), res. on 25 June, 1678, for 
R. Monaghan, (see Clones.) 

1678. Daniel Fitzsimons, coll. and adm. Preb. June 25 (F.F.) He was s. 
of Rev. Philemy F., Prec. of Cork, and b. at Aghada, Cork, ed. by Mr. Wrn. 
Schruggs, at Cork, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 30,1666/7, aged 16, Sen. 1667, M.A. 
1674, was V. Chor., Cloyne, 1669-74 (dep.) Was V. Donard, Donagh- 
more .O'Mayle, and R. & V. Hollywood (Dublin), 1674-81, V. Finglas 
1681 and R. Tankardstown and Ballyroan, Kilclonbrock, Kilcolmanbane 
and Tymahoe (Leighl.), 1681-1713, holding also the Prec. Ferns 1679-1713. 
He was attainted in 1689 and appears in King's Lists as " Thomas 'Fitz- 
simons, of Tullycorbet, Clk." We find an inhibition against him in 
Dublin in 1683, perhaps for non -residence, as he seems to have been a great 
pluralist? He m. Una, dau. of Margaret Burke, of Bandon, widow (M.L, 
Bond dated 25 May, 1677) and had a son Daniel, b. in Queen's County, 
who ent. T.C.D. Nov. 16, 1698, aged 15, ed. by Mr. Hint on, Queen's Co., 
Sch. 1701, B.A. 1703. He seems to have res. this Preb. in 1694 an< ^ ^ 
early in 1713 (D.R. Ferns, see also Brady ii., 158). 

1694. Matthew Buchanan, coll. May 5 (D.R.) He Was s. of Geo. B., b. in 
Co; Donegal, ed. by Mr. Dunbar (at Enniskillen), ent. T.C.D. June 15, 
1681, aged 21, B.A; c. 1684-5, M.A. 1688, ord. D. 30 Jan., 1685-6, ord. P. 
June 9, 1689. He seems to have also acted as C. Clogher in 1695 (V.B.), 
but it appears from D.R. that he spent most of his time in England. In 
the Bellingham Diary May 6, 1690, occurs the entry at Prestbn " I saw 
one Buchanan, who Was a Minister att Clogher in Ireland." He d. in 1729 
(D.R.) He was mar. and had issue, a son, Rev. George, b. in Co. Tyrone, 
B.A., T.C.D., 1724, who became R. Layde, 1736-7, and R. Navan, 1737-45. 

1729. Robert Jones, coll. May 3 (F.F.) He was s. of Rev. Evan J., Preb. 
Cahirlag, and bro. of Rev. Evan J., Preb. of Kilmainmore ; b. in Co. Cork, 
ed by Archdeacon Walls, at Dublin, ent. T.C.D. May 21, 1708, aged 15, 
B.A. 1712, M.A. 1715, Lie. C. Clogher 1718, R. & V. Inniskeen 1720-1, 
R. & V. Clontibret 1721, V. Donagh 1721-9, ordered at a Visitation in Sep. 
1742, to name a schoolmaster for Tullycorbet . The P. Will of Rev. Robert 
Jones, of Ballibea, was proved Dec. I, 1746, having been made on May 3, 
1746, the sole Exor. being James Willson, of Ballibea. 

1746. John Browne, coll. and adm. July I (F.F.), res. in 1751, for V. 
Donaghmoine q.v. 

1751. Henry Leslie, coll. and insta. July 24 (D.R.) He was the eldest son 
of Rev.- Peter L., R. of Ahoghill, by Jane, dau. of Anthony Dopping, Bp. 
of Meath, b. Oct. 1719, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1733, B.A. 1738, M.A. 1742, 
B.D. 1745 [LL.D. not recorded, but in D.R. Arm.,]; res. this Preb. in 1759, 


for Preb. Ballymore (Tandragee) Armagh, which he held till his death on 
9 Feb., 1803 (see Armagh Clergy, p. 67). He m. in 1753, Catherine, dau of 
Rev. Charles Meredyth, Preb. Tynan and had issue (i) Peter Henry, b. 
1755, killed in action in America ; (2) Charles Albert, of Ballybay, who 
erected a tablet to his father's memory in Ballybay Church; and a dau, 
Catherine Letitia, m. Wm. Foster, D.D., Bp. of Clogher (see Bishops and 
B.L.G. "Leslie of Ballybay.") ' 

1759. Walter Cope, coll. Feb. 9 (F.F.) He was s. and h. of Walter a, 
of Drummilly (see B.L.G.), b. c. 1712, ed. by Rev. Eneas M f Mullen, ent. 
T.C.D. May 10, 1728, aged 16, B.A. 1732 [D.D. not recorded] Held with 
this Preb. from Oct. 25, 1759, the Deanery of Dromore, to 1771, when he 
res. for R. Loughgilly (Armagh). He was cons; as Bp. of Clonfert in the 
Chapel Royal, Dub. Castle, on Mar. 15, 1772, by the Abp. of Armagh, 
assisted by the Bps. of Kilmore and Dromore ; Was trans, to Ferns 1782 ; m. 
Anne, dau. of Sir Arthur Acheson, and d.s.p. at Drummilly, July 31, 1787. 
(See Armagh Clergy, p. 354, B.L.G. and Peerages, " Gosford ".) 

1771. John Jackson, coll. Sep. 21 (F.F.) res. in 1783 (see Archdeacons). 

1784. William Wolseley, coll. Jan. 28 (D.R.), 3rd s. of Sir Richard W., 
Bart., of Mt. Wolseley, Co. Carlow, M.P., by Jane, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Molyneux, Bart., of Castle Dillon, and wid. of Wm. Rogerson. During 
his early life he served in the army as Captain of the 8th Hussars, captured 
a Standard at Dettingen, 1743, and went through the " Seven Years' War," 
1756-63, Was V. Clontibret, 1777-84, m. Jane, only child of Samuel Hul- 
bert, of Cosham, Wilts., and had with 8 daus., 6 sons, viz. (i) Rev. Wil- 
liam, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Carpendale (Armagh), ent. T.C.D. Nov. 9, 
1789, aged 18, B.A. 1794, became R. Glenarm and Dunaghy, and m. Wini- 
fred, dau. of Cadwallader Edwards, of Co. Wexford, and had with others, 
Ven. Cadwallader, Archdeacon of Glendalough, and Rev. Capel, R. of Lissa- 
dill ; (2) Rev. Charles, ent. T.C.D., Oct. 7,1793, aged 17, b. in Cork, B.A. 
1798, who Was his father's Curate in Tullycorbet 1800, Lie. 1802, and who 
became R. Ballyculter, m. and d. s.p. 21 Sep., 1838, aged 63 ; (3)Rev. Henry 
Hulbert, b. in Cork, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 7, 1793, aged 17, Sch. 1796, B.A. 
1798, became V. Saintfield, m. and d. s.p. ; (4) John, M.D., m. and had issue; 
(5) Garnet Joseph, Major 25th K. O. Borderers, who m. Frances Anne, 
dau. of Wm. Smith, of Golden Bridge House, Dublin, and Was father of 
Sir Garnet Joseph, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., Field Marshal, &c., created Baron, 
1882 and Viscount Wolseley of the United Kingdom 1885 ; (6) Robert 
Benjamin, Major, 88th Regt., who m. Alicia, dau. of Sir Robert Warren, 
and wid. of Rev. John Townsend, and was father of Ven. Wm. Hulbert, 
Archd. of Kilfenora d. 1899, an( * ^ ev - Robert Warren, V. of Cautley, Yorks., 
1889-94 (See also Foster's Baronetages, &c.) Rev. W. W. d. Nov. 15, 1800 
(D.R.) and his P. Will was proved in 1800. 

1801, Harcourt Lees, coll. May 2 (F.F.), res. 12 Aug., 1806, for R, & V. 
Killany q.v. 


1806. John Hussey-Burgh, coll. and insta. Aug. 23 (D.R.) He was the 
eldest s. of Rt. Hon. Walter Hussey-Burgh, Lord Chief Baron of the Ex- 
chequer, and succ. his father in the property of Drumkeen, Co. Limerick, 
in 1783. He does not seem to have been ed. in T.C.D. ; was R. Aghabog 
1803-6. The Parish of Tullycorbet was sequestered, because of his non- 
residence 23 Sep., 1809. According to Cotton (iii., 103) George Alley 
subscribed to the Roll of Oaths [which seems not to be extant] on 6 Aug., 
1807, as about to be coll to this Preb., but the collation did not take place. 
Burgh probably resided at his seat at Dromkeen and on Mar II, 1823, ne 
exchanged the Preb. for the R. of the Union of Grean (Emly) in which Drom- 
keen was situated, with Morgan Jellett (below). He m. 31 July, 1800 
Mary, dau. of Robert Burgh, and B.L.G. gives his issue as follows : (i) 
Walter, of Dromkeen ; (2) Rev. Robert [ent. T.C.D. as S.C. July 13, 1821, 
b. in Somerset Sep. I, 1803, where, perhaps, his father was curate before he 
came to Aghabog, B.A. 1827, M.A. 1829, m - Louisa, dau. of James Fitz- 
gerald, of Stephentown, Co. Clare] ; (3) Edward, b. 30 Nov., l8ll, m. and 
had issue ; (4) Thomas, b. 30 Nov., 1816, m. and had issue ; and a dau. 
Anne. But I find in Alumni Dublinensis that John Hussey B. son of 
John, Clericus (? the Preb.), b. in Dub., ent. T.C.D. Oct. I, 1823, a ed l8 - 
Mr. Burgh, who seems to have been M.A., held the R. Grean till his death 
on 7 May, 1830. 

1823. Morgan Jellett, coll. July 3 (D.R.) He was son of John J., Jeweller, 
of Dublin, and came of a family of French extraction, which settled in Co. 
Down in the time of James I., previous to 1632. Wm. Jellett, m. Catherine 
Morgan, and settled on lands granted to the Morgan family at Tullyard, 
near Moira, in 1645, and confirmed by the Act of Settlement, 1660-1. 
John J., of Dublin, was s. of Morgan J., of this family, owner of Tullyard, 
which the family sold. Morgan had another son, Rev. Matthew J., R. of 
Moira. John's son, Morgan, the Preb., ent. T.C.D. Sep. 6, 1802, aged 15, 
b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Fay, B.A. 1807, M.A. 1811. He was R. Bally- 
murreen (Cashel) 1815-7, Preb. Killardry (Cashel) 1817-20, R. Grean 
(Emly) 1820-3. He m. Harriett Townsend, dau. of Hewitt Poole, of 
May field, Co. Cork, and had issue (i) Rev. John Hewitt, b. 1817 in Co. 
Tipp., ed. by Mr. Turpin, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 21, 1833, Sch. 1836, B.A. 1838, 
Fell. 1840, M.A. 1843, B.D. 1866, D.D. 1881, Provost 1881, Prof, of Nat. 
Philos. 1847, Pres, R.I.A., F.R.S., d. Feb. 19, 1888 (see D.N.B.); (2) James 
Holmes, b. in Co. Tipp., ent. T.C.D. Jan. 14, 1837, a ec i *7> e &- by Mr. 
Turpin, B.A. 1841, M.A. 1844, d. 1858 ; (3) Rev. Henry b. 16 July, 1821, 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1837, B - A - 1842, M.A. 1846, B.D. and D.D. 1873, Dean 
of S. Patrick's, Dublin, 1899-1901, d. 31 Dec., 1901, having m. and had issue 
(see Cole's Records of Cork etc., pp. 151-3) ; (4) Hewitt Poole, ent. T.C.D. 
Oct. 16, 1840, aged 16, ed. at Edgeworthstown Sch., b. in Co. Mon., B.A. 
1846, M.A. 1864, became ist Sergt.-at-Law; and a dau. Harriett m. Rev. 
Hewitt R. Poole, F., T.C.D, He d. in 1832 in which year his P. Will was 
proved. He pub. : 

A Collect-ion of Anthems sung in His Majesty's Chapel Royal and in the 
Cathedral Churches of England and Ireland. 8vo., Dub., 1821. 


1832. John Hare, coll. and insta. Jan. ig (F.F.) He was the eldest s. of 
John H., of Upper Fitzwilliam St., Dublin, and of Deerpark, Co. Tipp, 
" Pragmaticus," b. in Dub., ent. T.C.D., July 5, 1821, aged 17, B.A. 1826, 
M.A. 1832, LL.B. 1840. V. Errigletrough 1831-2, m. at Cashel Cath. 2 
Nov., 1841, Mary, eldest dau. of Matthew Pennefather, of New Park, 
Co. Tipp., D.L., M.P. for Cashel; d. intest. at Holies St., Dub., 23 Dec., 
1860 (D.R.), admin, granted to his wid. Mary, Feb. 21, 1861. He had. an 
only dau., Anne, m. 8 Aug., 1871, Right Hon. John George Gibson, P.C., 
M.P., Judge of the King's Bench Division, Ireland, brother of Edward, 
1st Lord Ashbourne. He was evidently descended from Rev. Patrick 
Hare (see Cleenish Curates) as he had a sister, Mary Crazier H., who m. at 
S. Peter's, Dublin, 19 Dec., 1829, Michael Wm. Phipps, of Pembroke, 
Co. Cork, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles Hare, D.D. 
F., T.C.D., who was son of Rev. Patrick (H.B.S.) 

1861. Adderly Willcocks Campbell, coll. Feb. 12, insta. April 7 (D.R.). 
He was son of Burrowes C., Barr.-at-Law, b. in Dub., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 
1820, aged 17, ed. by Mr. White, B.A. 1825, M.A. 1832, ord. D. 1828, P. , 
C. Donaghmoine 1839-43, P.C. Broomfield 1843-61 ; does not seem to have 
commuted up to 31 Dec., 1874; m (i) Jemima, 2nd dau. of Sir Amyrald 
Dancer, Bart., and had issue, an only son, ReV. Dillon Charles, who was 
C. Creggan in 1861, and C. Rathfarnham in 1871, and who m. 6 July, 
1861, Anna Selina, dau. of Alex. Reid, of Dublin. He had also a dau., 
Grace Elizabeth, m. Dec. I, 1874, Francis C. GarVey. He d. in 1885, and 
his Will was proved 2 April, 1885, by his wid. Esther Georgina ; effects 
over 3,000. 

1885. Elias Tardy, coll. Jan. 29 to the Preb. only, the parish having been 
separated, consequent on Disestablishment, insta. Feb. 20 (D.R.) He was 
the eldest son of James T., a well-known Entomologist, by Mary Anne, 
dau. of James Johnston, of Corkeeran, Co. Mon., and Fir House, Co. Dub,, 
previously of Dumfries; T.C.D. B.A. 1833, Ord. D. 1837 Kildare, P. 1838 
Dublin, C. New Ross 1837-41, C. East Farleigh, Kent, 1841, V. Grinton, 
Yorks. 1842-50, V. Aughnamullen 1850-1888. He came of a Huguenot 
family that had been resident for generations on the Charente in the Pro- 
vince of Saintonge, and through connection with the Du Bedat family, 
he was Trustee of the French Church in Dublin ; was also J.P., Co. Mon. 
He m. in 1837, Sarah, 2nd dau. of Edmund Charles Cotterell, of the Grove 
Hornchurch, Essex, and had issue (i) James Francis Barham, J.P., b. 25 
Dec., 1841, d. Dec. 14, 1894, of Balla Lodge, Co. Mayo ; (2) Rev. Charles 
Joseph Hill (see Magheracloone) and 2 daus., viz., Elizabeth Mary, d. 10 
March, 1853 (Tablet in Aughnamullen Church), and Lucretia Anne m. 
April, 1877, Charles, son of Wm. Foot, J.P., of Raglan Road, Dublin. 
He d. at the Rectory, Aughnamullen, Mar. 3, 1888, aged 74, bur. at Augh- 
namullen (see also B.L.G.) 

1892. Edward John Bury, was appointed Preb. He does not seem to have 
been regularly coll. for there is no record in the D.R. of eithercoll. or insta. 


But in C.I. Gazette of July 13, 1900, he is said to have been installed on 
30 June, 1900 land another later issue has his insta. as 5 July, 1900 ; b. at 
Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, 1830, son of John JBagnell B.; T.C.D., Abp. King's 
Pri. (ist), 1852, B.A. and Div. Test 1853, Heb. Pri. 1853, M -A. 1863, ord. D. 
1853, P- 1854, Armagh, C. Muckno 1853-5, c - Monaghan 1855-72, R. 
Clontibret 1872-1901. Was also Canon of Clogher and Exam. Chapl. 
1891-1901; m. July 8, 1860, Anna, yst. dau. of Henry Rogers, J.P., 
The Hill, Monaghan, and had issue including (i) John Bagnell, T.C.D. 
Sch. 1879, B -A. 1882, Fell. 1885, M.A. 1885, p rof. Mod. Hist, at T.C.D. 
1893, and afterwards at Cambridge, author of works on the Roman Em- 
pire, Life of St. Patrick, etc. ; (2) Rev. Henry Rogers Somerville, T.C.D. 
B.A. 1888, d. at Brighton June 28, 1892 ; (3) Rev. Robert Gregg, who succ. 
his father at Clontibret (q.v.) ; (4) Raymond, M.R.C.S.I., b. 25 Feb., 
1882; and one dau., Isa, wife of John Gray, R.M., Belfast, m. at 
Clontibret Nov. 17, 1892 ; the Par. Reg. records the baptism of their 
children Norman, b. May 15, 1894, Mary Cecil, Dorothea Geraldine, and 
Ian Bury, b. Sep. n, 1900 He d. at Clontibret Feb. 21, 1901, aged 70. 

In D.R. of 1900 Robert Gregg Bury is said to have been appointed 
Preb. Tullycorbet, 30 June, 1900 and installed 7 July, 1900^. Query ? 
error fo his fatherr. \ 

1901. Arthur Newburgh Haire-Forster, mand. for insta. 19 Mar. ; insta. 
Mar. 22 (D.R.}, res. for Precentor 1903, became Dean in 1911. 

1904. Robert M'Gregor, R. Lisbellaw (q.v.) was appointed Preb., but d. 

on Jan. 14, before he was installed. 

1904.- William Hanna Bradley, coll. Feb. 16, insta. March 10 (D.R.) 
b. Jan. IO, 1850, at Kilrush, Co. Clare, son of Elisha B., ed. at Ennis College 
and Queen's Coll., Cork and London Univ., ord. D. 1874, P. 1876 Armagh. 
C. Muckno 1874-6, C. Aghalurcher 1876-8, C. Monaghan 1878-81, R, 
Aghavea 1881-94, R. Monaghan 1894-1910, Dioc. Sec. Clogher 1901-10, 
m. Mar. 28, 1876, Martha Eveline, 2nd dau. of Parker Molloy, of Dublin, 
had issue (l) Albert George, Capt. in Indian Marine Service, d. May, 1922 ; 
(2) Rev. William Herbert, M.A., T.C.D., R. of Coleraine and Canon of 
Connor ; (3) Charles, emigrated to America ; (4) Dr. Frederick Hoysted, 
D.S.O., Lieut.-Col. R.A.M.C., killed in action Sept., 1918. 

He d. at the residence of his son, Rev. W. H. Bradley, at Jordanstown 
Rectory, Co. Antrim, May 15, 1910, aged 60. His wid. survives him. 
A Memorial Tablet to him in Monaghan Church has the inscription : 
" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of the late Rev. Canon William 
Hanna Bradley, Rector of this Parish, 1894-1910. This Tablet is erected 
and ' Bradley Memorial Prizes ' for the Senior Pupils in the Sunday 
School, founded by the Parishioners of Monaghan." 

1910- George Gardiner Parkinson-Cumine, coll. Oct. 5, insta. Nov. 28 
(D.R.} He was yst. s. of Rev. William P., B.A. (at one time C. Ballymas- 
canlan) of an old Co. Down family, and took the additional surname of 


Cumine. Q.U.I. (Belf .), B.A. 1874, M.A. 1882, ord. D. and P. 1876 Down, 
C. Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, 1876-7, C. Ch. Ch., Lisburn 1877-80, R. New- 
townsaville 1880-4, R. Galloon 1884-1916, m. Kathleen Dora, dau. of 
Benjamin Deane, of Cappoquin (she d. 27 Nov., 1918) and had issue. His 
eldest son, George Deane, d. aged 7, March 28, 1892. A son was Capt. 
in the Machine-Gun Corps, and his only dau., Frances Kathleen Gladys, 
m. June 19, 1918, Rev. Edward Godfrey Sullivan, M.A. He d. at New- 
townbutler Rectory, Aug. 28, 1915. 

1916.- William Jackson Nicholson, coll. Oct. 13, insta. Nov. I (D.R.), 
T.C.D. B.A. 1886, M.A. 1890, ord. D. 1887, P. 1888 Kilmore, C. Aghavea 
1887-9, C. Derryvullen N. 1889-91, R. do. 1891-23, retired on Superannua- 
tion 1923. 


1923. John O'Connor, coll. 9 May, insta. Sep. 5 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 
(Resp.) 1900, M.A. 1920, ord. D. 1895, P. 1896 (Clogher), C. Lisnaskea 
1895-8, R. Errigle Shanco 1898-9, R. Belleek 1899-1906, R. .Killeevan 
1907-20, Tempy. C.F. 1916-20, Hon. do. 1920, R. Monaghan 1920. Canon 
O'Connor is of a family that gave 5 sons to the Ministry, viz., late Rev. 
Chancellor Timothy, of Donoughmore, Co. Wicklow ; Rev. William, for- 
merly of S.P.G. ; Rev. Daniel Hamilton, Treas. of Kildare Cath. ; Rev. 
Dallas Alexander, R. of Donoughmore, Co. Wicklow, and the Canon above. 
He became Chancellor Oct. i, 1925, and in July, 1927, was promoted to 
the Precentorship. 

1925 William Auchinleck Stack succeeded. Co.ll. Oct. I, insta. Nov. 5 
(D.R.) See under Muckross. 


1432. Maurice O'Lengussa, coll. Canon of Clogher, R. Tighcallon and V. 
Laghtyg 26 June (Armagh D.R.) 

1540. Thomas O'Dangussa, Canon of Clogher and R. Tynan, coll to this 
Preb. by the Primate Nov. 2 (Armagh D.R.) 

1622. Edward Hatton, M.A., appears Preb. (R.V.) held it with Karrick- 
malis [=Monaghan] in 1629 and 1631 (C.P.RJ. and C.S.P.I., 1625,625). 

1632. George Cottingham, coll. Oct. 16, 1632, ind. Mar. 15, 1632/3 
(R.V. 1634), T.C.D., Sch. Oct. 27, 1621, B.A. 1624, M -A. 1627, Fellow ( b y 
Mandate) 1627, orcl - D-. and p - Sep. 12, 1629 ( R - v -} TJie Pre b- was value 
for 50 in 1634. He was Chapl. to Lord Valentia (Spottiswoode Life p. 148) 
Like his predecessor, he held also the R. Monaghan. His claim to the 
Preb. was disputed in 1634 by Edward Eagar on the ground that he had 
obtained it simoniacally, and was an absentee. He petitioned for it this 


year (see S.P.I. 1633, 4 1 )- ^ n I 64i, while he was " Parson of Monaghan," 
he was " imprisoned in a horrible dungeon " by the rebels, and plundered 
of his property, but he managed to escape with his wife and four small 
children, first to Beaulieu and thence to Dublin (Dep. of i64i-March 5, 
1642). He was bro. of Henry C., Dean of Clonmacnoise and had a son 
Capt. Jas. C., who m. 1674/5 Eliz., 2nd dau. of Lewis Desminyeres, Lord 
Mayor of Dublin, 1669. (See Ball Wright m Irish Builder, Dec. I, 1887). 

1661. John Kerr, coll. Preb. Tyholland and R. Monaghan, Mar. 28, insta. 
April i (Armagh D.R.), B.D., ord. P. n May, 1652, res. this Preb. Oct. I, 
1661, held Archdeaconry of Clonfert and the Deanery of Ardagh 1661-1702. 
Was V. Granard 1665-1702, left a Chalice, still in use, to Ardagh Cathedral, 
which bears his Coat of Arms and initials. His son, Richard ent. T.C.D. 
July 9, 1673, aged 15. See also under Monaghan 

1661. Patrick Leslie, coll Sep. 25, insta. Sep. 30 (V.B.) held also with this 
Preb. the R. Monaghan from 1661, and the R. Muckno from 1664. He was 
eldest son of John L., of Baddifurrow, Aberdeenshire, by Margery Strachan 
his wife, and grandson of Sir Patrick L , 5th Laird of Kincraigie in Mar. 
(Fed. U.O.), b. 1611, Aberdeen Univ. Matric. 1625, M.A. 1629, Episcopal 
Minister of Kinkell, Aberdeen, deposed by the Covenanters. The Bp. 
of Clogher, his kinsman, then appd. him to this Preb., &c. He m. Mary, 
dau. of the celebrated Rev. John Forbes, of Corse, Prof, of Div., in King's 
Coll , Aberdeen, and d. 1678 01 1679 leaving issue, Rev. John Leslie, M.A., 
Aberdeen Univ. who became R. of Kilmacrenan in 1661, and Dean of 
Deny 1672, who purchased the Manor of Coikagh in Raymochy Parish, 
and renamed^it Kincraigie ; Will dat. II Aug., 1693, left issue by his wife 

1678. William Warynge (or Warren), adm. and coll. June 25 (F.F.}, ord. 
P. 4 Apr., 1672 (V.B.. 1673) held also V. Aughnamullen 1678-91. " Wil- 
liam Warren, of Monaghan, Clk," was attainted in 1689. (King's Lists). 
He d. in 1691 (D R.) 

c1691. John Winder, There is no record of his appointment, but there is 
a note of his res. in 1692 (D.R.) He was son of Colonel Cuthbert W., of 
Wingfield, Berks., and came to Ireland as Chapl. to William III.; became 
V. Magheraharolet and Aghagallon in 1693. On Jan. 13, 1698, he was V. 
Carnmoney. Succeeded Swift as Preb. Kilroot, Mar. n, 1697/8-1717. 
He was still alive in Feb. 1731/2, when he addressed a letter from Belfast 
to Swift (Dr. Ball's Ed. of Swift's Correspondence i., 23 and iv. 281) He 
m. Jane, dau. of Major Done, of Cromwell's Army, by Letitia, dau. of 
Roger Lyndon, of Carrickfergus (U.J.A., 1861 Vol. ix, p. 6) He left 
issue (i) Rev. Edward, b. at Carnmoney, ed. by Mr. Clarke at Lisbuin, 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 9, 1713, aged 16, B.A. 1718, V. Carnmoney, m. Jane, 
dau. of Rev. Wm. Merryfield, and d. 1770 ; (2) Rev. Peter, br in Belfast, ed. 
by Mr. Clark, at Lisburn, ent. T.C.D. May 2, 1720, aged 18, B.A. 1724, 
V. Bangorand R. Ballyhalbert and St. Andrew's, Down, m. Jane, probably 


dau. of John Moore, of Drumbanagher, M.P., for she was grand-dau. of 
Patrick Savage, of Portaferry, H. Sheriff 1684 (Bdf. Newsletter, Sep. 26-29 
1786) ; she d. his widow at Sport Hall, Co. Down, 25 Sep., 1786. He had 
also (i) Jane, m. Rev. Edward Benson, Preb. St. Andrews, Down, and (2) 
Elizabeth, m. George Macartney, and was mother of Earl Macartney. 

1692 John Law, coll. Aug. 29, insta. Aug. 30 (V.B.), ord. P. April 25, 1691. 
T.C.D. Matric. has the entry " John Lawe, Pensioner, ed. by Mr. George 
Savage, ent. Oct. 28, 1682, aged 17. Son of Robert, generous, b. in Lis- 
burn," B.A. 1687. [Robert was, I believe, Rev. Robert, R. of Maghera- 
lin and Prec. of Drornore]. He is M.A. in V.B. He Was also R. Monaghan 
1692-1716. He was m. and had issue, including a son, Rev. John, b. in 
Co. Mon., and ed. there ; ent. T.C.D. Oct. I, 1713, aged 17, whose son 
Rev. Robert, was R. Aghalurcher. He d. in 1716 when his Will was 
proved. See an account of him in Kildare Arch. Jour., Vol. vi., p. 230. 
H was designated Bishop of Meath in 1716, but died before consecration. 

1718 John Cranston , promoted July 12 (F.F.), res. in 1718, and was made 
Archd. See Archdeacons. 

1718 Richard Richards, coll. Nov. 14 (D.R.), res. in 1720 for R. Killany, 

1720 Oliver Douglas, coll. Sep. 22 (D.R.), res. in 1738/9 for R. Monaghan, 

1738/9. James Hastings, coll. Mar. 23 (F.F.), C. Rossory 1711, C. Gal- 
loon 1717-22, R. Inniskeen 1721-39, was also V. Donagh 1746-51, and res. 
this Preb. in 1751 for, I think, the R. of Dromore which he held 
till 1752. J. H. was Archdeacon of Leighlin 1769-76, whose P. 
Will was proved in 1776 in which he mentions his brothers Rev. Dr. 
Thomas, Archd. of Dublin (see Prebs. Kilskeery) and Rev. Patrick 
(see Curates Donacavey) and his dau.-in-law, Jane Tindall. The follow- 
ing entries in Tehallen Par. Reg. evidently refer to members of this family 
" Mr. James Knox and Mrs. Rebecca Hastings married May n, 1749." 
" Jane Hastings, otherwise Somerwell, buried Aug. 15, 1751." He built 
a glebe house in Tyholland 1739/40 and got a certificate July 24, 1751, fo f 
375 T 7$- 6d., expended on it (D.R.) He was granted 40 acres for glebe 
July 12, 1749. (L.M. v., 129) He was V.G. of Clogher 1746-52. 

1752. George Wallen,coll. Jan. 17, insta. Jan. 24 (D.R.), res. in 1763 for 
R. & V. Killany. See Prebs. Devenish. 

1763. John Campbell, coll. June 29 (D.R.), res. in 1767 for Preb. Devenish. 
See Carrickmacross. 

1767. William Stopford,coll June 6 (D.R.), res. 1768 for V. Donaghmoine, 


1768. Joseph Story, coll. Mar. 12 (D.R.), res. in 1772. See Monaghan. 

1772. Thomas Campbell, coll. Aug. 15 (D.R.), res. in 1773. See Chan- 

1773. Mark Foster (or Forster), coll Feb. 8 (D.R.) His name does not 
appear in the Matric. Lists of T.C.D., but he was M.A. of Lambeth, con- 
ferred in 1772 (Public Monitor of 13 Oct. 1772)., ord. D. 24 Sept., 1763, 
P. 22 July, 1764 (S.R.) He was C. Tyholland in 1764, V. Donagh 1766-73, 
He m. Joyce Metge, of St. Thomas's Parish, Dub. [M.I. 8 Dec., 1774], 
Seems to have vacated this Preb. in 1777, and perhaps is Mark Foster, 
whose (Clogher) Will was proved in 1805. The Christian name Mark 
appears in 2 entries of the Foster family in Alum. Dublin, viz., Marcus 
Patterson F., son of Patrick, Generosus [==gent.], b. in Co. Clare 1776, and 
Mark F., son of Thomas, Vitrarius [= glazier or glassmaker], b. in Dublin 
1794. There was a Forster family settled at Enniskillen. 


1777. Joseph Warren, coll. Aug. 21 (D.R.), res. in 1784 for K. Monaghan, 

1784. Hugh Nevin, coll. Sep. 13 (D.R.), res. in 1787 for Preb. Devenish, 

1787 Robert Montgomery, coll. July 25 (D.R.), res. in 1792 for R. Monag- 
han q.v. 

1792. Samuel Hawkshaw, coll. July 20 (D.R.) He was s. of Rev. John H., 
R. of Monaghan, and bro. of Rev. Robert H., Preb. Taghmon, Ferns ; 
was ed. by Mr. Kerr, ent. T.C.D. July 8, 1766, B.A. 1771, LL.B. 1776, 
C. Donacavey 1772-3, C. Tedavnet i773-83~[88 ?], V. Donagh 1788-92, 
m. in 1788 Cassandra, dau. of Rev. Samuel Madden, of Kells, Co. Kilk. 
She d. 12 Ap., 1799 (B.L.G.) ; he had a son Charles, ed. by Dr. Burro wes 
at Portora, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1814, aged i6|, b. in Co. Monaghan, B.A. 
1819. He d. Mar. 4, 1806 (D.R.) and his (Clogher) Will was proved in 1806. 

1806. Edward Stanley, coll. May 9 (F.F.) He was eldest s. of Arthur S., 
Pharmacopeia " [=" Chemist"] of Dublin, and ent. T.C.D. Oct. 29, 
1788, aged 16, b. in Dub. ; ed. by Dr. Norris, Drogheda, B.A. 1792, M.A. 
1806 ; V. Errigletrough 1801-6, d. intestate April 14, 1812, aged 40 (Mont, in 
Tehallen). His wife Charlotte, to whom was granted admon. of his estate 
in 1812, d. Oct. 10., 1829, aged 57. 

1812. Charles Henry Crookshank,coll. June 2 (D.R.). He was the s. of 

Alexander C., Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, M.P. for Belfast, 
1776-83, by Esther, dau. of Alderman Wm. Kennedy, Mayor of Derry, 
1765-6 ; was b. in Co. Dublin, 18 June, 1776, ed. by Mr. Dowling, ent. 
T.C.D. July 2, 1792, aged 16, B.A. 1797, M.A. 1808 ; R. Randalstown 1798 
to 1809 ; was V, Laracor (Meath), 1809-12 ; m. 6 March, 1809, Harriett 


Morris, 7th dau. of Col. Thos. Morris Jones, of Moneyglass, and had 5 sons 
and 5 daus., including Alexander, b. in Co. Meath, ent. T.C.D. July 3, 
1826, aged 16, bur. at Tyholland, July 21, 1835 (Par. Reg.); and Thomas, 
b. in Co. Mon., ent. T.C.D. Dec. 7, 1829, a e( i T &> B.A. 1834, and Charles 
Henry, m. his cousin, Britannia Nixon, of Co. Cavan (see Visitation of 
Ireland, Vol. v.), and Arthur, bap. at Tyholland, 1826 (Par. Reg.), a dau. 
Esther, bap. Nov. 26, 1816, was bur. at Tyholland, Dec. 31, 1816 (ib.) 
He d. Aug. 12, 1836, aged 60 (Mont, in Tehallen Ch.) P. Will proved 1836. 

1836. John Rotheram Tarleton,coll. Aug. 24 (D.R.) He was the s. of 

Edward T., merchant, b. in Dub., ed. by Mr. Fea, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1815, 
aged 14, Sch. 1818, B.A. 1821, M.A. 1827, ord D- 4 J ul Y> I &24, P. 3 July, 
1825. Precs. V. Chor., St. Pat's., Dub., 1829-85. Came to Clogher as 
Domestic Chaplain of Bishop Tottenham, and was promoted by him to 
this Preb., which he held till his death at Tyholland Glebe, Feb. 21, 1885 ; 
m. Judith Catherine, only dau. of Frederick Falkner, of Congor House, Co. 
Tipp., and had issue, including Francis Alexander, bap. at Tyholland, 
June 3, 1841 Sen. Fellow T.C.D., Prof. Nat. Philosophy, &c. ; Frederick 
Falkiner, B.L. (who proved his father's Will April 16,1885, effects 1,852 
us. 6d.), Rev. John Tenison (see Kilmore), Col. Tarleton (retired), and 
a daughter unmarried. Disestablishment annuity 379 33. lid. He 
died February, 1885, aged 84, and was buried at Tyholland 25 February, 
1885 ; his wife died in 1868, buried at Tyholland (Par. Reg.) The East 
Window was erected as a memorial to him in 1887, and there is also a tablet 
to his wife in Tyholland Church. The Par. Reg. records the baptism of 
the following children of his son, Fred. F. and his wife, Caroline Campbell, 
viz., John Gilbert M'lvor, Feb. 2, 1862 ; Judith Amelia, Mar. 5, 1865, and 
Agnes Louisa, Mar. 19, 1870. 

1885. Francis James Hurst, coll. April 7, insta. Apr. 29 (D.R.), res. in 1902. 
See Archdeacons. 

1902. Elias Frank Naylor, coll. Aug. 30, insta. Sep. 12 (D.R.), res. in 1912. 
See Chancellors. 

1912. Arthur Thomas Webb, coll. and insta. Oct. 19 (D.R.) He was s. 
of Arthur Nugent W., of Prospect, Shinrone, Co. Tipp ; T.C.D. B.A. 1908, 
M.A. 1912, Div. Test, Downes' Comp. Pri. ; ord. D. 1898 Kilmore ; P. 
1899 Down, C. Clongish 1898-9, C. Ballymena 1899-1901, C. Ballyma- 
carrett 1901-3, C. Drumbeg 1903-7, R. Trory 1907-11, R. Enniskillen 
1911-19; m. 8th April, 1902, Gertrude, daughter of John Patrick, of 
Gladheather, County Antrim, and had issue, Arthur Patrick, ed. at 
Portora ; George and Dorothy. He d. Dec. 3, 1919 of scarlet fever. 

1920. John Hall, coll 29 April, insta. 14 May (D.R.), son of Charles H. b. 
27th Aug. 1858 at Edeogoash, Analore, Clones, ed. at St. Aidans Coll., 
1881, ord D. 1883, P. 1884, Yorks ; C. Kimberworth, Yorks, 1883-5 ; R- 


Tempo 1885-92, R. Garvary, 1892. Chairman of Co. Fermanagh Agri- 
cultural Committee since 1907, well-known as a successful breeder of 
Shorthorns ; Sec., Co. Ferm. Prot. Orphan Soc. ; was at one time on the 
staff of R.C.B. ; m. 1892 Mary Ellinor Hunter of Greystone House, Tempo, 
and has issue 3 sons, and 3 daus. 


Note. It is difficult to disentangle the Priors, Prebendaries, and 
Rectors of Devenish, as the Authorities are not at all clear, but it is 
probable that the first four names printed among the Rectors were not 
Canons, and, therefore, should not be in the list of Prebendaries. / The 
list of Prebendaries should probably read : 

-1390. Niali Ua Taichligh (O'Tully), Canon Chorister of Clochar and 
superior (comorba) of Daiminis, d. (Ann Ult. iii., 23). 

1450. Peter (or Pierce) O'Flanaga,n held the Priory of D. about this time, 
Was, it seems, dispossessed in 1451, owing to lay influence, according 
to A.F.M., but at his death in 1479 (Ann. Ult. iii. 267), he is described 
as " Pierce, son of Nicholas Ua Flannagain (see Rectors) one who 
Was Canon Choral in Clochar and Parson and Prior of Culdees, and 
Sacristan in Daiminis, and Official over Loch Erne." 

1479. Ochathasay, [O'Casey], Canon and Preb. of Devenish, d. at 
Rome this year (Ann. Hib. i., 40). This is probably Cornelius O'Casey, 
who was V. Devenish, and was coll. in 1451 to the Priory of Devenish . 
(Ann. Hib. i., 49), 

1479. -Thomas Magwgyr [Maguire], Prior of the Secular and Collegiate 
Church of St. Lassiran, binds himself for the first fruits of the Canonry 
and priestly Prebend of Daminys, and the Priory of the Secular and Colle- 
giate Church of St. Lassiran, value 40 marks, Oct. 2., Prov. Sep. 3 (Ann. 
Hib. i., 40) They were vacant by the death of O'Casey. 

1622. Malcolm Hamilton, appears "Preb., resident in the parish, but on 
his own land, the Church almost ruined, no [glebehouse] " (R.V.) He was 
an M.A. and D.D. Was the son of Archibald H., 4th son of Hamilton, of 
Deserf. He became Lord of the Manor of Castletown Monea, Parish of 
Devenish, by purchase in 1615, and lived in the Castle of Monea. He was 
Chanc. of Down 1612-29, became Abp. of Cashel 1623, was allowed to hold 
this Preb. in eotnmendam May 4, 1623, ano ^ again 17 Dec., 1628 (P.R.) 
He d. of fever at his house at Camus, near Cashel, April 25, 1629, anc ^ was 
bur. in his Cathedral, his Mont, is there but inscription is defaced (according 
to Cotton and Ware). The Fun. E. U. 0. gives the year of his death as 
1628. His P. Will was proved on 5 May, 1629. LordBelmore, in U.J.A., 
1895, p. 196, gives extracts from his Will, dated 27 Aug., 1627. He left 


his eldest son, Archibald, lands in Clandeboye [Archibald, of Ballygally 
and Moynea, Co. Tyrone, rn. Hon. Anna Balfour, dau. of Lord Glenawly, 
and wid. of Sir John Wemyss, Knt., and d. s.p. May 1659] ^fe k^ h* 8 
second son, Hugh, the land of Ballinistol, Co. Down. [Hugh wag created 
Lord Hamilton, of Glenawley, 2 Mar., 1660, and m. (i) Margaret Forath, 
wid. of Gen. Jas, W. Spens ; (2) Susanna, dau. of Sir Win. Balfour, of 
Pitcullo, and d. April, 1679. His son succ. as 2nd Lord Glenawley, 
and one of his daus. was the celebrated Nichola Sophia, Lady Beresford. 
He left his 3rd son, John, a bond of 1,000 marks, books and 
clothes. [John was of Tullyreney, Co. Perm,, Capt. in Army, and 
d. 1696, having m. Jean, dau of Jas. Summerville, of Tullykelter 
Castle, Devenish. His sons entered the Swedish service and from 
them descend the Barons Hamilton, of Hageby, and Counts Hamilton, 
of Bersebeck, Sweden] . To his 4th son, Malcolm [living in 1639] ne k^ 
lands in Fermanagh, subject to his wife's jointure, and his lease of Monea; 
to his 5th son Lewis 100 [Lewis entered the Swedish Army and was created 
I June, 1654, Baron Hamilton de Deserf, Sweden. He'd. '1662 and was 
bur. at Gottenburg, having m. Anna Katarina, dau. of Lars Grubbe, Lord 
of Ry Nabben, in Sweden. Their son, Gustavus H., was the celebrated 
Governor of Enniskillen in 1688. He succ. his grandfather as Lord of the 
Manor of Monea, and d. of fever Nov. 1690. After the death his estate 
passed successively to the families of King, Smyth, Brien and Reade]. 
Abp. Hamilton had another son, who was the youngest and was evidently 
dead in 1627, vlz -> Alexander, Capt. in the Swedish Army, not mentioned 
in the Will. He had also daus. (i) Jeane, bequeathed 600; (2) Mary, left 
200 ; (3) Agnes, left 100, she m. Gabriel Cathcart, of Tullyscanlan, 
Devenish parish. The Abp. had m. (i) Mary, dau. of Robert Wilkie, of 
Sackton Hill ; (2) Jane, dau. of John Crawford, of Crawfordsland, who 
was left in his Will, besides her jointure, the half of his rooms in the Castle 
of Monea, as long as she remained a widow. 

1629. John Boyle, pres. by the Crown May i (L.M. v. 108), also pres. same 
day to the Chanc. Down and the Preb. Kilrane and Kilcombe (Ferns). He 
seems to have held this Preb. and the Chanc. of Down only a few months 
if he was ever inst. to them which is doubtful. He was R. Killyleagh 
(Down) in 1622 (R.V.) and was again inst. R. Killyleagh and Killandreas 
12 Aug., 1637 (F-F-) He seems to have also held a Rectory in Achonry. 

1629. Archibald Erskine, M.A., coll or inst. Nov. 30 (F.F.), ind. 
Feb. 10, 1629/30, insta. as Preb. Feb. 10 (R.V., see also S.PJ- 
1625, P- 625). He is named as the 3rd Prebendary, being R- 
Tullycorbet in 1629 an< ^ x ^3 King's Letters, but in 1631 as the 
2nd Preb. being R. Devenish. He got a grant of a glebe in 
Devenish Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin iii, 592) and also a grant of a glebe in 
Inishmacsaint of which he was also R. from 1629. He held the R. & V. 
Erriglekeerogue (of which his father was Patron) also from 1633-1662 (see 
Armagh Clergy, p. 298) and may have held the R. Galloon in 1637 ( see 
Chancellors under Margetson.) He defended the Castle of Augher against 


the rebels m 1641, and is greatly praised for the same in A Letter to the 
House of Commons by Colonel Awdley Mervyn (Lond. 1642). He was s. 
and heir of Sir James Erskine by Mary, dau. of and co-heir of Adam Erskine, 
of Cambuskenneth. Was ord. D. and P. 9., Dec., 1623, by Abp. Hamilton. 
He m. (i) Beatrix, dau. of Bp. Spottiswoode (see Bishops above) ; m. 
(2) Letitia, dau. of Sir Paul Gore, Bart. He d. at Augher Castle in 1645. 
and Admin, of his estate was granted to his dau., Mary (wife of William) 
Richardson, 8 Oct. ? 1662. An Ulster Inquisitional. 1661 states that she was 
18 years old at her father's death and not married. She seems to have 
married in 1659 (Mar. Sett) . Admin . of his estate was re-granted to another 
dau., Anne Moutray (ancestress of the Moutray family) on 22 June, 1663. 

1633. Adam Simpson, coll Aug. 29, ind. Sep i. (R.V., 1634), Value of 
Preb. 120. He held Devenish during the rebellion of 1641, at which time 
Rev. Robert Browne, V. of Sutton Bangor, Wilts., having come over to 
Ireland to receive some money due to him from Simpson, was intercepted 
by the rebels and robbed of his books and all that he possessed. (Dep. of 
1641, T.C.D.) 

1661 .George Hamilton, M. A., coll. Mar. 28, insta. April 22 (V.B). He was 
son of Wm. H., of Markethill (Tullymargy Castle), Parish of Devenish. 
Ord. P. 18 Feb., 1637. He seems to have also held the R. Boho from 1661, 
and was allowed by faculty to hold it with the Preb. of Devenish 4 Sep., 
1664. He Vacated this Preb. and the R. Boho, on or before 1692, either 
by death or res., but the (Clogher) Will of Rev. G. H., " R. of Devenish and 
Bohoe," was not proved till 1702. His dau. and heiress, Anne, m. Lieut. 
Christopher Carleton (son of Lancelot C., of Rossfad, ancestor of Lord 
Dorchester), a descendant of whom m. into the L'Estrange family. (See 
Belmore U.J.A., 1895, p. 269.) 

1692. Thomas Smyth, appears Preb. in this year (V.B.}, held also the R. 
Boho and Precentorship q.v. 

1696. John Folque [or Foulque, or Foulke], pres. by the Crown (Smyth 
being appointed Bp.) to Preb. Devenish, R. Boho and Preb. Fennor (Cas- 
hel), Feb. 26, 1695/6 (L.M. v. 120). He was "M.A. and LL.D., not in T.C.D. 
Reg. He held these parishes till his death, intest. before 23 May, 1729 
(F.F.) He married a sister of Rev. James Forbes, and had one son 
and four daughters (Will of Henry Folque and Exchequer Bill Dundas 
v. Hassard, i8th June, 1731), viz. : Henry F., of Killavey, Monea, 
County Fermanagh, Will dated I3th April, 1725, proved 7th October, 
1725, m. Margaret, daughter of Hugh Montgomery, of Derrygonnelly, 
Co. Ferm., and sister of Nicholas Montgomery Archdall, of Castle Archdale, 
M.P., Co. Ferm. (Excheq. Bill Foulque v. Montgomery, 22 Dec., 1724), 
his widow m. again Hugh O'Donnell, of Larkfield, Co. Leitrim ; and (i) 
Anne, m. Jason Hassard, of Skea, Co. Ferm., and d. before 1729 ; (2) 
Catherine, m. Wm. Hansard, of Derrylara, Co. Ferm. (Mar. Sett. 4 Nov., 
1723) ; (3) Margaret m. Thos. Enery, of Prospect, Co. Cavan ; (4) Jane, m. 
Arthur Cathcart (H.B.S.) 


1729. John Kerr, coll and adm. May 23 (F.F.), res. in 1737 for Preb. Dona- 

caVey, q.v. 

1738. Richard Vincent, coll. April 4 to the Preb. and V. of Devenigh and 
again on April 5, to Preb. Devenish (F.F.), res. in 1759, for the R. and V. 
Monaghan, q.v. 

1759. Philip Skelton, who had been app. Se quest rator of the Preb. on 20 
Mar., was coll. Preb. 8 June (D.R.), res. in 1766 for Preb. Donacavey q.v. 

1766. George Wallen, coll. June 10 (D.R.) He was s. of Rev. Edward W. 
(V. of Athlone, 1682-1723) was b. in Athlone, ed. there by Mr. Burnett, ent. 
T.C.D. Nov. 16, 1720, aged 16, B.A. 1725, M.A. 1753. Appears C. Galloon 
in 1731 and 1747 (V.B.) Preb. Tyholland 1752-63, R. and V. Killany 
1763-66, m. Lettice Sloughter, of St. Peter's Parish, Dub., dau. of Andrew 
Armstrong, of Ballycumber, King's Co., and wid. of Sloughter (M.L. 
dated 4 Sep., 1753) ; d. at Monaghan April or May, 1767 (Faulh, Dub. 
Jour. May 5-9). P. Will proved 1778. 

1767. John Campbell, coll. May 2 (D.R.}, res. in 1768 for V. Carrickmacross, 

1768. Michael Hugh Tuthill, coll. Feb. 25 (D.R.), res. in 1787 for Preb. 
Donacavey, q.v. 

1787 Hugh IMevin,coll. July 25 (D.R.), res. in 1791 for Preb. Donacavey, q.v. 

1791. John Doyle, coll. and insta. Oct. u (D.R.) He was s. of 
John D. "generosus," b. in Co. Tipp., ed. by Mi. Jessop, ent. T.C.D., 
Nov. i., 1771, aged 15, B.A. 1776, M.A. 1782, ord. P. Cloyne 27 Aug., 1777 
(Brady), C. Glankeen (Cashel), 1777, C. Fiddown and Castlane (Oss.) 1778, 
R. V. Castlane (Oss.) 1781-98, V. Clontibret 1784-91, Preb. Devenish 
1791-7, R. Donaghmore (Oss.) 1797-8. He res. this Preb. in July, 1797, 
probably because of holding the R. of Dononghmore, d. in 1798, The P. 
Will of " Rev. John Doyle, Clk. of Enniskillen," was proved in 1798. He 
left 25 to the poor of Devenish parish. A Rev. J. D. (probably the same) 
m. Eliz., dau. of Rodolph Greene, of Kilmanaheen. 

1*797 John Caulfield, [or Caulfeild], coll. July 8 (D.R.); he held this Preb. 
with the R. of Derryloran (Armagh) till his death in 1816. In my Armagh 
Clergy, p. 212, 1 expressed a doubt as to whether he was J. C., D.D., Arch" 
deacon of Kilmore. 1 have now no doubt whatever, that they were the 
same person. J. C. is said by Cotton, in his Fasti to have vacated the 
Archdeaconry of Kilmore in 1810, and that his successor, Jas. Agar, was 
appointed in that year. This is an error : Caulfield held the Archdeaconry 
till his death in 1816. Curiously his death has been placed by some authori- 
ties in 1810, others 1804. There is no room for another John Caulfield, 
D.D., in any of the Caulfield Pedigrees. J. C. was the 2nd son of Wm. C., 


of Raheenduff (see Peerages " Charlemont "and B.L.G.), and was ed. at 
Westminster Sch. and Ch. Ch., Oxford. D.D.; Was R. Knockbride (Kilmore) 
1774-5, V. Cloncare U. 1775-81, R. and V. Castlerahan 1777-81, Archdea- 
con of Kilmore 1776-1816, R. Killesher 1781-97. He held Devenish and 
Derryloran with his Archdeaconry and d. early in 1816, m. (i) Euphemia 
Gordon, of Kenmure, Co. Dumfries, and had issue (i) Lt.-Col. Wm., of 
Benown ; (2) Thos. Gordon, Com. R.N. ; (3) John ; (4) George ; (5) Alex- 
ander ; (6) Robert, Capt: R.N. ; (7) James Maj-Gen, E.I.C.S. He m,, I 
think (2) Maria Farellow (M.L. 1808). This m. does not appear in Foster 
or Burke, etc. (see Peerages "Charlemont " B.L.G.} He was ancestor 
of the following clergy Rev. Francis Wm. Montgomery C., of Charles- 
town ; Rev. Thos. Gordon C., of Ballylougher ; Rev. William C., of Clane. 

1816. Thomas Richardson, coll July 6 (D.R.) He was 3rd s. of Henry R., 
" gen.", b. at Somerset, in Derry, 6 Feb., 1780, ed. by Mr. Carpendale, 
ent. T.C.D. Jan. 8, 1796, aged 15, B. A. 1800, M.A. 1816, ord. P. Kilmore, 
1802. Was V. Donagh 1807-16, res. this Preb. 2 Mar., 1820, for R. Kille- 
lagh, Mar. -July, 1820, R. Camus-juxta-Bann, 1820-37. He m. Hatton 
Elizabeth (dau. of George) Young, of Culdaft, Co. Donegal (b. 16 Ap., 1781, 
d. 25 Mar., 1855) and by her had an only son, Henry, of Somerset, b. 26 
July, 1811, d. 8 May, 1849, who m. Lady Emily Frances Kerr, dau. of 
Mark, Lord Antrim and had. a son J.R. Richardson, 1st Life Guards, who 
m. Edith Harford, of Windsor, and had no issue. Rev. T. R. had 4 daus. 
(i) Catherine liz, m. Thomas Scott, of Willsbo rough, Co, Derry ; (2) 
Frances Thomasina, m. Capt. James Stewart Moore, of Ballydivity ; (3) 
Barbara Maria, wife of Rev. Thomas Henry Torrens, b. June 20, 1820, d. 
May 2, 1916, mother of Major John A. Torrens, D.L., of Moylena, Mucka- 
more ; and (4) Mary Frederica, d. unm. Jan. 29, 1908. He d. 15 Dec., 1837. 
(From Tablets and Inscriptions m Camus-juxta-Bann Church). 

1820. Hume Louder, coll Mar. 9 (D.R.) He was 2nd s. of Thomas L., 
" gen." of Rose Hill, Co. Cavan, J.P., by Anne, sister of Dr. A. Hume, of 
Dublin, b. in Co. Cavan, ed. by Mr. Beatty, ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1776, aged 
16, B.A. 1781. He had been C. of Derry Cathedral for many years from 
1783, and R. of Killelagh 1808-20, and exchanged with Richardson for this 
Preb. He d. unm. and intest. at Levally Glebe, 21 Sep., 1830, and was bur. 
at Templeport, Co. Cavan. During his incumbency (in 1820) Levally Glebe 
house was built and the grounds laid out and planted. 

1830. Loftus George Reade,coll. Oct. 13 (D.R.) He ent. T.C.D. as S.C., as 
George Loftus R., on Oct. 15, 1821, aged 17, son of George Harrison R. 
of Springhill, Co. Wexford, J.P. and M.P. for Fethard, Co. Wexf., by Eliz. 
Frances Annesley, niece of 1st Marquess of Ely; ed. by Mr. Hawkesworth, 
B.A. 1826, was J.P.; ord. D. at Cavan, 19 Nov., 1826, P. , C. Inishmac- 
saint, 1826-30 ; m. (i) 1834, Rosanna Caroline, dau. of Capt. John Brien, 
D.L., of Castletown, Parish of Devenish, through whom the Manor of 
Monea eventually passed to the Reade family. By her he had issue (i) 
Loftus, Lieut. 67th Regt. ; (2) George, Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. ; (3) John Henry, 


B.L., m. Annabella, dan. of J. G. Willans, and had issue, who succeeded to 
the Castletown estate ; (4) Annesley, in S. Africa ; (5) Charles, d. s.p. in 
N. Zealand ; (6) William, d. s.p. in S. America ; (7) Anna Maria, m. June 7, 

1871, Rev. John M. Young, R. of Kildress, and d. s.p., 1914 ; (8) Eliza Mary; 
(9) Jane Henrietta Caroline, d. unm. ; (10) Rosanna Georgina, d. unm. 
at Kingstown, Jan. 24, 1922. He m. (2) 1855, Mary, dau. of John Weir, 
of Hall Craig, Parish of Devenish, and by her had (n) Robert, d. at Armagh, 

1872, aged 14 ; (12) Caroline Mary, m. James Ross, D.I., R.I.C. He res. 
the Rectory, but retained the Preb. on 12 April, 1872 (D.R.) He d. Aug. 
14, 1872, aged 70, and was bur. at Benmore Church. His Will was proved 
on Sep. 14, 1872, by his wid., Mary. Disestablishment annuity 519 93. 2d. 

1872. George Tottenham, coll. to the Preb. only, the parish being disap- 
propriated, Sep. 20, insta. Oct. 7 (D.R.), res. in 1900 (see Deans.) 

1900. David Charles Abbott, coll. Preb. 30 June, insta. July 6, (D.RSj, 
res. in 1906. See Archdeacons. 

1906. Augustus Blayney Russell Young, coll April 12, insta. June 5 
(D.R.), res. in 1911. See Precentors. 

1911. Henry Wilson Swinburn Given, coll. Sep. n, insta. Sep 21 (D.R., 
res. in 1920 for Precentor, q.v. 

1920. John Moorhead Strickland, coll May 28, insta. Sep 21 (D.R.), 
res. in 1924 for Prec. See Precentors. 

1924. Thomas Ernest Rudd, insta. Mar. 25, 1925 (D.R.) (See Muckno). 

Representative Canons of Clogher in the National Cathedral 

of St. Patrick's, Dublin. 


1872. Thomas Romney Robinson, (for Armagh and Clogher). See Pre- 
centors and Armagh Clergy p. 78. 

1882. William Edward Meade, (for Armagh and Clogher). See Armagh 
Clergy pp. 58, 78. He d. 12 Oct., 1912, as Bp. of Cork. 

1885. George Tottenham, for Armagh and Clogher to 1886, representing 
Clogher alone on Separation of Diocese, 1886-1911. See Deans. 

1911. James MacManaway, became Bishop in 1923. See Bishops. 
1923. Robert M'Tighe, app. Nov. 13 (D.R.) See Lisbellaw. 


Since 1874 without Stall in Chapter. 

(There are in Clogher since 1874 two Canons without Prebendal Stalls 
in the Diocesan Cathedral. In accordance with a Resolution of the Diocesan 
Synod of 1874, they were to receive 50 each per annum, " and these, 
with the Archdeacon, be constituted a Board of Examination of Candidates 
for Orders under the guidance and direction of the Primate (then Bishop 
of Clogher), and his successors in the See of Clogher ; that the nomination of 
the Canons be in the hands of the Primate and his successors in the said See 
with the limitation that the appointment be given to clergy of ten years' stand- 
ing in the diocese." 

It is questionable whether that portion of the resolution referring to " exa- 
mining Chaplains " is not ultra vires. A bishop need not necessarily recognise 
Examining Chaplains appointed by his predecessor, and certainly can appoint 
others if he so will. There is no record in the D.R. of these before that of Canon 
Fleming. List is taken from Dio. Reports and Clergy Directories.) 

1875. George Finlay, became Archdeacon in 1886. 

1875. William Hanna Bradshaw, s. of John B., Lawyer, b. in Dub., ed. by 
Mr. Huddart, ent. T.C.D. Nov. i, 1824, a ed - l6 , B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832, ord. 
D. 29 Sep., 1840, Limerick ; P. 1842, Tuam ; C. Derryvullen 1840-7, C. 
Kilskeery 1872-80, R. Enniskeen, 1880-91, m., in 1845. Mary Eleanor, 
dau. of Geo. Welsh, of Dublin and Clones, Solr.; had issue, including John, 
M.A., LL.D., a well-known literary writer. His yst. son George Welsh d. 
June 15, 1888 and a dau. Eliz. d. at Rathgar Mar. 30, 1917. He d. Mar., 20 
1896. He pub. : 

Enniskitten Long Ago. 

1886 .James Blair Annesley, (vice Finlay, Archdeacon). He was a s. 
of Laurence A., " Linarius "=(Linen Merchant), and was b. at Belfast and 
ed. by Mr. DaVigon, ent. T.C.D. Nov. i, 1841, aged 17, B.A. 1846, Div. 
Test (2) 1846, ord. D. 1846 and P. 1847 (Dub.), C. Muckno 1846-53, C. 
Irvinestown 1853-7, C. Castle Archdall 1857-62, Chapl. of Vaughan's 
School 1862, R. Drumkeeran 1880-1892, m. had issue, including a son, 
Captain James Ferguson St. J., R.A.M.C., killed on active service, May 
19, 1917. 

1891. Edward John Bury, (vice Bradshaw, dec.). See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1892, David O'Leary, (viee Annesley, dec.) T.C.D. B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858, 
B.D. and D.D. 1888, ord. D. 1855 and P. 1856 (Cashel), C. Cahir 1856-8, 
V. Kilshane 1858-72, C. Enniskillen 1872-86, C. Devenish 1886-7, Dio. C., 
Clogher 1887-8, R. Magheraculmoney 1888-1908. Sec. Fermanagh Prot. 
Orphan Society, m., d. 25 Feb., 1908. 


1901.- David Charles Abbott, (vice Bury, dec.) See Archdeacons ; held at 

the same time the Preb. Devenish. 

1906. William Edward Fleming, coll. May I (D.R.) (vice Abbott, Archdea- 
con). See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1908. Charles Albert Robinson, (vice O'Leary, dec.), coll Ap. 16 (D.R.), 
b. 1860 in Co. Tyrone, son of Rev. Wm. R., R. of St. John's, Kilwarlin, ed. 
at Royal Belf. Acad. Inst, T.C.D. B.A. (Jun. Mod. Math;) 1884, M. A. 1892, 
B.D. 1901, ord. D. 1896 (Down for Clogher), P. 1897 (Clogher), C. Donagh- 
moine 1896-8, R. Kilmore 1898-1912, res. for work in Canada 1912, R. 
Uxbridge, Toronto 1912-14, returned to the Diocese as R. Magheracul- 
money, 1914, re-appointed Canon (see below) in 1917, He m. Mar. 25, 
1893, Adelaide, 3rd dau. of Isaac Wykeham Dickenson, and had issue 
an only son, Lieut. Charles Arthur, of the Machine Gun Corps, who was 
killed in action in France, April 9, 1917, aged 20, and 2 daus. married. 

1912. Benjamin Moffett, (vice Robinson, res.), coll 19 Oct. (D.R.). He 
was s. of John M., of Merville, Sligo; T.C.D. Sch. 1864, B.A. (Sen. Mod. 
Cl.) 1865, Berkeley Gold Medal 1865, Vice-Chan. Pri. 1866, M.A. 1874, 
ord. D. 1868, P. 1874 (Down), Tutor to Earl of Erne, Asst. Master, Portora 
Royal School 1867-74 '> Headmaster Foyle Coll. 1874-6, Dio. C. and Insp. 
of Schools B. Rel. Ed., Clogher 1876-83, R. Carrickmacross 1883-1914, 
Chanc. Clogher 1904-12, Can. of Clogher and Exam. Chapl. 1912-14, d. 
unm,. at the Glebe, Carrickmacross Feb. 2, 1914, aged 69. Pub. : 

A List of the Pupils of Visct. Weymouth's Grammar School, who ent. 
T.C.D. from 1706-1909, with Notes, &c. Tempest, Dundalk, 1911. 

1914. James MacManaway, vice Moffett, dec.; res. on being made Arch- 
deacon, 1917. See Bishops. 

1917. Charles Albert Robinson, (vice MacManaway, res.), coll June 9, 

1923. Isaac Henry Pratt, (vice Fleming, res.), coll. May 9 (D.R.) See 



Whose Prebends are unknown, or without Prebends. 
1302. Solomon appears (C.D.I, v., 697). 

1365. John MacAneany [Mac An Eanaigh], coll. to Rectory or Comarb 
of St. Tighernach of Clones, was confirmed 31 July (Cal. Reg. Swet. No. 144) 

1366 IWalachi Maguire [McGuydir] is deprived of his Canonry by 
Abp. at his Visitation (ib. No. 47). 


1366. Dlonysfus MacQowan [McYngoband], Official oi Clogher, was 
appointed in his stead at the request of the Archbishop, the right of ap- 
pointment having devolved on the Bishop through the negligence of the 
Chapter of Clogher, 7 Aug. (ib. No. 47) Being disturbed in his possession 
thereof, the Primate orders the Bp. to protect him. 

1374. Gilbert O'Muldoon, [O'Molduyn]. The Primate orders the Chan- 
cellor of Armagh. to proceed against G. O'M., " pretended Canon of Armagh; 
Clogher and Raphoe," son of a presbyter,since he had given false informa- 
tion to Niallan O'Neyll, the Abps. lay friend against him and his Church, 
6 Aug. He is still a Canon of Armagh on 16 June, 1375, and having been 
with certain other Canons, condemned as indebted to the Culdees of Ar- 
magh and remained obdurate for a year or more, they are to be excommuni- 
cated at Mass on Sundays and festivals, &c. (Cal Reg. Swet, Nos. 7, 139). 

1381. William O'Muldoon [Ua Maeladuin] was prov. to a Canonry with 
expectation of a benefice by the Anti-Pope Clement VII., 6 July. (C.P.P. 
i.. 559). 

1381.- -John O'Loane [Ua Luain] prov. by the same with expectation of a 
Preb. 6 July (#.). 

1390. Neall OTully [UaTuachlich], Canon of Clogher and Abbot of Deven- 
ish d. (An. Ult.) 

1398. John O'Banan [Ua Banain] prov. 21 Jan. (C.P.I, v., 100). 
1398. (Matthew) O'Banan [Ua Banain] prov. (C.P.L. v., 105.) 
1398.- Malachi O'Cayelich appears Can. (C.P.L. v., 105). 

-1409. Aeneas O'Carbry [UaCairbri] coll. rehabilitated for Ecclesiastical 
offences 20 July, is still Canon in 1428 (C.P.L. vi., 149 Reg. Swayne i., 158) 

-1410. Peter Maguire [Mac Uidhir] appears (C.P.L. vi., 232. See Ann-. 
Hib. i., 294). 

1413. IMimeas (or Neheraiah) O'Hanratty [Ua h Innrechtaigh] coll.Canona 
Still Canon in 1432 (C.P.L. vi., 424, 428, 446, 477, vii., 186, viii, 418). 

1420. John M'Mullen [Macmolynd or Mac Maolain] prov. (C.P.L. vii,. 

- Philip O'Mullover [O'Mulugyr or Ua Mailfaghamair] appears. See 
Deans. (C.P.L. vii., 236) 

- Magonius 6'Hanpatty [Ua h Innrechtaigh] appears ; is still Canon 
(Ann. Hib. i., 4, Reg. Swayne i., 67). 


1426.-Catholicus O'Bruen [or O'Brien], [Ua Briuin] appears. Still Canon 
1438 (C.P.L. vii.; 485, Reg. Swayne ii., 251). 

1426. John O'Sheehy [or O'Shea] [Osychygi, or Ua Seghdai] appears. 
Still Canon 1442 (C.P.L. vii., 485. Reg. Prene I, 187.) 

1427.- Don n el I MacGillacoisgli [PCosgrave] appears. (C.P.L. vii.; 539). 

1427. Solomon MacReavy [Macrevair] appears. Still Canon in 1432 and 
1438 (C.P.L. viii, 429, Ann. Hib. I, 47-48). 

1428. Thomas MacAneany [Macaneageanaid] appears. Still Canon 1432 
and 1438 (C.P.L. viii., 62, 429, Ann. Hib. I., 48). 

1428. Maurice MacManus [MacMaghnusa] appears. Still Canon 1432 
(C.P.L. vii., 9, 472.) 

1432. Maurice O'Hosey [Ua h Eoghusa] appears (Reg. Prene.) probably 

same as next. 

1432. -Maurice O'Larrissy [Ua Learghusa] appears ; is still Canon 1438. 
(C.P.L. viii, 419, Ann. Hib. i., 48) perhaps the same as Magonius 
O'Larrissy, Canon in 1441 (Ann. Hib. i. 36). 

1433. Nialian Maguire [Mac Uidhir] prov. to a Can. with reservation of a 
Preb. (C.P.L. viii., 470). 

1442. Nialian MacMahon [Mac Mathgamna] appears (Reg. Prene. i., 187. 
1448. Arthur Mag rath appears 20 April (Ann. Hib. i., 55). 

1463. Philip M'Mahon [Mag Mathuna] coll. to a Can. and Preb. newly 
erected, rehabilitated and prov. 9 Oct. (Ann. Hib. i., 39-40) Was " abbot 
of Clones and Parson of Dartry " and d. 1486 (An Ult.) 

1479. Pierce O'Flanagan Can., Prior of the Culdees, Sacristan of Deven- 
' ish and V; Gen. of Clogher d. (Ann. Ult.) 

1479. Charles (orCathal) MacManus [Mac Magnum] appears Canon (4 nn. 
' Hib. i., 49) d. 1498 (Ann. Ult.) 

1492. Thomas MacMahon [Magmathuna], Canon, appears. Made R. Gal- 
loon, 1482 (Ann. Hib. i., 42). 

1492 B James MacMahon [Magnathuna] Can. Was prov. to Clones (Ann. 
. i., 42) d. Bp. of Derry, 1519. 

1492. Terence McGillacossgle [PCosgrave] is Can. See Derryvullen. 
(Ann. Hib. i., 42.) 


1501. John Maguire [Macuidhir] Can. and R. Aghalurcher, d. 13 June, 
skilled in Latin and Irish. (Ann. Ult.) 

1504. William Macrevayr appears. (Ann. Hib. i., 297.) 

1501 . Turlough Maguire Can. d. See Derryvullen. 

1502. Edmund O'Hanraghty is Can. (Reg. Octav.} 

1506. Charles Maguire [MacMidhir] appears. (Ann. Hib. i., 244). 

1506. Patrick O'Casey [Ua Caiside] appears. (Ann. Hib. i., 224). 

1517. James MacGilsenan or M'Guinness [Megnasenan] Can. is R. 
Desertcreat. (Ann. Hib. i., 207). 

1518. Hugh Magufre Can. d. R. Aghalurcher q.v. (A.F.M.). 

1535. Cornelius MacQuiness [Maginisinan] appears. (Ann. Hib. i., 24). 

1535. Felim MacSorley [Mac Souarle] is Can. (Ann. Hib. i., 226). 

1535. Philip Macrevayr appears. (Ann. Hib. i., 24.) 

1535. Bernard Maginness [Maginisenan] is Can. (Ann. Hib. i., 24). 

1540. Thomas O'Dangussa appears (Reg. Dowdall), was V. Tynan. (See 
Armagh Clergy.) 

1546. Raymond MacMahon [Mac Mathgamna] appears. (Brady i., 252). 

1551. John Maguire, "I 

Odo Makabaird j appear. (Ann. Hib. i., 51). 
William O'Cassaly J 

1560. Cornelius MacArdel (See Bishops) Was Can. (Brady i., 253). 
1630. James Slack is Can. See Monaghan. 



(In Alphabetical Order). 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1773. John Cranston, coll. Dec. 3 (DM.) He was son of Andrew C., "gen.," b. in Co. 
Tyrone ; ed. by Mr. Richardson, ent. T.C.D. May 6, 1736, aged IS, B.A. 1740. Appears 
0. Tydavnet 1754-73, was nephew and heir of John 0., Archdeacon (see Archdeacons). 
He d. on 25 Jan., 1800 (DM.) and his P. Will was proved as " of Mellfield, Co. Mon.", 
20 Mar., 1800. It was made 13 Sep., 1796. Left his wife Sarah an annuity of 60, 
hia dau. Mary Roberts 100, his dau. Eliz. Cranston 500, his dau. Elinor Dawson 
(already provided for) I/-, his son John the residue. He had a son, Andrew, b. in 
Co. Mon., who ent. T.C.D. July 10, 1770, aged 15, ed. by Rev. Mark Noble, at Portora, 
B.A. 1775, and three daus. (1) Mary m. Roberts ; (2) Elizabeth m. Stewart, of 
Athenre, afterwards Ballygawley Park; (3) Eleanor m. Re v. Thomas Dawson r See 
also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 

1800. Andrew Ker, coll., Mar. 17 (DM.) T.C.D. B.A. 1761, ord. D., ord. P. 4 Sep., 
1763 ISM.), G. Tullycorbet 1763, C. Clontibret 1766, 0. Aghavea 1772, V. Donagh 
1793-1800 ; was a. of Robert K., of Portarane and Newbliss, by Anne Fitzherbert, of 
Shercock. He m. Eliz. Montgomery, of Bessmount Park, Co. Mon., and had issue . 
Alexander, B.L., Chairman of Co. Mon., ob., 1814 ; Andrew} M.D., ob, 1854 ; Anne; 
Eliz.; Sarah m. Rev. G. Hardman and Mary m. Rev. Richard Foster. He d. in April, 

1803. John Hussey Burgh, coll. 2 June; res. 12 Aug., 1806 (DM.) See Prebs. Tully- 

1806. Alexander Hurst, coll. Aug. 23 (DM.) Was B.A. (V.B.), ord. D. (?P.) 13 July, 
1777 (S.R.), C. Aghalurcher, 1788, R. & V. Derrybrusk, 1798-1806, V. Errigal Trough 
1806, m. 20 Feb., 1782, Summer, eldest child of Rev. James Taylor, and had issue 
13 children, including Rev. Alexander, R. of Muckno, and Rev. Francis, R. of Currin 
(q.v.) ; James Taylor, b. 1793, M.D., m. Margaret Kellett and d. s.p. at Clones, 1847 ; 
and a dau. Sophia, m. Rev. Richard Ross and d. Sep. 1 1 , 1875, aged 79 (Mont, in Donagh 
Church. See SHirley,p. 299). He d. in Dec., 1822 (DM.) and his (Clogher) Will was 
proved in 1822 ; his wife d. in 1814. See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 

1823. Richard Hood, pres. by the Crown sed. vac. and inst. Mar. 3 (DM.) He was s. of 
Robert H., "gen." b. in Queen's Co., ed. by Mr. Baggs, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1785, aged 
16, B.A. 1790, M.A., LL.B. and LL.D. 1822. He held also the Deanery of Kilmac- 
duagh 1823-36 ; he resided in Kilmacduagh and kept a Curate in Aghabog (ReV. Richard 
Ross, see preceding). Cotton says he was distinguished for his scientific attainments. 
He d. 20 Nov., 1836, aged 67, and was bur. at Gort. He m. and had issue a dau., 
Catherine Frances, m. Ven. Wm. Roe, Archd. of Kilmacduagh, and d . 1877 (See Curates.) 

1837. Butler Brooke, coll. Jany. 12 (DM. and SM.), res. in 1840 for Aghavea. See 

1840. Henry Tottenham, coll. June 10 (DM.), res. in 1844. See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1844. WlllJam Story, coll. May 9 (DM.) He was 3rd son of Rev. John Benj. S. (see 
Chancellors) and was b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. at Portora by Rev. A. O'Beirne, D.D. ; ent. 
T.C.D. July 5, 1821, aged 16, B.A. 1826, M.A. 1832, ord. D. 1828, P. ; was C. Clogher to 
1843, m. at Monkstown Church 28 June, 1848, Sarah Bernard, 5th dau. of John Black, 
of Sligo, and d. 9 Feb., 1888, aged 83, having had by her, who d. 2 Jan., 1909, five 
surviving children (1) John Benj., b. 31 Aug., 1850, ed. at Winchester and T.C.D. 
B.A. 1872, M. Oh. 1880, F.R.C.S.I., President do., 1918, of Corick, Co. Tyrone, 
High Sheriff Co. Tyrone, 1911, Hon. Surg. Oculist to the King ; m. 25 June, 1892, 
Blanche Chrlstabel, dau. of Rev. John Hallowell, R. of Ballinacourty (Tuam) and had 
issue, d. atMalahide, Co. Dublin, Feb. 18, 1926'; (2) William George Theaker.M-B., 
B. Oh., L.D.S., b. 1863 ; and (1) Marion Letitia, m. 14 Nov., 1882, General Sir Edmund 
George Barrow, G.C,B? G,C,S,I,, Indian Army, late A.D.C, Qen, to King an<J Mil. 


for India, and has issue, including Major Ronald Edmund m. Cecily dau. of Cecil 
Butler, of Milestown ; (2) Alice Gertrude ; (3) Emma Mary Geraldine. He had also a 
dau. Kathleen Frances, who d. at Lausanne 27 April, 1875, He res. Aghabog 27 Feb., 
1872, having commuted and compounded his annuity, 308 11s. 6d. 

1872. James Ross, inst. 23 May (DM.), res. in 1881 for Drumsnatt. See Inniskeen. 
1881. EHas Frank IMaylor, inst. 9 Mar. (.D..R.), res. in 1887 for Finner. See Chancellors. 
1887. John Dillon O'Connor, inst. 15 April (DM.), res. in 1889 for Killeevan, q.v. 
1890. John Mag ill, inst. Mar. 28 (DM.), res. in 1910 for Iniskeen, q.v. 

1910. James Waterson, inst., Oct. 25 (DM.), ed. at St. Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1893, 
P. 1894 (Clogher), C. Sallaghy, 1893, I. Sallaghy 1894-1901, R. Lack 1901-10, m. had 
issue ; his dau. Lilian d. in Oct., 1912, aged 17 ; his only surv. dau. Helen, m. Jan. 2, 
1924, Rev. John Evelyn Robinson Magill, R. of Drum. 


1783. Thomas Dawson (V.B.) was, I think, T.D., son of Francis, "gen.", b. inCo.Mon. 
ed. by Mr. Gallagher, ent. T.C.D. Ap. 1, 1776, aged 18, B.A. 1781. He m. Eleanor, 
dau. of his Rector, Rev. John Cranston, in 1789, and had issue, Sarah, b. 22 July, 1790 ; 
Eliza : b., b. 29 Oct., 1791 ; Mary, b. 2 May, 1793 ; Francis, b. 9 Oct., 1794, B.A., T.C.D. 
1815 ; John, b. 30 Oct., 1795 (Family Rible). He d. in 1840 having lived many years 
without (Jure of souls in Cur r in Par. 

c1814. Richard Ross, was 0. during the incumbencies of Hurst and Hood. He m. 
Sophia, dau. of Rev. A. Hurst (see Rectors) and d. 31 May, 1858, aged 75. A Mont, to 
him at Aghabog, states he was " Minister for 44 years." His name does not appear in 
T.C.D. records. Rev. Alexr. Hurst R. and Rev. James R. were his sons. 

d 825-8. William Roe, Lie. C. (ErcJc). He was son of Rev. Richard R., b. in London, 
ed. by Mr. Savage, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1., 1819, aged 18, B.A. 1824, M.A. 1832, ord. D. 
1824, P. , became afterwards R. Kilconickny, of which he appears R. in 1843 (Bourni 
Direct.) and R. & V. Roscrea 1845-78, Archd. of Kilmacduagh 1859-1882, V.G. of Clon- 
fert, m. Catherine Frances, dau. of his Rector here Dean Hood she d. Jan. 4, 1877. 
A dau. Sophia d. Nov. 18, 1858. 

1842. John Whittaker, app. C. (Ir. Ecc. Jour., Dec., 1842). See Tempo. 

I860. Alexander Hurst Roas, Lie. 20 Oct., 1863 (DM.), became in 1872 I. Ardragh, qjsr. 


Aghabog = Softfi eld. The -Parish seems originally to have been in the Plebs. of 
Dartrey, and in Killeevan, and was formed by Order in Council dated Sept. 24, 1707. 
(See Shirley p. 333). The old Church was built in 1775 (R$p. of 1836). A new 
Church having been built in 1775, was consecrated on 24 May, 1875 (DM.) The 
Records of the Parish from 1799-1877 were in the Public Record Office when it was 
destroyed, and like all other Parish and Diocesan Records that were there, have been 
totally lost (except see Innishmacsaint and Tyholland). 


District Curates (to Clones). 

1844, John Edward Henry Simpson appears (Bourns). See Drumsnatt. 

18 47. Charles Walsh, appears. He was eldest son of Rev. Joseph W., R. of Killagh- 
tee, b. in Co. Donegal, ed. by Mr. Little ; ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1824, aged 17 ; B.A. 1829, 
ord. D. 1832, P. ; ent. Dio. of Clogher 1835, as C. Clones? is C. Clones 1843 ; m. Oct. 
24, 1843, Jane (? Grace), yst. dau. of Major Coote, and sister of Thos. C., J.P., D.L., of 
The Retreat, Co. Cavan. He vacated this parish about 1862. His name was also 
spelled " Welsh." See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 


1862. Thomas Taylor, Lie. Mar. 6 (DM.) He was s. of Rev. John T. (see Rossory), 
was b. in Co. Mon. ; ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1839, aged 17 ; B.A. and Div. Test. (1) 1844 ; 
ord. D. for Clogher Dio. at Killaloe, April 6, 1846 (Crockford has 1852), P. 1853, 0. All 
SS., Birmingham 1852-6, res. this B.C. in 1870 ; was C. Killoe (Ardagh) 1878-9, R. 
Gowna (Ardagh) 1880-1902, d. in Meath Hosp., Dub., on Oct. 10, 1902, as the result of 
having been knocked down by a tram on the Rathgar Road, Dublin. No appointment 
to the District Curacy seems to have been made for a few years after Disestablishment, 
but the District remained a part of Clones Parish until 1873, when it was constituted a 
separate parish. See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 


1873. Alexander Rea inst. 28 Feb. (DM.), res. in 1875. See Clogh. 

1875. Richard Henry Moffatt, inst. 24 Aug. (DM.) ?Son of Rev. Wm. M.,R. of Cur- 
rin ; ord. D. 1873, P. 1874, C. Currin 1873-4, R. Augher 1874-6,res. 4 Jan., 1881 (DM.); 
m. Mar. 18,1879, at South Kensington, Annie J., dau. of Francis Ball, B.L. 

1881 George Baron Sullivan, inst 12 April (ZU2.);T.O.D. B.A. 1879, M.A. 1885, ord. 
D. 1877, P. 1878, C. Aghavea 1877-81, retired 1914. The following entries appear in 
Par. Beg. . Baptism 15 July, 1882, of William Henry, son of Rev. G. B. and Elizabeth 
Woodroofe Sullivan. Burials : Rev. Geo. Baron Sullivan, aged 70, d. at Bangor, Co. 
Down, 27 Feb., 1918, bur. 2 Mar. 1918. Elizabeth Woodroofe S. d. 6 Jan., 1907, aged 
52, bur. 9 Jan., 1907. Richard S., bur. 11 May, 1909. Rev. G. B. S. m. (2) p. 1914, Miss 
Clarke, who survives. There is a tablet to Rev. G. B. S. in the Church. 

1914. William Bagot Stack, inst. Feb. 23 (DM.), 4th son of Dr. S., Bp. of Clogher, b. 
26 Sep., 1874, ed. at Grammar Sch., Drogheda, and T.C.D., B. A. 1896, M.A. 1907, served 
in British Central Africa Administration 1896-9 ; Lieut. 87th R.I. Fusiliers ; ord D. 1907, 
P. 1908 (Clogher), C. Magheraculmoney 1907-8, C. Drummully 1908-10, R. Maghera- 
culmoney 1910-14, res. this parish for V. Chor. Armagh Cath. 1916-20, R. Loughgall 
(Arm.) from 1920* m. 2 Sep. 1908, Margaret Edith, dau. of Robt. Gray, F.R.O.P.I., 
Armagh, and has issue, a son Charles Maurice, b. 9 Feb. 1912. 

1916. Lionel Gilbert Frank St. John Eccles, inst. July 23 (DM.) ed. at Wesley Coll., 
Dublin, Corrig Sch., Kingstown, and T.C.D. ; B.A. (Resp.) 1909, Div. Test. (1) 1910, 
M.A. 1918, ord. D. 1909, P. 1910 (Clogher), C. Tyholland 1909-10, C. Tydavnet 1910-16; 
became R. Tissaran (Meath) 1918, He is son of Rev. Robert Gilbert E. (see Bally- 
bay Curates), m. in 1917, Muriel Beatrice Talbot, dau. of Ven. D. C. Abbott, Archd. 
of Clogher, and has issue (1) Ethel Frances ; (2) Joan Elizabeth ; (3) Leonie Muriel. 

1918. Edwardf Gordon Ward, inst. April 15 (DM.), b. 10 June, 1884, ed. at Sligo, Por- 
tarlington and Mountjoy Schs., R.U.I. 2nd Arts 1906, London Univ. Matric (1st Div.) 
1907 ; T.C.D. B.A. 1911 , ord. D. 1914, P. 1915 (Clogher) Asst. Master Drogheda Grata. 
Sch.; C. Monaghan 1914-16, C-in-Charge Derryvullen 1916-18, m. Sep. 25, 1917,Muriel 
Agnes Theodora, only dau. of Armstrong Todd, M.D., of Hollymount, Maguiresbridge. 
His son Cyril Gordon, b. 14 April, 1922, was bap. 4 June, 1922, in Aghadrumsee Church. 
He res. in 1928 for R. and V. Clontibreb. 


Aghadrumsee, "The ridge of the hill of the fairies," was originally formed as a 
District in Clones parish, and was in Clones up to Post-disestablishment times when it 
was made a separate incumbency. The Church was built in 1819, asaChapelof Ease 
to Clones (Rep. of 1836), ground having been granted by Deed of Isb May, 1817. It 
was consecrated on Aug. 20, 1824. The Church tower bears the inscription "To the 
Glory of God, 1 820 . " It was enlarged by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and repaired 
between 1834 and 1865, at a cost of 234 16s. 5d. Re-opened after repairs again in 
1878. Licensed for Marriages 1867. New Bell erected 1899. In 1920 Church was 
renovated at a cost of 420. 

The Parish Registers from 1829 are in the custody of the Incumbent, also Vestry 
Books from 1871. Parochial Account Books from 1 864, Preachers' Books from 1 87 4 
(except 1877-94), 




-1394. Luke Mao Scololgl, Vicar of Achad-urehaire for 44 years, d. fchis year. (Ann. 
Ult. iii., 29.) 

-1457. Philip Mactomals is Vicar See nexb. 

1457. Thady Macgillacosgli, V. of Inyscayn, informed fche -Pope fchafc P. M. above, 
was an open and notorious forniDator (1 suppose he kept a wife uhcanonieally) . and 
that being under excommunication, he celebrated Masses. If this were found irue, 
Philip was to be deprived, and Thady to be coll. in his stead, but should ces. Inyscayn 
'Enniskillen), May 6, 1457 (C.P.L. xi., 314.) 

-1478. Thomas Ua Cafrpri, fche Black, who was Vicar of Achad-ucchaire, d. (Ann. 
Ult. iii., 265.) 


13 (after 1367) Paul O'Carbry [Ua Cairbri] was B. of A., and also Archdeacon (CJP.L. 
viii, 355). See Archdeacons. 

1414 Maurice Magulre, B., became Archdeacon this year or previously. See 

1414 John McQIIIarmarcaln was prov. to the B. 4 Aug. He was in or about his 90th 
year. The value of the B. was nob exceeding 6 marks. Ib was void because Maurice 
Maguire had obtained the Archdeaconry when Bector and continued to hold them both 
without a dispensation for more than a year. (Ann. Hib. i., 46). 

1424.-John Mackathmeyl was coll. by Pope MfaHin V. bo fche R. of 

void by the death of Odo Magecabaynd, whebher ib be so void, or because fche late Paul 
O'Carbri and Maurice Maguire, successively Bectors, held ib while Archdeacobs (O.P.L. 
vii., 365). Odo, named above, is evidently che same as Odo MacAneany (Mageadmanic) 
below, who was d. in 1428. His death musfc be placed 4 years earlier. 

1428. Odo MoAneany [Mageadmanic] B., is d. at Borne. (Ann. Hib. i., 33.) 

1428. Gilbert O'jBanan binds himself for the first fruits of the B. of St. Bonan de Achad. 
lurohare, void because of the death of O. M. above, and value about 12 marks, 6 June. 
(Ann. Hib. i., 33.) He was deprived before 1441. See next. 

1441. -Roger Magulre, was coll. B. on 5 July by the Pope, O'Banan having been de- 
prived (*&. i., 36.) 

-1501 . John Magulre, son of Bishop Bosa, son of Thomas Mag Uidhir, junior, and who 
was Canon Choral in Clochar, and parson and herenagh in Achadhurchaire, a unique 
man, the most exceiieni and the most virtuous in the Halt of Conn, and most accomp- 
lished in every soience, both in Literature and Gaidaiic . . died on fche Ides (13) June, 
in the morning ot fche Lord's Day. (Ann. Ult. iii., 45'5). 

-1618. Hugh Magulre, "the dean " fcp-wifc, fche son of Bishop Mas Uidhu-, who was 
Canoi} Choral in Clochar, and parson in Achad- urchaire, and parson in Claen-inis [and 
dean] over Loch Erne, d. this year. (Ann. Ult. iii., 529). 

" 528. Brian Magulre, the rad parson of Achad- urchaire, son of Bishop Mag Uidhir, 
was killed wifch one shot. of an arrow in inoerposing becweon fche people of Cuil and the 
peolpe of Maohaire. (Ann. Ult. iii., 575.) 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1 811 . There was a B. & V. name (or names) not stated ( Ult. Inq., 19 Sep of James I.) 

1613. Robert Whltelawe [or Whitlaw], coll E. & V. 27 Nov., ind. 8 Mar., 1613/4, ord. D. 
(Down and Connor) Sep., 1612 ; P. (Clogher) 3 Nov., 1613 ; allowed to hold also B. & V.; 
Aghavea by faculty 6 June, 1623, " A preacher " (-R.F., 1622 and 1634) got a grant of 
glebe as B. Feb. 29, 1631 /2 (Morrin iii., 592). We find a pardon granted to Katherine 
Whitelawe, his wife, for the manslaughter of Geoige Amand, in the County of Ferman- 
agh, pursuant to King's Letter of 9 July, 1628, dated Sep. 7, 1628. (Morrin iii., 385) 
Wnitelawe's P. Will was proved in 1635. There is in Matric. Books of T.C.D. a record 
of the entry of a Bpbert, son of William Whitelaw, on Apr. 16, 1670, ed. by Mr. Dunbar, 
aged about 19, b. in Co. Ferm., Sch. 1673, B.A. 1674. He was V. Dromlease and Kil- 
largue (Kilmore) 1686-99 and Preb. Ballysadare ( Achonry) to 1695, and had a son Wil- 
liam b. at Clooney, Co. Sligo, 1694, T.C.D. B.A. 1706. The Church was in ruins in 1622. 
A new one was ordered to be built. Glebe house lately burnt down. 

1635. Rlcharcf Howlet pres. by Crown Dec. 19 \L.M. y., Ill, inst. 20 July, 1636 (F.F.), 
res. 8 Nov. 1638 \L.M. v., 112), and became B. Carrigaline, Cork, and Dean of Cashel, 

1638. Gervaee Thorpe, inst. Dec. 31 (F.F.) He res., I think, very shortly afterwards. 
We find him in 1 639 Warden of Youghal. He became Preb. Wioklow and Dean of 
Watevford in 1640. He was deprived of tha former in 1641 or 1642. 

He Sizar at Cambridge from Trinity, Mich. 1614, B.A. (Trinity Hall) 1623, 
ord. P. at Peterborough, May 16, 1624j V. of Marskd, Yorks. 1623-38 ; Master of the 
Hospital of St. John, Bipon, 1634. He went back to England about 1641, and d. soon 
after, as admon.of his estate was granted at York in 1642. (Sae Venn's Alum. Cant.) 

1653. Thomas Buebetch was aQDointed on Dec. 27, 1653, as Commonwealth Minister 
to preach at Lisnaskea in this parish at 60 per annum, but he does not appear to 
have gone there, and was appointed to serve a* the Naule, Dublin, Feb. 29, 1653/4. 
(Seymour's Commw. Transcripts pp. 2, 4.) 

1655. James Johnson (or Johnston), was settled there as Minister, ab 60, on Dec. 1, 
1655, and it is said " he has been there before this unsalaried." (ib, pp. 11, 66.) 

1661. Jarnes Johnston, who had intruded Into the B., and was ejected for Non- 
conformity in 1661 (Reid ii., 269). See Appendix Corrections and Additions. 

160-1. William Dunkln,adm. or pres. Mar. 28 (T.O.D. Ctej!.), adm. April 16, ord. D. 
23 Mar., 1661 ( V.B.), P. 28 Mar., 1661 . His son, Patrick, b. at Lisnaskea, ed. in Dublin, 
ent. T.C.D. April 29, 1685, aged 19, degrees not recorded. W. D. is d. in 1690 (D.B. 

1690. Adam Nixon inst. Sep. 15 (D.R. Arm,) He Was son of Geo. N., of Granshagh, 
Co. Ferm.,and ent. T.C.D. July 5, 1679, aged 17, Sch. 1682, B.A. 1683, M.A. 1686, ord. 
P. in S Pat's., Dub., 20 Feb., 1686, Lie. C., Clonturk, Dub., 25 Jane, 1687, 0. St. Wer- 
burghs, Dub., 15 Sep., 1688 (under the celebrated Wm. King, afterwards Abp.) He 
was J.P. foi Co. Ferm. (Com. date 12 Dec.; 1706) and Vio.-Gen. of Clogher, and m. at 
Clones 29 April, 1697, Mary, eldest dau. of Daniel Eccles, Shannock, Co. Ferm., High 
Sheriff for that Co. in 1675, by Sarah, dau. of William Moore, of Tulladn, Co. Cavan, 
M.P., Co. Cavan, 1661-6, and d. intest. Dec. lo, 1716, aged 58 (Inscription at Agha- 
lurcher), (Admon. 8 Mar., 1716/7) His son, Bev. Eccles Nixon, M.A., was father of 
Maj-Gen. Sir Eccles N., H.E.I.C.S., whose great grandson is Gen. Sir John Eccles N., 
K.C.B., Indian Army. A ms. History of Fermanagh, written a few years after his 
death, describes Adam Nixon as " a man of learning and sound judgment " He was 
uncle to Adam Nixon, V Clontibiet, q.v. (See Swanzy's French and Nixon Families). 
His widow m. (2) at St. Michan's, Dublin, 27 Feb., 1718/9, Boberc King, and d. 1727 
(H.B.S.) ^ 

1717. Thomas Bindon, pres, by T.O.D. , inst. April 10 (F.F.) He was the 2nd son of 
David B., "generosus," of Clony, Co. Tipp., and Was b. at Enish [Ennie], and ed. by 
Mr. Oashin at Limerick, ent. T.C.D. Aug. 17, 1702, aged 17, B.A. 1707, M.A. 1710, 
Fellow 1709, LL.B. and LL.D. 1718, ord. D. .,ord. P. Limerick, 1712, res. Aghalurcher 
in 1721/2 for the Deanery of Limerick, which he held till his death in May, 1740 ; bur. in 


Lrfmer. Oath. P. Will pr. 1740. His bro. Samuel was M.P. for Ennis, 1715 and 1727* 
He was son of David B., of Cloony, Co. Clare, and was one of the exors. of his father's 
P. Will (proved 1733). Dean Bindon's P. Will, made May 10, 1740, was proved on Nov. 
22, 1740. He left 500 to his dau., Eliz; Sadleir; 250 for the education of his bro. 
Samuel's sons, Henry and Burton; a house in Limerick to Samuel's dau., Anne; 100 to 
his nephew, Dav-id Boche; 50 to Bav. Williamson Wight; 10 each to his brothers, 
Francis and Nicholas ; wife Catherine, was res. leg. ; she d. in 1772. 

1721/2. William Qore, pres. by T.C.D., inst. Mar. 6 (F.F.), res. in 1724. See Deans. 

1724. John Hamilton, pres. by T.C.D., April 18 (T.C.D. CM.) inst. June 24 (Arm. 
DM.) For some reason or other perhaps because of an informality in the first institu- 
tion he was inst. a 2nd time on 11 Feb., 1724/5 (DM.) He was pres. by bhe Crown to 
the Deanery of Dromore, May 2, 17.24, but in consequence of a dispute about the patron- 
age, was not inst. at that time but was was subsequently presented by the Crown on 
December 24, 1728, and insb. January 18th, 1728-9. He was ordained Deacon 17th 
March, 1716/7, Priest June 23, 1717 (Kilmore), Vicar Galtrim and Culmullen (Meafcb) 
1717-21, Bector and Vicar Tara 1722-4. He was the son of Bev. James H., 
Bee tor of Enockbreda and Dundonald, Down, by Elinor Wauchope, and grandson of 
Walter H., by Isabella Maxwell, of Bubane, in the Ards, Co. Down. Was of T.C.D. 
Sch. 1706, B.A. 1707, Fell. 1703, m. 28 Feb. 1721 /2, F. -, only dau. of Francis Hutchin- 
son, D.D., Bp, of Down and Connor. Hutchinson H., who ent. T.C.D. April?, 1743, 
aged 17. son of John H., Clericus, b. in Dublin, B.A. 1747, M.A. 1750, LL.B. and LL.D. 
1773, was his son. He d. in 1729. ' 

John Hamilton, Dean of Dromore, vvus bur. afc Lisburn on July 30, 1729> and admon. 
of his estate was granted in the Prerogative Court on Nov. 11, 1729, to the Bev. Saml. 
Hutchinson, Frances, bhe Dean's widow, and Hutchinson, Chas. and John, tha children. 
His wid. m. (2) Colonel Henry O'Hara, of Crabilly, Co. Antrim, and (3) John Byder, 
Abp. of Tuam. (H.B.S.) 

1729/30. William Thompson, ores. Dec. 18, 1729 (T.C.D. Cat.), nst. 21 Jan., 1729/30 
(ff.F.) He was son or Wm. T. " Texto'r," b. near Lisburn, ent T.C.D. as Sizar (.having 
been ed. at Lsburn by Mr. Clars), Mar. 8, 1704/5, aged 17, Sch. 1707, B.A. 1709, Fall. 
1713, B.D. and D.D. 1727, Abp. King's Lect. 1728. He d. Jan, 8, 1754 (T.C.D. Cal.) 
See also Belmore Two Ulster Manors pp. 430, et seq. 

1754. Richard Radcliff , pres. by T.C.D., inst. May 6 (DM.), ind. July 10. He was son 

of Bev. Stephen B., V. of Naas, by Jane, dau. of Bev. Bobert Smith, V. of Ballyloughloe 
and was grandson of Bichard B.,"gen." of Belfast, was b. in Naas, and ed- by Dr. Qar- 
nett, ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1734, aged 18, Sch. 1736, B.A. 1738, Fell. 1744, B.D. 1748, 
D.D. 1755, ord. D. 17 June, 1744> P. 1 July, 1744 (D.R.), m. Christian, dau. of Bobert 
Mason, of Co. Galway, and wid. of Joseph Ormsby, and had a son, Bight Hon. John B.j 
T.O.D. Sch. 1785, B.A. 1787, LL.B. 1790, LL.D. 1795, Judge of the Prerogative Court 
in Ireland. BeV. Bichard had 2 brothers, also Judges, viz., Thomas, LL.D. 1745, 
Judge of the Consist. Court, Ireland, M.P., and Stephen, Judge of the Prer. Court 
Ireland. He d. in 1766. 

1766. Robert Law, pres. by T.C.D., inst. May 6, (S.R.) He was son of Bev. John L< 
(and grandson of Bev. John L., Preb. of Tyholland) and was b. in Derry, ed. by Mr. 
Torrens, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1747, aged 17, Sch. 1750, B.A. 1752, Fell. 1754, M.A. 1755. 
B.D. 1762, D.D. 1767. He was also Preb. St. Michael's, Dub., 1769-71 and B. of St. 
Mary's, Dub., 1771-89. He res. Aghalureher on being made Treas., Cloyne 1787, 
which he held with St. Mary's tillhis death on June 11, 1789. He m. (1) Amelia Span, of 
St. Anne's Parish, Dub. (M.L. Sep. 9, 1767) and (2) Elizabeth Hamilton, of the same 
parish (M.Li, Dec. 24, 1771). Brady (Records), who gives him the wrong father, says 
he had issue, Bobert, Francis and Eliz. Francis ent. T.C.D. July 26, 1784, aged 16, b. 
in Dub., ed. by Dr. Norris (Drogheda), B.A. 1789, took Holy Orders and had a son Bev. 
Francis, ord D. 1827, and another son, Bobert, M.D., 1857. Bev. Bobert Law is com- 
memorated by a monument in the S. Transept of St. Mary's, Dub. (see S.P.M.D. viii., 
308.) His P. Will was pr. in 1789. 

1787. William Ogle, pres. by T.C.D., inst. Oct. 25 (DM.) He was son and heir of 
William O., Alderman of Drogheda, b. at Drogheda, ed. by Mr. Clarke, ent. T.C.D. May 
20, 1751, Sch. 1753, B.A. 1755, M.A. 1758, was C. Carrick, Co. Louth, 1759, C. Bath- 
drummin 1761, C. Kilsaran 1766-71, B. Chatlestown, Co. Louth, 1769-87 ; B. Kil- 
saran 1771-94, holding it with Aghalureher. He m. Elizabeth, dau of Bev. John 
Fortescue, B. Heynestown (M.L. 28 Jan., 1761) and had issue (see Leslie's Kilsaran 
p. 334, for summary of his Will proved 1794). He d. "on or about 27 Dec., 1793." 


1794. Robert Russell, inst. 'Hay 24 (DM.) He was son of Bobert B., "gen." b. in 
Dublin, ed. by Bev. Mr. Walsh, ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1781, aged 14, Sch. 1784, B.A. 1786, 
Fell, and M.A. 1790, B.D. and D.D. 1806, m. Mary Jones (M.L., Dub., 1806), d. Dec. 4, 

1838. George Sidney Smith, pres. Mar. 24, inst. April 4 (DM.), T.C.D. Sch. 1823, 
B.A. 1825, Fell. 1831, M.A. 1832, B.D. and D.D. 1840,Prof . of Bibl. Greek 1838, Donnel- 
Ian Lect. 1850, ord. D. 26 April, 1832, P. 18 Oct. 1832 (Osa. SM.), res. Aghalurcher for 
B. Drumragh (Omagh) in 1867 and d. on 14 Aug., 1875, aged 70 years. He m. in 1838, 
Charlotte, dau. of Thomas Ode Lees, and grand-dau. of Sir John Lees, Bart., Usher of 
the Black Bod, and had issue, including Henry Lees S., Lieut., Bengal Staff Corps, who 
m. Sep. 10, 1872, Jessie, eldest dau. of Hastings Bead, Dep. Comr., Bhandara, India, 
and Bobert Allman S., Co. Insp., B.I.C., who m. (1) July 9, 1874, Isabel Hyndman, 
eldest dau. of James H. Macaulay, of Coleraine, and m. (2) 22 Sep. , 1 886, Eva Kate dau. 
of Bev. Baptist B. Crozier, and sister of the late Primate Crozier, and d. 4 May, 1918. 
See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 

1867. Maurice Fitzgerald Day, pres. June 14, inst. July 3 (DM.) He was the youngest 
son of Bev. John Day, B. of Kilfcallagh, Co. Kerry, by Arabella, dau. of Sir Wm. Godfrey, 
Bart., M.P., and was b. at Kiltallagh, in 1816, ed. by Dr. Bell, at Clonmel School, ent. 
T.C.D. Oct 21, 1833, aged 17. Abp. King's Pri. (1) 1837, B.A. 1838, Beg. Prof. Div. 
Prem.(l) 1838, M.A. 1858, B.D. and D.D. 1867, ord. D. 1839, P. 1840, became Inc. St. 
Matthias's, Dub., in 1843, and exercised great influence in Dublin as a preacher of 
Evangelical religion, eloquent, earnest, direct, simple and fervent in style ; insomuch 
that Archbishop Whately remarked that people went " to Day for a sermon, to Morrow 
for a novel." He res. St. Matthias's in 1867 for Aghalurcher, which he held till 1869, 
when he was appointed Dean of Limerick. Was elected the first Bishop of the Dis- 
established Church by the decisive vote of the Synod of Cashel, etc., on Mar. 19, 1872. 
Cons. April 14, 1872 in S. Pat's., Cafch., Dub., by the Abp. of Dublin, assisted by the 
Bps. of Ossory, Killaloe and Limerick; res. the Bpric. on Oct. 1, 1899. As became a 
" Day, of Kerry," he was a thorough Christian gentleman, sincere, conscientious, truly 
pious, the soul of kindness. He m. 29 July, 1852, Jane, dau. of Joseph Gabbett, 
B.L., of Dublin she d. 7 Feb., 1906, aged 88 and had issue an only son, Very Bev. 
Maurice William, M.A., Dean of Waterford, b. 23 April, 1858, m. Katherine, dau. of 
Chas. Garfit, of Queenstown (she d. Jan. 19, 1924) and had issue. Two of his sons, 
Lieut. Maurice, 13th Bajputs and Capt. John Edward, B. Irish Begt., were killed in 
the Great War. Dean Day d. Aug. 29, 1916. Bishop Day d. 13 Dec., 1904. He pub- 
lished : 

The Gospel at Philippi. Sermons preached in Matthias's Church, Dublin, 1865. 
The Church, Sermons preached in Limerick Cathedral, 1870. 
The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, Explained and Established, 1899. 
Some things to be Noted in the Church of Ireland. 

Bishop Maurice Day, of Clogher, was his nephew. 

1869. William Smyth purnside, pres. Dec. 19, 1868, inst. Jan. 26, 1869 (DM.), became 
Chancellor in 1876, see Chancellors. Annuity declared at Disestablishment 750 lie. 
. lOd.j res. this parish Jan 1, 1871 (DM.), but was probably reappointed as he seems to 
have been B. up to 1880. 

1872. George Henry Moore Preston, Lie. C.-in-Charge, 19 Nov., res. in 1873 for Lis- 

1873. See Burnside above. 

1880-1> Edward Carleton Fife, Curate- in-Charge. See Muckno Curates. 

1882. Jooelyn Johnston, coll. (by lapse to Bp.) April 6 (DM.), res. in 1884 for Finner, 

1884. James Edward Jones, coll. (by lapse) 3 Oct. (DM.), afterwards known as James 
Edward Bevington- Jones, now known as James Edward Bevington ; Univ. Durh., 
1879, ord. D. 1883, P. 1884, Kilmore, C. Kinawley 1883-4, res. and became B. Wood- 
house, Leics., 1885-6, C. St. Matt., City Bd., London, 1886-8, C. Mereworth 1889-91, 
B. Keystone, Hunts., 1891-2, R, Mereworth, Cant., 1892, B. Ardley, Oxf., 1922. 


1886. John Cramp ton Triphook, inst. Oct. 9 (D.R.) He was son of Rev. Joseph 
Bobt. T., Free. Killaloe, and grandson of Eev. John T., B. of Sohull, Co. Cork, whose 
father was b. in London, and settled in Ireland c. 1788, and who m. as 2nd wife, Jane E., 
dau. of John Noble, of Lisnaskea (see Brady's Rec. of Cork). He was b. 18 May, 1866, 

. ed. at St. Oolumba's Coll., Bathfarnham and T.C.D., ord. D. 1880, P. 1881 (Kilm.), 
0. Lissadill, Co. Sligo, 1880-2, C. St. John's, Sligo, 1882, C. St. John's, Cashel and V. 
Chor. Cashel 1882-6, res. Aghalurcher in 1899, and became C. Pendeen, Cornwall, 1899, 
C. St. Nicholas, Bochester, 1899-1903, C. H. Trin., Sittingbourne, 1903-6, C. Little Tey, 
Essex, 1905-6, B. do., 1906-11, C. Great Horkesley, 1914-16, Chapl. Colchester Union, 
&c., 1916, m. 1882, Emma Sanders Millar and had issue, Owen Leech, d. at Baghdad 
1919, and 2 daus., Ellie Bussell and Saidie Victoria. 

1899. Hugh Macmanaway, inst. June 26 (DM.), res. in 1907 for Lisbellaw. See Ennis- 

1907. John Montgomery Browne, inst. July 20 (D.R.}, b. 1869, at Tipperary, son of 
John Montgomery B. of Co. Down, Insp. Nat. Schools, and his wife Georgina W. nee 
Houston, of Tipperary, both of whom lie bur. in Colebrooke Churchyard, ed. at Cork 
Gram. Sch., T.C.D. B.A. ( Jun. Mod. Nat. Sci.) 1890, M.A. 1895, Div. Test. 1899, ord. D. 
1898, P. 1899 (Oss.) C. Aghade (Leighl.) 1898-9, C. Abbeyleix 1899-1904, C. Wexford 


1634. Thomas Hog <vas Curate (R.V.) 

1716. Jerome Draycott appears (Denunciations and Excommunications P.R.O.); is " C. 

of the Qhapel of Ease at Lisnaskea," in 1726 (V.B.) and is still C. 1730 (V.B.) See 

1724. William Crfechton appears (V.B.) See Vicars Inniskeen. 

1730. John Dundas appears (V.B.) and is still C. 1756 (ib.) He was son of John D., 
"gen.," b. in Dublin, ed. at Enniskillen by Mr. Grattan, ent. T.C.D. May 26, 1719, 
aged 16, Soh. 1721, B.A. 1723, M.A. 1726. probably was father of " John Dundass," who 
was ed. by "Bev. Mr.Dundass," and ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 3, 1760. He seems to have 
been Curate of Enniskillen till his death in 1764. His Will, dated Dec. 9, 1761 (proved 
Jan. 26, 1764) states that he was then Curate, and of Golah, Co. Ferm., lefb to his wife, 
Elizabeth D. alias Forster the farm of Golah furniture and stock; to his son, Philip the 
lands of Moybane, subject to 100 to be paid his dau. Jane ; to his son, John, the free- 
. hold of Moykeel, subject to 5 yearly for a certain term, and his books; to his dau. Mary 
lands, tenements and houses in Enniskillen, to his dau. Catherine the freehold of Drum- 
kirk ; to his son Philip watch, stock and shoebuckles and to dau. Jane 30, residue to 
be equally divided between four of his children. 

1734. Thomas Armstrong, appears (V.B.), probably the T. A., who ent. T.C.D. July 
18, 1727. No particulars or degrees recorded. 

17 42. James Rynd appears (V.B.) ; died in 1746, P. Will proved 1746 ; ent. T.C.D. 
Jan. 2, 1730/1, aged 18, son of . . ." Armiger," B.A. 1736, ord. P. 1743, Kilmore ; 
perhaps son of David B., of Derryvullan, Will pr. 1723. 

1748. Thomas Hlgginson appears and also in 1754 (V.B.) Either Thomas H., son of 
George H., " colonus," b. at Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, ed. by Mr. Clark, at Lisburn, who 
ent. T.O.D., June 5, 1718, aged 18, Sch. 1720, B.A. 1722, who d. V. of Ballinderry, 
Connor. Will pr. 1789, and had a son, Bev. Thomas, B.A., 1786 or more probably 
Thomas H., son of Thomas H., " generous," b. in Co. Wexford, ed. by Dr. Arnot, ent. 
T.C.D. Jan. 27, 1739/40, aged 17, Sch. 1743, B.A. 1744, ord. P. Clogher, 29 June, 1748 

1765. James Weekes, Lie. C. Sep. 9 (D.R), probably J. W.,B.A., T.C.D., 1751. Was 
Lie. 0. Holy Trin., Cork, 1769, Treas., Cork 1770-5, d. Dec., 1775, leaving his wid., 
ttfory Weekep, alias Hughes, sole Exrjx. of his Will (Brady). 


1759. Mark Noble, Lie. 0., Aug. 31 (D.R.), probably b. in Lisnaskea, ent. T.O.D. as Siz., 
June 11, 1745, Soh. 1747, B.A. 1749, M.A. 1754, Headmaster Enniskillen Eoyal School 
1763-94, ord. D. , ord. P. 31 May, 1761 (S.R.) He was "Treas. of the organisation for 
badging the poor " at Enniskillen in 1774. (Dundas, p. 63) His P. Will was pr. in 
1794. He m. Jane, 2nd dau. of Mungo Noble, of Glassdrummond, Co. Ferm. He had 
2 brothers, Archibald and Alexander, and 2 sisters, Mrs. Forster and Mrs. Chartres 

1766. William Noble appears (V.B.) Was son of Mungo 3ST., b. in Co. Ferm., ed. at 
Enniskillen by Dr. Dunkin, ent. T.C.D. Sep. 7, 1767, aged 16., B.A. 1762. He became 
V. Kinsale 1780-96, V. Holy Trin. Cork, 1796-1806, V. Killowen, Cork, 1796-9, m. 
(was then of Munville, Co. Monaghan) Mary Wilson, of St. Mary's, Dub. (M.L. April 7, 

1765-6. William Dane appears and is still C. in 1785 (Purl. Rat. and V.B.) See 
Clontibret Eectors. 

1783. Mungo Noble appears (V.B.) He was the son of James N., "gen." b. in Co, 
Meath, ent. T.C.D. May 6, 1776, aged 17, B.A. 1780, m. 1794 Jane, dau. of Wm. New- 
come, Abp. of Armagh, and had a son, John, b. in Meath, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 
1826, aged 17, B.A. 1830. 

1786. Francis Madden Lie. 0. April 5 (D.B.) The name " Francis " does not occur in 
T.C.D. Lists. It is probably an error, or misreading for Trovers. Travers Madden 
became R. Aghavea q.v. 

1787. Ralph Blundell appears f V.B.) Was son of Dixie B. (Dean of Kildare), b in Dub., 
ed. by Dr. Norris, enfc. T.C.D. Oct. 4, 1779, aged 16, B.A. 1784. Was V. Balscadden, 
Dub., 1787-1801, d. Jan., 1801 (F.F.) 

1788. Alexander Hurst appears and up to 1814 ( V.B.). See Aghabog Rectors. 

1801. Thomas Brooke appears (V.B.) See Errigle Trough. 

1809. Thomas BIrney , appears (V.B.) See Templecarne. 

1823. Butler Brooke appears (Par. Reg.). See Killeevan. 

1827. John Wilson appears (Par. Reg.) res. 1827. See Derrybruske. 

1827. Augustus Crofton succeeds (Par. Reg.), 3rd son of Sir Hugh C., 2nd Bart., M.P., b. 
1798, in Co. Dublin, ent. T.C.D. as S.O. Aug. 1 , 1814, aged 17, ed. by Dr. Dowdall, B.A. 
1818, M.A. 1821, m. 7 Ap., 1828, Emily Char lotto, dau. of John Kirwan,of Co.Galway, 
She d. 11 Feb., 1861, and he d. 24 Feb., 1861 . They had (1) Hugh Augustus, Lt.-Col.i 
m. and had issue ; (2) Edward, Barrister-at-Law, M.A. ; (3) Emily Frances na. 1860 
Watson Scatcherd, E.I.C.S., and had issue (see Baronetages). 

1843. Thomas Wellesley Roe appears (Bourns List). See Maguiresbridge. 
1847 William Rlchey Bailey, Lie. C. See Monaghan. 

1853-5. William Bettes worth Armstrong, was ord. D, for this Curacy at Armagh, 
on Deo. 21, 1853, which he res. fo,: C. Caledon in 1855. (See Armagh Clergy p. 151). 

1857. Richard ArchdallByrn, See Broomfield. 

1860-6. James H. Watson, (Par. Reg.) C. Cooltrain (Bourns) 1 Was this Thomas Henry 
Watsonson of Thomas W., "gen.", b. in Co. Carlow, ed. at Enniskillen, ent. T.C.D. 
July 3, 1843, aged 17, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1858, ord. D. 1853, P. 1854 (Ossory) . 

1861. William Watkins Deering, See Maguiresbridge. 
1862-7. Daniel Eccles Lucas Dickson, SeeGarvary. 

1887-9. William Going (Crock.) T.C.D. B.A. 1866, ord. D. 1867, P. 1868 (Arm.) after- 
wards C. St. Mary's, Limerick, 1869-73, C. Olonmel 1873-4, B. Cappoquin 1874-98. 


1888. Edward! Metcalf appears (Par. Reg.) Son of Francis M. " Pragmatious,"- 
b. in Co. Kildare, ed. by Mr. Wall, ent. T.C.D., Jan. 15, 1841, aged 23, B.A. 1845, M.A. 
1850, ord. D. 1846, P.O. Balbriggan 1861-8. 

1870. Joseph James Wilson, Lie. C. June 12 (D.R.), ord. D. 1870, P. 1873, res. for C. 
Killodiernan (Killaloe) 1871-7, C. Kilnaughtin 1878-9, C. Colton, Lanes, 1880-4, 0. 
St. Mark's, Bolton, 1785-6, 0. Wetheral 1886-90, 0. Ampleforfch 1890-3, C. Barnburgh 
1894-5, C. East Nottingley 1895. 

1870. John Orr, See Maguiresbridge. 

1871. William Henry Lynn, in charge of Cooltrain, ord. D. 1870, P. 1871, became V, 
Mostrim (Ardagh) in 1875, which he held to 1885. 

1873. George Henry Moore Preston, forCooneen. ? See Lisbellaw. 
1878. William Hanna Bradley, See Canons. 
1878. Robert Donaldson, See Donaeavey Rectors. 


Aghaluroher Achad TTrcuir, "the field of the cast or throw." The Patron 
Saint was Ronan, son of Aid Dubh (Harris's Ware i., 178) Ann Hib. i., p. 33 notei 
gives it a different Patron, viz. Felim, whose feast was Dec. 23. The R. was valued at 
2 marks in the Pap al Taxation. The ruins of the old Church, said to date from 
the 9th cent., with the Churchyard adjoining, situate in Lisnaskea Union, about 2 
miles from Lisnaskea, are vested in the local authorities. A new Church was built 
at Cooltrain in 1767, and by G-eo. III., c. 21, s. 15, it was to be reputed henceforth as 
the Parish Church. Mullaghfad, (part of) Maguiresbridge and Lisnaskea were formed 
out of Aghalurcher as Perpetual Curacies. In 1841 Licence was granted to hold service 
in the Schoolhouse at Kiltermon in this parish, April 6 (D.E.) T.C.D. received 
5,141 16s. 5d. compensation at Disestablishment for the loss of the Advowson or 
Right of Presentation of the Incumbent to the parish. The Rectory was built in 1872 . 
The Parish Registers from 1788, and the Vestry Minutes from 1747, are in the 
custody of the Incumbent. 

Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry writes "This parish was almost divided into 2 parfca 
by the Parish of Aghavea. The Parish Church was in the western portion and before 
the Reformation the Chapel of JEase of Tulnagoran would have served the eastern 
portion. The old parish church has evidently been in ruins since or before 1622. Ac- 
cording to the R.V. of that yew "the Lord of Bellfore" was building a New Parish 
Church, which was not yet finished, near his residence at Casfcleslde (Lisnaskea). Bub 
this ch arch was never the parish church that position was retained by the ancient 
ruined church until 1767, when as stated the church built at Cooltrain (in 1762) 
became the Paoish Church. The Churah at Lisnaskea and its suscessors would have 
served the western portion of the parish down to the middle of the 19th century, when 
a church was also built at Maguiresbvidge. As to the eastern part of the parish, there 
is no reason to belieye that the Charon of Tulnagoran in Tattynuckle townland, W=is 
ever rebuilt. The ruins of the old Parish Church wei-e vested in the Board of Works 
under the Irish Church Act. The only architectural feature remaining is a vaulted 
chamber now used as a vault, said to be of 9fch century date, bub this date appears 
to be most uncertain. 

Ab some period there was a church and graveyard in Colebrooke Demesne ; fche 
ruins of the church were eventually removed by the Brooke family to prevent their 
desecration. It may have been of post-Reformation date and have been in use until 

See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 




. Dunchad was evidently a priesfc connected with this parish, for there is preserved 
in the National Museum, Dublin, a monumental stone bearing in Irish Characters the 
following inscription : OR DO DUNCHAD PSPIT HIC " a prayer for Dunchad, 
priest (buried) here." It is said to have been nrocured from the wall of a graveyard 
near Brookeborough, and was m-esenoed by Rev. Joseph Calwell (R. of Agha/ea, 1863- 
74) . There seems little doubt that it must have been removed from the wall of Aghavea 
" Churchyard. There is a site of another ancient church and graveyard in the isolated 
townland of Ballyhill, which belonged to this parish, and which is also not far from 
Brookeborough, and is now partly unenclosed. 

1526. Man us (OP Matjonius) McCrenyr is V., and also V. Tullycorbet (DM. Arm.) 
1531. James McCrenyr is V. (ib). 

Rectors and Vicars. 

-1515. Gil la-Patrick O'Hultachaln, Parson of Achad-baithe d. (A.F.M.) 

1613. Robert Whitelaw, coll 5 Sep., ind. 8 Mar., 1613/4, allowed to hold Aghavea with 
Aghalurcher by faculty 31 May, 1619 (R.V. 1622), his name appears in Marsh's Lib. 
Copy of R.V. as Robert Gurfand, a misreading. " Church ruinous, no Glebe house, 
val. ofR.!6." 

1635. John Lyell, inst. Dec. 7 (F.P.), res. for Dromore in 1638. 

1638/9. Archibald Carr, inst. Jan. 26 (F.F.), appears as Richard Carr in Lodge and 
Reeves Mss. A Carr was R. & V. Dromore 1630-5. 

1647. Jonathan White, is R. and was living in Dublin this year. (Carte Pps. xxxi, 
364, 8). 

In 1661 James Johnston, Presbyt. Minister was expelled from Aghavea and 
Aghalurcber Rectories for Nonconformity. 

1661. Alexander Keith appears (V.B.) held also Drummully q.v. 

1670/1. John Leslie, coll. Feb. 24, to this parish and the R. of Drummully, q.v. 

1715. William Leslie, coll., Sep. 16 (F.F.), son of his pred. He was 0. Aghavea in 
1684 and up to 1693 and probably till 1715, and was also 0. Drummully in 1684. We 
find a proposal from him " to build a Glebe house in a rising ground in the 200 yards 
from the public rpad,less than quarter of a mile from the Church," witnessed by Penelope 
Leslie (his 2nd wife), and Alexander Leslie, Clk. (his son) cost 332 15s. 8d. He was 
J.P. Co. Fer., 10 May, 1722. He d. in 1761, and was bur. in Aghavea. (See tombstone 
insc. in Belmore's Two Ulster Manors, p. 435) . The deaths of his son Henry and Mary, 
Henry's wife, are also recorded on the stone. Wm. Leslie was a friend of Philip Skelton, 
who thought highly of him. Leslie recommended his grandchildren to Skelton on his 
deathbed. One of these was afterwards Rev. Alex. Leslie, whom Skelton partly kept at 
a school in Monaghan in his early years. (See Burdy's Life of Skelton) X W. L's. Will, 
made April 23, 1760, was proved 4 March, 1762. He was then (1760) in his 80th year. 
Left his estate to his son, Alexander, with remainder to his (Alexander's) son Alexander, 
and then to the latter's brother, Charles, Mentions his 2nd son, Henry. Laft 200 
to his dau., Mary Noble, subject to an annuity of 2 a year for her mother, and desired 
that they might live together . Lord Belmor e was of opinion that his wife Penelope was 
connected with the Stafford family. 

1761. Nathaniel Preston, vcoll. April 11 (D.R.) He was son of Nath. P., merchant of 
Dublin, and " Armiger," ent. T.O.D. as S.C. July 12, 1737, aged 13, having been b. in 
Dublin. B.A. 1740, M.A. 1744, He was V. Loughcrew (Meath) 1752-84. Was 
appointed Preb. Donoughmore in St. Patrick's Oath., Dub., July 23, 1772, by the Crown, 
but seems to have surrendered his patent before institution; res. Aghavea in 1772 and 


became V. Donaghpatrick and B. Killalon (Meath) 1772-96, was also 2nd Canon of Kil- 
dare 1772-93, m. (1) Alice Billon, and had issue, including Rev. Arthur John, B. A. 1782, 
his 2nd son, who succeeded him as Canon of Kildare in 1793, and held the Deanery of 
Limerick 1809-44, and by his 1st wife, Araminta Anne, dau. of Rev. Wm. Beresford 
had, with other issue, ReV. Arthur John, Preb. of Lulliaghmore, Kildare. He m. (2) 
as of Swainstown Co. Meath, to Mary Hamilton, of St. Mary's Parish, Dublin (M.L. 
Oct. 14, 1763) and had issue Rev. Henry Thomas, B.A., 1785, V. Laracor 1798-1801 
and R. Olonmany (Derry) 1791-1801, and d. 12 Feb., 1801. He d. in 1796, when his 
P. Will was proved. 

1772. James Kyan.coll. Deo. 5 (D.R. andS.R.) He was B.A. 1739, M.A. 1761, in T.O.D. 
Register, which gives no further particulars, but was probably son of Rev. John Kyan, 
B.A. 1703, V. Leixlip and Esker, 1715-73, who was son of Rev. James F.T.C.D., ob. 
1682, (who was son of Rev. Adam K., of Rathbeggans, Co. Meath, and was ancestor of 
the Kyans, of Ballymurtagh, Co. Wicklow). Rev. James K., of Esker, Co. Dublin, m. 
Anne Lyster, of St. Nicholas Without, 1756 (M.L. Jan. 27). 

1774. William TIsdall, had a faculty, dated 5 March, 1774, to hold Duneane, Drum- 
maul and Cranfield (Down and Connor) with this parish. (Reynell' Mss. Down and 
Connor) The entry of his inst. does not appear in Ologher D.R., but he was R. in V.B. 
1774. See Templecarne for which he evidently res. in 1775. 

01775. Anketell Moutray, appears R. in 1777 V.B. and probably succeeded Tisdall 
in 1775. He seems to have exchanged for Errigal Trough (q.v.) in 1780 with William 

1780. William Major, coll. February 16 (D.R.) Was son of Henry M., Lieufcenanb 
Donegal Militia, of Ballyshannon, by Elizabeth, his wife, ed. by Dr. Dunkin, at 
Ennisfcillen, T.C.D. ent. April 12, 1749, Sch. 1751, B.A. 1753. Was C. Inishmaosaint 
1 757 and appears C. up to 1 772, V. Errigal Trough 1 776-80, held with Aghavea from 1784 
to 1792 the R. Drummully. Was also V. Kilbarron (Raphoe) 1781-4. Rev. W. M< 
"of Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal," m. Elizabeth Lindsay, of Sb. Mark's, Dublin, 1774. 
(M.L. June 30) and d. at Glebe Hill, Co. Ferm., June 1792. His P. Will was proved in 

1792. Travers Madden, coll. June 1 (D.R.) He was the eldest son of Rev. Samuel M., 
R. Kells (Ossory) and Chanc. St. Canice's Oath., by Cassandra, dau. and heiress of 
Michael Travers, J.P., of Skehanore, Co. Cork; and was b. 12 April; 1763, ed. by Rev. Dr. 
Pack, at Kilkenny College, enfc. T.C.D. Jan. 17, 1780, aged 16, B.A. 1784, ord. D. 10 Oct., 
1784, P. 18 Deo., 1785 (Osa. S.R.) Was C. Aghalureher 1786, res. this R. in May, 1798, 
for R. & V. Kilmacow (Oaaory), which he held 1798-1802, d. unm. 9 May, 1802. 

1798. James Webster, coll. June 2 \D.R.) He was son of Thomas W. "agricola" 
(farmer) b. in Co. Longford, ed. by Mr.Meares, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1782, aged 16, B.A. 
1787. Vacated this parish in 1814 for R. Streete (Ardagh), Co. Longford, m. Anna 
Maria, dau of Francis Brooke, of Colebrooke; she d. in 1858, aged 81 . (Tablet in Cole- 
brooks Church). 

Wll Ham Brown low Savage, coll. May 26 (D.R.), youngest son of Patrick S., 
gen.," H. Sheriff, Co. Down, 1763 ^by Anne, dau. of Roger Hall, of Narrow Water), b. 
in Co. Down, ed. by Mr. Whiteside, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. June 3, 1806, aged 17, B.A. 1810, 
M.A. 1817, C. Ardkeen (Down) 1811 to I814 y res. Aghavea in 1826 for R. & V. 
Shinrone, Kilmurry Ely and Kilcoman (Killaoe), which he held till his death at the 
Rectory, Shinrone,Nov. 6, 1861, aged 72; m. his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Savage Hall, 
of Narrow Water, and had issue (1) Patrick, m. 1841, Dora, dau. of Wm. Minchin and had 
issue ; (2) Roger, b. 1820, d. unm. 22 Nov., 1831 j (3) Rev. Andrew Lavallin b. in Co. 
Perm., B.A. 1844, V. Dunany 1848-52, and V. Delvin (Meath) 1854-6, d. unm. Feb., 
1856 (4) John Lavallin, and 3 daus, viz. (1) Elizabeth m. Henry Wray Atkinson ; (2) 
Anne Sarah m. (1) at Warrenpoint Church, 29 Oct., 1839, Rev. John Davis, P.O. of War- 
renpoint, and m. (2) at Shinrone, 17 Nov., 1853, John Dwyer, late Col. 14th Foot; 
(3) Margaret d. unm. (See History of the Savage Family in Ulster, pp. 152-4), 

1826. Charles Moore Stewart, coll. July 5 I D.R.) He was 2nd son of Alex. S., of 
Ards House, Co. Donegal, M.P. for Co. Derry (bro. of Robert, 1st Marquess of London- 
derry) by Lady Mary Moore, dau. of Charles, Marquess of Drogheda, was b. 5 Mar., 1799; 
r es, Aghavea for Preb. Killymard, Raphoe, 1829-31,was also V.Ohor. Cloyne 1827-31, 


m. 1830, Alice, 2nd dau. of Bt. Hon. John Ormsby Vandeleur, of Kilrush, Co.Clare, and 
d. s.p. Feb. 1831. His wid. m. (2) Lt.-Col. John VandeleUr, 10th Hussars. 

The following is taken from the Newry Telegraph of Dec., 1826 : 

"Enniskillen, Nov. 25. In consequence of the BeV. Mr. Stewart, Rector of Aghavea, 
refusing to sign the Protestant Petition of this County, many of the paiishioners have 
manifested great displeasure, and have, we understand, acted very unbecomingly 
towards him. On Sunday last on his commencing the Morning Service, the greater 
part of the congregation left the Church. Such conduct, to say the least of it, is rather 
arbitrary and unbecoming the character of the moral and respectable people of that 
neighbourhood. Enniskillen Chronicle"; History repeats itself, as somewhat similar 
scenes are known to have taken place in the North regarding the Ulster Covenant, 
and in B.C. Churches in the South regarding the Sinn Fein Movement. 

1831. Thomas Birney, coll. April 22 (DM.), res. in 1840 for Templecarne q.v. 
1840. Butler Brooke, coll. June 10 (D.R.), res. in 1853 for Killeevan q.v. 

1853. Joseph Calwell, coll. April 31 (D.R.). See Archdeacons. Annuity at Disestab- 
lishment 300 16s. Id.; res. this parish 1st Jan., 1874. 

1874. Alexander Montgomery Furlonge, inst. 13 Feb. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1869, 
M.A. 1873, or.. D. 1869 (Arm.), P. 1871 (Down), C. Clogher (Augher) 1869-74, res. 
Aghavea on " composition," 24 Jan., 1881, for C., H Trin., Maidstone, 1881-2, V. Gti 
Toller, Dorset, 1882-4, B. Chilcombe, Dorset, 1887-9. 

1881. William Hanna Bradley, inst. April 1 (D.R.) See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

18B4. Thomas William Clinton, inst. Dec. 20 (D.R.) Son of Thomas C.; T.C.D. B.A. 
1888, M.A. 1894, Div. Test. 1890, ord. D. 1889 (Kilm.), P. 1890 (Arm.), C. Mucknp 
1889-93, B. Augher 1893-4, res. Aghavea 31 July, 1901, for missionary work in Mauri- 
'tiue, Chapl. of Moka and Quartre Bornas and Prin. Theol Coll., Maur, 1901-7, Dom. 
Chapl. to Bp. of Mauritius 1901-4, Archd. of Mauritius 1907-12, C.-in- charge Donagh- 
Patrick, Meath 1912-17, B. do. 1917, m. (1) Eliza Lane, dau. of Bobert Bailie, of Short- 
stone, Co. Louthy she d. in Jan. 31, 1924 ; m. (2) June 22, 1925, Violet, dau. of Bobert 
Cornwall, of Rutland Square, Dublin, and sister of Bev. Canon Lewis-Crosby, B,D. 
Archdeacon Clinton d. at Donaghpatrick March 18, 1926. 

1901. Morris Richard Davies, inst. Sep. 30 (D.R.), ed. at St. Aidan's Coll., ord. D< 
1885 (Down), P. 1890 (Kilmore), 0. Templecarne 1885-91, B. Templecarne 1891-5, B. 
Lack 1895-1901, d. s.p. suddenly 30 Jan., 1919, bur. in Aghavea. 

1919. Robert Warrington, inst. April 13 (D.R.), b. Jan. 8, 1870, at Aughaward, Co. 
'Longford, son of Bobert W.; ed. at Dio. Theol. Coll., Montreal, 1894, ord. D. 1896 
(Montreal), P. 1897 (Moos)j Inc. Chapleau Ontario 1896-8, I. Portage du Port P. Q., 
Canada 1898-1901, 0. S. Paul, Sheffield 1901-2, B. Donacavey or Fintona 1902-19, 
m. in May, 1897, and has issue, 4 sons and 2 daus. 


1633/4. Hugh O'Hlnan appears (R.V.) 

1676. Robert Bradin (or Bredin) appears (V.B.) See Drummully Curates. 

1684. William Leslie, appears up to 1693 (V.B.). See Sectors. But query was he 
Bev. Wm. L., of Folia, son of James Leslie, of Folia, who succ. his father in 1693, and d* 
unm. Sep. 1722, aged 71 . 

1892. Thomas Hamilton, appears (V.B.) See Drummully Curates. 
1724. Jerome Draycott appears (V.B.) See Boho. 

1758. William Leslie (II) probably a grandson of W. L., B. of Aghavea, above. His 
name does not appear in Matric. Beo. of T.C.D. There is a tombstone in St. Peter's, 
Drogheda, to Bev, Wm, Leslie ob, 1795, t 


1764. John Campbell appears (V.B.) See Carrickmacross. 

1772. Andrew Kerr appears ( V.B.) See Aghabog. 

1800. Thomas (Brooke appears (V.B.) See Errigal Trough. 

1809. John Kane appears I V.B.) He was son of John K., " Ludimagister," b. in Co. 
Donegal, ed. by Mr. Marshall, ent. T.C.D., as Siz., June 6, 1792, aged 17, Sch. 1794, 
B.A. 1796, was 0. Muckno 1803. 

1836. William Moutray, ord. D. for this 0. 4 Sep. 1836 (Chr. Examr.) Was 6th son of 
John Oorry M., of Favour Royal, b. 2 Oct., 1811, ent. T.C.D. as S.O. Oct. 19, 1829, aged 
18, B.A. 1825, M.A. 1832. Was C. Errigle Kerrogue 1839-43, Chaplain of Portclare 
1843-81, d. Unm. 27 April, 1882. He was ord. P. Dec. 18, 1837. 

1844. William B red in is C. (Bourns). See Sallaghy. 

1850. Ralph Dawson Welsh, lie. C. Sep. 6 (DM. Arm.); son of Muns W., Physician 
b. in Co. Caran, en.b. T.C.D. July 4, 1842, aged 18, B.A. 1847, Div.Test. (2) 1848, ord. D' 
1848, P. 1849, was C. Ballymasoanlan (Armagh) 1854-8, P.C. of Altedeserfc, 1860-9, d' 
in 1869 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 88). 

1853. Samuel Ward Payne was ord. P. for the C. of Tattykeeran at Armagh on Dee.21 
(DM., Arm.); had been ord. D. in 1853 ; T.C.D. B.A. 1853, LL.B. and LL.D. 1863, res 
this C. in 1854, C. St. Mary, Newingbon, 1854-5, Chaplain R.N. 1855-80, having volun- 
teered ab a bime when war and disease were to be faced; served in various ships and in 
the Maori War under Bp. Selwyn and as Chapl. in Sheerness Dockyard, was Chapl. 
R.N. Hosp., Plymouth, 1880-7, V. St. James, Deronporb, 1886-9, R. Delamere, Cheshire 
1889-1913, d.Juaa 19, 1913. 

1856. Robert Samuel Law was ord. D. for C. Aghavea on 18 May, 1856; became P.C. 
Meigh, 1858, and "of Drumbanagher in 1862, and R. Drumconrath (Meabh) in 1872, d. 
1892. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 255). 

1858. Thomas Mason appears (Oldham) and is D.C. Tattykeeran in this parish. Was 
son of James M., " gen.," b. in Co. Tipp., ed- by Mr. Conolly, Ent. T.C.D., July 4, 1836, 
aged 18, B.A. 1841, ord. D. 1843, P., became C. Rahan 1860 and of Fercall (.Meath) 
1861, in charge of Eglish Church in bhat parish, 1861-70. His dau. Lily d. April 14, 
1870, aged 4 years. He d. in Dub. Mar. 19, 1881, bur. in Mt. Jerome Gem. 

1872. Alexander Beatty, Lie. Aug. 13, 1872 (DM.) held to 1876. Was V. Ardnurcher 
(Meath) 1876-9, m. June 26f, 1877, Eleanor, eldest dau. of Jas. Fetherston H., of Co. 
Westmeath ; d. at Ardnurcher Rectory, July 22, 1879, aged 37. 

1877-81 . George Baron Sullivan, Lie. 23 Sep. (DM.) See Aghadrumsee. 
1880-1. Edward Carleton Fife, (C). See Muekno Curates. 
1881-2. Jocelyn Johnston, See Finner. 

1885. James Fetherston Lynch, Lie. 1 June, 1886 (DM.), R.TT.I. B.A. 1884, ord. D. 
(Downfor Clogher) 1885, P. 20 June, 1886 (Clogher), 0. Kilmore (Down) 1886, V. Caher- 
conlish (Emly) 1889, with Grean, 1916, Preb. Cashel 1911, Prec. Oashel 1923, well 
known as an Irish Scholar and Antiquarian. 

1889-91 .William Jackson Nicholson, Lie. 1 June, 1888 (DM.) See Derryvullen North 


Aghavea Aohadh-belthe " birchfield " ; Church, built 1813 ; Qlebe house built 
1825 ; Churchyard Cons. 18 Sep., 1920. The Parish Registers from 1815 are in 
Parochial Custody. 

Aghavea Church had been burnb in 1458, and again in 1487 (Ann. UK.iii, 197, 319). 
Ib was ruinous in 1622 (R.V.) ; it was again burnt in 1806, and rebuilt in 1813. The 
Patron Saint is unknown, but a St. Lasair, of Aghavea, is mentioned in the Martyr. 
Doneg., 13 Nov. See also Appendix Corrections and Additions. 




1888. Patrick Hastings, Lie. P.O. nom. by E. P. Shirley, ord. D., Cork, 1861, 0. Carn- 
teel, 1861-2, C. Oreggan, 1862-4, res. 29 Feb., 1872 (D.R.) 

1872. Alexander Hurst Ross, inst. May 17 (DM.), b. 2 Aug., 1830, at Drumbrain, 
Co. Monaghan; son of Richard Ross, B.A. Presbyt. Min. of Drumkrin, T.C.D. B.A. 
1859, ord. D. I860, P. 1861, Arm., C. Aghabog 1860-72, res. Ardragh 2 May, 1881. 
Afterwards became C. Bisley, Gloucs.,1 884-5, C. Eastville, Line., 1885-91, C. Elkington 
1892-3, C. Prestbury, Gloucs. 1894-1898, d. unm. at Ballykelly, Londonderry, Aug. 19, 

1881. Charles Joseph Hill Tardy, inst. Nov. 17 (DM.) uniting this Parish with Mag. 
heracloone q.v. 


Ardragh (high fort) was formed as a Perpetual Curacy out of Carriokmacrosa 
Parish, Feb. 4, 1868. The Church was built and endowed by the Shirley family. The 
first stone was laid by S. E. Shirley, 23 Nov., 1866, and the Church was consecrated on 
Tuesday, 13 Oct., 1868. William Slater, of London, was the Architect. The sermon 
at the Consecration of the Church, preached by Dr. Reeves, Rector of Tynan, afterwards 
Bishop of Down and Connor, on 2 Chron. Vi., 41, was printed at the Chiswick Press, 
1869, 4to. The silver-gilt plate is inscribed "Dedicated to the Service of God, 
in the Church of St. Patrick, of Ardragh, by Mary Clara Elizabeth, wife of Evelyn 
Philip Shir ley ,the Founder, 1868." Since 1881 the parish has been joined with Maghera- 
cloone. The Parish Registers 1865-79 were destroyed in the P.R.O. See Appendix 
Additions and Corrections. 


"District Curates and 

1864. Archibald Henry Hamilton, Lie., May 23, res, in 1868 for C. Kilskeery q.v. 
1868. John Matthew Young is C. St. Mark's, Augher, res. 1869 for f. DeVenish, q.v. 

1869. Alexander Montgomery Furlonge res. in 1874. See Aghavea. Became Inct. 
after Disest. 

1874. Richard Henry Moffett ; res. for Aghadrumsee in 1875. 

The Curates of Clogher seem to have served the Church up to 1891. 

1891. William John Coburn, inst. as C.-in-Charge 17 Mar. (DM.) Ed. at St. Bees. 
Coll 1887, ord. D. 1889 Kilm for Clogher, P. 1890 Clogher; C. Clogher 1889-91, became 
R. Drumgooland (Dromore) 1892-1901, C. Bradpole (Sarum) 1902, C. Elstead, Goda- 
loning 1903, V. Bodenhampton, Dorset, 1907, V. Cholsey, Berks, 1915-20, V. Worth 
Maltravers, Dorset, 1923. 

1893. Thomas William Clinton, inst. 1 June (DM.), res. for Aghavea 20 Dec,, 1894. 
1895. Francis Doherty, inst. 4 June (DM.), res. in 1900. See Trillick. 

1900. John Winter, inst. 26 Mar. (DM.), Schol. Cane. Line. 1884, St. Peter's Coll., 
Camb. B.A. 1893, ord. D. 1886, P. 1887 Wore., C. Blackheath, Warws., 1886-8, C. St. 
Jude's, Birm., 1889, C. St. Andrew's the Less, Camb., 1890-3, C. Sutton in Ashfield, 
1893-6, C. Dundalk 1897-9, C. Carnteel 1899-1900, res. in 1921 on superannuation, 
d. in May, 1926. 

1921 . John Ramsay Crooks, Lie. C.-in-Charge 2 Nov. (DM.) R.U.I. 1906, son of John 
S. Crooks, of Newtownards, Co. Down, and brother of Louis W. C., Rector of Knock- 
breda, and Samuel B. C., R. of Killough, 3rd 01. Univ. P.T.E. ; ord. D. 1906, P. 1908 
(Clogher), C. Tyholland, 1906-10, R. Broomfield, 1911-13, R. Clabby 1913-21. Ap- 
pointed Org. Sec. Irish Ch. Missions 1924, when he res. Augher. In 1926 he became 
C.-in-eharge Hollywood U., Glendalough, 


1924. Edward Morgan Griffin, Lie. C.-in-Oharge Oct. 1 (D.R.), son of Rev. Edward M. 
G., R. of St. Barnabas, Dublin, T.C.D. B.A. 1911, ord. D. 1911, P. 1912 (Derry), 0. All 
S.S., Olooney, 1911-13, C. Castleknock 1913-18, T.C.F. 1915-16, 1918-19, 0. Castle- 
knock with Mulhuddart, 1919-22, 0. Ematris U. 1922-4, res. in Aag. 1926 for G.-in- 
charge Aghavilly (Armagh). 

1926. Robert Thompson Farrell, Lie. Curate-in-charge. See Enniskillen Curates. 


Augher was originally a district Curacy in Clogher Parish. W. E. Ferrall granted a 
site for a Chapel of Ease here on 3 Dec., 1862, on which the Church was built. It 
was licensed for Divine Service 29 Mar., 1863, and consecrated 26 Oct., 1864. Addi- 
tional burial ground, granted by John J. Carmichael- Ferrall, of Augher Castle, cons. 
Sep. 1, 1886 (DM.). Churchyard cons. 21 Sep., 1921 (D.R.) The Parish Registers 
from the foundation of the Church to 1875 are preserved with Clogher Registers in the 
custody of the Incumbent of Clogher. 



1421. David McGowan [Macagobaim] was prov. by the Pope to the Perp. Vic. of the 
Plebs of Cremorne [Crichinuarnd] Aug. 18 (Ann. Hib. i., 28) 

1428. Gelasius Oronachan, a priest of the dio. is prov. to the Perp, V. of the Plebs of 
Cremorne [Crydmurna] vacant by the death of David M'Gowan, 27 Nov. (Ann. Hib. 
i., 34, 48.) 

1530. Patrick M'Qrayne is V. Aughnamullen {D.R. Arm.) 

1539. Cornelius (or Cormac) M'Ardail was V.-, and was in 1641 deprived of the V. for 
simony, bigamy and inability (ib.) 

1541. Flamian IVTAbaird was coll. as his successor, May 18 (ib.) 
1544 John M'Qrayn, coll. V. May 23 (ib.) 

1622. Alexander Dunbar is V. " Church ruinous, no [glebe] house ; Vicar receives half 
of all the tithes and dues. Ambrose Aphugh, impropriator of the R." (R.V. 1622) 
See Prebs. Tullyoorbet. 

1627. Archibald Erskine (or Areskin) was pres. by the Crown to this V. and the R. and 

V. Tullycorbet, Sep. 24 (L.M., v. 107), inst. Feb. 28, 1627-8 (P.P.) res, 1629 See Prebs. 


1629. Robert Boyle, inst. V. and R. & V. Tullycorbet (united pro hoc vice 27 Nov.), 
30 Nov., 1629, ind. 19 Feb., 1629/30 (F.F.), V. is value 60 in 1633/4 (5.F.) A Petition 
having been sent by Boyle and Erskine to the Authorities complaining of R.C. Masses 
being held in Aughnamullen and Magheraclooney, The Roman Catholics had erected 
altars in these churches. An Order in Council was made that Lord Blaney, Governor 
of Monaghan, should demolish the altars, and properly lock the Church doors and give 
the key to the Vicar, Rector or Curate. (See Shirley's Monaglian, p. 124 and Prebs. 

1884. George WTKullo [McCullough] inst. 2 June, 1664, to Aughnamullen and Carrick- 
macross (F.F.) Another entry has inst. 2 Nov., 1664, to Aughnamullen and Tully- 
corbet. (See Prebs. Tullycorbet) 

1875. Alexander Read, coll. July 15 (F.F.), also Preb. Tullycorbet (q.v.) A. Read was 
a Commonwealth Minister from 1668, and was settled on the tithes of Clonmore, Oo. 
kouth, 20 Aug., 1660. Seymours Com. Transcripts pp. 50, 142. 

1678 William Waring, adm. Mar. 26 (F.F.) See Prebs. Tyholland. 
1681 -Joshua Ross ell, adm. Aug. 19 (D.R. Arm.) 


1893. -James Christy (or Christie) appears V. (V.B.) He was C. Muokno, 1674, c. 
Tullycorbet 1679-93 C. Aughnamullen 1680 to 1682, C. Monaghan 1681 to 1693,0. 
Tyholland 1693, 0. Clones 1694. In those days when there were no railways, bicycles 
or motors, he must have been an expert horseman if he earned an " honest living." 
He was attainted by King James and his Parliament in 1689 and was then "of 

1696. William Pockridge appears (V.B.), vacated in 1702. He held also from 1696-8 
the K. & V. Templecarne and from 1 696-1702 the B. & V. Killany. William Pockridge 
or Pockrich, was son of Edward P., of Kilmore, Co. Mon., and was b. at Kilmore, ed. at 
Enniskillen by Mr. Dunbar,, ent. T.C.D. April 30, 1686, aged 18, B. A. 1691, M.A. (not 
inT.O.D. Reg., but in V. B. Clagher), He d. intest. 1702, admon. granted 11 April 
and 25 May. He had 2 sons by his wife Maryi, viz. : (1) Richard ; (2) Tenison, of 
Thomastown, Co. Louth, and of Carrickmaeross, who m. 1732, Mary, sister of James 
and Fred Eccles, Dub. He had also a dau. Maria. His wid. m. (2) (M.L. 17 Ap.,1703) 
Peter Fitch, of Ballymackney, Co. Mon. W. P. was a bro. of Richard P., of Aghna- 
mallogh, Co. Mon., High Sheriff, 1694, M.P. Monaghan Borough 1713-15, Capt. Monag. 
han Militia, and also bro. of Michael P., of Cloghernagh, Co. Mon. Abp. King had not 
a very good opinion of him, as appears from a letter of his to St. George Ashe, Bp. of 
Clogher " I understand Mr. Pockridge is dead, so the diocese is eased of that load." 
(See A Great Archbishop of Dublin by Sir C. S. King, Bb., p. 102 note) 

The tithes of the Rectory hitherto in lay hands, were about this time restored to 
the Parochial Clergyman. 

Hectors and Vicars. 

1702. Dillon Ashe inst. R.& V.July 22, by the Primate (D.R.Arm.) fJP. has Aug.22, 
See Chancellors. 

1705/6. Thomas Parnell coll. Feb. 9 (P.P.) See Archdeacons. 

1716. Thomas Dawson, coll. June 12 (F.F.), probably T. D., son of Thomas, b. in Dub., 
ed. by Mr. Gilbert, Ennis, Co. Londonderry, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. June 26, 1672, aged 19, 
no degrees rec. in T.O.D. Reg., but he is M.A. in Collation. His ( Clogher) Will was proved 
in 1724. 

1725. John Gill, coll May 12 (DM.), T.O.D. B.A. 1701, was R. & V. Kilmore 1 and V< 
Drumsnatt 1707-25. He had a son John, b. near Kilmore, Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Clarke, 
Lisburn, who ent. T.C.D. Feb. 12, 1724-5, aged 19, B.A. 1729. His P. Will was proved 
in 1738. 

1738/9. (Hon.) Francis Hamilton, coll. Mar. 20 (D.R.) He was 7th son of James, 
the 6th Earl of Abercorn (See Peerages), was b. in Dub., ed. at Kilkenny College by Dr. 
Andrews, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. Feb. 15, 1714/15, aged 14, B.A. 1718, M.A. 1721. C. Inish- 
macsaint 1724, held the R. & V. Monaghan 1725-38, and with Aughnamullen, held the 
V. Dunleer 1739-46, m. Dorothea, dau. and co-heir of James Forth, of Redwood, King's 
Co., and d. 20 May, 1746. His wid. d. 1780 (See Armagh C&rgy, p. 290) . 

1746. John Maxwell, coll. July 4 (F.F.) is R. in 1754 (V.B.) See Archdeacons. There 

seems to be some confusion in the Records soon after this, for the Dio. Reg. stated that 

John Cranston "held the R. & V. Aughnamullen till 1762, when he died." and 


1762. John Maxwell, D.D., succeeded on 17th [July?], 1762. Reeves, quoting 
from the Subscription Rolls (which are not now extant) says that 

1762. Dodsworth was coll. in Dec., 1762, Maxwell having resigned, and that 

1 763. John Maxwell, again appointed, subscribed July 1 , 1763. What Is certain is that 

1 763. Thomas Paul was coll., subscribing the roll on Oct. 1 (D.R.) He was son of Jef- 
frey P. of Co. Carlow, " generosus," who had settled in Dub., and was b. in Dub., ea. 
by Mr. Lauder, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 6, 1740/1, aged 17, B.A. 1746, M.A. 1748, LL.B. and 
LL.D. 1769. Was V. Ballysheehan, Oashel, 1758, Dean of Cashel 1754-69, R. St. Tho- 
mas, Dub., 1769-98, Preb. Timothan in St. Patrick's, Dub., 1773-98 ; got a grant of 
acres of land for a glebe at Aughnamullen, June 17, 1769 (L.M . v., 172) He m. W 
Elizabeth Hawkins, of St. Mary's, Dublin (M.L. Aug. 8, 1753) and (2) Anne, dau. Qj 
John Lyster, of Dublin (Marr Sett, 4 Sep., 1797), and d, 28 May, 1798, In hifl P 


proved 1798, he refers to his great niece, Mary, dau. of his nephew, Jeffry Paul, of Silver 
Spring, Go. Wexford, and his great nephew, Bev. Thos. Christmas Paul. Left 20 to 
the poor of St. Thomas's.' It appears that he was V. Dromara (Dromore) 1762-84, 
having a faculty to hold also the Deanery of Cashel 31 Mar., 1758. 

1798. Henry Roper, coll. Aug. 24 (DM.), res. in 1835. See Clones. 

1835. Robert Loftus Tottenham, coll. Aug. 4 (DM.), res. in 1842 for Donaghmoine q.v- 

1842. Charles Porter coll. Sep. 1 (DM.] He was the 3rd son of John P., Bp. of Clogher, 
was Fell, and Tutor of Gonville and Cains Coll., Camb. He res. in 1850 and became 
V. Grinton, Yorkshire 1850-65 and V. Baunds, North Hants, 1855-76, m. and had issue; 
There is a tablet in Aughnamullen Church to the memory of his son, Thomas, d. Dec. 25, 
1842, and to his dau. Lavinia Lucy, d. Feb. 17, 1843. A son, Charles Fleetwood P., d. 
Vicar of Banbury, and Hon. Can. of Christ Ch., Oxford in 1914. He d. in 1876. 

18BO. Ellas Tardy, coll. Aug. 10, exchanging V. Grinton with Porter above (DM.) 
See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1888. Alexander Nixon Montgomery, inst. 1 June (DM.), b 5 Oct., 1852, elder son of 
Arthur Henry M. , of Crieve House, Co. Mon. ( by Henrietta Frances, dau. of Bev. Francis 
Chamley, V. of Wicklow), who was 2nd son of Major Alex. Nixon Montgomery, of Bess- 
mount Park, Co. Mon., H. Sheriff, Co. Mon., 179Q,who took the name of Montgomery, 
being 2nd son of Alex. Nixon, of Nixon Hall Co.Ferm.,H. Sheriff Co. Ferm., 1761, and 
Co. Mon., 1775, by his marriage with Mary, eldest dau. and heiress of Alex Montgomery, 
of Bessmount Park; T.O.D. B.A., 1877, ord. D. 1884, P. Dec. 1885, Down for Clogher 
0. Aughnamullen 1884-8, m. at Bangor Cathedral, N.Wales, 1 Aug., 1895, Mary Eliz., 
only dau. of Thos. Hanna, Dublin, by Bhoda Mary, dau. of Leonard Dobbin, of Armagh, 
d. 12 April, 1920, leaving an only child, Arthur Henry, b, 17 April, 1897, late Lieut., 
3rd Batt. B. Irish Regiment ^attached B. I. Bifles) wounded in the European War, 
who m. Oct. 2, 1924, Anna Eliz. Mary, yst. dau. of Alex. N. Montgomery, F.B.C.P.I., 
of Dublin (H.B.S.) 

Since 1920 the parish has been united to Bally bay. 


1633/4. Telge O'Haran appears (R.V.) 

1684. William Harvey appears ( V.B.) ; appears 0. of Carrickmacross in 1661, and was 
also 0. Tullyoorbet in 1664, M.A. in V.B. ; was, perhaps, W. H., V. Kilbeggan, Meath, 
1691, and C. Galtrim and Derpatrick, 1693. 

1678. William Smith appears (V.B.) See Monaghan Bectors. 
1680. Jamea Christie appears (V.B.) See Bectors. 
1702. David William appears and also in 1706 ( V.B.) 

1712. Thomas Erwine [Irwin], Lie. June 18 (DM.), appears as Thos. Erwinge, 0. in 
Den. and Exo., 1717. 

1723. William Akle appears (V.B.), William Akie or Ahie, appears B.A., 1722, T.C.D. 
perhaps William Aishe, Preb. Dunlavin, 1736-52, d. Sep. 21, 1752 (C.F.) 

1 742. Robert Gumming appears and is still 0. in 1764 at 50 ( V.B.) See Muckno 

1772. George Young appears ( V.B.) There is no G. Y., B.A., of that period in Alumni 
Duty., but a G. Y., son of Bobert, b. in Co. Donegal, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 16, 1753/4, aged 
16, ed. by Dr. M'Donnell, and another G. Y., ent. T.C.D., as Siz., June 19, 1764, ed. by 
Mr. Betty. It is probably the latter, as G. Y., was ord. D. (or P ?) Oct. 1, 1767 (SM.) 

H773. James Jackson, " Minister of the Divine Word in the Parish of Aughnamullen," 
whose eldest son, Thomas, Matrio. at Glasgow Univ., 1773, M.A. 1776, was probably C.] 

98 -~~ Charles Fleetwood appears i V.B.) ; was C. Derryvullen in 1785. The only C. F. 
B.A. in Al. Dubl. is C. F., eldest son of Charles F., of The Cottage, Athy, Co. Kildare, 
*?ho ent. T.O.D. Nov. 2, 1767, ed. by Mr. Dennis, B.A. 1772, and who joined the Irish 
Bar in 1 776, and was of the Middle Temple. It was not an uncommon thing for men to 
forsake the Bar for the Ohurch's Ministry. He was ord. D. 6 July, 1783 (SM.) 


1816. -John Taylor appears IV.B.) See Rossory. 
1826. William Lennard Roper appears IV.B.) See Monaghan. 
1838. Henry Tottenham, Lie. Feb. 4 (D.R.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 
1843. Robert Johnston appears (Bourns). See Rossory. 

1843. Arthur Moore appd. 0. (Ir. Ecc. Jour., Mar. 1843), son of Rev. John Tydd M., 
b. in Queen's County, ed. at Oswestry Sch., enb. T.C.D. as S.C., Mar. 12, 1838, aged 18, 
B.A. 1841, M.A; 1851, ord D. 1843, ord. P. for Kildare Diocese, Jan. 1844, became R. 
Emlaghfad (Achonry) 1855-1882, Dean of Achonry 1876-82, m. 1853, Harriett Murray, 
alias Ellard, and had issue. A dau. Francis Mary, m. June 22, 1881, Robert Burdett 
Barclay, of Co. Clare. 

1864. Cornollus Carleton Boomer, son of John B., b. in Belfast, ent. T.C.D. July 1, 
1844, aged 22, B.A. 1853, ord. D. Armagh 1864, for this C. became 0. Shercock (Kil- 
more) 1866, C. Denn 1860, C. Balleefc (Armagh) 1863, C. Killinchy (Down) 1884-[75]. 

1886. Alexander Nixon Montgomery, lie. May 12 (DM.) was C. 1884-8. See Rectors. 


Aughnamullen The field of the Mill. It appears in the Taxation, of 1302 as "Plebs 
de Criohmugdorn " (Cremorne). At the Reformation the Rectoral Tithes were 
appropriated to the Abbey of St. Mochta of Louth. In 1622 Ambrose Aphugh was 
impropriator {R.V.) 

Christ Church, Aughnamullen, was consecrated, after enlargement, on 8 Nov., 
1864 (D.B.) The ancient churchyard of Corlatt is vested in the Local Authorities. 
There are also two other ancient burial grounds, viz. that in Anny T. L. and another 
the old Church and graveyard on the banks of Lough Egish, in Lattonfaskey, T. L., 
now called Chapel Moyle. The Qlebe house was built in 1776. In 1673 the Parish 
Clerk was David Dempster. 

The Registers since 1774 were lost in the P.RiO. 


Rectors and Vieaes. 

1788. John Creery was coll. as the first R. & V., Oct. 26 (D.R.) He had a faculty to 
hold this R. with the V. Drumlane (Kilmore) on 24 May, 1797, and subscribed the Roll, 
26 May, 1797. He is referred to in Burdy's ife of Skelton (pp. 185-6) where we are 
told that " Skelton wrote a whole quire of letters to get ordained a widow's son in Fin- 
tona, who was educated in the University of Edinburgh, but at last effected it by the 
kindness of the late Dean of Down [Dickson]. This young gentleman was worthy of 
every attention and held in 1792 a cure under Dr. Leslie, of Tandragee." He was ord. 
P. May, 1773, and was P. 0. Acton (Armagh), 1789-93. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 82). 
He d. Aug. 2, 1810, his Will, proved 1811, mentions his sons Leslie (see Curates below) 
and John, and his daus. Ann [Chambers], Eliz. and Isabella. 

1810. Henry Lucas St. George, coll. 24 Sep. (D.R.), res. Jan. 19, 1827, for R. Tedavnet 

1827. Hercules Langrishe, coll. Jan. 19 (D.R.) He was eldest son of James L., Arch. 
of Glendalough, and grandson of Sir Hercules L., 1st Bart, of Knocktopher (See Baro- 
netages), was b. in Dub. , ed. by Mr. Dowdall, ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1815, aged 17, B.A. 1819 
d. unm. April, 1846. 

1846. Lord Adam Loftus,coll. May 6 (S.R.), res. in 1847 for Magheraoulmoney q.v. 

1847. John Dunbar, coll. Mar. 27 (D.R.) He Was son of John D., "Centurio," 
Leicester, ed. by Mr. Martin, ent. T.C.D. June 8, 1819, aged 23, B.A. 1822. He wa3 
C. Belleek, 1824, and C. Inishmaosaint 1825, had a son Halahan D., b. in Dub., ent. 
T.O.D., June 12, 1839, aged 18, B.A. 1844 (see Belleek) and a dau. Maria, d. Sep. 13, 
1888. He d. at Gulistan, Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue, Dublin, Feb. 18, 1868 


1868. Henry Burdett, coll. >. He was 2nd son of Rev. John B., V. of Rynagh and 

Gallon (Meath) by Margaret Anne, dau. of Michael Head, of Derrycastle, Co. Tipp., was 
b. in King's County, ed. by Mr. Eaton, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1831, aged 17. No degree 
recorded. Was 0. Ballymore (Armagh) c. 1840, was P. C. Newbliss 1850-69, m. June, 
1842, Sybilla, dau. of Thos. Fleetwood, and had issue. His younger son, John Head B., 
d. afc Baling July 11, 1917, aged 62. He d. at Malahide Feb. 16, 1875, in his 63rd year. 
He res. Ballybay 15 May, 1872, annuity declared 339 19s. 5d. 

1872. Augustus Blayney Russell Young, inst. Aug. 13 (D.B.) See Precentors. 

1920. Edward Carlile Bigger, inst. to Ballybay, Aughnamullen and Tullycorbet united, 
26 June, (DM.), b. 1876 at Downshire House, Newry, son of John James Eastwood B. 
(late 6th Dragoon Guards), of Falmore Hall, Dundalk, ed. at Educ. Inst., Dundalk, 
T.C.D. B.A. 1902, Div. Test. 1902, Ridley Hall Camb., 1902, ord. D. 1903, P. 1904, 
Clogher ; C. Ematris 1903-7, R. Donagh 1907-20, m. in 1906, Maud Yokes Mackey, 
Bushford, Rockoorry, and has issue, a dau. Margaret Elizabeth. 


1809. Leslie Creery. He was son of Rev. John Creery, the Rector, was b. in Co. Arm., 
ed. by Rev. Mr. Pinching, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1799, aged 16, B.A. 1804, M.A. 1818, was 
C. Ballymore (Armagh) 1819, Preb. Dunsport (Down) 1817-18, V. Kilmore (Down) 
1819, Ohanc. of Connor and R. Ramoan 1831-4, Archd. of Connor 1834-49, d. Jan. 16, 
1849, aged 66. 

1866. Robert Gilbert Eccles, Curate-in-Charge, b. 1828, yst. son of John Dickson E., 
D.L., of Ecclesville, Co. Tyrone, by Jemima, dau. of Maj. Thos. Dickson, M.P., ed. at 
Roy. Sch., Dungannon; T.C.D. B.A. 1848 v ent. July 3, 1843, aged 18), ord. D. 1850, P., 
C. Aughaval 1850-3, C. Maguiresbridge 1853-63,, C. Ahascragh 1863-5, C. Clabby 
t8 65-6, became in 1867 R.Kilbrogan ^Bandon) 1867-80, m. 24 Aug., 1853, Ann. Eliz., 
eldest dau. of Lt.-Col. Robert Lowry Dickson, 15 Beng. Nat. Inf., of Hollybrook, 
Lisnaskea, and had issue (1) Alicia Dora, m. Rov. L. R. Fleury, and d. 
1921 ; (2) Jemima Hester, m. Rev. J. D. E. Newcombe ; (3) John Dickson ; 
(4) Anna Florence, m. Rev. G. G. Greene and d. 1909 ; (5) Rev. Robert 
Lowry Dickson, R. Loughrea and Can. of Clonfert, d. 1924; (6) Chas. 
Reginald, m. Florence, dau. of Fredk. Cosgrave, of Jilsallaghan, and d. 1912 ; (7) 
Frances Harriette, d. 1918 ; (8) Maud Ada ; (9) Evelyn Blanche, d. 1908 ; (10) Hester 
Catherine; (11) Constance Gertrude Isabel; (12) Rev. Lionel Gilbert Frank St. John, 
R. of Tissaran, m. Muriel B. T., dau. of Ven. Archdeacon Abbott ; (13) Ethel Violet. 
He d. Feb. 16, 1880. (See also Cole's Records of Cork, etc., pp. 64-65). 

1921-22. John Evelyn Robinson Magi II, Lie. 31 Dec., 1921 (DM.) See Drum. 


Ballybay Bal-atha-beithe, " the ford-mouth of the birch" (Joyce). It appears in 
v . Books as Ballibea. The Parish was erected by Act of Council, out of Aughna. 
mullen and Tullycorbet, in 1798 (DM.) The Church was built in 1801, and Rev. Wm. 
Leslie granted a piece of ground as churchyard. Licensed for Divine Worship, 1801 
(DM.) Order in Council for building new Church, 37 Geo. Ill (L.M., v. 177) dedication 
, 'Christ Church." Registers from 1813 in Parochial custody. New Chancel 
consecrated 29 Sep., 1881 (DM.) 


Perpetual Curates. 

1844 George Robinson. He was son of Joseph R., " Typographus," b. in Co. Mon., 
ed. by Mr. Blakely ; ent. T.C.D. Dec. 2, 1839, aged 20, B.A. 1844, M.A. 1859, ord. D. 
tv-' Dona gh c loney (Dromore) by Bp of Worcester, 1844 ; ord. P. for Clogher by Bp. 
of Kilmore, Dec. 21, 1845. Seems to have res. Barr in 1847 and became Curate to the 
lamous preacher, Rev. Chas. Bradley, of St. James's, Clapham, was V. Keynsham, 
bomerser, 1854-70 ; V. St. Augustine's, Everton, Liverpool, 1870-81. He d. in 1881 

120 BABE; 

at Marseilles, where he was bur. In 1864 he m. Henrietta Cecilia, dau. of Arthur 
Forbes, of Craigavad, Co. Down, and by her had issue, 13 children (including 6 sons 
in Holy Orders a record and 2 Deaconesses), who were all a remarkably talented 

1. Rev. George, who d. in his 1st Curacy at Oldham. 

2. Rev. Arthur William, D.D., now Canon of Canterbury, Author of several works. 

3. Very Rev. Joseph Armitage, D.D., F.B.A., now Dean of Wells. Also a well-known 


4. Rev. John, who d. a C.M.S. Missionary on the Niger. 

5. Rev. Canon Charles Henry Robinson, a well-known traveller and writer, who d. 

recently as Editorial Sec. to S.P.G. 

6. Edward, who d. in S. Africa. 

7. Rev. Forbes, Fellow of Christ's Coll., Cambridge, whose " Letters to His Friends," 

pub. after his death, are widely known. 

8. Frederick, a Medical Missionary, who d. in S. Africa. 

And daughters, including Elizabeth, a Deaconess in S. London ; Henrietta, m. Rev; 
C. E. Bishop, Caroline, d. y., and Cecilia, a Deaconess and writer, who d. in 1903. 

1847. John Crozler Hudson, Sen., Lie. (or Norn?) 12 Sep. (Reeves) See Chancellors. 

1867. Jonathan Thornhill (I.G.D.) He was son of Thomas T., " gen.," b. in Queen's 
Co., ent. T,O.D. Oct. 16, 1820, aged 17, B.A. 1832, M.A. 1833, C. Durrow (Oss.) 1835-41, 
was C. Drummully in 1843, C. Galloon 1852-186(7 ?), m. Aug. 2, 1865, at Rathmines 
Church, Christina, eldest dau. of Robert Leech, M.D. (she d. at Barr Parsonage, June 6, 
1874). Annuity declared at Disestablishment 100. 


1878. Samuel Hoare Simpson, inst. 26 Nov. (D.R.) He was son of Rev. John Edward 
S. (see Drumsnatt) and was b. in Northamptonshire, ed. at Lucan College, ent. T.C.D. 
July 3, 1843, aged 18, did not graduate in T.C.D. , afterwards grad. at Bishop's Coll., 
Lennoxville, Canada, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1865, ord. D. 1848, P. 1849, Quebec, stationed 
1848-50 at Upper Ireland, Canada; C. Drumsnatt 1851, C. Drum 1864, C. Temple- 
carne, 1873-4 R. Drumnakilly (Armagh) 1876-8. res Barr. 17 June, 1885. 

1885. Andrew Elliott, inst. 9 Oct. (D.R.), ord. D. 1870, P. 1871 Arm., C. Belleek 1870-8, 
R. Belleek 1877-80, R. Garrison and C. Slavin 1880-5, d. April 1 6, 1900, aged 63. 

1901 . James Marshall, inst. 13 May (D.R.), became R. Errigle Shanco 1903. 

1904. Walter Long Fenton, inst. Jan. 23 (D.R.), b. 1871 at Wicklow, son of Samuel F., 
J.P.,Oo. Wicklow, T.C.D. B.A. 1895, M.A. 1899, Div. Test. 1895, ord. D. 1896 ord., 
P. 1897, Meath, C. Fiddown (Oss.) 1896-1900, Dio. C. Clogher 1902-4, again Dio. C. from 
1907-10, R. Streete (Meath) 1910, m. 1912, Elizabeth Therese, dau. of Rev. Roberb 
Oswald, R. of Drumballyroney (Dromore) and has issue, Walter Oswald b. 1915 and 
Alsager Fitzgerald b. 1918. 

1908. Thomas Ward, Lie. Curate- in-Gharge 27 June (D.R.), son of James W.j of Knock- 
earn, Co. Galway, T.C.D. Bedell Sch. and Irish Pri. 1890, B.A. 1892, M.A. 1895, Div. 
Test 1893, ord. D. 1893, P. 1894 (Dub. for Lim.), C. Killorglin 1893-7, C. Leskinfere 
1897-8, C. Muckross (Clogher) 1898-1906, C.-in-Ch. Trory 1906, C. Crossdufl 1907, d. 
in April, 1923. Barr is now held with Donacavey. 


Barr The top. Formed as a P.O. c. 1846, out of Kilskeery, Donacavey and Dro- 
more parishes, the Incumbents of the first 2 parishes having 2 turns each for nomination 
and Inct. of Dromore one turn. The Church was consecrated on 27th June, 
1843. (lr. Ecc, Jour.) Registers from 1838-79 lost in P.R.O, 



Rectors and Vicars. 

1791. Andrew Allen, "held the B. & V. 4 years and res. it for the Chancellorship 18 
July, 1795 " (DM.) See Archdeacons. 

1795. James Cochrane, coll. July 23 (DM.), was James Atholl C., 6th son of Thomas 
8th Earl of Dundonald, was b. 23 Oct., 1761, M.A. (not in T.O.D. Lists) 
matric. Balliol College, Oxford, 28 Nov., 1767, was ord. D. (or P.) 22 
July, 1764 (SM.) was O. Clones 1772, and V. Mansfield, Notts., and B. 
Long Horsley, Northumberland, 1792, m. Mary Smithson. The parish was 
sequestered for non-payment of Visitation Fees Oct. 16, 1805 (DM.) He d. 
in Feb. 1823. His wid. d. 15 Mar., 1867, aged 86. (See Foster's Alumni and Peerages). 

1823. Paris Bradshaw, pres. by the Grown sed. vac., inst. Mar. 3 (DM.), Son of Wm. 
Harding B., B.L., b. in Co, Tipp., ent. T.C.D. as S.C. Nov. 2, 1813, aged 18, B.A. 1819, 
ord. D. 18, ord. P. 20 May, 1821, for C. Kilcash (Kallaloan) Lismore 1821-3, res. 
Belleekin 1824 for V. Dysert and Kilmoleran (Lism.) 1824-48, m. Catherine Arm- 
strong (M.L. 1826). 

1824. James Benson Tuthlll,coll. April 14 (DM.), was son of Rev. Hugh T., R. of 
Drumcheeran, b. in Co. Fermanagh, ed- by Dr. Burrowes> at Portora Boyal Sch., ent. 

T.C.D. Dec. 3, 1804, aged 16., B.A. 1809, ord. D. 1812, P. Was a J.P. for Co. 

Ferm. , was 0. Belleek 1823-4. The parish was sequestered on 6 May, 1837, for a debt of 
700, due by the Bector. Annuity at Disestablishment 212 13s. 5d. He d. 19 Aug., 
1877, aged 90. He was C. Iniahmacaaint 1811-23. 

1878. Andrew Elliott, inst. ,21 Jan. (>.#.), res. in 1881 for (Gtarrison. SeeBarr. 

1882. John Watson, Lie. Curate- in- Charge 1882-4, inst. Incumbent Jan. 15, 1884 (DM.), 
ed. at St. Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1882, P. 1883 I Arm.), Inct. of Belleek 1884-5, B. Charle- 
mont (Armagh) 1885-1922, retired . M. Beatrice, had issue, including Frank, Major, 
K.A.M.C. ; Herbert, Capt., R.A.M.O. ; Bev. John Edmund Malone, C. St. James's, 
Belfast, Chapl. to Forces, killed in action, and Wilfred Manifold d. Jan. 16, 1913, aged 18. 
He res. Belleek 8 Aug., 1885. 

1885. Henry Hare, C.-in-charge with Slavin. See Cleenish. 

1886. Richard Hemjjhill, son of RBV. Richard H., Inct. of N. Strand Oh., Dub. (ob. 
Aug. 15, 1885) ed. at Harrick's Sch., Dublin, T.C.D. B.A. 1870, Div. Test.Q) 1872, 
M.A. 1894, ord, D. 1870, P. 1873 (Cork), C. Rathcormao (Cloyne) 1870-4, C. Wellington, 
Salop 1874-7, Chap, at Pau and at Versailles 1879-80, C. St. Luke's, Barton Hill, 1882-6, 
res. Belleekin 1887, for C. Donoughmore (Glend.) 1887-92, C. Kilternan, Dublin, 1892-4, 
R. Ballycanew, Ferns, 1894-9, Dio. C. Leighlin, 1899-1902, C. Haddlesey, Yorks., 
1902-5, C.-in-Charge Drumshambo, 1906-14, R. Mostrim 1914, is m. 

1887. Joshua Owen, Our ate- in- Charge, appointed Incumbent in 1891, inst. Oct. 14, 
1891 (DM.), ed. at St. Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1887, P. 1889 (KSlmore for Clogher), res. 
19 July, 1899 ; C. St. Chad's, Everton Liv. 1899-1900, C. S. Matt., Liv., 1900-1, 0. St. 
J. Bap.,Toxfceth Pk., 1901-4, C. St. Matt., Liv., 1904-8, C. H. Trin.,Toxteth Pk., 1908, 
d. 1921 in Liverpool diocese. 

1899. John O'Connor, inst. Sep. 26 (DM.), res. for Killeevan 1907. See Monaghan. 

1907. William Thompson Bredin Naylor, inst. Feb. 18 (DM.), son of Rev. Thos. B. N. 
(see Killeevan) b. in 1874 at Drum, Co. Monaghan, T.C.D. B.A. 1896, ord D. 1899 
(Kihn. for Clogher), P. 1900 (Derry for Clogher), C. Drumcheeran 1899-1904,,R. Cross- 
duff 1904-7, m. in 1906, Mary C. Louise, dau. of Rev. James Elliott, of Hilltown, Co. 
Down, and has issue, 2 daus. Dorothy Annette Mary and Margaret Joan. He res. for 
Donacavey, 1926. 

1926. George Kingston, Lie. C.-m-charge, Feb. 8 (DM.)', res. in Oct., 1926, for C. 
Dundalk. See Clogher Curates. 

1926. James M'Kew, Lie. See Kilmore. 



1793. Wettenhall Sneyd, (V.B.) 
1823-4. James Benson Tuthill, See Rectors. 
1824. John Dunbar, See Ballybay. 

1853-9. Robert Brown son of Wm. B., "gen.", ed. at Ennis Coll. and T.C.D., ent. Nov. 
6, 1843, aged 18, B.A. 1848, ord- D. 1849, P. 1850 (Cork). His wife was bur. in Castle- 
caldwell Churchyard. 

1860-3. Walter Rfky, son of Rev. Walter R. (and his wife Phoebe R.), who was 0. 
Clonfeaele 1780-1805, and R. Jonesborough 1809-12; b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Lyon, 
ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1828, aged 23, his father being d., B.A. 1833. Was Chaplain of 
Ballycastle, Co. Antrim in 1841. 

1865-7. Halahan Dunbar, son of John D, (above), b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Sturgeon, 
ent. T.O.D. June 12, 1839, aged 18, B.A., 1844, O.-in-Charge Slavin, c. 1846-82 in Inish- 
macsaint Parish. 

1870-8. Andrew Elliott. See Rectors. 


Belleek (Bel Leict) 08 rupia "the ford mouth of the Flagstone." "So called 
from the flat-surfaced rock in the ford, which when the water decreases in summer, 
appears as level as a marble floor." (O'Donovan's Four Masters, v. 134). It is well 
known for its beautiful pottery. The parish was formed out of Templecarne by 
Order in Council, 1791 (L.M., v. 177) Church built 1788, Glebe House 1826 {Rep. 
of 1836). Belleek Schoolhouse, lie. for Public Worship as the Parish Church was in- 
convenient for some of the parishioners, being 4 miles' distant, 23 Nov., 1875 (D.R.) 
On Mar. 24, 1909, the Parochial Hall, Belleek, was consecrated as a Chapel of Ease, 
and a burial ground adjoining was also consecrated. Rev. Edward R. Parr, M.A. 
Rector of Morley, Norfolk, had conveyed the building and ground to the R.C.B. for 
the Church of Ireland. 

Baptism and Marriage Registers from 1819 are in the Rector's custody with notes 
by Rev J. B. Tuthill, and "Rewards offered " for Lawless Persons. Also Vestry 
Minutes from 1822 of the Communion Plate a Chalice and Paten are inscribed 
" Presented by Mrs. Moore to Belleek Parish Church, 1884." 



1432. Malachy O'Qowan [O'Goband], V. of B., is prov. to Drummully 29 Oct., on 
condition that he resigns Boho (Ann. Hib. i., 48) 


1487. Teige Magulre, Parson of Boho and V. Eillesher is d. this year (A.F.M.) 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1622. Tristram Brlmrldge [? Bainbridge] is R. & V. "A man not qualified, non- 
resident, the Church ruinous, no [Glebe] house." (B.V., 1622). 

1631/2. Robert Creighton, " Rector of Boghagh," gets a grant of land for a Glebe, 
29 Feb., 1631/2 (Morrin iii., 593). 

1633. Norman Lindesay is R. ; value 26, coll. 20 Nov., 1633, ord. D. & P. Cashel 19 
Dec., 1623 (R.V. 1634), was R. Derrybruske in 1629. 

1035. Thomas Magi II, inst. Sep. 24 (F.F.), res. in 1637 for Killanny (q.v.) 

BOHO. 123 

1637. James Colquhoun, inst. Aug. 28 (F.F.), had been R. Tedavnet May to Aug., 1637. 

1640. James Johnston, inst. April 4 (F.F.), and was, I think, R. to 1661. Was probably 
the " James Johnston " ejected from Aghalurcher in 1661 for Nonconformity. He was 
evidently ejected from this parish also (V.B.) 

1681. George Hamilton, inst. 26 Mar. (V.B.), held the R. with Preb. Devenish (q.v.) 
by fao. dated 4 Sep., 1664. Seems to have been inst. again 7 May, 1661 (V.B,) 

1692. Thomas Smyth held this R. with Preb. Devenish till 1695. See Precentors. 
1696. John Folque, is R. to 1729. See Prebs. Devenish. 

1729. Jerome Drayoott, coll. R. & V. May 9 (D.R.) He was Sch. T.O.D. 1708, B.A. 
1708/9 as "Jeremiah Draycott," and was perhaps of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Was 
0. Clones 1713, C. Aghalurcher 1716-30, C. Aghavea 1724, ord. P. 8 June, 1716 (Clogher) 
(D.R.) Was also R. Derrybrusk 1758-64, d. in 1764 (Faulk. Dub. Jour. Jan. 17-21) m. 
Jane, 2nd dau. of Arthur Noble, of Derryree, Co. Ferm., Major in King William's Army, 
Lt.-Col. Ferm. Militia, the defenders of Derry (H.B.S.) See Appendix IV. 

1784. John Whyte, coll. July 6 (DM. & S.R.), res. c. 1766. See Magheracross. 

178(8?). Thomas Wallis,coll. "per resig. J. W. 176-" (date wanting in D.R.), res. in 
1794 for Templecarne q.v. 

1794. William Weir, coll. Mar. 24 (D.R.), res. in 1801 for Trory q.v. 

1801 .William Ovens, coll. April23 (D.R.) He was b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Higgin- 
bottom, and ent. T.C.D. July 11, 1774, aged 16, B.A. 1780, Lie. C. Inishmacsaint Aug. 
28, 1781, and was 0. up to 1796 and perhaps later (D.R. & V.B.), d. in 1821. 

1821 . Thomas Johnston, coll. July 19 (D.R.) He must have been " Thomas Johnson ' 
(sic.), son of Thomas " Ludinagister " (Schoolmaster), b. in Fermanagh, ed. by Mr. 
Noble at Ennisfcillen, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 1, 1779, aged 19, degree not recorded, 
but he appears as B.A. in D.R. & V.B. He was C. of Enniskillen from 1795 and held 
that C. wifch Boho, until his death. He was Provost of Enniskillen in alternate years 
from 1814-31, m. Sarah Julian,a dau. of Lt.-Col. Gordon,and grand-dau. of Wm. Armar, 
Arch, of Connor. He had a son John, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. at the Roy. Sch. by Dr. 
O'Beirne, ent. T.C.D. July 5, 1832, aged 17. Rev. T. J. d. in 1831, bur. at Enniskillen 
July 2. (See Dundas's Enniskillen, p. 80). He had been C. Rossorry to 1795. 

1831 . William Porteus, coll. July 13 (D.R.) He was son of James P., " Agricola " (far- 
mer), b. in Devenish Parish, Co. Ferm., 1760, ed. by Mr. Noble, at Enniskillen, ent. 
T.C.D. Nov. 3, 1777, aged 17, B.A. 1783, was C. Devenish 1784-91, C. Oleenish 1788 
to 1831, and very likely held it earlier so that he was curate nearly 50 years. He d. in 
1835 and was bur. at Monea (Devenish) 11 Oct., 1835, aged 75, was m. and had issue. 

1835. Henry Leard, coll. Oct. 7 (D.R.) or Oct. 27 (S.R.) He was son of Henry L., 
"Agricola," b. in Co. Leitrim, ed. by Mr. Macken, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 5, 1792, aged 18, 
B.A. 1797. Was C. EnniskiUen 1798-1826, D.C. of Tempo 1824-30 [?], d. in 1835 or 
early in 1836. 

1838. Mark Whittaker, coll. Jan. 19 \D.R.) He was son of Wm. W., " Gen." b; in Co. 
Ferm., ed. by Dr. Burrowes at Enniskillen, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1814, aged 16&, B.A. 
1819, 0. Enniskillen 1821-6, 0. Carrickmacross 1826-36, m. 1848 Rebecca Edwards. 
His eldest son, Wm. Mark W., M.D., m. June 21, 1874, Frances Lavinia, eld. dau. of 
Charles Wm. LeVinge, J.P., of Co. Westmeath. He res. Boho 1st Feb., 1872 (D.R.), 
d. at 67 Lower Gardiner St., Dublin, 1873, aged 75. Annuity in 1870 222 Is. Od. 

1875. William Thomas Palmer, coll. (on lapse) 27 Aug. (D.R.), ord. D. 1873, P. 1875, 
had been Lie. as C.-in-Oharge in 1873. 

188798. O.-in-Oharge below. 

1898. -Hugh MacManaway, inst. Nov. 30 (D.R.), res. for Aghalufcher 1899. 

1899. -Ernest Augustus Hackett, inst. Aug. 2 (D.R,), T.C.D. BA. 1893, Div. Test. 
1895, ord. D. 1895, Dub. P. 1896, 0. Oarbury (Klld.) 1895-8, C. Deserfcserges, Cork, 
1898-9, res. Boho in 1903 for C. Dingle, 1903-11, R. Kilgobbin, Ardfert 1911 . 

124 BOHO; 

1903 16. O.-in-Ohai-ge below. 

1916. James WeJr Dunlop, inat. Feb. 4 (D.R.), T.O.D. B.A. 1910, M.A. 1924, ord. D- 
1908, P. 1910, Carlisle ; 0. Whitehaven 1908-12, 0. Prescot 1912-16. 


1693. ^Archibald Johnston appears ( V.B.) He was M.A. (not in T.G.D. Lists) ; was 0. 
Magheraculmoney 1671, 0. Clones and Enniskillen 1692, also 0. Devenish 1693 (V.B.) 

1692. Patrick Molen (V.B.) See Enniskillen. 

1696. John Lawson appears ( V.B.) was also C. Devenish 1696, was M.A. (not in T.O.D. 
Lists) . Query ? was he the same as J. L., M. A., b. in Scotland, Preb. Clondagad, Killa- 
loe, 1688-1711 ob., Will pr. 1711. 

1699. Thomas Creevy appears (V.B.) also 0. Devenish and Inishmacsaint, M.A. (not 
in T.G.D. Lists). 

1716. James Arbuthnot appears 0. as also in 1726 and 1729 (V.B.) See Drummully. 
1791. RobertCampbell appears (V.B.) is in 1793 0. Oarrickmaoross, q.v. 

1809. William Burke appears ( V.B.), ord. D. 13 July, 1783 (Oss. S.R.), probably W. B., 
T.C.D. Soh. 1777, B.A. 1780, Pub. A Greek and English Derivative Dictionary, Lond., 
1806 (see Taylor's Univ. Dub., p. 460). 

1815. Edward Ryan, appears ( V.B.) Either E.R., son of John R., Archdeacon (?) query 
= Architect, b. in Co. Rose., ed. by Mr. McVeagh, enb. T.O.D. Jan. 6, 1794, aged 22, or 
E. R., son of John,Archifcecb, b. in Co. Rose., ent. T.O.D. June 2, 1795, aged 24, as Siz., 
B.A. 1806, probably the latter; d. 2 Deo., 1821, aged 51, bur. in Monaghan Churchyard 
(Tombstone inscr.) 

1825. James Moore appears (Erck) became P=C. Mullaghfad in 1838. 

1863. Robert Archer Butler Fennell, Lie. 0. Oct. 17 (D.R.), became R. Fivemiletown 
In 1871. 

1870. Robert Thomas l_e Ban Anketell, Lie. C.- in- Charge June 12 (D.R.) 1870-5- 

See Tempo. 
1873-5. William Thomas Palmer, Lie. C.-in-Ohacge 1873 (D.R.) See Incumbents 

1887. Gerald Lloyd Whittaker, T.O.D. B.A. 1864, Div. Test. 1865, ord. D. 1870 
P. 1873, C. Aughanunshin 1870-3, 0. Derryvullen 1873-4. 0. Derryvullen N. 1876; 

1887. Thomas Stewart Watson, Lie. C.-in-Oharge 22 Dec., 1888 (D.R.) held till 1891. 
See Carrieknacross. 

1892. Alexander Knight, Lie. 12 April (DM.) and again as P. 20 Dec., 1894 (D.R.), 
res. Dec., 1896. Was C. Fivemiletown, 1898-9. 

1896. Hugh MaoManaway, Lie. C.-in-Charge 20 Dec., 1896 (D.B.) See Incumbents. 

1903-6. Isaac Henry Pratt, Lie. C.-in-Charge 10 June, 1903 (D.R.), and again 11 June, 

1904. See Rossory. 
1907-12. William Ivors Stewart, Lie. O.-in-Cbarge Feb. 1, 1907 (D.R.) and again U 

June, 1908. See Oleenish. 
1912-15. Robert Watson, Lie. C.-in-Oharge 27 Aug. 1912 (D.R.) See Castle Archdale. 


Boho was known in the A.F.M. as the Botha (or tents) of Muintlt Fialain 
the tribe that inhabited it. In 1603 "the Parish Church of Boho, whereunto be- 
longeth 4 quarters of land, it is possessed by Munter Dylan and Clan Magarraghan, aa 
Cor bea " (Ult.Inq., July &). The Parish Registers 1840-76 were destroyed in the 
P.R.O., but there is in Parochial custody a Register from Aug., 1824, to March, 
1847, and a copy of the Registers that were destroyed, and a Vestry Minute Book 
from 1870. 

Canon Pratt writes : The doorway of the present Church in Boho is the only part 
of the old Church existing. It formed the doorway of the Pre-Reformation Church in 
Toneel N6rth now R.C. graveyard. The first R.C. Chapel at Boho, according to 
Rev. J. E. McKenna, was built about the middle of the 18th Century near the site of 
the old Church, and to N. of present Chapel (in Tonell N.). But there was another 
Church in Boho Parish which I was able to locate for Lady Dorothy Lowry-Oorry 
(see her Paper in Jour R.8.A.I., on the Ancient Churchei of Fermanagh.) It was 
mentioned in a 16th Century document aa situated In Moyleid, but every trace of it 


bad vanished. There is no doubt, it waa situated on site of Wm. and Edward 
Howe's houses and garden. When the former was digging the foundation for a stable, 
he unearthed several skulls ; and Edward (since dead) told me 23 years ago, that 
when he was a lad, there was a stone in the garden with an inscription which no one 
could read. Here, no doubt, was the site of Temple Mullen [Muilenn] or the "Church 
of the Mill." The site of the old Church of Boho in Toneel N. was the site of a 
Pagan amphitheatre and contains the " Boho Cross "-the shaft now alone 
remaining." See also Appendix IV. 

Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corrv says that Canon Praob's letber contains some slight 
errors "The other Church in Boho Parish was the Chapel, named Templemullen or 
'Church of the Mill, which is mentioned, both in the Survey of 1603 and in the Inquisi- 
tioJa of 1609. Canon Pratt has been che firsc co identify its site with one which undoub- 
tedly existed in the townland of Moylehid, which townland formerly belonged to the 
Abbey of Lisgoole, with which also the Chapel at Templemollen had some connection. 
(See under Cleenish.) 

The Boho Cross shaft contains some elaborate figure carving." 


Perpetual Curates. 

1843. Adderley Wllloooks Campbell, Lie. Sep. 11 (D.R.), became in 1861 Preb. Tally- 
corbet q.v. 

1862. Richard Archdall Byrn, Lie. P.O. Jan. 25 (D.R.) He was son of Richard B., 
Naval Surgeon, was b. in Carlow, ed. by Mr. Delamere, enfc. T.C.D. July 3, 1843, aged 
17, B.A. 1852, M.A., 1860, Div. Test. (2) 1851, ord D. 1852, P. 1853 (Lichfield), 0. Dun- 
dalk 1855, 0. Millfcown (Arm.) 1856-7, C. Aghaluroher 1857-60, 0. Muckno 1861, res. 
Broomfield for B. Drumeree (Meath) 1 Nov., 1871-96, Annuity 119, m. and had issue, 
including Rev. Richard Archdall, V. Santry ; Rev. Robart Thos, R. of Mellifont and 
Collon ; Rev. Mervyn Benjamin, R< Kilmeague ; and Rev. Francis .Ernest, R. of Ballina- 
fagh. He d. Jan. 25, 1896. See also App. IV. 


1871. Robert Hogg, appointed C.-in-Charge, 21 Dec., 1871, coll Inc. (on lapse) 4 June, 
1872, res. in 1884 for Ologh q.v. 

1884-97. United with Donaghmoine, q.v. 

1897. Mervyn Warren Rogers, res. 21 July, 1902. Sae R. Curcin. 

1903. Thomas Waidron King, Lie. C.-in-Charge 26 Sep. (DM.), res, in 1909 for Ourrin 

1909. John Ramsay Crooks, C.-in-Charge, res. 1913 for Clabby. See Augher. 

1913. Percy James Mitchell, inst. Aug. 29 (D.R.) ed. at So. Bees 1888 and T.O.D. 
B.A. 1898, B.D. 1916, ord. D. 1890, P. 1892 (Killaloe), C. Shinrone 1890-1, 0. Drumclifie 
(Ennis) 1891-2, C. Drishane (Cork) 1892-4, 0. Tomgrany 1894-1901, Chapl. ab Chan- 
tilly (France) 1901-2, R. Kihnore Etris (Mayo) 1902-6, Chapl. ab Sb. Nazaire 1906-7, 
at St. Servan 1907-9, C. Ballyrashane (Connor) 1912-13, was also Headmaster Viscb. 
Weymouth's Gram. Sch., Carrickmacross, res. 1923 for R. Ashby with Fenby, Lincoln. 

1923. William Rashleigh Lett, Lie. O.-in-Charge Jan. 31 (fy-R.) held with Crossdufi. 
Rea. in 1925 for Currin, q.v. 

1926. John Evelyn Robinson Maglll, Lie. C.-in-Charge, Broomfield and Currin. See 


Broomfield was formed as a Perpetual Curacy out of the Northern part of 
Donaghmoine and part of Olontibret on July 28, 1843. The first stone of the Church, 
dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was laid by Evelyn Philip Shirley on 15 Nov., 1841. 
The Church was licensed for Public Worship Nov. 1845 (Ir. Eccl. Jour.) On 16th oc 
17 Jan., 1897, the Church was broken into, and the Church Plate was stolen. The 
Parish Registers 1839-77 were destroyed in the P.R.O. 




1421. John MoCarvill [Maccearbaill] was prov. by the Pope Oct. 16, to the Perp. Vic. 
of the Church de Ros. value 6 marks. (Ann. Hib. i., 22.) 

1428. Gilbert O'Sheehy [O'Sichigi] was prov. to the V. on Dec. 14 (ib. i., 34). He was 
probably the Gilbert O'Scheyg of the Dio. of Ologher, Clk., who interfered in 1411 with 
the rectorial rights of this parish and of Donaghmoine (Cal. Beg. J?lem. No. 151). The 
Rectory seems to have belonged to the Prior of Ardee. 

c1432. John MoCarvill [McCarbaile] Perp V. kept a concubine (Beg. Prene). 

1450. John O'Sheehy [O'Shig], Perp. V. of Ross, appears Oct. 3, when the Primate 
ordered one Philip, to be admitted herenach of the lands of Rosse in place of Maurice, 
a Canon of Clogher, deprived. (D. B. Arm.) 

1484. Thomas is V. of Rosse (ib.) 
1526. John O'Crayn is V. of Rosse (ib.) 

1530. Patrick O'Sheehy [O'Sygi], V. had not been ord. in the appointed time and thus 
vacated the V. (D.B. Arm.) 

1530. James McCran was coll. V. by the Primate (ib.) O'Sheehy and others disturbed 
him in the possession of it. He complained to the Primate who placed O'S. under an 
interdict. O'S. or another of the same n*me, appears to be herenach [which more or less 
corresponded with lay rector, or holder of Church lands] in 1534 (D.R. Arm.) ' 

1 530. Thomas Makaj was, however, prov. by the Pope to the V, " vacant by the death 
of Patrick O'Sygi at the Roman Court," and he bound himself for the firstfruits on 16 
Sep. He also received the V. Killany, and Moybologue, and the R. Inniskeen, and a 
Canon of Kihnore (Ann. Hib. i., 45) The evils of pluralism were as great in pre-Re- 
formation times as after. 

1 541 . John McQrayn, V. is deceased in this year (D.B. Arm.) 

1541. Adam (op Odain) M'Abairde was coll. V. by the Primate Sep. 28 (ib.) 

1622. M'Donnell is V. " a reformed Irish priest, non-resident, value of V. 10, Church 

ruinons, no [glebe] house, nor gleab " (B.V. 1622) 

1627. Richard Powell res. the 'V. tms year (B.V. 1634). 

1628. Robert Boyle, insb. Jan. 5 to V. Carrick [called Carrickmagriffin in F.F.] and 
Magheraclooney and allowed to hold them and Preb. Tullycorbet by faculty (B.V. 
1634). The val. then was 40. The following Order appeared in the Commonwealth 
Vol. A/25, Money issues out of Tythe, 30 bep., 1660, " Robert Boyle had been Minister 
of Carrickmaeross, Derriolan and Magheraclooney before the rebellion, and is to get 
the bonds given for the tythes of these parishes " (pp. 329, 331). See Prebs. Tullycor- 

[1658/9. David Weir, was appointed Commonwealth Minister at Carrickmaeross at 
80 "from the day that his weekly pension ceased." (Com. Pps. Min. of the Gospel 
A/91, p. 102)]. 

1660. John Eaton was Minister of the Gospel here on the tithes let for 40 ; as he had 
a " a great charge of children " he petitioned the Council for Iniskeen and Donagh- 
moine, granted him 31 July. (Com. pps. Seymour's Transcripts, p. 138). 

660. Robert Boyle ordered to be restored to his livings 21 Sep. (ib. pp. 150-151). He 
seems to have res. in 1664. 

1664. George Mackullo [McCullough] inst. R. Carrickmaeross and V. Aughuamullen, 2 
June (F.F.),iGB. in 1664. See Aughnamullen. 

1664. Nicholas Montgomery, inst. V. of C. and Magheraclooney Nov. 5 (F.F .), ind. 
23 Nov. (V.B.). He was R, and V, Derrybrusk 1636-1662, V. Drumsnatt 1663, V. 


Magheraclooney 1664-87, m. and had issue, including (1) Hugh, of Derrygonnelly, 
Capt. of Horse under Wm. III., ancestor of Hugh de Fellenberg M.; (2) Robert, Oapt. in 
the Army, of Derrybrusk. He was also R. & V. Muckno 1662-4. 

1679. Andrew Montgomery, adm. V. October 18 (P.P.), adm. V. Magheraclooney 
Nov. 19, 1687 ; was attainted in 1689 ; was V. Killany 1702-19/20, gave a small chalice 
for use of the Church. He m. Susanna Dobbs. His dau. Elizabeth d. 9 June, 1716 in 
her 23rd year (Tombstone in Churchyard). His dau. Mary, m. John Forster, of Tullag- 
han, eldest son of Bev. John F., and was living in 1738. She was ancestress of the 
Forsters, Baronets of Coolderry. 

1719/20. Thomas Warren, adm. V. Mar. 19 (S.R., F.F.), also to Magheraclooney 
Brady's Records of Cork, iii.,263, states that his father BeV. Joshua (who was Preb. 
Killanully, Cork, &c., 1689-96, and Preb. Bath, Killaloe 1697-1701) was V. Carriokma- 
cross, but I cannot find any record of it, nor room for him, and it must be an error. His 
father m. Elinor, dau of Stafford Lightburne, M.P. for Trim, and had besides Thomas, 
Bev. Stafford (see Donaghmoine) . Thomas was b. in Co. Meath, ed. by Mr. Jones, of 
Dublin, and ent. T.C.D. April 9, 1700, aged 16, B.A. 1704, M.A. 1707 [said in Burtchaell 
and Sadleir's Alumni Dublinenses to have ent. the Irish Bar in 1709, but query ?] He 
was B. Tedavnet 1709-20, and m. 21 Oct., 1718, Frances, dau. of John Bolton, Dean of 
Derry, and d. 20 Feb., 1740/1 (P. Will proved 1740 [1]) leaving issue (1) Thomas, of 
Tyhollan,b.inCo.Mon., ent. T.C.D. April 12, 1743, aged 1 6, ed. by Mr. Folds (at Carrick- 
macross), B.A. 1747 ; and (2) Joshua, of Galtrrm, b. 1730, m. 19 Nov., 1754, Frances, 
dau. and co-heir of Dixie Coddington, of Athlumney, Co. Meath, and d. 1773, and 2 
daus (1) Elinor m. Wm. Powell, of Dublin; (2) Margaret, m. John Ware, of Dublin < 

1741. Hamlett Obins, coll. April 16, to Oarrickmacross and Magheraclooney (F.F.) 
He was the eldest son of Anthony O., " generosus," of Portadown, Co. Armagh, and ent. 
T.C.D. May 2, 1720, aged 18, ed. by Mr. Clark, at Lisburn, B.A. 1724, M.A. 1727, ord. D. 
1 June, 1729, P. 20 Sep. 1730 (D.R.) Was 0. Clogher 1732-6, B. and V. Derrybrusk 
1735-7, B. and V. Dromore 1736-41, d. in 1750. 

1750. William Coddington, coll. June 6 (DM.) He was son of Dixie C., Co. Dub., b. 
at Holmpatrick, ed. by Mr. Scott, Dublin, ent. T.O.D. June 24, 1715, aged 17, B.A. 
1719, M.A. 1722, ord. D. 9 June, 1723, P. , 0. Clogher 1726, V. DrumsnaU and B. 
Kilmore 1729-41, B. & V. Dromore 1741-50, m. (1) Eliza, dau of Henry Bellingham, of 
Castlebellingham ; m. (2), Mary . He d. in 1767 and in his P. Will, made 25 Aug., 
1767, proved, 13 Oct., 1767, he desired to be bur. beside his late wife Mary, and mentions 
'his issue living, viz., William (father of Bev. William B., Olonoe, see Armagh C1#rgy, 
p. 198) and Elizabeth, to whom he left 5s. He left the residue of his estate to his son, 
charging him to pay 10s. " to each registered widow of Magheross, Sarah Evans, other- 
wise Beily, only excepted." 

1767 or 1768. John Campbell "held the V. 27 yearss and vacated it by death 4 Feb., 
1795 " (DM.) He was apparently J. C., son of James C., Ludimagister [schoolmater], 
b. in Connaught, his father, ent. T.C.D. June 21, 1739, aged 14, Sch. 1741, B.A. 
1743, was probably C. of .Drumachose in 1755, when he m. (M.L. Dec. 2, 1755) Alicia, 
2nd dau. of Bobert Mason, of Masonbrook, Co. Galway, as he is then described as of 
"Newoownlimavady." Mrs. Campbell's mother was Sarah, dau. of George Monck, of 
Dublin, by ohe Hon. Mary Molesworth, dau. of Bobert, 1st Visct. Molesworth. He 
was B. Muckno 1761-3, Preb. Tyholland 1763-7, Preb. DeVenish 1767-8. He had issue 
including (1) BsV. Bobert, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Murray, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 1, 1779, 
aged 17, B.A. 1783 (see Curates) ; (2) John, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Murray, enb. 
T.O.D. Mar. 1, 1779, aged 16, B.A. 1783; B.L. 1786 ; m. 1793, Sophia, dau. of Adam 
Noble, of Longfield, Co. Mon., High Sheriff, Co. Mon., 1768, by Anne, dau. of John 
Johnston, of Boxborough, Co. Arm., she d. April or May, 1795; he was living in 1821 ; 
(3) Thos. Monck d. 20 Mar., 1813, aged 38. According to the inscription on his tomb- 
stone in the old Church at Carrickmacross, he d. 3 Feb., 1795, aged 68, and his wife 
Alicia d. 27 Jan., 1811, aged 79, and their 3rd dau., Mary Eliz. d. Oct. 1, 1817, aged 64. 
He had also daus. Bose Araminta and Catherine. His P. Will was proved in 1795. 

1785. William Pinching, coll. Mar. 15 (DM.) He was ed. at Jesus Coll., Camb., 4th 
Jun. Opt. 1781, M.A., was Master of Carrickmacross Gram. Soh. 1787-1805, ord. P. 
Oss., Mar. 1795 (Oss. SM.), d. in 1825, bur. at Carrickmacross. In the Church at C. is a 
monument with the inscription " Sacred to the memory of Bev. Wm. Pinching, M.A., 
Jesus Coll., Cambridge, for 30 years Vicar of this Parish, who departed this life in his 
64th year, Febry. 25th, 1825, and of Frances Anne, his wife who survived him 4 years. 
This tablet has been erected by their children as a token of affection, regard and filial 
Piety.'? His son William ent. T.O.D. Feb. 3, 181 6, aged 19, his 2nd son, Horatio Nelson, 


1st Lieut. H.M.E.I.G. Navy, d. at Bombay, aged 33, in 1834 or 1835; his youngest 
Rev. Guy Robert, ent. T.O.D Nov 1, 1830, aged 18, ed. by Mr. Little, and d. at Charles- 
town, Mississippi, in 1841, aged 30, leaving a widow and 2 children ; and his yst. dau. 
Eliz., m. 2 Feb., 1840, Capb. Bland, late of H.E.I.O. Army (Bengal Est.), (N.T. and 
D.E.M.). His dau. Hannah Mary, m. Rev. Wm. Thompson, LL.D. See Curates. 

1825. Thomas Rpmney Robinson, coll. Mar. 4 (D.R.), d. Feb. 28, 1882. See Pre- 
centors. Annuity declared 1870, 734 16s. 3d. 

1882. Richard Qalbraith,inst. May 8 (DM.), T.C.D. B.A. (Jun. Mod. Math.), and Div- 
Test. 1856, M. A. 1869, ord. D. 1856, P. 1857, Cork ; C.M.S. Missy, and Principal of the 
Robert Mooney Institute, at Bombay 1858-66, C. Ballymoyer (Arm.) 1865-6, 0. Druma- 
chose 1866-9, C. Carrickmacross 1869-82, res. this R. on 19 April, 1883, and became a 
Missionary in N. Texas 1883-93, m. and had issue. Pub. in 1876 a Pamphlet Ah Ami. 
dote to Plymouth Brethren, Tendencies or Words of Warning, Caution and Counsel 
gathered from Holy Scripture, Bub. (Charles & Son) also Bfow the Trumpet, another 
Pamphlet against "The Brethren." 

1883 .-Benjamin Moffett, inst. June 20 (DM.), d. in 1914. See Canons. 

1914. Thomas Stewart Watson, inst. Mar. iD.R.), T.C.D. B.A. (Jon. Mod. Hist. 
and Pol. Sci.) 1886, Div. Test. 1887, ord. D. 1887, Kilmore for Clogher, P. 1888 Clogher, 
0. Boho 1887-91, R. Clogh 1891-1903, R. & V. Clontibret 1903-14, m. and' has issue. 
Killany parish was joined to Carrickmacross in 1923. He became Preb. Donacavey in 
July, 1927. See also Clontibret. 


1661. William Harvey (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 
1666. Alexander Sharpe. See Magheraclooney. 

1668. James Golden, Lie. C. 23 Apr., 1668, ord. D. 23 Ap., 1668, M.A. (not in T.C.D. 
Lists), ord P. 1669, also C. Magheraclooney and Donaghmoine. 

1669. Ralph Barlow appears IV.B.) See Tedavnet. 

1674. John Smith appears I V.B.) See Inishmacsaint. 

1 71 9. Francis Schudall appears ( V.B.) , res. in 1720 for C. Donagh, see Monaghan Curates. 

1720. Thomas Skelton, Lie. Nov. 1 (D.E.} See Clontibret Curates. 

1726. Stafford Warren appears (Den. and Exc.} See Donaghmoine. 

1743. John Bolton appears and up fo 1756 ( V.B.} also C. Magheraclooney, son of Thomas 
B., " Aurifex," b. in Dub., ed. by Mr. Sheridan, Dub., ent. T.C.D. Aug. 3, 1723, aged 16, 
Sch. 1727, B.A. 1728, probably the J. B. who was R. Staholmok (Meath) 1761. 

1758. Edward Weekes, Lie. July 11 (D.R.) was C. Magheraclooney, 1754-8; son of 
Thos. W., "gen." b. in Cork, ent. T.C.D. May 13, 1747, aged 15, ed. by Mr. Spread, 
B.A. 1751, M.A. 1755, ord. P. Clogher 8 Sep., 1754, became C. Dromdaleague, Cork, 
1759 ; C. Kilnaglory 1763, C. S. Pet., Cork, 1765 ; R. & V. Kilcully, Cork, 1771-3 ' R. 

Inchigeela 1773-91, Preb. Kilbrittain 1791-4, M. (!) , issue Eliz. m. (2) Eliz., dau. 

of Edward Richardson, of Poplar Vale, by Catherine Baillie, and had a son Rev. Edward 
William, T.C.D. B.A. 1809 and several daus. (See also Brady's Cork) . He d. 10 April, 

1760. Michael Ennis, Lie. May 28 (D.R.), became in 1766 C. Inniskeen q.v. 

1767. Josiah Fleming appears (V.B.), ent. T.C.D. Feb. 17, 1756, ed. by Mr. Young, 
Dublin, Sch. 1758, B.A. 1760, M.A. 1763, was of Arklow in 1766, when he m. Mary 
Dawson, of St. Andrews Parish, Dub. (M.L. April 3, 1766). 

1793. Robert Campbell appears ( V.B.) was C. Bohoe 1791, son of Rev. John C. See 
Rectors (above). 

1826. Mark Whittaker appears (Erck), became in 1836 R. Boho, q.v. 

1839-40. John Wm. Small is C. (V.B.), son of George S., Lawyer, b. in Dublin ; B.A., 
T.C.D. 1827, M,A. 1832. 


1841 . William Thompson appears (Bourns) . He was the son of Thomas T., " Pictor", 
b. in Co. Antrim, ent. T.O.D. July 4, 1825, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Hawkesworth ; B.A. 
1831, LL.B. 1856, LL.D. 1857, also spelled his name " Thomson." He m. (1) Eliz. ; 
she d. 1847, aged 31 ; m (2) Hannah Mary, dau. of KeV. Wm. Pinching, Rector (above) ; 
she d . 6 Oct .,1885, aged 84 ( Tombstone in Carrickmacross) . His 2nd son, Robert James, 
d. June 11, 1847. He d. in 1859 and was bur. in the churchyard (Tombstone"). There 
is a memorial window in the Church inscribed " In memory of the Rev. Wm. Thomson, 
LL.D., for 18 years the Curate of this Parish, Born March 22, 1804, died Nov. 8, 1859.". 
Will proved 1859. Effects val. 600. His son, Thomas Henry, enb. T.C.D. in 1855, 
aged 17, B.A. 1869. 

1860. Thomas St. Laurence Smith, T.C.D. B.A. 1854, M.A. 1859, m. July 28, 1869, 
Mary Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Richard Reynett, of Viewmount, Co. Wat., d. Oct. 8, 
1869. Tombstone in Churchyard states he was for "nearly 10 years Clergyman of this 
parish, died Oct. 8th, 1869, aged 38 years." 

1869. -Richard! Qalbraith is C., See Rectors. 
1881-3. Thomas Henry Royse. See Newbliss. 

1923. Lucas William Henry Dickson, Lie. April 9 (D.R.), T.C.D. Siz. 1899, R.U.I. 
B.A. 1898, 1st Cl. P.T.E. 1907, Univ. Durh. B.D. 1915, ord. D. 1907, P. 1908 Durh., 0. 
St. Cuthberfc, Monkwearmouth, 1907-9, 0. Greenside 1909-11, held other curacies in 
England 1911-17, C. Moyliscar U. 1917-20, Dio. 0. Killaloe 1921-3, Headmaster Visct. 
Weymouth's Gram. Sch., Carrickmaoross, 1923-5 ; C. Tudhoe (Durham), 1926. 


Carrickmacross " The rock of the plain of Ros," was anciently known as Maghe- 
ross [Maohaire Ros], " the plain of Ros." In Adamnan's Life of St. Colurriba (Reeves 
Ed. p. 81) we read of the " Monastery called Cell rois in the province of Maghorne." In 
825 Maenach, son of Crunmael, Prior of Fer [men] of Bos., d. (A.F.M.). In 845 
Ceallach, son of Maelpatrick,, Prior of the Fer Ros, d. (&.) The rectorial tithes had 
previous^ to the Reformation, been appropriated to Louth Abbey . In 1552/3 they 
were granted to Primate Dowdall (Morr. i., 315). The Protestants suffered much 
here in 1641 (see Shirley in Jpc.) The following inscription appears on the ruins of the 
old Church of Magheross now with its churchyard vested in the local autorifcies. 
" This Church was ruined in the Rebellion of 1641 and rebuilt in the year 1682 at the 
expense of the RaV. Dr. Roger Boyle, of Clogher ; William Barton, Esq. ; Robert Hill, 
Esq. ; and Andrew Montgomery, Vicar of the Parish." The Paten and Chalice in 
use are inscribed " The Parish of Magheross," and a small Chalice " The gift of the 
Reverend Mr. Andrew Montgomery to the Parish of Mageross for ye use of ye sick." 
It bears the Coat of Arms of its donor, impaling those of hia wife, Susanna Dobba. 
Present Church built in 1695, rebuilt 1779, Glebehouse built 1776, originally 
thatched. The Parish of S. Patrick's, Ardagh, was formed out of this as a P.O. in 
1868, New burial ground cons. 22 May, 1894 (DM.) The Vestry book begins in 1775. 
The Parish Registers from 1796 are in Parochial custody, 


Perpetual Curates. 

1840 Charles Miller waa P.O. from 1840 to 1842. See Derryvullen Curates. 

1842. Qeorge Wellington Welsh, son of George W., " Pragmaticus," b. in Monaghan, 
ed. by Mr. Taylor, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 18, 1830, aged 15, B.A. 1836, m. 12 Oct., 1847, Oathe- 
fine, sister of ReV. John Crozier Hudson, Ohanc. of Clogher, and eldest dau. of Alex. H., 
J.P. Hed. of fever 4 Dec. ,1848 ; shed. 1 Ocb.,1896. They had an only child, Frances 
Maria, who d. y. in Mar., 1856 (H.B.S.) 

1848. Michael Burke, P.C., eldest son of Wm. Malachy Burke, of Ballydugan, Co. 
Galway, by Anna Maria, dau. of John Blake, of Windfield [see B.L.G.), ed. at Winchester 
under Mr. Richards, ent. T.C.D. Ocfc. 20, 1831, aged 17, B.A. 1837, M.A. 1843, ord. D. 
1843 for Clogher, by Dublin, Sep. 24, 1843, P. 18, suco. his father at Ballydugan in 
Jan., 1853, m, 1848, Isabella, dau. of Jas. Clarke, Capt. 12th Lancers, and Had issue 1 


(1) Wm. Malachy James, b. 1851, d. 1864; (2) Michael Henry, now of Ballydugan ; 
(3) John Hawley, Capt.West Yorks Beg.j (4) Thomas Edmund, Capb.King's Own Boy. 
Lanes. Beg.; (5) George ; (6) Eliza Martha ; (7) Isabella Mary, m. E. 0. Villiers, J.P. M. 
Burke was P.O. Lack, 1846-8. 

1857. James Blair Annesley, held to 1862. See Canons. 

1862. James Ross, Lie. P.O. Nov. 19 (DM.), res. in 1872. See Inniskeen. 1870, Annuity 

1874. John William Harton, ord. D. 1872, P. 1874, (Down for Arm), 0. Irvinestown 
1873-4, B. Castle Archdale 1874, C. Ossett (Yorks.) 1875-6, C. St. Clement's Ipswick 
1877-9, C. Dundry 1879-80, C. Westbury 1880-2, Chapl. Chelsea Infirmary 1883-6, 
C. Addington 1887-91, C. Somerby 1893, B. Wyvill (Lincoln) 1897. 

1875. See Curates-in- Charge. 

1886. Joseph William Dickson, coll ("on resig. of last incumbent ") Sep. 24 (DM.) = 
Wm. D., B.A., T.C.D. July 4, 1841, b. in Lsitrim, son of John, " Causidicus," ent. 
T.C.D. July 4, 1836,aged 16, J. W. D. is credited with B.A., T.C.D. 1841 in Crock,, but 
there is no one of the name in T.C.D. Lists, ord. D. 1842, P. 1843, Chapl. B.N. 1843-54, 
P.C. Shillelagh 1854-71, B. Kiltegan 1871-2, 1. Mariner's, Belf. 1872-8, B. Oastlewellan 
1878-86. He was 4th son of John D., of Woodvale, Co. Leitrim and m. Louisa H. 
dau. of Bev. Wm. Fraser, B. of Killure, Co. Wat. (B.L.G.) He d. April 1, 1900, 
aged 79. 

1900. Joseph Ruddell, inst. June 8 (DM.), res. in 1904 for Clones. See Archdeacons. 

1904. John Crosbie-Oates, inst. Mar. 4 (DM.), son of Bev. Bichard Gates, B. of Knock- 
namuckly, Co. Down, T.C.D. B.A. 1893, M.A. 1899, ord. D. 1894, Cashel, P. 1896 
Clogher, C. Bathvilly 1894-5, C. Enniskillen 1896-1903, Croesduff 1903-4, B. B. Castle 
Archdale to 1915, when he res. for V. Mattingley, Winchester. 

1915. Robert Watson, inst. Nov. 2 and inst to Union of 0. and Killadeas Sep. 14, 1920 
(DM.}, Sch. Episcop., Manch., 1905, ord. D. 1908; P. 1909, Manch, C. S. Paul, Oswald- 
twistle!908-10, 0. St. Peter, Accrington, 1910-11, C. Ematris 1911-12, C.-in-Charge 
Boho 1912-15, m. and has issue. His only son, Bobert Parker, B.A., B.A.I., TX3.D., 
m. 14 April, 1925, Helena, dau. of Bobt. Sheridan, D.I., B.I.C. His dau., Kathleen 
Louise, m. Bev. Geo. Kingston. (See Clogh Curates). 


1875-7. Frederick William Sheperd, C.-in-Oharge 21 Dec., 1875 (DM.), T.O.D, B.A. 
and LL.B. 1869, ord. D. 1875, P. 1876, Armagh. 

1880. Samuel Curling Hayward, C.-in-Charge (I.C.D.), ed. at Hatfield Hall, Durham, 
1878, ord. D. 1880 (Arm.), P. 1882 (Down for Arm.) here till 1885, C. Peter Port, Guern- 
sey 1886, was B. Timahoe (Leighlin), 1902-6 ; d. 11 July, 1906, aged 64. 

1897. Mervyn Benjamin Archdale Byrn; Lie. 20 Dec. (DM.), son of BeV. Bichard A. 
B. (see Broomfield), T.C.D. B.A. 1896, M.A. 1905, ord D. 1897 (Arm. for Clogher), P. 
1898 (Kilmore), C. Castle Archdale 1897-1900, C. Donnybrook 1900-7, B. Kilmeague TJ. 
1907-14, B. Kilcullen 1914-23 and with Oarnalway from 1923. 


The Parish was formed as a P.C. circa 1840, out of DerryVullen, White Island 
being taken from Magheraculmoney. The old Church was built and endowed in 1840 
by the Atchdale Family, who had the right of presenting the P.C. or Chaplains. 
" The Chapel of Mullies " was cons. 10 July, 1840 (DM.) 

Killadeas has been joined since 1920. 

A New Church the gift of Edward Archdale, D.L., of Castle Archdale, was conse- 
crated on St. Patrick's Day, 1908. It is built on a commanding site close to the en- 
trance of Castle Archdale Estate. The architect was Sir Thomas Drew. Mr . Archdale' 8 
uncle, Wm. Mervyn Archdale, had left 500 towards the building. Other relatives 
also gave substantial gifts. Church was Lie. for Marriages 11 Dec., 1908. Graveyard 
cons. 28 April, 1921. 

An interesting description of the Parish and New Church (illustrated) appearad io 
the C. o/ Ireland Gazette of Jan. 1, 1909. See also C.I.Q. Mar. 27, 1908. 



Perpetual Curates. 

1862. John MacLaurln. See Fivemiletown. 
1865. Robert Gilbert Ecoles. See Ballybay. 

1866. Albert Boyce James, pres. by Rev. J. G. Porter as Patron. T.C.D. B.A. 1858, 
M.A. 1861, ord. D. 1861, P. 1862 (Down), C. Bathlin 1861-3, Prin. Ir. Oh, Miss. Coll., 
Ballinasloe 1863-5, res. Clabby 16 Nov., 1872, for R. Aghancon (Killaloe) 1873-5, C. 
Harward Stock, Essex, 1878-9, C. Birch, Essex, 1879-81, C.F. Vauehurch, Dorset 
1863-85; R. St. Pet., Thetford 1885-6. Annuity 1870, 41. 


1873. Francis James Hurst, coll. (on lapse) 16 Oct. (D.R.), res. in 1900 for Donagh- 
moine. See Archdeacons. 

1900. John Dillon O'Connor, inst. Sep. 17 (D.B.), res. in 1904. See Lisbellaw. 

1904.-- Francis Hilary, insfc. May 13 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1886, ord. D. 1885 (Arm.), P. 
1887 (Clogher), C. Muckno 1886-9, R. Currin 1889-1904, d. April 2, 1913, aged 70. 

1913, John Ramsay Crooks, inst. June 6, (D.R.), res. in 1921 for Augher q.v. 


1921. Herbert William M'Clelland, Lie. Nov. 9 (D.R.), T.C.D. Mus. Bac. 1902, Mus. 
Doc. 1905, ord. D. 1916, P. 1917 Clogher, Bishop's Vic. (Clogher), 1916-22, res. for C. 
Abbeyleix 1922. See Appendix IV. 

1922. Walter Brown, Lie. C.-in-Charge Feb. 13 (D.R.) See Cooneen. 

1923. Francis St. Clair Caithness, pres. by Messrs. J. P. and T. S. Porter, inst. Incum- 
b3nt Sep. 23 (D.R.) See Sallaghy. 


The Deed Poll assigning a District to Glabby Church in the Parish of Ennis- 
fcillen, was dated 1st Nov.,1862, and the Deed appropriating the site of Clabby Church 
(dedicated to St. Margaret), (both with maps) was dated 4 July, 1864 (D.R.) 
Bapcismal Register from 1862 is in Parochial custody. The Silver Flagon Chalice 
and Paten of the Communion Plate are inscribed " Presented to St. Margaret's 
Church, Clabby, Co. of Fermanagh, A-D. 1864." 



1409. Eneas O'CarbrI appears R. of Claeynis; July 20, when he became R. Galloon or 
Dartry. He was the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman and was 
Canon of Clogher (C7.P.L. vi., 149). 

"1471. Edmund Maguire, Parson of Claen-inis and Archdeacon of Clogher d. (Ann. 

-1518. Hugh Maguire, Parson in Claen-inis and in Aghadurchaire d. (ib. 529). 


-1308. A Vicar of Chin-inis, unnamed, d. Feb. 9 (Ann. Vlt. ii., 413). 

-1394. Matthew Macgillacoisgli, Vicar of Claininis d. Aptil 25. (Ann. Ult. Hi., 29^ 

l4l4 "-7-Thomas MaoQInissa had held the V. for more than a year without being ordained 
Priest, and without a dispensation. See next. 


1414. Eneas M'Qlllafynden, of Clogher Dio., of noble race, to be coll. to the Perp. V. 

of St. Sineals, Cleaynis, of value not exceeding 4 marks, vice Thos. M'G., deprived, 
notwithstanding that the Pope had recently provided Eneas to the B. of St. Tigernaoh 
of Derryvullen. He is dispensed to hold both for life. (C.P.L. vi., 481). 

-1441. Gllla-Na-Naem Magsgolofgl, Vicar d. April 17 (Ann. C7|. iii.. 149). 
-1483. Gilla-Na-Naem Uaolanan said to have been V. of Cleenish d. (&. 285). 
-1487. Brian Ua Cororaln, V. of G., d. He was grandson of Bishop Ua Corcrain. 
-1534. Redmond Magulre, V., d. (Ann. Ult. Hi., 693). 

-1591. Cornelius O'Cororan, of Ferran Muillyn (in this parish), priest, was pardoned 
(F. Eliz. v., 602.) 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1622. James Slaoke is B. & V. and also B. Enniskillen "Church ruinous, no [glebe] 
house," (B.V. 1622) . He got a grant of a glebe here Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin iii. 593). 
In 1622 he was "resident hard by Iniskeen [Enniskillen] where he keepeth a sufficient 
Curate." He was also B. & V. Kinawley (Kilmore) 1622-34 and B. & V. Killesher 
1626-34. He m. Martha, dau. of Edward Hatton, Archdeacon of Ardagh (see Chan- 
cellors) and had issue, Bev. Edward, who succeeded him here, James, William and 
George and daus. 1 Edith, who m. (1) Thomas Sugden ; (2) John Browne, whose son 
was Bev. Nicholas B., Preb of Kilskeery; 2, Susanna ; 3, Margaret. He d. in Dub. May 
19, 1634, and was bur. in St. Catherine's, Dub. (Fun. Ent. U.O.) His Will, made May 
16, 1634^ was proved in the same year in which he disposed of his house in Callow Hill 
and obher lands. The Callow Hill house belonging to his wid., was plundered in 1641 . 
She d. intest. C. 1653. (See Dundas's Enniski$en pp., 67-80, also Records of the Sfacke 
Family in Ireland, by H. H. Crofton) . 

1633. Edward Slacke, pres. to the B. by the Crown (L.M. v. 110), was afterwards V. 
of Killany q.v. ? Was he inst. 

1634. George Farkher (or Farquhar), pres. to the B. by the Crown, Aug. 16 (L.M. v. 
110) adm. Aug. 17, ind. Aug. 23, ord. D. 6 Feb., 1630, as M.A., ord. P. 20 April, 1631 
(jR.F. 1634) He was C. Clones 1633. There was a deposition made by him as "of 
Tonehey, Co. Ferm." on Jan. 4, 1641/2 (Dep. of 1641, T.C.D.) The P. Will of Qeorge 
Fercher, Minister of the Parish of Kilburron, was proved in 1657. 

1660. Robert Auld was Common. Minister here and settled on the tithes, 21 July. 
(Com.Pps.p. 136). 

1661. John Tate appears as B. & V. in V.B. of 26 Mar., 1661, but parish appears vacant 
in Triennial V.B. of 26 Ap., 1661. 

1662. Andrew Hamilton appears to have been B. See next. 

1663. James Auchlnleck, coll. and inst. (on the pres. of T.C.D.) 23 June, 1663, per resig. 
A.H. for Magheraculmoney (V.B.). He was of a Scottish family ; had leti. of Orders 
D. & P. 25 Ap., 1661 ( V.B.), was V. Magheraculmoney 1661-3, is mentioned as B. of 
Cleenish in Bev. B. Sheidow's Will, 1666. He m. in 1650, Margaret (a relative of 
President Keith, and probably a niece of Bev. Alex. Keith, of Drummully), and had 13 
children. Lord Belmore in Two Ulster Manors pp. 427-8, 2nd Ed., gives a copy of an 
inscription on a tablet to Bev. J. A's wife and 6 of her children. His son, James A., m. 
Margaret Corry, and was grandfather of Bev. Alex. A., B. of 'Bossory. Bev. J. A. d. 
in 1685 (Mont. U.J.A., I. 21). His will was proved in 1685 see also Belmore U.J.A., 
1894, p. 55, and Hist, of Montgomery of Ballyleck, pp. 9, 11. His dau. Catherine, 
m. Major John Montgomery, of Croghan. Her sister, Janet, m. John Gamble. 

1685. Robert Smith, inst. and adm. Aug. 27 (F.F.) He was the youngest son of 

S., and was b. at Lisnegarvey and ent. T.C.D. April 10 (or 16), 1670, aged 15, ed. by Mr- 
Haslam, B.A., 1674, M A. 1677. Was bro. of Wm. S., Bishop of Kilmore, was B. & v. 
Ahern and Ballynoe (Cloyne) 1681-5, V. Ballyloughloe and Kilcleagh (Meafch) 1685. 
He m. Mary Arnold (M.L., Dub., 13 May, 1685), and had one son, Michael, b. in Co, 
Meath, ent. T.C.D. Dec. 22, 1713, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Lloyd, Dublin, and 2 daus.- (D 
Alice, m. at St. Andrew's, Dub., 2 Aug., 1718, Bev. John Travers, M.A. (nob " Joseph 
T."as in B.L.G. "Smyth, of Gaybrook") son of Bev. John T., Arch, of Armagh, who was 
V. Ballyloughloe 1725-74 and d. 22 Ap., 1774, in his 81st year, leaving issue by her, 
and (2) Jane, m. 1714, Bev. Stephen Badclifi, V. of Naas, and was mother of Bev. 
hard B. (H.B S.) See Aghalurcher. He di in 1706 when his P. Will was proved. 


1706/7. William Mullart, ind. 25 Jan. (F.F.), T.C.D. Sch. 1692, B.A. 1693, Fell. 1696, 
JM.A. 1696, B.D. 1706, D.D. 1711, held also the Deanery of Caahel 1706-13, d. May 18, 
1713, bur. in St. John's Churchyard, Gashel (G.F.) 

1714. John Dennis, coll. 23 Aug. (F.F.) He was the son of William D., Merchant of 
Waterford, b. there, ent. T.C.D. Dee. 17, 1691, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Alcook, Waterford, 
Sch. 1693, B.A. 1696, Fell. (Medicus) 1697, M.A. 1698, B.D. 1709, D.D. 1711. Head 
Master of Portora Sch. 1700-14, held also B. Monaghan 1716-25, and R. Maghercacul- 
mpney 1725-45, and was V. Gan. of Clogher. He m. Margaret, sister of Mary Todd, 
wid- ( whose Will was proved 19 Jan., 1754), and had issue (1) Sarah, m. in 1725, John 
Pringle, of Caledon ; (2) Dorothy, m. (Mar. Setts. 29 and 30 Dec., 1732), Rev. Wm. 
Enery, D.D., R. of Killeshandra ; and (3) Alice m. at St. Michans, Dub., 1 May, 1729, 
Henry Dixon, of Kilkea Castle, Co. Kildare, High Sheriff, 1738, who d. Fab. 741/2, 
leaving issue. He d. in 1745, when his P. Will was proved. 

1746. Thomas Foster, appointed May 10 (T.C.D. Gal}, inst. May 18 (S.R. Ardagh) as V. 
F.F. has 8 May. His name is written Forster in several Records. He was the 2nd son 
of John F., Armiger, was b. at Dunleer, and ed. by Mr. Sheridan, Dublin, ent. T.C.D., 
Oct. 17, 1724, aged 16, B.A. 1729, Fell. 1736, B.D. and D.D. 1745. He became V. 
Dunleer, 26 Aug., 1746, and seems to have res. Cleenish at that time. He was V. Dun- 
leer 1746-84, m. May 9, 1746, in S. Mary's, Dub. (Par. Reg.) Dora, dau. of Thos. de 
Burgh, of Oldfcown, M.P. for Naas, and had a son, William, M.P. for Ennis (see Peerages 
" Maasereene," and Vere Foster's Two Duchesses). He was bur. in Dunleer, Jan t 15, 
1784. His wife d. in 1774 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 290.) 

1747. William Gore, Jun., adm. 9 Jan. 1746/7 (F.F.) He was the eldest son of Wm. G. 
Dean of Clogher (see Deans above), ent. T.C.D. April 15, 1729, B.A. 1733, M.A. 1743, 
b. at Fermoyle, Co. Tipp., D.D. (? of Oxford), C. Borris, Cashel, 1733, C.Thurles 1734, 
Dean of Cashel 1736-68, holding this R. With the Deanery, became Bp. of Clonferfc 
1758, trans, to Killaloe 1762, and to Limerick 1772, m. (1) Mary, eldest dau. of Chidley 
Coote, of Cootehill, Co. Rose.,- and wid. of Guy Moore, of Abbey, Co. Tipp., and mother 
of Guy Moore Coote, she d. 10 Jan., 1765, s.p. P. Will 1768. Mar. (2) Mary, dau. of Rev. 
William French, of Oakpark, Co. Rosoommon, Dean of Ardagh, and had issue by her, a 
son, William, Col., M.P. for Carrick-on- Shannon, and 3 daus. He d. at Bray 25 Feb., 
1784, and was bur . in the family vault in S*. Mary's, Dublin. His wid. d. 25 Mar. 1822 
(see Baronetages and C.F.) His P. Will was proved in 1784. He presented the Com- 
munion Plate (See below). 

1758. Thomas Colclough, pres. by the Crown, Gore having been cons. Bishop, April 
17 (L.M., v. 130), inst. May 25 (D.B.) He was the 6th son of Caesar C., "Armiger,". 
of Tintern Abbey, b. in Co. Wexford, ent. T.C.D. Deo. 11, 1751, aged 16, B.A. 1756, 
M.A., 1763, B.L.G. gives him the degree of D.D., but he does not seem to have received 
that degree from T.C.D. He was of Kilmague, Co. Kild., and m. (1) July 1, 1757, Flo- 
rence, dau. of Hon. Bysse Molesworth, and had issue, Caesar, of 36th Regt. d. s.p., adm. 
granted 19 Jan., 1792. Florence d. unm. and Harriett m. Col. Jonas Watson, killed in 
1798. He m. (2) in 1769, Charlotte Hartstronge and had issue by her, Charlotte Maria, 
m. Wm. Burroughs, Solr., Dublin ; Mary Anne m. Arthur Thomas, of Newton, Co. Kil- 
dare, and Sarah m. 1793, Thomas M'Glathry, of Holyhead (See B.L.G.) 

1766. Lancelot Low, pres. by T.O.D. Mar. 21, inst. Mar. 24 (S.R.) He was also R. 
Vastina, Meath, from 1769, holding it with this parish, which he seems to have res. in 
1773, and was again coll. to it on 20 Oct. (D.R. and S.R.) He Was the son of Samuel L., 
"gen." b. in King's Co.,ed- by Dr. Sheridan, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. July 13, 1731, aged 18, 
Sch. 1734, B.A. 1736, M.A. 1739, B.D. and D.D. 1763. had a son Samuel, b. in Dub., 
ent. T.C.D. Jan. 18, 1779, aged 15, B.A. 1782, Irish Bar 1787. He d. in 1784, when his 
P. Will was proved. 

1784.- John Ellison, inst. Dec. 14 (D.R. and S.R.),1.G.D. Soh. 1762 B.A. 1764, Fell. 
1766, M.A. 1767, B.D. 1776, D.D. 1779, Master ofKilkenny College 1781, C. St. Mary's, 
Kilkenny 1782-4, res. Cleenish Feb. 13, 1795, andsucceeded Rev. Joseph Stock, D.D. 
(who became Head Master of Poitora in 1795) as R. Conwall (Raphoe) in 1795, which 
he held till 1809, m. 1776, had a son, Thomas, b. in Dub., ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1794, 
aged 14, ScH. 1797, B.A. 1799, who was probably T. E., R. of Upper Langfield 1813-14 
and Preb. Killamery, Ossory 1814-27, ob., and also a son Frederick, who ent. T.C.D. 
July 3, 1797, aged 15, and a son John, ent. T.C.D. June 1, 1795, aged 14, ed. by Mr; 
Pack, Sch. 1798, B.A. 1800. He d. Feb. 26, 1809 

1795. Hon. Percy Jocelyn, inst. July 4 (D.R.), ons. Bp. Ferns 1809. See Bishops 


1810. Hon. Richard Ponsonby, pres. by the Crown Dec. 14, 1809 (L.M. v. 139), hist. 
June 16, 1810 (D.R.) Son of Wm. P., M.P., created Baron Ponsonby 1806, b. in Co. 
Kildare, 1772, ed. at Kilkenny Coll. under Dr. Ellison v above), ent. T.C.D. as S.C. 
Mar. 7, 1791, aged 17, B.A. 1791, M.A. 1816. He was Preb. Tipper (Dub.), 1796-1801, 
V. Mothel and Fews (Lismore) 1801-10, V. Rathcoole (Dub.) 1804-6, Prec. St. Pat's. 
vDub.) 1806-1818, res. Cleenish for B. Carnew (Ferns) 1813-21, V. Coolock 1821-8, 
Dean S. Pat's. vDub.) 1818-28, cons. Bp. of Killaloe in St. Patrick's (Dub.), Mar. 16, 
1828, trans, to Derry in 1831, d. Oct. 27, 1853, aged 81, m. 1804 Frances, dau. of Rt. 
Hon. Sir John Staples, Bt. (she d. 15 Dec., 1858)and had issue, William Brabazon, 4th 
and last Baron Ponsonby \.See Peerages) ; Harriet Catherine m. Bev. Thos. Lindesay, 
B. of Upper Cumber, b. 1807, d. 1866; Louisa Eliz. E. m. Simon George Purdon ; Frances 
Charlotte, and Emily Augusta Grace m. Bev. Charlton Maxwell, B. of Leckpatrick. 
(See also D.N.B.) 

1813. John Sweeney, pres. by T.C.D., inst. Oct. 9 (D.R.) ; was eldest son of John S., of 
Dublin City, " arm.," B.L., by Catherine Alice, dau. of Henry Cope, B.L. ; b. Nov. 
25, 1783, and matric. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 21 May, 1801, aged 17, B.A. 1805, M.A. 1810, 
m. in Stranorlar Church, Nov., 1821, Charlotte, 3rd dau. of Sir Thos. Lighten, Bart., 
of Merville, Co. Dub. (Fr. Jour., 15 Nov.), d. Jan. 3, 1854. See also Afamni Weatmon. 
His name was also written " Sweny." 

1854. William Alexander Wlllock, inst. June 29 (S.R.) He was son of Bobert, of 
H.E.I. Coy., b. at Bombay, ed. at Portarlington, by Mr. Lyons, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 13, 
1837, aged 20, B.A. 1842, M.A. 1846, Fell. 1849, B.D. and D.D. 1857, B. Ballymoney, 
Cork, 1 852-4. He was a supporter of the Irish National Education System and pub. in 
1859 Truth on Both Sides, Nationaland Church Education in Ireland 8vo., Dub., Hodges, 
1859, and The Elementary Geometry of the Right Line and Circle, Svo. London 1875. 
He had a brilliant daughter, Sophie, ed. at Bedford Coll. and London Univ.,D.So. 1884, 
- hon.D.Sc., T.C.D. , b. in Dub. 1850, m. in 1869, Dr. Wm. Hicks Bryant of Plymouth, 
who d. a weeK later. She became a celebrated educationalist and pub. several works, 
including Celtic Ireland, Studies in Character. The Oeniua of the Gael. Moral and Re- 
ligious Education, &c. She d. in 1923 mountaieering in the Alps. He res. Cleenish on 
22 May, 1872 (D.R.) Annuity 1870, 905 9s. lOd. Dr. Willockd. June 20, 1879 at 
Anson Road, London, N. 

1875. Edward Cowen; coll. by the Primate on lapse 21 Sep. (D.R.), son of James C., 
of Cork, Solr., b. in Cork, ent. T.C.D. June 6, 1842, aged 37, ed. by Mr. Ferrall, Cork ; 
B.A. 1846, ord. D. 1846, ord. P. 1847 for C. Killaconenagh, Boss (Brady), C. Corcomohide 
1855, C. Cleenish 1868-76, d. May 19, 1885 in his 81st year. 

1885. Henry Hare, coll. by Primate (on lapse) 8 Dec. (D.R.), son of Bev. George H., 
Chapl. of Boyal Hosp., Kilmainham ; T.C.D.B.A. 1857, Div. Test (2) 1859, ord. D. 
1859, P. 1860, C. Drumgoon 1860-2, C. Car bury 1862-7, P.C. Girley, Co.,Meath 1867-81, 
C. Forgney 1882, C. Moira 1883, C. Baydon, Wilts., 1884-5, C.-in-Charge Belleek and 
Slavin 1885, res. in 1904, d. Jan. 3, 1911, at 18 Nth. Fredk. St., Dublin, m. Helen 
his son George, Pals Batt. R.D.F. was killed at Jerusalem, 27 Dec., 1917, another son, 
Edward Henry, 2nd Lieut., R.D.F. was killed in action in Afghanistan July 23, 1919 
His wid. Helen d-,at Drumcondra Hospital Mar. 6, 1924. ' 

1904. Thomas Pemberton, inst. 4 Aug., (D.R.), ed. at St. Aidan's Coll. and T.C.D., 
ord. D. 1887 (Arm.), P. 1888 (Clogher), C. Sallaghy 1887-9, C. St. Matthias, Liverpool, 
1889-90, C. Tuana 1890-4, C. St. Mary Liscard, Cheshire, 1894-1904, res. Cleenish 1905 
for V. St. Matthias, Liverpool. 

1908. James Alexander Wilson, inst. 3 Feb. \D.R.), Line. Coll., Oxf. M.A., ord. D. 
1902, P. 1903 (Ripon), C. St. Stephen Bowling, Bradford, 1902-5, C. Templemiohael 
vKilm.), 1905, res. Cleenish in 1909 for V. Ruishton, Taunfcon, 1909-10, C. Brafierton, 
York, 1920, m. Aug. 20, 1907, Olive L. V. F., 3rd dau. of George Atkinson, of Skea Hall. 

1910. John Hiokey Moran, ins,;. Jan. 1 (D.R.), b. afc Tralee, 2 Sep., 1862, son of Rev. 
Thomas M. and Margaret Cecilia, his wife, ed. at Wesley Coll., Dublin, Meth. Coll., 
Belfast, and T.C.D., was in the Methodist Ministry, ord. D. 1904, P. 1906 vOss.), C. 
Abbeyleix 1904-6, C. St. Andrew's Belf., 1906-9, res. Cleenish in 1911 for R. Cahernarry 
vLim.), holds also with it since 1922 Fedamore and Tullybracky, served as Chaplain in 
the Greab War, m. 4 July, 1887, Margaret Anna, dau. of Wm. and Margaret Eliz. Lalor, 
of Ballygague, Queens' Co., and has issue (1) Edith Margaret m. Alan H. Carson, 
Marino, Co. Down ; (2) Mabel Anna ; (3) Gertrude Mary A. m. William Ponsonby Angley, 
Mona Lodge, Limerick. 

Published On the Shores of the Lough. Lougbar. Also songs Shadows 
Sunlight, Cahirnarry. When the Sun goes dotvn on the Shannon, &c. 


1912. William Ivera Stewart, inst. Feb. 2 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1906, ord. D. 1906, P. 
1908, Clogher, C. Monaghan 1908-7, C. Boho 1907-12, became B. Templecarne 1924. 

1924. Richard Caleb Lapham, Lie. C.- in- Charge Aug. or Sep. (DM.), E.U.I. B.A. 
1895, T.C.D. B.A. 1916, M.A. 1919, ord. D. 1896, P. 1897 Down, C. Magdalen Ch., Belf., 
1896-1901, Dio. C. Clogher, 1901, R. Templecarne 1901-3, C. St. Saviours, Forest Gate, 
1903-4, C. Lisnaskea 1904-5, R. do: 1905-17, R. Templecarne 1917-22, C. St. Luke's, 
Belfast, 1922-4. He is the son of Henry L., of Dublin of which city he is a Freeman ; 
m. (1) 1903, Mary Roe, dau. of Robert Calder Christian, of Dublin (she d. Dec., 1903), 
issue, Frances Catherine Mary, b. 1903 ; m. (2) 1912, Ellen, dau. of Very Rev. Robert 
GEmilius Baillie, M.A., Dean of Raphoe, and has issue by her Richard Henry Baillie, 
b. 1913. 


1663. Andrew Hamilton, Lie. Sep. 8 \D.R.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

(1676. " Patrick Montgomery, M. A." appears as Parish Clflrk (V.B.) ? "Clericus") 

1687. Thomas Aberoromby appears. See Derryvullen Curates. 

1692. Domlnick Bulteel and is still C. 1712 (V.B.) See Derrybrusk. 

1717. John Wilson appears (Den. and Exc.) is C. In 1720 (V.B,), was C. Templeoarne in 
1696 and 1698, C. Dromore 1705. His (Clogher) Will was proved in 1727; probably 
J. W., son of William W., b. in Co. Westmeath, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. July 11, 1681, Soh. 
1684, B.A. 1686, M.A. 1704. A James Wilson appears C. to 1723 (V.B.) probably a 
mistake for John. 

1726. James Dennis appears ( V.B.)> probably J. D., M.A., Preb. Donoughmore (Dub.) 
1729-35, and = Jacob Dennis, Minister of the French Ch., Wafcerford- Will proved 

1746. Arthur Clark appears (V.B.) is still C. here, 1759 (V.B.), probably A. C., son o* 
Owen C., "gen." b. in Limerick, ed. by Mr. Quigg, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. May 27> 
1733, aged 16, B.A. 1737, V. Chor. Lim., Preb. Kilpeacon, Limer., 1774-84, Preb. St- 
Munchins 1784-92, V. Dromara (Dromore) 1764-92 ; d. 1792, P. Will 1792. 

1766. William Nixon appears (V.B.), ent. T.C.D. 24 Feb., 1759, ed. by Dr. Dunkin, 
Sch. 1761, B.A. 1763, ord. D., prd. P. Clogher, 24 Nov., 1765, He was probably a son 
of Wm. N. , of Derryinch, in this parish (Faulk. Dub. Jour, says he was "of Derryinch"), 
who m. (M.L.B. Jan. 1, 1714) Margaret Montgomery, of Gortnabratan. There is a 
tablet on the wall of Cleenish Church to " Mrs. Margaret Nixon, of Derryinch, 25 Dee., 
1763." (H.B.S.) A William Nickson signs Parl Ret. as C. Kinawley, Kilmore, 1766, 
and a Wm. Nixon is R. Stonehall, Meath, 1771-1813. See App. IV. 

1766. Patrick Hare appears (F..B.), of the ancient Clare Sept of the O'Hehir, b. in Co. 
Clare, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 1.1, 1754, aged 18, Sch. 1757, B.A. 1758, M.A. 1764, was C. 
Emly 1761, became C. Clonoulty, Cashel 1767, R. Ballysheehan 1780-9, Preb. Kil- 
bragh (Cashel) 1781-1816, V. Athassel 1789-1808, V. Gen. of Cashel. He m. (M.S. 
18 Dec., 1767) Mary, dau. of John Oozier, of Magheradunbar, Co. Ferm., and had issue, 
including Mark, B.A. 17S6, Irish Bar 1798, Rev. Charles, F. T.C.D. 1809-58 (ob.), 
Elizabeth m. Rev. Marshall Clarke, and Barbara, his yst. dau., the celebrated novelist, 
authoress of "Lionel Deerhurst," &c. (see D.N.B.), who m. John Hemphill, of Rath- 
kenny, and was mother of Charles Hare, 1st Lord Hemphill, she d. in 1858. Rev. John 
Hare, Preb. of Tullycorbet (q.v.) was evidently descended from him. 

1772. William Rynd appears (V.B.) and signs Parl Ret. 1777, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1762, 
ed. by Mr. Moore, B.A. 1770. 

1772. William White appears (V.B.) is still C. 1786 (ib.) Ent. T.C.D. July 8, 1762, ed. 
by Mr. M'Mullen, no degree recorded. 

1777. Andrew Oliver appears and up to 1785 (V.B.) 

1781. William Montgomery, Lie. 28 Aug., appears up to 1788 (V.B.) 

1788. William Porteus (V.B.) is still C. (of Ballynaleok) in 1816 (6.) and to 1831. 

See Boho. 

1788. William Wloffatt (V.B.) is still C. 1796 (ib.) See Currin. 
1796. Henry Gray (V.B.) is still 0. in Mullaghdun 1810 (ib.), son of Alex. G., gen., b. 

in Co. Down, ent. T.C.D. June 21, 1789, aged 17, ed. by Mr. Wild, B.A. 1795. 
1809. Mungo Montgomery (or Thompson ?) (V.B.) 
1810. Henry Lucas St. George (V.B.) See Dromore. 
1813,John Frith (V.B.) 


1814. James Auchlnleck appears (V.B.). He was known as James Ecoles Auchinleck, 
and was son of Rev. Alex. A., R. of Rossorry, ent. T.O.D. Nov. 1, 1802, aged 16, b. 
in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Johnson, B.A. 1807, was J.P., Co. Ferm., m. Caroline, dau. of 
Richard Fiddes, of Tullycreevy, Co. Ferm., and had issue, Rev. Alex. Eocles, V. of Car 
Colston, Notts. ; John Ecoles, Susan Caroline, Eliz. Ward, and Henrietta Mary. (.See 
Swanzy's Hassard pp. 27-8). He was (X Inishmacsaint 1810 ; was here 1826 and C.-in- 
Charge Lisbellaw 1829. 

1814. Andrew Staples Clarke appears. See Mullaghdun. 

1834. Nicholas Baker app. April (FJ3.) here 1850, became C. Killesk, Ferns, 1856, d. 
4 Dec., 1859. 

1855. Edward Shortt appears (Oldham), in Belnaleck. He waa son of a Schoolmaster at 
Moy, Co. Tyrone, and was of T.C.D. B.A. (R0sp).and Div. Test. 1854, M.A. 1857, ord. D. 
1855, P. 1856 (Arm.), C. Cleenish 1855-8, C. All SS. Newcastle-on-Tyne 1858-9, C. S. 
Andrew's, do., 1859-61, C. St. Anthony, Byker, do. 1861-8, V. do. 1868-79, V. Wood- 
burnjNewcastle 1 879; was father of Edward Shortt ,K.C. ,M.P. ,late Chief Sec . for Ireland. 

1858. Walter Young appears (Oldham). See Templecarne. 

1863. Thomas Rudd, became R. Lisbellaw in 1867. See Lisbellaw. 

1868-75. Edward Co wen. See Rectors. 


Joyce states (Irish Names of Pfaces) relying on the Four Masters spelling of the word 
as Claen-inis that Cleenish means "the sloping island." -Ib is often confused with 
Clones. Lisbellaw and Mullaghdun were carved out of Cleenish as Perpetual 
Curacies. T.O.D. owned the advowson from c.1622 and received 5,639 8s. 3d. 
compensation for ita loss at Disestablishment. The Registers from 1796 were 
lost in the P.R.O. Vestry Book begins 1825. The following inscription is on the Silver 
Chalice and Paten of the Communion Plate. "The Reverend Dean William Gore, 
Rector of Cleenish, MDCCLTV." The following curious inscription is in Cleenish 
Churchward : 

"John Lord Cole 

Ordered this stone to be placed over the remains of Peter Leonard as a tribute to 
the memory of a faithful servant who discharged the several trusts reposed in him 
for many years with honesty, fidelity and diligence. Go thou and do likewise. 

A.D. 1789 

He departed this life July 4th, 1789. 

aged 71 years. 

Sacred to the memory of Peter Leonard who though victorious in the field ]was guilt- 
less of shedding human blood. 

He was an observer of forms, 

Tho' not in the least ceremonious. 

Perfectly conversant in the earth, 

Tho' he never ploughed or sowed, 

Was often at the Bock, 

Tho' seldom knew pain. 

Ignorant of the rules of Arithmetic, 

Yet he made his accounts tally. 

He exceeded the fox in craft, 

And the hare in cunning, 

Yet was honest and plain in dealing. 

He was dextrous in managing a traverse, 

Yet he was ignorant of all law, 

But the law of the chase, 

For he was a huntsman. Proud reader 

Look not indignant on the Epitaph 

Of this humble man, but follow his example. 

Be sober ; be Vigilant ; 

Run the race ,that is set before thee, 

And remember that a few fleeting years 

Will bring thee in at the Death 

Which awaits all mankind, 

And levels all distinctions." 

Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry writes: "St. Sinell was patron and founder of this 
Church, about the 6th century; his feasb day was Nov. 12 (Martyr. Doneg.). St. 
Finian of Clonard sojourned here, as did also St. Columbanus. According fco the 


Annals of Ulster bhe Mediaeval Church, dedicated to St. Sinell, was founded in 1100 A.D. 
Some oi the sbones of ohis Charch still remain in the ancidnu graveyard on the island. 
Possibly this Church may have been restored for use by the Protestants before the 
present Churoh was built at Belnaleck on the mainland As to Cornelius O'Cororan, 
of Feavranan Muillyn, priest pardoned, 1591.' Ferranan Muillyn is not Derryvullen, 
but is the Chapel of JSase of Fearann an Mhuilinn (i.e., of tha land of the Mill), which musb 
have existed in or near the townland of Farnamullan, in the Parish of Cleenish, and 
Barony of Tirkennedy, and which, I tliink, was identical with Templemullin or the 
' Church of the Mill,' situated in tho same parish and Barony (See Survey of 1603 And 
Inquisition of 1609) and of which according to the Inquisition the O'Cjrcrans were the 
hdfenaghs. Tha Chapel of Farnamullan is mentioned in M.S., T. 26, T.C.D. and so 
probably existed in the 14th aentury. Farnamullan townland is still bordered on the 
west by a mill stream, on the opposite bank of which is the townland of Gappy, which 
contaias the traditional site of an ancient graveyard, which would agree with the site 
of the Church of JMamre as marked on the Baronial Maps of 1609-10. Since 1856 ohe 
town land of Cappy has boon in Derryvullan Parish and was previously one of bhe 
Dorrybrusk Church lands, although part of the adjoining townland of Whinnigan Glebe 
was then in Cleenish. Prior to 1856 the parochial boundaries just here had a most 
artificial appe trance, and so may, perhaps, ha/e been different in Pre- Reformation 
days. If Cappy was ever in Cleenish parish, it would seem probable that the Church 
of JEclamre is identical with bhe Church of the Mill or of Farnamullan, especially as I 
have so far failed to traca any tradition of either church-site or graveyard in Farna- 
mullan townland itself.". 

There is in existence a Petition from the Parishioners of Cleenish to bhe Primabe 
with no date, but evidently early in bhe 19th century, in which they wish bhat cerbain 
large emoluments should nob go to bhe Rector ' bub bo bhe ill-requited Curate whose 
labours for 20 years amongst bhem have been successful.' 


At first a District Curacy in Clones Parish. 

X>. Curates. 

c1840. William Brownlow Ashe, See Donagh. 

1853. Charles Crowe, res. in 1863, see Newbliss. 

1863. John Fleming. He ent. T.C.D. as a Protestant Dissenter, June 2, 1845, aged 15, 
son of John F., " Pragmaticus," ed. by Mr. King, b. in Dub., B.A. 1851, ord. D. 1862 
(Chester), P. 1863 (Armagh), C. Drakestown (Meath) 1862, res. Clogh in 1873 for R. 
Ventry (Ardfert) 1873-1900, d. 25 May, 1901, aged 71. See App. IV. 

1873-5. Vacant. 


1875. Alexander Rea, inst. July 6 (D.R.), ord. D. 1870, P. 1871 Down, C. Lr. Falls, 
Belfast 1870-3, R. Aghadrumsee 1873-5, res. Clogh 3 June, 1881, for R. Ballinufagh, 
Kildare, 1881-1 908, ret., d. 8 Jan., 1915. Georgina Emily, dau. of Rev. Alex, and Mary 
Rea, was bur. in Aghadrumsee, 15 Dec., 1873 (Par, Reg.) See App. IV. 

1881. Henry Wilson Swinburn Given, inst. Aug. 6 (D.R.) See Precentors; 

1884. Robert Hogg, inst. 30 June (D.R.), ord. D. 1872 (Armagh) P. 1873 (Down), 
C. & I. Broomfield 1872-84, m. at Dennistoun N.B. April 28, 1885, Jane Catherine, 
dau. of William Peat, d. at Clogh Glebe, April 4th, 1891. 

1891 .Thomas Stewart Watson, inst. 3 Oct. (D.R.), res. in 1900 for Clontibret. See 
Carrickmacross . 

1903. William Albert Betty, inst. 6 Aug., (D.B.), res. in 1920 for Donaghmoine q.v. 
1920. William Frederick Morris, inst. May 29 (D.R.) See Drumcheerau 
1931 .John M'Keever Gibson, inst. 18 Sep. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1916, M.A. 1919, ord. D. 
1916, P. 1917 Clogher, C. Monaghan 1916-18, R. Currin 1918-21 . 


Clogh -A Stone. Parish formed out of Clones. Church built as a Chapel of Eaae 
to Clones in. 1828. The Registers from 1811 are in Parochial Custody, also Vestry 
Books from 18 . The following inscription is on the Silver Paten "Presented with 
Flagon in loving memory of John Madden, of Roslea Manor, B. 1819, D. 1903, by his 
wife Isabella L. G. Madden, 1909."- 




For Hectors up to 1873 see Deans. Dean Ogle Wm. Moore res. the Incumbency on 
3 Mar., 1873 (D.R.) 

1873. William Rfohey Bailey, inst. May 7 (D.R.), res. 4 Oct., 1886, for R. Killesher 
(Kilm.) See Prebs, Kilskeery. 

1887. Charles Burchell Bewick (formerly Buicke), inst. Feb. 9 (DM.), T.C.D. B.A. 
1880, Div. Test. 1881, M.A. 1895, ord. D. 1881, Lim., P. 1883, Dub., C. St. Michael's, 
Limerick 1881-2, C. S. Michan's, Dub., 1882-7, d. 21 April, 1900, aged 46. 

1900. Arthur IMewburgh Haire-Forster,inst. 27 Aug. (D.R.), res. 1926. See Deans. 
1826. Edward Lionel Keane, inst. Mar. (D.R.) See Clontibret and App. IV. 


c1627. Hattort is Curate and Schoolmaster to Sir Wm. Stewart's children (see Belmore 
Memoir of Bp. Spottiswoode, p. 102). 

1632. Maurice Buchanan, Lie. Oct. 13 (R.V. 1634). See Templecarne. 

1664. Allen Read appears also 1666 (V.B.). 

1670. Walter Stewart (V.B,). 

1679. William Smyth is C .(V.B. 

1681. John Smith appears also in 1693 (V.B.). 

1695. Matthew Buchanan (V.B.). See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1696. William Watson (V.B.). See Inniskeen. 

1709. Joseph Story (V.B.) still C. 1714 (Den. and Exc.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1717. James Richardson (V.B.) C. Magheraculmoney in 1715, elder eon of Thomas B., 
"gen." b. at Tatekill, in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Dennis at Enniskillen, ent. T.C.D. 
April 26, 1705, aged 16, B.A. 1709, was B. Balteagh, Derry, 1717-27, 06. s.p. Will 
proved 1728. He was made a J.P. Co. Tyrone, 8 Sep., 1718. His father, 
Thomas, d. 1692 ; Will dated 10 Oct., 1691, proved at Armagh 19 April, 1692. His 
sister Deborah was the first wife of Bishop Story, of Kilmore. Another sister Eleanor 
m. RQV. Alexander Lindsay (H.B.S.) 

1718. Robert Jones, Lie., May 7 (S.R.) See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 
172,1. Robert Carr (V.B.) 

1722. John Crawford, Lie., Oct. 10 (S.R.) is here 1722 (Den. and Exc.) See Errigal 

1726. William Coddington (V.B.) 

1732. Gustavus Hamilton (V.B.) perhaps G. H., B, of Errigal Trough, q.v. 

1732. HamlettObins (V.B.) appears up to 1736. See Carrickmacross. 

1737. Richard Vincent (V.B.) See Monaghan. 

1738. John Hawkshaw (V.B.) See Dromore. 

1741 . Galbraith Richardson (V.B.) He was bro. of James B., Springtown, Co. Tyrone, 
High Sheriff 1734, and son of Wm. B. of Springtown, by his wife Catherine, dau. of 
Wm. Wray, of Ards, Co. Donegal. He ent. T.C.D. 29 April, 1729, aged 16, ed. by 
Mr. Ballentine, b. at Ogher, Co. Tyrone, degrees not recorded. He was B. Errigal- 
keerogue (Armagh) 1743-80 (see Leslie's, p. 299) His P. Will, dated 2 June, 
1778, was pr. in28 Jan., 1780, mentions his wife, Catherine ; his 3 sons, Captain William; 
Henry (ent. T,C.J), Jan. 19, 1774, aged 16, ed, by Dr. Grueber, b, in Co. Tyrone, B,A. 


1777, M.A. 1781) and James, and four daus, Jane, Dorothea, Catherine and Eliz. (wife 
of Sir Wm. Bichardson, Bart.) His elder bro. James, took the name of Mervyn on 
account of his 2nd mar. with Ann, dau. of Audley Mervyn, of Castle Mervyn, M.P., 
another bro. was St. George B., father of the 1st Bart. (Swanzy's Hassard, p. 61, &c.) 

1741. Thomas HIgginbotham appears up to 1754 (V.B.) See Templecarne. 
1742. Thomas Norman (V.B.) See Inniskeen. 

1749. Philip Tracy appears up to 1760 (V.B.}, son of Daniel T., "gen." b. in Dub., 
ent. T.C.D., July 19, 1738, aged 16, ed. by Dr. Magill, B.A. 1743, M.A. 1746, ord. D. 
1748, Kilmore. 

1760. William Langton (V.B.) Is M.A., son of W. Langton, Dean. See Deans. 

1763. Thomas Hastings, LL.B. (V.B.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1763. Thomas Campbell is still C. 1772 (V.B.) See Chancellors. 

1767. William Clements (V.B.), M.A. ?. William error for Francis. See next. 

1772. Francis Clements (V.B.) ent. T.C.D. June 5, 1758, Sch. 1761, B.A. 1763. 

1773. Luke George ( V.B.) See Killany. 

1781. John Irvine (or Irwln), Lie. Aug. 22, still C. 1783 (V.B.) See Magheracross. 

1783. Hugh Nevln. See Derryvullen. 

1786. Blayney Irwln. See Fivemiletoir*. 

1796. John Benjamin Story appears up to 1815 (V.B.) See Chancellors. 

1798. Samuel Campbell appears ( V.B.), T.C.D. B.A. 1794, son of Saml., b. inCo. Armagh. 

1815. Thomas Blrney (V.B.) See Templecarne. 

1818. Francis Gervals (V.B.) See Drummully. 

1844. William Story (Bourns). See Aghabog. 

1844. William Brown low Ashe SeeDonagh. 

1864. Archibald Henry Hamilton, Lie. May 23 (DM.) See Augher. 

186B. Richard! Charles Oulton, son of Rev. Richard O., R. of Keady (see Leslie's 
Armagh), T.C.D. B.A. 1863, Div. Test (1) 1865, M.A. 1878, B.D. 1891, ord. D. 1865 
(Derry), P. 1866 (Armagh), C. Clogher 1865-8, C. Clonfeale 1868-70, C. S. Michael 
(Lim.) 1870, C. Glenealy 1873-5, C. St. Geo. (Belfast) 1875-8, R. Glynn (Connor) 1878- 
1910, ret., m. July 1, 1873, Katharine Jane, yst. dau. of Maurice Leonard, of Listowel, 
and had issue. His 3rd dau. Emma Beatrice Ethel d. June 5, 1891, aged 11. 

He pub. : 

The Aihanaaian Creed, ita Damnatory Clauses, Dub. 
The Proposed Consecration of S&nor Cabrera. 
Regeneration and Conversion Explained. 

d. at 17 Warrington Place, Dublin, Aug. 27, 1920. 
1868-70. John Matthew Young. See Devenish Curates. 
1868. William Edward Fleming, See Prebs. Kilskeery. 
1869. Alexander Montgomery Furlonge. See Aghavea. 

1871. Charles Maginnis read his "Assent and Consent " when officiating for the first 
time here, in Tornado wney Chapel of Ease, on Jan. 1, 1871 . (D.R. Arm.) 

1876. James Greer (D.R.) See Drum. 
1880. Robert Blair. See Magheracross. 

1885. William Wilson, Lie. 8 Sep. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. (Resp.) and Div. 
Test (2) 1873, ord. D. 1873, P. 1874, C. Ballymoney 1873-4, C. Ballymore (Arm.) 1874-6, 
C. Tullamore 1876-8, C. Seagoe 1878-9, C. Crosspatrick 1879-85, res. C. Clogher in 1888 
for an English Curacy. 

1889-90. William Whlgham. See Lisnaskea Curates. 
1890. William John Coburn, Lie. Mar. 2 (D.R.) See Augher. 

1808. Arthur Halre-Forster Lie. April 23 (D.R.), B.D., T.C.D., son of Dean Hatre- 
Forster became Professor in West. Theol. Seminary Chicago, 1921. 

1908. Thomas Havelock Blackburn, Lie. Dec. 23 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1908, M.A. 
1913, ord. D. 1908, Derry for Down, P. 1911, Clogher, C. Ch. Ch., Belfast 1908-9, C. 
Clogher 1909-11, C. Kilskeery 1911-14, C. Drumbeg 1914-20. T.C.F. 1918-20, C. 
1920-2, R, Drumgath 17. 1922, 


1923. George Kingston, T.C.D. B.A. 1919, M.A. 1922, ord. D. 1919, P. 1920 
Clogher, C. Derryvullen N. 1919-23, res. for, and Lie. C.-in-charge Belleek 8 Feb. 
1926, res. for C. Dundalk Oct., 1926, C. Knock Columbkille (Down) 1927, m. 1926 
Kathleen Louise dau. of Rev. Robert Watson, R. of Castle Archdale. 


According to Reeves and Joyce (see Irish Names of .Places, pp. 413-4) the word 
Clogher means "a stony place" but a different origin is ascribed to the name by 
O'Flaherty, viz. that it is Clogh-or, i.e. "a golden stone," because there existed an- 
ciently at this place a stone covered with gold which was worshipped as Kermann Kel- 
stach,the principal idol of the Northern Irish, and that this stone was preserved in the 
Church of Clogher, down to a late period at present it stands against the N. wall 
of the Cathedral. OFlaherty makes this statement in his Oxygia on the 
authority of Cathal Maguire, Archdeacon of Clogher, and Harris, in his Ware, says 
" Clogher situated on the River Lanny, takes it name from a golden stone, 
from which, in times of Paganism the Devil used to pronounce juggling answers, like 
the oracles of Apollo Pythius, as is said in the Registry of Clogher." Joyce says this 
story should be received with caution and does not believe it gave its name to the place. 

The Rectory (or rectorial tithe) was appropriate to the Abbey of St . Mary of Clogher, 
before the Reformation and afterwards to the Bishopric. The Dean Was V. and when 
the Rectorial tithes were restored, also held the Rectory. 

In 1622 "the walls of the Abbey Church stands, but which will beare noe roofe. 5 ' 
"Cathedral Church altogether ruinous " (R.V.) In 1742 John Copping, Vicar (the 
Dean) was "ordered to call a Vestry to fence the Burial place, about the Chappel and to 
repair the Chappel " (Sep. 1742, D.R., Arm.) 

In 1740 the "Chapel of Ease of St. John" was built at the expense of Margetson 
Armar, of Blessington, on his estate of the Manor of Blessington, in this parish, and he 
enclosed a Churchyard attached to it containing 1 rood, 27 perches, Plant measure 
length 162 feet E. and W. and 180 feet N. & S. j consecrated 28 Aug., 1740 (DM.) 
This is the present Churoh of FIvemlletown. 

In 1775, the number of Communicants in the Cathedral and Chapel of Ease was 
about 300, the Cathedral was not then in repair, but a grant of 100 a year was made 
by the Stearne Trustees. In Bp. Garnett's writing "Sent a Bell to the Cathedral " 
(Ret. of 1775) "and a smaller one to Fivemiletown Chapel," 1781. In 1784, 768 
Protestants, 840 Papists in Parish (Parl. Ret.) 

The Registers from 1762 are in Parochial Custody, also Chapter Record 1796. The 
Flagon of the Communion Plate is inscribed "Clogher Cathedral 1782" and the 
Chalice and Paten " Cathedral of Clogher 1868. Ogle William Moore, Dean and Rector. 
Matthew R. Scraggs, M.D., David Richardson, Churchwardens." 



1365. John MacAneany [Maoangeanaie], coll to the R. of Sfc. Tigernaoh of Cloneoys, 
is confirmed by the Primate, July 31 (Gal. Reg. Swet. No. 144) 

1393. Tiernacus Mao Aneany (Macnegheanarch) who had been coll. to the parish 
Church alias oomorbanship of Cloineoys, void by the res. of John Macaneany, doubts 
if the coll. holds good, if found fit is to be re-coll. Aug. 19 (O.P.L. iv., 461). 

1398. John O'Goband is prov. to the R. of Cluanes, so long void that it has lapsed to 
the Apostolic See, value not exceeding 35 marks, although that Tiernacus (above) 
unlawfully detains ifc, notwithstanding that the Pope had prov. John to the Deanery of 
Armagh. He was dispensed to hold the R. with the Deanery, Aug. 24 (C.P.L. v., 109) 

1403. Patrick Mac Cawell (Maokamnayl), scholar, of the Diocese of Clogher, in his 
18fch year, dispensed as the son of a priest and an onmarried woman related fivefold, 
to take Holy Orders, was prov . to this R., said to be void by the res. of John Macaneany, 
Aug. 24 (C.P.L. v.) 

Owing to an error in transcription oi Mss. two lines dropped out under the entry 
beginning 1409, which should read 

1409. Henry Mao Conolly M'Mahon (Maoconullag Miohmachuna) is R. before Aug. 
1409 (C.P.L. vi., 149). He was d. in 1413 (A.H. i., 27). 

CLONES. 141 

1413. Nemeas O'Hanratty (O'Henraychtaych) waa prov. to the R. on 26 or 27 July, 
vacant through H. M. M's death (C.P.L. vi., 428 ; A.H. i., 27). He was again prov. to 
the R., value then being 30 marks, on 6 July, 1432, without obligation to pay first fruits 
(A.H. i., 35). 

The following entries in the Papal Registers seem to suggest that Eneas 'OCarbrl 
tried to get possession but did not " 1409, Joly 20, Eneas Carbri, priest of the Diocese 
of Clogher, Rehabilitation to him who formerly was dispensed as the son of unmarried 
parents, to hold a benefice with cure, and ^.fterwj-rds, by authority of the Ordinary, 
Canon of Clogher and R. of Claenynis (Cleenish), in said diocese, on account of his re- 
signation of said R. and obtaining by same authority the R. of Galloon, alias Da-traigi, 
on its voidance by Henry Macconnlug, obtained by the collation of the sama authority 
the R. of Cluaineoiys. He is to res. the R. of Galloon and cease to be Canon of Clogher. 

"1411, Sep. 10 To the Archdeacon ot Kilmore, Pat. of Eneas O'Carbri, priest, of 
Cloghe 1 Diocese, to Alex. V., thai after being Papally dispensed, made by Ordinary, 
Canon of Clogher, and having obtained the R. of Claenynis, he res. said R., and obtained 
the R. of Galloon. . . . and obtained by the same authority the R. of Cluayneays. 
Pope Alexander rehabilitated Eneas. . . . and he ordered the Bp. of Raphoe to 
collate him to Clones. Eneas pres. letters co Bp. John, who refused co execute them. 
The Pope ordered the Archdeacon to so so. . . ." 

O'Hanratty and not O'Carbri seems to have sacceeded H. MacMihon. 

1438. Magonlus O'Leargussa appears as R. on 16 June (Ann. Hib. i ; , 36) 


1414/5. Bernard IVTAneany ( Macanegeanaig), V. is d. See next. 

1414/5. Nicholas O'Luan, priest, formerly V. of Tullycorbet, had been coll. by Bp. Arthur 
to the Perp. V. of Clones (Cluaineys), void by the death of B. M. above. He is to res. 
Clones, because evidently he had no canonical dispensation. (C.P.L. vi.). 

1421. John McMuIien [MacMolynd) has lately been granted the Vicarages of Clones 
and Rasharkin, but has not got possession. He was dispensed to hold them together 
for 5 years, on condition of then resigning one, and was also prov. to a Canonry of Clog,- 
her after such resignation. He was granted the Deanery of Derry, 25 Nov., 1421 
(Ann. Hib. i., 217-8) He d as V of Clones, in Rocca Cannucia, 1432 (ib. i., 36) 

1432. Magonius O'Leargussa (see Rectors), was prov. to V. of St. Tigernach of 
Cluayneis, val. 6 marks, 25 April (Ann. H6., i., 35) 

1440. Tigernacus M'Aneany (Maocanegheanld) binds himself for the first fruits of 
the Perp. V. of St. Tighernach of Clones, void by the deprivation of Magonius O'Ler- 
gussa, June 25 (Ann. Hib. i., 36) . He is evidently the same as T. M , who appears Vicar 
in 1454, and d. as V. in 1458. 

1449. Malachy O'Bryan is V. (Beg. Meg.) 

1458. Terence O'Carbyry, illegitimate son of unmarried parents and dispensed, was 

prov. to the Parish Church, void by the death of T. M. above (C.P.L. xi., 550). The 
following entry appears in C.P.L. xi., 220, and is evidently the result of some mistake 
on the part of the Papal Archivist or his Editor ; 

" To the Bishop of Kilmore and to Nemeas O'Droma and Cormac O'Syriden, Canons 
of Kilmore Terence O'Cayrbri, priest of Clogher diocese, who as the illegitimate son of 
unmarried parents was dispensed, is to be coll. to the V. with plebs of Clayndkellayoh 
M'Molruanaych alias Clayndacyga, in Kilmore Dio. (?), void because Tierney Maohan- 
eanayoh, when holding the Perp. V. of Cluayneoys in same diocese, held it for between 
4 and 6 years without dispensation. Terence has no hope of obtaining justice in the 
City and Diocese of Clogher whether it is void as above, or by the res. of Tierney, or 
by the death of Magonius O'Lergussa, priest, July 10, 1465." From this it appears that 
Terence tried to obtain Clones before Tierney's death, but as is seen by the entry of 1468 
he did not then succeed. An entry of 1457 concerning the Rectory is worth noting, viz., 
" 12 May, 1457 It appears that the Rector of St. Tighernach of Clones, has been wonfc 
to farm for periods of 6 years, in return for a yearly cess the tithes, first-fruits, oblations, 
and dues ; if it were granted to Charles Masmagusa, layman of Clogher Dio., to farm ib 
perpetually, the Church would benefit greatly. If this is true, it is to be granted to him". 
(C.P.L. xi., 321). 

1458. John O'Sheehy [O'Sythygy] was V. (Beg. Prene.) 

1458. William MoAneany [McAneychranaioh] coll V. June 20 (ib.) 

1483. Philip M'Mahon [M'Mahune], Perp. V. is deprived (Ann. Hib. i., 38) 


1483. Donald M'Aneany [M'Aneanyd] is prov. V. Feb. 16, val. then 10 marks. (Ann. 
Hib., i., 38). 

1471 . Malachy MoMahon [M'Mauna] is prov. to the V. of the par. Oh. of Cluenoys alias 
Plebs, Clouinechellayth Milmalrhunaiob, val. 8 marks, 25 Sep. (Ann. Hib.,\., 39) 

1493. Rory McMahon [M'Mathuna] prov. to V. Jan. 31 (ib., i., 43) He d. V. of Clones, 

1471. Edmund Maguiro, Archdeacon of Clogher, parson and head in Claeninis d. 
(Ann. Ult.) 

1477. Philip M'Mahon [Magmachuna], Can. of Clogher, binds himself for the first 
fruits of the B., val. 30 marks, united with a Canonry and Prebend of Clogher, Aug. 30 
( Ann . Hib . i. , 40) Philip M'Mahon, son of the Coar b, a Canon chorister of Clogher and 
Parson of Dartry, d. 1486 (A.F.M.) 

1491. James M'Mahon [Magmathuna] was prov. to the B., val. 30 marks, 29 Nov. 
He was a Can. of Clogher and became Archd. of Armagh, 1492, and d. Bp. of Derry 
in 1519. 

1550 Conacus M'Mahon [M'Maghona], Preb. of St.Tigernaoh, of Clones is dec. (see next.) 

1 550. Arthur M'Mahon [M'Magunna], Clk. is pres. by the Crown to the Preb. of St . T. 
of Clones vacant by the death of C. M., above. July 14 (Fiants Ed. VI., 528). 

1613. James Heygate, Archdeacon, ind. B. & V. May 5 (R.V., 1622) 

The B. & V. was held by the Archdeacon 1613-73. See Archdeacons for Bectors. 
In 1673 the B. seems to have been severed from the Archdeaconry. 

1673. John Smyth, inst., to B. Sep. 14 (F.F.) He was appointed Archdeacon in 1682, 
and then res . this B. In the Law Suit 1812 concerning the Advowson (see below) there 
is no reference to J. S's occupation of the B. It was then said that Archdeacon How 
held it till his death in 1 682 . But Smyth was undoubtedly inst . to the " B. of Cleenishe ' ' 
(Sic) in 1673 Cleenishe is used in DM. for either Clones or Cleenish. There was no 
room for him in Cleenish, and he was B. , Clones in 1 675 ( V. B.) so that I believe the above 
is correct. The explanation probably is that How held the V. and Smyth the B. Wm . 
Smyth (next) was inst V. on the pres. of Dacre Barrett (vae. per mort. E. How) on Oct. 
3, 1682 (Lodge MSB.). 

1682 Wm. Smith (or Smyth) adm.B. Clounish,0ct. 4 (F.F.) and (DM.) Leighlin. He waa 
C. Aughnamullen 1676, Preb. Tullycorbet 1678, and B. Monaghan 1678-82, but he 
must have been also C. Clones from his ord. as D. 13 May, 1668 (P. 3 Mar., 1669) for he 
was said to be " Minister of the Parish for 48 years," when he died on 7 Sept., 1717. 
He was probably son of his predecessor, and was Chapl. to King Wm. III. and Queen 
Mary. Was attainted in 1689. He and his congregation had to fly from Clones on 19 
Mar., 1689, and did not return till 1692, when they " found the roof, glass and seats of 
the Church, etc., destroyed " ( Vestry Book). In the Par. Reg. appears the record of the 
baptism of Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. William and Mrs. Mary Smith, 28 Nov., 1671. 

1717/8. George Leslie, inst. B. & V. "Clownish alias Clones, alias Clonosse," Jan. 1 
(DM.) He was pres. by Dacre Barrett, of Alody, Essex. He had been ord. P. 8 Aug., 
1 708, for Derry Dio., whence he brought Letters Testimonial in 1717. He was the son 
of BeV. George L., D.D., b. in " Co. Inish " [? The Isles N.B.], ed. by Mr. Jenkins, Derry 
ent. T.C.D. Mar. 11, 1698-9, aged 18, B.A. 1703, B.D. and D.D., 1744, J.P., Co. Perm 
and Cavan, 1729. Was B. Balteagh, Derry, 1714-17, held also B. & V. Tomregan (Kil 
more) 1740-54, and the V. Drumsnatt and B. & V. Kilmore, 1753-4, m. (was then o 
Templemore, Derry) Margaret Montgomery, of St. Mary's Par., Dub. (M.L. 29 Jan 
1711). She was sister of Col. Alex. M. , Scots Greys, of Convoy, Co. Donegal and Bally 
connell, Co. Cavan. He d. April 28, 1754. 

1754. Hon. Richard Henry Roper, inst.B. & V. "Clonieaa#as Cloness," Oct. 12, pres 
by Thomas Lennard Barrett [afterwards Lord Dacre] (DM.) He was 2nd son of Henry 
B., 8th Lord Teynham (see Peerages), was b. Nov. ,1723, m.(l) Mary, dau. of William, 
3rd Visct. Chetwynd ; she d. s.p., 1758 ; m (2) 1758, Mary, dau. of Thomas Tenison of 
Monaghan, she d. 16 Feb., 1795, having had 3 sons and 2 daus., viz. (1) Bev. Henry, 
who became B. Clones see below ; (2) Cadwallader Blayney, who assumed the surname 
of Trevor-Boper on inheriting estates of Lady Daore in Flint vsee B.L.G. " Boper of 
Plas-Teg ") b. 1765, d. 1832, had issue ; (3) William, B.L., sometime Lieut. 66bh Begt., 
b. 1768, d. 1832, m. Ellz., dau. of Bobert Fish, of Co. Kild., and had issue, including 
1, Charles, of Fairfield, Co. Dub. ; 2, Sir Henry, C. Justice, Bombay ; (4) Anna Maria m. 


(1) 1788, Valentine Blake, of Lehinch ; he d. 1800 ; m. (2) James Shuttleworth, of Lan- 
cashire ; (5) Caroline, m. Bev. Richard Walwyn, and had issue. Mr. Roper d. 20 Oct., 
1810, having been B. for 66 years. In the Alumni Dublinenses there is a son Richard 
(b. in Co. Ferrn., ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1779, aged 17, ed. by Dr. Norris, no degree rec.) 
whose name does not appear in the Peerages. 

1810. John Brinkley, Archdeacon, claimed the B. as part of the Corps of his dignity on 
the death of Boper and the Bp. inst. him on 20 Oct., the day of B's death ( F.F ) Sir 
Thos. Lennard pros. Henry Boper, claiming his right as Patron with the result that a 
Quare Impedit was issued, and a trial at Bar took place and the presentation was award- 
ed to the lay Patron, Sir Thomas Lennard (see ErcTc'a Eccl. Reg., p. 15). 

1812. Henry Roper, inst. July 5 (Rep. of 1836). He was the eldest son of Bev. B. H. 
(above), was b. 19 Mar. 1761, T.C.D. B.A. 1784, B.D. and D.D. 1804, sometime V. 
Hormead, Herts, and B. Chatlton, Kenfc., was "V. Aughnamullen 1798-1835. Held also 
the Deanery of Clomnacnoise with the R. of Clones from 1811 to his death, 15 April, 
1847, m. 29 Dec., 1796, Mary, dau. of Bev. Thomas Ohamberlayne, B. of Charlton, 
Kent ; she d. 25 Oct., 1843, having had 4 sons and 2 daus., viz. (1) Bev. Wm. Lennard, 
B. of Monaghan, q.v. ; (2) John Henry, b. 8 Nov., 1804, ed- by Mr. Carpendale, ent. 
T.C.D. as S.C. Nov. 1, 1819, aged 15, B.A. 1823, M.A. 1832, m. and had issue ; (3) Henry 
Welladvice, b. 25 Oct., 1806, Major 8th Beg., ent. T.C.D. July 11, 1823 ; m. and had 
issue, an only dau. ; (4) Blayney Tennison, b. 10 Feb., 1811, T.C.D. B.A. 1831, m. and 
had issue ; (5) Mary Jane ; (6) Caroline, m. Whltestone (see Peerages " Teynham.") 
A portrait of Dean Roper was reproduced In the Handbook of Clones Bazaar, 1912. 

1847. Thomas Hand,pres. by Sir Thomas Lennard, Bart., inst. Sep. 15 (DM.) M.A., 
Oxford, of an Essex family. He had been previously a Rector in Essex, m. Cassendra 
More Molyneux, of Losely Park, Surrey, and had issue (1) Thomas, in the Army, killed 
at Kyber Pass ; (2) George, in the Army ; (3) Sydney, C.B. in the Army ; (4) Henry, 
Capt. B.N. and Commodore of Jamaica; (5) Bev. William Patrick Leonard, B.A., 
T.C.D., who held curacies in England; and 2 daus., Mary Adelaide and Cassandra, 
both of whom married. Annuity 1780, 1,290 14s. lid., res. 1 Nov., 1872 (D.R.) be- 
came B. Compton, Surrey. A portrait of him and also one of his wife was in the Bazaar 
Handbook, 1 912 . She d. 1 868, and he d. 1 874, both are buried at Trinity Church, Clogh. 

1873. Qeorge Finiay, coll. (by lapse) Feb. 8 (D.R.), res. Dec. 1, 1903. See Archdeacons. 
1904. Joseph Ruddell, inst. Jan. 23 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 


1634. Goerge Farkher is C. (R.V.) See Cleenish. 

1641. Wilkinson, of Clones, Oik., killed by the rebels at Cavan (Beid's Hist. Irish 

Prea. Oh., i., 332) was he 0. ? 

1664-7. William Aldrich was Comw, Minister here at 80 (Seymour Mts.) 

1692 Archibald Johnston (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

1694. James Christie (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1713. Jerome Drayoott i V.B.) See Boho. 

1717. John Crawford appears and up to 1720 (V.B.) See Errigle Trough. 

1722. Adam Nixon Lie. Aug. 20 t8.R.) See Clontibret. 

1742. Charles Rea ( V.B.) [T Charles Read, B.A., T.C.D., 1724] 

1742. William Dawson appears up to 1772 (V.B.) See Ematris. 

1750. Francis Lucas appears up to 1 765 (V.B.), probably F. L., son of Thos. " Armiger" 
[of Castle Shane], b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Skelton, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 21, 1742J3, aged 
17, B.A. 1747, M.A. 1753, ord. D. 1747, P. 1748, Kilmore, B. Drumgoon 1763-70 ob. 
P. Will pr. 1770, m. Isabella Eccles, had a dau. Alicia m. Edward Richardson, of Poplar 
Vale, Co. Mon. 

1772. James Coohrane ( V.B.) See Belleek. 

1*4 CLONUS. 

1788. John Wright appears up to 1803 (V.B.) See Killeevan. 
1788. Samuel (? James) Campbell (V.B.} 

1802. William Ball appears in Par. Reg. 1802-16 and is C. 1825 (Erck.), and probably 
later. See Rossorry. 

1802. Richard Forster appears in Par. Reg., 1802-16, appears as Richard Foster in. Altim. 
Dubl., son of Nathaniel F., " Publican us " [Collector of Taxes], b. in Co. Meath, ed. by 
Mr. Meares, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 3, 1783, aged 18, B.A. 1788, M.A. 1816, ord, 
D. 1791, Kilm, P. 1793 (Kilm.), C. Galloon, 1796, m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Andrew Ker, 
R. of Aghabog (Shirfey, p. 187), his dau. Mary Anne, m. Andrew Allen, of Newblisa 

1803. Robert Wilson Russell appears up to 1805 ( V.B.), son of Leonard R., Merchant, 
b. in Armagh, ed. by Mr . Edgar , ent . T.C.D. July 23, 1 784, aged 1 9. No degree recorded. 

1825. John Taylor appears (Erck.) See Rossory. 

1843. Charles Walsh (or Welsh) is C. (Bourns) See Aghadrumsee. 

1844. William Brownlow Ashe is C. See Donagh. 

1854. Thomas Howe appears (Thorn), Was probably C. from 1850. 

1858. William Watkins Deering (Papers at Armagh). See Maguireabridge Curates. 

1859-71. John William Dockeray, T.C.D. B.A. and Dm Test (2) 1856, ord. D. 1857, 
P. 1857 (Cor*), became R. Cong (Tuam) 1873-86, C. St. Michan's (Dub.) 1886, m., had 
issue, including Cecil Eustace, shot when in discharge of duty during the rebellion, 
April 29, 1916, Herbert, and Pauline du Moulin d. May 17, 1916. Mr. Dockeray d. 
April 11, 1894, aged 63. 

1883. Thomas Taylor. See Aghadrumsee. 

1870. Robert Madden. He was the son of John M., of Derryoghill House, Co. Tyrone 
b. April 4, 1847 ; ed. at Armagh Roy. Sch. and T.C.D. ; B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874, sometime 
Classical Master at Midleton Coll., Cork ; subsequently ord. D. 1870, P. 1 871, ( Armagh), 
C. Clones 1870-2, C. Cahir 1873-6, C. St. Laurence (Lira.) 1876-7, R. Aghadoe 1877-89, 
res. on account of ill-health 1889, subsequently C. in charge Fenagh (Leigh..) 1896-1901, 
R. Kilmoganny (Ossory) 1901-11, ret. on superan. 1911 ; m. 1872, Eniily Tarrant, 
dau. of T. T. Hoskins, M.D., of Clones, ind had issue (1) Rev. John Howard, B.D., 
T.C.D., late R. of Clonenagh (Mountr ath) 1910-21, who m, Mary, dau. of Henry Hard- 
ing, of Nore View, Moontrath, and d. Jan. 21, 1921, leaving issue 4 daus. Aileen Ho- 
ward, Gladys Emily, Adeline Mary and Linda Hope ; (2) Rev. Harman Hoskins, M.A., 
T.C.D , now R. Ballymackey (Killaloe), who m. Louise McNaghten, dau. of Rev. Willis 
Barrett, MA (Cantab.), R. of Etruria, Staffs., and has had issue (a) Robert Willis, 
(b) Emilie Mary Adelaide, who d. Sep. 19, 1926 ; (3) Robert Alfred, ex.-C.L, R.I.C. ; 
(4) Josephine Tarrant, who m. Capt. C. B. Despard, M.C., D.S.O., killed in the Great 
War ; (5) Jane Adelaide. Mr. Madden, who was a fine Classical Scholar, and gave the 
writer the first lessons in the Greek N.T., d. at Portarlington on Dec. 12, 1926, and was 
bur. there in Sfc. Mary's Graveyard. See an Obituary Notice by the writer in the C. I. 
Gazette of Dec. 31, 1926. 

1873. Robert Perry Baylee Lie., Oct. 16 (D.R.). T.C.D. B.A. 1872, Div. Test 1876, 
M.A. 1876, ord. D. 1873, P. 2875, Arm. C. Clones 1873-6, 0. Kilcock (Kild.) 1876-8, 
C. Dummore, Tuam, 1879-82, R. O'Brien's Bridge (Lim.) from 1882. 

1875. Ncholas Gyles Carew, Lie. Oct. 14 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1863, M.A. 1877, ord. D. 
1875 (Kilm.), P. 1876 (Cork), C. Clones 1875-6, C. Carrigaline (Cork) 1877, C. Kilmain- 
ham Wood 1877-9, R. Delvin (Meath) 1878-89, d. at Dungarvan Nov. 1, 1910. 

1878-80. Samuel Devinney, Lie C. Oct. 11, 1876 (D f R.) See Lack. 
1880-2. Abraham Augustus Watson, See Maguiresbridge. 

1882-5. David Wl'Clave M'Ferran, b. in 1857 at Newtownhamilton, ed. at Newry 
Sch. and Dundalk Gram. Sch., T.C.D. B.A. 1878, Div. Test. 1880, M.A. 1883, B.D. 1891, 
ord. D. 1880, P. 1881, C. Drumcree (Arm) 1880-2, C. Clones 1882-5, R. Diamond (Arm.) 
1885-1917. He d. Oct. 17, 1917. Mr. M'Ferran m. Mary Josephine, dau. of T. Hamil- 
ton Walsh, of Island View, Cootehill. She survived him and d. at Hastings Aug. 12, 

CLOWES. 145 

1885-9. Joseph Abbott, Lie. 9 Feb., 1886 (D.R.) See Muokross. 

1889-02. John Robert Qumloy, See Kllladeaa, 

1892-5. Francis Doherty, See Trilhok. 

1895-1900. Joseph Ruddell, See Archdeacons and Rectors, 

1903. Robert Mannings Gilbert, Lio. 8 Jan (D.R.) Univ. Durh. B.A. 1898, Div. Tea** 
1901, ord D. 1901, P. 1902 (Oaa.), C. Maryboro' 1901-3, Dio. C. Clogher 1904-5, C. H. 
Tr in (Limerick) 1906-8,R.Ballymacelligott 1908-10, Dep. Sec. I.C.M. (England) 1910-13 
R. Kllcleagh, 1913. 

1904. Marrable Wf IHama, nom. 26 April, Lie. 11 June (D.R.) and again as P. 13 June, 
1906, T.O.D.Heb. Pri. 1900, Abp. King's and Bp. Forster Pri. 1902, Wall. Bibl. Sob. 
1903, B.A. 1904, B.D. 1915, ord. D. 1904, P. 1905 Clogher, C. Clones 1904-7, C. St. Lu*e'a 
(Belf.) 1907-15, C. Ballymacarrett 1915-16, B. St. Lture's (Belf.) 1916. 

1907. Thomas Albert Thomson, Lie. Sep. 21 (DM.), ed. in R/0,1, ord. D. 1907, P. 
1908, Clogher, C. Clones 1907-9, C. Up. Langfield 1909-11, Chapl. Indian Estabt. 1914, 
now at Bankipur, Calcutta. 

1909. Joseph Jackson, Lie. Mar. 7 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1908, M.A. 1914, ord. D. 1909, 
P. 1910 (Clogher), C. Clones 1909-11, C. Waterford Oath. 1911-16, Lect. St. Olaf's 
1911-16, R. Kilcolman (Tuam) 1916-23, 0.-in-Ch. Castlebar 1923, Dio. Eeg. Tuam, &o., 

1912. Robert Saunderaon Qrlffln, Lie. 3 Mar. (D.R.), son of Rev. Edward M. G., R. of 
St. Barnabas (Dublin), T.C.D. B.A. 1912, M.A. 1916, ord. D. 1912, P. 1913, Clogher, C. 
Clones 1912-14, O. St. Barnabas (Dublin) 1914-18, Asst. Chapl. Miss. Seamen (Dublin) 
1918-20, C. St. Jas. (Dub.) 1920-3, C. St. Michan's 1924-7, R. Clonsast 1927. 

1914-15. Joseph Henry M'Kew, Lio. 7 June, 1914 (D.R.), son of John M., Valentia, 
T.C.D. Sen. Exhib. 1st Hons. Hist and Pol. Soi. 1909, B.A. 1910, ord D. 1914, P. 1915, 
Clogher, Chapl. to Forces 1915, Mil Cross 1917, m. Oct. 8, 1925, at Winchester Cathedral, 
Miss Phyllis Marjorie Wooldridge; 

1918. Francis William St. John Tamplln, Lie. Mar. 19 (D.R.), M.A. T.C.D., became C. 
Portarlington 1918-25,, C. Ballyeommon 1925. 

1918. Isaac Emmanuel Davidson, Lio. Deo. 22 (D.R.), T.C.D. Heb. Pri. 1916, B.A. 1918, 
ord. D. 1918, P. 1919 (Clogher), C. Clones 1918-20, Sec. N. of I. Jew's Soc. 1920-24, 
now Director Barbican Miss, to Jews. 

1922. Richard Whltehead, Lio. Mar. 12 (D.R.), Egerton Hall, Manchester, 1920, ord: D. 
1920, P. 1922 (Clogher), C. Clones 1920-3, C. Bangor 1923-4, C. Kilkenny Caths 1924-6, 
C. Drumbeg (Down) 1925. 

1923. Richard John Williamson, Lio. April 22 (D.R.), ord. D. 1923, P. 1924 (Clogher), 
T.C.D. Div. Test. 1923 ; became Dio. C. Clogher 1927. 


Clones Clualn Eolss' Eos Meadow. Joyce (p. 233), says " It is not improbable 
that Eos was the. Pagan Chief, who raised the Great Fort the existence of which proves 
it to have been a place of importance before the Christian Settlement." Ithadaoele* 
brated Monastery and several Abbots are mentioned in A.F.M. from 700 A.D. onwards. 
It has also a Round Tower. Patron Saint Tighernach. SirT. B. Lennard, Bt., received 
at Disestablishment 13,287 19s. 7d., compensation for loss of the Adowson or Right 
of Presentation. See a Paper by W. F. WaKeman in Jour. R.S.A.I., 1827, p. 327 et. 
seq. on the Ecclesiastical antiquities of Clones with illustrations of Round Tower, Cross, 
Window, &c. 

In 1777, there were " 489 Protestants, 700 Papists, Cummunioants at Church and 
Chapel of Ease 280. Church in good repair, Chapel five miles distant." (Parl Ret.) 

An article on the History of the Parish, with a Photo of the Church and of the Rector 
(the present Archdeacon) appeared in C.I. Gazette of Deo. 11, 1908. See also Bazaar 
Handbook, 1912. 

New Burial ground was cons. 24 Sep., 1916 (D.R.) 
The Registers from 1682 are in Parochial custody. 




1428. Philip O'Duffy, V. is dec., d. probably in 1424 (Ann. Hib. i., 36, 48). 

1424. Patrick O'Luban was in possession of the V. for 5 years or more in 1429 (ib). 

1429. Matthew IW'Clery [Maccleridh] prov. to the Perp. V. val. 5 marks Jan. 13 (ib. i., 
34) depr. in 1436 (ib. i., 48) 

1438. Patrick O'Duffy [Odubthayd) is prov. to the V. Sep. 10 (*&. i., 36). He appears 
V. in 1442 (Reg. Mey.) and in 1462 (Reg. Pr&ne) 

1531. John O'Duffy, is V. Deo. 30 (Reg. Cramer). 

1548. John O'Duffy, " Priest of Clogher diocese," coll. V. of St. Mooalmog, of Cloynti- 
brand (Sic), May 6 (Reg. DowdalQ. 

Rectors and "Vicars. 

The " B. & V." was united to the Archdeaconry on Mar. 1, 1 613, as part of its Corps, 
and while the B. remained always in the Archdeacon up to 1870, the V. seems, on the 
death of Archd. John Smith, in 1704, to have become disunited. For Beotors and 
Vicars 1613-1704 see Archdeacons. 

"Vicars (continued). 

1704. William Usher, coll. Nov. 10 (F.F.) He was the son of Bev. Adam U., B. of 
Desertlyn, was b. In 1680 m Dublin, ed. by Mr. Davis, of Dublin, T.C.D. Sch. 1699, 
B.A. 1702, M.A. 1700, res. Clontibret for B. Desertlyn andLissan 1713-30, B. Derry- 
noose 1730-43 (see Armagh Clergy, p. 215) m. (1) Mary, dau. of Bev. C. Jenney, B. of 
Ardtrea ; m (2) , had a son William, M.A. T.C.D. 1743, who was Archdeacon of Glen- 
dalough and a son Adam, b. in Co. Arm. , ed. by Dr. Skelton, ent, T.C.D. Feb. 13, 1737-8, 
aged 16, B.A. 1742, M.A. 1745. He d. in 1743. P. Will proved 1744. 

1713c John Farquhar, coll. V. (F.F.) He is probably J. F. who was Preb. Killymard, 
Baphoe 1667-1678, and B. and V. Gleneolmkille and Inniskeel 1678-1700 (F.F.) He 
was attainted by K. James in 1689, as " John Forcker, of Donegal, Clk.," and We find 
him soliciting Joshua Dawson's influence to obtain the B. of Kildress 19 Feb., 1707 
(Ch. MisceU. Mea. P.R.O.) He seems to have been C. Desertlyn and Llssan from about 
1700 to 1713 and was probably also Tutor to the Staples Family, when he was appointed 
to this " Small living " at Castleshane, Co. Mon. (Irish Civil Misc. Cor. P.B.O., No. 
2,282, Carton 26). 

1720. Robert Jones ooll. Feb. 16 (F.F.), res. for V. Donagh, see Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1721 . Francis Knox, ooll. Oct. 17 (F.F.) and again coll. with B. & V. Muokno, united by 
Episcopal Union, 5 Mar., 1721/2 (D.R.) See Muckno. 

1739. John Hawkshaw appears V. and is promoted to Monaghan 1740. See Tedavnet. 
1740. Alexander Lindsay, coll. Nov. 6 (F.F.), res. in 1741 for Kilmore q.v. 

1741. Adam Nixon (Jun.), ooll. Dec. 29 (F.F.) He was son of Thomas N., "gen.", 
b. at Kingstown, Co. Ferm., ent. T.C.D. Feb. 1, 1713/4, Sch. 1716, B.A. 1718, M.A. 
1 721 , C. Clones 1722-41 , d. Unm. 1767. His property went chiefly to his two brothers, 
George, of Mullymesker, Co. Ferm. (aft. " Nixon Hall ") and Bev. Andrew, V. of Ahamp- 
lish, Elphin. In his Will-Codicil 29 May, 1767, proved 4 Dec., 1767, he also mentions 
his nieces Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Higginbotham, Mrs. Hassard (of Skea, Co. Ferm.), Mrs. 
Hassard (of Gardenhill, Co. Ferm.) , Mrs. Nesbitt, of Lismore, Co. Cav. , and Mrs. Swanzy, 
of Avelreagh, Co. Mon., and his nephew, Thomas Young, of Corlismore, Co. Cav. He 
built the glebe house here 1742 (H.B.S.). 

1767. Joseph Warren, coll. July 16 (F.F.), res. in 1777. See Monaghan. 

1777. William Wolseley, coll. Nov. 8 (F.F.), res. in 1784 for Preb. Tullycorbet, q.v. 

1784. John Doyle, coll. Feb. 19 (D.R.),res. in 1791 for Preb. Devenish, q.v. 


1791 . John Irwln, coll. Sep. 23 (D.R.), res. in 1794 for Magheracross, q.v. 

l794.~WIIIIam Dane, coll. Aug; 27 (D.R.), was son of Martin D., " gen.," b. in Co. Meath, 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 20, 1762, aged 13, B.A, in V.B. not in T.O.D. Lists, but probably 
W . Deane, B.A. 1757, LL.D. (hon. causa) 1779; was ord. P. 31 May, 1761, and was 0. 
Aghaluroher 1765-86, had a eon William, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Noble, ent. T.C.D . 
Jan. 5, 1788, aged 17, and another son, Martin, ed. by Mr. Noble, b. in Co. Form., ent . 
T.O.D. Jan. 17, 1791, aged 16, degrees not rec.; d. Oct. 10, 1798 (D.R.) W. Dane 
was C. Derrybullan, 1760 and Chapl. Vavtghan Sch. 1787. 

1798. William Dawson, coll. Dec. 15 (D.R.), son of Rev. Wm. D., V. of Ematris, ent. 
T.C.D. July 4, 1760, ed. by Rev. Mr. Cooper, Sch. 1763, B. A. 1765, M.A. 1769, m. Ros- 
anna, dau. of Simon Hall. From Shirfay (p. 331)* according to a tombstone inscription, 
Wm. Dawson, Jun., V. of Clontibret, d. Jan., 1805, aged 59, his wife Rosanna, d. Oct. 9, 
1829, aged 63, and her dau. Mrs. Charlotte Brien, wife of John B,, J.P., D.L., of Castle- 
town, Co Ferm., d. July 15, 1850, aged 53. They had another dau., Elisabeth, who m. 
5 Nov., 1822, Rev. Patrick Potmden, Wexford. See App. IV. 

1803. John Wright, coll. Sep. 3 (DM.), res. in 1808. See Eilleevan. 

Rectors and Vicars. 

The Rectory and Vicarage seem to have been consolidated in 1808, so that from 1808- 
1 870 the Ar chdeacon was both R . & V. For succession see Archdeacons . 

1872. Edward John (Bury, coll. Feb. 26, by Primate on lapse (D.R.) See Prebs. Tully- 

1901. Robert Or egg Bury, inst. July 15 (D,R.) Son of his predecessor, b. 22 March, 
1869, at Monaghan, ed. at Perse Sch., Cambridge and Ipswich Sch. , at Trin. Coll., Camb, 
Siz. 1886, Sch. 1889, B.A. 1889, M.A., Litt. D. 1910, ord. D. 1895, P. 1897 (Cant.), C. 
Staplehurst, Kent, 1895-7, C. S. Andrew's, Holborn, 1897-9, C. Clontibret 1899-1900, 
R. Templecarne 1900-1, R. Clontibret 1901-3, res. for V. Trumpington, Cambridge, 
1903-18, R. Gilling E. (York), 1918, m. 1894, Eloise Ives Lanyon, issue one son, 
John Patrick Tuer : Was Select Preacher to Camb. Univ. 1904, 1907, 1909, Examr, in 
Classical Tripos 1899-1900, 1905-6. Editor of Plato's Phifelus and Plato's Symposium. 
See App. IV. 

1903. Thomas Stewart Watson, inst. June 6 (D. JR.), reB. in 191 4. See Oarrickmacross. 
The baptisms of the following children of Rev. Thomas S. Watson and of his wife, Annie 
C. Watson, appear in Par. Reg., viz., Edith, b. 5 July, 1903, bap. 26 July, 1903, Nannie 
Jane, b. 3 Aug., 1906, bap. 15 April, 1906, Nora, b. 20 Deo., 1906, bap. 26 May, 1907, 
Henry, b. 24 Mar., 1909, bap. 20 June, 1909. His eldest dau., Kathleen, m. Aug. 11, 
1926, Joseph H., 2nd son of J. Withrington,of Annacroff, Co.Mou., and d. May 29, 1927. 

1914. Richard Tyner, inst. May 16 (D.R.), res. in 1924 for Ematris, q.v. 

1924. Edward Lionel Keane, Lie. C.-in-Charge 3 Dec. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1916, ord. D. 
1917, Clogher, P. 1918 Lie., C. Tydavnet 1917, C. Dingle U. (Ardfert) 1917-19, C. 
Ematris 1919-22, C.-in-Ch. Mullaghdun 1922-4, res. for Clogher 1926. See App. IV. 

1926. Edward Gordon Ward, Lie. C.-in-Charge May 26 (D.R.) See Aghadrumsee. 


1634. Thomas Hetherington (R.V.) 

1641 . Henry Steele is " C. under Humphrey Galbraith, Archdeacon of Clogher, being a 
Schoolmaster in the town of Monaghan, ' ' and deposed that he and 48 others of Monaghan 
town, were robbed, and imprisoned in the County Gaol 23 Oct., 1641. Hia wife was 
also imprisoned in Castleblayney. Mr. Cottingham, R. of Monaghan, was with him in 
the dungeon. (Dep. of 1641). 

1699. James Taylor (V.B.) He was son of Patrick T., b. in Co. Antrim, ed. by Mr. 
Smyth, ent. T.C.D. July 30, 1677, aged 24, Sch. 1679, B.A. 1681 . 

1722. Thomas S kef ton (V.B.) Son of Richard S., Tanner, and brother of Rev. Philip 
S., b. at Derriaghy, ent. T.C.D. June 7, 1709, aged 18, Sch. 1712, B.A. 1713, M.A. 1717, 
ord. P. in Clogher Cath. by Bp. Stearne, 25 Sep. ,1720, C. Tedavnet, 1719, C. Carrickma- 
cross, 1720, became V. Newry about 1723, m. (1) Anne, dau. of Edward Lucas, of Castle- 
shane, Co. Mon., she d; Oct., 1723 ; m. (2) Miss Houston, sister of Hannah, wife of 
James Dickson, Dean of Down, and m. (3) Catherine, wid. of Christopher Car let on, 
Collector of Customs, at Newry, mother of Guy, Lord Dorchester, and dau. of Henry 
Ball, of Charlemont. He d. in 1747. 


1723. Timothy Ayton, Lic.Nov.l4(.D..R.) He was son of James A. M.D.,b. in Smyrna, 
Asia Minor, ed. by Mr. Clarke, Liaburn, ent. T.C.D. March 27, 1716, aged 18, B.A. 1721, 
M.A. 1724, became C. Tynan (Arm.), 1724, P.O. Moylary, Co. Louth, 1744-9. Will pr 
at Drogheda 1749. 

1735. John Maxwell (V.B.) See Archdeacons. 

1758. "James Clark, Clontibret,'.'. Clogher. Will proved 1766. Was he Curate? 

1765. Andrew Kerr. See Aghabog. 

1767. James Molloy appears Curate on April 20, and Ojfc. 14 (Vestry Book). 

1799. Roger JLeadon appears Curate ou May 5, 1799, and to May 13, 1802. (ib.) See 

1801. Andrew Oaldwell. Will proved this year, of "Clontibret Church," JCurate. 

1803. J. Kane signs Vestry Minutes as "Minister acting for the Rev. Win. Davvson," 
on April 12, and May 31. Probably John Kane, son of John K., Schoolmaster, b. in 
Co. Donegal ; ed. by Mr. Marshall, eno. T.C.D. us Siz., June 5, 1792, aged 17, Sch. 1794, 
B.A. 1796. 

1803. Francis Molloy signs Vestry Minutes as " Curate " on Aug. 3, and Oct. 3. 

1810. James Hamilton (V.B.) He was, I think, 6th son of Sir James H. Ent., of Monag- 
han, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 30, 1786, aged 17, ed. by Mr. Abraham Shackleton, B.A., 1792, 
R. Drumgoon (Kilmore) 1815-26, m. widow of Colonel Black (Shirley p. 237) after- 
wards R. Ardingley, Essex, lived at Cheltenham, d. 1844. See App. IV. 

1817. John Brlnkley (Erok.), eldest son of John B.,Bp. of Cloyne (who as Archdeacon, 
was his Rector here) Co.Dub.,ed. by Mr.Gwynne, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1807, aged 
14, B.A. 1812, M.A. 1816, ord. D. 1817, P. 1818, Clogher, C. Clontibret 1817-28, Preb. 
Glanworth, Cloyne, 1828-47, m. Anna, dau. and co-heir of Rev. Walter Stephens, of 
Dub. (M.L. 1824) and had issue, John, 9th Lancers, d. in India, unm., Walter Stephens, 
of Knockmaroon Ho. , Co. Dub. , late of 4th Hussars, m. and had issue ; and Sarah, who 
d. unm. He d. 14 Feb., 1847, and was bur, at Cloyne. 

1827. Francis Rawdon officiated here from 1827 to 1830 ; perhaps did temporary duty ? 
He was the son of John R., gent., b. in Co. Mxxnaghan, ed. by Dr. Carpendale, ent! T C D. 
Noy. 4, 1793, aged 16, no degrees recorded. 

1833-4. Moses Leathern appears (Preacher's Book). He was the son of William L., 
Distiller, b. in Co. Donegal, ed. at Belfast Inst., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 17, 1825, aged 16, B.A., 
1830, ord. D. 2 June, 1833 (Oss. S.R.), P. Subsequently R. Upper Langfield (Derry) 
1846-60, R. Lr. Badoney 1860-6, d. Oct. 9, 1866, aged 56, at Aughmamoyle, Omagh ; 
was m. and had issue ; his dau., Jane Lees, m. Aug. 9, 1877, Rev. George Shaw, of Bel- 
fast, and his dau., Kath. Maud, m. Lindsay Buoknall Barker, of Belfast, and was mother 
of Mrs. Peacocke, wife of the Bp. of Derry. 

1836-8. Edward George Campbell appears (#>.), son of Archibald C., "Agricola," 
b. in Co. Dub., ent. T.C.D,, July 6, 1829, aged 15, ed. by Mr. Little, B.A. 1834, M.A. 
1848, ord D. 12 May, 1836, P. 6 Jan., 1837 (Limerick). Was Asst. Chapl. Steevens' 
Hosp. 1843, Asst. Chapl. Hib. Marine Sob. 1844-56, B. Eilderry (Oss.) 1855-73, R. Kil- 
toom (Elphm) 1873-4, R. Mostrim 1874-5, R. Clonaslee (Kild.) 1876-80, R. and V. 
Killaderry (do.) 1880-8, C. Carogh (Kild.) 1888, m. . BJB only child, Edward G. A., 
d. May 24, 1875 (/.#.<?.) 

1839 to 1847. George Lewis appears (Par. J5e0.),sonof Wm. L., Schoolmaster and "gen." 
b. in Sligo, ed. by Rev. J. Lewis, ent. T.O.D. June 20, 1832, aged 18, B.A. 1837. At the 
end of the oldest Preacher's Book occurs the following : "The Rev. George Lewis, 
the faithful and devoted Curate of this Parish (for eight years) died of Typhus Fever on 
Tuesday, the 26th May, 1847 he commenced his ministry on the 16th June, 1839, 
and preached his last sermon on Sunday evening, the 9th May, from the 174th and 
1 75th verses of the 1 1 9th Psalm. His remains were followed to the tomb by his sorrow- 
ing and deeply afflicted flock ; and now rest in hope of a glorious resurrection to life and 
immortality he has rested from his labours fallen alseep in Jesus and his record is 
on high."- 


1847-8, Arthur Perceval (Par. Reg.), son of Wm. P., "gen.," b. in Queen's County, ed- 
by Mr. Baillie, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1838, aged 16, B.A. 1844. Subsequently C. Dorrah 

1848-51. Qarrett Nugent. See Drumcheeran Curates, also C. here 1854-5. 
1852-3. Henry Q. Southwell appears (Par. Beg.) 

1855. Charles Dickinson Russell, eldest son of Yen. J. A. R., Arch, of Clogher, his 
Bsebor here, T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. (1) 1855, M.A. 1864, ord. D. 1854, P. 1856, C. 
Clontibret 1855-8, C. St. Ann's, Dub., 1858, Preb. St. Michael, Dub. 1883, C. Geashill, 
d. Nov. 25, 1915, in his 84th year. 

1858-60. John Westropp Brady (Par. Reg.) T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. (2) 1858, ord. D. 
1859, P. 1860, C. Clontibret 1858-60 (Farewell Sermon 22 Jan., 1860), C. Dromtariffe 
1862-5, C. Aghadoe 1865, B. Slane 1865-1902, m. Charlotte Louisa, dau. of Sir Maziere 
Brady (she d. April, 1, 1913) d. at Slane Beotory, March 1, 1902, aged 75 (I.T.) 

1860. Qeorge Beamish (Par. Reg.) See Monaghan Curates. 

1861-5. William Quthrie Russell, Lio. June 14, 1861 (D.It.) See Chancellors. 

1869. Edward Metcalf signs Vestry Minutes of Mar. 29, 1869 ; and ib is said byparish- 
ioners surviving that he acted as Honorary Curate. 

1869. Thomas Heany was C. 1869-70 (Crockford) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1869, Div. Test. 1870, 
M.A. 1873, ord. D. 1869 (Down), P. 1870 (Oss.), C. Clontibrefc 1869-70, C. Enniscorthy 
1870-3, C. St. James's, Dufy, 1873-6, V. Calry, Sligo, 1877-86, Chaplain at Calais 1887, 
C. Ch. Ch., Guildford, 1888, V. Sb. Sbephen's, Hull, 1889-1918 ; wasm,; his yst. dau., 
Sarah Louisa, d. in Dublin, Aug. 18, 1877. 

1870-2. Charles James Frguson. See Derryvullen. 

1895-7. Mervyn Warren Rogers, Lio. 20 Deo., 1895 (D.R.) and Lie. as P., 20 Dec. 
1896 (D.R.) SeeCurrin. 

1889. Robert Qregg Bury, Lie. C. 7 Nov. (D.R.) See Bectors. 
1901. James Wilson, Jun. See Tempo. 


Clontibret. ' ' The Meadow of the fountain, or spring." It has an alias in Ann. Hib. 
i., 34 and 48, viz. : Plebs de Teallach gelagayn. The Patron Saint was Colman, 
Sep. 30 (Martyr. Doneg.) . Ceallaehan of Clontibret was commemorated on Sep 23. (ib.), 
Cairill of Clontibret on June 13 (Marty. Gorman). William Garvey, son of Primate 
Garvey, got a grant of the lands, known as the " Termon of Clontubbrid," consisting 
of 6 tates in Co. Mon, for ever in, common Socage at 3 rent 29 Dec. 1691 (F. Eliz. 

The Church is described by Lewis in 1837 (Top. Diet.) as " a plain old structure with 
an ancient square tower surmounted by a spire," and was then in a dilapidated condi- 
tion. The following notes from the Preacher's Books, kindly supplied by Bev. E. G. 
Ward, M.A.,tell something about it and the new Church " Feb. 6, 1842 The last 
day of Divine Service in the old Church." " Feb. 13, 1842 The first Sunday in Lent, 
the new Church was opened, by licence from the Biahop, for public worship. Archdea- 
con Russell preached, and the Bev. George Lewis, Curate, read Prayers." "May 4, 
1842 Consecration of New Church. Archdeacon Russell preached." The new Church 
referred to was built by the Eccl. Comrs. in 1840, at a cost of 1,136 9s. 7d. Foundation 
Stone laid 28 April, 1840. It does not seem to have been very well built, for on 16 July, 
1843, there is a note "The Church was closed in consequence of the dangerous state of 
the roof ; and Divine Service conducted at the Glebe in one of the offices, fitted up for 
the occasion." 

" Dec. 24 The Church re-opened with gallery " (evidently added, for at the conse- 
cration a Special Collection, apart from the offertory collection, was made for this pur- 
pose.) The amount spend on repairs was 346 11s. 5d. 

In the Church, the East Window is in Memory of Bev. Henry Swanzy, M.A., B. of 

Kilshannig, Cloyne, b. at Bockfield, in this parish, 1803, d. at Newborry, Co. Cork, 1887. 

Erected by his dau. The S'wanzy Family have been long and honourably connected 

with the parish. In the Mar. Register, there is an entry of the Marriage of BeV. John 

Evans Lewis (a brother of the Curate), B. of Moyntaghs, Dromore, to Margaret Jane 


Swanzy, dau. of Henry Swanzy, Esq,, witnessed by Rev. Henry Swanzy of Macroom, 
and the groom's brother, Rev. Samuel H. Lewis, P.O. of Ballyjamesduff ; date Sep. 4, 
1845. A Window in the Nave commemorates Archdeacon Russell and his wife, Frances. 

Broomfield P.O. was formed in 1843 out of Clontibret and Donaghmoine parishes 
The Parish Registers, 1799-1876 were destroyed in the P.R.O. In Parochial custody 
there are Vestry Minute Books, one dating 1749-1814, another 1815-1876. And a 
Register of persons relieved by the British Association, 1847. Rev. Canon Swanzy, 
M.R.I. A., of Newry, published anonymously, in 1924, A Record of Vicars and Church- 
wardens from 1662-1924 (Newry Standard Printing Works) compiled from the Vestry 
Books and Visitation Books at Armagh. 

The Communion Flagon is inscribed "Clontibret, Nov., 1772, Joseph Warren, 
Vicar," and the following inscription appears on the Holy Table Lectern " Presented 
to Clontibret Church along with a set of Books, on the one hundredth Anniversary of 
the Marriage of Henry and Rose Swanzy, by their descendants, 14th May, 1899. " See 
also App. TV. 

Mr. Ward informs me that it appears from the oldest Vestry Book beginning 1749, 
that the Sbeeple on the Tower of bhe old Church wis erected between 1769 and 1761 
only the Tower now remains ; a Bell was added in 1771-2. A curious entry in bhe Vesbry 
Book is " Ten Shill : for Cloabhing bhe Fool," which appears regularly every year from 
April 23, 176"0 bo 1773. The Organ is said bo have been purchased in Archdeacon 
Wolfe's time, and most of bhe cosb was found by Mrs. Wolfe, who bought chamois leabher 
and made from ib gloves which she sold for bhat objeob. 


&ncumBents, etc. 

1873. 'George Henry Moore Preston. See Lisbellaw. 

1873. Qeorge Alleyn O'Drlscoll, Lie. C.-in-Charge June 1, 1886 (D.R.), but according 
to I.C.D. appd. in 1873; son of Cornelius O'D., "gen.," b. in Cork, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 20, 
1831, aged 21, ed. by Mr. Finnerty, did not proceed beyond Junior Fresh- year, ord. D. 
1873 (at age of 63), P. 1874 (Derry), at first C.-in-Charge here, after Inct., d. 7 May 
1887, aged 80 years, bur. in Colebrooke Churchyard with his wife, Georgina Isabel 
[Gibson] who died Deo. 26, 1875. 

1887. William Hannah, inst. Oct. 1 (D.R.), ed. at St. Bees Coll., ord. D. 1885, P. 20 June, 
1886 (Clogher), C. Sallaghy 1885-7, also C.-in-Charge Mullaghfad 1887-9, which was 
united with Cooneen, exchanged in 1899 with W. Brown for R. A*dglass (Down). 

1899. Walter Brown, inst. to Cooneen and Mullaghfad 20 Oct. (D.R.), ed. at St. Bees, 
ord. D. 1889, P. 1893, C. Ahoghill 1889-91, C. St. Andrews, Belfast, 1891-3, R. Ardglass 
1893-9, C.-in-Charge Clabby, 1922-3, C. St. Luke's, Belfast, 1923-4, C.-in-Oharge Lack, 

1923. William James SIrr, Lie. C.-in-Charge of C. & M. 31 Jan. (DM.), son of Wm. Jas. 
S., of Killygoan, Newbliss, T.C.D. B.A- (Sen. Mod., Philos.) 1910, Wray Pri. 1910, Div. 
Test (2), Theol. Exhib. Pri., B.D. 1912, ord. D. 1912, P. 1913, C. Shankill (Lurgan) 
1912-15, C. St. M. Magd., Belfast, 1915-23. 


Cooneen " A rabbit (? burrow) " 

The Parish having been created in 1870, out of Mullaghfad and Aghaluroher 
Parishes, the Church was built in 1871, the cost of which, with a Schoolhouse and 
Glebe House for the clergyman, and a large endowment in aid of his salary, was defrayed 
out of a bequest of Rev. Butler Brooke. The site assigned and conveyed by Sir Victor 
Brooke to the Trustees of the Will of Rev. Butler Brooke was on the lands of Tatten- 
buddagh. The Church was Licensed for Divine Worship 16 June, 1873, and conse- 
crated by the Bishop of Kilmore for the Primate on 28 Oct., 1873, under the name of 
" The Cooneen Cross Church " (D.R.) 

Records before 1870 and those since 1870 are in Parochial custody. Mullaghfad 
now goes with it, 



Perpetual Curates. 

1828. Edward Mayne (I. C. Direct.) He was son of Bobert M., " Pragmatious," b. in 
Co. Dub., ed. by Mr. Miller, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1807, aged 16, B.A. 1812, was C. St. 
Miohans, Dub., 1825 (Erck.), m. Harriett Mayne (M.L. 1824), d. Nov. 26, 1865, in his 
76th year. See also App. IV. 

1868. William Pattiaon Kerr (I.O. Direct), T.C.D. B.A. 1856, M.A. 1857, Div. Test. 
(2) 1856; B.D. and D.D. 1871, ord. D. 1856 (Dub.), P. 1857 ^Cork), C. Donacavey 
1858-66, res. Crossduff 15 Dec., 1871, R. Ballymore (Dub.) 1871-9, R. Hillfield 
(Sarum) 1879. Annuity 1870, 105, 

1872. Charles Joseph Hill Tardy, ord. D. as C. Dec., 1872, Down for Clogher, appd. at 
at first as C.-in-Ch. 1872, Lie. 23 Dec. (D.R.), inst. 1873, res. in 1874 for Magheraclooney, 

1874 Henry Kennedy F. Anketell (DM.), Lie. C.-in-Ch. 11 Sep. (DM.), ord. D. 1874, 
P. 1875 (Clogher), C.-in-Ch. here 1874-5, C. Bracknell 1875-6, C. Redmarley D'Abetot 
1876-8, C. Seagry, Wilts., 1878-88, V. Wootton Bassett 1892-6, Chapl. Brit. Embassy 
Constantinople 1893. 

1875. Joseph Byrohmore, coll. by the Primate by lapse, 28 Dec. (DM.), Q. Coll., Birm. 
1871, ord. D. 1874, P. 1875 (Wore.), C. St. Matt, Duddeston 1874-5, res. Crossduff 13 
Nov. 1879 (DM.) for V. St. Matts., Duddeston 1879-87, R. Tickenham (Bath and Wells), 
1887, V. Wedmore (do.) 1898, V. Barton St. David (do.) 1902-10, V. of West Hatch 

1880. Peter Wilson, mat. Feb. 17 (DM.), res. m 1883 for Lack, q.v. 

1883. Thomas Joseph Charlton, Lie. to C.-m-Charge 9 July, 1883, coll. Incumbent 3 
Oct, 1884 (DM.) Lie. to preach In the New Church of Larragh, 23 April, 1891 (DM.) 
ed. at St. Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1883, P. 1884, C. Crosduff 1883-4, R. do., 1884-1903, 
R. Omeath, Co. Louth, 1903-10, res. for work in Canada, m. Fanny Garden, dau. of 
Rev. J. Blackburne Kane, R. of Annaghmore and had issue. (See also Armagh Clergy, 
p. 393). See also App. IV. 

1903. John Crosble-Oates, inst. April 30 (DM.), res. in 1904 for Castle Archdale, q.v. 

1904. William Bredin Naylor, inst. 3 April (DM.), res. in 1907 for Belleek. See also 

1807. Samuel Robert Anderson, inst. 22 June (DM.), res. in 1910 for Lack. See Lis- 

1911. Henry Fyers Crampton, inst. 20 Feb. (DM.), son of Very Rev. John F. T. C., 
Provost of Kilmacduagh, b. at Aughrim Rectory, Ballinasloe, Feb. 8, 1868, ed. at 
Eastbourne Coll., T.C.D. B.A. 1893, Div. Test. 1894, ord. D. 1894, P. 1895, C. New- 
townbarry, 1894-1900, C. Moyliscar 1900-04, R. Rathconnell 1904-9, C. St. Stephen 
(Belfast) 1909-11, res. in 1917 for R. Cloone, Ardagh, m. in 1908, and has issue a 
dau. Margaret Winifred Charlotte. See also App. IV. 

181 7. William Rashleigh Lett, inst. 15 April (DM.), res. for R. Currin 1923. See 
Currin. Parish held since, with Broomfield. 


Crossduff " Black Cross." The Parish was formed as a P.O. out of Aughna- 
mullen and the Chapel of Ease was built in 1828 (Rep.-of 1836) . The Lecture Room at 
Laragh was licensed for Public Worship 24 Nov., 1878. A New Church, S.Peter's, 
Laragh, was built in 1891, and the Church and a burial ground were cons, in Aug., 1891. 
It was licensed for Marriages 23 May, 1903 (D.R.) 

The Parish Registers 1828-77 were destroyed in the P.R.O. 

The Plated Communion Plate of Crossduff is inscribed "Crossduff Church, May, 
1828,' and the Plate of Laragh Church " The Church of St. Peter B, Laragh, 1892. ' 



NOTE. Up to 1804, Currin and Killeevan formed as the " Bectory of Galloon," the 
corps of the Chancellorship. They were disappropriated from it on 17 Jan., 1804, and 
formed into separate parishes, and a new Corps was assigned to the Chancellorship. 
See Galloon. 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1804. Andrew Allen held it as Chancellor from 1795-1804, and after 1804 continued to 
hold Currin with the Archdeaconry. See Archdeacons. 

1806. William Moffett, coll. B. & V. Mar.6, Allen having res. it(DM.) He was B. Drum- 
krin from 3 Jan., 1799, but in 1806, by Order in Council, Drumkrin, ceased to be a 
parish, being divided. He then became B. Currin. Ent. T.C.D. Jan. 7, 1777, B.A. 
1781, C. Cleenish 1788-96, B. Derrybrusk 1795-8, B. Drumkrin 1799-1806, m. and 
had issue ; his dau., Bebecoa, m. Andrew Allen Murray, of Buck House, Co. Mon. He 
d. 26 April, 1841, aged 81, at Lough Oona, Co. Mon. 

1841. George Harrison Reade, coll. May 25 (D.R.), res. in 1852 for Inniskeen, q.v. 

1852. Francis Hurst, coll. Feb. 28 (DM.), son of Bev. Alexr. H., B. of Aghabog, b. in 
Co. Ferm., 1795, ent. T.C.D. April 5, 1819, aged 23, B.A. 1824, C. Drummully 1829, 
V. Errigal Trough 1832-52, B.D. of Clones, had served as a Lieutenant in the 8-Foot 
and was with Wellington in his Peninsular Campaign, res. his Commission c. 1814, 
m. 15 April, 1828, Mary Anne, dau. of Bev. Edward Lloyd, of Warrington, Lanes., and 
had by her 5 children, viz. , Alexander Edward, b. at Parson's Green, 12 March, 1829, d. 
1848, buried at Errigle T. ; Frances Emma, b. at Parson's Green, 27 Oct., 1831, m. 
Anderson, of Drumkeen, Ballinamallard, d. 1869 ; Sophia Mary, b. at Errigle Trough 
Glebe, 22 Jan., 1833, d. 1851, bur. at Errigle Trough ; BeV. Francis James (see Arch- 
deacons). Summer Laetitia, b. at Errigle Glebe, 7 April,1838, d. 1869. He res. Currin 
on28 Feb., 1872, and he d. Sunday 20 July, 1873, aged 77. His wid. d. at St. Margaret's 
Vicarage, Clabby, 1 1 Jan. , 1 877 , aged 84. 

1872. Eugene Henry O'Meara, inst. Sep 23 (D..R.),res. in 1874 for Newtownsaville, q.v. 

1875. Arthur Newburgh Haire (afterwards Halre-Forster), inst. Mar. 16 (D.R.), res. 
Nov., 1876. See Deans. 

1877. William Edward Fleming, inst. Feb. 19 {D.R.), res. in 1881 for Kilskeery. See 
Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1882. Frederick Bevan, inst. May 26 \D.R.), res. for C. Monaghan, 1883, q.v. 

1883. William Earle, coll. (by lapse) Dec. 17 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. and Div.Test. ^2), 1882, 
M.A. 1892, B.D. 1893, ord. D. 1882, P. 1883, Arm., C. Carnteel 1882-3, B. Currin 1883-7, 
C. Tallow 1887-9, C. St. James', Leicester 1890-1, C. Sunbury 1891-3, C. Stanstead 
1894-5, C. St. Clement Dames 1895-1906, Editor of The Rock 1905, d. at the residence 
of his bro., Bobert, at Ballynahoun, Gorey, April 3, 1910, bur. at Kilnamanagh. 

1887. George Alexander King Finlay, inst. Jan. 13 (D.R.), son of Ven. George F. 
\see Archdeacons), T.C.D. B.A. 1879, M.A. 1884, ord. D. 1885, P. 1886, Chester, 
C. St. John's, Birkenhead 1885-7, res. Currin 1888 for C. St. Luke's, Bermondsey, 1888. 
Chapl. on Continent 1897-1900, V. Dunmow 1903-4, d. in Dublin April25, 1916, aged 58. 

1889. Francis Hilary, inst. April 2 ( D.R.), res. in 1904 for Clabby, q.v. 

1904. IWervyn Warren Rogers, inst. July 2 (D.R.) b.Mar.21, 1869, at Denver, Norfolk, 
son of Bev. Bobert Bcgers, M.A., T.C.D., ed. at the Puse School, Cambridge, and at St. 
Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1895, P. 1896, Clogher, C. Clontibret 1895-7, B. firoomfield 1897- 
1902, C. Winwick, Lanes., 1902-4, res. Currin 1909 for B. Tomregan (Kilmore) 1909-16, 
V. Boyston 1916-23, V. Stapleford (Ely) 1923, m. Beatrice Elizabeth Nora, dau. of Bev. 
George William Wall, M.A. (Oxon.), B. of Sephton, Lanes., and has issue, a dau. Kath- 
leen Eleanor, b. at Broomfield, Aug. 13, 1898. 

909. Thomas Waldron King, inst. April 15 (D.R.), b. at Clifden, Co. Galway, son of 
Thomas and Elizabeth King, ed. at T.C:D., ord. D. 1896, Dub., P. 1898 Honduras, 
C. Orange Walk, Brit. Hond. 1896-7, V. St. Augustine, Brit. Honduras, 1899-1903, 
B. S. Paul, Cprozal, B. Hond., 1899-1903, C.-in-Charge Broomfield 1903-9. m. Caroline 
, and had issue. His eldest son William Henry, d. at Pretoria, S.A., in Jan., 1924. 
His 2nd son, Ernest, was drowned with the Titanic, April 1912. . He d. at Bostrevor, 
Dec. 8, 1917, aged 68. His wid. Caroline d. Nov. 30, 1926. 

1918. John M'Keever Gibson, inst. Mar. 17 (D.R.), res. in 1921 for Clogh, q.v. 

1921. Thomas William Coursey, Lie. C.-in-charge Nov. 2 (D.R.) See Derryvullen N. 

Cmmiw. 163 

1924. William Rashleigh Lett, Lie. May 1 (D.R.),sQnoi Rev. Wm.Thos. L.,F. T.C.D., 

R. of Derryvullen, eel. at Tiverton Sch., Devon, and T.C.D. B.A. (Sen. Mod. Modern 
Lit.) 1877, Div.Test. 1878, ord. D. 1878, P. 1879, held curacies in England 1878-1917, 
Inc. Crossduff, 1917, m. 1913. 


1809' Roger Leadon ( V.B.), son of B;irth. L., farmer, b. in Co. Clare, ed. by Mr. Hare 
ent. T.C.D. as Siz., June 9, 1784, aged 22, B.A. 1788, C. Clontibret 1799-1802, C. Galloon 
1803, d. intestate as C. Drumconrath, Meath, 1819. See also App. IV. 

1812-7. Andrew Forster is C. (V.B.) was son of Wm. F. "gen.", b. in Co. Mon., ed. by 
Mr. Carpendale, ent. T.C.D as S.C. July 4, 1808, aged 17, B.A. 1812. 

1830. Edward Collins was C. to 1836, when he got a presentation on leaving for England 
(Chr. Exam., Aug, 1836). In 1851, he was C. Frome St. Quintin, Somerset; was son of 
Henry C., "Miles," b. in Wexford, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 14, 1822, aged 15, B.A. 1827, M.A. 

1837. Baptist Barton Crozier was Curate 1837-8. He was 7th son of John Crozier, 
J.P., of Gortra House, Co. Fermanagh, by Catherine, dau. of Thos. Rosborough, of 
Cloncarn, and Frances, his wife, daa. of Wm. Barton, of Springfcown, all in Co. Ferm. 
For pedigree see Howard and Crisp's Visitation of Ireland ; was b. 3 Aug., 1807 ; was ed. 
by Mr. Martin, enfc. T.C.D. July 3^ 1826, aged 17, B.A. 1831, ord. D. Oct. 23, 1836 (Kil- 
dare for Clogher), P. Jan. 6, 1837 (Limerick for Clogher) ; m. at St. George's Church, 
Dublin, Feb. 25, 1851, Catherine Mary, dau. of John Bolland, of Blessington St., Dublin, 
andd. April 5, 1878, bur. at Mt. Jerome ; his wife d. March 17, 1905, in her 89th year. 
He had issue (1) Most Rev. John Baptist, D.D., late Abp. of Armagh (see Armagh 
Clergy) ; (2) Rev. Mor vyn Bapvist, M.A., T.C.D., Cu'-ate of Baggotrabh, who d., at Prab- 
ran, Victoria, Aug. 1, 1883; (3) William, of 4 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L.R.C.S.I., 
L.M., M.R.C.P.I., Surgeon-Capfc. Isb Vol. Batb. King's Liverpool Regb., d. onm. June 
14, 1903 ; (4) Rev. Henry Willcocks Baptist, M.A., T.C.D., Tubor and Assb. Chapl. ab 
St. Aidan's Theol. Coll. 1885-9, subsequently C. Bowden, Cheshire, 1889-93, V. St. 
Mabb. Stockport 1893-8, m. at Bidstone Parish Church, Birkenhead, Jan. 1, 1890, Sosie, 
2nd dau. of James Spence, J.P., of Claughton, Birkenhead ; had issue, d. Ocb. 29, 1898; 
his vvife d. Feb. 1905 ; and 2 daus. (1) Mary Josephine, d. June 4, 1856, aged 4 ; (2) 
Eva Kate, who m. Set). 22, 1885, at St. Bartholomew's Church, Dublin, R. Allman Smith, 
D.I., R.I.C., son of Rev. Sidney S., D.D., F.T.C.D. The story is told of B. B. C. that 
when young he was threatened with a dangerous illness and went to Portugal with a 
f ciend foe the benefit of his health. The first thing they did was to fix the spot foe theic 
graves ! Bub they both lived bo a good old age. 

1837-40. Robert Woods (Par. Reg.) 

1838-41 . William Brownlow Ashe ( V.B.) is C. See Donagh. 

1841-2. William Shields (Par. Reg.) Probably W. S., son of Rev. Hugh S., V. of Colpe, 
b. in Co. Meabh, ed. by his fabher, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1815, aged 19, B.A. 1821, M.A. 
1832, who appears as C. Ardmoce, Wabet-ford, in 1840. 

1869-72. Augustus Blayney Russell Young. (Sea Precentors). 

1873. Richard Henry Moffett (D.R.) See Augher. 
For other Curates see App. IV. 


Currin " little marsh." The Eccl. Comrs. reported that 505 6s. 4d. was spent on 
rebuilding and repairing the Church between 1834 and 1864, and 50 Is. 3d. on 

Currin Licensed Place of Worship. 

The Registers from 1810 are in Parochial Custody, also Vestry Books from 1806. 

The Communion Plate includes a Chalice inscribed " Galloon 1779, Thomas Camp- 
bell, LL.D. , Cancellar io ." And one inscribed ' ' In loving memory of John and Margaret 
Kettle, faithful Communicants of this Chtirch, sent as a thank offering by their son, 
George Kettle from his adopted home, New York, U.S.A., July, 1906." Paten, Plate 
and Alms Dish each inscribed " In memory of John and Margaret Kettle by their son, 
George Kettle, New York, 1906," and a Paten with no inscription, but date mark 1779. 

The present Church of St. Andrew's, Can-in, was built near the village of Scotshouse 
and Hilton Park, circa. 1810-12. It was a plain building with Nave and Square Tower. 
In 1905 the Church was handsomely restored, a Chancel added and the interior re- 
furnished.. i n 1907, a further restoration took place, chiefly of the Tower. On both 
occasions many boauiifal gifts were presented by members of the Madden family who 
contributed generously to the cost of restoration, as did also Archdeacon Hurst. An 
account of those restorations appeared in The Warden (Belfasb) of Jan. 15, 1909. 




1384. John MacQillacoisgli, Erenaoh and Parson of Aireehbrosge, d. (A.F.M.). 

-1444. Donald O'FIag, priest, Recoor of So. Senaoh's de Ayrembrosca, was deprived 
(O.P.L. ix., July 20). 

1444. Nemeas Macgyllacossghy, dispensed as fche son of a priest and unmarried woman 
to be coll. in succession to D. O'F., to said Church, value not exceeding 6 marks, also 
dispensed to be a Canon of Clogher (ib.) 

1557. Patrick Maguire [Macuidhir] was Preb. of Derrybrusk and Bur. Dean of Loeherne 
and desired to become a conventual brother, was inducted, therefore, to the Priory of 
St. Mary, Devenish (Reg. Dowd.),. 


1447. Oil la-Crist O'Flaich (O'Fey) was Perp. V. of Ayrembrosca in this year on June 
30 (G.P.L. ix.) and appears in the Record as Christinus Ofygich ; he d. oh April 22, 
1482 (Ann. Ult. Hi., 281), and is described as an eminent cleric, who kept a house of gene- 
ral hospitality for the space of 40. years, which probably means that he was Vicar from 

1487. Denis M'Gillaoolsgli, Erenach, and V. of Aireohbrosga, d. (A.F.M.) 

1508. John O'Flaloh, Erenaoh of the 3rd part of Airechbrosga, d. (A.F.M.) 

1514. Hugh (son of Qillicreest) O'Fiaioh (see above) and V. of Airechbrosga, d. (A.F.M.) 

1635. Niger M'Mahon, V. res. (Reg. Cromer 392). 

1535. Patrick Offyay was coll. V. St. Senach de Darebrusca, Aug. (ib.) 

1591. Acerbua M'Qillcoskill, priest, of Donrybrosne (sic) pardoned (F. Eliz. 5602)- 

Hectors and Vicars. 

1622. Humphrey Qalbralth (called in one copy of R.V. "Gilbert") R. & V. "non- 
resident, the Church ruinous, no house," (R.V.) See Archdeacons. 

1 826/7. Norman Lindsay seems to have been R. in 1628/7, as he was the bearer of letters 
from Bp. Spottiswoode to the Lords Justices when the Bp. was accused of Sir John 
Weyms's death (see Lord Belmore U.J.A. Memoir of Spottiswoode, p. 101) . He appears 
as R. when inducting C. Seaton to Magheracross on Feb. 2 (R.V. 1634). See Boho. 

1633. John Lyell, coll. R. & V. Jan. 6, ind. Jan. 17 (.R.F., 1634). See Dromore. 

1636. Nicholas Montgomery, hist. April 7 (F.F.), inst. a 2nd time 6 July, 1661, seems 
to have res. 1662 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross. 

[1660. Robert Auld, Commonwealth Minister was settled on the til lies as also of Perry 
vullen, 21 July (Seymour's Transcripts, p. 136) deprived 1661 (V.B.)] 
George Hamilton also claimed the R. this year (V.B.). 

1682. John Leslie, coll. R. and V. 26 Mar. with Killany Sep. 1 (F.F. and V.B.) Not 
in T.C.P. Lists, ord. D. 7 Aug., 1661, P. 30 Oct., 1661 (V.B.), R. & V, Derryvullen 
(held with Derrybruske) 1662-1701, held Killany not later than 1696, "Dr. John Lesley 
of Derryvolfind, Clk.," was attainted in 1689. He d. 24 Feb., 1700/1. He was D-D. and 
also held R. Urney (Derry) 1672-1701, had a son, James, of Co. Louth, father of Rev. 
James, D.D., Bishop of Limerick, 1755-70. 

1701 . Andrew Mitchell, coll. Ap. 3 and again May 5 (F.F.) See Precentors. 

1714/5. Dominick Bulteel, coll. Mar. 11 (F.F.), son of John B., b. in Co. Kerry, ed. by 
Mr. Shaw, at Galway, ent. T.C.D. April 29, 1685, aged 15, Sch. 1687, B.A. 1689, C. 
Cleenish 1692-1712, held the V. Outragh (Kilmore) from 1716 till his death in 1743, 
res. Dorrybrusk in 1721 (D.R.), m. Magdalene, dau. of Henry Gwyllym and grand-dau. 
of Cap. Thos. G. (High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1669), d. intest. 1743, had a son Broekhill, 
d. 1735, and a son John, his admor., a dau. Catherine and probably a son Sandford, of 
Ballinamore, d. 1748, 


1721. William Johnston, coll June (1) (D.R.) He was son of William J., "gen.," b. 
in Co. Cavan, ed. by Mr. Ballentine, Co. Fermanagh, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 6, 1710, 
aged 20, Soh. 1713, B.A. 1714. Was C. Derryvullen 1719, and up to 1728, and 0. 
Derrybrusk to 1721, d. in 1735 (D.R.) 

1735. Ham lett Oblns, coll. July 11 (D.R.), res. in 1737 for Carriokmaoross, q.v. 

1737. Richard Vincent, coll. May 8 (D.R.), res. in 1738 for Preb. Devenish. See Monag- 

1738. Alexander Lawson, coll. Sep. 23 (P.P.) Alex. L., son of Rev. Thomas L., B. 
of Magherafelt, ent. T.C.D. April 21, 1708, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Harvey at Dungannon, 
no degrees recorded. If the T.C.D. Matric Records are correct, his son John, who be- 
came Fellow T.C.I). , was b. in 1709, when Alexander was 17 ! The ages given in Matric. 
are not, however, to be always relied on. He was C. Monaghan 1717-20 and 0. Dona- 
cavey 1721-54. He d. in 1758. In 1754 this parish was said to be a " non cure," and 
had no parish clerk, nor churchwardens ( V. B.) 

Alexander Lawson's wife's name was Rebecca, and perhaps she was a Lowry, as there 
was an Exchequer Bill of Feb. 11, 1737/8, John Perry versus Daniel Eccles, Mary 
(Lowry), his wife, Isabella Lowry, Alexander Lawson, Clk., Rebecca, his wife, and Mary 
Cochrane (H.B.S.) But see Appendix IV. 

1788. Alexander Montgomery, coll. May 31 (D.R.), seems to have res. in a few 
months, if his collation had effect ? See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1758. Jerome Draycott subscribed the Roll Aug. 17 "in succession to A. Lawson "(S.R.) 
See Boho. 

1764. Thomas Cooper, coll. July 9 (D.R.), probably T. 0., son of Thomas C., merchant, 
b. in Co. Fermanagh, ed. by Dr. Hart, ent. T.C.D. June 12, 1734, aged 16, Soh. 1736, 
B.A. 1738, ord. D. 1742, P. 1743 (Kilmore), C. Errigal Trough 1743-54, C. Donagh 
1767-64, C. Magheraclooney 1754, m. Jane Boyd, of St. Michan's Parish, Dub. (M.L. 
Aug. 20, 1752) . He got a grant from the Dean and Chapter, at a small rent, of 40 acres 
for a glebe and residence, Oct. 26, 1771 (L.M. v. 172). He d. in 1773 when his P. Will 
was proved. 

1773. Newburgh HIgglnbotham, coll. \D.R.) He was son of Rev. Ralph H. (see 
Rossory Curates), was b. in Co. Cavan, ed. by Dr. Qrattan, ent. T.C.D. May 3, 1739, 
aged 19, Soh. 1741, B.A. 1743, ord. D. (Kalm.) 1745/6, P. Was C. Rossory 1752-[64], 

C. DeVenish 1764-78. Seems to have lived in Enniskillen. (See Dundas, p. 79) Was 
m. and had issue, including a son Ralph, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. May 23, 1769, aged 16, 
Soh. 1771, B.A. 1773. He d. in 1790, bur. in Enniskillen (Par. Reg.). 

1790. -Alexander Leslie, coll or inst, Feb. 1 (D t R.) subso. Roll Feb. 18, Was son of Alexr. 
L., who was son of Rev. Wm. L., R. of Aghavea, and is probably A. L., who ent. T.C.D. 
Nov. 1, 1765, B.A. 1770, an A. L. received M. A. (ad eundem Cant.) 1782. He m. Mary 
Popkin (grand-dau of Archdeacon Armar), of Swords (M.L. Feb. 14, 1794); he d. 6 April, 
1794 (D.R.) He was C. Derryvullen 1772-90. 

1794. John M'Kee, coll. Aug. 27 (D.R.) John Maoky, son of Rev. Robert M., b. in Donegal 
ed. by Mr. Hartley, ent. T.C.D. June 8, 1727, aged 16, Sch. 1729, B.A., 1731, ord. D. 
22 July, 1764 (8. R.) is M.A. in D.R. Kilm. at ord. as P. 1 765, is C. Tullycorbet 1766-1791 . 

D. 3 May, 1795 (D.R.) In the V.B. 1813 is a receipt of John Coulty for 5 13s. 9d., 
which he promises to pay to his mother, the wid. of Rev. John M'Kee. 

1795.W||||am Moffett, coll. June 3 <I>..R.),res. in 1798 for Drumfcrin, q.v. 

1788. Alexander Hurst, coll. Deo. 15 (D.R.), res. in 1806 for Errigal Trough. See 

1806. John Brlnkley, coll. June 5 (D.R.), res. 9 Feb. 1809. See Archdeacons. 

1809,Henry Lucas St. George, coll. Mar. 4 (D.R.), res. in 1810 for Ballybay. See 

18lo.-Qeorge Harris, coll Sep. 21 (D.R.) He was son of Re<r. George H., b. in Armagh, 
ed. by Mr. Moffett, ent. T.O.D. Oct. 2, 1797, aged 16, B.A. 1801, ord. D. , ord. P. 
f^S- 26, 1804 (S.R.), m. Elizabeth Gray (M.L., 1830) "d. on or about 30 Jan., 1847 " 
(A.R.) Was C. Derryvullen 1803. 


1847. John Wilson, coll. Feb. 13 (D.R.) He was the son of Christian W., "gen.j" b 
in Wexford, ed. by Mr. Behan, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1., 1819, aged 18, B.A. 1824, M.A* 
1832, ord. D. 1826, P. 1826. He Was C. Aghalurcher to 1827 and C. Devenish 1838-47' 
res. Derrybrusk 9 Aug., 1872, on annuity 168 16s. Od., d. in May 1887 IR.G.B.) See 
also App. IV. 

1873. Hugh Alexander, coll. (on lapse) Nov. 17 (D.R.); T.C.D. B.A. 1868, Div. Test 
1869, ord. D. 1889, P. 1870, C. Galloon 1869-72, C. Sallaghy 1872-3, Incumbent 
here till 1880, V.Denn (Kilmore) 1880-5, V. Killinagh 1885-1915, d. at Blacklion, Oo 
Cavan, Feb. 19, 1915, aged 67. 

1881. John William Kaye, ooll (on lapse) June 17 (D.R.), ord. D. 1873, P. 1881, C. S.M. 
Magd., Dundee, 1873-4, C. S. Mary, Ilkeston 1874-5, C. Sb. Philip, Manchester, 1876-81, 
rea. Derrybrusk Sep. 1, 1894 (D.R.) 

1800. Arthur Davis, inst. Aug. 20 (DM,), T.C.D. Boy. Soh. 1889, B.A. (Jun. Mod, 
Hist, and Pol. Sci.) 1893, ord. D.20 Deo., 1894, P. 18 Dec.,1895, 0. Derrybrusk 1894-1900. 


1692. Thomas Aberoromby (V.B.) See Derryvullen Curates. 
1702. Alexander Steel (V.B.) See Derryvullen Curates. 
1721. William Johnston (V.B.) See Hectors. 

1736. Alexander Leslie ( V.B.). He was son of Rev. Wm. L., B. of Aghavea, b. in Co. 
Down, ed. by his father, ent. T.C.D. April 20, 1722, aged 17, Sch. 1726, B.A. 1727, M.A. 
1730, and was father of Bev. Alexr. (Bector, q.v.) He is C. here up to 1757 and also C. 

1758. John Campbell (V.B.) See Carricktnaoross. 

1762. John Gowerly ( V.B.) is here in 1766 (Parl. Ret.) The name appears as William 
Qowerly in Deiryvullen, q.v. 

1795. Leslie Batters by (See Derryvullen Curates). 

1841. Wm. Watklns Deerlng was C. 

1894-1900. Arthur Davis, Lie. 20 Dec., 1894 (D.R.) See Rectors. 


Derrybrusk is a corruption, of Airech brosga. See an interesting article by Bev. 
J. E. M'Kenna, M.B.I.A., on the Parish and Old Church in U.J.A. , 1906, pp. 125 et seq. 

In 1777 there were 56 Protestant and 52 Papist families in the parish. It was then 
the smallest Parish in the diocese, the Church was in ruins and the parishioners re- 
sorted to the Chapel of Ease at Lisnalaw. (Parl. Ret..) 

The New Church and Chancel of Derrybrusk were licensed for Divine Worship 
24 Oct., 1883, and consecrated 26 Aug., 1886. A New Burial ground was cons. Aug. 16, 
1911 (D.R.) 

The Parish Registers from 1847-77 were destroyed in the P.B.O. Old Vestry 
Books dating from are in Parochial Custody. 

The Communion Plate includes a Silver Chalice "Given to Derrybrusk Parish 
Church on occasion of the consecration of the Chancel, by J. G. V. P. and E. H. P- 
Oct., 1883." And a Plated Chalice and Paten inscribed " Derrybrusk Church, 1849." 

Lady Dorothy Lowry Corry has sent the following notes : 

Derrybrusk is a corruption either of Aired Brosga, i.e., the Arable land of Brosga 
or of Aireeh Brosga, i.e., the point or promontory of Brosga. The Patron Saint <vas 
St. Senaoh, a worker in metals, who was commemorated on tha llth May. This Chai'ch 
is mentioned in the Ecclesiastical Taxation of 1302-06, under the name of Deridbrogosa 
value 1 mark, Tenth 16d. It is situated in the townlahd of Fyagh, adjoining that ot 
Derrybrusk, and of which it was probably formerly a subdenomination. The name 
Fyagh seems to be derived from oho O'Fiaich family, who Were at one time crenachs 
here, and who provided this church with at least one Bector and throe Vicars. The 
ancient parish church was badly damaged in 1536 in a raid by O'Neill and Cormao 


Mag air e. Ifc is believed to have been in ruins since the Reformation. The Mac Gillo- 
Coisglo family were also among other crenachs here. 

In a Terrier of Derrivroske, dated 1775, formerly preserved in the P.R.O., Dublin, 
the following statements are made about this Parish " No glebe hoase builfc or building 
on glebe, land unimproved, no trees. Twenty-four Ash trees of small value round old 
Churchyard, no houses on Glebe except cabins. Marriages by licence and publi3 (sic) 
churchings and burials are mentioned. No gift or bequest ever made to church. Nei- 
ther church, chaple or furniture. No lands or money to repair church, neither has any 
been received from the Board of First Fruits. No Vestry held, no parish clerk or sexton.' ' 

In or about 1772/3 the grantof Whinnigen Glebe was made to this parish in a Dee d 
whereby the Bishop and Chapter of Clogher granted Thomas Cooper and his successors 
rectors of the parish of Derrybr usk for ever, 40 acres of a certain rent as a residence for 
the incumbent of the time being (the date is Qot. 26, 1771). 

In the earlier half of thel 9th century Vestry Meetings were held in the Church ruins. 

Prior to 1856 this parish consisted of three groups of townlands. The two most 
southerly groups being more or less in the vicinity of Derryvullan Parish Church, the 
Curate of which seems not infrequently to have been also Rector of Dorrybrusk. There 
the parishioners of these two groups no doubt, attended, at least until the chapel of 
ease at Lisbellaw was built in Cleenish Parish in 1764. The most northerly group of 
townlands lay in the vicinity of Tempo Chapel of -.Ease in Enniskillen Parish, and not 
far from the previous Chapel of Ease at Pubble. However in this group there was a 
schoolhouse in the townland of Ballyreagh, in which the Re/. George Harris, Rector 
1810-1847, celebrated Divine Service once a month. He was also Chaplain of Ennis- 
killan gaol. 

On the 10th Sep., 1856, the Parish was largely reconstituted, and further alter- 
ations were made shortly before Disestablishment. In fact the modern parish contains 
only two tomilands, those of Gola and Aghnajara, which were in the ancient one. The 
site of ancient parish church and all the churchlands surrounding it have been in Derry- 
vollan parish sinse 1856. 

On the same d>ite the townland of Derryharney on which stands the present parish 
Church vvas transferred from Aghalarcher to Derrybrusk. 

I havo always understood that the Nave of this Ch arch was ociginallv built as a 
schoolhouse, but whether before of after this transfer I cannot say. At some date subse- 
quent to 1866, but before 1868, it must have been transformed into a Church. See 
Report on Established Church. 



1381. -Peter O'Banon, R. was long deceased. ((7.P.P. i., 556). 

1381. Thomas O'Banon, son of Pater (above) had entered into possession. See next. 

1381 .-John O'Lunyn, priest, petitions the Pope for the R. void by the death of Peter 
O'Banon, so long ago that it has lapsed to the Apostolic See, notwithstanding that it is 
unlawfully detained by Thomas O'Banon, son of the said late Peter, and also that John 
is dispensed on account of illegitimacy, July 13 (C.P.P. i., 556). 

1389. Arthur M'Cawell, Bishop of Clogher, was R. (C.P.L., vi., 478). 
o139-. -John O'Banon is R. (See below). 
139-. Thomas O'Banon is R. again. (See next). 

1388. John O'Banon (again), son of Thomas (above) and of an unmarried woman, got 
dispensation to hold the Church and not to be bound to take Holy Orders for seven 
years, while studying at a University. John was proctor for Thomas and had previously 
resigned it for Thomas (C.P.L. vi.). 

14l4.-~Peter O'Banon, R. has vao. it by death (C.P.L. vi., 478). Perhaps this is Peter 
* 1381 above. 


1414. Eneas M'QIIIafyndean to be coll, to the B. "whether vacant by the death of 
Peter, or by theresig. of Arthur (M'Cawell), Bp. of Clogher," Sep. 11 (ib. and Ann. Hib,i, 

1420. Matthew Q'jBanon, Parson and Herenach of D., d. Sep. 8. (Ann. Ult. iii. 89). 

1421. Maurice (or Murtough) MacManus [Maomagnissa], was prov. *o the B. of Sb. 

Tigernaoh of Daire-Maylan. See Archdeacons. He appears B. in 1428 and 1435 
(Beg. Swayne), and d. B. Feb. 18, 1441 (A.F.M.) 


1492. Terence M'QIIIaoossgll was prov. to V. and also to V. Magheraorotja and the 
vicarages were to be erected into a prebend for him, May 1 (Ann. Hib. i. 42. 

1500. Nicholas O'Banan, V., d. (Ann Hib. i., 33). 

Rectors (continued). 

1495. John Maguire, son of next B., d. 1495 ; was B. (A.F.M. and Ann. Ufa. 
iii. 387). 

-1504. Turlogh Maguire, son of Bishop Maguire, Canon of Clogher and Prior of Lough 
Derg and Parson of Derryvullen, fell down a stone staircase at Athboy and died circa 
March 17, 1504, bur . in Cavan Monastery (Ann. Ult.) He was also Abbot of S. Pet. and 
Paul, Armagh. 

1510. Roger Maguire [Maguyder], prov. to the B., value not exceeding 30 marks, 
vacant certo modo, April 12 (Ann. Hfib. i., 44). 

[1591. James O'Lunyn and Edward Maguire, "Priests of Dowyvullan" (sic) are 
pardoned (F. Eliz. 5602).] 

1609. " There is a Parson and a Vicar, collative in this parish [names not given]. The 
Parson pays 8s. and the Vicar 4s. yearly proxies to the Bishop of Clogher. There i^ a 
Church in repair, and a Chapel in Magheracrosse " (Inq t Ufa, 1609). 

1612. James Hey gate, coll. Oct. 1 (R.V. 1634). See Archdeacons. J. H. (who was 
then Bp. of Kilfenora) got a grant of a glebe here Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin iii., 592); he 
d. in 1638. 

1638. William Dickinson, B.D., pres. by T.C.D. June 2, inst. July 7 (F.F.) 

1639. Thomas Marshall, inst. July 3 (F.F.) Probably Thos. Marshall, Sch. T.C.D., 
1637, or T. M., M.A., of Cambridge, who became Fellow T.C.D. in 1637 [the same as 
the Sch ?] and whose P. Will as " of T.C.D. " was proved March 22, 1649/50, dated 
13 July, 1649. 

[1660. Robert Auld, Non-Conformist Minister, was settled on the tithes here and seems 
to have been in possession in 1661, when he was ejected (V.B. and Reid ii., 267) on 14 
Aug., 1661, the parish was sequestered and in the hands of Andrew' Lindsay, who seems 
to have been a layman ( V.B.) 

1662. John Leslie, pres. by T.C.D., inst. May 12, ind. May 14 ( V.B.) See Derrybrusk. 
He was ordered at the Triennial Visitation in 1664, to provide a Curate here within 
3 months. 

1701. William Qrattan, pres. by T.C.D., adm. "B. & V.", June 5 (F.F.) He was 
the 2nd son of Bev. Patrick G., D.D., F.T.C.D., by Grizzel, dau. of Arthur Brereton, 
b. 1672, ed. by Dr. Torway, in St. Pat's. Oath. School, Dub., ent. T.C.D. Aug. 30, 1688, 
Sch. 1692, B.A. 1693, M.A. 1696, Fell. 1697-1701, B.D. 1706, m. Sophia, yst. dau. of 
Sir Wm. Gore, 3rd. Bart., of Manor Gore, Co. Donegal. He was Min. Can. S. Pat's., 
Dub., 1694. Was also B. Cappagh (Derry) 1703-19. He d. in 1719 having had issue-7- 
two sons (1) Bev. Balph, D.D., Chaplain to the Bluecoat Hospital, who m. 4 Apr^ 
1762, Abigail Sadleir, wid. and d. 1772 ; (2) William, Sheriff of Dublin, 1741, d. that 
year. Bev. Wm's wid. afterwards m. Bight Bev. Joseph Story, Bp. of Kilmore. His 


eldest brother, Henry G., of Garryoross, Co. Cavan, High Sheriff for that Co. 1710, was 
by his wife Bridget, dau. of Thomas Fleming, of Bellville, Co. Cavan (who m. 2ndly 
George Nixon), grandfather of the Bight Hon. Henry Grattan (see The Irish BuiWier, 
I Sep., 1888, article by G. D. Burtchaell). A cert, was granted to his Beps; on Dec. 1, 
1719, for 458 6s. 9d. improvements on the glebe made by him. 

-17-19,, John Kearney, pres. Aug. 6, inst . Sep. 9 ( F. F.) He was son of Paul K. , merchant, 
b. at Cashel, Co. Tipp. , ed. by Mr. Merifield at Cashel, ent. T.C.D. April 20, 1705, aged 18, 
Sch. 1707, B.A. 1709, Fell. 1712, M.A. 1712, B.D. and D.D. 1719, held also B. Lough- 
gilly (Armagh) 1721-71, and res. Derryvullen in 1724 for Prec. Armagh 1724-71, d. at 
Bath, July, 1771 (Dub. Chron. July 15). 

1724- 'Hon. Charles Caulfield (or Caulfeild), inst. at the Trienn. Vis. by the Primate on 
June 6, 1724 (D.B. Arm.) was 3rd son of Win., 2nd Visct. Charlemont, bap. 27 Dec., 
1686, ed. by Mr. Martin, Armagh, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 8, 1704-5, B.A. 1708, M.A. 1710, 
Was B. Tartaraghan (Armagh) 1711-27, Preb. Kilgobinet (Lismore) 1724-68, res. 
Derryvullen in 1727, B. Ballyclog (Arm.) 1727-42, B. Arboe 1727-68, B. Donaghenry 
1742-68, m. 1728 Alice (d. Apr. 1760) dau. of John Houston, of Craigs and had Issue, 
inter olios, James of Duncairne, Thos. d. unm., Bev. Charles, B. of Killyman. He d. 
Jan., 1768. (See Peerages and Armagh Clergy, p. 91, etc.) 

1727. Patrick Delany, coll. and inst., (C.C. having res.) 2 May (F.F.) He waa again 
inst.j having himself res. 22 (or 2) Feb.,1 727/8 (F.F.) and there appears a further record 
of his inst. "vacant per resign. Chas C." (sic) on 10 June, 1729 (P.F.) Primate Boulter 
wished John Biohardson to succeed here (See Boulter's Letters, June 6, 1730) He was 
son of Denis D., " Colonua" [farmer], b. at Batbkrea, Queen's Co., ed. by Mr. Dalton, 
Athy, ent. T.C.D. Sep. 13, 1701, aged 17, Soh. 1704, B.A. 1706, Fell. 1709, M.A. 1709, 
B.D. and D.D. 1722, Abp. Bang's Lect. 1722, Prof, of Oratory and Hist. 1724, was elected 
Preb. of St. John's, Dub., 1725, but was not inst. Chanc. Ch. Ch., Dub., and V. Davids- 
town 1728-44, Preb. Donoughmore, Dub. 1729-30, Chanc. S. Pat's., Dub., 1730-44, 
became Dean of Down, 1744 and res. this B. He m. twice. His 2nd wife was the cele- 
brated "Mrs. Delany" Mary Granville, wid. of Alexr. Pendarves, of Cornwall, the 
friend and correspondent of Swift and who is honoured, like her husband, the Dean, by 
a biography in the D.N.B. (q.v.). He d. s.p. at Bath in May, 1768. He pub. (see also 
AUibone's Diet.) 

Revelations Examined with Candour, 1732, 2nd Ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 1745. 

An Historical Account of the Life and Reign of David, &o., 3 Ed., 2 vol. 8vo. 
Lond., 1745. 

Reflections upon Polygamy, &o., 8vo., Lond., 1739. 

Twenty Sermons upon Social Duties and their Opposite Vices. 8vo. Lond., 

An Essay towards Evidencing the Divine Original of Tythes. 8vo., Lond., 

Sixteen Discourses upon Doctrines and Duties, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1745. 

Sermon on John xiii, 34 for Incorp. Soc. 8vo. Lond., 1748. 

An Humblfl Apology for Christian Orthodoxy. 8vo., Lond. 1761. 

Sermons (1) on Matt, v., 27-28, (2) on Psa. cxxii, 6-9, (3) on I Tim. vi., 18-19. 
8vo. Lond., 1763. 

The Doctrine of Transubstantiation .... Confuted, &o. 4to., Lond., 1766. 

He waa considered one of the best preachers of his day, defended Swift against Lord 
Orrery 1754, and started a periodical called the Tribune, 1738. (See D.N.B., Swift's 
Letters, &c.) See also App. IV. 

17 44. Thomas M'Donnell, pres. Dec. 13, inst. Deo. 21 (F.F.), res. in 1763, for Dromore, 

1783. William Meade, pres. May 16, inst. May 17 (D.R.) He was 4th son of Wm. M., 
Dean of Cork 1736-63, ent. T.C.D. June 5, 1746, aged 17, b. in Co. Cork, ed. by Mr. 
Spread; B.A. 1750, LL.B. 1753, ord. D. 6 Oct., 1754, P. 8 Deo. 1754, Cork, C. Kil- 
more and Schull 1754, C. St. Nich., Cork, 1756-63, res. Derryvullen in 1767, B. Taxax 
and Bincurran (Cork) 1767-9, m. in 1759, Martha, dau. of Col. Biohard Bourne and had 
issue, including Bev. Bichard, B. of Ballymartle and BeV, Bobert, B. of Ballymoney, 
^ork. (See Brady's Records of Cork.) 

1767. Richard Qodley, pres. July,inat. Sep. 16(5..R.) He was eldest son of Bev. Wm. G., 
of Mullabrack. (See Leslie's Armagh, p. 62.) Had a fac. to hold also B. Kil- 
(Meath) 14 July, 1767 He ent. T.C.D. Deo. 1, 1753, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Dubor- 
B.A. 1758, M.A- 1761. His brother John G., of Killegar, was ancestor of Lord 


Kilbracken. He d. on 7th January, 1791, in Dublin, and hia P. Will was proved, 
Jan. 13, 1791. It was made on 30 Oct., 1790. Codicil, dated 22 Nov., 1790 mentions 
his brothers, William and John and his sisters Mary Pr ingle and Elizabeth Vincent. 
If he died in Dublin to be buried in St. Mary's Churchyard. (See also Armagh Clergy, 
p. 62) He was, however, bur. in St. Thomas's Churchyard, Dublin. (See Memorial 
Jour., 1926, p. 731). 

1781 . John Stack, inst. June 7 (S.R.) t res. for Kilskeery Preb. (q.v<) 1801. 

1801. Hugh Wevin, Preb. of Kilskeery, exchanged with Stack and was pres. 9 No?, antf 
"held the parish from 14 Nov., 1801 " (DM.), inst. is not recorded. He ent. T.C.D. 
Feb. 1, 1772, father's name not rec., ed. by Mr. Noble, at Enniskillen, B.A. 1776, LL.B. 
and LL.D. 1803, C. Cloghor 1783-93, Preb. Tyholland 1784-7, Preb. Devenish, 1787-91, 
Preb. Donacavey 1791-4, Preb. Kilskeery 1794-1801, d. Mar. 21, 1804 (F.F.) P, Will 
pr. 1804. He m. Rebecca, dau. of Geo. Lendrum, of Moorfield, Co. Tyrone. 

1804. George Miller, pres. July 25, inst. Aug. 3 (DM.) He was son of Stephen M.. 
merchant, Was b. in Dub., 1764, ed. by Mr. Craig, ent. T.C.D. July 5, 1779, aged 14, 
Seh. 1782, B.A. 1784, Fellow 1789, M.A. 1789, B.D. 1794, D.D. 1799, Donnellan Lect. 
1796, Lect. in Mod. Hist. 1799-1803, M.R.I.A., Vicar-General of Armagh, Head Master 
Armagh B. Sch., 1817-48, m. 1794 Elizabeth, dau. of (she d. 17 July, 1840, aged 65) had 
issue (1) Rev. Robt.,M.A., T.C.D., 1827, who was R. of Newtownhamilton and d. Sep. 
7, 1840, aged 40 (see Leslie's Armagh, p. 390) ;(3) Re v. Char les, B. A., T.C.D., 1830, V. of 
Carlingfordl872-82,d. Aug. 8, 1884, aged 77 (t&. p. 161) (4) Wm. T. ; (5) Stearne, B.L. 
1835, Judge of the Irish Bankruptcy Court; (6) Edward; and Mary, m. Leonard 
Dobbin, Clerk of the Peace, Armagh ; Martha m. A. H. Rutherford, of Ravensdale, June 
6, 1838 ,- Elizabeth ; Florinda, Emily, Lucretia, Matilda, Anne d. 16 July, 1865. He d. 
Oct. 5, 1848j aged 84, bur. in Armagh. A Full Bibliography of his published works 
numbering over 30, by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, appeared in If. Eccl. Gazette of 1875 
They include the following : 

Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern History. 8 vols., 8vo. Dub., 1816-28. 

These were issued, with changes as History Philosophically Illustrated, 2 Ed., 
4 vols. Lond. 1832, 3rd Ed, Lond. 1848-9. The 4th Vol. contained a Memoir 
of the Author. 

DionysU Longini de Sublimitate Commentarius . Dub., 8vo., 1797. 

Elements of Natural Philosophy, Dub. Svo., 1799. 

A Lecture on the Origin and General Influences of the French Revolution. 
Svo. Dub., 1811. 

A Letter to the Lord Primate on the Manner in which Christianity was Taught 
by our Saviour and His Apostles. 8vo., Lond., 1822. 

A Letter to Rev. E. B. Pusey. . .8vo., Lond., 1840, and said to have been 
partly the cause of Newman's Tract 90. 

A Second Letter to Rev. E. B. Pusey, &c. Svo. Lond., 1841. 

An Historical View of the Plea of Tradition as maintained in the Church of 
Rome. 8vo., Lond., 1826. 

The Question of the Change of the Sabbath Examined; &c.. Svo., Dub., 1828. 

besides Pamphlets and Judgments on the Law of Marriage and Divorce and Ecclesiastical 
Residences, Reviews in BlficJcwood, British Critic, Edinb. Rev., &c., and Papers in Trans. 
R.I.A. Vols. v and vii. (See D.N.B. Attibone, I.E. Gaz., &c. Rev. Dr. J. W. Stubbs, 
F., T.C.D., in his evidence before the Dublin University Commission, 1877 (Minutes of 
Evidence, p. 44) stated that ho was offered tfie parish on Dr. Miller's death and refused 
it ; the gross value was then 1,094 nett, 769 and house. 

A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Miller, with an etching, appeared in the Dub. Univ. Mag. 
for June, 1841, and another in the Christian Examiner, Nov. and Dec., 1848. 

1849. William Thomas Lett, inst. Feb. 17 (D.B.) Son of Nicholas L., "gen," " Rus- 
tious," b. in Co. Wexford, ed. at Portora Roy. Sch., ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1837, aged 17, 
B.A. 1843, Fellow 1847. d. at Cannstadt, Mar. 11, 1857. 

18B9. John Young Rutledge, pres. June 13, inst. July 8 (SM.), son of John R. "Taber- 
narius," b. in Bandon, 1823, ed. by Dr. Browne, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1840, Soh. 1843, 
B.A. 1845, Fell. 1850, M.A. 1851, B.D. 1857, D.D. 1860, res. Derryvullen 1865, for R. 
Armagh, 1865-72, became Chanc. Armagh 1871-2, m. Maria, dau of Rev. Geo. Scott, 
R. of Banagher, and had issue (1) Rev. Lawrence William (see below) ; (2) Rev. Charles 


Scott, R, Banagher, 1897 ; (3) Geo. Bedell, Co. Insp., R.I.C. d. 1926 ; (4) Victor John, 
M.D., and 6 daus. He d. Aug. 1, 1872, his wid. d. at Westfield Road, Dublin, Feb. 29, 
1916, and was bur. at Mt. Jerome Cem. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 116). 

Dr. Rutledge was bur. in Derryvullan Churchyard, where an inscription on his tomb- 
stone records " Sacred to the Memory of Herbert John Rutledge, infant son of Rev. 
J. Y. Rutledge, D.D., Rector ; also of the Rev. J. Y. Rutledge, D.D., ex-F., T.C.D., 
Rector of Derryvollan, 1857-65, of Armagh, 1865-72, who departed this life August 1st, 
1872, aged 48." The E. Window of Derryvullan Church was erected by subscription 
to his memory, and is inscribed " To the Glory of God and in Memory of the Rev. 
J. Y. Rutledge, D.D., Rector and Vicar ." 

186B. Richard Verschoyle, pres. Oct. 14, inst. Oct. 31 (D.R.) See Prebg. Kilskeery. 
Annuity declared 1870, 889 5s. lid. In 1874 the Parish was divided by the Diocesan 
Synod into Derryvullen North and Derryvullen South. Mr. Verschoyle res. part of 
Derryvullen, i.e. the S. part, 20 May, 1874, and continued R. of Derryvullen North 
until 1891. Derryvullen South is now known as Derryvullen. See below for D. 

1875. William Christopher Hanbury, was app. in 1874 as Curate-in-Charge, and 
subsequently as Incumbent, inst. Jan. 1 (D.R.), b. May 27, 1847, at Coolderry, Rath- 
moylon, Co. Meath, son of Christopher H., of Coolderry, Co. Meath, and of Susan, 
his wife, T.C.D. B.A. 1868, M.A. and B.D. 1891, ord. D. 1870, Arm., P. 1871, Kilm., C. 
Swanlinbar 1870-4, res. Derryvullen 13 Sep., 1880, R. Swanlinbar 1880-8, R. Larah 
1888-94, R. Killoughter 1894-1914, retired on superannuation, m. Jan. 26, 1881, Sophia 
Kate Hamilton, 3rd dau. of Robert Barrett, Marino Villa, Donnycarney, Co. Dublin. Is 
now living in Rathmines. 

1880. Lawrence William Rutledge, inst. Nov. 26 (D.R.), b. 28 Nov., 1855, at Welling- 
ton Road, Dublin, son of Rev. John Young R., above, ed. at Portora, T.C.D. B.A. 
'(Resp.,) 1879, M.A- J887, ord. D. 1879, P. 1880, Down, C. Ballymena 1879-80, res. Derry- 
vullen 12 Aug., 1887, C. S. Barnabas, Surrey, 1888-90, C. S. Paul, Truro, 1890-2, C. 
Farncombe, Winchester, 1893-7, R. Cloncha 1897-9, R. Tamlaghtard 1899-1909, R. 
Clonleigh (Derry) 1909-14, retired on superannuation, m. June 16,1881, Alicia Maud, 
dau. of W. D. Latimer, C.E., of Bengal, and had issue (1) Capt. John Bedell, East 
Yorkshire Regt., killed in the Great War at the Battle of the Somme, July 1, 1916 
(Tablet in Derryvullen) ; (2) George Scott, Major, Roy. Mar. Artillery ; (3) Laurence 
Hugh Nesbitt, Captain 1/8 Gurka Rifles, d. Jan. 10, 1921, on Active Service N.W.F., 
India, result of motor accident ; and 2 daus. Mary Aileen and Ruth. Is now residing at 
Doddington, Oxon. 

1887. Charles James Ferguson, inst. Nov. 14 '(D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1871, Div. Test- 
(2) 1872, M.A. 1874, B.D. and D.D. 1891, ord. D. 1870, Down, P. 1873 (Cork), C. Clonti- 
bret 1870-2, C. St. Luke's, Cork, 1872-6, R. Rockcorry 1876-87, res. Derryvullen 1891 
R. Clondalkin 1891-1903, Chapl. at Strassbourg 1903-4, at Dusseldorf 1904-6, V. Milk- 
ley, Ripon, 1906, son of Wm. Dwyer F., LL.D., Registrar of the Appeal Court, Dublin, 
m. June 24, 1880, Adelaide Louisa, dau. of Col. Robert Aldworth, of Douglas Villa, 
Cheltenham, J.P., and has issue, including Rev. Wm. Aldworth, b. 1881, Sch. B.A., 
Brasenose Coll., Oxon. ; (2) Francis Augustus, R.E. b. 1883 ; Charles St. Leger ; and 2 
daus. (See Cole's Cork, p. 313). He d. in 1921. 

1892. Charles Maurice Stack, inst. Feb. 15 (D.R.), res. in 1902 for Magheraclooney. 
1902. Thomas Ernest Rudd, inst. May 21 (D.R.), res. in 1905 for Muckno q.v. 

1906. Edward William M'Farland, inst. Feb. 24 (D.R.), T.C.D., B.A. and Div. Test. 
1899, M.A. 1915, ord. D. 1900, P. 1901, C. Drumlease 1900-3, C. Enniscorthy 1903-6, 
T.C. Forces 1916-19, Mil. Cross, 1917. Diocesan Secretary 1926 ; m. 1906, Beryl, dau. 
of G. C. Grey, and has issue, a dau., Kathleen Beryl. 


1822. John Ramsey (V,B.) His Deposition (in the Dep. of 1641, T.C.D.) states that on 
23 Oct., 1641, he was " of the Parish of Enyskyn, and Rector of do., in the Barony of 
Donaghmoine." In the Deposition of Rev. Paul Read, Curate of Creggan, " Minister 
of Blackstaffe," Read states that in 1642 he met in Dublin " John Ramsay, 10 or 12 
years old, son of Mr. John Ramsay, Minister of Balleruahe, within one half-mile of 

1667. Q. Walklngshaw (Misc. Ppa., P.R.O.) 


1693. Thomas Abercromby and up to 1703 (V.B.), was C. Cleenish 1687, 0. Derry. 
brusk and Killany 1692 ; V. Rossinver (Kilm.) 1721-4, d. 1724. 

1708. William Rea (V.B.) 

1719. William Johnston and up to 1728 at Lowtherstown C.E. (FJ3.) See Derry. 

1720. Alexander Steel and up to 1736 (V.B.) at Lowtherstown C. Enniskillen 1701-20. 
C. Derrybrusk 1702, C. Rossory 1720. 

1735. Alexander Leslie and to 1767 (V.B.) See Derrybrusk Curates. 
1737. Nicholas Wade, C. at Lowtherstown (V.B.) See Dromore Curates. 
1758. John Campbell, Lie. C. May 26 (D.R.) See Carrickmacross. 
1760. William Dane, Lie. April 24 (D.B.) See Clontibret. 
1761. William Qoreley, Lie. Nov. 26 (D.R.) is C. to 1766 (Purl Ret.) 

1772. Joseph Lendrum (V.B.), was son of George L., of Moorfield, Co. Tyrone (B.L.G.) 
andbro. of Rev. Thomas ; T.C.D. ent. July 8, 1762, ed. by Dr. Dunkin, B.A. 1767, ord. D. 
1767, P. Oct. 1767 (S.R.) Was C. at Lowtherstown. 

1772. Alexander Leslie, appears (V.B.), was curate to 1790, and perhaps to 1794. 
See Derrybrusk. 

1773. Rowland Beattle (V.B.) Name appears as Betty in T.C.D. Lists, ent. July 8, 1765, 
B.A. (in V.B.) not rec. ord. D. , ord. P. 1 May, 1773, Kilmore, was C. Drumreilly 
(Kilm.) 1786, V. Rathbeggan (Meath) 1806-11. The Will of Rev. R. B. of Lakefleld, 
Co. Cavan, was proved in 1811. Was C. at Lowtherstown. 

1785. Charles Fleetwood ( V.B.) See Aughnamullen Curates. Was C. at Lowtherstown , 

1796. Leslie Battersby ( V.B.), son of John B., " gen.", of Lakefield, Co. Meath, by Sarah 
dau. of Rev. Henry Leslie, b. in Co. Meath, ed. by Mr. Meares, ent. T.C.D. Dec. 6, 1784, 
aged 16, B.A. 1789, M.A. 1805, LL.B. and LL.D. 1819, C. Derrybrusk 1795, P.O. Lisna- 
dell (Armagh) 1797-1801, R. Skreen (Killala) 1801-14, V. Ardfinnan and Newcastle and 
R. Mortlestown (Lismore) 1814-19, m. 5 July, 1796, Anna Maria, dau. of Patrick Palmer, 
B.L., and left issue, Lieut. John, R.N., Leslie, Joseph, Edwin George, William, &c., his 
dau. Ellen, m. Dec. 1, 1840, at Cayuga, Upper Canada, Roberb Griffith. He had an 
interesting correspondence with Sir Jonah Barrington on the subject of Family Money, 
pub. 1810, 8vo., 45 pp. The P. Will of Rev. L. B., of Ardfinnan, was proved in 1819. 

1797. Edward Stack was C., and up to 1822 ( Ves. B.) He was the son of William S., b. 
in Cork, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 6, 1792, aged 17, ed. by Mr. Pasley, grad. B.A. 1797. He was 
Chaplain of Vaughan School 1823-57. He m. Tempe, dau. of Rev. Walter Bagot, R. of 
Monasterevan, and Preb. of Harristown, Kildare, and had issue, 10 sons and 3 daus. 
viz. (1) William, b. Mar. 14, 1810, in Co. Ferni., ed. by Mr. Miller, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 
1825, B.A. 1831, ord. P. (Oss.), Nov. 16, 1834, C. Magheraculmoney 1835-7 ; m. his 
cousin, Martha Bagot, at Fonstowri, Jan. 28, 1837, and went out in 1837 as one of the 
1st three missionaries, under S.P.G., to N.S. Wales, then a penal colony without a church 
and was placed in charge of West Maitland, a large town, composed ehiefly of felons 
transported from the British Isles, in a state of the grossest demoralisation, a small 
minority only having any fear of God, or love of truth ; here he remained till 1848 ; 
was in charge of Campbelltown 1849-56, Incnmbent of Balmain 1856-71, also Canon of 
Sydney Cathedral, and was the means of getting churches and schools built in these 
districts. He died as the result of the upsetting of a coach, June 14, 1871. His issue 
live in Australia ; (2) Walter Bagot, b. Sep. 4, 1813, bap. Sep. 12, was a doctor in George- 
town, Demara, m. and had issue ; one of his sons lives with his family in Australia ; 
he d. Oct. 4, 1858 ; (3) Richard, b. Mar. 5, 1815, bap. Mar. 19 ; ed. by Mr. Smith, ent. 
T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1833, B.A. 1841, became C. of St. Peter's, Dublin ; was m., d. at Rath- 
mines, Feb. 21, 1851, of fever contracted in slums of Dublin ; (4) Edward, b. Feb. 10> 
1817, bap. Mar. 9, d. Dec. 3, 1834 ; (5) Thomas, b. Sep. 19,1818, bap. Oct. 25 ; became an 
Army Surgeon, and was shot through the heart while attending wounded in the open as 
the storming of Jhansi, April 3, 1857 ; (6) George John Bagot, b. Jan. 26, 1820, took 
service with the East India Co., d. of fever at Kurrachee after having taken part in the 
conquest of Scinde, first as Political Attache, afterwards in Military Command Dec. 9, 
1853 ; was m. and had issue ; (7) John, b. Dec. 20, 1821, d. in California, Sep. 1, 1859 ; (8) 
Maurice Charles, b. Nov. 6, 1823, cl. Aug. 27, 1824 ; (f>) Charles Maurice, b. Aug. 23, 


1826, became Bishop of Clogher. See Bishops ; (10) Christopher, b. Jan. 30, 1830, d. 
Mar. 1830 ; and (1) Jane, b. Oct. 16, 1800, d. May 21, 1826 ; (2) Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 
1811, bap. Deo. 22, d. June 1, 1863 ; (3) Tempo Bagot, b. Sep. 19, 1827, d. May 8, 1860 ; 
Bev. Edward S. d. at Omagh in the 84th year of his age in Nov., 1857 ; and his wife 
d. at Tydavnet Rectory, Jan. 3, 1873, in her 90th year. Both were bur. at Cappagh, 
near Omagh. (Stack Family Bible : Digest of S.P.G. Records, pp. 402, 901 ; Par. Beg.) 

1803. George Harris (V.B.) became R. Derrybrusk 1810. Was 0. at Lowtherstown. 
1824. Sanuel George Rogers appears (Erck.) Was C. at Lowtherstown. 

1829. James Simpson Irwln. According to Erck. he was C. here 1824, son of Rev. John 
I., b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Dr. Burrowes, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 6, 1817, aged 17, B.A. 1821. 

1837. Charles Miller (ib.), son of Rev. Geo. M., D.D. (see Rectors), became subsequently 
V. of Carlingford and d. 1884 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 161). He pub. The Collects of the 
Liturgy of the Church of England Cathetically explained, 3 ed., 148 pp., Lond., 1864. 
Was C. here at Lowtherstown and became P.O. Castle Archdale 1840. 

1839. William Watklns Peering appears C. from Jan. 6, 1839, to Sep. 12, 1841, at 
Irvinestown (Par. Reg.) See Maguiresbridge. 

1841. Eugene O'Meara appears C. from Sep. 9, 1841, to Feb. 6, 1843, at Irvlnestown 
(Par. Reg.) He was son of Charles Peter O'M., Schoolmaster, and his wife Sarah, b. in 
Wexford, ed. by Mr. Ebbs, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 22, 1832, aged 17, B.A. 1840, M.A. 1858, 
He was subsequently C. St. Marks, Dublin, 1843-1861, R. Newcastle Lyons 1861-80. 
He d. on Feb. 21, 1880. He was m. and had issue, including Rev. Charles Peter, M.A., 
T.C.D., R. Newcastle Lyons 1887-1904, d. June 5, 1904, aged 61, and Rev. Eugene 
Henry, see Newtownsaville ; and daus., including Mary, d. Jan. 27, 1919. His wife 
Margaret d. Jan. 8, 1892, aged 77. 

1841-47. William Hanna Bradshaw. See Canons. 

1843. John Flanagan appears C. from Feb. 19, 1843, to May 3, 1847, at Irvlnestown 
(Par. Reg.) See Donacavey. 

1847. Gorges Irvine appears C. to 1863 (Fes. C. & B.) See Muckno. 

1847. David Robert Bleakley appears C. from June 6, 1847 to Mar. 5, 1849, at Irvines- 
town (Par. Reg.) He was son of Robt. B., farmer, b. in Co. Cork, ent. T.C.D. Noy. 12, 
1840, aged 35, B.A. 1846, M.A. 1850, was subsequently P.C. of Benowen, Meath, 1852-70 
was m. and had issue; his yst. son, William Maunsell, M .P.S .1 . , of Terenure Road, Dublin, 
d. Aug. 23, 1923, and his 2nd dau. Mary Maude, d. Oct. 8, 1923. He d. in 1884. 

1849. Edward Maynard Goslett appears C. from June 24, 1849, to Feb. 29, 1852, at 
Irvinestown (Par Reg.) He was son of Jos. G., soldier, b. in Limerick, ed. by Mr. D. 
Flynn, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1841, aged 18, B.A. 1846, LL.B. and LL.D. 1856, Div. Test. 
1846, ord. D. 1847, P'. 1848, Dub. ; was subsequently C. St. Simon and St. Judes, Man- 
Chester, and became R. of Colby, Norwich, in 1870. 

1852. John Walton Murray appears C. from Oct. 3, 1852, to Mar. 20, 1853, at Irvines- 
town (Par. Reg.) ; became in 1853 P.C. of Fivemiletown, q.v. 

1863. James Blair Annesley appears C. from April 17, 1853, to June 23, 1857, at 
Irvlnestown (Par. Reg.). See Canons. 

1858. Christopher Irvine appears C. from Jan. 10, 1858, to May 24,1861, at Irvinestown 
(Par. Reg.) See Dromore Curates. 

1859-81. Henry Irwln. See Curates of Enniskillen. 

1860-1. William Graham Murphy. (See Armagh Clergy p. 306). 

1862. Robert Moore Plele Freeman, M.A., Lie. 12 June (D.R.) Cur. from 1861 at 
Lowtherstown, became subsequently C. (1863-71) & R. Collon, Co. Louth, (1871- 
1923), Preb. of Loughgall, Armagh, d. Mar. 24, 1925, aged 86, at Collon. (See Armagh 
Clergy p. 187). 

1863 Henry Crossle Irvine, son of Georges I., of Enniskillen, bro. of Rev. Gorges (above) 
T.C.D. B.A. 1854, C. Killeevan 1854, C. Magheraculmoney 1857-63, R. Aghavilly (Ar- 
magh) 1866-71, R. Kildarton 1871-85, d. unm. June 26, 1885 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 

1863 Samuel Evans, Lie. 28 Dec.(D..R.)for Irvlnestown, T.C.D. B.A. 1861, Div. Test. 
1862, M.A. 1865, ord. D. 1862 Down for Kilm. P. 1863, Arm. C. Mohill 1862-3, res. thia 
C. 1873 and held curacies in England to 1887, when he became R. Taxal Chester. 

1865. Charles Edward Campbell appears as distributing the alms at Easter, 1865, 
and was evidently acting as curate ( Ves. B.) He was the son of Rev. Chas. C., P.C. of 
Ardglass, was b. in Co. Down, ed. by Mr. Darley, ent. T.C.D. as Sizar, June 9, 1846, aged 


19, Soh. 1848, B.A. 1854, Berkeley Gold Medal and Vice-Chanc's. Pri. English Prose 
1854, Div. Test. (I) 1856 ; was Master at Portora 1858, ord. p. 1860, P. 1861, Meath ; 
was 0. St. Mary's Ealing, 1866-7, 0. St. Saviour's, Chelsea, 1867-9, Chapl. Chantilly 
1869-71, . Holy Trin., Southall, 1872-4, V. Theydon Bois, St. Albans, 1874. 

1866. Henry James Carpenter was 0. in June, 1866 ( Fes. B.) He was son of Rev. Henry 
0., P.O., of St. Michael's, Liverpool, by Hester, dau. of Archibald Boyd, of Co. Derry, 
and was bro. of Bishop W. Boyd Carpenter, of Ripon. He became P.O. of Emmanuel 
Ohuroh, Everton, Liverpool, in 1867, and is said to have emigrated later to N.S.W. 

1867. Henry St. George Edwards appears this year, and up to Jan. 1, 1869 (Fes. B.) 
He was son of James Kynaston E., and was b. in Co. Dublin, and ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 
1841, aged 17, B.A. 1846, M.A. 1860, ord. D. 1867, P. 1868, P. 0. Rockcorry 1868-73 ; 
was subsequently C. Appledore, Kent, 1874. The Rector's wife, Mrs. Verschoyle, was 
his sister. He presented a pair of Glastonbury chairs for the Chancel of the Parish 
Church at Christmas 1868. 

1869. 'John Corvan appears C. Jan. 1 (Vea. B.) He was, I think, son of John C., Arch- 
deacon of Ferns, ed. at T.C.D., B.A. and Div. Test. (2) 1863, M.A. 1873, ord D. 1863, 
Kilmore ; P. 1864, Armagh ; was C. Portadown 1864-8, left Derryvullan for C. Ennis- 
oorthy 1872-6, subsequently held curacies in England. See Armagh Clergy p. 400. 

1866. William Henry Smith, B.A. (D.R.) 

1872. John William Harton, ord. D. f or this C. by Bp. of Down, Dec. (DM.) See Castle 

1873. Qerald Lloyd Whlttaker, Lie. June 30 (D.R.), and Lie. C. Irvlnestown 3 Aug. 
1875 (D.R.) See Boho. 

1816-18. Edward Gordon Ward, Lie. 13 Oct., 1916 (D.R.) See Aghadrumsee and 


Derryvullen is not Daire Maylan (Maelan's Oakgroye) as stated in Ann Hib. i., 28, 
note, but is Airech-MayJfln (A.F.M., &c.) "the point or promontory of Maelan" 
(Beeves). In the Papal Taxation of 1302, the "Ecclesia de Deyridmelan " was valued 
at 3 marks. In 1447 Owen, son of Petras, son of Saerdalach O'Breislein Chief Brehon 
of Fermanagh and Erenach of Airechmaelan, died (A.F.M.) In 1484 the Ann. Ult. 
mention " Aire Maelan Eaglais Tigernagh." Tigernach was the Patron Saint, see 
under 1421 above. Reeves conjectures that Cairn -aruanain in the map of 1609 is the 
Church of Derryvullen. The value of -the R. in 1622 was 13 6s. 8d, (JB.F.) 

The O'Breslens, the O'Banons, and the O'Lunyns were erenachs here. An ancient 
Gothic Font belonging to the old Church, is now preserved in the present one. 

In The State of the Diocese, 1622, it is said of the church " the church standeth 
in an unconvenient place for the parish, and is not repayred." In the Triennial Visita- 
tion of 1679, the " Rectoria integra de Derrivolen " is thus described " Valet 60 lib. 
per ann. Ecclesia bene se habet." 

When the Church was rebuilt in 1776, Mrs: Armar had subscribed 160 and be- 
queathed 100 towards the rebuilding, on condition that the site was not changed. The 
E. gable and part of the N. wall of this qhurch still stand. .Built into the gable on the 
exterior over the E. window is a corbel stone, carved to represent a human face, which 
evidently belonged to the pre -Reformation church. 

As to the Glebe, in a terrier of Derryvullan, dated 1704, no house is marked in Tully- 
clea, though a house is shown on adjoining land. In a Terrier of 1766, it was said of 
Tullyclea " It is the residence of the Rector, has an house on it one storey high and office 
house ill laid out and built, but kept in tolerable repair, a pretty good garden, with a 
small old-planted orchard." The Terrier of 1772 contained the following description 
of the house " Parsonage House, built a long time, and in very bad repair, built out 
of limestone and mud, containing 6 rooms, floored with board, beside a kitchen and 2 
rooms for servants. Two stables for 4 horses each, dairy, brew house, barn and cow 
house, all thatched." 

Derryvullen was one of the four Livings In Co. Fermanagh granted to T.O.D. 
29 Aug., 1610. Compensation amounting to 8,194 8s. lid. was granted to T.C.D. for 
its loss at the Disestablishment. The Church was rebuilt in 1776. (Parl. Ret.) 

In 1777 " at the North end at Lowtherstown stands the chapel (of Ease) greatly 
dilapidated and under orders for repair. Glebe house built 1777. Protestants 318 
Papists 225, Communicants 150. One of the most ill-formed Parishes in the Diocese. 
(Parl Ret.) 

The Vestry Book (lost in P.R.O. destruction, with the Par. Register from 1803) 
contained a copy of the conveyance of ground by Anthony Denny for the site of a new 


Church (at Mulrod), dated 1862, and of ground for a schoolhouse from William Miller, 
24th April, 1846. The foundation stone of the Church was laid on 17th Aug., 1852, 
by the 4th Earl of Belmore, who contributed largely to the Building Fund, as did also 
Lord John George Beresford, the Primate. It was cons, in 1854 ; enlarged at the W. 
End in 1867. The Bell was presented by A. Denny. The late Earl of Belmore pub- 
lished a History of this Parish in the Clogher Diocesan Magazine. See also his Two 
Ulster Manors and other works and Articles by him in U.J.A. and Jour. R.S.A.I. and 
an Art, by Lady Dorothy Lowry-Oorry in Jour. S.P.M.D., 1915. The Communion 
Plate includes a Chalicej Paten and Flagon inscribed " Ex dono Jacobi King, de Gola, 
Armig, Ecclesiae de Derryvoylan, A.D. 1727." 



1874. Richard Versohoyle. See above. 

1891. William Jackson Nicholson, inst. 17 Mar. (D.R.), retired 1923. See Prebs., 

1823. Thomas William Ooursey, inst. April 8 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. (Resp.) 1910, ord. D. 
1916, P. 1917 Clogher, C. Enniskillen 1916-18, 0. Maguiresbridge 1918^21, C.-in-Charge 
Currin, 1921-3. 


1874. Thomas Griffith, Lie. 25 Mar. (D.R.), ed. at St. Bees Coll. 1872, T.C.D. Matric. 
1876, ord. D. 1874, P. 1875, Arm. res. this C. 1876 for C. H. Trin., Paramount, S. Helena 
1876-9, C. Silas Liv. 1879. 

1877-80. James Henry Qallaher, C. Derryvullen North. 

1880. Samuel Curling Hayward from July, 1880, to July 1885, was C. of Derryvullen 
North, and also in charge of Castle Archdale, q.v. 

1888. John Roche A.rdlll, Lie. June 1, C. Derryvullen N. (D.R.) (Norn. by Rev. R. Vers- 
ohoyle). T.O.D. B.A. (Resp.) 1884, Div. Test. 1885, LL.B. and LL.D. 1892, ord. D. 
1884, Meath, P. 1885, Dub., C. St. Mary, Athlone, 1884-6, C. Derryvullen N. 1886-7, C. 
St. Andrew's, Dub., 1887-9, R. Drumcliffe, Sligo, 1889-99, R. Calry, Sligo, 1899, Can. of 
Elphin, 1902, Pub. Forgotten Facts of Irish History, 1905 ; The Closing of the Irish Par- 
liament, 1907, &c. 

1887. John Charles Frederick Brindley was C. from Dec., 1887, to July, 1889 (Par. 
Reg.), T.C.D. B.A. 1885, Div. Test., 1886, ord. D. 1886, Dub., P. 1887, Arm., 0. Zion 
Church, Rathgar, 1886, became Missy, at Hailey, Idaho, U.S.A., 1889-90, C. Blundell 
Sands, 1890-4, Sec. C.E., Waifs and Strays Soc., Liverpool, etc., 1894-5, C. Hungerfprd 
(Oxf.) 1895-7, C. St. Austell 1897-1900, C. St. Columb Minor, 1900, Chap. Perahce 
andS.Malo 1901-2,0. Madron, Truro 1902-6, V. Gwennap, Redruth, 1906, d. circa 1911. 

1889-91. William Jackson Nicholson. See Rectors. 

1818. George Kingston, Lie. C. Derryvullen N., 21 Nov. (D.R.) See Clogher Curates. 


It is probable that the Chapel of Ease at Lowtherstown alias Irvinestown was 
built subsequent to Pynnar's Survey of 1618-9. It was restored after 1667, and it was 
rebuilt, and its square tower erected by Dr. Delany in 1734, according to an inscription 
on the tower, which still stands in the old churchyard, and serves as a clock tower for 
the town of Irvinestown. The rest of the old church was ordered to be pulled down and 
the materials sold. The present Church was opened for worship by Dec., 1828. It 
became the Parish Church of Derryvullan North in 1874. 

The following Records are in Parochial Custody : Vestry Book inscribed " A 
Vestry Book, North Derryvolland, 1804," and 7 Vols. Parish Registers, viz., Baptisms 
1803-71, Marriages 1803-46, Burials 1803-69 besides the more modern Registers. 

Burial Ground Derryvullan North cons. 7 D,eq., 1908 (D.R.) 

Irvinestown Church Plate (Chalice and 'Paten, Silver) is inscribed " The gift of 
G. Carleton, Esq., to the Church of Lowtheratpwn, Ano. Dni. ,1717," on Plated Chalice 
and Paten " Irvinestown Church, 1867," on Flagon "Irvinestown Church, 1840." 
See also App. IV. 




1423. Tierney Okathasald (O'Casey) has detained the Vicarage and Sacristship of 
Devenish for 6 years (C.L.P. viii., 11 June, 1428). 

1461. Cornelius Ocathasaid (O'Casey), perpetual Vicar, was to resign the V. on being 
coll. to the Priory, vacant by the death of John Maguire (Ann. Hib., i., 49). See 
Ocathasay, Preb. 

1457. Bernard O'Casey (Ocathasaydh), was V. of the Parochial and Collegiate Church 
of S. Lasreanus, Damynys, and 

14B7. Bartholomew O'Casey (Ocathasaydh), Scholar, of Clogher dio., informs the 
Pope that Bernard was, for contumacy, excommunicated by John, Archbishop of 
Armagh, and yet celebrated masses. If true, Barth., who is illegitimate the son of 
unmarried parents is to be coll. to it 21 May. (C.P.L. xi., 315). 

-1489. Nicholas O'Cathasald (O'Casey) V. d. (Ann. Ult. HI, 341). 


-1417. Master John, " son of the great Archdeacon (Maguire), namely parson of Dai. 
minis of Loch Erne d." (Ann. Ult. iii., 76). 

1426. John Maguire had held the R. more than a year on 10 Oct., 1427, without being 
priested (Ann. Hib. i., 46-49, C.P.L. viii.) 

1427. Maurice Meicmagnassa (MacManus), "Rector of the Secular and Collegiate 
Church of St. Lassiran, Daminys " vacates it by resignation (Ann. Hib. i., 30). He ia, 
I think, the same as Murtough MacManus, who was Archdeacon of Clogher to 1441. 

1427. Nicholas O'Flanagan, who was coll. to the same on Dec. 29, bound himself for 
the first fruits on Jan. 26, 1427/8 (ib.) ; but another entry says that 

1428. Medocius Othalthlyth (O'Tully) had vacated it by death, and 

1428. Nicholas O'Flanagan is again coll. to it on April 26. He was of illigetimate birth 
and his collations to Devenish and Inishmacsaint, in 1427, were counted invalid, because 
he had received no dispensation. The Pope insisted that he should resign before he was 
absolved, and be coll. a 2nd time (Ann. Hib. i., 46). He d. on a pilgrimage at Rome in 
1460 (Ann. Ult. iii., 1889). He seems to have been succeeded in the Priory by John 
Maguire above, who is d. in 1451 (Ann. Hib. i., 49). 

For Rectors up to 1872 see Prebs., Devenish, above, but under George Hamilton 
add GLH. was Commonwealth Minister at Devenish in 1657, at 80 per annum, and 
continued here for 4 years as such. On 28 June, 1660, he was ordered to enjoy the 
tithes of Beagh for his proper maintenance here. He was inst. Preb. in 1661. (See 
Seymour's Com. Transcripts, p. 130, 211). 

1873. William Steele, coll. (on lapse) Mar. 13, (DM.). He was son of Fredk. Eeles S., 
Lieut. 18th (Roy. Irish) Regt., by Dorothea, dau. of Capt. Wm. Paterson, H.E.I.C.S., 
of Mason Lodge, Co. Donegal ; was b. 26 Apr., 1820, ed. by Mr. Smith, at Fbyle College, 
ent. T.C.D. as Siz., June 13, 1838 ; B.A. (Sen. Mod. Eth. and Log.), 1844, M.A. 1856, 
B.D. andD.D. 1874, ord. D. 22 Sep., 1844 and P. 21 Dec., 1845 (Peterboro'), C. Cottes- 
more (Pet.), 1844-52, Asst. Master Foyle Coll., 1852-6, Head Master Roy. Sch., Rap- 
hoe, 1855-7, Head Master Portora Royal Sch. 1857-91. He held the latter with this 
parish, but res. it 22 June, 1891, was hon. Chapl. to several L.L.'s, m. in 1847, Sarah 
Elly, dau. of John Haughton, of G-raigue, Queen's Co., by whom he had issue (1) 
Frederick, b. 1848, drowned in L. Erne, 1866 ; (2) Rev. John Haughton, see Curates 
below ; (3) Louisa Leslie, who m. 1878, Rev. A. Percy L. Tydd, B.A., Oxon., R. Inver, 
and died s.p. May 24, 1916 ; (4) Mary Isabella, d. y. ; (6) Lucy Gwendolen, m. April 23, 
1879, Henry Deane Walsh, B.A., B.E., T.C.D., aft. Engineer-in-Chief, Sydney, N.S.W., 
etc., and has issue ; (6) Sarah Emily d. 1913, unm. ; (7) Henrietta Beatrice, unm. ; (8) 
Dorothea Matilda, m. Oct. 25, 1893, Godfrey Wm. Millard, B.A., Sydney Univ., Attor- 
ney-at-Law ; (9) Rev. Wm. Babington, see below. He d. 23 Sep., 1898, and was bur. at 
Monea (Devenish Par. Ch.), where a Mural Tablet has been erected to him by the par- 
ishioners. His dau. Mrs. Deane Walsh d. Mar. 31, 1927. 

1898. William Babington Steele, inst. Nov. 9 (D.R.), son of preceding, b. 6 Aug., 
1865, ed. at Portora, T.C.D. Matric. 1884, B.A. (Resp.) 1891, ord. D. 12 June, 1892, 
P. 1 Oct., 1893 (Clogher), C. Devenish 1892-8, R.D. of Enniskillen 1911-20, m. March 4, 
1919, Elinor Brien, elder dau., and co heir of John Henry Reade, of Castletown, Co. 



1484. Bernard, " Sacrist of the Colleg. Ch. of Damynys," appears (D.R., Arm.) 

1693. Patrick Mullan ( V.B.), perhaps Patrick Mulktnt, son of Thomas M., b. in Trim, 
ed. by Mr. Carr, Dub., ent. T.C.D. as Siz., Oct. 20, 1664, aged 22, B.A. 1677. 

1693. Archibald Johnston (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

1696. John Lawson (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

1699. Thomas Creevy (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

1717. James Arbuthnot appears and up to 1724 (Den. and Exc.) See Drummully. 

1721. George Rogers (V.B.), T.C.D. Sch. 1716, B.A. 1717, ord. D. 1719, P.. 

1723. Joseph Carson and up to 1764 (V.B. and Vestry B.) See Errigal Trough. 

1764. Newburgh Higginbotham and up to 1778 (V.B. and Vestry B.) See Derrybrusk. 

1772. Joseph Mayne appears up to 1796 (V.B.), ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1765, ed. by Dr. 
Dunkin. No further particulars, but J.M., M.A., was ord. P. 1771, Kilmore. His sister 
Mary, m. Jas. Patterson, of Faugher, Devenish Par., Lieut., Enniskillen Volunteers, 
1809, and d. 1837, aged 78. 

1784-91. William Porteus (V.B. and Vestry B.) See Boho. 

1797. John Hamilton (Par. Reg.) and C. up to 1807 (V.B.) He m. Mary Richardson, 
3 of his children were baptised in Devenish, viz., Margaret, b. at Hall Craig, 1800 ; 
Thomas, b. at Castle Hume, 1802, and Mary Anne, b. at Hall Craig, 1806 (Par. Reg.) 

1 800. William Fausset (V.B.) He was b. Nov. 12, 1778, son of Thos. F., "Agricola," 
of " The Moybrone," in Co. Ferm., and ent. T.C.D. Jan. 6, 1794, aged 15, B.A. 1798, 
ed. by Mr. Denham. He was ord. D. 1798, and was probably C. from that date. He 
res. in 1823, and became Chapl. to the Dublin Hospitals in 1826, was app. Chapl. to Hib. 
Marine Sch., which heheld till his death, Oct. 20, 1865, aged 86 (I.E.G.) He was, there- 
fore ord. under the Canonical age. He contributed the Statistical Survey of Devenish 
to Mason's Paroch Survey, Vol. ii. See also a letter of his, when Curate in 1808, to his 
Bishop, concerning some depredations in Devenish Abbey (Jour. R.S.A.I., 1874, p. 91). 
The following baptisms of his children are recorded in Devenish Par. Reg. (1) Thomas, 
b. 1811, who ent. T.C.D. Dec. 3, 1827, aged 18 (sic.), ed. by Mr. Huddart, B.A., 1832 ; 
(2) Robert, b. 1812 ; (3) Mary, b. 1814 ; (4) Willian, b. 1815 ; (5) Elizabeth, b. 1817 ; 
(6) Rev. Andrew Robert, b. at Silver Hill, 1821, ed. at Dungannon Sch., ent. T.C.D. 
July 2, 1838, Sch. 1841, B.A. 1843, M.A. 1846, became Canon of York, well-known as a 
theological writer. Rev. W. F. instituted Sunday Schools at various centres in this 
parish. His brother lived at Lisbofin, Cleenish Parish. The family owned Silver Hill. 
Rev. W. F. m.' (1) 1810, his 1st cousin, Eliz., dau. of Andrew Fausset, Provost of Sligo ; 
m. (2) 1832, Eliza Hozier by whom he had 2 daus. He was bur. in Little St. George's 
Churchyard, Dublin. 

1806. James Ewing (V.B.), son of Samuel E., Surveyor, b. in Co. Donegal, ed. by Dr. 
Lamy, ent. T.C.D. June 2, 1794, aged 17, Sch. 1798, B.A. 1800. 

1 809. Andrew Young (V.B.), Lie. July 9, (Oowell Papers) at 50, here 1825 (Erch.). 
See P.O. Garrison. 

1829. Thomas James Ovenden (Par. Meg.) See Magheracross. 
1838-47. John Wilson (Par. Reg.) See Derrybrusk. 
1849. John Devereux Fleury. See Garrison. 
1863-7. John Henderson (Par. Reg.) 

1870-2. John Matthew Young, prev. C. Clogher 1868-70, was R. Kildress (Armagh) 
1888-1915. (See Armagh Clergy p. 325). 

He d. Aug. 31, 1915, bur. at Kildress. Pub. a Lecture on The History o) the Parish 
of Kildress, 1913, Cookstown, Mid-Ulster Pr. Works. 

1 874. John Haughton Steele, Lie., Mar. 30 (D:B.) Son of Rev. W. Steele, D.D., 
Rector, b. 6 June, 1850, ed. at Portora, T.C.D. B.A. (Jun. Mod. Hist, and Pol. Sci. and 
Engl. Lit.), 1873, M.A. 1881, ord. D. 1873, Derry, P. 1875, Kilmore, C. Castlerock, Derry, 
1873-4, res. C. Devenish 1883 for I. Trin. Ch., Crom, Kilmore, and Chaplaincy to Earl of 
Erne, 1883-1910, Verted to Romanism, 1911. He does not appear to have held the Div. 
Test of T.C.D. He d. a priest of the Church of Rome at St. Patrick's College, Navan, 
Mar. 17, 1920. 

1892-8. William Bablngton Steele, Lie. 18 June, 1892 (D.R.) See Rectors. 



Devenish Daimh-inis, " the island of the oxen " (Joyce, p. 472). 

Patron Saint St. Molaise, 12 Sep., ob. 564. See Paper on The Antiquities of De- 
venish, by W. F. Wakeman in Jour. R. A.S.I., 1874, pp 59-74, which has several illus- 
trations, including Round Tower, also works of the late Earl of Belmore and History of 
Devenish by Rev. J. E. M'Kenna (Gill & Son). 

" The Abbey of Channons in Devenish, wderennto belongeth, in the same barony 
(Magheryboy) 5 tates of land and their tithes, and the ttihes of Bally osey and tithes of 
3 half tathes of land, belonging to the Chapel of Collydea ; the Prior, Offlanagan 
possesseth this entirely by authority from Rome, and hath held it these 3 yeres 
notwithstanding the King's Majesty is justly entitled to the same " (Ult. Inq., Survey 
of Fermanagh, p. 35, 7 July, 1603). 

" The Parish Church of Devenishe, whereunto belongeth 2 quarters of land. It is 
possessed by Hugh M'Hugh Maguire as Corbes " (ib.). In 1622 " the Church almost 
ruined, new house" (R.V.) The Church erected near IVlonea was constituted 
the Parish Church instead of the Church of Devenish, Sep. 8, 1682 (L.M. v. 118). 
Garrison and Trory P.C.'s were formed out of Devenish. 

A Return of 1776 states " This is another of the originally ill formed, ill distributed 
parishes. It is of such length that one could pass from one end of it to the other but by 
a journey of 26 miles across Loch Erne, in one part, and over a ridge of mountains, 
almost impassable in the other. Garrison, the west end, is cut off by the said mountains 
and lies at 10 miles in a right line from the Mother Church ; consists of about 50 Pro* 
testant families and near an equal number of Papists. In 1769 the Bishop made an 
offer to Mr. Dunbar, the proprietor of the Manor and to a Mr. Johnston, of purchasing 
40 acres for a gleab, with a view of making it an entire parish, and an aid of 100 from 
the First Fruits and 100 from himself for a glebe House, but with no result." A Fa- 
culty to rebuild Devenish Church was granted on April 26, 1889 (D.R.) 

Rev. W. B. Steele, M.A., writes : 

"The Parish Church at Monea was built in the year 1890 from designs of Sir 
Thomas Drew and dedicated by the name of St. Molaise, the patron of the parish. It 
was erected in memory of John D. Brien, D.L., of Castletown, by his widow and 2 sur- 
viving sisters. It is the 4th Church which has stood upon the same site, having been 
preceded by (1) An Oratory of St. Feber, who lived about the 6th century ; (2) a 
Mediaeval Chapel of Ease, which existed until it was burned down in 1641 ; and (3) 
a Church built about 1660, which gave place in 1890 to the present beautiful 

The Parish Registers from 1800 are in Parochial Custody as well as the following 
Records An old map of Parish in Leather Case. A Ms. Volume of Inscriptions on 
Tombstones at Monea, A Ms. Census Book of Parish, Deeds and Leases and other MSB. 
relating to the History of the Parish, Vestry Books, dating from 1739, and a valuable 
Roll of Tithe Payers of 1695." 

The Communion Plate includes Silver Chalice and Paten and Plated Flagon, each 
inscribed " In memory of Robert, youngest son of Rev. Loftus Reade, for 40 years 
Rector of Devenish, Presented to Monea Church by his mother. He died Deer., 1872." 
Sheffield Plate Flagon, Chalice and Paten inscribed " Devenish, 1835." 

See also Appendix IV. 


For Rectors up to 1870 see Prebs. Donacavey above. 

1870. John Crawford (?C.-in-Charge) resv in 1872. See Finner. 

1875. Francis Wingfield King, inst.Mar. 12 (D.R.), son of Ven. Francis K., Archd. of 
Dromore, ord. D. 1873, P. 1874, was C. Donaghmore (Arm.) 1873-4, R. Oharlemont 
1874-5, res. this Par. 12 June, 1876, was inhibited in Armagh and Ologher, Oct. 14, 1876, 
for preaching in a Methodist Preaching House at Donacavey ; left Ireland for work 
in England, where he held various curacies and head-masterships, m. Oct. 18,1874, 
Sarah Annie Dunlop, dau. of Rev. Gibson Black, R. of Inch, Co. Wexford. (See Armagh 
Clergy, p. 172). 

1876. John Flanagan, inst. Sep. 2 (D.R.) jje was b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. O'Beirne, 
at Portora, ent. T.C.D. June 6, 1834, Sch. 1837, B.A. 1839, was 0. Newtownhamilton in 
1842, R. Killeevan 1853-76, m. Sarah, dau. of Robert Moorhead, of Belnagarnon House, 
Co. Tyrone (she d. at 10 Adelaide Road, Dublin, July 27, 1912). His yst. son Frederick 


Victor d. in Dublin Jan. 8, 1924. Heres. 1 Nov., 1880 (D.R.) He d. 16 Oct., 1882 
(R.G.B.) See also Appendix IV. 

1880. Robert Donaldson, inst. Nov. 10 (D.R.), ord. D. 1875, P. 1876, Clogher, C. Five- 
miletown 1875-8, 0. Aghalurcher 1878-80, d. aged 62, Oct. 30, 1902, at the Rectory, 
Dundalk, while on a journey to Dublin to consult a Specialist, m. and had issue. 

1902. Robert Warrlngton, inst. Mar. 13 (D.R.), res. in 1919 for Aghavea, q.v. 
1919. William Johnston Smartt, inst. July 25 (>.#.), T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1900. 

M.A. 1904, ord. D. 1901, P. 1902, Oss., 0. Ferns 1901-5, C. Carrickfergus 190,5-7, 0. St. 

Werburgh's, Dublin, 1907-15, Bp's V. Clogher 1915-16, R. Tempo 1916-19, res. in 

1926. William Bredln Naylor, inst., Donacavey and Barr (united), Jan. 4 (Z>J?.). See 



1694. Alexander Oolhoun and to 1699 (V, B.) See Templecarne. 

1704. Patrick Hastings and up to 1710 (V.B.), was bro. of Rev. James, Preb. Tyhol- 

land, q.v., and Rev. Tbos. H. 

1721 . Alexander Lawson and up to 1754 (V.B.) See Derrybrusk. 
1764. David Hughes (V.B.) 
1767. 'Alexander Montgomery (V.B.), perhaps Alex. M., ed. by Dr. Dunkin, who ent. 

T.C.D., as Siz., June 8, 1762, B.A. 1767. 

1772. rSamuel Hawkshaw (V.B.) See Prebs. Tyholland. 

1773-1808. Alexander Auchinleok (V.B.) at 60, afterwards 70. See Rossorry. 
The V.B. of 1806 has a note " Mr. A. Auchinleck to be struck off as Curate of the Par- 
ish after this day." 

1809. Arthur Noble (V.B.) 

1826. William Tomes (Erck.) He was son of John T., " Textor Xylini," b. in Dub., 
ed. by Mr. Martin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1805, aged 19, Sch. 1809, B.A. 1811. He was 
evidently C. in 1819. " Rev. Wm. T., of Fintona, m. at St. George's, Dub., on 12 Aug., 
1819, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of Charles Forster, of Wicklow, and late of Dublin." (Pr. 
Journal. Had a son, Rev. Charles Foster T. See Finner. 

1838. Thomas Maunsell (V.B.), and C. in 1857 (Oldham) from 1838, ord. D. 1835, M.A. 
Perhaps he was son of Daniel M., of Ballywilliam, who m. Alice Maunsell, of Ballybrood, 
and had issue. He d. at Ballygarnon, Co. Tyrone, 12 Nov., 1857, and his Will was 
proved 18 Mar., 1858, by his wid. Alice. M.A. not in T.C.D. Lists. See also App. IV. 

1858-66. William Pattlson Kerr. See Crossduff. 

1866. Charles Peter O'Meara, T.C.D., B.A. 1866, Div. Test (2) 1867, M.A. 1873, ord. 

D. 1866, P. 1867, C. Donacavey 1866-7, C. Arklow 1867-9, C. Leixlip 1869-72, C. Inch., 

Glend. 1872-87, R. Newcastle Lyons 1887, d. 6 June, 1904, aged 61. 
1866. James Smyth Franks. He was the son of Charles Franks, " Pragmaticus," 

b. in Cork, ed. by Mr. Coghlan, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 18, 1824, aged 18, B.A. 1832, ord. D. 

for Kilm. at Oss. 21 Deo., 1844 (S.Rj ; C. Clonelty, Limerick, 1858 ; C. Drakestown, 

Co. Meath, 1863-7. 

1868. Thomas Michael Kane, nominated as C. 28 Nov. (Arm. D.R.) He had already 
been curate here for 6 months. 


Donaghcavey "The Church (of the round hill ? or of the hollow) " called aslo 
Findonagh or Fintona " the fair-coloured field." 

In 1622 there was " a Ohuroh roofed, but not repayred within ; no (glebe) house, 
but he (the Rector) hath 2 balliboes for gleab." (R.V.) The Rector got a grant for a 
glebe here Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin iii., 593). See under App. IV. 

A New Ohuroh In Findonagh parish was consecrated 2 Aug., 1840 (DM.). Daniel 
Eccles left by will, before 1714, 100 to the Rector and Churchwardens to be distributed 
at Christmas at the rate of 6 a year to the poor. 

The Ohapel of Mullies in this parish was consecrated 10 July, 1840 (D.R.) 

The Churoh was restored A "3-'decker" Pulpit, etc., being replaced by a modern 
pulpit, Prayer Desk, and Brass Lectern, etc., at a cost of 500, in 1904. 

New Burial Ground consecrated 9 May, 1907 (D.R.) 

Rev. Francis Wingfleld King was inhibited on 14 Oct., 1 876, for officiating in a Metho- 
dist Meeting House at Donacavey (Armagh D.R.) 

The Parish Registers from 1777 are in Parochial Custody, also old Vestry Books 
from 1780. 




1450. William M'Creanayr, V. ia d. (DM. Arm.) 

1451 . Wm. M'Creanyr (Jun.) was coll V. on death of W.C. (above) and complains that 
J. M. (below) disturbs him in possession (Reg. May. 196). 

1451. John M'Qonnayll intruded inti V. (ib.). 

1492. Donald M'Crlvayr is prov. to the Par. Ch. of Donagh and also to the Deanery 
of Armagh, Jan. 23 (Ann. Hib. i., 10). 

1535. Patrick M'Cronyr, V. is d. (DM. Arm.). 

1535. James M'Crenyr, coll. V. by the Primate, April 29 (ib.). 

1617. Robert Barkley, adm. 20 April, was also V. Errigal Trough (R.V., 1622), was 
(again) pres. by the Crown to V. Donagh and V. Errigal, Dec. 4, 1623 (L.M. v. 108), 
ind. Dec. 6, 1623 (R.V., 1634). See Deans. 

1658. Thomas Qowan was Comw. Minister here, established on the tithes 24 Deo., and 
in Errigal. The Receiver of the Revenues is ordered to assign over to him 30 payable 
by Mr. Oliver Anketell for the tithes of the said parishes for this year ending April 
30, 1669 dated April 6. On 25 March, 1660, he desires additional salary to the tithes 
which was granted (Seymonr's Commonwealth Transcripts,^. 63, 98, 129). 

1660. Patrick Kerr, who was Comw. Minister, settled at Galloon 19 Dec., 1658, also 
apparently possessed the tithes of Donagh and Errigal on 4 Sep., 1660 (ib: p. 145). 

1661. John Hodson (or Hudson), inst. 13 Feb. to V. Donagh and Errigal Trough (F.F.) 
See Deana. 

1664. James Semple, inst. May 28 to V.D. andE.T. (F.F.), was son of Andrew Semple 
(sic), Minister [an A.S., was Preb. of Faldown, Tuam, 1708-9], b., at Letterkenny, ed. by 
Mr. Chambers, Donegal, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 25, 1658, aged 19, ord. P. 20 Dec., 1663 (V.B.), 
res. for V. Erriglekeerogue 1667-78, also V. Donaghenery, 1673-8. 

1668. William Brisbane, coll. June to V.D. and E.T. (F.F.) 

1670. John Knox, coll. Mar. 1, to V.D. and E.T. (F.F.) His son John, b. at Carrickma- 
cross, ent. T.C.D. May 28, 1686, aged 18. Rev. J. K., of Glaslough, Clk., was attainted 
in 1689. His Will was proved in 1721. He was also R. & V. Muckno 1678-1708. 

1721. Robert Jones, coll. V. " Donagh alias Donaghmore," Oct. 17 (F.F.), res. in 1729 
for Preb. Tullycorbet, q.v. 

1729. William Creighton, coll. V. May 6 (D.R.), res. in 1739 for Inniskeen, q.v. 

1738/9. John Maxwell, coll. Mar. 23 (F.F.), res. 1746. See Archdeacons. 

1746. James Hastings, coll. July 4 (F.F.), res. 1761 or 1752. See Prebs. Tyholland. 

1752. Thomas Madden, coll. Jan. 17 (D.R.) He was the eldest son of Rev. Samuel M., 
and was b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by his father, ent. T.C.D. May 10, 1734, aged 17, B.A. 1739, 
M.A. 1741. He d. in 1758. The P. Will of Rev. Thomas M., of Castlemanor, Water- 
house, Co. Ferm., was proved in 1758. 

1758. William Babington, coll. May 25 (D.R.), res. in 1763 for Muckno, q.v. 
1763. Thomas Hastings, coll. June 30 (S.R.), res. in 1764. See Prebs. Kilskeery. 
1764. John Maxwell (again) coll. Ap. 25 (D.R.) Seems to have res. in a few months. 

1764. Edmund Hamilton, coll. Aug. 20 (D.R.), yst. son of Wm. H. Archd. of Armagh, 
b. 3 Oct., 1724, ed. by Dr. Blackall, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 15, 1740, B.A. 1745, C. Monaghan, 
1752-66, res. Donagh 1766, R. Magheracross 1767-7[2], was R. Drumachose (Lima- 
vady) 1768-1801, d. 16 April, 1801, bur. in Limavady Churchyard, where his tomb- 
stone remains. 

1766. Mark Foster, coll. June 5 (D.R.), res. in 1773 for Preb. Tyholland, q.v. 

DONAGH. 171 

1773. William Tlsdall, coll. April 8 (D.B.), vacated this parish in 1774 ; probably the 
same as W. T. who became B. Templecarne 1774 or 1775. See Templecarne. 

1774. Henry Dunkin, coll. Mar. 26 (D.B.) Son of John D. by Rebecca, dau. of Win. 
Wray, of Castle Wray, Co. Donegal, and wid. of Capt. Wm. Babington, ent. T.C.D. June 
3, 1740, ed. by Dr. Quigg, B.A., 1744, M.A. 1747, C. Enniskillen 1752-68, C. Rossory 
1766-7, m. Jane, elder dau. of Andrew Johnston, of Littlemount, Co. Fermanagh, J.P., 
by Alice, dau. of Jas. Tuite, of Fennor, Co. Meath, and d. in 1778, having had issue 
(1) James Wm., Staff Surg. ; (2) John Johnston, Lt.-Col. 18th Roy. Ir. Reg., formerly 
Capt. R. Ir. Artillery, m. Anne Marlay and had issue ; and 3 daus. (1 ) Jane, d. at Ennis- 
killen, Aug., 1 784, aged 1 9. Will, dated 5th July, 1 784, proved 1 Mar., 1 785 ; (2) Juliana 
m. at Enniskillen, 19 Jan., 1787, William Nixon, of Co. Ferm., and d. intest., admon. 
granted 4 Feb., 1789 ; (3) Alicia, m. 1st, Major Isaac Edward Inston, 18th Royal Irish 
Regt., and m. 2nd, at Jersey, Nov. 1, 1818, Captain George Stuart, 3rd Buffs (H.B.S.) 
See also Dundas's Enniskillen, p. 80. 

1778. Luke George, coll. July 9 (S.R.), res. in 1788 for Killany, q.v. 

1788. Samuel Hawkshaw, coll. June 26 (D.R.), res. in 1792 for Preb. Tyholland, q.v. 

1792. Luke Hall, coll. July 20 (D.R.), res. in 1793 for Muckno. See Inniskeen. 

1793. Andrew Ker, coll. July 11 (DM.), res. in 1800 for Aghabog, q.v. 

1800.^ John Leslie, coll. April 17 (D.R.), res. in 1807, for Templecarne, q.v. 

1807. Thomas Richardson, coll. May 2 (D.R.), res. in 1816 for Preb. Devenish, q.v. 

1816. William Henry Pratt, coll. July 10 (D.R.) He was the posthumous son of Wm. 
P., Dean of Cloyne, b. 24 April, 1770, in Co. Cork, ed. by Dr. Stokes, ent. T.C.D. 4 July, 
1788, aged 18, Sch. 1791, B.A. 1793, ord D. (Kilm.) 1793, ord. P. (Oss.) 21 Sep., 1793 
(S.R.) Was R. Jonesborough 1798-1809, m. (1) Maria, yst. dau. of Isaac Corry, of 
Newry (she d. 27 Nov., 1815, bur. in Newry) and had issue, Rev. Charles O'Neill (see 
curates below), and a dau. m. Rev. Allen Mitchell and another dau. m. Rev. Charles 
James Moffatt ; m. (2) and had issue, Rev. Edward O'Bryen, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. 
M'Caul, ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1838, aged 17, B.A. 1843, M.A. 1881, who d R. Kilkeel, Co. 
Down, April 6, 1887, whose wid. Geraldine Caulfield, d. Sep. 20, 1894 ; he had also a dau., 
Jane Sinclaire, who m. 15 Oct., 1838, Samuel Robert Bayley Evatt, of Mt. Louise, Co. 
Monaghan. Rev. W. H. Pratt d. Sep. 9, 1857. A window in Donagh Church com- 
memorates hun. (See also Brady's Records of Cork iii., 239). See also App. IV. 

1857. Andrew Williamson, coll. Oct. 27 (S.R.), res. in 1863 for Templecarne. See 

1863. William Brownlow Ashe, coll. April 30 (D.R.), son of Rev. Henry A., b. in Co. 
Louth, ed. at Drogheda Gram. Sch., ent. T.C.D. October 20, 1828, aged 17, B.A. 1834, 
ord. D. 12 May, 1836 (Lim.), P. 1837, C. Ballyculter 1836, C. Clogh c!840, C. Sallaghy 
1843, C. Clogher 1844-63, res. Donagh V. on 1 Nov., 1878. Annuity 221 3s. Od., d. 
23 June, 1900, aged 89. See also Currin and Clones Curates. 

1878. John Crozier Hudson (Jun,), inst. Dec. 31 (D.R.), res. in 1892, see Prebs. Kil- 

1892. Robert Thomas Wright Byrn, inst. June 18 (D.R.), son of Rev. Richard A. B. 
(See Broomfield), ed. at Aravon Sch., Bray and Gracehill School, Co. Antrim, T.C.D. 
B.A., 1890, ord. D. 1889, P. 1890 (Kilmore), C. Donagh 1889-91, R. Killucan (Meath) 
1891-2, R. Tullyallen from 1900 and with Collon from 1923 ; m. 1898 Leila, dau. of H. 
D'Esterre, M.D., and has issue (1) Robert Archdale; (2) Arthur D'Esterre ; (3) Jona- 
than Swift, and a dau. Marie Leila, m. 17 Aug., 1926, Dimond Payne, J.P., of Castlerea, 
Author of Articles in Irish Church Quarterly, &c. 

1900. Samuel Ferguson Cunningham, inst. 31 May (D.R.), b. 1867, at Primity, 
Londonderry, son of Samuel C., ed. at Foyle Coll., T.C.D. B.A. 1890, M.A. 1897, ord. D. 
1891 (Arm.), P. 1892 (Clogher), C. Kilmore (Clogher) 1891-4, R. Newbliss 1894-1900, res. 
Donagh in 1907 for V. Chippenham (Ely) 1907-25, V. Hunstanto (Norwich) 1925, 
T. C. Forces 1916-18, m. Clara Elizabeth Crook. 

1907. Edward Carlisle Bigger, inst. June 1 (D.R.), res. in 1920 for Ballybay, q.v. 

1920. George William Allen Howard, inst. Aug. 20 (D.R.), son of James H., b. in 
Copkstovrn, ed. at Cath's. Coll., Camb., 1909, ord. D. 1912 (Arm.), 1914 Clogher, C. 
Inishmacsaint 1912-13, C. Enniskillen 1913-16, Acting Chapl. to Forces 1916-1919, 
again C. Enniskillen 1919-20, m. July 11, 1918, Jane, only dau. of Henry Maturin, 
Belfast Bank, Castleblayney (she d. 1920). 



1622. Edrlngton (R.V.) 1622. 

1841 . Luke Ward, " Minister at G-laslough, forced to drink,.so as t,o get drvink and then 
hanged " in 1641 (Dep. of Alexander Creichton, Mar. 1641) ? Was he Curate. 

1670. John Lowry (V.B.), M.A. See Errigle Trough Curates. 

1720. Francis Schudall, Lie. Sep. 22 (D.R.) See Monaghan Curates. 

1751. Michael Hugh Tu thill appears up to 1754 (V.B.) See Prebs. Donaoavey. 

1 757. Thomas Cooper, and up to 1764 ( V.B.) See Derrybrusk. 

1765. Howard St. George (V.B.) See Tedavnet. 

1836. Charles O'Neill PrsAi(Chn. Exmr.), eldest son of Eev. Wm. Henry P. (See Vioars) 
b. in Co. Antrim, ed. at Enniskillen Sch., ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1829, aged 17, B.A. 1835, 
M.A. 1842, ord. D. for this C. 4 Sep., 1836, P. subsequently C. Christ Ch., Macolesfleld. 
Pub. 1 Twenty Sermons on Various Subjects. 8vo., Lond., 1847. 

1843. John Charles Wolfe app. C. (Ir. Ecc. Jour., Mar., 1843). See Archdeacons. 
1850. Andrew Williamson, C. July 1, 1850 (V.B.), became V. this year. 

1889. Robert Thomas Wright Byrn, Lie. C. Donagh and ErrigalShanco 24 Ap.(I>..R.) 
again Lie. 8 Oct., 1890. See Vicars. 

1892. William Etienne Clarke Phelps, Lie. C. 25 July (D.R.) See Errigle Shanco. 


Donagh, called also Donaghmore (the great Church) is mentioned in 1507 and 1608 
in A.F.M. by its full name Domhnach-Maighe-da-Chadoine "the Church of the plain of 
the two slopes." It is called Dompinach-Meir -Grimes (recte " Dompnachmor inter 
grummas ") the great Church between the bogs. 

In 1662 " the Church standeth inconveniently, ruinous with(in) a bog and a wood 
far from ye Plantation ; no house nor gleab." (R.V., 1622). The Church of Q las- 
lough 'or Donagh called also Castle Leslie, was rebuilt in 1763, glebe house built 1766. 

A new Chancel was cons. 27 May, 1888 (D.R.) See also App. IV. 

The Parish Registers from 1796 are in Parochial Custody and Vestry Books since 

The Communion Plate includes a Silver Chalice " Presented to Glasslough Church 
by Kathleen Ross, in loving memory of her husband, David Ross, of Legaourry. A 
Plated Chalice (and Paten) inscribed "Donagh Church, Co. Monaghan, 1865." An- 
other Plated Chalice " Donagh Church, Co. Monaghan, 1869," and there are also 2 
Copper (" Warming pan ") ladles for Alms inscribed " The Parish of Donagh, 1760, 
Mr. John Ferguson, Mr. John M'Mullen, Churchwardens." 



1410/11. Gilbert O'Sheehy [O'Scheyge] intruded into the R. (D.R., Arm.). 

1427. Henry O'Bruyn, coll. Nov. 8, R. of Domnaohmagin alias de Fearnigy (Ann. 


1421. Donatus O'Flanagan, V. is dead (Ann. Hib. i., 28). 

1421. Bricius O'Meara [O'Mearaych]'was coll. on 20 May, V. Donmach Magean and 
Clanncearbayll(^.nn.fl'*6.i.,28). The value was then Smarks. O'Meara was a Lismore 
Cleric and d. in Rome 1426, probably before he had come to the parish. 

1426. John MacMolynd, coll. V.May 10 (Ann. Hib. i., 29). 

1443. Maurice O'Lerguesa, V. is deprived. (See next). 

1443. Maurice O'Lergussa (? the same) coll. V., vice M. O'L. deprived, Aug. 23 (Ann. 
Hib. i., 37). 



1484. Philip O'Sheehy [O'Sigi] Perp. V. and also Canon of Clogher appears, (DM., 

1488. DIonysius O'Flanagan is Perp. V. (ib.) 
1 528. Patrick O'Sheehy [O'Syh] appears V. (ib.) 

16^2. Felix Crane is V. (R.V.), "non-resident," is also R. & V. Muckno, 1622, ord. P. 
at Norwich, 1600, was V. Killasnet and Rossinver (Kilmore), 1626-36. 

1624. Faithful Teate (or Tate) pres. by the Crown to V. Apl. 24 (L.M . y., 106). Shir- 
ley confuses him with another of the same name. See much about him in Armagh 
Clergy, p. 238, and cp. what Rev. St. J. D. Seymour says about him in an Article in 
Jour. R.S.A.I., 1920, p. 39 et aeq. probably the most accurate biography of him. He 
held R. Castleterra (Kilm.) from 1626, and had to fly with his family in 1641. He 
preached a funeral sermon in Ch. Ch. Oath., Dublin, on Sir Charles Coote, which was 
pub. in 1658. In 1649 he officiated at Salisbury Cathedral. In 1653 we find him 
Minister at East Greenwich. When there he pub. in 1657 Nathaniel an Israelite Indeed. 
Subsequently became Commonwealth Minister at Drogheda 1658-60, died in April or 
^lay, 1660. In his Will he mentions his wife, Mary, his eldest son, Faithful, Clk. of 
Dublin, 'who was, perhaps an Independent Minister ; his 2nd son, Joseph, his youngest 
son, Theophilus, &c. 

1625. Richard Morse [? Mosse] adm., Aug. 4 (F.F.) ; vacated this parish circa 1631. 
See Inishmacsaint. 

1631/2. James Montgomery, adm. 25 Feb. (F.F.) R.V. 1633/4 has however " coll. 
24 April, 1632, per resig. last incumbent, inducted 20 June, 1632." He was murdered 
at Carrickmacross by the rebels in 1642 See Deposition of his wife Dennis, who said 
her monetary losses in the rebellion amounted to 703. (Dep. of 1641, T.O.D.) 

1847. Edward Usher (or Ussher) appears, and is residing at Carlingford this year 
(Garte Papers xxi., 346-8). Edward Ussher ent. T.C.D. on Mar. 18, 1637/8, aged 15. 
onMar. 3 last, ed. by Mr. Dunbar, at S. Patrick's Soh., Dub., was eldest son of Robert U., 
Bishop of Kildare, and b. at Balsoon, Co. Meath. 

[c1658. David Wayr is Commonwealth Minister here (Gomw. Papers)]. 
1660. John Eaton. See Carrickmaoross. 

1661. Henry Qoldwyre, coll. 7 April, ind. Sep. 4 (V.B.) deprived in 1663 for non-resi- 

1663. John Smith, coll. June 18 (F.F.) again inst. by the Primate to the R. [?error for 
V.] 22 Jan., 1664 (F.F.) See Archdeacons. 

1704. John Jones, coll. Nov. 10 (F.F.). T.C.D. Sch. 1660, Fell. 1662, M.A. 1664, D.D. 
1674, Min.-Can. St. Patrick's, Dub., 1693, Preo. Kildare 1695-1715. P. Will proved 

1716. Stafford Warren, coll. April 21 (.F..F.)was son of Rev. Joshua W., b. in Co. Meath, 
ed. by Mr. Jones, Dub,, ent. T.C.D. April 9, 1700, aged 15, T.C.D. Sch. 1703, B.A. 1704, 
M.A. 1707. (See under Rev. Thos. Warren, Carrickmacross), m. Elizabeth (she 
gave a Chalice to the parish, 1729), had issue, including Rev. Joseph (see Curates below) 
Robert, T.C.D. B.A. 1749, ent. Aug. 2, 1744, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Folds, at Carrickma- 
cross. The Rev. Stafford W., was ordered to reside here within 6 months at the Trienn . 
Vis. 1742 (D.R., Arm.) He vac. the parish on or before 1751. 

17B1. John Brown, (or Browne) appears V. this year, date of inst is not recorded 
(V.B.) ; perhaps J. B., son of Whithall B., " arm," b. in Co. Kerry, ent. T.C.D. Sep. 1, 
1703, aged 18, B.A. 1710, M.A. 1748. He was Preb. Tullycorbet 1746-51, and d. in 
1759. A Rev. John B., " of Danesfort and Mt. Brown," Co. Lim., m. in 1752, Meliora, 
dau. of Hon. Col. Southwell, bro. of Visct. Southwell, and had 2 sons, Henry and John 
Southwell (B.L.Q.) 

1769. John Burgh, coll. Jan. 23 (D.R.) He was son of Thomas B. " arm.," b. in Dublin, 
ed. by Dr. Sheridan, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 14, 1727/8, aged 16, B.A. 1732, M.A. 
(in D.R., not recorded in T.C.D. Lists) ord. D. , ord. P. (Cork) 1738, Preb. Holy Trin. 
1738-46, Preb. Cahirlag 1746-9, V. Killaconenagh 1739-42, R. Rathcooney (Cork) 
1742-9, V. Naas 1750-2, R. Dromore (Clogher) 1752-9, again Preb. Holy Trin. (Cork) 
1749-67. He was made a J.P. Co. Tyrone 16 March, 1763. M. (? 2ndly) Anna Maria 
Weldon, of St. Peter's Parish, Dublin (M.L. Sep. 20, 1763). He d. in Clare St., Dublin, 
in Nov., 1767 (Faulk, Dnb, Jonr., Deo. 12-16). His P. Will made 4 Mar., 1765, proved 


1 Dec., 1767, mentioned his bro. Thomas, of Oldtown, Co. KUdare. He left a bequest to 
the poor of Donaghmoine, and made his wife Anna Maria, Extrix. and legatee. She gave 
a silver cup and paten for use of the sick. (See Notes below). 

1768. Oaulfelld Burne Caulfield, coll. Mar. (F.F.), res. in 1788. See Archdeacons. 

1788. William Stopford, coll. April 12 (DM.) He was b. in 1736, 3rd son of James S., 
Bp. of Cloyne, ed. by Mr. Conolly, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 3, 1751/2, aged 15, B.A. 1756, M.A. 
1759, V. Chor. Cloyne 1760-72, R. &. V. Nathlash, Cloyne, 1772-88, Preb. Tyholland 
1767-8, R. Killany 1768-72, R. Monaghan 1772-3, R. Killany (again) 1773-88, m. 
(M.L. Dee. 8, 1764) Anne, dau. of Joseph Stopford, 2nd Regt. of Horse, and d. 5 Sep., 
1809, aged 73, bur. at Killany, mont. there erected by his wid. (See S.P.M.D., 1921, p. 
78). His P. Will was proved in 1809. There is in Donaghmoine Church a Mural Tablet 
to Angel, wife of Rev. Joseph Stopford (his brother, V. of Garrycloyne) and dau. of 
William Wray, of Ards, who d. 17 May, 1789, aged 54. (See also Peerages, " Courtown " 
and Brady's Records of Cork). 

1809. William Sturrock, coll. Oct. 6 (D.R.), son of John Sturrock, of London, merchant. 
Ed. in Univ., Glasgow, ent. 1749 ; M.A. 1753, he was also LL.D., 1781-97, was pre- 
viously V. of Seapatrick (Dromore), and Chanc. Down ; Arch, of Armagh 1797-1814, 
There is a mural monument to him in Aughnacloy Church (of which as Archd. he was R.) 
with the following inscription " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. William Sturrock, 
LL.D., Archdeacon of Armagh, for 16 years Rector of this Parish, who died on the 29th 
January, 1814, in the 83rd year of his age. His remains are interred in this Churchyard 
This tablet is erected by his Parishioners in strong and grateful recollection of a Chris- 
tian Pastor and Friend, who by his humble piety, by unbounded charity, by unbending 
integrity, by unwearied zeal, with simple and unaffected eloquence, approved himself 
the faithful Minister of God. Also in memory of his beloved wife, Harriot, who died the 
20th November, 1808, aged 65 years, also of his grand- daughter, Harriot, who died the 
8th April, 1811, aged 17 years, whose remains are interred in this Churchyard." His 
2nd son, James Trail S. (son of Wm., Ludimagister, b. in Co. Down, ent. T.C.D., Dec. 3, 
1789, aged 17, B.A. 1794) who was V. Seapatrick, was killed by a fall from his horse 
April 17,1 803, and bur. in Seapatrick ; he had m. Annabella, yst. dau. of Robert Stewart, 
of Ballydrain. She d. Dec., 1850, and was bur. in Drumbeg ; their grandson, R. H. 
Reade, J.P., erected a mural tablet to them in Seapatrick, 1906. Rev. W. S. had a dau., 
who m. J. Stewart Moore, and was ancestor of the Stewart Moores, of Ballydivity. 
He res. the V. Donaghmoine in 1813. 

1813. John Qrey Porter, coll. June 17 (D.R.), res. in 1842. See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1 842. Robert Loftus Tottenham , coll. July 22 (D.R.) He was 2nd son of Lord Robert 
Ponsonby Tottenham, Bishop of Clogher, b. 27 Sep., 1809, St. John's Coll. Camb., 
B.A. 1831, M.A. 1840, ord. D. 1832, P. 1833, Clogher, Chap, to Bp. of Clogher, R. Ros- 
sory 1833-5, R. Templecarne, March to August 1835, V. Aughnamullen 1835-42 ; res. 
Donaghmoine 17 April, 1873. While V. Donaghmoine he seems to have resided much 
abroad. Was Chapl. at Turin 1859-66, Chapl. at Florence 1866 ; m. 10 Dec., 1833, 
Anne Dorothea, eldest dau. of Wm. Anketell, of Anketell's Grove, and had issue (1) 
Robert Loftus, Major R.A., b. 1834, d. 1872 ; (2) Fredk. Wm., b. 1839, d. 1863 ; (3) 
Adam. b. 1840 ; (4) Francis Cornwallis, b. 1843 ; (6) Alfred Oliver, b. 1845 ; and 5 daus. 
(See Peerages " Ely.") He d. at the Villa Sta. Margharetta, Florence, Feb. 15, 1893, 
aged 83. Annuity 1870, 739 16s. 8d. 

1873. Henry Charles Groves, ints. May 7 (D.R.), res. 1 August., 1883. See Prebs., 

1883. Thomas Le Ban Kennedy, inat. Nov. 6 (D.R.) See Deans. 
1900. Francis James Hurst, inst. June 8 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 

1906. Christopher Halahan, inst. Aug. 10 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1856, Div. Test. 1857, 
ord. D. 1858, P. 1859, Kilm., C. Drumshambo 1858, C. Trory 1873-4, Rossory 1874^- 
1906, m. and had issue, including Samuel Handy, M.B., T.C.D., of Victoria, S. Australia 
(whose son Reeves, of the Australian Light Horse, d. of wounds received at the Darda- 
nelles, in July, 1915). He res. Donaghmoine in 1920, and d. at Blenheim, Glenageary, 
April 2, 1921, aged 87. 

1920. William Albert Betty, inst. Mar. 6 (D.R.), ord. D. 1890, P. 1893, Clogher, C. 
Garrison 1890-2, C. Tempo 1892-3, R. Tempo 1893-1903, R. Clogh 1903-20. 



1881. David Wayr (V.B.) 

1669. James Colden (V.B.) See Carriokmacross Curates. 

1716. F. Gordon appears and up to 1721 (Den. and Exc.). 

1747. Joseph Warren (V.B.) and 1766 (Parl. Ret.) See Monaghan. 

1772. James Molloy (V.B.) See Magheraclooney. 

1798. Samuel Shenton Heatly, Lie. Aug. 29, ord. P. 4 Nov., 1798 (DM.) is here 1812. 
He was the son of Samuel H., " gen., " b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Kerr, ent. T.O.D. Nov. 
1785, aged 14, B.A. 1790, M.A. 1811 ; was Head Master Visct. Weymouth's Gram. Sch., 
Carrickmacross 1811-18, V. Drummaul, Co. Antrim 1815-51 (in which he was suc- 
ceeded by another Head Master of Carrickmacross, Rev. Robert Hogg, LL.D.) He m. 
(1) 1802, Maria Dawson, and had issue (a) Townshend H., b. in Co. Mon., ent. T.C.D. 
Dec. 3, 1827, aged 18, called to Irish Bar 1837 ; (b) John Porter ; (c) Marianne m. 1st 
Captain James Boyes, of Lisburn, and m. 2nd William Lewery Courtney, of Feehogue, 
Randalstown, by whom she had a son, Reginald Shenton Heatly C. ; (d) Olura ; (e) 
Eliza. He m. (2) Anne Young, of Antrim, by whom he had issue (a) Rev. Robert 
Young, Preb. of Ossory, d. Jan. 26, 1912, aged 86 ; (b) William Henry ; (c) Win. Freder- 
ick George. (Cause Pps. " Dumayne v. Monypenny," 1917, and Alum. Dub.) 

1839-1943. Adderly Wilcocks Campbell (Bourns). See Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1844. William McCall, ord. D. for C., June 9, by Bp. Down (Jr. Ecc. Jour.) ord. P. 
1845 as B.A. 

1849. George Tottenham. See Deans. 
1851. Charles Wolfe, May 1 (V.B.) 

1852. James Francis McCormick, (V.B.), son of Segrave M'C., Jurisconsult, b. 
in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1842, aged 17, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1855, B.D., & D.D. 1873, 
res. in 1866 for R. and Preb. Geashill 1886-87. His wife Ellen d. May 22, 1880. 

1866-72. William Twibill (V.B.) See Armagh Clergy p. 264. 

1871. Henry Charles Groves Lie. 28 Mar. 1872 (D.R.) as Curate-in-Charge, "the 
Rector being absent on the Continent for many years." See Vicars. 

1879. William Dbherty, Lie. Dec. 9 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1876, C. Ballymore (Arm.) 
1876-8, held this C. to 1883, R. Culdaff (Derry) 1883-4, emigrated to Australia. 

1881. Lorenzo Shepherd, Lie. Dec. 13, 1882 (D.R.), son of Wm. S., printer, b. in Dublin, 
ent. T.C.D. 1862, aged 19, B.A. 1866, Div. Test. 1867, ord. D. 1868, P. 1869 (Dub.), 
C. Loughgall 1868-9, C. Ballymore 1869-71, Chap. R.N. 1871-81, C. Donaghmoine 
1881-2, Acting C. F. 1882, R.S. Paul's, Manitoba, 1883-6, S.P.G. Missy, in Rupersland, 

1886. A. S. Price, ord. P. for this C. 17 Dec., 1885 (D.R.) Lie. C. Donaghmoine and 
Broomfield 9 Feb., 1886 (D.R.), B.A. (Cant.). 

1890. William Leslie, (Crockford), T.C.D. B.A. 1885, M.A. 1889, ord.D. 1887 (Clogher), 
P. 1890 (Kilm. for Clogher), C. Killany 1887-90, d. at sea 28 July, 1897. His wid. 
Emily E. L. remarried John T. Robson, formerly manager Daily Express, Ap. 2, 1919 ; 
His only dau. Muriel Margaret Storey, m. John Clarke, son of J. T. Robson, of Dublin. 

1896. Charles Albert Robinson, Lie. 12 June (D.R.), Lie. as P. 12 June, 1897 (D.R.) 
See Canons. 

1899. Francis St. Clalr Caithness, Lie. Aug. 2. See Sallaghy. 


Donaghmolne= J Domnac^ Maigin-" the Church of the little plain." Victor, said 
to have been made Bishop of Domach Maigen by St. Patrick, is reputed to be the founder 
of the Church (Stoke's Trip. Life 1., 182). 

In A.D. 830 the Shrine of St. Ad amnan was carried away from Dompnach Maigen 


(A.F.M .) About the year 1190-1200 Richard Pepard, Baron of Ardee, built a castle 
here on the Bishop's lands and was cursed by the bishop and is said to have become a 
leper (Beg. of CJogher B. Mus. Add. Msa. 4789). Roger Pepard in 1207 endowed the 
Abbey of St. John's, of Ardee, with the Church lands and advowson of Donaghmoine. 
The R. was granted to Primate Dowdall on Mar. 21, 1653 (Morrin i., 315). In 1622 
(R. V. ) it was appropriate to the Abbey of St. John Ardee, and Lord Moore and Ambrose 
Aphugh levied the Rectorial tithes. The Vicarage was then value for 20, the Church 
was ruinous, no glebe house nor glebe. Primate Bramhall seems to have purchased part 
of the Rectorial tithes for the use of the parish (Lambeth Mse.) The Old Ohurch 
was rebuilt in 1641. Present Church built 1827 (Rep. of 1836) contains a font, and 
an altar or marble removed from the old Church. There was an old Church in the T.L. 
of Kilmurry marked in the Survey of 1691 as the " T(empel) of Kilmore." The Com- 
munion Plate has the following inscriptions : Silver Flagon " The humble offering 
of Mrs. Priscilla Armatage for the use of the parish of Donemaine." Silver Cup " The 
humble offering of Elizabeth Warren for ye use of ye Parish Church of Donaghmain, 
1729." Silver Paten " Deo uni Trino et Sacris in usum Parochii de Donemaine 
hanc Patinam D.D.D. Praenobilis Thomas Vicecomes Weymouth, Anno Aec; 1756." 
Silver Cup and paten for use of the sick, latter inscribed " The gift of Anna Maria 
Burgh of the Parish of Donamoiiie, 1766." 

Vestry Book begins 1822. 

Registers from 1799 destroyed in the P.R.O. There is a list of those Confirmed in 
1860-6 in Parochial Custody. 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1621 . Fellm Mersuerlllo, coll to R. Drumer, Apr. 9 (Ann.Hib. i., 207) ? is this Dromore 
or Drummully. 

1619. Patrick Connolly, pres. by the Crown to R. & V. June 26 (L.M. v. 104). 
1619. William Morlce Lloyd, pres. by the Crown to R. & V. Oct. 21 (.M. v. 104). 

1622. Morris Free is R. & V. "no scholar, but a reading Minister, liveth in Dublin 
and keepesth a poore curate to serve." (-R.F. 1622) See App. IV. 

1630. Archibald Carre is named as the 6th Preb., being R. Dromore, in the King's 
Letter of July 14, 1631 (Morrin iii., 616). He was coll. 30 June, 1630, brd. D. and P. 
as M.A., 28 April, 1628, and 14 Sep., 1630 (R.V. 1634). The value of R. &. V. was then 
60. According to Morrin iii., 593, Hugh Barlcley (see Deans). got a grant of a glebe 
as R. of Dromore, Feb. 29, 1631/2 ( ? an error). 

1635. Thomas Hampton, pres. to R.June 8 (L.M.v., 11 1) and to the V.May 2 (ib.v. 111). 
He was C. Galloon 1634. 

1638. John Lyell, inst. R. Jan. 27 (F-,F .) was V. Rossory 1633-6, R. & V. Derrybrusk 
1633-6, R. Aghavea 1635-8. 

1640. Ralph Hamilton, inst. R. & V. Aug. 4 (F.F.) 

1661. James Qreames appears R. & V. 26 'Mar. (V.B.) vacated it soon after. Bee 
App. IV. 

1661. Robert Brisbane, coll. May 7 (V.B.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1664. Robert Echlln, ind. into R. Dromore and Preb. Donacavey (q.v.) May 10 (-P.-F-) 

1686. Michael Mosse, adm. 11 Sep. (F.F.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1696. Nicholas Browne appears (V.B.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1705. George Wade, coll. R. & V. April 26 (F.F.) Probably G. W., son of Geo., gen., 
b. at Lytham, Lancashire, ed. by Mr. Taylor, Kirkham, Lanes., who ent. T.C.D. Mar. 15, 
1693/4, aged 18, B.A. 1698. He had a son Nicholas, b. at Enniskillen, ed. by Dr. Bal.- 
lentine, Strabane, who ent. T.C.D. Feb. 22, 1721J2, aged 16, B.A. 1726, probably the 
Curate below. Rev. George Wade was made a J.P., Co. Tyrone, 2 Sep., 1716. 


1738. Hamlet Oblna, coll, Deo. 17 (F.F.), res. in 1741 for Carrickmaoross, q.v. 
1741. William Codding ton, coll. July 3 (F.F.), res. in 1750 for Carriofcmaoross q.v. 
1750. Samuel VI rase I, coll. June 6 (D.R.), d. Oct. 19, 1761. See Precentors. 

1751 . James Hastings seems to have succeeded, as he d. B. in 1762 (D.R.) See Preba. 

1752. John Burgh, coll. B. & V.," vacant per mortem J.H.," Nov. 22, ind. Deo. 23 
(D.R.), res. in 1759 for Donaghmoine, q.v. 

1759. John Hawkshaw, coll. Jan. 21 (D.R.), res. in 1762, for B. Tedavnet, q.v. 

1783. Thomas M'Donnell, coll. Jan. 1-(D.B.) He was the son of Charles M'D., of Dublin, 
b. in Dublin, ed. by BeV. Eneas M'Mullen, ent. T.C.D. May 10, 1728, aged 17, Sch. 
1730, B. A. 1732, M.A. 1736, Fell. 1737, B.D. and D.D. 1748, B. Derryvullen 1744-63, 
m. Anne Dent, of St. Michan's Parish, Dub. (M.L. 31 Deo., 1744) and had issue. His 
son, James, b. in Co. Form., ed. by Mr. Noble, ent. T.O.D. June 10,1770, aged 16, B.A. 
1774, was ord. D. (or P.) for Clogher 13 July, 1777 (S.R.) . He d. in 1777 (Oents. Mag., 
247). Admon. Bond, dated June 17, 1777. See also Taylpr'aHiat. Univ. Dub., p. 472. 
Bev. Thomas M'Donnell was made a, J.P., Co. Tyrone, 4 July, 1767. 

1777. James Hewitt, Viscount Lit! ord, coll. Sep. 16 \D..R.)s eldest son of Lord Chancel- 
lor Hewitt, created Visot. Lifford 1781, d. 1782, was V. Santry, 1776-7, became Dean 
of Armagh, 1796, d. April 16, 1830, res. this B. 2 Mar., 1826 (D t R.) See Peerages and 
Armagh Clergy p. 24. 

1826. Thomas Plunket, coll. Mar. 6 (D.R.) b. 1792, son of Wm.Oonyngham P.,ed. at 
Cambridge; T.O.D.,M.A. (ad. eund. Cant.) 1822, B.D. and D.D. 1840, C. Kilsaran 1819-26 
B. & V. Dromore 1826-31, Dean of Down 1831-9, Bishop of Tuam 1839-66, succeeded 
to the Barony of Plunket, 1854, m. Oct. 26, 1819, Louisa Jane, dau. of John W. Foster, 
M.P., of Fane Valley, and d. Oct. 19, 1866. He had issue, 5 daus. (1) Catherine, b. Nov. 
22, 1820, still liv-ing at Ballymasoanlan, Dundalk ; (2) Emily Annie, b. Sep. 22, 1823, d. 
1843 ; (3) Mary Eliz. who m. Sir Thos. Oriel Foster and is dec. ; (4) Fredrica Louisa 
Edith, d.unm.; (5) Gertrude Victoria, d. unm. (See Peerages.) 

1832. Henry Lucas St. George, coll. Jctae 19 (D.B;) He Was the 3rd son of Be*. How- 
ard St. a. (B. Tedavnet, q.v.) b. in Co. Kilkenny, ed. by Mr. Pack, at Kilkenny College, 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6> 1797, aged 16, B.A. 1801, M.A- 1832, C. Tedavnet 1809, C. Oleenish 
1810, B. Derrybrusk 1809-10, B. Ballybay 1810-27, B. Tedavnet 1827-32, m. Eliza, 
dau. of Edward Warren, of Lodge Park, Co. Kilkenny and had issue (1) Capel, of Lough 
Emy, Emyvale, b. in Co. Monaghan, 14 Nov., 1814 ; ed. by Mr. O'Beirne, ent. T.C.D. 
as S.C. Nov. 17, 1831, aged 18; J.P., Cos. Mon.-Ferm, and Tyrone ; H. Sheriff Go. Form., 
1847, Co. Mon. 1852, Capt. Ferm. Militia ; (2) Henry Lucas, of Goblusk, Enniskillen, 
J.P. Cos. Ferm. and Tyrone, m. Harriet, only child of Wtn. Sterne, and had issue ; (3) 
Edward Warren, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Dr. Wallis^ ent. T.O.D. July 2, 1839, aged 20, 
d.s.p. ; (4) Oliver Hatley, d.s.p. ; (5) William Nassau, d.s.p. ; and daus. (1) Eliza, m. 
28 Fe]b. 1837, Sir Hugh Stewart, 2nd Bart., Ballygawley ; (2) Mary Alicia, m. Henry 
Taylor Bowley of Maperath, Co. Meath ; (4) Anne d. July 1, 1914 ; (6) Henrietta m. Hugh 
Lyons Montgomery, Bev. H. L. St. G. d. 24 Feb., 1872. (See also B.L.Q.) . 

1872. Charles Maglnnlss, inst. July 8 (D.R.), son of Sir John M., M.D., Kt., b. in Derry, 
ed. at perry School, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1829, aged 16, B.A. 1834, M.A. 1842, called to 
the Irish Bar 1836, ord. D. 1840, P. 1841, Chester,' C. Holy Trin. Birkenhead 1840-2, 
C. Ellesmere Foot 1842-4j P.C. Newtownsaville 1844-72, m.had issue, including Lt.-Col. 
Thos. Hobbs, who had a dau. m. Arthur W. Whiteside, agent, Bank of Ireland, Cole- 
raine, and d. at Philadelphia, U.S.A., Sep. 9, 1913, aged 65 ; a dau. Jane Mary, m. Jan. 
*, 1873, William Donovan, M.D., of Adare, 4th son of Bev. Chas. D., Preb. of Cloyne; 
another dau. Annette Groves m. July 20, 1875, Thomas O'Flaherty, of Bafchmines, and 
a dau., Catherine Selina m. June 7, 1883, Bev. John Wybrants Johnston, 2nd son of 
Robert J., of Cashel. Co. Donegal. He d. Oct. 14, 1896, aged 83. See App. IV. 

l888 -John Alexander Davis, inst. 28 Jan. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1890, ord. D. 1891, 
Uogher, P. 1892, Arm. for Clogher, C. Dromore 1891-8. 


1622. Curate, unnamed (R.V.) 

16 70. Mungo Walklnshaw (V.B.) 

1684. Alexander Colhoun (V.B.) See Templeoarne, 


1705. James Wilson (V.B.) See Cleenish Curates. 

1717. William Law (V.B.) 

1743. Daniel Virldet appears, and up to 1767 (V.B.) See Galloon Curates. 

1754. Nicholas Wade, Lie., July 24 (D.R.) is still C. in 1767 (ViB.) ; was son of Bev. 

George Wade. See Bectors and App. IV. 
1758. Thomas Hastings (V.B.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 
1765. Andrew Young (V.B.) See Templecarne Curates. 

1795. Benjamin Marshall appears and up to 1805 (V.B.) and was C. still in 1844 
(Bourns). He was son of Joseph M., merchant, b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Dr. Murray, 
ent. T.C.D. July 1, 1782, aged 17, B.A., 1787, ord. D. 1 Nov., 1793, P. 3 NoV, 1793 
(Oss. S.B.), C. Ballinderry (Armagh), 1794-7. See App. IV. 

1836. E. J. Burke, a converted B.C. priest was app. Curate (Ohr. Examr. Nov., 1836) ; 
perhaps he was Edward Burke, who appears one of the Vicare of Tuam in 1844. 

1862. Christopher Irvine, Lic.C. ,nom,19 Jan. (!>.#.) He was the 3rd son of Major 
John I., of Killadeas, b. Sep. 7, 1825, in Co. Ferm., ed. by Dr. Burke, enfc. T.C.D. July 2, 
1842, aged 17, B.A. (Besp.) 1847, Div. Test. 1847, M.A. 1858, ord. D. 1848| (Derry), 
P. 1850 (Armagh), C. Tattykeeran 1849-57, C. IrvinestoWn 1857-62 ; became in 1862 
B. Lislimnaghan (Derry), 1862-98, d. Dec. 29, 1905 (Tablet in Lislimnaghan Church). 

1891-8. John Alexander Davis. See Bectors. 
See also App. IV. for extra Curates. 


Dromore=Great Bidge. B.V. 1622 states "Church ruined : no (glebe) house, 
2 Balliboes for gleab." The Church is said to have been entirely destroyed by the 
rebels in the 1641 wars ; a new Church was built in 1694. The old graveyard is in the 
possession of the Local Authorities and contains the ruins of the ancient Parish Church. 

A new Burial Ground was consecrated in Nov., 1892 (D.B.) 

The Registers from 1797 to 1874 were destroyed in the P.B.O. 

Communion Plate : 2 Chalices, one inscribed, " Parish of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, 
1806," another " Dromore Church 1848 ;" 2 Patens, one inscribed " Dromora Church, 
1806," the other "Dromore Church, 1848 ;". 2 Flagons, one inscribed, "The gift of 
Alicia Viscountess Lifford, to the Church of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, 1806,". the other 
"Dromore Church, 1853." 


District Curates and 

1827. Andrew Forster, of " Fortwilh'am, Cootehill," appointed (V.B.) See App. IV. 

1842. John Whlttaker was app. C. Drum, Currin (Ir. Ecc. Jour., Aug., 1842). Query ? 
did he accept. See Tempo and next. 

1842. Robert Johnston app. C. Scots House, Currin, in Aug., and C. Drum, Currin, in 
Sep. 1842 (ib., Aug. and Sep.). The District was then a part of Currin parish. John- 
ston became, in 1847, B. & V. Bossory, q.v. 

1847. William All man appears. He was son of Bev. Wm. A.,M.D., Professor of Botany 
in T.C.D. ; was b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Harfcshorne, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 17, 1834, aged 
13, B.A. 1839, M.B. 1840, M.D. 1843, Div. Test. (2) 1845, ord. D. 1845 (Derry), P. 1847 
(Tuam), 0. Milford (Baphoe) 1845, P.C. Drum 1847-8, Chapl. at Croix, West Indies, 
1848, C. Clondehorkey 1849, B. Mevagh 1864-73, B. Kilmacrenan 1873-95 ; m. (M.L. 
1845) Elizabeth Charlotte Georgina Hill, and had issue, including a son, Thomas, M.D., 
of Westport, who m. June 9, 1878, Charlotte Isabella Anne, eldesfc dau. of Ven. John 
Gather, Archd. of Tuam, and d. Nov. 10, 1915. 

1848 Robert Robotham appears (Oldham) : Son of William, "Mercator Vesfciarii" 
[? Draper], b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Matthews, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 19, 1829, aged 20, B.A. 
1840, ord. D. 1841, P. ; res. 1 Nov., 1872, Annuity declared 1870, 100 ; d. ab Warren- 
point, Nov. 27, 1872. Was Lie. here 2 Ap., 1849 (V,B.) 


1872. Thomas Bradley Nay for, insfc., Dec. 19 (DM.) ; res. in 1876 for Killeevan. 

1877. William James Coohrane, inst. Feb. 19 (DM.) ; son of Bev. William S. C., R. 
of Killygarvan (Baphoe), ord. D. 1870, P. 1872 ( Armagh), C. Tempo 1 870-6 ;reSi Drum 

28 Jan., 1880, B. Laghy (Baphoe) 1880-1905, d. at Woodlands, Killygordon, Co. Done- 
gal, Deo. 6, 1915, aged 80. 

1880. James Green, inst. April 16 (DM.) ; son of John and Elizabeth Greer his wife, b. 
near Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, 1846, ed. at Valentine's Endowed School, Skreen Training 
Soh. and Kildare Place Training Coll. ; spent some years teaching ; ent.T.O.D.,grad. 
B.A. 1876, ord. D. 1876, P. 1877 (Armagh), O. Clogher 1876-80 ; was B. Drum till July 1 
1904, when he retired ; is living at Enniscrone ; m. in 1874 and has issue, 3 sons and 5 
daus. _ Some good stories are told about his method of managing vestries, &o. 

He published The Windings of the Moy with Skreen and Tireragh, 232 pp. with 
illustrations, and a photograph of the author, as well as autobiographical notes, Dublin, 
Thorn, 1919. The book originally appeared in the form of Articles in the Western 
People, under the nom de plume of " The Moy Salmon," and 1,000 copies of it have 
been sold. 

1804. John Robert Meara, insfc. Sep. 10 (DM.) res. in 1916 for Drummully, q.v 

1817. Robert Burns, insb. May 6 (DM.) ; b. 29 June, 1878, at Gfortmesson, Enniskillen, 
eon of Stewait and Sara Burns ; B.U.I., B.A. 1905, T.O.D. B.A. 1919, M.A. 1923, ord* D. 
1909, P. 1910 (Manch.), 0. St. James', Gorton, 1909-11, 0. Barrowford 1911-13, O. 
St. Mary, Bochdale. 1913-17, B. Drum to 15 Mar., 1923, when he became B. Hagley 
(Worcs.) of which Viscount Cobham is Patron ; m. 2 April, 1907, Emily, dau. of James 
Wm. and Annie Sladen, of Ohorlton- cum- Hardy, Manchester, and has issue^ Annie, b. 

29 May, 1908, William Stewait b. 24 Oct., 1910, Kathleen b. 12 Feb., 1913, and Nora 
b, 2 April, 1920. 

1823. John Evelyn Robinson Magi II, Lie. Cur .-in- Charge, June 18 (D.B.) ; son of 
Bev. John M.; T.C.D. ent. 1909, ord;. D. 1911 (Bupertsland), P. 1914(01ogher),O. St 
James, Winnipeg 1911-13, 0. Kilskeery 1914-18, C. Killany 1918-21, 0. Aughnamullen 
and Ballybay 1922-3 ; m. Jan. 2, 1924, Helen, dau. of Bev. James Waterson, B. of 
Aghabog, res. for Broomfield, 1925. 

1826.- Robert John Black, Lie. C.-in-Charge Mar. 10 (DM.), B.U.I. B.A. 1909, T.CJX 
Div. Test. 1912, ord D. 1911, P. 1912 (Down), C. Bamoan with Bathlin 1911-26. 


Drum " ridge." Parish formed as a District of Currin, circa 1828. The " Re- 
vival V of 1858 brought about the enlargement of the Church, which was built in 1828 
as a Chapel of Ease to Currin b,y a grant of 830 from the Board of First Fruits. The 
stone from which it was built, was taken from a qaarry near Leysborough Lake in the 
parish. It is said that during the revival, people used be carried fainting out of the 
Church where they saw " visions and revelations from the Lord.'* 

The Church was restored in 1902 at a cost of 300, during the incumbency of Mr. 
Greer, who also raised money to build a Glebe house. 

The Registers from 1828 are in Parochial Custody. 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1783.- Howard St. George, coll. Feb. 1 (D.B.) ; res. 21 Feb., 1801. See Tydavnefc. 

1801. Hugh Tuthlll, coll. Mar. 14 (DM.) He was son of Bev. Michael Hugh T., Pceb. 
of Donaoavey, b. in Co. Form., ed. by Mr. Murray, enfc. T.C.D. July 10, 1769, aged 18, 
Soh. 1773, B.A. 1774, M.A. 1777 ; m. and had issue, including Michael Hugh.M.D., 
and Bev. James Benson, B. of Belleek, q.v. He d. in 1822 when his Will was proved. 
See also App. TV. 

1823. John Richardson, pres. by the Crown, sede vacante ; inst. Mar. 15 (DM.) ; res- 
in 1847. See Chancellors. 

1847. Nicholas Devereux, coll. June 10 (DM.) ; eldest son of Major John D., of Bally- 
rankin, Co. Wexford, b. 17 Sep., 1799, in Co. Wexford, ed. by Mr. Behan, ent. T.C.D. as 
S.C. Nov. 3, 1817, aged 18, B.A. 1821, M.A; 1832, B.D. and D.D.1853. He res. in 1847 
for B. Kilcormuok (Ferns) and became Pceb. Eilrush (Ferns) in 1849, which he held till 


his death in 1867, bur. at Kilrush. He succeeded to Ballyrankin on his father's death ; 
m. 10 April, 1833, Maria, 2nd dau. of John Haward Jessop, of Doory Hall, Co. Longford, 
and Portman Square, London, and had issue (1) John Daly, J.P., B.L., of Ballyrankin 
House, b. 12 June, 1834, d. ; (2) Frederick Flood* Lieut., R.I.F. ; (3) Kev. Nicholas 
Jessop, V. of St. Matt's., Hoxton, who d. 9 May, 1912 ; (4) Hyacinth Daly ; (5) Robert 
Featherstone; and 3 daus, viz. : Frances, m. Rev. John Haward Jessop HandcOok; 
Maria, and Anne Sbatira, m. Barrett Leonard. (See B.L.G.) He was R. & V. 
Ematria 1828-47. 

1847. Edward Semple, coll. Nov. 30 (DM.) ; son of John S. , Architect, b. in Dublin, ed. 
by Mr. Corcoran, ent. T.O.D. Oct. 4, 1813, as S.O., B.A. 1817, M.A. 1832 ; was R. Kil- 
oormuck (Ferns), 1832-47, and exchanged with DeVereux ; m. 1824> Frances Neville, 
she d. at Kilcormuck Glebe Mar. 8, 1844. Annuity 1870, 401 12s. 3d. He d. in 1880 
(D.S.) Among the Bereaford Papers in Armagh is a lengthy three- cornered correspon- 
dence between him, Rev. J. G. Porter (former Treasurer of the Vaughan Charity), and 
the Primate in which the latter had a difficult role to play between the other two, who 
fought but like gentlemen about the Charity Accounts. 

1880. James Blair Annesley, inst. Nov. 27 (DM.) See Canons. 

1892, John Orozler Hudson (Jun.), inst. April 22 (DM.) Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1885. Walter Auohlnleck Stack, inst. Aug. 27 (DM.) ; res. in 1921 for Muokross. 

1821. William Frederick Morris app. Curate-in-Charge. R.U.I, B.A. 1906, T.O.D. 
B.A., 1914, M.A. 1918 ; ord. D. 1908, P. 1909 ( Clogher), 0. Drumeheetan. 1908-20, R. 
Clogh 1920-1, acted as Temp. Ohapl. Forces 1915-19, won Mil. Cross 1917 ; m. Aug. 
19, 1920, Sybil, dau. of John Chamberlain, of Altrincham, Cheshire. 


1783. Thomas Hewson, appears C. in V.B., but this is evidently 

Thomas Hudson, who was Chaplain to the Vaughan Charity 1791-1801 and 

who signs Ves. Book as Curate in 1794. 

d 826-30. Alexander Hurst, was C. (Fantily Ppa.) See Muckno. 
1838-41. John Delap. See App. IV. 

1857.- Qarratt Nugent appears (V.B.) ; son of Garrett N., merchant, b. in Cork, ent. 
T.C.D. May 24, 1842, aged 20, Soh. 1845, B;A. (Jun. Mod. Eth. and Log.) 1847, M.A. 
1851, Div. Test. (1) 1848 ; ord. D. 1848 (Dub.), P. 1849 (Kilm.), 0. Olontibret 1848-51, 
S.P.G. Missy, at Ontario 1851-4, Chapl. Vaughan's School 1857-62, V. Ardnuroher 
1862-72, R. Balrathboyne 1872-92, Archd. of Meafch 1882-98, R. Trim 1892-8 ; m. 
28 April, 1853, Martha Isabella, dau. of Francis Mills of Mountjoy Square Dublin, 
son of Rev. Richard Mills, R. of Annaclone, and had issue by her (who d. 18 April, 1879), 
4 sons, viz. : (1) Richard M'Donnell, L.R.C.S.I., drowned at Kashipore, India, 9 Nov., 
1884, aged 29 ; (2) Garrett Bagge, d. 10 Aug., 1900 ; (3) Frank Mills, d. 15 Jan., 1884, 
aged 24 ; (4) Wilson Mills, Govt. Surgeon at Vryburg, S. Africa for many years, who d. 
11 Aug., 1909. He had also daus, including Isabella Mills, d. 4 Sep., 1919 (H.B.8.) 

1862. James Blair Annesley. See above and App. IV. 

1870-8. Matthew Qraham White is 0. (I.G.D.) See Magheraoross. 

1882-5. Walter Auohlnleck Stack, Lie. 1 Oct., 1892, and as P. Deo. 20, 1893 (DM.) 

See Rectors. 

1888. David Frederick Ruddell Wilson, Lie. Sep. 28 (DM.) ; son of Rev. James W., 
R. of Tyholland; T.O.D., B.A., 1896, Div. Test. 1897,M.A. 1899, ord. D.I 895 (Dub. for 
Clogher), P. 1897 (Clogher), res. this C. for C. St. Anne's, Belfast, 1898-9, Suooentor St. 
Patrick's Cathedral, Dub., 1899-1914, R. Drumcondra 17. (Dub.) 1914-17, R. Donny- 
brook 1917, Minor Canon and Treas's V. St. Patrick's Cathedral 1914-18, Treasurer 
do. 1918-24, Precentor do. 1924, m. Maria Percy, dau. of Rev. Thos. Jordan, D.D., R. 
of Magherafelt, and Treas. of Armagh Cathedral. 

1888-1904. William Thompson Bredin Naylor. See Belleek. 

1806. Michael Henry Kirkby, Lio. 0. June 13 (DM.) ; res. 1908, became C. Berehaven, 
Cork, 1908-9. 

1908. William Frederick Morris, Lio. Deo. 21 (DM.) See Rectors. 


Drumoheeran now generally spelled DrumkeeranDruim Cairthainn " the ridge 
of the quicken tree.'! The Parish was formed, aa a R, & V. on Feb. 27, 1770, by Order 


in Council, out of Magheraoulmoney. The Order came into force in 1793, on the re- 
signation, evidently by arrangement, of the Incumbent, who then became R. & V., 

The Church was erected in 1774 date on porch. But according to Lewis's Top. 
Piot. ." it was formerly a Chapel of JEase belonging to Vaughan's Endowed School, the 
Governors of which presented it to the parishioners on the separation of Prumkeeran 
from the parish of Magheraculmoney." It was repaired in the early 19th cent, at a cost 
of 103 by the E)ccl. Comrs. An addition to the old Burial Ground was cons, in March, 

The Registers from 1801 are in Parochial Custody as .also the Vestry Book from 
April 21, 1794. 

Vaughan's Endowed School is in this parish. It was founded under the Will of 
George Vaughan, Who in 1758, left an estate, producing about 1,000 per an. for the 
foundation and endowment of a school for boarding, clothing, educating and apprentic- 
ing Protestant children under the direction of 13 trustees. An Act of Parliament in- 
corporating Vaughan's Charity was passed in 1775-6. 

Of the Chaplains of Vaughan's School the following appear : ~ 

1787. William Dane, res. in 1791 for Drumkrin. See Clontibret. 
1791-1801. Thomas Hudson /elected Pec. 8, 1791. See Curates above. 
1801-23. Hugh Tuthill. See above. 
1823-57. Edward Stack. See Curates of Perry vullen. 
1857-62. Qarrett Nugent. See above. 
1862-92. James Blair Annesley. See Canons. 
1892-5. John Crozier Hudson, Jun. See Prebs. Kilskeery. 
1895-1921. Walter Auohinleok Stack. See Muckross. 
1921. William Frederick Morris. See above. 

Canon W. A. Stack printed an interesting History of the Charity, with illustrationfl, 
in pamphlet form, when he was Chaplain. 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1773. Thomas Campbell, res. this year (DM.) See Chancellors. 

1773. James Hastings, coll. (DM.) ; res. in 1784. See Prummully. 

1784. Andrew Aline, coll. Oct. 9 (D.R.) ; res. in 1791 for Belleek. See Archdeacons. 

1791. William Dane, coll. June 23 (DM.) ; res. in 1794 for Clontibret, q.v. 

1794. William Dawson, coll. Aug. 28 (DM.) ; res. in 1798 for Clontibret q.v. 

1799. William Moffatt, coll. Jan. 3 (DM.). See Currin. 


1786. Matthew Campbell appears (V.B.) son of Robert C., farmer, b. in Co. Mon., ed. 
by Mr. Allen, ent. T.C.P. Nov. 4, 1776, aged 18, B.A. 1781 ; became P.O. Taney, Co. 
Publin, in 1787 ; res. it 1813, for P.O. Kilgobbin (Publin) ; m. June 17, 1795, Eliz. White 
(she d. June 1, 1835) and had issue an only son Frederick, T.C.P. B.A. 1820, who d. 15 
Feb., 1861, aged 60, and a dau. Eliza (wife of John Boe, of North Frederick Street, 
Publin) who d. 15 Oct., 1826, in her 24th year (Mont, in Taney. See Elrington Ball's 
History of Taney) , The Will of Re v. M.C. of Kilgobbin, was proved in 1 81 7 . 

1781. James Wright appears (V.B.) 


Drumkrin (" the ridge of the tree ") was formed as a parish in 1773, when an Order 
in Council was issued separating certain tpwnlands from the parishes of Galloon and 
Prummully and creating them into the Parish of St. Mary, Prumkrin, May 25 (L.M . v., 
175). The Parish, however, existed only till 1806, when by Act of Council, it was 
divided one portion being united to Currin and the other to Prummully. Drumkrin 
Church was to be the Parish Church of Prummully after the death of the Incumbent 
of Currin, .Rev. Wm. Moffatt. It was used as such till 1844, When the present Church 
of Prummully was built. The late Colonel Saundersob used to tell that once he wor- 
shipped afc Morning Service in Prumkrin Church with his mother, who in consequence of 
the state of the roof had to open her umbrella during the service to protect the'mbbth 
from the passing shower. See also App. IV. 




1428. -Donatue O'Qowan [O'Goband] vacated the V. by death. (Ann. Hib. i., 30). 

1428. Tatheus O'Qowan [O'Goband] was coll. V. of St. Ooman of Drummaelchi, vacant 
by D. O'Q's death, value 7 marks, May 13 (ib) . See also App, IV. 

1429. Eugene O'Connoly [O'Comralayd] was prov. by the Pope to the Perp. V. of 
Drummaelchi, value 6 marks, April 6 (ib. i., 35). See also App. IV. 

1432. Malaohi O'Qowan [O'Goband] Was prov. to the V. of St. Coman of Drumulaohy, 
vacant "per privationem," Oct. 23 (ib., i., 35). 

1438. Thady O'Qowan [O'Qoband] appears V. Drumlyad [which is evidently Drum- 
mully] (Reg\ Prene.) . Probably the same person as Tatheus O'G. of 1428. 

1448. See Appendix IV. 

1B21. The entry under Dromore this year may be Drummully. 

1618. Qeoffrey MlddJetpn, pros, by ;the Crown to the V.Deo. 3 (L.Af. v., 104). He was 
app. Master of Enniskillen School in 1618, and is probably " Middleton," who was 
M.A. T.O.P. 1617. 

1622. John Gregg is V. and "resident at Trim'.'. (R.V.) He Was "M,A,,a good prea- 
cher, of good life and honest conversation . . . very paynful [=pains taking, not 
painglving] in his ministry." WasK.Balsoon(Meath) 1016, V.Kathmolyon 161 0-29/30 
P.O. Moymet 1622, V. Trim 1622-9/30, Dean of Lismore 1628-29/30, probably res. this 
V. circa 1625/6, d. Jan. 21, 1629/30, bur. in Trim Church (Mont, there. See Butler's 
Trim and Journ. R.S.A.I., 1878, p. 404). 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1626/8. Richard Haokett, pres. to the R. by the Grown Mar. 20 (L.M. v., 107). He was 
Preb. Dunsport (Down) in 1622, Dean of Killaloe 1624-7, V. Tara and Kuookmark 
1624-7. His Will was pr. in 1627. 

1027/8. Richard Morse, adm. R. & V. 3 (or 10) Mar. (P.P. and R.V.) ; res. in r 
Inishmaosaint q.v. The value of the R. & V. in 1634 was 100. Baron de Olanawley 
was Patron (R.V.) 

1838. John Heygate, inst. July 6 (P.P.) He was son of James H. Arohd. of Clogher and 
Bp. of Kilfenora. (See Archdeacons). Was R. Tydavnet, 1636-7, R; Inishmacsaint 
1637-8 ; m. Jane Perkins and d. 31 May, 1840. P. Will proved 1640. 

1640. Edward Synge, adm. Oct. 28 (P.P.) He Was 8th son of Richard S. and his wife 
Alice Rowley ; [It is said that the family name was originally Millington,, and that they 
received the name of Synge -spelled Singe or Sing from their sweetness of Voice], 
was bap. at Bridgnorth, Salop, 16 Aug., 1614, ed. at Drogheda Gram. Son., T.O.D. B.A> 
, not recorded, D.D. 1661 was B.D. in 1840 (P.P.) R. Killary (Meath) 1638 [? to 00], 
Preb. Aghadowey (Derry) 1640-61, R. Drumachose and Tamlaghtfinlagan 1643-61, 
Minor Canon St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1647-60, V. Lusk (Dub.), V. Innishannon (Cork) 
and Dean of Elphin 1648-61, Was ,as appears from Commonwealth Papers (Seymour's 
Transcripts) Archd. of Cloyne in 1649 and to 1661, and was also appointed circa 1649, 
by Ormond, to the Chancellorship of Christ Oh., Dub. He was evidently from the first 
ti persona grata with the Primate and Government, and like some others of his name and 
family [four of whom were Bishops ] was a great pluralist, but on account of the troublous 
times, some of the parishes he held were sinecures. In 1660/1 he was made Bp. of 
Limerick, and allowed to hold with it in commendam, the R. Tradery i Killaloe) ; was 
trans, to Cork, Oloyne and Ross 1663-78, m. Barbara, eldest dau. of Wm. Latham, of 
New Place, Co. Derry, and had issue Rev. Samuel, who became Dean of Kildare, and 
Edward, who became Archbishop of Tuam. He d. 22 Deo., 1678, and was bur. in his 
Cathedral. ( See also D.N.B. , Brady's Records of Cork, &c, , Webster's Diocese of Cork) . 

1881. 'Alexander Keith, pres. by the Crown June 21 (L.M. v., 113), coll. Mar. 27 (Lodge 
Mas.), held also V. Aghavea 1661-71 , In the Ootwwnwwlih Papers we find that he 


was settled at Newtownbutler j in this parish as Minister, on the petition of the inhabi- 
tants from 25 Deo., 1657, at 100 ; and on 16 April, 1659 we are told "Alexander Keith 
is bringing over his family from Scotland to the place of his settlement (Newtown 
do. Fermanagh.) He was settled here on the tithes in 1659. His P. Will was proved 
as " of Newtownbubler " in 1671. 

1870/1. John Leslie, adm. and coll. to Aghavea and Drummully Feb. 24, ind. Feb. 26* 
(. V.B.) This Collation was perhaps made in error, or had no effect as regards this parish. 
See next. 

1872. Alexander Semple, pres,. by Hugh Baron Glenawley, inst. and adm. 10 April, 
parish " vacant by the death of Alexander Keith." (D.R.) 

187B. John Leslie (again), adm. April 9 (F.F.). No record as to cause of vacancy. He 
was son of Bishop John L., of Clogher, b. Jan. 6, 1645/6, ent. T.C.D. as S.O. May 16, 
1661, aged 16, no degree recorded. He was also V. Aghavea 1671-1716, and Dean of 
Dromore 1681-1721. Was arrested in Glaslough 1707, pleaded privilege plea not 
granted ; m. July 1698, Elizabeth dau. of William Hamilton, of Caledon; d. in 1721, 
Will proved 23 Oct., 1721. Settled his estates on his nephew, Robert, with remainder 
to his nephew, Henry. His son William succeeded him in Aghavea. 

1721. Samuel Madden appears ( V.B.) He was of a family, originally from Oxford 
the eldest son of John M. , of Dublin, and Manor Waterhouse, Co. Form. * M.D. , by Mary, 
dau. of Samuel Molyneux, of Castle Dillon, b. in Dublin 23 Dec,, 1686, ed. by Dr. Bar bone 
at Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 28, 1700/1, aged 13, B.A. 1706, D.D. 1723. 

Bui'dy, in his Life of Philip Skelton, who was his curate here, says that When the parish 
became vacant on Leslie's death, Dr. Madden was a Colonel of Militia, and "was then in 
Dublin, dressed in scarlet. His family had presented last time, and did not own this 
turn, but offered to give up all right of presentation in the future, if allowed to present 
him now V he got the living, and made an excellent clergyman. Skelton lived with him 
as tutor to his children. He has become known as " Premium Madden " having in- 
terested himself in organising the system of premiums in Dublin University. He was 
also one of the founders of the Royal Dublin, Society and was very charitable. He m. 
Jane Magill, of Kirkstown, Co. Armagh (whose grandfather was Lieut, of the ToWer of 
London) and had issue (1) Rev. Thomas ; see Curates below and Donagh ; (2) Samuel 
Molyneux (ob. 1783)under whose Will, dated 1782, the , ' Madden '' Prize was established 
to be given to the next best at the Fellowship Exams. T.C.D. ; (3) John, M.A., T.O.D., 
1 738, ancestor of the Hilton Maddens; (4) Edward, of Spring Grove; (6) William, B.L. , and 
5 daus., viz. :^-U) Mary, m. Rev. Thomas Hastings (see Prebs. Kilskeery) ; (2) Lucy, m. 
Saunderson ; (3) Alice ; (4) Jane ; (5) Elizabeth, m. Rev. John HaWfcshaw. He d. 
31 Deo., 1765, and his Will, dated 9 Mar., 1761, was proved 14 Deo., 1766. 
He published several works, including : 

Reflections and Resolutions proper for the Gentlemen of Ireland, &o., 1738. 
Theiriistocles, A Tragedy. 

Memoirs of the Twentieth Century, 6 vols.j London, 1733. A Satire. 
A Portrait of him, from a Mezzotint by John Brooks, forms the frontispiece to Vol. 
viii. of Gilbert^ Calendar of the Andient Records of Dublin. (See also D.N.B., Allibone, 

1788. John Maxwell appears as R. in V.B. of this year. He probably succeeded on 
Madden's death ; he held till 1783. See Archdeacons. 

1784. William Major coll. Jan. 2 (D.R.) ; d. in 1792. See Aghavea. 

1782. James Hastings (Jun.), coll. June 19 (D.R.) He ent. T.O.D. Nov. 11, 1761, 
having been ed. by Mr. Gast [his father's name is not given], Sch. 1764, B.A. 1766. 
M.A. 1769, ord. D. (or P ?) Oct. 1, 1767 (8.R.) He was R. Drumkrin 1773-84, V. Drum- 
enatt and R. Kilmqre 1784-92, He Was, I think, the same as J. H., Archdeacon of 
Glendalough 1791-1806, and Dean of Aohonry 1806-12, who is said by Cotton (Fasti) 
to have in 1812, retired to Wrexham, N. Wales, where he d. at an advanced age. J. H., 
R. of Drummully, d. in Aug., 1823 (D.R.) 

1823. Hon. John Pratt Hewitt, coll. Oct. 29 (D.R.) He was 2nd son of James H., Visot. 
Lifford, b. 1796, was P.O. Ballymoyer (Armagh), 1819-23 ; exchanged Drummully with 
F. Gervais for R. Desertlyn 1828-74, d. Jan. 6, 1880 ; m. and had issue (see Peerages 
and Armagh Clergy, p. 222). 

1828. Francis Qervals, coll. Deo. 26 (D.R.) ; was son of Peter G., of Cecil, Co. Tyrone, ed. 
at Ebon, T.O.D. B.A. 1796, M.A. 1800 ; was Preb. InVer (Raphoe) 1798-1802, V. Car ling- 
ford 1803-16, B. Tartaraghan 1816-20, R. Clonfeaole 1820-2, R. Desertlyn 1822-8, 


exchanged with Hewitt (above) ; m. in 1807, Catherine Jane, dau. of Michael Tisdall, 
of Charlesfort, and d. Oct. 6, 1849, leaving issue Francis John, of Cecil, M.A., T.C.I), 
1847 ; Elizabeth m. fas his 2nd wife) Rev. J. P. Hewitt (above), and Catherine m. Nicho- 
las Evans, of Newtown, Co. Cork. (See B.L.G. and Armagh Clergy, p. 222). 

1849. Joseph Calwell, coll. July 25 (D.R.), res. in 1863 for Aghavea. See Archdeacons. 

1853. Valentine Duke Christian, coll. April 30 (D.R.) He was son of James C., b. 
in Co. Sligo, ed. by Mr. O'Connor, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1826, aged 19, B.A. 1834, M.A. 
1867. Was. P.O, Clogh 1843 (Bourns) ; annuity at Disestablishment 366 10s. 7d. ; 
res. March 16, 1872, d. at Mouutjoy Place, Dublin, Feb. 21, 1875, aged 67. (I.E.Q.) 

1872. Thomas Richard Conway, inst. May 31 (D.R.), ord. D. 1870 (Down), P. 1871 
(Kllmore), C. Drumlease 1870-2 ; m., and had issue, including Gapt. J. Hobson M. Con- 
Way, B.A.M.C., who served in the Great War, and won the D.S.O., now in India, m. and 
has issue ; d. July 29, 1910, aged 74. 

1910. James Gondell Taylor, inst. Oct. 7 (D.R.) ; res. in 1916. See Galloon. 

1918. John Robert Meara, inst. Deo. 22 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1892, Div. Test. 1893, 
ord. D. 1892, P. 1893 (Cashel), C. Shanrahan 1892-3, C. Hillsborough 1894-5, B. New- 
townbarry 1895-7, R. Kilnamanagh 1897-1904, B. Drum 1904-16 ; Lie. as C.-in-Charge 
Newtownsaville Jan. 8, 1926. His yst. dau. Nancy m. Sep. 21, 1926, Bev. John Alex. 
Pollard, Brackville, Co. Tyrone, son of James P., of Lismore. He res. in 1926 fdr New? 

1926. Benjamin Northridge, Lie. C.-in-Charge, Dec. 31 (D.R.), ord. D. 1923, P. 1925 
(Down), C. Seapatrick 1923-6, Gen. Lie. Clogher 1926. 


1678. Robert Bradln [or Bredin] appears (V.B.) He was C. Aghavea in 1676, V. Car- 
rick-on-Suir 1683-1704, V. Kilsheelan and Clonegam -(Lismore) 1683-1704, Preb. 
Clashmore and V. Killeaand Bathmoylan (Lism.) 1698-9, Chanc. Lismore 1699-1704 ; 
m. (1) in 1672, Henrietta, dau. of Bev. James Jerome and had by her 2 daus. ; m. (2) 
a wid. with an only child and had by her no issue. One of his daus. m. Isaac Bredin, of 
Co. Cavan. He d. at Carriofc-in-Suir, 23 Deo., 1794, and was bur. there. His P. Will 
was proved in 1 704/5. 

1684. William Leslie (V.B.) See Aghavea. 

1692. Thomas Hamilton (V.B.) ; was also C. Aghavea in 1692 ; probably the same as 
T. H., who was V. Fercall (Meath) 1692-4. 

1699. James Horne (V.B.) probaby= James Horan, B.A. and Soh., T.C.D. 1880. 
Is M.A. in V.B. 

1 700. Patrick Sheelln [or Sheehin ?] ( V.B.) ; & Peter Sheahen was C. Tyholland in 1704. 
Probably the name was erroneously written in the Becord. 

1703. John Reid appears, and up to 1717 (V.B.) 

1720. William Crelghton is C. (Papers in Arm. Reg.) : he appears 0. up to 1723 (V.B.) 

See Inniskeen. 

1728-32. Philip Skelton (V.B.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1735. James Arbuthnot (V.B.) ord. P. 8 June, 1718 (Grant Book) was 0. Tyholland 
1713, C. Boho 1716-29, and Devenish 1717-24 ; was no doubt, " Arbuthnot the poor 
cast off curate to whom Skelton frequently made a present of ten guineas." (Burdy'a 
Life of Skelton, Moore's Ed. p. 72). 

1746. Thomas Madden appears, and up to 1754 (V.B.) See Donagh. 

1758. William Veech (or Veitch), ( V.B.), Lie. 28 April, 1760 (*&.), son of John Veitoh, of 
Gartinardress, Killeshandra, by Elizabeth, sister of John Semple, of Derryskert, Co. 
Cavan, ed. by Mr. Grattan, ent. T.O.D. July 14, 1739, aged 17, B.A. 1744. His Will, 
dated 3 July, 1783, proved as of "Rev. W. V., of Newtownbutler,". 20th Deo., 1788, 
mentions his nephews John and William Ingham. It was unfortunately, not an un- 
common thing in those days for a clergyman, with no influence nor " push " to remain a 
Curate all his life. 


1772. John Johnston ( V.B.) perhaps John Johnson, eon of Samuel, "gen." b. in Co. 
Ferm., ed. by Mr Thompson, enfc. T.O.D. June 13, 1748, aged 17, B.A. 1752 ; was ord. D. 
(or P ?), Clogher, Oct. 1, 1767 (S.R.) 

1785. Alexander Lindsay Hall appears and up to 1818 (V.B.) probably =*Alesnder 
H., son of Robert H., merchant, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr Murray, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 
1773, aged 16, B.A. 1779. 

O1 825. John Edward Henry Simpson app. C. (Erck.) See Drumsnatfc. 

1840-50. Jonathan Thornhlll is C. (V.B.). See Barr. 

1870. William Edward Hallam, Lie. Nov. 27 (Papers in Arm. Beg.) See Lack. 

1870. Richard Radoliffe Gary read Declaration in the Parish Church, probably as C., 
25 Dec. (ib.) 

1908. William Bagot Stack, Lie. June 14 \D.R.) See Aghadrumsee. 
See also App. IV. for other Curates. 


Drummully "the ridge of the summit." In 1622 " Church ruinous, stands in- 
conVenienb no (Glebe) house " (B.V.). In 1836 there was no Ohuroh (Rep. pfOomra.) 
After 1-841 the Church of St. Mary, Drumkrin, became the Parish Church of DrUmmully 

The old Churchyard of Drummully is vested in local authorities. 

For disputes concerning the Advowson, see 2 Mss. in Marsh's Library Z3/2/6 No. 16 
and Zl/2/20. The Registers from 1802 are in Parochial Custody, also Vestry Books 
from 1808. Of the Communion Plate, a Silver Chalice is inscribed "A gift to St. 
Mary's Church, Drumorin," a Silver Paten "A gift for St. Mary's Church, Drumorin." 
No date to either. Plated Paten and Plated Flagon, both inscribed " The Church of St. 
Mary's, Drumorin, Parish of Drummully," Oak Alms Dishes inscribed " Drummully 
Church, 1872," See also App IV. 



1427. Patrick O'Dublltyr is Perp V. and is to be also appointed V. of Kilmore, Jan. 5 
(Ann. Hib. i., 47). 

1822. Lewis Pruderough appears (R.V.) The name is written " Prudderch " in R.V. 
1634. He was also B. of Kilmore and resident at Monaghan in 1622 and was M.A. and 
" a preacher." (R.V,) 

1636. Samuel Gale, inst. V. Sep. 13 (P.P.) 

1638. Francis Simpson (or Sympson), coll. V. 15 July (P.P.) Was also B. Kilmore, 

[1681. William Oldbrldge, Commonwealth Minister of Drumsnatt and Kilmore was 
deprived for Non- Conformity (V.B.)] 

On May 20, 1661, the V. Drumsnatt was Episoopally united with the B. Kilmore 
(V.B.) and continued so united until 1795. 

1881. Edward How, coll. May 20 (V.B.) See Archdeacons. 
1861. William Smith, coll. Deo. 6 (V.B.) See below. 

[1663. Nicholas Montgomery appears as coll. in Shirley's Monaghan with " Bp. Beeves" 
as authority. I can find no authority for this and doubt its correctness.] 

1668. William Smith, coll (again) April 13 (P.P. and V.B.) It appears that the first 
collation in 1661 was to Kilmore and this to Drumsnatt (Lodge Af*.) See Tydavnet. 


1669. Ralph Barlow appears ( V.B.) He was 0. Oarrickmaorosa in 1669 and B. Tydav- 
net 1673-1706, holding it with these united parishes. " Balph Barlow, of Anaghmal- 
logh Clerk," was attainted in 1689 (King's Lists). He m. Katherine, sister of William 
Smith (above), Archdeacon of Armagh, whom he succeeded he/re and in Tydavnet, and 
had issue (1) John, b. at Aehnamallqry, Co. Mon., ent. T.C.D. April 27, 1688, aged 18, 
Was Major Monaghan Militia and High Sheriff, Co. Mon., 1705 ; P. Will dated 12 Jan., 
1742, proved 1744 ; (2) Balph, Lieut., Mon. Militia, d. 1746 ; (3) Henry, of Newgrove, 
Co. Mon., High Sheriff, 1720, m. Mary, wid. of Blunden and dau. of Henry Blayney, 
Will dated 15 May, 1721, proved 3 June, 1736, had issue ; (4) Jane, m. George Scott, of 
Bough, Co. Mon. , High Sheriff, 1704, who d. Aug. , 1704, leaving issue. (H.B.S.) Balph 
Barlow d. in 1706 or 1707. 

1706/7. John Oil!, coll. Jan. 14 (D.R.); rea. in 1725 for Aughnamullen, q.v. 

1725. John Kerr, coll. May 12 (D.R.) ; res. in 1729 for Preb. Devenish. See Prebs Dona, 

1729. William Codding ton, coll. May 23 (ff.F.) ; res. in 1741 for Dromore. See Carrick- 

1741. Alexander Lindsay, coll. Sep. 25 (F.F .) was son of Walter L., of Oahoo, by Miss 
Stewart, was M.A. when ord. D. 9 June, 1723 (Grant Book), C. Inishmacsaint 1727-37, 
V. Clontibret 1740-1 ; m. Ellen, sister of Bev. James Bichardson, B. of Balteagh (Derry) 
1717-28, and of Deborah, 1st wife of Joseph Story, Bishop of Kilmore, and dau. of 
Thomas Richardson, of Caraclogan, Parish of Clogher, Co. Tyrone. He had issue 
including Bev. Walter, b. 1733, his curate here (see Curates). He d. in 1753 or 1754. 
His P. Will was proved in 1754. He was m. in Derry Cathedral Feb. 2, 1725/6. He was 
C. Tullyeorbet, 1723. 

1753. George Leslie, coll. Jan. 16 (8.R.) ; d. in 1754. See Clones. 

1764. Samuel Bayly, coll. June 26 (D.R.), son of John B., " gen." b. in Co. Kilkenny, ed. 
by .Dr. Ford, ent; T.O.D. Deo. 13, 1745, aged 18, B. A. 1760 ; held Drumsnatt and Kilmore 
until his death ; m. JEliz. Towers, of St. Andrew's Parish, Dublin (M.L. Oct. 13,1766) 
and had issue, including a son Samuel, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Dr. Trench, ent. T.C.D. 
Mar. 24, 1787, aged 16, and an only dau. Eliz., who m. in 1788, Humphrey Evatt, of 
Mb. Louise. He d. at Kilmore, Go. Mon., 1784 (Dub. Evg. Post, 9 Oct., 1784), and his 
P. Will was proved in 1784. 

1784. James Hastings (Jun.), coll. Oct. 9 (D.R.) ; res. in 1792 for Drummully, q.v. 
1792. Robert Montgomery, coll. June 26 (D.R.) res. in 1793 for Monaghan, q.v. 

1793. Andrew Allen, coll. Nov. 23 (D.R.) ; res. the parish of Kilmore in July, 1795, but 
continued to hold Drumsnatt till his death in 1808. See Archdeacons. 

1809. James Fiddes, coll. Mar. 4 to V. Dramsnatt only ( D.R.) Was M.A., C. Tydavnet, 
1788-96, d. Oct. 1824 (D.B.) See also App. IV. 

1824. Allen Mitchell, coll. Mar. 4 (D.R.) was son of William M., farmer, b. in Co. Mon. ; 
ed. by Mr. Gwynne, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1812, aged 18, B.A. 1817, was C. Tydavnet 
before 1824 (L.M. v., 227 and Erck) ; res. this parish Jan., 1847, for Bossofcy, and d- 
July 12, 1847. He m. a dau. of Bev. Wm. Henry Pratt, V. of Donagh, and had issue 
an only child, Anna Maria, who m. Charles Stewart, 4th son of Bev. Edward Hartigan, 
Preb. of Killaloe, and d. in her 84th year, on Mar. 20, 1924, at Lee. 

1847. Alexander Hurst, coll, Jan. 22 {D.R.) ; res. the same year for Muckno, q.v. 

1847. John Edward Henry Simpson, coll. Nov. 19 (D.R.) ? Was he John S., son of 
Bev. John S., C. of Clonfeacle, ed. by Mr. Moore, who ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1809, aged 18, 
B.A. 18J.4, Was, I think, a C. in England before he was lie. C. Drummully c.1825, 
P.C. Aghadrumsee 1844-7 ; m.,had issue .' Rev. Samuel Hoa,re S., of Barr, was his son 
He res. 26 Feb., 1872 (D.R.) Annuity, 135 5s. 4d. ; d. at Clones June 20, 1876, aged 
87. (I.E.O.) 

1872. Robert Gumley, inst. Jine 11 (D.R.) ; res. in 1880 for Killadeas, q.v. 
1880. James Ross, coll (by lapse) Dec. 28 (D.R.) ; res. in 1891 for Inniskeen q.v. 

1892. Charles Frederick Langford, inst. Mar. 12 (D.R.) ; ed. at St. Aidan's Coll. 
1886-7, ord. D. 1889, P. 1889 (Down), C. Kilkeel 1889-90, 0. Monaghan 1890-2 ; res. 
Drumsnatt for C. Shankill (Lurgan) 11 Oct., 1894. Was. C. H. Trin., Bembridge, I. of 
1901, V 4 Holy Tro,, Bradpole, Dorset, 1909-17, 


1805. Robert James Mitchell, inafc. Jan. 4 (D.R.) ; rea. in 1906 for Trilliofc, q.v. 

1000. Thomas Oeoll Magee, insfc. June 2 (D.R.) res. in 1008 for Templeoarne, See 

1008. Richard Harrison Robinson, insfc. Aug. 2 (D.R) ; T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Teat. 
1899 ; ord. d. 1900 (Stepney), P. 1902 (Islington), C, St. John's, Baling Dean 1900-8. 
Kilmore and Drumsnatt became a Union in 1927, of which Mr. Robinson is Incumbent. 

1704. Thomas Resnoett or Neamett (?) (KB.) 

17B2. Walter Lindsay (V.B.) He was son of Rev. Alex. L. (see Rectors) ; was ed. by 
Mr. Moore and ent. T.C.D. Dec. 10, 1747, B.A. 1752. He became R. Bellaghy, and m. 
Eliz. dau. of Sir Nicholas Forster, Bart. , and had issue, 2 sons Rev. Alexander, who was 
R. Rathdrummin and Carrick, Co. Louth (See Armagh Clergy, p. 770), and Robert 
(see B.L.Q.) He d. in 1775. 

1861-8. Samuel Hoare Simpson (V.B.). See Barr. 
1863. Charles Crowe, Lie. Aug. 10 (D.R.) See Newbliss. 


Drumsnatt =" Ridge of the Snow.' It appears in the Eccl. Tax. of 1306 as "Capella 
de Druymsneta," and is joined with Kilmore. The Patron Saint was MoluaMac Ochi; 
his day Aug. 4. St. Cummian, son of Guana, was also Abbot of Drumsnatt, and his 
day was Sep. 4. O'Daly's Tribes of Ireland, p. 41, refers to D. as follows : 

"Dyumsneaohta, the soft town 
Without a herenaeh, without a bishop, 
Having but 2 priests in the Church 
On a broad low stone." 

Incidentally, this tells us that bishops were plentiful in Clogher diocese in the olden 
time. The Rectory (i.e., the Rectorial tithe, &c.) before the Reformation was appro- 
priate to the Abbey of Clones ; and at the Dissolution was granted to the Rushe family. 
In 1622 the Church wag ruinous (R. V.) 

Concerning the Book of Drumsneaohta see O'Curry's Ma. Materials, pp. 13 et aeq. 
The Registers since 1825 are in Parochial Custody? 


Rectors and Vicars. 

1787. William Dayvson, Sen., coll. (V.B.) ; son of Richard D., "gen." by Alice, his wife, 
b. at Drummottin, Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Folds at Carrickmacross, ent. T.C.D. May 24, 
1729, aged 20, B.A. 1733, M.A. 1769. He was C. Clones 1742-72 ; m. Ruth, sister of 
John Houlden, of Draper Hill, Donaghcloney, Co. Down. From the inscription on his 
tomb at Kilcrow, we find that he d. Dec. 1, 1802, aged 92, (D.R. has Dec. 2), his wife, 
Ruth, d. 3 Oct., 1774, aged 61; and his eldest son John, d. Sep. 18, 1754, aged 8. An- 
other son was Rev. William, V. of Olontibret. His P. Will was proved in 1803. 

1803. Thomas Vesey Dawson, coll. Mar. 3 (D.R.) He was son of Richard D., " Armi- 
ger," of Ardee, Co. Louth (assassinated 1782, see Peerages " Dartrey ") ; b. in Dublin 
6 Nov., 1768, ent. T.C.D. as S.0< Oct. 17, 1786, aged 18, B.A. 1790, M.A. 1795, Was V. 
Culmullen and Galtrim, Co. Meafch, 1794-1806, Dean of Eillala 1795-6 ; res. Ematris 
in 1806 for R. Loughgilly ( Armagh), which he held from Sep. 5, 1806, to his death s.p. 
in 1811. He was also Archd, of Tuam 1806, and Dean of Clonmacnoise, 1806-11. He 
He m. Anna Maria, dau t of Blftyney Townley Balfour, of Townley Hall \M,L, Nov., 


1808. Francis Brownlow, coll. Nov. 20 (DM.) M. A. of Oxford, 3rd son of Rt. Hon. 
William B., M.P. (father of the 1st Baron Lurgan) ; b. 12 June, 1779 ; held with Ematris 
the B. Lower Comber (Perry) 1806-12, res. Emabris 1812, R. Leckpatrick 1812-30, 
Preb. Comber (Derry) 1830-47 ; m. 6 Aug., 1799, Lady Catherine Brabazon, dau. of 
Anthony, 8fch Earl of Meabh, (she d. 24 Dec., 1847), and had 3 sons U) William, of 
Knapton House, Queen's County, J.P., D.L., E.I.C.S., who m. and had issue ; (2) Rev. 
Johnj Dean of Clonmacnoise, who m. and' had issue ; (3) James, of Killynether Castle, 
J.P., m. and had issue. He had also 6 daus., two of whom m. and became Peeresses. 
(See Peerages " Lurgan.") He d., 30 Ocb., 1847. 

1812. Thomas Monsell, coll. Jane 19 (D.S.) ; son of Wm. Thomas M., "gen.", b. in 
England, ed. by Mr. Fitzgerald, enb. T.C.D. Mar. 31, 1800, aged 17, BA. 1804, M.A. 
1807, was also known as Thomas Bewley Monsell and was uncle bo the Isb Baron Emly. 
He was R of Fahan Lower (Derry) 1812-30, res. Emabris in 1817, was Archd, of Deity 
1830-46 ; m. 1808, Jane, dau. of John Rea, of Sb. Colomba, Derry, and had issue (1) 
William Thomas, T.C.D. B.A. 1832, b. 1810, d. 1833 ; (2) Rev. John Samuel Bewley, 
b. 1811, T.C.D. LL.D. 1856, Ohanc. of Connor 1847-53, R. Sb. Nieh., Quildford, Surrey, 
d. 1876, leaving issue. He was bhe well-known hymn writer. See D.N.B. ; (3) Charles 
Henry, b. 1815, T.C.D. B.A. 1837, d. 1851, having m. (4) Diana m. Rev. Conyngham 
Ellis, V. Cranbourne and d. 1851 (see Peerages "Emly"). He d. 20 Nov., 1846, his wid. 
d. in Feb., 1852. It will be seen from whab goes beforg and from what follows; th'ab 
Emabris had, more than any other parish in Cloghet, quite an aristocratic connection; 
but the income was certainly not the attraction. 

1817. William Annesley, coll. April 1 (D.R.) He was, I think, W. A., son of William A., 
Merchant, b. in Dublin, ed. .by Dr. Kerr, ent. T.C.D. July 13, 1781, aged 17, BA. 
1787, 0. Clonmethan, 1790, who m. (M.L., Dub., 1789) Charlotte Collins. He d. in 
1828 (DM.). 

1828. Nicholas Devereux, coll. April 17, (DM.) ; res. in 1837 for Drumoheeran q.v. 

1847. John Martin Qraydon, coll. April 17 ('D.R.); son of Wliiam G., "gen.", b. in Co. 
Ferm., ed. by Mr. Mackin, enb. T.O.D. May 4, 1812, aged 17, B.A. 1817, M.A. 1832, 0. 
Galloon 1826-44, C. Sallaghy 1844-7. He d. 19 May, 1850 (D.R.) 

18BO. John Charles Wolfe, coll. July 2 (DM.) ; res. in 1865. See Archdeacons. 
1885. William Quthrle Russell (I.C.D.) ; res. 7 Mar., 1888 (D.R.) See Chancellors. 

1888. Richard D'Oller Martin, insfc. April 7 (D.R.), 2nd son of Richard Luther M. (who 
was 2nd son of Archdeacon J. C. Martin) and Henrietta Taylor, his wife, dau. of Dr. 
John Taylor and Theodoisa D'Olier, b. in India, July 6, 1860, ed. at Foyle Ooli; and 
T.C.D. B.A. 1881, Div. Test. (2) 1882, M.A. 1886, ord. D. 1884 (Calc.), P. 1885 (Lahore) 
S.P.G. Missy, at Delhi 1883-6, C. Bray 1887-8, R. Ematris 1888-9, S.P.G. Org. Sec. 
for Ireland 1889-94, R. Killesk 1894-1903, 0. Killeshandra 1903-5, R. Killegar 1905-6, 
R. Killeshandra U. 1906; m. (1) Catherine Mary Clifford by whom he had 3 sons 
Denys Richard, Laurence and Marcus all of whom served in the Great War, Laurence 
fell at Cambrai ; his brothers are serving in the Corps of Royal Engineers and a dau. 
Mary, who d. young ; m (2) Florence Taylor by whom he has issue Iris Florence (b. 
1905) and Miles Patrick (b. 1911). 

1888. Henry Wilson Swinburn Given, insb. 2 July (DM.) ; res. in 1924. See Precentors. 

1824. Richard Tyner, insb. 30 Sep. (D.R) ; son of Richard T., of Casblepollard, ed.- at 
Cork and Dublin, T.C.D. B.A. (Sen. Mod.) 1907, M.A. 1919, B.D. 1920, ord. D. 1909, 
P. 1910 (Clogher), C. Monaghan 1909-10, Dio. C. and Insp. B. Rel. Ed. 1910-14, R. & V. 
Olontibret 1914-24, m. 1916, Aileen Mary, only dau. of R. A. Crawford, M.D., of Castle- 
ehane, Monaghan, and has issue Richard Maurice Crawford, b. 22 June, 1918, bap. 
18 Aug., 1918, and Yvonne Helen Mary, b. 5 May, 1921, bap. 26 June, 1921. 


1767. Hall (V.B.) 

1783. Oliver Donaldson (V.B.) ; was son of George D., Merchanb, b. in Monaghan, ed. 
by^Dr. Gruebere, enb. T.O.D. July 3, 1775, aged 18, B.A., 1780. See also App. IV. 

1840. George Cuthbert, res. bhe C. bhis year for 0. Arboe (Armagh) 1841-2 and wafl 
probably the G. C., who became R. Aberafesp, Montgomeryshire in, 1873. 


1840 William M'Dermott, succeeded aa C.(Ohr. Examr.) and was in 0. in 1844 y (50wns) . 
Waa son of William M., Lawyer, b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. July 31, 1833, aged 18, B.A. 

18B2. Thomas Allgood Roblnaon, C. See Bockcorry. 

1903. Edward Carlisle Bigger, Lie. C. Emafcris and Bockcorry, Dec. 21 (D.S.). See 

1807. Woodley Joseph Lindsay, Lie. Sep. 1:6 (D.R.), b. at Taughboyne, Co. Donegal, 
son of Bev. John W. Lindaay, D.D., by Jane, dau. of Moses Nettlefield, Glendoon, 
Ballyconnell, ed. at Cork Gram. Son. and T.O.D. B.A. (Jun. Mod.), 1899, Eecl. Hist. 
Pri. (1) 1901, 1902, B.D. 1903, Div. Test; (1) 1903, Theo. Exhib. 1903, LL.B. and LL.D. 

1908, Past Auditor T.C.D. Theol. Soe., Gold Medal Ijcish Hist, and for Eng. Comp., 
Univ. Philos. Soc., ord. D. 1903, P. 1904 (Oss.), C. Dyserfc Galen 1903-5, 0. Stradbally 
1906-7, C. Ematris 1907-9, B. Abbeylara U. 1909-20, B. Bathaspick U. 1920, Insp. 
Bel. Ed. and Dio. Beg. Ardagh 1921, m. 1920, Florence Muriel, dau. of Bev. John 
Browne, B. of Clongish ( Ardagh), has issue, 2 sons and 1 dau. 

1808. Arthur Halre Forater, Lie. Sep. 18 (D.R.) See Clogher Curates. 
1810. Robert Watson, Lie. Oct. 25 (DM.) See Castle Archdale. 

1812. William Skuse, Lip. Sep. 1 (D.R.), son of Bev. Bichafrd David S., M.A., B., 
Ballykean U. (Kildare) 1883-1903 (ob. 1903) by his Wife Sarah Kate, nee Budd, b. at 
Ballykean Bectory, 17 Dec., 1884, ed. at Incorp. Soc.\Seh., Pqrtarlington, T.O.D. B.A. 

1909, ord D. 1910; P. 1911 (Limer.), C. Kenmare U. 191 0-1,2, C. Ematris 1912-15, C. 
Dingle 1916-16, Chapl. Villierstown and 0. Cappoquin 1916-19, B. Kiltallagh 1919-22, 
C.-in-Ch.Kilflynn (Lira.) 1922, m. 1916, Mary Elizabeth Worsly Maybury, and has issue, 
2 sons b. in 1918 and 1922. 

1815. Robert Duggan, Lie. April 1 (D.R.) b. 21 July, 1885, son of Bobert D., M.P.S.I., 
Dublin (who was shot by men calling, themselves members of the I.B.A. on 10 May, 
1921) and Anna Maria (nee Harman)his wife, ed. at Mountjby Soh. and T.C.D., Div. Test. 

1910, B.A. 1916, M.A. 1920, ord. D. 1910, P. 1913 (Down), C. Drew Memorial, Belfast 
1910-13, O. Antrim 1913-15, C. Ematris 1915-16, B. Culmore (Der.ry) 1916-21, C, St. 
M. Magd., Pecfcham 1921-2, Sec. S. A. M.S., Ireland 1922-4, B, Castledermot U. 1924-26, 
now'O. St. George's, Stoekporf, m. 1 Jan. ,1913, Mabel Frances, dau. of Bobert Seymour 
Smith, Manager, Belfast Bank, Antrim (who was a grandson of Bev. Nathaniel Smith, 
B. of Derrynoose) and of his wife, Sarah Margaret, dau. of Very Bev. Chas. Seavet, 
D.D., Dean of Connor, and has issue Esme Mabel b. 22 Jan., 1914, and Bobert Natha- 
niel,; b. 7 Nov., 1916. 

1818. Alfred James Murray, Lie. Dec. 8 (D.R.), b. 10 Sep., 1886, son of Joseph M., 
and his wife Emily, of Ballynary House, Portadown, T.C.D. B.A. 1909, ord. D. 1910, 
P. 1911 (Down) C. S. Nicholas, Belfast, 1910-15, C. Shankill (Lurgan), 1915-16, res. 
Ematris C. in 1918. Served with Charch Army Overseas 1918-19, Temporary Duty 
1920-26, C.-in-Charge Omeath, 1926 ; m. Feb. 2, 1927, at Warrenpoint Church, Mrs. 
Isabel Blundell, younger dau. of late John Shaw Maybury, of Milltown, Co. Kerry, and 
of his wife, Mary. 

1818-22. Edward Lionel Keane. See Clogher. 

1822. Edward Morgan Griffin, Lie. Sep. 12. See Augher. 


Ematris was created as a District Parish out of Galloon by Order in Council, 
1738 (D.R.) No Bectors or Vicars appears for it in D.R. or a separate parish 
before 1767, when it seems to have become a distinct and independent parish. The 
Church of St. John, also called Kilcrow, was built In 1728 by Bichard Dawson and 
cons. Sep. 14, 1729 (D.R.). In 1771 Lord Dartrey waa allowed to make a breach in the 
N. Wall for a pew tp be his for ever, on giving up his pew for the erection of a pulpit 
Jan. 29 (D.R.) This is one of the few cases in Ireland where there is a prescriptive right 
fco a pew. 

A New Burial Ground given by the Earl of Dartrey was cons. 8 Oat., 1902 (D,R.) 

The Parish Registers from 1753-90 and from 1811 on, are in Parochial Custody, 
also Vestry Books from 1767* 



[Formerly known also as Enniskeen or Inniskeen and sometime confused with the 
Parish now known as Inniskeen]. 

N.B. Fuller information concerning some of the following names will be found in 
Rev. W. H. Dundas's Bnniakillen Parish and Town. 


1368. Maurloe O'Owen [Ua heogain], V. of Inisoain upon Lough JErne, d. Nov. 9 (Ann. 

1389. Nchemlah O'Owen [Ua heogain], V. d. Jan. 29 (ib). 

1393. Matthew O'Owen [Uaheogaofo], Chaplafa of I., d. Oct. 11 (t&.) 

1414. 'Daniel O'Owen, [Ua heogain], Dean of Lough Erne and V. of Iniskeen, d. Oct. 5 

1414. Patrick O'Owen (?) [O'Suadachan], , prov. to the V.; value not exceeding 5 
marks, May 25 (C.P.L.), was also Baofcor. See below. 

1457. Thady MaoQIIIaoosgll, Canon of Armagh, the illegitimate son of unmarried 
parents, dispensed for Ordination, Ac., and lately prpv. to the V. of St. Fergut Inys- 
caeyn, Glogher, of which he is now in possession, is also now prov. to a Canonry 
of Armagh and Clogher, with reservation of a Prebend of each, 14 May (C.P.L. xi.,299) . 
He was appointed to Aghaluroher soon after. 

1457. Malaohy M'JVfahon [MacMachuna], Clerk, illegitimate, but dispensed, is prov. to 
the Per p. V. of Inischaen, value not exceeding 7 marks, void because "ifhady M'G. 
(above), who is to be removed, held it without, being ordained priest, 13 Aug. (C.P.L. xi., 

1591. Cahllf O'Treaoy [O'Treassa] of Ineskillen, priest ia pardoned (JPi Efaz., 6602), 


1394. Gllla Domnalgh O'Owen [Ua heogain], Official of Lough Erne, and Parson and 
Herenaoh of I., d. (Ann. Ufa) 

1411. Patrick O'Owen [Ua heogain], R. of St. Fergus, Iniskayn, Wag deprived. See 

1411. Peter Magulre [Maguydur], son of a priest and unmarried woman, who is die 
peneed to hold Holy Orders, Was coll. to the R. by the Pope, Patrick O'Owen having 
been deprived, Nov. 18 (C.P.L.) 

el 431 -8. Nellanus M'Mahon [MaoMaohuna] alias Maguyr, R. of St. Fergals, Iniseayn, 
Latharhn *=[Loch Erne], Clogher, in 1463/4, says that Eugenius IV. (1431-9) ordered 
provision to him of this R., but as he admits that' he is a notorious fornicator and has 
dilapidated the goods of the R. and simpniacally paid a sum of money to Thady MaoQil- 
lacosgli (see Vicars) not to molest him in it he seeks absolution and dispensation &o., 
from the Pope ; granted, also confirmed in the R. and penance enjoined 15 Feb. 1463/4 
(C.P.L. xi. 503). (See also Ann. Hib. i., 38). According to Ann Ult. Nial (son of Mac- 
Craith) M'Mathgamana, the same, Official of Lough Erne and Parson of Inniskeen, d. 
in 1467. 

1498. Cathal Oge MaoManua, Parson of I., d. Mar. 23 (Ann. Ult.) He compiled the 
Anna]/* of Ulster. 

1622. James Slaoke appears as R. "resident hard by Inniskeen, where he keepeth 
eufficient Curate" (R.V.) See Cleenish. 

1634-1886. For Rectors see Precentors, who held this Rectory as the oorpa of their 


[In the Commonwealth Period bhe following clergy appear : 

1649. William Shedow is " Acting ; Minister and Chaplain to the Garrison," here, April 
1 3. He claimed the glebe of "Derrie Carrough, as properly belonging to him that did the 
service here." (See Carte Papers xxiv., 260). 

1 656. Robert Sheldo w (probably brother of above) appears as Commonwealth Minister 
here, with a salary of 60 (Comma. Papers A/20 and A/62). In 1661 he became 
Precentor. See Precentors.] 

1886. Charles Thomas Ovenden, inst. R. April 2 (D.R.) ; res. in 1911. See Deans. 
1911. Arthur Thomas Webb, inst. B. Oct. 11 (D.R.) ; d. in 1919. See Prebs Tyholland. 

1919. James MaoManaway, inst. B. Deo. 11 (D.R.) became Bp. of Clogher 1923' 
See Bishops. 

1923. Hugh MaoManaway, inst. B. Oct. 3 (D.R.) ; 4th son of John M. of Coolougher. 
Castlerea, and bro. of the Bishop of Clogher ; ed. in Dublin by Mr. Devlin, B.A.; T.C.D. 
B.A. 1896, M.A. 1907, ord. D. 1896, P. 1897, C. & B. Boho 1896-9, B. Aghaluroher 1899- 
1907, B. Lisbellaw 1907-8, B. Erriglekeerogue 1908-23; m. (1) June 10,1902, Flora, only 
dau. of Gaorge Whiteside, of 4 Harcourt Terrace, Dublin (she d. July 1, 1920) and had 
issue, Flora Margaret and Gfeorge, both of Whom d. young in 1904 (bur. in Colebrooke 
Churchyard), Flora, b. 27 May, 1905, Moyra, b. 18 Oct., 1907, and Launcelot, b. 9 Mar., 
1912;m..(2) Feb. 4, 1925, at Zion Church, Bathgar, Elsie, wid. of A. C. Taylor, 
M.B.C.V.S.I., Calcutta, and dau. of T. W. Partridge, Kilshanganj, India. 


1622. -- Curate, unnamed (R.V.) 

1878. James Dunkin (V.B. and Par. Reg.) ; son of Bev. Patrick D., Precentor of Armagh, 
b. in Co. Down, ent. T.C.D. May 17, 1672, aged 16, degrees not recorded, C. St. Audoen's, 
Dub., 1685, P.O. St. Bride's, Dub., 1692-1711, V. St. Ann's, Dublin, 1711-17, V. Kil- 
more (Meath) to 1717; m. 1709, Mary, dau. of Sir Henry JEehlin, Baron of the Exchequer. . 
He was a friend of Abp. W . King. A long letter of his, from the " ToWer of London," 
Dec. 6, 1690, congratulating King on being made Bp. of Derry, appears In A (-treat 
Archbishop of DubUn, pp., 76-8. 

1679. Charles Forrester, M.A. .(F.5.) 

1881 .Alexander Stephens, M|.A. ( V.B.), was also C. Bossory, 1681-5 ( V.B.) 
1883. Alexander Moutray, M.A. (V.B.), was B. Erriglekeerogue, 1690-1720 ob. 
1892. 'Archibald Johnston (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

1683. Patrick Molen ( V.B.) also C. Boho and DeVenish ; Patrick Moline, son of Patrick 
M., " gen.," b. in Co. Down, ed. by Mr. Morris, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 2, 1683/4, aged 18, B. A. 
1687, M.A. 1691. 

1701 .Alexander Steel e and up to 1720 ( V.B.) See Derryvullen Curates. 

1720. Qustavus Hamilton, nom. C. of Enniskillen and Bossory 23 Nov. (DM.) appears 
C. up to 1729 ( V.B. and Par. Reg.) ; see Errigletrough. 

1728. Martin Dane appears (Den. and Exo.) ; son of Paul D., " Colonus," b. near Ennis- 
killen, ent. T.C.D. as Sizar, June 11, 1718, aged 18, ed. by Mr. Gfrattan at Enniskillen 
School, B.A. 1722, was B. Boddanstown (Meath) 1730-42 (Mont, in Boddanstown 
Church), m. and^had issue. (See Dundas p. 79) 

1726. Thomas Hlglnbotham, Curate, witnesses a codicil to John Cory's Will this year. 
appears also 0. in 1 729 ( V.B.) See Templecarne. 

41< ^John White appears and up to 1758. (V.B.) See Magheraoross. 
1752. Henry Dunkin appears and up to 1768 (V.B.) See Donagh. 

1787 Andrew Stewart, appears and up to 1776 (V.B.) ? Should it not be Alexander SL, 
son of Bev. Boberfc S., b. at Carlon, Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Blaokall, at Dungannon 
School, ent. T.O.D. Aug. 9, 1755, aged 17, Soh. 1762, B.A. 1764, ord. D. (or P. ?) 24 
Nov., 1765 (S.R.) 


1768. William Weir appears and up to 1794 (7. B.) SeeTrory. 

1776. Charles Lucas Bell appears and up to 1799 ( V.B. and Par. Beg.) Lucas Bell 
(evidently the same), who seems to have been of an Enniskillen family, enb. T.C.D. as 
Siz., June 16, 1767, from Enniskillen School, no degree is recorded. He m. Margaret 
Read in 1771, and d. July 1, 1799, aged 48. His wid. d. Dec. 6, 1817, aged 60. They 
were bur. in Enniskillen. Dundaap. 99, gives the Greek inscriptions on their tomb- 
atone. A son, Roger, was bap. in 1779; George Rodney B., Capb. R.I.F., whose name is 
on the same stone, d. 1847, was probably a son ; a Rev. Charles Lucas Bell, son of Alex- 
ander B., Merchant of Enniskillen, B.A., T.C.D- 1843, Chapl. R.N. perhaps a grandson 
d. 1865. 

1785. Thomas Johnston appears (V.B.) and held this 0. up to 1831. See Boho. 
1798. Henry Leard appears and up to 1826 (Par. Beg.) See Boho. 
1821-6. Mark Whittaker (Par. Beg.) See Boho. 

1826. Robert Rlohard Cleary was 0. up to 1845 (Par. Beg.) He was son of Thomas 0., 
"gen.," b. in Cork, ed. by Dr. Maginn, ent. T.O.D. May 7, 1821, aged 21, B.A. 1825, 
M.A. 1832. He d. Feb. 9, 1845, aged 56, bur. in Enniskillen. His tombstone (see 
Dttndas, p. 102) records that he was " a laborious Curate of this parish for 19 years." 

1826-38. Rlohard H. Webb (Par. Beg.) See Tempo. 
1838-43. Nathaniel Hone (Par. Beg.) See Tempo. 
1843-70. John Whittaker (Par. Beg.) See Tempo. 

1843-7. Newport Benjamin White (Par. Beg.), eldest son of Benj. W., "gen.", of 
Cashel, Co. Tipp., b. 1815, ed. by Mr. Holmes, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1837, aged 20 (sw), 
B.A. 1843, Vice-Chane. Pri. for JEng. Verse 1842, ord. D. 1843, P. 1843, res. Enniskillen 
C. for Cashel 1847-57, 0. Loughgall (Armagh) 1859-61, R. Kilkenny "West (Meath) 
1861-70 ; m. jSliz., dau. of Thomas Sanders, and had issue, including Rev. Benj. New- 
port, a V. in Australia, and d. 30 May, 1870. (See Dundaa p. 81) 

1846-9* George Samuel Qreer (Par. Beg.) was son of William G. " Militaris," b. in Co. 
Down, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1840, aged 21, B.A. 1845, ord. D. & P. 1845, P.O. Woods 
Chapel 1849-57, R. Killincoole 1867-9, R. Ballyhalbert 1869-1901, m. and had issue 
including Rev. Geo. Samuel, R. Ballyphilip. He d. 22 Deo., 1901, aged 82. (See 
Armagh Clergy, p. 336). 

1847-72. William Hanna Bradshaw (Par. Beg.) See Canons. 

1847-63. John A. Matthias (Par, Beg.), son of Rev. Benj. M., b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D., 
Nov. 3, 1828, aged 18, B.A. 1833, became Govt. Chaplain in Ceylon, 1853, afterwards 
Archdeacon of Colombo. See also App. IV. 

1853-5. Robert Wilson (Par. Beg.) 

1855-60. John MaoLaurin (Par. Beg.) See Fivemiletown. 

1861-3. Henry Irwln (Crockford), son of Rev. Alex. I., Prec. of Armagh and grandson 
of Ven. Henry I., Archd. of Emly; T.C.D., B.A. and Div. Test. 1858, ord. D. 1859, P. 
1860, (Armagh), C. Derryvullen 1859-61, C. Enniskillen 1861-3, P.O. and R. Newtown- 
mount Kennedy 1863-94, m. and had issue including Rev. Henry (in Canada), and Ven. 
Philip Sidney, Archd. of Florida; d. Sept. 23, 1894. Published : 

Sermons in Defence of the Book of Common Prayer, 8vo. Dub., 1870. 
A Visitation Sermon, 8vo., Dub., 1870. 
Analysis of Athanasian Creed, 1872. 
Analysis of Statutes of the Irish Church, 1871 . 

1862-4. Bennett Clear Davidson (afterwards Davidson Houston) was C. (Par. Beg.), 
son of C. Davidson, of Dyke Parade, Cork, b. April 23, 1837, Q.U.I. B.A. and Seh. (Hist. 
& Lit.) 1856 ; T.C.D. B.A. ( Jun. Mod. Hist, and Eng. Lit.) 1860, Ecol. Hist. Pri. (1) and 
Div. Test (2) 1861, M.A. 1864, ord. D. 1860, P. 1861 (Cork), C. AH SS. Grangegorman 
1880-1, C. Lislee (Cork) 1861, C. Balgariffe 1861-2, V. St. John's, Sandymounb from 
1864 to 1899, m. Sep. 4, 1866, Rebecca Ann Louisa, yst. dau. of the Rev. James Pollock, 
V. of Dessertserges, and had issue; his youngest son, Lt.-Col. Charles Ebrington 
Duncan, D.S.O., wae killed In the Great War Sep. 25, 1915, a dau. Mildred, m, Cap*. 
Cannichael Bell, eon of Rev, Canon J, S. Bell. He d. 30 Aug., 1899, aged 62. 


1870-86. Thomas Hughes (Par. Reg.) LL.D., D.D., T.O.D., became subsequently R. 
Mongewell, Oxford in 1893 ; d. Feb. 4, 1927. 

1872-81. David O'Leary (Par. Reg.) Lie. Dec. 6, 1872 (D.R.) See Canons. 

1888-7. John Plm, Lie. 23 Nov., 1886 (D.R.) T.C.D. Soh. 1881, B.A. 1882, Div. Test. 
(1) 1886, ord. D. 1885 \Dub. for Down), P. 1885 iDown), 0. Ballywillan 1885-6, 0. Holy- 
wood 1887-9, B. Inch (Down) 1889-95, R. Ballywillan (Portrush) 1895-1903, Inc. 
Christ Oh., Kingstown from 1903 ; m. and has issue including the Rev. John Bernard, 
Ghapl. R.N., who m. Mar. 26, 191 6, Helen Alice, dau. of Col. Jameson, of Eden Park, 

1887-8. Thomas Llddesdale Palmer (Par. Reg.), T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1887, 
ord. D. 1887 tClogher), P. 1889 (Meath for Dub.) ; became 0. Oh. Oh., Leeson Park, 
1888-96, V. Sheen, Derbyshire, 1896-1904, V. Roundhay (Ripon), 1904, R. Angmering, 
Sussex, 1923. 

1889-94. William Edward De Burgh, Lie. 22 Dec., 1888 (D.R.), son of Yen. Maurice 
Thomas de B., Arohd. of Kildare, b. 4 July, 1863, T.O.D. B.A. 1885, ord. D. 1888, P. 
1889 (Clogher), became 0. St. Mary, Baling, 1895, Military Chapl. in the Boer War, d. 
unm. in. S. Africa of disease contracted during Service, 4 Sep., 1902. 

1894-5. Mey rick PersseMaturfn, Lie. 4 June, 1894 (D.R.), son of Rev. .Edmund M., 
R. of Newbliss; T.O.D. B.A. 1884, M-A. 1887, Div. Test. 1884, ord. D. and P. 1886 (Derry) 
0. Oastlerook 1886-90, R. Lr. Cumber 1890-4, went to England and held several curacies, 
became V. Eakring 1912, R. Theydon Garnon, Epping, 1923 ; m. Aug. 5, 1890, Lillie Knoat 
elder dau. of William Warke [? Walker], of Oastlerock House, Derry. (I.E.Q.) 

1895. Francis Maxwell Townley, Lie. 20 Deo. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1895, M.A. , 
ord. D. 1895, P. , became C. Tralee, 1896. Emigrated to U.S.A. 

1896-1903. John Crosble-Oates, Lie. 28 Sep., 1896 (D.R.) See Castle Arohdale. 

1903-7. Webb Butler Jones, Lie. 10 June, 1923 (D.R.) ; son of Ven. R. B. Jones, Arch, 
of KiUaloe; T.O.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1902, ord. D. 1903, P. 1904 (Ologher) jres. for 0. 
Roscrea 1907-9, 0.-Birr 1909-13, R. Oloughjordan 1920, 0. Drumbeg 1921, R. St. Mary's, 
Belfast, 1925 j m. dau. of Ven. Samuel Hemphill, D.D., Litt. D., Archdeacon of Down. 

1907-8. Robert WTTighe, Lie. 13 June, 1907 (D.R.) See Lisbollaw and Canons of St. 

1908-11 .William Arthur Shaw, Lie. 31 Dec., 1908 (D.R.) T.C.D. Div. Test. (2) 1896, 
B.A. 1897, M.A. 1908, ord. D. 1894, P. 1895 (Kilmore), 0. Billis 1894-7, V. do., 1897- 
1901, Missy. S.P.G; (D.U. Fuh Kien) Hazaribagh 1901-4, at Ranchi 1904-8, 0. Ennis- 
killen, 1908-11, 0. Kilkenny and Precs. Vio-Chor. Oss. 1911-12, 0. St. John's, Kilkenny, 
1912-15, Minor Can. Oss. 1913-18, Editor Ossory Dio. Magazine 1912-19, R. Aghade, 

1812-13. George Ingham, Lie. 30 Mar. (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1908, Div. Test. 1909, 
M.A., 1913, ord. D. 1909, P. 1910 (Down), 0. Shankill(Lurgan) 1909-12, became Dioo. 
C., Kilmore, 1913-21, R. Mohill 1921. 

1913-18. George William Allen Howard, Lie. July 2, 1913 (D.R.) See Donagh. 
1918-18. Thomas William Coursey, Lie. Mar. 19, 1916 (D.R.) See Derryvullen N. 
1918-19. Thomas Henry Scan Ion, Lie. Nov. 1, 1918 (D.R.) See Tempo. 
1919-20 Q. W. A. Howard again. 

1921. Robert Thompson Farrell, Lie. May 2 (D.R.) b. 24 April, 1898, at Whitworth 
Road, Drumcondra, Dublin, son of Robert John F., ed. at Mountjoy Sch. and T.C.D., 
B.A. and Div. Test. 1920, M.A. 1923, ord. D. 1921, P. 1922 (Clogher.) Became O.-ln- 
Charge Augher, 1926. 

1922. Arthur Patrick Armstrong, Lie. June 25 (D.R.), T.C.D., B.A. 1920, Div. Test. 
(2) 1922, Higher Dipl. in Educ. 1923, ord.D. 1922 (Ologher), P. 1923 (Down for Ar- 
magh) ; became in 1923, D.U. Missy, at Hazaribagh. 

1926. Austin Swanton, Lio. Deo. 1 (D.R<) See Monaghan Curate 


P n 


The History of the Parish has been fully given in Enniskillen, Pariah and Town, 
by BeV, W. H. Dundas, B.D., to which bhe reader is referred. 

The present Church was, according to Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry, dedicated to 
St. Anne. Under a Statute of the General Synod in 1923, Enniskillen Parish Church 
was constituted a Cathedral Ciiurch for the Diocese and as St. (Vlacartan's, Ennis- 
killen, was dedicated as such, by the Primate on December 12, 1923, after alterations 
fitting it for Cathedral functions, and the erection of a New Organ, &c., and of a Pulpit, 
said to be the old Pulpit of Londonderry Cathedral from which Rev. George Walker 
preached during the Siege. 

T.C.D. received 5,274 14s. 1d. compensation at Disestablishment for the loss 
of the Advowson. 

The Parish Registers containing Records of Baptisms and Burials 1666-1871 and 
Marriages 1666-1847 were in the Record Office when it was destroyed. These included 
Vestry Minutes of 17th and 18th centuries. They were all lost, but it was fortunate 
that the late Earl of Belmore and Mr .Dundas had copied and printed many extracts from 
them. Vestry Books from 1774 are in possession of the Incumbent, as also Marriage 
Registers from 1847, the complete Registers since 1871, Act of Consecration of Church, 
7 June, 1842, and Deed of New Cemetery 22 May, 1882. For Communion Plate see 
EnniskiHen, Parish and Town. 


Perpetual Curates and tfncumBents. 

1839. Thomas Le Ban Kennedy was P.O. ; he res. in Jan., 1843, for Newtownsaville. 
but on the unanimous request of the parishioners, who promised to build a Glebe House, 
he res. that parish soon after and returned here (Irish Eccl. Jour.) ; res. 1852. See 

1852. Thomas An Retell, Lie. P.C Mar. 7 (DM.) ; r s. in 1872 for Magheraclooney q.v. 

1873. Frederick Baggot White (also called Frederick Benjamin White) inst. Feb. 28 
(DM.) ; T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test 1861, ord. D. and P. 1861 (Kilmore), C. Kiltubrid 
1861-5, 0. Ballindarry 1865-7, C. Creggan 1S67-73 ; res. JErrigal Shanco 25 Jan., 1889 
(DM.), d. April 13, 1927. 

1889. John Crozier Hudson held this parish with Donagh, and Rev. 

Robert T. Byrn (see Donagh) was Lie. C, of Donagh and Errigal Shanco on 24 
April, 1889 (DM.) 

1895. William Etienne Clarke Phelps, C.-in Charge ; T.C.D. B.A. 1891, ord. D. 1891, 
P. 1892 (Clogher), C. Donagh 1891-5, C. Errigal Shanco 1895-6, C. Talaton, Devon, 
1896-8, C. Ufferculme 1898-1902 ; C. SilVerton, Exeter, 1902-6, V. Rockbeare, Exeter, 
1906-11, R. Oheriton Bp., Exeter, 1911. 

1896. John Whltestone Butler, ed. at Lampeter Coll., ord. D. and Lie. C.- in- Charge, 
8 May, 1896 (DM.), P. 1897 (Ologher), C. Errigal Shanco 1896-8, C. Inistioge, 1898-1906, 
R. Kilmanagh (Oss.) 1906-10, R. Thomastown, 1910. 

1898. John O'Connor, inst. May 19 (DM.) ; res. in 1899 for Belleek. See Monaghan. 

1899. Edward Burns, inst. Dec. 7 (DM.) T.C.D. Div. Test. 1894, B.A. 1899, M.A. 
1903, ord. D. 1895, P. 1896 (Liv.), C. St. Nathaniel, Windsor, Liverpool, 1895-7, C. St. 
Matt., Preston, 1897-9, became in 1900 R. Ardmore (Dromore) 1900-9, subsequently 
C. Alkborough 1914-19. Author of The Crisis in the Church of Ireland Hodges 
Figgis, 1904. 

1900. Francis St. Clair Caithness, inst., Sep. 17 (DM.) See Sallaghy. 

1903. James Marshall, Lie. C.-in-Charge, Nov. 14 (DM.) ; b. at Moneymore ; son of 
J. F. Marshall, ed. at St. Aidans Coll., 1889 and Univ., Duvh., B.A. 1897, ord. D. 1891, 
P. 1892 (York), C. Ebberston 1891-7, C. Drumachose (Limavady) 1898-9, C. Garvagh 
1899-1901, R. Barr 1901-3. 


Errigal-Shanco was created a Perpetual Curacy out of Errigal Trough in August, 
1839, Map and Deed was in P.R.O. (DM.) The Registers from 1842 to 1877 were 
destroyed ia the P.R.O. 




1441. John JVTCawell [McKathmayll], Dean, is R. and Herenach of Argull (Beg. 
Prene.) See Deans. 

1632. Cornelius Maaoordlll was prov. by the Pope fco the B. of St. Mellan de Aregill 
and also fco B. Monaghan, July 1 4. (Ann . Hib . i. , 45) . 


1B34. Jamee M'Orener, V. is d. (Beg. Grower). 

1534. Arthur M'Crener is ooll. V. Deo. 5 (&.) 

1617-1721 held with Donagh, q.v. 

1721. John Ker (or Kerr),coll. V. Ocb. 17 (D.R.) ; res. in 1725. See Prebs. Donaoavey* 

1725. John Crawford, coll. Aug. 6 (DM.) . He was ysfc. son of Laurence 0., farmer, of 
Carrjckmaomea, Oo. Ferm. (who was son of William C., and Anne Oorry, sister of John 
0., of Oastleooole), ent. T.O.D. April 21, 1710, aged 16, having been ed. by Mr. Martin 
at Armagh, Sch. 1712, B.A. 1714, ord. P. 8 June 4 1718 (Grant Book) ; was also V. of 
Errigal-KeerogUe *o which he was pres. by Laurence Crawford (? his father) 1729-30. 
Three of his bros. Were nominated as High Sheriff for Oo. Perm., viz., Bobert, 1735 ; 
Henry, 1738 ; James, 1739 ; Bobert d. before serving. Bsv. J. 0. m. Margaret, dau. of 
John. Bynd, of Derryvullen, Co. Ferm., High Sheriff, 1708, and d. 1730. He had issue 
2 daughters (1) Eliz, m. Major Jerome Noble, 28th Foot, 2nd son of Mungo Noble, of 
Glassdrummond, Co. Fermanagh ; and (2) Margaret (H.B.S.) He was 0. Clones 1717- 
20, 0. Ologherl722. 

1730. Quetavua Hamilton, ooll. June 4 (D.B.) ; was son of Patrick H., "gen." of Eil- 
leter, Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Ballentine at Omagh, ent. T.G.D. July 5, 1711, aged 15, 
Sch. 1713, B.A. 1715, M.A. 1722, 0. Enniskillen 1720-9, 0. Ologher 1732, held with 
Errjgal Trough the B. Baddanstown and B. & V. Gallow and Kilclone (Meafch) 1741-55 ; 
m. Jane, dau. of Oapt. Allen Cathoart and had issue Bev. Nicholas, V. of Donaghadee ; 
Malcolm d. young, and Gustatfus, a portrait painter. (See Dundas, p. 78 and Bebroore 
Two Ulster Manors). He d, in 1755 or 1756. 

1755. Michael Hugh Tu thill coll. Dec. 19 (V.B.), res. in 1762 for Templeoarne. See 
Prebs., Donacavey. 

1762. Thomas Hastings, coll. Sep. 9 (D.B.) ; res. in 1763 for Donagh. See Prebs. 

1763. Joseph Carson, ooll. June SO (D.R.) ; was 2nd son of Thomas 0., "gen.," b. at 
Killrunan, Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Martin at Armagh, ent. T.C.D. May 12, 1714, aged 17 ; 
Soh. 1716,B.A. 1718, ord. D. 9 June, 1723 (Clogher), P. , C. Devenish 1723-64, held 
also B. Templecarne 1768-75. He was younger bro. of Bev. Thomas C. ( See Curates) ; 
di 1775. P. Will proved 1775. 

1778. William Major appears V. (V.B. and Parl. Ret.) ; res. in 1780 for Aghavea, q.v. 

1781. Anketell Moutray held V. "from 18 Feb., 1781, till his death in Nov., 1801 " 
(D.R.) He was son of John M., of Favour Boyal and ent. T.C.D. July 9, 1746, aged 17, 
B.A. 1751, C. Kilskeery 17S2-66, also V. Errigle-Keerogue 1780-1801 ; m. in 1768, 
Catherine, eldest dau. of Thomas Singleton, of Fort Singleton, by his first wife, Miss 
Anketell,' of Anketell Grove, and had issue John Corry M.,of Favour Boyal, and 6 
daus. (Sea B.L.O., which does not state that he was in Holy Orders) . His P. Will was 
proved in 1802. He was V. Maghe^fcloone 1764-7. 

1801. -Edward Stanley, ooU. Dee. 18 (D.R.) ; res. 9 May, 1806, see Prebs Tyholland. 
1806. Alexander Hurst, coll. May 9 (D.R.) ; res. same year for Aghabog, q.v. 

1806. Thomas Brooke, coll. Aug. 23 (D.R.). He was son of Francis B., " gen.," b. to 
Co. Ferm., ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1792, aged 16, B.A. 1797, C. Aghavea 1800, 0. Aghalure- 
her 1801, res. Errigal Trough on June 1, 1813 (D.R.) 

1813. Benjamin Hobart, coll. June 5 (D.R.) ; son of B3V. Benj. H., b. in Carlow, ed. by 
Dr. Hobart ent. T.O.D. Mar. 14 1786, aged 17, B.A. 1792, M.A. 1832, ord. P. 4 May, 
1800 in St. Mark's, Dublin ; res. this parish in 1831 , for B.Staholmok (Meath), became in 
1836 a " Couplebeggar " (i.e., a clergyman who without a cure, or licences, irregularly 
celebrated marriages), resided at 9 Haymarket, Dublin. (See 34th Rep. D.K., P.R.O., 
1904, p. 28.) 


1831.- John Hare, coll. April 22 (DM.) ; res. for Preb. Tullycorbot, q.v. 
1832. Franofs Hurst, adm. Jan. 19 (S.R.) ; res. for Currin, q.v. 

1852. Gardiner Richardson Young, coll. Fob. 28 (S.R.) ; son of Rev. John B. Young 
(see Trory), b. in Derry, ed. by Mr. Irwin and at Shrewsbury, ent. T.O.D. Oct. 14, 1836, 
aged 17, B.A. 1842, ord. D. 1842, (Derry for Clogher), 0. Tydavnet 1843-61 . Annuity 
1870, 153 3s. 5d. ; res. 21 Jan., 1876, d. in Nov., 1886. 

1876. Samuel Martin, inst. May 19 (>..), son of Samuel M., " Militaris," b. in Thurles, 
ed. by Mr. Huddart, ent. T.O.D. Nov. 9, 1835, aged 17, B.A. and Div. Test (2) 1846, 
Abp. King's Div. Pri. (JExfcra) 1845, ord. D. 1846, P. 1847 (Lim.), 0. in Tuam and Lime- 
rick Dioceses to 1855, P.O. Milford 1855-60, C. Convoy 1860-71, P.O. Killadeas 1872-6 ; 
res. Errigal Trough Jan. 6, 1877 for V. Killaderry 1877-80, V. Kileock 1880-95, 
retired; d. 29 May, 1899, aged 80. 

1877. John Wallace Taylor, inst. Feb. 19 (D.R.) ;. b. 1852 at Oorragarry, Parish of 
Ourrin, son of Thomas Cathcart T., L.R.O.S.I. (Commander of the Niger and Tehadda 
Expedition, 1852, and H.B.M. Consular Service), and his wife, Margaret Ellen, clau. of 
John Wallace, of Oorragarry, ed. ab Roy. Acad. Insfc., Belfast and T.O.D., B.A. (Sen. 
Mod. Eth. and Log.) and LL.B. 1872, LL.D. 1891, ord. D. 1876, P. 1876 (Kilmore), 
0. Moybologue 1876-7, F.R.A.S. 1894, also Chaplain of Sb. Mary's, Port dare (see JErrigle 
Portclare) 1882 ; m. 1876 Maria, eldest dau. of Thomas Dawson, B.L., of Drummany, 
Parish of Ematris, and has issue (1) John Wallace Moore, served in the Boer War and 
the Great War ; (2) Annabel Margaret, m. William Griffith ; (3) Susan Frances, m. Rev. 
S. H. Baker, of Armagh Diocese ; (4) Thomas Dawson Savage, L.R.O.V.S.I. ; (5) Grace 
Wilhelmina ; (6) Rev. Whitney Moubray see Curabes ; (7) Ruth Cranston. Dr. 
Taylor contributed to the U.J.A. and other periodicals. He retired on Superannuation 

1927. William Rutherford (DM.) 


1622. Barkley " Barkley hath his brother to serve ye Cure, who .because he is not in 

Orders, hath ye Lord Primate's Licence " (R.V. 1622). Does this mean he was a lay 
reader ? If so, an Early Example of, such in Ireland. 

1634. William Gardener (R.V. 1634). 

1670. John Lowry was also 0. Donagh 1670 and M.A. Ho was 0. here up fco 1713 (V.B.) 

1712. -Thomas Carson is C. (M.L. Grant Book). He was still 0. 1717. See Inishmao- 

saint Curates. 

1728. Benjamin M'Mahon appears (Den. and Exc.) and up bo 1732 (V.B.) ; ord. P. as 
M.A. 16 June, 1728 (Grant Book). 

1743. Thomas Cooper appears, and up to 1764 (V.B.) (See Derrybrusk). 

o1826. WIN [am Burkett EVToorehead, Lie. 0. (Erck) ; son of Samuel M., merchant, b. 
in Monaghan, ed. at Monaghan Soh., ent. T.O.D. Nov. 3, 1817, aged 16, B.A. 1822, 
ord. D. (Cloyne) 1826, became 0. Termonbarry (Elphin) 1831. 

1838 Alexander Nicholls, T.O.D. B.A. 1830, was 0. of the Eastern Di/ision of E., 
and had his licence withdrawn for certain irregularities, 22 Aug., 1838 ; he appealed to 
the Primate, who decided against him. Was subsequently 0. Feenagh (Ardagh) 1843, 
0. Killeshandra 1852, 0. Oloone (Ardagh) 1861-[77?]. 

1889. L. Tarpey (Ves. Book). 
1870-6. William Woods See Mullaghfad. 

1913. Whitney Moutray Taylor, Lie. May 17 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. J.W.T. (Rector), 
b. 1889, ed. at Kong's Hospital, Dub. and T.C.D., ord. D. 1913 (Clogher), res. 1927 for C. 


Errigal (or Errlgle) Trough = Aireagal (Lat. Oraculum) Triucha "the Church of 
Trough (Barony)." In 1,622 the Rectory was "appropriate to the Bishop's table, 
lime out of mind. Church ruinous, no house or gleab " (R.V.). Patron Saint 
Mellan (?Muadan) " his well is still pointed out, but not ornamented with rags or re- 
sorted to by pilgrims as it was 30 years ago" (O.S.L.). Glebe house built, 1776 (Rep. 
of 1836). A New Chapel of Ease was erected in Killabrick in this parish by John 
Corry Moutray on ground containing 2 roods, and was Consecrated as St. Mary's 
Portclare, in July, 1836. Map and deed were in P.R.O. In 1836 there was a Deed 
of Conveyance of Site for a Church and cemetery In Mullavatrln. Church built on 

EBBXQAL TEOtjan Funras. 197 

it was Consecrated 13 July, 1836 (DM.) The B. Window of the Oh. is a Memorial of 
Thomas Anketell (06. 1858, erected by his son, Rev. H. K. Anketell in 1902) Rov. Dr. 
Taylor has compiled a very Interesting History of this Parish. 

The Registers from 1802-79 were destroyed in the P.R.O., but there are in Parochial 
Custody fragments of Registers from 1676 to 1806, and fairly complete copies of the 
Registers made by Dr. Taylor, from 1805 onwards. Also Vestry Books from 1805 
and o Map of the Graveyard. 


This is, as explained above, a Chapely without cure of souls, in Errigal 
Trough parish, and the Chaplaincy is in the gift of tho Owner of the Favour Royal 
Estate, who built the Church. 


1835-42. Thomas Mo u tray, son of John CorryM., of Favour Royal, 
b. 6 Deo., 1806, ent. T.C.D. as S.O. July 7, 1823, B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832, m. 20 Oct., 
1842, Elizabeth Catherine, dau. of Andrew Crawford, of Auburn, Malahide, 
and d. s.p. 1843. 

1842-82. William Mo u tray. See Aghavea Curates. 

1882. John Wallace Taylor. See Errigal Trough. 
Records Extant : Baptisms from 1835, S. Sch. Rolls 1832-85. 


Perpetual Curates and &ncumfients. 

1864. Charles Forster Tomes was P.O. up to 1872. He was previously District Curate 
of Finner (in Inishmacsaint Parish) from 1849 ; was son of Rev. William T., C. of Dona, 
ca/ey, b. in Co. Tyrone, 29 Feb., 1824, ent. T.C.D. July 2, 1841, B.A. and Div. Test. 
1846, ord. D. 1847 (Dub.), P. 1848 (Kilm.), C. Garrison 1847-9, res. Finner 1 Aug., 1872 
(D.R.) for C. Coolbanagher (Kild.) 1872, B. Philipstown (Kild.) 1872-6, C. Corkbeg 
1876-81, R. Ardnageehy 1881-8, R. Templetrine 1888-94, R. Balla (Tuam) 1894-1904 ; 
m.,(l) 1853 Caroline, only dau. of Wm. Potter of Bundoran, and had issue by her (1) 
William ; (2) Henry, d.; (3) George ; (4) Caroline, d.; (5) Alfred, d. ; (6) Laura, d. ; 
(7) Rev. Benjamin Edward, B.A., T.C.D., b. April 18, 1865, R. Brigown and Chapl. 
Kingston College, Mitchelstown j (8) Josephine, d. Rev. C. F. T. d. at Blackrocfc, 
Dublin, Sep ; 6, 1913, aged 89. See also App. IV. 

1872. John Crawford, inst. Aug. 29 (DM.) T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test (2) 1856, M.A. 
1868, B.D. 1873, D.D. 1889, ord. D. 1856, P. 1857 (Derry), C. Clontarf 1856-61, C. 
Kildrought 1861-4, C. Clontarf (again) 1864-70, R. Donacavey 1870-2, res. Finner 3 
Nov., 1877, for R. Ballynakill (Tuam) 1877-8, R. Lickmolassy 1878-93, Preb. Kilteskill 
and Kinvara 1891-4, Preb. Kilquane 1894, R. Kilconnell (Clonfert) 1893-1910, Provost 
of Kilmacduagh 1897, d. July 8, 1924, aged. 98, at Clonmoylan Abbey, Portumna. 

1877. Alexander Kenny, inst. Nov. 20 (DMJ T.C.D. B.A. 1876, ord. D. 1872 (Kilm. 
for Arm.), P. 1873 (Derry for Arm.), C. Monaghan 1872-7 res. Finner Jan. 1, 1884, for 
Dio. C. Clogher and Insp. Re'l. Ed., R. Dowra (Kilmore) 1887-8, m. and had issue ; his 
younger dau. Charlotte Eliz. m. Mar. 26, 1894, Wm. Bernard Murray, of Dublin, after- 
wards in Holy Orders. He d. at Dowra Glebe March<6, 1888, aged 45. 

1884. Jooelyn Johnston, inst. Feb. 29 (DM.) ; T.C.D. Sch. 1880, B.A. 1880, Div. Test. 
(1) 1887, M.A. 1888, B.D. 1890, ord. D. 1881, P. 1882 (Arm.), C. Aghavea 1881-2, R. 
Aghalurcher 1882-4, res. Finner in 1891 and emigrated to U.S.A. 

1891. Elias Frank Nay lor, inst. July 14,(Z>.jR.) ; retired 1925 on superannuation. See 

1925. William Johnston Smartt, inst. Sep. 28 (DM.) See under Donacavey. 


Finner in which is Bundoran was established as a Perpetual Curacy out of 

Inishmacsaint Parish in 1864 (DM.). There was a Chapel of Ease here in 1600 (Ult, 
Inq.) A Church was built before 1865 by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners afc a cost of 
2,150 17s. 5d. (Sep. of 1865). 

A New Church and a new Burial ground site conveyed to the R.C.B. by Thomas 
Connolly were cons, on Sep. 5, 1887 (DM.) Several faculties for exhumation ab 
Finner were issued from tho DM. before 1886, and one on 30 July, 1890. 

The Registers from 1816 are in Parochial Custody. Of tho Communion Plate 
a Paten is inscribed " Finner Church, 1859." 



Perpetual Curates and &ncumfients. 

1791 . Blayney Irwln, Lie. Oct. 11 (DM.) ; son of Robert I., M.D., of Mb. Irwin, Co. Done- 
gal, ed. by Dr. Murray, ent. T.O.D. Oct. 27, 1786, aged 16 ; B.A. 1791, M.A. 1805, C. 
Clogher 1786 and to 1809. Seems to have res. Fivemiletown in 1796 ; R. Laracor 
(Meath) 1812-49, m. a dau. of John Elliott Cairnes, of Saville Lodge, Co. Tyrone, and 
had issue, including (1) Rev. Robert, b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. by Mr. Waters, ent. T.O.D, 
Oct. 1 6, 1826, aged 17, B.A. 1831 > M.A. 1871 , Who m. at Killucan, Oct. 26, 1843, Caroline, 
3rd dau. of Capt. Purdon, of Lismalin, and was ord. D. 1834, P. 1835, R. Castlerickard 
1846-53, V. Rathcore 1863-76, V. Donadea 1879-88, had issue and d. at Donadea 
Feb. 8, 1888, also (2) a son Arthur Parke 5 b. in Co. Meath, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 14, 1836, 
aged 17, B.A-, who was I think, in Holy Orders, and Assoc. Seo. of Church Pastoral Aid 
Soc. in N. JBngland. Rev. Blayney I. d. at Laracor Glebe April 10, 1849. (D.E.M.) 

1786. John Benjamin Story, Lie. July 7 (DM.) See Chancellors. How. long he held 
this Parish is not stated in D.R., but it appears from Par. Reg. that J. B. Story, Jun., 
succeeded him about 1815. 

o 1815. John Benjamin Story (Jun.) appears (Par. Reg.) ; was still P.C. in 1844 (Bourns) 
and seems to have res . in 1 846 . He was son of Rev. John B. S. ( above) , b. in Co . Tyrone 
1792, T.O.D. B.A. 1813, M.A. 1816, m. 9 Jan., 1840, at the Cathedral, Londdnderry, his 
cousin, Catherine Eliza, dau. of Major Valentine Munbee, of Horringe Hall, Suffolk, 
and d. s. p. in July 1862. 

1846. William Smyth Burnslde appears (far Reg.) See Chancellors. While Mr. 
Burnside was at Fivemiletown he published A- Letter addressed to the Hon. and Rev. 
George Spencer [the "Father Ignatius" of that day], formerly a clergyman of the Church 
of England, but now a Romish Priest occasioned by his recent visit to the Paffoh of Cfogher 
Dublin, James M'Glashan, 1860. " Father 1 Ignatius " was being exhibited as a Convert 
in the North of Ireland. 

1853-6. John Walton Murray, app. P.C. 26 Jan., 1853 (V.B.) was subsequently Dean of 
Connor. See Armagh Clergy, p. 117. 

1857. Aloken Irvine appears (OJdliam) ; son of John I., " gen.", b. m Co. Dublin, ed. by 
Mr.Geoghegan,ent.T.O.D. Oct. 16, 1840, aged 16^ B.A. 1845, P. 6 June, 1852 (Oaa.S.R.), 
rea. in 1864 for P.C. Kilbride, Bray, 1864-70, C. Kildroughfc 1870. 

1865. John MaoLaurln, Lie. Mar. 27 (DM.) ; LL.D. T.C.D. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 
380) ; res. Fivemiletown for 0. Mullabrack (Armagh) 1871-6, R. do., 1875-95, m. Kate 
Moore, elder dau. of Rev. D. Twiss Riordan (she d. Feb. 25, 1919, at Warrenpoint), 
and had issue, a son Rev. Robert Twiss, M.A., T.C.D., now Treas. of Killaloe, 
and R. Killaloe. Dr. MacLaurin d. Aug. 30, 1910, in his 91st year. It is said that his 
ms. sermons used to command a ready sale. 

1871. Robert Archer Butler Ffennell, inst. 28 Deo. (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1862, ord. D. 
1863, P. 1864, 0. Boho 1863, res. this parish in 1874 and wenb out as a Missionary to the 
North American Indians by whom he w&s murdered. 

1875. David Charles Abbott, coll. (by lapse) April 5, res. in 1886 for Tydavnet. See 

1887. Ellas Frank IMaylor, inst. Feb. 9 (D.R.) ; res. in 1891 fos Finner. See Chancel- 

1881. James MaoManaway, inst, Oct. fy(D.R.) ; res in 1910. Sea Bishops. 
1810. Thomas Dagg, inst. Sep. 5 (DM.) See Prebs Donaoavey. 


1851. Archibald Harden, ord. P. for " C. Kiltermon " (sic) at Armagh, 21 Dec., 1853 ; 
son of Robert H., "gen.", b. in Co. Arm., ed. at Belfast Coll i; T.C.D. enfc. Oct. 15, 1841, 
aged 21, B.A. 1840. 

187B< Robert Donaldson, Lie, June 8 (DM.) See Donaeavey, 


1878. Jamea Hamilton, Lie. Oct. 16 (D.R.), ord. D. for this 0., which he held 1878-9, 
became Dean of Clonmaonoise ; d. May 8, 1925, aged 70. 

1880. Joseph Abbott, res. in 1883. See Muckross. 
1898-9. Alexander Knfght. See Boho. 


Ffvemlletown was formed as a P.O. out of Aghahrtcher and Clogher 
parishes. Lord Belmore, in his Two Ulster Manors, App. p. 357, gave an account of what 
he believed to be the building of the Church here In 1736 by Margetson Armar, at 
a cost of 392 11s. 8d. A Faculty for alterations in the Oh arch was granted 27 Feb., 
1862 (D.R.) Act of Consecration of Alterations in Church is dated 1890. A Mew 
Burial Ground was cons. 10 Aug., 1895 (D.R.) A Memorial Window here to meto- 
bars of fche Bufnside family who have been generous benefactors to the parish was dedi- 
cated in 1910. 

The Registers from 1804 are in Parochial Custody. Of the Communion Plate 
in use an old Electro Plate Flagon is inscribed "Fivemiletown Church, 1839." A 
Plated Paten " Kiltermon Church, 1840." A Silver Paten, presented with a Silver- 
Flagon, inscribed " To the Glory of God, Presented to Fivemiletown Church by Hugh 
and Mary Montgomery, Mary Montgomery and Diana Montgomery in humble thankful- 
ness to Almighty Cfod for fche gracious protection of Hugh and Archibald Montgomery 
during the South African War, 1899-1902." Brass Alms Dishes " In Dei Gloriam et in 
Memoriam Caroli Napier Abbott, MDCCCXXV." See also App. IV. 



1429-38. See App. IV. 

1438. Adam O'Mulcawell [O'Mulchamayll] vacated the V. by death (Ann. Hib. i., 
36, 48). 

1438. Terence M'Mahon [MacMahuna] coll. V. June 9 (Ann. Hib. i., 36). 

1483. Eneas O'Karibrey, who was then B. and not having been made a priest, was depr. 
of the V., which he also held. (See next.) 

1483. -Donatus O'Molchruell is prov. to the Perp. V. of the par. ch. ojf St. Congall de 
Gabluyn, E. O'K. being deprived (Ann. Hib. i., 41). Perhaps this provision did not 
take effect, as he was again prov. on 23 Deo., 1492 (ib. 42). The value of the V. was 
12 marks. 

1532. Cornelius Maccordelf, prov. to the V. July 17 (ib. 45). See Monaghan. 

1682. John Forster, coll. V. July 22 (DM.); held till 1705 when the Primate again united 
the V. with the R. to the Chancellorship. 


1409. Henry Maooonly M'Mahon, res. the R. for Clones, q.v. (O.P.L. vi., 149) 

1409. Eneas O'CarbrI, previously R. Cleenish and Canon of Clogher, succeeds H.M. in 
the R. of Galloon alias Dartry July 20 j was ordered to resign and to be re-collated 
and again prov. 10 Sep., 1409 (C.P.L. vi., 149,292). 

01424. Charles M'Adam. See below. 

1427 Malachy O'Bruyn is R. de Gaulyn 7 Jan. (Ann. Hib. i., 20) He had evidently 
been coll. circa 1424. (C.L.P. viii., 4). See below. 

1428. Charles M'Adam seems to have held possession of the R. before 1424, he vacated 
it by death in 1428. See next. 

-James M'Mahon [MacMahuna], who is in his 17th year, and who asserted that 
though of illegitimate birth he was of a great noble race, was prov. to the R. by the 
Pope, in commendam until he reached his 22nd year when he was to get it in titulum. 
It was rendered vacant by the death of Charles M'Adam, and though the Pope had 
conferred it on Malachy O'Bruyn (above) said Malachy had not informed the Pope that 


there was an intruder in possession and that his title was questioned (Ann. Hib. i. , 31 , 47.) 
The intruder was O'Carbry (G.P.L. vi., 480) M'Mahon was then in possession. 

1440. John O'Sheehy [Osithigi] was prov. to the B. St. Congal de Gabalyn alias R. 
of Preba of Dartraighi, June 15 (ib. 36) . He is still R. in 1442 (Reg. Prene), but see next. 

1441. Magonfus O'Connolly prov, R. vice O'Sheehy deprived, Sep. 9, value 20 marks 
(ft. 37). See also App. IV. 

1483. Eneas O'KarJbrey is R. in 1483, and was not made a priest within a year of his 
provision. He had then held the R. for many years and was probably depr. of it as well 
as of the V., which he held (ib. 41). 

1486. Philip IVTMahon is Parson of Dartrey (Reg. Prene.) He was son of the Coarb, 
James M'Mahon, and was Canon Choral in Clogher, successor of Tighernaoh in 
Clones, and Parson in Dartrey " and d. Dec. 27 (An Ult. III. 310). 

1492. Thomas M'Mahon [Magmathuna), Canon of Clogher was pi-ov. R. Jan. 2 (Ann. 
Hib. i., 42). 

1529. Matthew O'Conaly, coll. Dec. 3 (Reg. Prene.) 

1532. Arthur O'Murchay seems to have held this R. (see Ann. Hib. i., 61) ? =Arthur 
M'Craith, Chancellor. 

1 532. Patrick Maccurta prov. to R. St. Comgall of Galloon and St. Aedhan of Kilmore. 

They were erected into a Canonry and Prebend of the Ch. of Clogher, June 29 (ib. 45) . 
1533. Magonius M'Vallum (?) was, however, coll. by the Primate to the R. Dartry, 

vacant by M. O'Conally's resignation Nov. 7 (Reg. Prene.) 

1617-1878. The Rectory, with which went the V. except from 1682-1705, was the Corps 
of the Chancellorship. For list of Rectors see Chancellors. 

[During the Commonwealth period 

1658. Patrick Kerr was settled here as Minister on 19 Dec., 1658. He had 100 salary 
in 1659, and was sfcill here on 4 Sep., 1660, settled on the tithes which he finds short of 
his salary though apparently he had also the tithes of Errigal and Donagh. He appears 
to have been late Minister of St. John's, Dublin, and in 1660 he claimed to have been 
pres. by Letters Patent on 10 May, 1634, to Dunaghy and Glynn, Co. Antrim (Gonvm. 
Ppa. A/22 A/25, Seymour's Transcripts pp. 145, 212). 

After disestablishment the R. and Chancellorship were disunited. 

1878. -Abraham Jagoe, inst. R. & V. vice Hudson, Chancellor, deceased, Nov. 3 (D.R.) ; 
son of Abraham J., J.P., of Kinrath and grandson of Abraham J., J.P., of Kilronan, 
Dunmanway, Co. Cork; T.C.D. B.A. 1863, M.A. 1866, B.D. and D.D. 1884, ord. D. 
1850, P. 1851, 0. Castlekirfce 1858-67, R. do. 1867-76, res. Galloon 3 Dec., 1883, for R. 
Drumholme (Raphoe) 1883-1901, d. in 1906 aged 79. 

1884. George Gardiner Parkinson (afterwards Cumine) inst. Feb. 29 (D.R.) See 

PrebSi Tullycorbet. 

1816. James Condell Taylor, inst. Nov. 14 (D.R.) 5 T.C.D. B.A. 1902, Div. Test. 1903, 
M.A. 1909, ord. D. 1903, P. 1904, C. St. Mary's, Belfast, 1903-6, R. Newbliss 1905-10, 
R. Drummully 1910-16. 


1634. Thomas Hampton (R.V.) See Dromore. 

1641. Edward How " Clk. of Galloon " made a Deposition La 1641 and was probably 
Curate here. See Archdeacons. 

1661-2. John Smith, Lie. Feb. 11 ( V.B.) and is C. up to 1679. 

1684. Nicholas Browne (V.B.) See Prebs Kilekeery. 

1702. George B law ( V.B.) 

1704. John Cranston and up to 1712 (V.B.) See Archdeacons. 

1712. Thomas Nasmith (V.B.) was C. Kilmore 1704 and C. Tydavnet 1706; M.A. 

1717. James Hastings appears (V.B.) as "C. of Drumswords," one of the Chapels of 
in Galloon parish and up to 1722. See Prebs Tyholland. 


1718. Theophllua Irwln (Jun.) appears and up to 1722 (V.B.) Theophilus Irwin 
(or ErWinge), son of Rev. Robert I., b. in Co. Cavan, ed. by Mr. Alex. Grant, at Garra- 
dice, ent. T.C.D. April 16, 1696, aged 20. 

1722. Peter Richardson appears and up to 1731 (V.B.) T.C.D. Sch. 1716, B.A. 1717, 
M.A. 1720, ord. D. 25 Sep., 1720, P. 9 June, 1723 (Grant Book) was R. Drumgoon (Kil- 
more) 1754-63, d. 14 Sep., 1763 (Pue'e Occ.) 

1731. George Wallen appears and up to 1760 (V.B.) See Prebs Devenish. 

1741-3. George Vaughan ( V.B.) He was, I think, the 2nd son of Rev. John V., R. of 
Donaghenry, 1719-21 and Treas., Dromore 1721-45, and succeeded his father in his 
estate at Quilly, Dromore, Co. Down, in 1742 ; he was b. in Dundalk, 3 Jan*, 1713, and 
ent. T.C.D. May 11, 1728, aged 18, ed. by Rav. Eneas M'Mullen, Dublin ; B.A. 1732. 

He m. Margaret Smith, of Clontibret, an heiress, and had issue (1) Ralph m. Miss 
Montgomery, and had one dau. m. (2) George m. and had issue j (3) Rebecca m. Wm. 
M'Dowell Johnston, of Ballywillwill, Co. Down, and had Rev. George M'Dowell John- 
ston. Rev. G. V. d. 14 May, 1794 (see B.L.O.). 

1747. John Corry appears and up to 1764 (V.B.) ; was son of Isaiah C., "gen.", b. afc 
Gribby, Co. Mon,., ed. by Mr. Folds, Carrickmacross, ent. T.C.D. Sep. 24, 1723, aged 18, 
B.A. 1728. He was C. St. Wer burgh's, Dub., 1736-8, was app. J.P., Co. Mon., 26 Feb., 
1738, being then " of Fin-field, Rockcorry." He m. Alice, dau. of Rev. John Vaughan 
(father of Rev. Geo. V. above) and his Will /codicil), dated 10 Sep., 1782, was proved 2 
Aug., 1786. By his wife Alice (who d. 23 Nov., 1791) he had issue (1) John, of Sport- 
hall, Co. Mon., J.P. Co. Mon. M.A. Glasgow 1765, H. Sheriff, Co. Mon. 1769, m. Feb. 
1762, Catherine, dau. of Chas. Coote, of Cootehill, M.P. for Co. Cavan, and d. 1768 ; 
(2) Thomas, of Fairfield, H. Sheriff Co. Mon. , 1 782 , m. Rebecca Stewart, of Bailieborough 
was ancestor of the Corrys, of Rockcorry; (3) Isaiah, of Ballytrain, Co. Mon., m. 1st 
Catherine, wid. of Geo. Scott and dau. of Lancelot Fisher, m. 2nd 8 Deo., 1777, Barbara, 
yst. dau. of Rev. Andrew Nixon, B. A., V. of Ahamplish (Elphin) and C. Anagh (Beltur- 
bet) and d. (Will pr. 28 April, 1820) leaving issue ; (4) James, of Shantonagh, Co. Mon., 
m. Mary, dau. of John Ruxton, M.P., of A? dee House, and Was ancestor of the Fitzher- 
berts, of Black Castle, Co. Meath ; (5) George ; (6) William ; and daus. (1) Anne, m. 1st 
30 June, 1750, Robert Lambert Tate, of Dunlady, Co. Down, H. Sheriff, Co. Down, 

1762, and 2ndly, Robert M'Leroth, of Comber, H. Sheriff, Co. Down : (2) Alicia, m. John 
Smyth ; (3) Frances, m. William Hughes ; (4) Susanna, m. Richard Battersby (H.B.S.) 

1752. -Daniel Vlrldett and up to 1760 ( V.B.) ; also C. Dromore 1743-57, Was son of Rev. 
Abraham V., b. in Dublin, ed. by his father, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 14, 1726, aged 16, B.A. 
1731, M.A. 1734. 

1782. Francis Warden Flood appears (V.Bi); signs Parl. Ret. as Curate in 1766, is 
here 1767. 

1769. William M'Donnell, Lie. Oct. 2 (D.R.) ; ent. T.C.D. as Siz., May 19, 1761, Sch. 

1763, B.A. 1765, ord. D. Nov. 24, 1765 (SM.) 

1772. Thomas Hudson and up to 1791 ( F.B.),3rd son of Letturnal H., of Enniskillen.who 
was son of James H., by Anne, 4th dau. of Thomas Letturnall, of Little Dr umclea, Ennis- 
killen. He was M.A. of Univ. of Glasgow, 1768, and d. 17 Dec. 1801, aged 62, having 
had, by Abigail his wife, Who d. 27 May,l 794, ab least 3 sons, John, Letturnall and Allen, 
the last a legatee of Jane, Lady Hudson, wid. of his uncle, Sir Walter Hudson (H.B.S.) 

1796. Richard Foster and to 1803 (V.B.). See G. Clones. 
1803. Roger Leadon (V.B.) See C. Currin. 

1824. William Vandeleur (V.B.), res. 1826 ; ysfc. son of Croffcon V. " Armiger," of Kil- 
rush, b. in Co. Clare, ed. by Mr. Gwynne, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. Nov. 4, 1807, aged 17, 
B.A. 1811, M.A. 1827, V. JulianstoWn (Meath) 1828-43, d. 1843. 

1826. John Martin Gray don held till 1844 (ErcJc and Bourns). See Ematris. 
1844. William Brown low Ashe appears C. (Thorn). See Donagh. 
1850. Jonathan Thornhlll and to 1868 (V.B. and OWiam). See Barr. 
For other Curates see App. IV. 


Galloon =Gabal Luin (Ann. Ult.) "fork of pool," called in the Papal Taxation 
" Gabalynan " and valued at 6 marks. Patron Saint Comgall. 
"The Parish Church standeth in the island of Galloon ; there is a Parson and a 


Vicar Collative (i.e., appointed by the Bishop), the tithes ore all paid in kind, viz., \ih 
to the Bishop, Jth to Vicar and 2 /4ths to the Parson: the parish Church is to bo repaired 
as before " (Inq. Vlt.,18th Sep., 7 Jas. I. (1609)). In 1622 " Church ruinous, no house " 


A Glebe was granted to Rev. E. Hatton, Feb. 9, 1631/2 (Morrin Hi., 691). There 
was no glebe house 1837. 

The Church was burnt by an accidental fire in 1819 and a New Church built in 
1821, by aid of a grant of 2,000 from the Board of First Fruits. 

Sfc. John's, JBmatris was created out of Galloon in 1738 see also Sallaghy. Aghabog 
was taken out of it in 1767. 

In the 1766 Census there were 480 Protestants and 876 Roman Catholics in the 
parish, and in 1776 there were 200 Communicants in the parish (including Killeevan, 
Aghaboy, Currin and JBmatris), (Parl. Met.) 

On Jan. 17, 1804, the parishes of Ki I lee van and Currin, which under the name of 
Galloon had formed the Corps of the Chancellorship, were disappropriated and se- 
parated therefrom and in lieu thereof a Corps was appropriated, called the R. & V. 
Galloon, consisting of the island of Galloon, the site of the Parish Church of the ancient 
Corps of said dignity and other portions or denominations of townlands belonging to 
the parish of Drumkrin, together with a portion of the parish of Drummully (DM.) 

The Parish Registers from 1798 are in Parochial Custody, and Vestry Books from 

See also App. TV. 


Perpetual Curates. 

1827. Andrew Young, eon of Rev. Andrew Y., C. of Dromore, b. in Co. Tyrone 
" Friday, the 9th Feb., 1771, a little after eight in the evening," ed. by Dr. Murray, 
ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 10, 1800, aged 21, (sic), B.A. 1805. Andrew Young was ord. 
D. 13 Dec., 1807, and P. 26 Sep., 1808 (Clogher) ; was lie. C. Devenish 9 July, 1809, 
and continued as such until Garrison was formed, when he probably became P.O. He 
was m. in Garrison Church to Mary Anne Hamilton on Jan. 18, 1814, and had an only 
child .Eliza Jane, b. Oct. 21, 1819, who m. George Clayton Cowell, Oct. 20, 1836. Their 
eldest and only surviving child is Very Rev. Geoige Young Cowell, of Dublin, M.A., 
late Dean of Kildare, b. Aug. 25. 1838. bap. Aug. 26 [see Who's Who] who, from the 
original family documents in his possession, has supplied me with these facts. Dean 
CoWell, on the night of whose birth Garrison "was brilliantly illuminated," claims, I 
think rightly, to be a member of the Sept. of MacCowell, whose name appear soften in 
these Lists, as his great great great grandfather, Bryan Cowell (ob. 1768, aged 93) was 
also known as Bryan MacCowell as appears from a Chancery Suit in 1720, and a Lease 
of 1734. Rev. Andrew Young d. Apr. 14, 1847. 

1849. John Devereux Floury (Oldham) ; son of Rev. Henry F., b. at Tramore, enb. 
T.C.D. June 17, 1840, aged 18, ed. by R3V. Mr. Price, B.A. 1845. Annuity, 1870, 105 ; 
res. 30 March, 1872 (DM.) ; C. Kilmeaden, Waterford, 1873-91. He probably held 
Garrison from 1847. See also App. TV. 

&ncuml>ents, etc. 

1872-3. Vacant. Robert Phoenix, Off. Minister. See Slavin 

1874. Joseph Mayne, Lie. C.-in-Charge Mar. 31 (DM,) ; coll Ino. (on lapse) in succession 
to Floury, Nor. 26, 1875 (DM.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880, ord. D. 1874, P. 1876, 
(Armagh), res.Garrison27Feb., 1878, R. Killasnett 1878-90, V. Killinkere 1890-4, V. 
Larah 1894-23, Archd. of Kilmore 1 909-23, retired on superannuation. His wife JEliza. 
d. Feb. 26, 1914. He d. Mar. 7, 1927. aged 85; bur. at Lavoy. 

1 878-80, Vacant. 

1880. Andrew Elliott, coll (on lapse) in succ. to Mayne, April 2 (DM.) ; res. in 1883 
for Barr, q.v. Was also C. Slavin. 

1888. John Mag 1 1 1, coll. 17 Mar. (with Slavin), res. 1890. S-ae Inniskeen. 

1880. William Albert (Betty, Lio. C. 8 Oct. and Lio. C.-in-Charge 11 Nov. (DM.) res. 
1892, See Donaghmoine, 


1898. Thomas Hugh MaoFadd[n,Lic. bo Garrison and Slavin Oob. 8 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. 
B.A. 1887, Div. Tesb. (2) 1888, B.D. 1893, ord. D. 1888, P. 1889, C. Ch. Ch., Belfaab, 
1888-90, C. Inishmacsainb 1890-2, became R. Kilmanagh (Oss.), in 1894 ; d. 26 Deo., 
1906. His 4bh son, George Lofbus, Isb Bafcb. Irish Guards, d. from wounds in bhe Greab 
War, June 3, 1918. His ysb. dau. Beatrice m. June 30, 1926, Wm. J., son of J. H.Adams, 
Killaliss, Sheroock, Co. Oavan. 

1895. George Charles O'Keeffe, insb. May 25 (D.R.), son of George O'K. and his wife 
Margaret, yst. dau. of Eichard Dane, D.L., of Killyhevlin, T.C.D. B.A. 1888, ord. D. 
1893, P. 1894, C. Larah 1893-4, C.-in-Charge Garrison 1894-5 (See Slavin). 


1921. William Frederick Frazer, nom. by Bp. Lio. C. Feb. 3 (D.R.) See Diocesan 


Garrison Churoh was builb as a Chapel of Base in Devenish parish in 1827. 
There must have been a Church here in 1814 (see Young above). The date of bhe 
foundation of bhe Parish as a Perpetual Caracy was not recorded in the D.R. A Faculty 
to alter bhe Church was granted in 1891, April 22 (D.R.) The Registers from 
1831 to 1877 were desbcoyed inbheP.R.O., bub a copy of bhe Baptismal Regisber 
made and is in Parochial Cusbody. 


Perpetual Curates. 

1866. William Sparrow, Lio. P.O. May 10 (D.R.), son of Joseph S., b. in Co. Wicklow, 
enb. T.C.D. 1853, aged 20, B.A. and Div. Toab. 1868, M.A. 1871, ord D. 1859 P. 1860, 
C. Shinrone 1859-60, C. Carlingford 1860-5, res. Garvary in 1867 for C. Deserblyn 
1867-74, R. Deserfclyn 1874-91, d. 1891. 

1867. Daniel Ecoles Lucas Dlckson appears (I.C.D.) ; son of Lt.-Col. Dickson; T.C.D. 
Sch. 1859, Berkeley Gold Medal 1860, B.A. and Bibl. Gr. Pri. (1) 1861, Div. Test (2) 
and Eco. Hist. Pri. (2) 1862, ord. D. 1862, P. 1863, C.Cooltrain (Aghalurcher) 1862-7, 
res. Garvary 7 July, 1872 (Annuity 102), became V. Killeedy (Limerick) 1872-1917, 
Preb. Kilpeaoon ( Limerick) 1 906-1 6 retired jd. at Hollybrook, Lisnaskea, Ocb.21, 1924. 


1872. William Brennan, inst. Sep. 23 (D.R.) T.C.D. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873, ord. D. 
1869, P. 1870, O. Trory 1869-71, res. Garvary 2 Oct., 1875, V. Lusk 1875-80, held 
Curacies in England 1881-7, R. Ballysadare Chapel of Ease 1887-95 ; m. Mary, dau. of 
Chas. Crowe, of Farmhill, Co. Ferm. (she d. at Southsea Feb. 26, 1918) and had issue, 
including Rev. Alfred M. Brennan, his yst. son, who d. 1885. He d. . 1895. 

1876. Peter Henry Schoalea, coll. (on lapse) June 16 (D.R.), son of Surgeon Alexander 
S., b. in Dublin, enfe. T.C.D. July 1, 1833, aged 17, B.A. 1843, Vice-Chancs. Pri. for Eng- 
lish Verse 1843, ord. D. 1843, P. 1844, C, Derrylane 1843-50, C. Armagh 1860-2, P.O. 
Omeath 1862-3, P. C. Arvagh 1863-71, C. Clontarf 1873-5, R. Garvary 1876-91 ; ,m 
Jessie Frances, dau. of Lieut.-Col. John Rowley Heyland, 7bh R.I.F. and had iaswe, 2 
sons and 3 daus. He d. 26 Dec., 1891. 

1882. John Hall, inst. Feb. IS (D.R.) See Probe. Tyholland. 


Gar vry=s" rough land.". The Deed appropriating Garvaiy District Parish was 
dated March 1, 1866. It was formed outof Enniskillen, Derryvullen, Derrybrusk and 
Magheracroas parishes (D.R,) Lord Belmore granted a site for the Charoh, March 17, 

The Baptismal Register 1866-77, was destroyed in the P.R.O. 
Of bhe Communion Plate, a Chalice and a Paten inscribed " Derryhean 1861," and 
a Chalice and Paben inscribed " Garvary Church, 1861." 
See alro App. 




1427. Nicholas O 'Flanagan was E. and was also R. Dovenish. Ha was of illegitimate 
birth and had not been dispensed. The Pope afterwards dispensed him (Ann. Hib. i., 

1429. (Bartholomew O'Flanagan, Prior of S. Mary 's,Devenish, got this cowmen- 
dam ;it is called " the Rectory of St. Nynyd de Yns Maygsamh," value 4 marks, June 26. 
He res. the Priory in 1461/2, and was succeeded there by his son Laurence (who died in 
1505) and d. 1504 (See Ann. Hib. i, 33-37, Ann. Ult. Hi.) 

1551. Edmond O'Flannagan, bhe parson of Inis; full of intelligence d. this year 
(Ann. Ult., Hi., 636 He was, no doubt, the " parson of Inis," whose son, Redmond, 
Prior of Devenish, d. 1521, and another son, Jas. O'F. d. 1631 (ib. 637-581.) 

1622. John Barker, M.A., " a preacher "is R. and resident, " the old Church standeth 
in an inconvenient place ; a [glebe] house built by himself, 3 tates enjoyed, the 4th 
destined for Mr . Arohdall " (S. V.) 

1628. Archibald Erskine.adm. R. Dec. 1, John Hume, Patron, value 120 (B.V. 1634). 
He got a grant of glebe here Feb. 29, 1 631-2 (Marvin in., 593) . See Prebs. Devenish . 

1636/7. John Hey gate, pres. by the Crown to the V. Mar. 7 (L.M. v,, 112) ; but inst. to 
the R. May 20, 1637 (P.P.) ; exchanged with R. Morse for Druinmully, q.v. 

1638. Richard Morse, pres. June 13, inst. July 3 (or 8 ?) P.P. ord D. 2 May, 1617, P. 3 
Jan., 1617-8, R. and V. Drummully 1628-38, V. Donaghmoine 1625-32. 

[1660. William Watson appears as Commonwealth Minister here, and at Tenipleoarne on 
2 Aug. ,1660; He was Minister inDerry Precinct 1655, and was in the list of " Ministers 
suspected of Scandal " on 29 Oct., 1658, being as was said but we must take it cum 
grano salia " an enemy to piety, and negligent in his calling." His salary at Kilbarron, 
where he vvas from 2 5 Dee., 1657, was raised from 50 to 100. He was at Stranorlar 
in!658, and had evidently over come his detractors in 1659. He is probably the same as 
the following, and was in Holy Orders in 1661.] 

1661 . William Watson was pres. to the R. by Sir John Hume, Bart., and inst. Mar. 27, 
ind. April 27 ( F,F.) He was also R. Templecarne 1661-78. His (Clogher) Will was 
proved in 1678. 

1678. George Hume, pres. by Sir John Hume, Bart., inst. Sep. 21 (P.P.), ord. D. 20 Sep.; 
P. 21 Sep. , 1678. In A Cfreat Archbishop of Dublin, by Sir Chas. King, Bfc., p. 112 note, 
it is mentioned that Rev. George Hume, uncle to Sir Gustavus Hume, wrote from 
JSnniskillen, Sep. 14, 1691, to Abp. King for a letter of recommendation to the Bishop of 

1699. John Smyth, pres. by Sir Gustavus Hume, Bart., Aug. 1, adm. Aug. 17 (Arm. 
D.R.) He was ord. D. 14 Apl., 1672, C. Carrickmacross 1674, C. Clogher 1681-93, 
R. Templecarne 1692-6, d. 1721 when his P. Will was proved, as " of " Wheatfield, Co. 
Ferm." See also App. IV. 

1721. Thomas Palmer, inst. R. & V. by the Primate, July 18 (P.P.) He was P.O. 
Ardmayle and C. Clonoulty (Cashel) 1706, V. Grean 1706, R. Mealiffe and Glankeen 
( Cashel) 1 706-2 1 . His P. Will made 1 6 June, 1 733, was proved 20 Jan ., 1 738- 9 . He 
left his property to his wife, Mary, mentions what is due to him out of Inishmacsaint, 
riz., "A moiety of what I ga/e to Widow Smith " (i.e., on account of glebe improve- 
ments), mentions his dau., Rebecca Carew, wid., and his wife's sister, Elizabeth Dunbar, 
who in certain events was to get 200. 

1739. Oaulfield Cuff, adm. April 27 (P.P.) In the Lodge Mae., Avm. Library, there is 
an entry of the pres. by the Crown to Inishmacsaint of Rev. James Miller, B.A. on 
Aug. 25, 1739, but there is no record of this in the Liber Mwnemm.and he certainly was 
not instituted. C. C. was son of Thomas C., " Dux Militum " [? Colonel], b. in Galway, 
ed. by Mr. Price, Galway, ent. T.C.D. as siz. Mar. 25, 1703-4, aged 18. Sch. 1707, B.A. 
1708 ; was V. Cloncare (Kilmore) 1721-42, V. Rossinver 1724-39, m. and had issue, 
including Rev. Thomas, b. in Co. Rose., ed. by Dr. Blayer, at Sligo, ent. T.C.D. May 2, 
1731, aged 17, B.A. 1735, who succ. his father in Cloncare and Rossinver and d. 1775 ; 
end Rev. Francis, see Curates below. Rev. C. C., at a Triennial Visitation in 1742, was 
ordered to repair Inishmacsaint Church and provide a Surplice and a Registry Book. 
P. Will was proved ia 1760, 


1780-2. Vacant " and in charge of the 2 Curates, who are to get 50 each from the aeques- 
trator" (V.B. 1761). 

1762. Joshua Tench, pres. by Nicholas Loftus Hume, of Castle Hume, 28 Mar., 1761, 
insfc. April 17, 1762 (DM.) ; ent. T. C. D. June 3, 1741, B.A. 1745, M.A. 1748, V. Inch 
(Ferns) 1754-62, and Burgess of New Ross 1759-62, m. Jane, dau. of John Cliffe, of New- 
Ross, and had issue 2 daus., one of whom, Mary Anne, m. as his 2nd wife Charles PoWell 
Leslie, of Glaslough. He d. in Dec., 1764 (Paullc., Dub. Jour., Deo. 22-26). His P. 
Will as " of Bryanstown, Co. Wexford," was proved in 1766. His wid. Jane, re-m. 
Charles Tottenham, of Tottenham Green, M.P., and had issue. (See B.L.0.) 

1765. John Nixon, inst. 27 Mar. (SM.) ; ord P. (Ferns) at Donnybrook, 8 June, 1748. 
He was probably m. 3 times . His 1st wife, Julia, is mentioned in a Journal of his among 
the Ely Mss., extracts from which were published by the late JEarl of Belmore in U.J.A., 
1894, pp. 578. It tells us something of the social habits and drinking customs of the 
gentry and clergy of that day. He m. 2ndly Mary Anne Nuttall, of St. Peter's Parish, 
Dublin (M.L. April 22,1779). She was wid. of George Nuttall, of Sherwood Park, 
Co. Carlow, and dau. of Ephraim Carroll, of Rockfiold, Co. Wicklow, M.P. for Bannow, 
by Barbara, sister of Sir John Tottenham, Bart., aunt of the 1st Marquess of Ely, and 
dau. of Charles Tottenham, of Tottenham Green, M.P. (Vide Jour. Kild. Arch Soc. 
viii., 183). He m. (3) Mary Anne Gregory, of the same parish (M.L. April 20, 1787). 
He d. in Jan., 1797 (DM.) " supposed to die 20 Jan., 1797 " (DM. Ferns) and his P. Will 
was proved in 1800 ; his vid. Mary Anne received 99 from his successor on account of 
glebe improvements in the King's Bench in 1 808 . J. Nixon was Preb. Coulsfcaff e (Ferns) 
1784-97, and was of the family of Nixon, of Browns barn, Co. Kilkenny. 

1797. Thomas Brooke Clarke, pres. by the Earl of Ely, inst. July 1 (DM.) ; son of 
Nathaniel C., Merchant, b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Kerr, ent. T.C.D. July 9, 1773, aged 
16, B.A. 1779, M.A. 1787, also D.D. 1805 [? of Lambeth] m. Helen Johnson, of St. Paul's 
parish, Dublin (M.L. Mar. 1 , 1787) ; res. in 1824. (DM.) 

1824. Hugh Hamilton, pres. by the Marquess of Ely, inst. May 6 (DM.) He was 5th 
son of Hugh H., Bishop of Ossory, b. in Co. Kilkenny, ed. by Mi-. Pack, enfc. T.C.D. 
Nov. 4, 1805, aged 15, ord. D. 1813, P. , C. Lissan 1813 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rt. 
Hon. John Staples, P.O., M.P., of Lissan, and d. 1865, leaving sur viving issue (1) Rev. 
Hugh Staples, B.A., V. of Manston, Leeds, d. July 19, 1899 ; m. and left issue ; (2) Rev. 
Richard, R. of Killelagh, Derry, d.s.p. June 1878 ; (3) Rev. Thomas Robert, M.A. see 
Curates below ; (4) Harriet, m. Wm. M. Burke, Reg.-General for Ireland. (See B.L.O. 
and Baronetages) . 

1865. Qeorge Tottenham, pres. by the Marquess of Ely and the Dowager Marchioness 
of Ely, April 10, insb. May 13 (DM.) j res. 1st Oct., 1903. -See Deans. Disestablishment 
Annuity 717 7s. 4d. 

1904. James Forde Lea th ley, inst. April 22 (DM.), b. Nov., 1861, at Kingstown, Co. 
Dublin, son of Forde L., of 3 Longford Terr., Kingstown, ed. at St. Aidan's Coll. ; ord. 
D. 1884 (Oss.), P. 1886 (Arm. for Down), C. Enniscorthy 1884-5, C. Skerry and Rath- 
oavan 1886-7, C. Ballymena 1887-91, R. Trillick 1892-9, Chapl. Miss, to Seamen, Dub,, 
1899-1904 ; res. this pttrish for R. Dunboyne (Meath) 1908-24, ret. on superannuation 
1924 j m. April 16, 1895, Elizabeth H. Stewart, dau. of Rev. Edward Hallam, M.A., of 
Suffolk, and has issue a son Forde, b. 1896, Flight- Lieut. R.A.F., and a dau. Muriel. 

1908. James Fisher Cox, inst. April 30 (DM.) ; b. at Cleggan House, Co. Antrim, son of 
Rev. Thomas 0., M.A. (R. of Ramoan 1879-1921) ; ed. at Acad. Inst., Coleraine, and 
T.C.D. ; B.A. 1899, M.A. 1903, P.T.E., ord. D. 1905, P. 1906 (Oss.), C. Grange Sylvae 
1905-7, C.Fiddown 1 907-8, R. here, with Slavin 1908-9, R. Seirkeiran (Oss.) 1909-17, 
R. Castlecomer 1917 ; m. 1906, Mary E., dau. of R. T. Harrison, D.I., R.I.C., and has 
issue, Thomas R. F., b. 1908 and Dorothy M., b. 1909, 

1910. Samuel Maokay Watt, inst. June 3 (DM.) ; b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. at St. Aidan's 
Coll. 1898, Camb. Univ. 1906, ord. D. 1900, P. 1901, C. Llantrisant 1900-1, C. Dinas 
(Wales) 1900-3, C. Kirkby-in-Cleveland 1903-5, C. St. Andrew's the Less, Cambr 
1909, C. Dundalk 1909-10, C. Tydavneb 1910, m. 1914 Mary Heney, dau. of Rev. J. T. H. 
Abbott, R. of Mullaghdun, and had issue, 3 children, Samuel Abbott, Thomas John and 
James Charles; his wife d. in 1920. He d. suddenly having been taken ill with paralysis, 
while preaching in Church on Sunday, Jan. 19, 1924 ; was to have been married a second 
time on Feb. 14. 


1824. Thomas S to there, inst. Aug. 3 (DM.), July 30, according to Mr. Stothers, b. 
at Loughgall, Co. Armagh, son of William J. and JE. Stothers, ed. by C. M. Boyce and 
S. Thompson, K.U.I., B.A. 1906, T.C.D. B.A. (1st cl. and Reap.) 1917, M.A. 1920, P.T.JE. 
ord. D. 1908, P. 1909, 0. St. Paul, Stockton-on-Tees 1908-9, C. Templecorran 1909-13, 
R. Newtownsaville 1913-24; m. Aug. 1912, Miss Jeannie Vaughan, and has issue, 
Edmund, Kathleen Violet and Jeannie Doreen. Mrs. Stothers (Undergrad. R.U.I.) 
is a J.P. for Co. Fermanagh. 


1634. Alexander Henderson (V.B.) 
1634. Thomas Hog (V.B.) 

1665. James Sinclair, ord. D. April 12, 1665, Lio. April 13 (DM. and V .B.) See also 
Templeearne Curates. 

1679. Simon Well [? Weeld]M.A.,(F..B.) 
1699. Thomas Creevy (V.B.) See Boho. 
1703. Joseph Story (V.B.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1711. Edward Thompson and to 1718, (V.B.) wasV. Oldoaatle andR. Castlecor (Meath) 
1721-3, C. RatheonneU 1727, V. Mullingar 1725-46. Will proved 1746. 

1722. Thomas Carson, Lie. (DM.) and C. up to 1756 I V.B.) ; eldest son of Thomas C., 
of Feymore, Co. Tyrone, bro. of Rev. Joseph C.,R. Erriglefcrough where he was C, 
1712-17. He appears to have been District C. here of that part of the parish, after- 
wards created into Finner parish. He m. (M. Sett. 14 Uov., 1716) Catherine Robinson 
and had issue (1) Rev. Thomas, ord. D. (Kilm.), 1745 (who was father of Rev. Thos. C., 
Rector of Kilmahon, whose sons were Right Rev. Thomas, Bp. of Kilmore, and Rev. 
Joseph F. (T.C.D.) ; (2) Joseph d. 7 Oct., 1786 ; (3) JSliz., living 2 April, 1734, d. 23 
July, 1795 (See B.L.G.). 

1724. Hon. Fran of 8 Hamilton Lie. Sep.2(.DJ2.) SeeAughnamullen. 

1727. Alexander Lindsay, Lie. May 11 (DM.) here in 1737 (V.B.) See Drumsnatt 

1747. Francis Cuft here up to 1757 (V.B.) he was perhaps, son of Rev. Caulfield C- 
(See Rectors), b. in Co. Rose., ent. T.C.D. May 3, 1731, aged 16, degree nofc recorded. 
Another Francis C., son of Gerald C., " Armiger," b. in Co. Mayo, ed. by Mr. Lewis at 
Kilkenny, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 28, 1731/2, aged 18, B.A. 1733, M.A. 1786. 

1757. William Major appears up to 1772 (V.B.) See Aghavea. 

1757-61 Roger Dodd ( V.B.) was son of Rev. Chas. D., V. of Drumlease 1737-74 ob., was 
b. 1732, in Co. Longford, ed. by Dr. Ford, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 28, 1749/50, aged 18, Sch. 
1752, B.A. 1754, became C. Drumlease 1763-6, C. Killargue and Inismagrath 1766, V. 
Drumlease 1774-1808 ; m. (1) Sarah King, she d. s.p., m. (2) 28 Mar. 1792, Margaret, 
dau. of Matthew PhibbSj of Spurtown, and had an only son, Charles Roger, of London 
(See B.L.O.) He d. Oct. 8, 1808, and was bar. in Drumlease. 

1760- John Hynes, Lie. Sep. 5 (DM.) here up to 1769 (U.J.A., 1894, p. 58). He was 
son of Timothy H., " bibliopola," b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Hynes, Longford, ent. T.C.D. 
as Siz. May 27, 1755, B.A. 1759, ord. P. 4 Sep., 1763 (SM.) 

1781. William Ovens, Lie. Aug. 28 (DM.) here in 1796 (V.B.). Wm. O. was bro. of 
Hugh O., of St. Catherine's, Co. Form., and also of Major John 0. , of Rahalton, Co. Form, 
both in Inishmacsaint par. The codicil of the Will of his wid., Jane, was dated 21 July, 
1847, and proved, Prerog. 21 April, 1849. She mentions in it her sister, Mrs. Anne 
Hall, who was mother of Mrs. Frances Clarke, of Largantogher, Co. Derry, and wife of 
Robert Hall, of Merton Hall, Co. Tipp. His tombstone in Derrygonnelly Churchyard 
bears the inscription (recently deciphered by Rev. T. Stothers) " Sacred to the memory 
of the Rev. William Ovens, Rector of Boho, who departed this life llth June, 1821, 
aged 62 years." 

1785. Francis Johnston (V.B.) ; son of James J. "gen.", b. in Co. Down, ent. T.C.P. 
July 10, 1769, aged 21, B.A. 1773, ord. D. 1775 (Kilm.), ord. P. 13 July, 1777 (Clogher 
SM.) Was here to 1791 (V.B.) 

1795. James Brandon Lie. Sep. 10 (V.B.), but was C. from 1791 ; son of Wm. B. '"gen." 
b. in Co. Form., ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1780, aged 17, B.A. 1785. His tombstone in Finner 
Churchyard bears the inscription "The Rev. James Branden, Curate of this Parish 
for 35 years, died 24 Sep., 1826, aged 64 years ; also his Widow, who died 29th January* 
1 83-, aged 58." (S.P.M.D., 1890, p. 164). 

1811-23. Jamea Benson Tuthlll appears C. (Stick, and V.B.) See Betfeek. 


1828-30. Loftus John Reade. See Frebs. Devenish. 

1826. John Dunbar,Lic. (Erclc.) SeeBallybay; was herein 1828 (V.B.) 

1831. Charles Robert Gayer, res. this year for B.Kinnegad (Meabh) ; son of Edward G. 
" eenbudo," b. in Somerset, ed. by Dr. Hudson, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 5, 1821, aged 17, B.A. 

1826, M.A. 1832, ord. D. , ord. P. (Oloyne) 1829, subsequently B. Ventry and Du- 

nui'lin(Ardfert), 1840-8. 

1849. Charles Forster Tomes <vas C. and in charge of Finner (Ojflham). See Finner. 

1849. Thomaso Rbert Hamilton app. Oct., 1849 (V.B.), ord. P. 21 Deo., 1863, at Arm. 
He was 3rd son of Bev. Hugh H. (see Beotors) ; ed. by Mr. Darley, ent. T.C.D. July 1, 
1844, aged 18, b. in Co. Form., B.A. 1848, M.A. 1860, Div. Test. (1) 1849, ord. D. 1849 
(Down) ; was Chaplain B.N. 1854-70, V. St. Mark's, Dundela 1874-1905; m. 1859 Mary, 
dau. of Sir John Borlase Warren, Bt., of Warrenscourt, Co. Cork, d. 19 May, 1905, aged 

1848. Halahan Dun bar app. July (V.B.) and was in charge of Slavin and here 1858 
(Oldham). See Belleek Curates. 

1870-1. Robert William Phayre Montgomery, ord. D. 1870 (Kilmore), P. 1873 (Lin- 
coin), C. Leake, Notts. 1872-4, Asst. Master, Southport Coll. 1876, C. Gargrave 1878-82 
0. Warrington 1883-5. 

1883-5. John Beaufort Berkeley Barker. See Armagh Clergy, p. 342. 

1890-2. Thomas Hugh Mac Fad din. See Garrison. 

1894. George Charles O'Keeffe, Lie. June 4 (DM.) See Garrison. 

1903. Victor Frederick Lindsay, Lie. Mar. 25 (DM.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1901, Div. Teit, 
1902, ord. D. 1901 (Dub. for Clogher), P. 1903 (Clogher), C. here to 1903, C. Clongish 
1903-5, C. Drung 1905-6, C. Carrigallen 1906-7, C. Cahir 1908-11, C. Ballinrobe 1911-13 
and 1915-16, C. Killaraght 1913-15, C. Dunston, Durham 1922-4, C. Kilnamanagh 

1912. George William Allen Howard, Lio. Deo. 21 (D.B.) See Donagh. 
For other Curates see App. IV. 


Ini8hmac8aint=l?ud Maighe Samh " the island of the sorrel plain." It was valued 
in the Papal Taxation at 1 mark. Patron 8alntNannid of Boyal Bace, who founded 
the Abbey here and d. in 523 or 530. His Patron day was 18 Jan. (Martyr. TaU.) 

In 1609 there was here " both a parson and a vicar collative, the tithes are paid in 
kind, one-fourth to the Bishop, one-fourth to the Vicar, two-fourths to the Parson; 
Parson and Vicar equally to bear one- third part in repairing and maintaining the parish 
Church, the herenach to bear the other two parts ; there is a Chapel of Ease called 
Fennoare ( = Finner) in Macginy, unto which said Chapel the Vicar is to send a Curate 
to say Divine Service, and a Chapel of Ease called Ballfhanny with a quarter of 
herenach land of the old measure, belonging thereto, whereof Mcolackequin is the here- 
nach and payeth thereout 3s 4d yearly to the Bp. of Clogher.". ( Ult. Ing., 1609) . The 
Parish is sometimes spoken of as Church Hill. The old Church of Derrygonnelly 
bears the date 1627. In 1910 the Church of Drumenagh, which seems to have been 
built in 1688 (date on stone), was constituted the Parish Church by 9 Queen Anne 
C. xii, sec. 32, the former parish church being on an island in Lough .Erne (L.M . vi., 32) 
The present Church was built in 1831 (Rep. of 1836) and cons. 7 Aug. 1831 (Par. 
Archives) A new Chancel was cons. 21 Sep., 1876 (D.B.) At Disestablishment the 
Marquess of Ely received 3,303 15s. 8d. as compensation for the loss of the Bight of 
Presentation. The glebe house was built in 1829. See also an Article in U.J.A. July, 
1904, pp. 119 et seq. on Inishmacsaint, by Bev. J. JE. M'Kenna, M.B.I.A. 

The Parish Registers from 1813 are in Parochial Custody and there has been saved 
from the conflagration in the P.B.O. a series of Parochial Beturns copies of the old 
Begisters dating 1660-1866, which are now in the Dublin Becord Office. 

Among documents in Parochial Custody are old Vestry Books (dating from 1760), 
Deed conveying site of Church 7 Aug., 1831, Act of Cons, do., Act of Cons. Chancel, 
1876, Lease of Land for Mill School and Teacher's Besidence, 10 Oct., 1897. Of the 
Communion Plate a Silver Chalice and a small Paten are inscribed "This Legacy 
lefb by Sr. Jon. Hume, Bart., to the Church of Drumenagh, Anno. 1695 "; a large Silver 
Paten " Benmore Church, Innismacsaint Parish, 1867," and a Silver Flagon " Presented 
to the Church of St. Ninnidh at Benmore by Sarah Wilkin, to the Glory of God and 
iii loving memory of her attached husband, James Wilkin, M.D., for forty- two years 
Surgeon of the .Ely and Church Hill Dispensaries in this Parish, 17th Augt., 1894.'.'. 




1530. Thomas Maokaj. Sae Killany aad Camckmaeroes. 
1822. John Davlson. See Killany. 

1623. Robert (or John?) Ramsay, M.A., coll. V. 16 April, 1633; iad. 8 May, 1633 
\#.F. 1634). 

[1633. Franofs Simpson was adm. Rector with V. Killany 10 April (R.V. 1634). See 
Kinany and Kiimore]. 

Query ? Were the Vicars Killany also Vicars of Inniskeen, 1640-61. 

c1639. Robert Mason, fl/I.A,, Inaiskeen, whose Will was proved at York Aug. 9, 1639, 
was probably Vicar. 

1641. John Ramsay, Vicar. See under Derryvullen Curates. 

1660. John Eaton, Commonwealth Minister ab Carriokmaorosa, was granted the tithes 
of Inniskeen also. (Com. ppa., Seymour p. 138). 

1661. David Wayr (or IVI'Deyso) was deprived. See Killany. 
1661. John Lloyd, coll. V. 28 Mar. as in Killjoy (F.F.) 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1662. Thomas Chambers, adm. B. and V. 26th October (F.F.) ; son of Kev. Robert 
C. (oro. of John C., of Stormonstown, Co. Loath), b. in Queen's Co., 1641, ent. T.&D. 
Jan. 6, 1657, ed. oy Mr. Gon, Dublin, M.A. 1682 (B.A. not reoo-ded), was also D.D. as 
appears from DM. and his Maral Monument in Clonkeeti Church, Co. Loath; ord. D. 
15 Aug., 1662, ord. P. 2 Oct. 1662, " in the house of the Order of Preachers at Drogheda" 
IV.B., 1669), B. & V. Inniskeen 1662-73, B. Dromiskin 1673-8, B. Dunleer 1664-94, 
B. Kilsaran 1676-8, V. Sb. Catherine's, D-iblin, 1678-94, d. 3 May, 1694 .(See Leslie's 
Kilaaran p. 222 and L'JiJstrange's Parish of Gharfcstown Union, p. 89) . There is a street 
in St. Catherine's Pirish, Dublin, with tnany old Flemish houses, called " Chambers' 
Street," after him. The name was also spelled " Chambie." 

1673. John Smith, aoll. B. & V. Sen. 1 (F.F.) ; d. 1704. See Archdeacons. 
1704. William Watson, adm. Aug. 11 (F.F.), perhaps a son of Bev. W. W., of Inishmao- 
saint. WAS C. Clogher 1696, d. 1720, when his P. Will was proved. 

1720. Robert Jones, coll. Sep. 22 (S.R.) res. in 1720/1 for Clontibrefc. See Pcebs- 

1721 . James Hastings, coll. April 29, vacant " per obitum William Watson " (ate) (P.P.) 
res in 1739 for Preb. Tyholland q.v. 

1738-9. William Crelghton, coll. Mar. 23 (F.F.) ; son of John C., " arm.", b. in Ayr, 
Scotland, ed. by Mr. Dennis at Knniskillen Sch., ent. T.C.D. May 2, 1706, aged 16, 
B.A. 1709, M.A. 1721, was C. Bathdrummin, Co. Loath, to 1720, C. Dmmmally 1720-3, 
C. Aghalurcher 1724, V. Donagh 1729-39 ; ordered at a Visitation Sep. 1742, to reside 
within 6 months, and to provide a Begistry Book (Arm. D.R.), d. in 1743, when his P. 
Will was proved. 

1743. Thomas Norman, coll. Nov. 26 (F.F.) He was son of Bobert N., "arm." by 
Sarah, dau. of Very Bev. John Bolton, Dean of Ossory, b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Folds, 
enb. T.C.D. Mar. 17, 1731/2, aged 16, B.A. 1736, M.A. 1739, held also with Inniskeen 
V. Batooth (Heath) 1761-94 ; was C. Clogher 1742 ; m. Anno dau. of Bev. Peter Ward 
of Batoath (M.L. Feb. 13, 1746), and had issue Bobort, d. s.p., Sarah m. Thomas Lee 
(whence came fcha Lee-Norman family) ; Anne, Florinda m. her cousin Charles Norman ; 
JEliz., and Frances. He got a gc-ant of a gleba from the Bishop, here Aag. 24, 1767 (L.M ., 
v., 130) . He d. " on or about 14 Nov., 1^94 " (D.R.) The P. Will of Bev. Thos. N., 
oi Lagore, Cj. Meath, was proved in 1794. 

1784. Leake Hall, coll. Dec. 31 (D.R.) ; Leako Hall, b. in Co. Dublin, ed. in Dablin, 
ent. T.C.D. Aug. 6, 1765, aged 20, B.A. 1760, was C. Killeavy (Armagh), 1766 ; V. Do- 
nagh 1792-3, B. Muckno 1793-4. Was C. Bmatris 1767, C. Mucknol791 ; res. 
Inniskeen in 1796 (D.R.) He is said to hatre been deceased at the Matric.of his son, 
Bond Coates, who enfc. T.C.D., according to Begistei 1 , on June 1, 1796, bat 1796 is evi- 
dently an ervor for 1796. Bond Cortes was then aged 16, b. in Co. Meath and grad. 
B.A. 1800. 

1786. William Shaw (or Schaw), coll. Nov. 10 (D.R.) was probably W. S., son of 
William S., Merchant, who ent. T.C.D. June 16, 1747, aged 17, B.A. 1761. He d, 
20 Nov., 1806 (D.R.) Clogher Will proved 1807. 


1806. (Hon.) George Gore, coll and inst. 16 Mar. (DM.) ; 3rd son of 2nd JEarl of Arran, 
b. Feb., 1774, efct. T.C.D. Jan. 6, 1790, aged 15, B.A. 1796, M.A. 1812, was C. Denn. 
(Kilmore) 1800, res. Inniskeen 1809 for B. Castlberra 1809-21, appears 0. Glasnevin 
1809, B. Ardnageehy (Cork) 1814-17, B. Baheny (Dublin) 1821-7, Dean of Killala 
1817-44, d. Aug. 27, 1844, bur. ab Killala. He m. (1) Anne, dau. of Boberb Borrowes, 
of Sfc*adone r shed. 181 9, leaving 2 sons and 4daus., viz. (1) Thomas, Major 88thBegfc.-, 
d. unm. 1872 ; (2) Bobert, of Baveagh House, m. and had issue ; and Sophia Frances, 
Louisa and Anne, all married. He m. (2) 3 Feb., 1820, Sophia, dau. of Sir George 
Bibton, Bari>. (she d. Dec., 1821) and had issue by her Ven. John Bibfcon Gore, Arch- 
deacon of Achohry,b. 1820, d. Nov. 20, 1894,m.andhadissue. (See Peerages "Arran.") 

1809. John Blair Sterling, coll and insb. May 19 (DM.) He was, I bhink, John S., son 
of John S., "gen." b. in Derry, ed. by Mr. Murray, enb. T.C.D. Oct. 26, 1785, aged 14, 
B.A. 1790. He was m. and had a son, William, b. in Co. Monaghan, ed. ab Dundalk 
S3h.,enb. T.C.D. as S.C. Ocb. 20, 1828, aged 19, B:A. 1837, and a son, James, b.inMonag- 
han, enb. T.C.D. as S.C. Dec. 3, 1838, aged 17, B.A. 1842. He vaoabed bhis parish in 
1852. See also App. IV. 

1852. George Harrison Reade, coll. nob recorded in DM. T.C.D. B.A. 1827, ord P. 
(Cloyne) 1830, C. Slavin c.1840, B. & V. Currin 1841-52, J.P., Co. Mon., retired on 
annuiby (438 8s. 9d.) 30 Novr., 1875 ; m. 11) 1830, Frances Anne, wid. of Bev. Geo. 
Hamilton, B. of Kulermogh, and dau. of Admiral Sir Chichesber Forbescue (she d. 26 
July, 1875, Tablet in Dromiskin Church. See Leslie's Kilsaran, p. 305) and by her had 
issue, including Bev. Geo. Forbescue, B. of Magherally (Dromore), Cecil Loitus, Capt. 
7th Hussars, Frances Anne d. Feb. 13, 1859, and Eliz. Harriet m. 14 April, 1869, Beces- 
ford Massy, grandson of Hon. Geo. Massy, and had issue. He m. (2) Sarah Wilhelmina, 
dau. of Biehard Charles Pratt, of Kinsale, Co. Cork, J.P., and had issue by her, 2 sons 
(1) Annesley Harrison, b. 22 Jan., 1878, and (2) Lofbus David, b. 8 Oct., 1881 ; his wid. 
m. again 30 Apiil, 1889, Bev. Wm. Hugh Peyton Harvey, M.A., V. Chipping Spdbury, 
Gloues. Bev. G. H. Beade d. 15 Feb., 1888, ab Spencer Hill, Kingstown, in his 84th 

1876. Joseph WTCormick, coll. (by lapse) Sep. 23 (DM.), son of Bev. Joseph M., B. of 
Aghaderg (1799-1823) by .Eliz., sisber of Bishop John Jebb, b. in Co. Down, enb. T.C.D. 
Nov. 7, 1825, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Miller, B.A. 1830, M.A. 1834, C. Clonallon (Dromore) 
1831-9, V. Holyvrood 1839-55, V. Newtowjaards 1859-64, V. Ballinderry (Connor) 
1864-72, retired on annuiby 1880, d. unm, Nov. 1895. 

1880. William Hanna Bradshaw, inst. Oct. 27 (DM.) ; res. Aug. 1, 1 891, See Canons. 

1891. James Ross, insb. Deo. 15 (DM.), T.C.D. B.A. 1859, Div. Test. 1860, ord. D. 1860, 
P. 1861, C. Inishmacsaint 1860-2, P.O. Castle Archdale 1861-72, B. Aghabog, 1872-81, 
B. Drumanabb 1881-91, res. Inniskeen Jan. 1, 1903 ; m. Oob. 28, 1870, Jane eldest dan. of 
Acheson Moore, of Cauldrum, Co. Tyrone, and had issue; d. ab Fincakn, Ulverton Boad, 
Dalkey, Mar. 8, 1916, aged 84. 

1803. James Wloorhead Strickland, insb. June 6, with Killany (DM.) ; res. in 1910 for 
Tyholland. See Precentors. 

1910. John Mag ill, inst. to the Union Jaly 18 (DM.), ord. D. 1877, P. 1878, C. Ahamp- 
lish 1877-81, C. Killargue 1881-5, B. Garrison 1885-90, B. Aghabog 1890-1910 ; m. and 
had issue, including Bev. Waller, of Ballyrashane ; Bev. John JEvelyn, of Broomfield and 
Rupert, Capt. B.D.F. He retired 1921 on superannuation and d. Sep. 4, 1926, in his 
86oh year, at Ballyrashane Bectory. 

Since Dec. 29, 1921, the Beotor of Donaghmoine is Corate-in- Charge of Inniskeen 
bhe parishes having been united. 


1677. John Smith (V.B.) Sde Killany. 

1681. Andrew Montgomery (V.B.) See Killany. 

1744. 'Robert Leavens (V.B.) He was son of Bev. John L., V. of Ardee, b. at A'.'dee, 
ent. T.C.D. as Boberb Maxwell L., May 2, 1732, aged 18, ed. by Dr. Knowles, at Cavan, 
B.A. 1736, M.A. 1739, ord P. 1742, C. Moylary, Co. Louth 1748, B. Baronstown 1759-76, 
R. & V. Clonkeen 1776-1804, B. Clonfadforan (Meath) 1771-83, m. Miss Jane Ogle, in 
St. Peter's, Drogheda, Feb. 27, 1747/8, Catherine his dau. was bap. there Sep. 2, 1749, 
aud bar. Oct. 6, 1750 (Par. Beg.) He d. in 1804 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 189) 

1786. Michael En nls, Curate, Signs Part Bet. this year; son of Francis E., "gen.," 
. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Connell, enb. T.C.D. Apiil 10, 1745, aged 16, Sch. 1747, B.A. 
1749, M.A. 1752, was a Freeholder of Danleer 1768. P. Will proved 1791 . 

1827-44 .William Steel e appears (V.B. ; Bourns). See Devenish. 

5e v~Qeorge Fortescue Reade (OWham), son of Bev. Geo, H. B., the Becbor, was B- 
Magherally, 1866-82. 


1918-21. John Evelyn Robinson IVIagfll, Lie. Mar. 4, 1918 (DM.) See Broomfield 
and Drum. 


Inniakeen recte Inniscain Deagh = " the fair island of Dega," called in the Papal 
Taxation "Ecclesia de Deymdega " (recte Ynisdega), after Daigh, the Patron Saint, 
son of Cairell, Bishop of Inniskeen (Ann. Ult. and Archdall) he d. in 587, Festival day, 
Aug. 18. 

In 1622 the Rectory (i.e., rectorial fcibhes and rights) "was appropriate to Louth 
Abbey, Church ruinoas, a glebe house in the Vicar's own holding on temporal land ,- 
no glebe." (B.V.) 

The Church was rebuilt on its ancient site in 1854. 

The Parish Registers 1852-77, were destroyed in the P. E.G. 

Of the Communion Plate, a Chalice is inscribed "The gift of the Retfd. Thomas 
Norman, to the Church of Inniskeen, April 1st, 1770," arid a Paten "The gift of the 
Honble. and Revd. Geo. Gore, to the Parish Church of Inniskeen, Anno. Dom. 1807." 

See also App. TV. ' 


Up to 1872 there appears no ref. to this parish in D. R. 


1872. Samuel Marti n appears. Res. in 1876 for JBrrigletrough, q.v. 

1876. Declmus William Preston, inst. June 24 (D.R.) He was son of William P., 
Judge of Appeals, by Frances Dorothea Preston, dau. of John .Evans P., 5th Loid 
Carbery ; b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 15, 1821, aged 16, B.A. 1826, ord. D. at Cloyne 

1832, P. , C. Lurgan (Kilmore) 1830, C. Currin 1838, V. Rossinver 1851-6, V. 

Tomregan 1856-66, V. Killinkere 1866-74, C. Trory 1874-6, res. Killadeas 7 April, 
1880 ; m. Aug. 1839, Emily, eldest dau. of Lieat.-Gen. Armstrong, of Woodville, Co. 
Dublin, arid had iss ae, including Rev. William, M.A., D.D., T.C D , R Rashelf , Yorks ; 
Surgeon-Major Alexander Francis ; Rev. George Henry Moore (see Lisbellaw) Rev. 
John Evans, M. A. , no w V . of Julianstown, Co. Meath, and Algernon. He d. at Farnham 
Lodge, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin, Feb. 11, 1881, in his 76th year, bur. at Kill O'the Grange 

1880. Robert Qumley, inst. April 15 (DM.) ; son of John G., B.L., of Dublin, and 
grandson of Rev. John G., R. of Moybologue (ob. 1837), T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 
1860, ord. D. I860, P. 1861, C. Inver (Larne) 1860-2, P.C. Corrawallen 1862-8, V. 
Derrylane 1868-72, V. Drumsnatt 1872-80, d. of pneumonia Jan. 8, 1892. See also 
App. IV. 

1892. John Robert Qumley, inst. Feb. 15 (D.B.) T.C.D. Div. Test (1) 1889, ord. P. 
1889, P. 1890 tKilmore), C. Munterconnaught 1889, C. Drumshambo 1889, C. Clones 
1889-92, R. Killadeas 1892-1911, Continental Chaplain C.C.C.S. 1912-14, C. Caterham 
1916-19, living at Hambleton Vicarage, Selby, Yorks. 

1911. Richard Booth Bryan, inst. Dec. 6 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. Thomas B.,R. of Clonmore, 
Leighlin, b. at Arklow, Nov. 21, 1868 ; T.C.D. B.A. 1899, Div. Test. 1890, M.A. 1894, 
M.D., B.Ch., B.A.O. 1907, ord. D. 1890, P. 1892 (Kilmore), C. Boyle 1890-4, C. St. 
James', Dublin, 1894-1908, Missy. C.M.S. at Salt, Syria 1908-11 ; res. Killadeas; and 
served from May, 1916, with the rank of Captain a rank which he retains in the 
R. A.M.C. during the Great War, both overseas and on home service until the evacuation 
of Southern Ireland by the British Troops. Subsequently Civil Surgeon to the Troops 
at Newry ; became in Oct., 1926, Curate-in-Charge Ballysakeery, Killala ; m. Feb. 19, 
1908, Ethel Maureen, dau. of Thomas Love, of Alberta, Canada, and has issue '(1) 
Charles Rigney, aged 16 j (2) Oliver Richard, aged 14 ; (3) Pamela Rosemary Elizabeth, 
aged 10 ; (4) Beryl Hilary, aged 8, and (5) Rosalind Veronica, aged 2 years. 
The Parish has gone with Castle Archdale since. 


Killadeas was formed out of Trory, and endowed by J. Gerard Irvine by deed in 
1866; the patronage was in the Irvine family. A New Church on the lands of Tully 
and Rockfield was cons. 22 Nov., 1881, and an addition to the Churchyard the site 
of which was conveyed by John Gerard Irvine, 8 June, 1882, was cons. Oct. 10, 1882. 
There is a map showing the Ch urch and Site in the Extant D.R. The Preach ers Books 
from 1869 are in existence. See also App. IV. 



1B03. Patrick Connaly was V. of K. andjalso Canon of Ologher, and induced and 
witnessed the res. of Bp. Nehemiah Clonyn, Aug. 29 (Reg. Octav. 628). 

1530. Thomas MakaJ was. prov. to V. Killaind (sic) Aug. 26 (Ann. Hib. i., 45), also 
to V. Inniskeen and Magheross and to V. Moybologue ^Kilmore). See Carrickmacross. 

1543. Odo McMahon, <vras deprived of the V., which he had held for 2 years, in 1S4S, 
because of his non- promotion to Holy Orders. See Next. 

1545. Patrick Maglllamartln, coll. to the V. vacant by McHTs deprivation (Reg. 

1622. dohn Davlson is V., also V. of Inniskeen "M.A., a preacher, value of V. 12'.' (R.V.) 

1633. Francis Simpson, adm. V. Killany and R. of Inniskeen 10 April, -ind. 23 April, 
value 40 (R. V. 1634) ; see Kilmore. 

1635. Robert Leigh, inst. V. March 16 (P.F.) 

1637-1641. Thomas Makglll was V. and imprisoned by the rebels for 15 weeks (Dep. 
of 1641). See Boho. 

-1847. Edward Slacke was V. and then residing in Dublin (Carte Papers xxxi., 346-8) 
He signed the Remonstrance to Ormonde Aug. 1646 (ib. xviii, 26) He was the eldest 
son of ReV. James S., R. of Cleenish and Enniskillen, was R. Gleenish in 1633 ; was left 
by his father's Will his books and his blessing, was robbed by the rebels of the books, 
value 20, in 1 641 , and of other goods value 300 . We are told that the rebels trampled 
on his Bible. (See his Dep. in Dundas's EnnisMUen, p. 168). 

1661. David Wayr (or MoDeysp) was deprived of the V. (V.B.) See also Inniskeen. 
DaVid Ware seems to have petitioned to the Commonwealth Government on Sep. 4, 
1655, to be established Minister in Co. Donegal, ordered that " Col. Cooper is to inform 
himself of his life, conversation and abilities, and if satisfied, to appoint him where he 
thinks best." On the same day " David Ware is to get 5, the better to enable him to 
bear his charges in his journey to the North, where he now resides." On 10 Jan., 1668/9 
" David Weir is to preach at Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, at 80 per an. from the 
day that his weekly pension ceased." He had been settled there from 25 June, 1658 
(Gomm. Transcripts, Seymour pp., 11, 38, 86, 102, 124, 212). 

1681, John Lloyd, coll. to V. Killany & R. Inniskeen, Mar. 28 (F.ff.) Was B.A. (7.B.) 
1662. John Leslie, coll. V. also R. & V. Derrybrusk, Sep. 1 (F.ff.) See Derrybrusk. 
-1696. William Pockrldge is V. (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1702. Andrew Montgomery, coll. Aug. 22 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross; d. 1719/20 

1720. Richard Richards, coll. Mar. 24 (F.F.) He was son of Wm. R., merchant, b. 
at Belturbet, Co. Cavan, ed. by Mr. Lang, at Belturbet ; ent. T.C.D. Feb. 19, 1701/2, 
aged 16, Sch. 1704, B.A. 1706, M.A. 1709, ord. P. 25 April, 1715, at Magheralin (Armagh 
D.R.), R. Templeearne 1717-8, Preb. Tyholland 1718-20, ordered at a Trienn. Vis. 
1742, to provide a Surplice, Utensils for the Sacrament, and Registry Book (Armagh 
D.R.) He subsequently presented Communion Plate to the parish ; m. Frances Herbert, 
of Kttlin, Co. Cavan (M.L. 31 Aug., 1724) and had a son Fitzherbert, b. at Carrickma- 
cross, ent. T.C.D. July 9, 1746, aged 17, ed. by Mr. Fojds. He had also a son Robert, 
ent. T.C.D. 1743, aged 15, Sch. 1743, B.A. 1747. He d. at Carrickmacross in 1763 
(ffaulk. Dub. Jour. Feb. 8-12, 1763) and his P. Will was proved in that year. 

1783. George Wallen, coll. June 28 (D,R.) ; res. in 1766 for Preb. Devenish, q.v. 
1 767. Michael Hugh Tuthill, coll. Jan. 26 (D.R.) ; res. in 1768. See Prebs. Donacavey. 
1768. William Stopford, coll. Mar. 2 (D.R.) ; res. in 1772. Sea below. 

1772. Joseph Story, coll. Aug. 15 (D.R.) ; exchanged for Monaghan with Stopford in 


1773. William Stopford (again), coll. June 18 (D.R.) ; See Donaghmoine. 

1788. Luke George, coll June 26 (D.R.) 2nd son of Denis G., of Clophook, Queens 
County (by Sarah Young), who was younger son of Joshua G., of Clophook, by a sister 
of Dean Delany ; ed. by Mr. Ball, ent. T.C.D. July 8, 1761, Sch. 1764, B.A. 1766, M.A. 
1769, ord. D. (or P ?) Oct. 1, 1767 (S.R.) He was bro. of Sir Rupert G., Bart., and of 
Rt. Hon. Denis G., Baron of the Excheqaer. He was V. Donagh, 1778-88. He m. 
1783, Dorothea, 2nd dau. of Rev. John Maxwell, Archdeacon of Clogher, He had a son, 
Luke, ed. by Mr. Miller, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1808, aged 17,; B.A. 1812. He d., according 
to D.R., on June 2, 1806, but there is a monument to his memory in the churchyard, 
the inscription on which is printed in S.P.M.D., 1921, p. 78, and in Shirley, and this 
gives the date ot his death as June 1 , 1 807 [recto 1 806 ]. His P. Will was proved in 1 806 . 
He was C. Clogher 1773. 

1808. HarcOurt Lees, coll. Joly 14 (D.R.) He was son of John L., " Armiger," of Black- 
rock, Co. Dublin (son of Adam L., of Cannock, Ayrshire), who was Private Sec. to Mar- 
quess Townshend, Lord Lieut., and afterwards Sec. for War, and Sec. P.O.* Dublin, and 
was created a Baronet 30 June, 1804. He was b. in Dublin 29 Nov., 1776, ed. by Mr. 
Barry, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 18, 1794, aged 17, as S.C., did not graduate, but ent. T. C., 
Cambr., as S.C. Nov. 11, 1796, where he grad. M.A. ; was Preb. Tullycorbet 1801-6, 
succ. his father as 2nd Bart., in 1811, published several political pamphlets, m. Oct. 
1812, Sophia, dau. of Col. Thomas Lyster, of Grange, Co. Roscommon ; she d. 11 Aug., 
1874, having had by him 4 sons and 4 daus. viz., (1) Sir John, 3rd Bart. ; (2) George 
Cholmondley, m. and had issae ; (3) T. JE. Bridgeman, Major Indian Army ; (4) William 
Nassau, LL.D. ; and Mary, Julia, Sophia and Helen. He d. Mar. 7, 1852. His Will 
was proved in 1852. (See Baronetages and D.N.B.) 

1852. CUthbert Thomas Hackett, coll. Mar. 31 (D.R.) as Thomas Cuthbert H., ent. 
T.C.D. Nov. 3, 1823, aged 18, son of John H., deceased, b. in Galway, B.A. 1828, ord P. 
(Cloyne) 1828, C. Kilmore 1844, R. & V. Kilmore (Clogher) 1847-52 ; annuity at Dis- 
establishment 639 OB. lOd. A Tablet in Killany Church bears the inscription " 3n 
memory of the Reverend Cuthbert Thomas Hackett, 62 years a'Clergynianbf the Church 
of Ireland, an.d 38 years Incumbent of this Parish. He departed this life 12th January, 
A.D., 1890, aged 84. His ministry will be long remembered for its faithfulness 
in preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ.". His age is clearly understated by at 
least one year. 

1891. Charles Wolfe Murray, inst. 17 Mar. (D.R.) ent. T.C.D. 1883. Gloucs. Coll. 
1886, ord. D. 25 Feb., 1888, P. 31 May, 1890 (Clogher), C. Kilmore 1888-91, res. Killany 
Feb. 1, 1893, for C. Donoughmore (Glend.) 1893-9, C. Aghade (Leigh..) 1899-1902, 
Dio. C. Ferns, 1902, V. Killesk (Ferns) 1902-5, R. Bladon St. Giles, Uppingham since 

1893. William Kirk Hobart, inst. Mar. 10 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. Sch. 1852, B.A. (Reap.) 
1860, Div. Teat. (1) 1861, LL.B. and LL.D. l872,ord.D.186l (Kilm.), P. 1861 (Down) 
C. Ardagh 1861-4, C. Ballycushlane 1864-5, C. Templeshanbo 1867-76, C. Aghaderg 
1877-9, Dioo. C. Derry and Raphoe 1886 : d. 24 Aug., 1902. 

Published The Medical Language of St. Luke, Dublin, 1882, 8vo. A well- known 
and learned work. 

1903. From 1903 to 1921 Killany was held with Inniskeen, q.v. 

1921. This parish was prospectively united with Carrickmacross. 

The R. of Carrickmacross was Lic.-Curate in charge of Killany, 29 Dec., 1921. 


1670. John Smith, M.A., appears ( V.B.), was C. Inniskeen in 1677. 

1681. Andrew Montgomery (V.B.) See Vicars. 

1692. Thomas Abercromby (V.B.) See Derryvullen Curates. 

1894. James Nlsbet (V.B.) ; son of Andrew N., b. in Co. Donegal ent, T.C.D. July 1 
1681, aged 17, degrees not recorded in T.C.D., but is M.A. in V.B. 

1763. John Folds ( V.B.) and up to 1766. He was son of Rev. Wm. F., V. of Ardee, 
1 766-62, Who had been Master of Carrickmacross Gram. Sch. 171 1-45 ; was b. at Carrick- 
macross, and ed. by his father, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 7, 1738, aged 1-6, B.A. 1743, LL.D. 
1856, suco. his father as Head Master 1746-81 ; m. and had a son William, ent. Glasgow 
Univ. 1770, M.A, 1772, ord. D. 1772 (Kilmore) and ord. P. 13 July, 1777 (Ologher S.R.) 


1824. Thomas O'Flaherty (V.B.), Licensed April 31i?t ; son of Jeremiah O'Flflherty, 
farmer, b. in Co. Kerry, ent. T.C.D. as Siz., May 29, 1809, aged 19, ed. by Mr. Donovan, 
B.A. 1814 ; was d. in 1841, when his son, Thomas James, out. T.C.D. on Oct. 1, aged 18, 
b. in Co. Mon., Sch. 1846. 

1826. Robert Handoook and to 1828 (V.B.); was son of EeV. Bobt. H., D.D., of Dublin, 
b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Fea, ent. T.C.D. July 7, 1817, aged 17, B.A. 1823 M.A. 1832, 
Vic.-Chor. and Minor Can. St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1824-44 j m. (1) Eliz., 2nd dau. of 
Gerald Maeklin, Surgeon of Dublin, and m. (2) Frances Jane, dau. of B. Langley, of 
Wellington, Somerset. He d. Aug. 1844, bur. in St. Patrick's Oath., Dub. 

1828. John Lees app. April 20, here to 1868 (V.B.), son of Thos. Orde L., and nephew of 
Sir Harcourt L., Hector, b. 6 Ap., 1811, ib Dub., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 18, 1830, degree not 
recorded ; was B. & V. Barrishoole in 1858, and B. & V. Annaghdown 1867-70 ; m. (1) 
Oct. 27, 1836, his cousin, Eliza., dact. of John Cathcart Lees, she d. s.p. ; m. (2) April 14, 
1845, Lady Louisa Hastings, dau. of Hans Francis, llth Earl of Huntingdon, she d. 7 
Feb., 1868, having had Thomas Qrde, Chief Constable Northamptonshire Constabulary 
and a dau., Ellen. (See Baronetages) . He d. 30 Dec., 1883. 

1887-90. William Leslie, Lie. July 11, 1888 (D.R.) See Donaghmoine. 


KUIany=" Church of the Marsh." The following spellings are given in Gilbert's 
" Chart. St. Mary's Abb., viz. Cojllifan, Coyllifan, Cuillifan, Kulifan and Kyliane, 
St. Ultan of Ardbrapcan was the Patron, festival day, Sep. 4. The old Church was in 
Co. Louth, it was ruinous in 1622, and hadl no glebe house nor glebe (R.V.) ; an illustra- 
tion of the old Church is given in Shirley's Monaghan, p. 378 ; A New Churoh was 
built in 1727, the site having been changed by Order in Council, 19 July, 1727, in 
Agherfard townland in Co. Monaghan ; it was rebuilt In 1789 (Rep. of 1837). The 
Parish Registers from 1826 are in Parochial Custody. Also two Books of Becord of 
Tithe Composition and Vestry Books. 

Of the Communion Plate a Flagon and Paten are inscribed " The gift of Bobert 
Howard Fleming, M.D., to the Parish of Killanny, in loving memory of the Rev. Cuth- 
bert Thomas Hackett, 1890." See also App, IV. 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1795. 'Andrew Allen, Chancellor, after Archdeacon, held it from 18 July, 1795, till his 
death on 29 Sep., 1808 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 

1808. John Wright, coll. Oct. 8 (D.R.), was son of Thomas W., solr. of Monaghan, and 
bro. of Bev. Joseph W., of Killincoole, His father is recorded in Matric. Lists as being 
a "Merchant." He was b. in Monaghan, ed. by Bev. Andrew Allen, ent. T.C.D, July 3, 
1780, aged 15, Sch. 1784, B.A. 1785, M.A,. 1794, 0. Clones 1796, B. Clontibret 1803-8, 
was m. and had issue, including a son, William, b. in, Co. Monaghan, eld. by Dr. Carpen- 
dale, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1819, aged 16. He died in London, 24th Sep., 1847, aged 83 
(Gents. Mag., Dec., 1847), and his widow, Mary, died at Netting Hill, May 11, 1859, 
aged 79. 

1847. John Thomas Whltestone, coll. Nov. 11 (D.R.) ; son of James W., " Jurisperi- 
tus " [= Lawyer ], b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1823, B. & V. 
Muckno 1841-7 ; m. a dau. of Very BeV. Henry Boper , Dean of Clonmacnoise, had issue ; 
his eldest son James Boper W., d. at Clonard Bectory, Co. Meath, Dec. 12, 1 91 1 . He d. 
8 April, 1863. 

1853. Butler Brooke, coll. April 30 (S.R.), 3rd son of Henry B:, of Colebrooke, "gen." 
(created a Bart., 1822) by Harriet, dau. of Hon. John Butler, b. 1798, ed. by Dr. Bur- 
rowes, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1813, aged 15, B.A. 1817, C. Aghalurcher, 1823, B. Agha- 
bog 1837-40, B. AghaVea 1840-53, B. Killeevan April to Nov., 1853, When he res. ; 
. 1834, Letitia Jane, dau. of Edward Archdale, of Biversdale ; d. Nov. 24, 1869, at 
Ckrinda Park, Kingstown, left an endowment for Cooneen Parish, q.v. He was P.O. 
Trory 1832-7. 


1853. John Flanagan, coll. Nov. 26 (S.B.), res. in 1876 for B. Donacavey, q.v. Annuity 
at Disestablishment 580 4a. 9d. The following in his hand Writing, and initialled 
" J. F. " appears in the front page of the Parish Begister : 

"Protestants of Ireland ! Bemember 26th July, 1869. Plundered by a tyrannical 
rabble in the House of Commons, Betrayed by Lord Cairns, Bishops of England and 
others in House of Lords. Deserted by your Nursing Mother, the Queen, who had 
solemnly sworn to maintain your rights." See also App. IV. 

1878. Thomas Bradley Naylor,inst. Oct. 27 (DM.) ; b. in Belturbet 7 Oct., 1846; 
T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1871 , M.A. and B.D. 1880, D.D. 1891, ord. D., Dec. 18, 1870, 
P. Dec. 24, 1871 (Dublin), 0. Derralossary 1870-2, C. Drum !872-6 5 res. Killeevan 
Mar. 31, 1884, for Warrenpoint, which he held till 1904 ; m. 1873, Jane, dau. of Bev. 
William Bredin, B. of Lisnaskea, and had issue, including Bev. William Thompson 
Bredin N. ^see Donacavey). He d. at Warrenpoint April 25, 1909. He Was an able 
and charming preacher and contributed many Articles to religious periodicals. A long 
and appreciative Obituary Notice of him by " A Clogher Clergyman " appeared in the 
Church of Irelftnd Gazette, May, 1909. 

1884. Henry Wilson Swinburn Given, inst. May 20 (D.R.) ; res. in 1889 for Ematris. 
1889. John Dillon O'Connor, inst. Oct. 25 (D.R.) ; res. in 1900. See Lisbellaw. 
1900. Joseph Abbott, inst. Nov. 30 (D.R.) ; res; in 1906, for Muckross. 

1907. John O'Connor, inst. Jan. 11 (DM.) ; res. in 1920. See Monaghan. 
The parish was then prospectively united to Newbliss, and in 

1920. Walter William Willoughby Scott, B. of Newbliss (q.v.) was Lie. C.-in-Charge 
of Killeevan on Mar. 11 (D.R.) 


1808. William Ingram, appears (V.B.) See Templecarne Curates. 

1821. Richard Wright is Curate (Marr. Notice Book) ; probably the same as Bichard 
Henry W., 7th son of Bev. Joseph W., B. of Aghadowne (Boss) ; ed. by Mr. Sullivan, 
Who ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1809, aged 17, B.A. 1814, who Was ord. in 1816, for a Curacy in 
Cork, and who became in 1833 B. Kilcaskin (Boss), for whom see Brady's Records, 
etc., ii., 492-3. 

1839. Thomas Montgomery, resigned C. 1840; was, I think, Thomas Hassard M., 
who was C., Magheralin 1840-6, and who was son of Alexander M., " Pragmaticus," 
b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Stubbs [at Dundalk], ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1826, aged 17, B.A. 
1831 , M.A. 1834, He m. Emily, dau. of Bev. Precentor Dolling, of Magheralin. 

1841. ^William Poulter Maokesy, son of Dr. Thomas M., b. in Waterford, ed. by Dr. 
Brough, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 5, 1832, aged 16, B.A. 1838, M.A. 1841, ord, D. (Limerick) 
1841, P. (Bipon) 1844, was C. Killeevan 1841-3, held afterwards Curacies in England 
and was B. Dunkitt (Ossory) 1864-71, commuted and compounded, and became V. 
EastHaddon, Peterborough, 1871. 

1842. John Whlttaker, res. C. for Drum Currin (Ir. Ecc. Jour.) See Tempo. 

1842. Shields, appd. in 1842 (Ir.Ecc.Jour., Aug.) was C. in 1844 (Bourns)^ probably 

William S., son of Bev. Hugh S. (Headmaster, Carrickmacross Gram. Sch.), T.C.D. 
B.A. 1821, M.A. 1832. 

1854. Henry Crossle Irvine. See DerryVullan Curates. 

1870. Thomas Fuller ton read Declaration of Assent and Consent 25 Dec. (Arm. Reg. 
Papers) . Was C. in 1876, became B. Templecarne 1881 . 


Kllleevan="The Church of Laebhan." Before 1796 It formed a part of the 
old parish of Galloon, and fron 1795, when it became a separate parish, it 

continued part of the Corps of the Chancellorship, until 1804, when it was disappro- 
priated from the Corps (D.R.) There were three Churches or Chapels here the most 
ancient called "the Abbey of Killeevan," another at Drumswords is marked on a Map 
of 1793, and Shanco built in 1790 they are all now in ruins. Present Churoh was 
built 1857-8. The Parish Registers from 1811 are in Parochial Custody and Vestry 
Books from 1761 and a Ms. " Chronicle of the Parish of Killeevan " by Bev. T. B. 
Naylor, D.D. 

Amongthe Communion Plate is a Chalice, presented 1921-2 by Mr . Marshall Wright 
of Millview, in memory of his sister. 

See also Appendix IV, 




-1424. Odo O'Kyna, V. is deceased (Ann. Hib. i., 47). 

1424. Nellanus O'Kyna held the V. for 4 years and was deprived in 1428 (ib.). 

1428. Patrick O'Dublityr was prov. to it in succ. to him, Jan. 27, value 6 marks (ib. i., 
31). He was also V. Drumsnatt. 

1428. Thomas O'Carroll [O'Kareyll] prov. Oct. 14, value 4 marks (ib. i., 34). 
1526. Terence M'Cardill vac. the V. See next. 

1526. Maurice M'Crenyr, coll. to the V. by the Primate vice T. M. above (D.R. Arm.) 
1532. Patrick Maccurta. See App. IV. 


1493. Patrick O'Connolly [O'Conolayd] prov. to the R., value 6 marks and also to the 
Monastery of Clones, said Rectory to be made a Prebend for him ; he obliged himself for 
its first fruits on 23 Mar. (Ann. Hib. i., 43). 

1622. Lewis Pruderough is R. (R.V.), also V. Drumsnatt q.v. 

1635. Francis Simpson, inst. R. Mar. 19 (F.F.), ord. D. Sep. 21, 1632, P. June 4, 1633 
(R.V., 1634) was R. Inniskeen 1633, V. Killany 1633-5, V. Drumsnatt from 1638; 
signed the Remonstrance to Ormonde, Aug., 1646, and was still R. of Kilmore on 13 
Aug., 1647 (Carte Papers xviii, 126). 

1661. William Old bridge, Commonwealth Minister was deprived (V.B.) 
1661-1795. The Rectory was held with the V. Drumsnatt, q.v. 

1795. George Hay Schomberg, coll. R. Kilmore, July 23 (DM.) He was son of Sir 

Alexander S., Capt., R.N., b. in England, ed. by Mr. Ford, ent. T.C.D. Oct 2\, 1783, 
aged 17, B.A. 1788, M.A. 1796 ; m. Margery, dau. of Skeffington Hamilton (according to 
B.L.G., 1863, " Hamilton of Cornaeassa." According to the D.R. he d. 19 Jan., 1847. 
Shirley has " Ob. Feb. 19, 1857, aged 78," obviously an error for " Feb. 19, 1847," 
which is, I believe, the correct date. His wife Myrtilla, d. Feb. 1, 1839. 

1847. Cuthbert Thomas Hackett, coll. Mar. 5 (D.R.) ; res. in 1852 for Killany, q.v< 

1852. Thomas Le Ban Kennedy, coll. Mar. 31 (S.R.); res. in 1883, see Deans. An* 
nuity declared at Disestablishment 328 10s. 9d. 

1884 John Tenison Tarleton, inst; April 15 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. John R. T., Preb* 
Tyholland; T.C.D. B.A. 1855, Div. Test. (2) 1856, ord. D. 1856, P. 1857, C. Tyholland 
1856-8, and 1869-84, R. Rockcorry 1858-68 ; res. Kilmore 1 Dec., 1897, was m., d. in 
England Sep. 1910. In 1911 a new East Window was erected in the Church to his 

1898. Charles Albert Roblnson^inst. April 2 (D.R.) ; res. for work in Canada 1912 

See Canons. 

1912. Richard Harrison Robinson, V. of Drumsnatt, was Lie. Curate-in-Charge 21 
Dec., 1912 (D.R.) See Drumsnatt. 

1913. James IVI'Kew, Lie. Curate-in-Charge, Dec. 20, 1913, acted as such until inst. 
Rector Dec. 8, 1916 (D.R.) ; son of John M., of Valentia ; T.C.D. B.A. 1912, ord. D. 1913 
P. 1915 (Clogher). Resigned in 1927 for Belleek. 

Kilmore and Drumsnatt now form a Union. See Drumsnatt. 


(See also Drumsnatt). 

1704. Thomas Nesneatt (V.B.) Evidently =Thomas Nasmith, who was C. Galloon 

175 2 Walter Lindsay, Lie. Aug. 19 (V.B.) ; Also C. Drumsnatt q.v. 
1844, Quthbert Thomas Haokett was C. (Bourns) became R. in 1847 


1875-8 Richard John King, Lie. Oct. 29, 1876 (D.R.) ; ord. D. & P. 1875 (Armagh). 
Became R. Worsop, Mansfield 1896. 

1878. William Thomas Phepoe Poole, Lie. Oct. 6 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1880, M.A. 1898, 
ord. D. 1878 (Kilmore), P. 1881 (Dublin), was 0. Kilmore 1878-82 ; now R. Heidelberg, 
Cape of Hood Hope. 

1882. John Dillon O'Connor, Lie. June 1 (D.R.), see Lisbellaw. 

1887. John Moorhead Strickland, Lie. July 25 (D.R.), see Tyholland and Precentors. 

1888. Charles Wolfe Murray, Lie. Feb. 25 (D.R.), see Killany. 

1894. Claude Robert Longfield, Lie. Dec. 20 (D.R.) ; 5th son of Rev. Richard L., R. of 
Mogeely (Cloyne), b. 1871, ed. at King's Sch., Canterbury (Junr. and Senr. Sch.), Exhib. 
Emman. Coll. Camb., B.A., 2nd Cl. Tripos. 1893, ord. D. (Clogher) 20 Dec., 1894, P (do) 
18 Dec., 1895, res. C. Kilmore 1897, for C. St. Luke's, Cork, 1897-8, R. Frankfield, Cork, 
1898-9, became Chapl. Eccl. Est., India ; m. 1899, Annabella, eldest dau. of J. T. Bom- 
ford, Oakley Park, Kells, d. of Enteric Fever at Sabatha, Punjab, 26 Sep., 1903. 


Kilmore =" Great Church." Patron Saint Aedhan. In 1622 the Church was 
ruinous. No glebe. No house. (R.V.) Church re-built 1790 (Rep. of 1836). A 
Chapel of Ease was built at Stranoodan to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
Rogers, 1860, at a cost of 591 13s. 8d., cons. 1861. Private Burial Ground in Cornacasa 
Demesne cons. 25 Nov., 1903 (D.R.) The Parish Registers from 1796 are in Parochial 
Custody and include a Register of Stranoodan C.E. from 1861. 

See also App. IV. 

The following inscription is on the Chalice " Ex dono Alexr. Montgomery in 
Ecclesiam Kilmorensis in Counti Monahane. Anno. Dom. 1700. 



1602. Huencrum McCowayte (or McCobayde) pretended V. of K. is deprived and 

.1502. Rory O'Cassidy (O'Cassyde) Archd. of Clogher, was confirmed in the V. by the 
Primate (D.R. Arm.) 


1536. Hugh MacUaid. See App. IV. 

For Rectors up to 1872, see Prebs. Kilskeery. 
[During the Commonwealth period 

-1660. James Graham had been settled as Minister on the tithes here (Petn. of Rev. A. 
Hamilton. See Prebs. Kilskeery)] 

In 1871 Rev. J. G. Porter, Preb. res. this R., 4 Dec. 1871. Christopher Irvine was 
nominated to it on Feb. 2, 1872 (D.R.), but evidently declined, as he was not inst. 

1872. William Hanna Bradshaw, inst. July 5 (D.R.) See Canons. 

1881. William Edward Charlton Fleming, inst. Jan 10 (D.R.) ; he became Preb. Kil- 
skeery in 1906, thus again uniting it with the R., res. in 1923. See Prebs. 

1923. William Edwin Charlton Fleming, Curate-in-Charge, having been Lie. C. 
23 July, 1918 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. W. E. F. (above), b. May 31, 1883, T.C.D. B.A. (Resp.) 
1905, Abp. King's Div. Pri. (2) 1905, Wm. Brooke Exhib. 1905, Warren Pri. 1906, 
Div. Test. (1) 1906, M.A. 1911, ord. D. 1906, P. 1907 (Deny), C. Derry Cath. 1906-14, 
R. Learmount 1914-17, Chapl. to Forces 1917-8, C. Kilskeery 1918-23. Res. in 1927 
for Maguiresbridge. 



1700. Alexander Colhourf(.Den. and Exc.) See Templecarne. 

1713. John Humphreys and in 1715 (V.B.) He was son of Thomas H., M.D., b. in 

Limerick, ed. there by Mr. Cashin, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 13, 1699, aged 16, B.A. 1704, He 
was afterwards V. Donard (Glend.) andd. in 1756. P. Will proved 1756. His son 
Howard, b. in Dublin, 1719, B.A. 1741, was called to the Bar in 1748. 

1752. Anketell Moutray, Lie. Aug. 29 (D.R.) ; is still 0. in 1766 (Parl. Ret.) See Errigal 

1781 . Robert Thompson, Lie. Aug. 28 (D.R.), was here in 1817 (Erck.) ; son of George T., 
merchant, b. in Co. Tyrone, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 3, 1773, aged 17, B.A. 1777, m. Jane Knox, 
of St. Anne's,, Dub. (M.L. May 14, 1791). He was still C. in 1818. (V.B.) 

1823. Arthur Henry Irvine, 4th son of Gerard I., of Rockfield, Co. Ferm., D.L., by Cathe- 
rine Hassard, b. 24 July, 1796, ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1815, aged 17, ed. by Dr. Burrowes, 
B.A. 181 9 ; was 44 years curate of this parish and d. 13 April, 1867. (Tabl&t in Kilskeery 

1854. Henry Thomas Hutchinson, son of : Wm. H., "Navarehus" [Ship Captain], 
b. in Co. Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 16, 1846, aged 18 ; B.A. 1851, M.A. 1877, ord. D. 
1854 (Armagh) for this C., P. 1855 (Meath), subsequently R. Rathconnell (Meath), 
1862-81, R. Breedon's Norton, Worcester 1881-4, R. Elsworth, Ely 1884. 

1864-9. William George Devon ish. See Armagh Clergy p. 260. 

1868-70. Archibald Henry Hamilton was C., son of Sir William Rowan H., Astrono- 
mer Royal for Ireland ; T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1860, ord. D. 1860 (Cork for Dub.), 
P. 1862 (Dublin), C. Ballysax (Kild.) 1860-4, D.C. Augher 1864-8, C. Kilskeery 1868-70, 
C. Malin 1884, C. Inniskeel (Raphoe) 1886-7 ; d. at Riverside, Maguiresbridge, June 9, 
1914 (See C.l.G. June 19 and 26, 1914). 

1870-2. Eugene Henry O'Meara, Lie. Sep. 24, 1870 (Papers at Armagh). See New- 

1911. Thomas Havelock Blackburn, Lie. Aug. 17 and again as P. Dec. 17 (D.R.) 

See Clogher Curates. 

1914-18. John Evelyn Robinson Magill, Lie. Sep. 20, 1914 (D.R.) See Drum and 

1918-23. William Edwin Charlton Fleming, Lie. July 23, 1918 (D.R.) Curate-in- 
Charge from 1923. See above. 


Kilskeery =?" the Church of (St.) Scire." In 1622 the Church was " reasonably 
repayred ; a sufficient house ; Rector has one great tate in his possession " (R.V.) The 
value in 1634 was 32. The value of the living at Disestablishment was 1,205 6s. Od.- 
The Modern Church was " built during Archdeacon Hasting's incumbency at his own 
expense." (Rep. of 1836). The New Churchyard of Kilskeery was cons. 5 Oct., 
1882 (D.R.) Eglish townland was transferred to Derryvullen N. by the Diocesan 
Synod, Feb. 22, 1876. 

The 'Parish Registers from 1772 are in Parochial Custody, also Vestry Books from 
1770 and List of Recipients of Poor Money of about the same date. 

See also App. IV. 


1844. John Reade appears District Curate (Thorn). 
1846-8. Michael Burke. See App. IV. 

1848 Charles Maurice Stack, app. P.O. Dec. 28(FJ3., 1860); res. in 1871 forTydav- 

net. See Bishops. 


1871. Edmund Malone Weir, inst. Nov. 20 (D.R.) ; res. for Tydavnet 1879. 

1880 Samuel Devlnney, inst. Feb. 17 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1881, M.A., LL.D., ord. D. 
1876, P. 1876 (Kilmore), C. Templeport 1875-6, C. Clones 1876-80, res. Lack Nov. 1, 
1882, C. St. James, West Bromwich, 1883-8, C. St. Oath's, Wigan, 1888-91, 0. St. 
Martin's, Liverpool, 1891. Subsequently C. Alban's, Liverpool ; m. May, 24 1877, 
Anna, dau of Francis Finlay, of Corville House, Co. Cavan, d. a few years ago. 

1883. Peter Wilson, (D.R.) ; T.C.D. Sch. 1871, B.A. 1872, Div. Test. (2) 1873, Elrington 

Theol. PrL, Bibl. Greek Pri. and Eccl. Hist. Pri. 1874, B.D. 1884, ord. D. 1873, P. 1874, 

. C. Tullamore 1874-6, C. Ballywillan 1876-7, R. Magheracross 1877-80, R. Crossduff 

1880-3, res. Lack 30 Sep., 1895, R. Hargrave, Bury St. Edmunds, 1897-1918 ; was m. ; 

a dau. Anne Theodora d. of typhoid at Eisenach Jan. 31, 1894, aged 

1896. Morris Richard Davies, inst. Nov. 4 (D.R.) ; res. in 1901 for Aghavea, q.v. 

1901. James Water son, inst. Dec. 2 (D.R.) ; res. in 1910 for Aghabog q.v. 

1910. Samuel Robert Anderson, inst. Nov. 29 (DM.) ; res. in 1917 for Lisnaskea, q.v. 

1918. Robert Rogers, inst. Jan. 5 (D.R.) ; ord. D. 1896, P. 1896 (Honduras), held Cura- 
cies and Incumbencies in Honduras and was Chapl. to Bp. of Hond. and Canon of Hond. 
1895-1905, C. St. Mary's, Toxteth Park, 1911-14, V. Beltingham, 1914-18, C. Christ 
Church, High Harrogate, 1924, P.C. Farnley, Bradford, 1926. 

1924. Walter Brown, Lie. Curate-in-Charge Aug. 22 (D.R.) See Cooneen. 


1885. William Edward Hallam was Curate (T.C.D.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1864, M.A. 1871, 
ord. D. 1870 (Kilmore for Armagh), P. 1872 (Dublin), C. Drummully 1870, C. Clondal- 
kin 1870-1, C. Chapelizod 1871-3, Dio. C. Leighlin 1874-84, C. Clonard (Meath) 1884, 
Went to England soon after. 


Lack=" greatstone." Parish formed as a P.C. out of Drumcheeran and Maghera- 
culmoney and Dromore about 1845, the incumbents of the first two having two turns 
each at nominating the Perp. Curate and the Incumbent of Dromore one turn. There 
seems to kave been no record in the D.R. concerning the building of the Church, 
163 was expended on it before 1865 (Rep. of Eccl. Com.) An addition to the Church- 
yard was cons. 27 Sep., 1876. A Faculty to disinter the corpse of William 
Porter from the old Burial ground to the new was granted 11 June, 1886 (D.R.) The 
Church was licensed for Public Worship Jan. 10, 1 890 (D.R. ) The Chancel was restored 
in 1913 during Mr. Anderson's incumbency. 

The Parish Registers from 1835 are in Parochial Custody. 



C 1400. Jo. McCasey, Perp. Vicar of Laghty appears (D.R. Arm.) 

1427. Matthew McCasey (Maccathaysaych) alias O'kinaha, was prov. to the Perp V. 
of .Lonfort Macmaehuna alias de Lochtagi, value 6 marks, Oct. 21. (Ann. Hib i., 31) 

1428. Maurice O'Lergassa was prov. to the Perp V. of " Castri Sive de Lochdayge," 
value 6 marks, Mar. 18 (ib. i., 32) He appears in 1432 as " V. of Laghtyg, Canon of 
Clogher, and R. of Taghcallen." (D.R. Arm.) 

1454. Tyrnaous McNagany is Dean of Clones and V. of Lochta (ib.) 


This ancient parish in Co. Monaghan, which does not appear as a parish since 1600 
must not be confused with the modern Lack (see previous parish) in Co. Ferm. The 
alias Longfort McMahon or Lochtagi also appears in the Ann Ult. It means " folk of 
house," i.e., it was bound to contribute to maintain the Chiefs (McMahon's) household, 
BO it denoted the territory occupied on this condition. It was in the Barony of Monag- 
han. (See Shirtey.) 



District Curates. 

1833. Walter Young, app. July 24 (V.B., 1849); he res. in 1867 for Templecarne q.v. 

1867. Thomas Rudd he res. Lisbellaw on 10 May, 1872, and was coll. to the Incum- 
bency (on lapse) 31 Dec., 1872, but res. it for C.-in-Charge Enniskeen (to 1875) on 3rd 
May, 1873 (D.R.) He was son of Thomas E., "gen." ; b. in Wexford, ed. by Mr. 
Darley, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1842, aged 17, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1865, ord. D. 1849, P. 1850, 
P.O. Donaghmore (Arm.) 1857, C. Cleenish 1863-7, was R. Killallon (Meath) 1875- 
98 ; m. and had issue, including Rev. Canon Thomas Ernest R., of Muckno ; died at 
Castleblayney Rectory Dec. 21, 1916, in his 91st year. 


1873. George Henry Moore Preston, inst. Sep. 29 (D.R.), 4th son of Rev. Decimus 
W. P. (see Killadeas). T.C.D. B.A. 1868, ord. D. 1870, P. 1871, C. Billy (Connor) 
1870-3, C. Aghalurcher 1873, res. Lisbellaw 25 Feb., 1876 for R. Ballyloughloe (Meath) 
1876-86, C. King's Somborne, Winch. 1886, C. Harby, Melton Mowbray ; d. at Harby of 
typhoid Nov. 23, 1893 ; m. Jan. 20, 1872, Mary Eloise, dau. of Charles Chambers, of 
Sheffield, a dau. Ethel Maude d. Sep. 21, 1885, aged 11. 

1877 Robert M'Gregor, inst. Mar. 15 (D.R.) T.C.D. B.A. 1876, M.A. 1880, ord. D. 
1876 (Armagh), P. 1876 (Kilm. for Armagh), C. Slavin 1876-7, appointed Preb. Tully- 
corbet in Dec., 1903, and was to be insta. on Jan. 14, 1904, but d. on Jan. 7, before in- 
stallation, aged 67. A Tablet in Lisbellaw Church bears the inscription " Sacred to 
the beloved memory of the Rev. Canon M'Gregor, M.A., Rector of Lisbellaw for 27 
years, died January 7, 1904." 

1904. John Dillon O'Connor, inst. April 18 (D.R.) T.C.D. Jun. Soph. 1883, ord. D. 
1882 (Down), P. 1887 (Clogher), C. Kilmore 1882-7, R. Aghabog 1887-9, R. Killeevan 
1889-1900, R. Clabby 1900-4 ; m. Elsie Bennett, and had issue, 2 sons, Hatton and 
Roderick ; d. Feb. 6, 1907. 

1907. Hugh MacManaway, inst. June 1 (D.R.) ; res. in 1908 for Erriglekerrogue. See 

1908. Robert McTighe, inst. Nov. 11 (D.R.) ; son of Connel M'T., b. at Innishannon, 
ed. at Kelvin House, R.U.I. B.A. 1902, T.C.D. B.A. (Mod. Hist, and Pol. Science) 1902, 
LL.B. 1914, LL.D. 1917, P.T.E., ord. D. 1905, P. 1906 (Manchester), C. St. Matt's, 
Preston 1905-7, C. Enniskillen 1907-8, Dio. Insp. Rel. Educ., Clogher, 1919, Preb. 
Donaghmore and Representative Canon of Clogher in St. Patrick's Cath., Dublin, 1923 ; 
m. Sep. 21, 1927, Helen Gertrude, dau. of late J. H. McCann, of Lurgan, Co. Armagh. 


Ll8bellaw=Lw*ejJ atha, " the fort of the ford-mouth "; Created as a District 
Curacy out of Cleenish Parish in 1838. The Church was built in 1764 at a Chapel 
of Ease to Cleenish by Lord Rosse, who is interred underneath (Lewis). 344 13s. lid; 
was spent on repairs or re-building between 1834 and 1865. The Rector of Cleenish 
nominated to the Curacy up to 1870. Rev. Canon R. I. Ford, B.D., of Castlerea, 
writes " There is a little outlying Church in the parish of Lisbellaw called Coolbuck 
Mountain Church. It was built by my father, on his own land, for a school, later 
handed over to Rev. J. G. Porter and by him I presume to the Eccl. Commrs. 
I always heard that the 90 per annum endowment to Lisbellaw was left by him on 
condition that a Service would be aonducted there once a week." 

The Parish Registers 1829-77 were destroyed in the P.R.O. 

See also App. IV. 


Perpetual Curates, &c. 

1830-47. Alexander Hurst, Jun., was D.C. (V.B.) See Muckno. 

1847. John Flanagan, app. 18 May, 1847 (V.B.) He, as "Curate of Lisnaskea," 
published a pamphlet (in reply to an assertionof the Archbishop of Dublin in 1846, that 
" the Authorised Version of the Scriptures is not the Bible ") entitled The Bible The 
Irish National Board, of Education and the Archbishop of Dublin &c., Dub., Oldham, 
I860, See Donaoavey. 


1864 William Rlchey Bailey, Lie. B.C. Jan. 15 (DM.) ; res. in 1864 for Monaghan. 
See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

186B. Qeorge Sidney Smith, Jun., Lie. P.O. Feb. (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1863, son 

of Rev. Geo. S., Sen., see Aghalurcher ; the parish was vacant in 1867. 

1867. Nathaniel William Carre is P.O. (I.G.D.) 1 son of Rev. Henry Carre, Preb. of 
Inver (Raphoe) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1862, Div. Test. (1) 1864, ord. D. 1861 (Derry), P. 1863 
(Dublin), C. Inver 1861-3, C. Zion Ch., Rathgar 1863-7 ; res. Lisnaskea Aug. 1, 1873, 
for Chapl. St. Augustine's, Dublin, 1873-1910; was Cler. Sec. Jew's Soc., Ireland 1869-73 
retired 1910 ; m. and had issue ; his wife Martha Phoebe, d. at Port Dinorwic, Wales, 
July 19, 1920 ; a son was drowned bathing off Howth, 1903 ; his eldest dau. Constance 
d. Jan. 4, 192?. 

1873. William Cripps Ledger, inst. Jan. 12 (DM.) See Prebs Donacavey. 

1905. Richard Caleb Lapham, inst. April 29 (D.R.) ; res. in 1917 for Templecarne^ 
See Cleenish. 

1917. Samuel Robert Anderson, inst. Sep. 16 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1894, Div. Test. 
1895, M.A. 1908, ord. D. 1895, P. 1896 (Dublin for Lim.), C. Kenmare 1895-8, C. St. 
Philip, Sheffield, 1898-9, C. Lyonsdown 1899-1900, C. St. Matt's, Belfast, 1900-2, 
Chapl. R.N. H.M.S. Collingwood, Bonaventura Dido and Tajhot 1900-7 ; retired Chapl. 
R.N. 1907, R. Crossduff 1907-10, R. Lack 1910-17. 


1869. Thomas Bushe Wills, son of Rev. James Wills, D.D. (V. of Attanagh and 
Author of Lives of Illustrious and Distinguished Irishmen) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1852, Div. Test. 
1854, ord. D. 1855, P. 21 Sep. 1856 (Oss.) 

1870-3. William Oripps Ledger, see Incumbents. 

1874. Robert Stuart O'Loughlin, Lie. Feb. 2, 1875 (D.R.) See Monaghan. 
1878-80. Charles James Ward, Lie. Mar. 26, 1878 (D.R.) See Maguiresbridge. 
1881-2. Frederick Bevan, See Monaghan Curates. 

1884-6. William Whigham. See Armagh Clergy p. 162. 

1895-8. John O'Connor, Lie. Deo. 20, 1895 (DM.) and again as P. 20 Dec. 1896. See 
Monaghan. Is now Precentor. 

1898. James Francis Nicholson, ed. at Univ. Coll., Durham, 1894, ord. D. 1898 
(Clogher), P. 1900 (Down for Clogher), C. Lisnaskea 1898-1901, C. Castletownarra 
1902-5, Succ. Killaloe Cath, R. Castletownarra 1905-17, Chapl. to Duke of Iieinster, at 
Kilkea, 1917. 

1903. John George Perdue, Lie. Mar. 25 (D.R.) See Trory. 

1904-5. Richard Caleb Lapham, Lie, May 13, 1904 (DM.) see Rectors. 


Lisnaskea^" the fort of the hawthorn tree or bush," so called from the celebrated 
tree called Sceath-gabhra, under which the Chief of the Maguires used to be inaugurated. 
A Chapel of Ease was built here about 1814, at the cost of 319 4s. 7d. (Rep. of 1826). 

In 1829 500 was expended on the erection of a Glebe House. The Parish remained 
a District Curacy in Aghalurcher until 3 Dec., 1863, when it was created a Perpetual 
Curacy (D.R.) The Church was rebuilt c, 1852-65 by the Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners at a cost of 2,699 (Rep. of 1865). A Tablet in Lisnaskea Church states 
that Rev. John Flanagan procured its rebuilding. A New Parochial Hall was 
built in 1912 at a total cost of 1,100 of which Miss Selina Stewart contributed 750 
and her sister, Emily, 100. The Parish Registers from 1804 are in Parochial 
Custody. Vestry Books date from 1870. 

Of the Communion Plate the Chalice bears the inscription " Hunc Calicem in 
Usum Ecclesiae de Ahalurcher descit Adam's-Mxon, A.D. 1690. Sed aetrite 
" peresum rettutit in melices Gulielmus Ogle, A.D. 1790, Iterum pactum 
" integrari curavit Revd. Guglielmus Cripps Ledger, A.M., A.D. 1890." And a Paten 
" The gift of Mrs. Ogle to the Church of Lisnaskea, 1692." (from which it appears there 
was an older Church than that of 1814), and a Credence Paten " Lisnaskea Church 
1905," and a Flagon " Lisnaskea Church, 1837." 

See also App. IV. 




1443. Cornelius O'Sheehy (O'Sighigi) was prov. by the Pope to the Perp. V. of the 
Pariah Church of St. Malua de Cluayn, Sep. 5 (Ann. Hib, i., 37) 

1449 Malachle O'Breyn is Perp. V. Cloyn, Clogher Dio., 29 April (Reg. Mey. 125). 

1455. John O'Sheehy (Ohsiygi, or O'Sythway) vacated the V. by death (G.P.L. xi., 
311 and D.R. Arm. under 1458). 

1455. Charles O'Bryney had held the V. for 2 years on 5 Feb., 1456/7 without valid 
authority (C.P.L. xi., 311). 

1456/7. Nicholas O'Sheehy (Ohsighi), elk. of Clogher dio., being illegitimate, the son of 
a Clk. and an unm. woman, and being dispensed, was prov. to V. St. Mulua de Cluan, 
value not exceeding 5 marks, vacant by the death of John Ohisigi, although Charles 
O'Bryney, Clk., has detained it for nearly 2 years (ib.), but in 

1458. William WTAneany (McAnaychgranaich) was coll. to the Perp. V. of S. Lugidius 

de Clunan by the Primate hi succession to John O'S., dec. (D.R. Arm.) 

1516. Malachlas Yarlnne, V. is promoted. See next. 

1516. Donatus O'Cualan was coll. by the Primate vice M. Y. (D.R. Arm.) 

1550. Patrick IVTMahon, "of Maghercloone, Clk.," is pard. by the Crown, April 30 
(Morrin i., 202) and was probably Vicar. 

1622. William Moore is V. ; value of V. 12 ; " Vicar non-resident, but keepeth an 
Irish Vicar at 7." (R.V.) W. Moore was probably a connection of the Moores of 
Mellifont (Earl of Drogheda's family), who were impropriators of the Rectory (i.e., 
owned the Rectorial tithes, which usually were double the value of the Vicar's). A. W. 
Moore, probably the same, was C. Creggan in 1622, and V. Clanaule (Armagh) and Dean 
of Dromore, 1628. (See Armagh Clergy, pp. 206, 296). 

1627. Richard Powell, V. res. about Jan., 1627/8 (R.V., 1634). 

1628. Robert Boyle, inst. V. Jan 5 (ib.) Also held V. Carrickmaoross, q.v. 

1664. Nicholas Montgomery, coll. Nov. 5 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross. 

1687. Andrew Montgomery, Jun., adm. Nov. 19 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross. 

1719. Thomas Warren, coll. Mar. 19 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross. 

1741. Hamlet Obins, coll. April 16 (F.F.) See Carrickmacross. 

1760. Henry Cole, coll. June 6 (F.F.) He was 5th son of John Cole, " gen.", of Florence 
Court, Co. Ferm,, M.P. for Enniskillen, High Sheriff Co. Ferm., 1723 ; by Florence, only 
dau. of Sir Bourchier Wray, Bart., M.P., was b. at Drogheda, June, 1716, ed. by Dr. 
Clarke ; ent. T.C.D. Mar. 29, 1733/4 (sic), aged 18, B.A. 1737 ; held also R. Killeshil 
(Armagh) 1761-71, res. Magheraeloone in 1764 ; R. Derryloran 1764-71 ; m. a dau. of 
Sir Henry Brooke, Bart her Will, dated 3 June, 1768, was proved 31 Jan., 1773 ; he 
had issue, including a 2nd son, Henry St. George, of Lucan, who m. and had issue (see 
Peerages, " Enniskillen "). He d. in 1771 in which year his P. Will was proved. 

1764. Anketell Moutray, coll. Dec. 7 (D.R.), res. about 1767. See Errigle Trough. 

1767. Robert Cum Ing " held the V. 28 years and res. it for Muckno on 13 Jan., 1795." 
(D.R.) See Muckno. He got a grant of 20 acres for a glebe here June 16, 1770 (L.M. v. 

1795. James Molloy, coll R. & V. (sic) Jan. 13 (D.R.) ; ent. T.C.D. Feb. 1, 1766, B.A. 
1770, C. Donaghmoine 1772, had a son Rev. Francis Lucas, b. in Co. Monaghan, ed. by 
Mr. Pinching [at Carrickmacross], ent. T.C.D. Aug. 3, 1797, aged 18, B.A. 1802, who was 
C. Clonmany and afterwards R. Lettermacaward (Raphoe). Rev. J. M. was, I think, 
a bro. of Tobias M., of Hughstown, Co. Roscommon (who ent. T.C.D. same day as him- 
self, and grad. B.A. also in 1770), B.L. 1775, of the ancient family of O'Mulloys, Stand- 
ard Bearers to the King of England in Ireland. He d. 4 June, 1805 (D.R.) His Will 
was proved in Clogher Consistorial Court, 1810. 

1805. St. Gorge James Caulfield, coll. July 26 (D.R.) ; son of " Clericus," b. in Dub- 
lin, ed. by Dr. Stokes, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 4, 1779, aged 16, B.A. 1783 ; was C. Rossorry 
1799 ; res. this Ri April, 1817, for P.O. Ardkeen (Down) 1817-22. (D.R.) 


1817. Patrick Gumming, coll. May 7 (DM.) ; also called Patrick Mathias Gumming. 
He was son of Patrick C., farmer, b. in Co. Clare, ed. by Mr. O'Brien, ent. T.C.D. Jan. 6, 
1807, aged 19, Sch. 1810, B.A. 1811, M.A. 1819. He was co-deft, in a Chancery Suit v. 
Joseph Pasley, plff., 10 June, 1833. Parish was sequestered on 3 Nov., 1835, for 600 
due by him ; sequestration was removed, as debt was paid on 14 Dec., 1837 (D.R.) 
He m. Harriet Slator (M.L., 1814), and had issue, including an eldest son, Lieut. James 
S., 9th Regt., who was killed at the Kyber Pass, 5 April, 1842, aged 23 ; William, b. in 
Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Hewson, who ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1838, aged 17, and Robert, b. in 
Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Hewson, who ent. T.C.D. same day, aged 15. He res. this parish 
in 1842 (D.R.) See also App. IV. 

1842. Qeorge Hickson, coll. Nov. 12 (D.R.) ; son of Robert H., of Dingle, Co. Kerry, 
J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Kerry, 1794 ; b. in Co. Kerry, ed. by Rev. Robert Craig, ent. 
T.C.D. Feb. 7, 1814, aged 17, B.A. 1819, M.A. 1832, ord. D. 1 Aug., 1824 (Cloyne), P. 
17 Dec., 1828 ; m. Miss Hewson, had issue. His only son, Robert R. P., C.E., m. in 
1866 at Dundalk, Sopju'a, 4th dau. of Rev. Hamilton Haire. His eld. dau., Sophia 
Murray, d. at Armagh, Dec. 4, 1922 (D.P.) ; a dau. Georgina m. Benj. Samuel Adams, 
J.P., of Shinan House, Co. Cavan. He res. this parish on 2 Jan., 1872 (Annuity 340 
9s. 8d.) and d. at Kingstown May 23, 1876, aged 79 (I.E.G.) 

1872. Thomas Anketell, coll. (on lapse) June 11 (D.R.) ; son of Thomas A., "gen.", 
b. in Co. Mon., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 14, 1842, aged 18, B.A. 1848 ; was R. Errigal Shanoo 
1852-72 ; m. Sarah Anne Sinnamon (M.L., Dub., 1854), d. at the Rectory, Maghera- 
cloone, April 9, 1874, aged 69 (I.E.G.) His wid. " Wilhelmina (sic) Anketell nee Sinna- 
mon " was bur. at Errigal, 1879, aged 71 (Par. Beg.) 

1874. Thomas Joseph Hill Tardy, inst. May 15 (D.B.) ; son of Rev. Elias T., Preb. of 
Tullycorbet, q.v., b. 29 Nov., 1849, T.C.D. B.A. 1869, Div. Test. 1870, M.A. 1889, ord. 
D. 1872, P. 1873, C. Crossduff 1872-3, R. Crossduff 1873-4, held with Magheracloone 
from 1881-5, St. Patrick's, Ardragh as Curate-in-Charge ; d. suddenly, Nov. 10, 1901, 
aged 53. 

1902. Charles Maurice Stack, inst. Feb. 14 (D.R.), Lie. also to St. Patrick's, Ardragh, 
wheh he holds as C.-in-Charge. See Prebs. Kilskeery. 


1674. John Smith (V.B.) See Inishmacsaint. 

1680-87. Andrew Montgomery (V.B.) See Vicars. 

1751. John Bolton (V.B.) See Carrickmaeross Curates. 

1754. Edward Weekes appears and in 1758 (V.B.) See Carrikmaross. 

1754. Thomas Cooper, Lie. June 21 (D.R.) See Derrybrusk. 

1760. Alexander M'Donnell, Lie. Mar. 28 (D.R.) 

C1825. William Hewson, Lie. (Erck.) ;. d. Aug. 1, 1839, aged 60. (Tombstone fta Mag- 
heracloone). He was son of John H., Attorney, b. in Kerry, ed. by Rev* Wm. 
White, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 24, 1799, aged 16. [? B.A. 1804]. 

1866-73. Qeorge Seymour Clarke, T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1856, ord. D. 1857, P. 
1858 (Cashel) C. Keady 1860-4, held Curacy in England 1874-9, C. Killegar (Kilmore) 


Magheracloone (sometimes spelled Magheraclooney)=" the plain of the meadow.' 
It appears in the Papal Taxation of 1306 as " Ecclesia de duayn." The Rectory 
before the Reformation was appropriate to the Priory of St. John the Baptist, Ardee, 
Primate Dowdall was granted it by Queen Mary, Mar. 12, 1553 (Morrin i., 315). The 
Moore family held it subsequently. In 1622 " Church repayred without, no house 
because no gleab " (R.V.) It was re-built on its ancient site in 1824. Over 343 
was spent on its repair 1834-64. A Faculty to alter the Church was granted 7 Feb.. 

1890, and the Church as enlarged was consecrated in June, 1891 (D.R.) The 

Parish Registers since 1806 are in Parochial Custody. 
See also App. IV. 




1402. Terence Maogillacossgll was prov. to the V. of Machaire-Na-Croisse and also to 
V. Derryvullen (q.v.), on May 1 (Ann. Hib. i., 42.) 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1622. Matthew Young is R. also Freb. Kilskeery, q.v. 

1627. Robert Durham, coll. July 19 (F.F.) 

Magheracross was united to Kilskeery on 30 Jan., 1629 (R.V., 1634). 

1629-1766. For Rectors see Prebs. Kilskeery. 

Magheracross was disunited from Kilskeery on 28 May, 1766 (L.M. v. 176). 

1766. Thomas Hastings seems to have held Magheracross from April 6 for about a 
month when he res. See Prebs. Kilskeery.' 

176(6). Edmund Hamilton, "coll R. & V." vacant "per cessionem Thomas Hastings '* 
(D.B.) The date was not in the D.R., but E. H. appears as R. & V. in the V.B. 1767. 
See Donagh. 

177(2). John Whyte (or White), coll. " per resig. E. H. " (D.B. which did not give date, 
but J. W. appears R. & V. in V.B. 1772). He was C. Enniskillen 1741-58, R. Boho, 
1764-8, d. near Ballinamallard early in 1785 (Dub. Evg. Post, 18 Jan., 1785,) aged 84, 
bur. in Enniskillen, disinterred and re-buried in Ballinamallard. (See Dundas's JSnnis- 
kitten, p. 79). His (Clogher) Will was proved in 1785. 

1785. James Johnston, coll. June 22 (D.R.) ; res. in 1794 for Preb. Donacavey q.v. 

1794. John Irwin, coll. either 27 July (DM.) or 27 Aug. (S.R.) ; son of Robert I., " Armi- 
ger," ed. by Mr. Sloane, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 2, 1774, aged 15, B.A. 1779, V. Clontibret 
1791-4. He had a son James Simpson I., b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Dr. Burrowes, ent. 
T.C.D. Jan. 6, 1817, aged 17, B.A. 1821, C. Derryvullen 01840. He d. on Feb 16, 1838, 

aged 84. (Belfast News Letter). 

1838 Thomas James Ovenden, coll. Feb. 27 (D.R.) He was son of Charles O., Surgeon, 
b. in Co. Sligo, ed. by Mr. Armstrong, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1818, aged 15, B.A. 1823, 
M.A. 1832, C. Devenish 1829 ; d. unm. suddenly from heart disease 1846. 

1846. Henry Anthony Burke, coll. Sep. 17 (D.R.) ; res. in 1862 for Tydavnet, q.v. 

1882 William Smyth Burnside, coll. Dec. 31 (D.R.) ; res. in 1869 for Aghalurcher. 
See Chancellors. 

1869. Samuel Leslie Breakey was R. & V. ; he res. in 1876 for Trory. See Chancellors. 
Disestablishment Annuity 431 2s. 9d. 

1877. Peter Wilson, inst. Feb. 16 (D.R.) ; res. in 1880 for Crossdufi. See Lack. 

1881. Matthew Graham Whyte, coll. (on lapse) April 22 (D.R.) ; M.A. , ord. D. 

1870, C. Drumcheeran 1870-8, d. in 1884, or early in 1885. 

1885 Robert Blair, inst. Aug. 25 (D.R.) Q.U.B., B.A. 1877, T.C.D. Div. Test. 1884, 
ord. D. 1880 (Armagh), P. 1884 (Down for Armagh), C. Clogher 1880-5 ; m. Sep. 1, 
1885, Elizabeth Sophia Rebecca, only dau. of Ven. J. Ribton Gore, Archd. of Achonry 
(she d. April 6, 1921) and has issue (1) Ribton Gore, B.A., T.C.D., 1914 ; M.B., B. Ch., 
Q.U.B., 1916, served in the Great War and won the Mil. Cross, who m. Sep. 6, 1923, 
Nicolina Margaret, dau. of W. R. Henderson, of Chisholme, Roxburghshire ; (2) Robert 
Cecil, served in the Great War, mentioned in Despatches, invalided, retaining the rank 
of Captain ; and 2 daus., viz., Frances Esther, R.U.I. B.A. 1909, M.A. 1910 (1st Cl. 
Honours and Exhibition) m. June, 1911, H. L. M'Cready, M.A., nephew of Sir Wm. Q. 
Ewart ; and Elizabeth (Elsie) Gore m. Sep. 1912, George Chester Duggan, B.A. Ex. 
Sch., T.C.D., O.B.E., Chev. de 1'Ordre Leopold II. and French Legion of Honour. 



1863-6. Christopher Burkltt Harley was curate ; son of Rev. John H., Preb. Taghmoa ; 
T.C.D. B,A. 1861, M.A. 1878, ord. D. 1861 (Kilmore), P. 1862 (Derry, both for Armagh), 
C. Muckno 1862-3, res. this C. in 1865 and was C. Fethard (Cashel) 1865-8, C. Thurlea 
1869-72, R. Thurles 1872-8, R. Holy Trin., Cork, 1878-1902, Preb. Kilbrogan, Cork, 
1880, m. 8 July, 1862, Rosa, 2nd dau. of Hugh Rosborough Swanzy, and had issue . 
(1) Hugh; (2) Christopher; (3) Henry Robert, M.D. ; (4) Rev. Christopher Burkitt 
(Junior) ; (5) John ; (6) Thomas ; (7) William ; (8) George, and 6 daus.; d. 18 Aug., 1902. 
(See Swanzy's Hist, of French and Nixon, pp. 113-4 and Cole's Records of Cork, p. 65). 


Magheracros8=" the plain of the Cross "; was a Chapelry in Derryvullen in 1492 
and before 1609 (Ann. Hib. i.,42 and Inq. Ult. 1609). In 1622 " the Church standeth 
but not repayred within " (JR. V. ) The value of the R. & V. in 1634 was 30 (R. V. ) See 
also Reeves in &>c. in Belmore's 'Two Ulster Manors, p. 351. The Church at Ballinamal- 
lard was built circa 1785, 1,147 11s. 4d. was spent on rebuilding the Church before 
1864. New Burial Ground was consecrated for the Parish 5th June, 1926. 

The Pariah Registers since 1800 are in Parochial Custody (1840-6 missing, supposed 
to have been contained in a notebook of Rev. T. I. Ovenden's which was in possession 
of the Parish Clerk and lost. ) 

Of the Communion Plate a Chalice is inscribed " The Communion of the Blood of 
Christ. Presented to the Parish of Magheracross in the year of our Lord 1878, by 
Elizabeth Whittaker, in loving memory of her brother the Rev. John Whittaker, A.B., 
who was a native of this Parish and Incumbent of Tempo for 33 years." A Paten is 
inscribed " Magheracross Church, 1838," and a Flagon " Magheracross Church, 1878." 
Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry has printed eleven inscriptions on tombstones in the old 
Churchyard of Magheracross in the Jour. S.P..M.D., 1918, pp. 199-201. 



1465. Conchebar Mao Qilla Chlama, the Vicar of Culmaine, namely the son of 
Nicholas, son of Murchadh (that is, the Great Master) Mac Gilla Chalma d. April 11 
(Ann. Ult. iii., 187). 

1499. Loohlalnn Mac Qilla Chalma, the Vicar of Culmaine, a humane virtuous, clerical 
man, d. this year (flj., 441). His Church was burned in 1484 (ib., 287, 289). 


1439. John Maguire, " the Crooked," son of Master John Mag Uidhir, namely the 
grandson of the great Archdeacon Mag Uidhir, parson of Culmaine, d. on 6th (or 9th) 
Jan. (Ann. Ult. iii., 145). 

1483. Laurence O'Flanagan, R. of the Church " de Culmena," appears (Ann. Hib. i., 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1836. Hugh Mac Uald, /Parson of Culmaine and its Vicar, and Vicar and Parson and 
Herenagh of Cellsgire (Kilskeery), d. on Saturday,April 22, and his great hospitality 
gave rise to the quartet- 

The Parson of Cellsgire. 
Head of tribe or of hospitality, 
Spacious is the floor of his house, 
Head Preceptor of all the clergy. 

(Ann. Ult. iii., 613). 

1619. Robert Flaok [the name appears as " Slack " in some of the old Records, in conse- 
quence of the letters S (written in old Script) and F. being mistaken for each other] 
pres. by the Crown to the R. & V. Sep. 22 (L.M. v., 104), adm. 23 Sep. (F.F. and R.V., 
1634), ord. D. by the Bp. of Durham 22 Sep., 1616, P. (do), 16 Mar., 1616/7 (R.V. 1634). 
In 1622 he ia described as "a man not altogether qualified" (R.V.) ; got a grant of a 


Glebe here Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin Hi., 693). He and his sons, Rev. Thos. F. (see 
Curates) and Philip, were murdered by the rebels in 1641 as appears from the Deposition 
of his son Robert (See Miss Hickaon's Depositions for 1641, i., 222): " Robert Flack, 
of Mullaghcreuse deposed that he was son and heir of Robert Flack, of the same parish, 
Clk., deceased, and brother and heir of Thomas Flack, Clk. of the same, deed, and of 
Philip Flack, deed, and says they were robbed on 23 Oct., 1641, and murdered." 

1658. Andrew Carleton was Commonwealth Minister here from 29 Sep., 1658,at100 j 
also was Minister at Kilmore^ Co. Mon., afterwards settled in Co. Derry, on tithes (Sey- 
mour's Com. Transcripts pp. 110, 212). 

1661. James Auchinleck, inst. Mar. 27, pres. by John Flacke, of Mullaghmore, Patron 
(V.B.) ; res. in 1663. See Cleenish. 

1663. Andrew Hamilton, coll. and inst. June 23 (V.B.) ; res. 4 April, 1666, for Preb. 

Kilskeery, q.v. 

1666. James Hamilton, inst. April 4, pres. by Andrew Hamilton, the Patron (F.F.) 
He had been Preb. Kilskeery and exchanged with A. H. ; d. circa 1689. See Prebs. 

c1690. Thomas Sample appears in V.B., 1692 ; but probably held it from Hamilton's 
death. A Thomas S. was C. Derry 1686 and R. Balteagh 1690-1702 and R. Aghanloo 
1702-23, arid was probably the same as this T. S., who res. the parish in 1692 or 1693 
He had a son Rev. Gervaise, R. Drumachose 1717-27 ob. 

1693. William Hamilton appears (V.B.), T.C.D. B.A. 1691, M.A. 1696, LL.B. 1700, 
became Archd. of Armagh in Dec., 1700. (See Leslie's Armagh Clergy p. 64 and D.N.B.) 

1701 . Michael Hewetson, coll. May 6 (F.F.) Evidently an exchange with Hamilton, 
who succeeded him as Arch, of Armagh, which M. H. held 1693-1700. See much about 
him in Leslie's Armagh, p. 53. He d. unm. at Ballyshannon in 1724 or 1725 (D.R.) 

1725. John Dennis, coll. April 16 (D.R.), d. in 1745. See Cleenish. 

1745/6. Fielding Wallis, coll. Mar. 15 (D.R.) T.C.D. Sch. 1706, B.A. 1708, ord. P. 
Sunday, 15th June, 1712 (Grant Book), C. Monaghan and Tydavnet 1716, R. Temple- 
carne 1718-46, d in Jan or Feb., 1767 (Faullc. Dub. Jour., Jan. 31-Feb. 3). P. Will 
proved 1767. 

1767. Howard St. George, coll. Mar. 1 (D.R.) He res. for Drumcheeran when it was 
formed out of Magherculmoney in 1793. See Tydavnet. 

1793. William Elliott, coll. April 12 (D.R.), held also V. Trim 1780-1818, perhaps he 
was W. E., son of Nathaniel E., of Oxford City, " Pleb.", who matric. at Hertford Coll., 
Oxford, 14 Oct., 1776, aged 16. Balliol Coll. B.A. 1780. He d. in 1818. 

1818. William Atthill, coll. April 24 (D.R. ),held also the Preb. Donacavey, q.v., d. in 

1847 (Lord) Adam Loftus, coll. Mar. 27 (D.R.) He was 3rd son of John, 2nd Marquess 
,of Ely, and nephew of Lord Robert Tottenham Loftus, Bishop of Clogher ; b. 13 May, 
1816, was R. Ballybay 1846-7, m. 11 June, 1846, Margaret, 4th dau. of Robert Fannin, 
of Dublin, and had issue (1) John Henry, b. 6 Mar., 1861, who succeeded as 6th Mar- 
quess of Ely ; (2) George Herbert, b. 19 April, 1854 ; (3) Marianne, m. Robert O'Brien 
Studdert, of Cullane, Co. Clare, J.P. He d. on 26 Dec., 1866. (See Peerages " Ely.") 
See also App. IV. 

1867. Andrew Williamson appears (I.C.D.), coll. not recorded in D.R. ; son of JohnW., 
Architect, b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. M'Caul, ent. T.C.D. July 1, 1833, aged 17, B.A. 1838, 
Div. Pri. 1839, ord D. 1840, P. 1842, after serving in England became C. St. Peter's, 
Drogheda, 1848, C. Donagh 185-, V. Donagh 1857-63, R. Templecarne 1863-8, res. this 
parish in 1888. Annuity 767 19s. Od. He m. and had issue. His eldest dau., Frances 
Eliz. m. May 20, 1872, Robert Humphrys, Surgeon, R.N. He d. 8 June, 1899, aged 82. 
David O'Leary, inst. Dec. 17 (D.R.) d. Feb. 25, 1908, See Canons of Clogher. 

1908 Thomas Dagg, inst. April 21 (D.R.), res. in 1910 for Fivemiletown. See Prebs. 

1910 William Bagot Stack, inst. Oct. 25 (D.R.), res. in 1914 for Aghadrumsee, q.v. 
18 14. Charles Albert Robinson, lost. May 16 (D.R.) See Canons of Clogher. 



1641. Thomas Flack, see Rectors under Robert Flack above. 

1670. Robert Patten, C. is absent at a Visitation (V.B.) 

1671. Archibald Johnston (V.B.) See Boho Curates. 

167-. Thomas Forbes (S.R.) a T. F. d. V. of Dunboyno in 1727. 

1691. William Hamilton (V.B.) See Rectors. 

1702 George Smith (V.B.) was M.A., does not appear in T.C.D. Lists. * 

1714. Alexander Smith (Den. and Exc.) 

1715. James Richardson (V.B.) See Clogher Curates, 

1720. William Young, (Den. and Exc.). is still 0. 1757 (V.B.) ; was C. Tullycorbet in 
1710. So he was at least 47 years a curate. 

1757. Thomas Wallis (V.B.) and is still C. 1767 ; probably Thomas W., son of Adam 
W., " gen.", b. in Co. Wexford, ed. by Dr. Dennis at Enniskillen, ent. T.C.D. Mar. 30, 
1705/6, aged 16, B.A. 1710, M.A. (not recorded, but in V.B.) had a son Thomas, b. in 
Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Higginbotham, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1777, aged 18. 

1772-77. Walter Stuart, B.A. (V.B.) 

1777-97. Arthur Forster (V.B.) ; probably A. F., ed. by Mr. Noble, who ent. T.C.D. 
July 9, 1767, B.A. 1773, ord. D. (Kilmore) 1774. 

1785. Arthur Johnston (V.B.) 

1799-1810. Richard Montgomery (V.B.) ; was C. Rossorry 1795-8 ; T.C.D. Siz. June 9, 
1789, B.A. 1793. 

1817. George Harris (ErcJc.) 

1842. Howard Boyle St. George, Lie. Jan. (D.R.), was son of Rev. Richard St. G.,b. 
at Co. Longford, ed. at Enniskillen Sch., ent. T.C.D. July 19, 1829, aged 17 ; became 
D.C. St. John's, Hillsborough, 1845, m. June, 1842, Jemima Grace, yst. dau. of Rev. 
Wm. Atthill, his Rector here. 

1907-8. William Bagot Stack. See Rectors. 

1923. John Reginald Annesley Gell, Lie. Dec. 23 (D.R.) ord. D. 1923 (Clogher), P. 
1924 (Down for Clogher), C. St. John's, Upr. Holloway 1926. 

1920. Albert Scott, Lie. Oct. 3 (D.R.) 
For other Curates see App. IV. 


Magheraculmoney=" the plain of the back of the shrubbery," according to Joyce, 
but Ann. Hib. i., 40 Note gives the meaning as " the plain of the peaty angle." 

In 1609 there was " A Parson and Vicar collative," and the tithes were paid in kind, 
one-fourth to R., one-fourth to V. and two-fourths to the Bp. There was a Chapel 
of Ease called Balllsconnell ; the V. owned one acre of glebe land (Vlt. Inq.) Inl622 
" the Church lately roofed, but not glazed ; no house, 4 tates (of land) in Rector's 
possession the 6th destined for Mr. Hassett" (=Francis Blennorhassett, the Patron) 
(R.V.) In 1634 the value was 100 (R.V.) The Church was enlarged in 1827. An 
Order in Council was issued on Feb. 27, 1770, dividing it into 2 parishes, one to be 
called Drumcheeran. This came into force in 1793. 

The Parish Registers from 1767 are in Parochial Custody and Vestry Books from 

Of the Communion Plate a Chalice is inscribed "Templemaheny Church, The Gift 
of the Honourable Mrs. Archdale." A Paten " Presented to Templemaheny Church 
by General Archdale, 1837," and a Flagon " Magheraculmoney Church, 1837." 

In Jour, R.S.A.I. 1860 pp. 62 et seq. there is an Article on Ancient Irish Effigies 
in the Church on White Island, by George F. Du Noyer, with three drawings of Doorway 
and Effigies. 



District Curates, &c. 

1841-6. Thomas Wellesley Roe is 0. Aghalurcher and District 0. here. He was son of 
Win. B., Publicanus [i.e., Collector of Taxes], b. in Queens Co., ed. by Mr. Turpin, ent. 
T.C.D. June 17, 1835, aged 18, B.A. 1840, M.A. 1870, LL.B, and LL.D. 1871, Bibl. 
Greek Pri. (1) 1840, Div. Test. 1841, ord. D. 1841 (Sodor and Man.) P. 1842 (Meath), 
was C. here to 1846, 0. St. Matthias's, Dub., 1846-56, 1. Ballymacarrett 1857-89. 

1846-9. Charles Edward Willis, res. 1849 (V.B.) 

1849-53. William Johnston was D.C. (Thorn and Crockford) ; b. in Somersetshire, son of 

Rev. William J., ed. by his father, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1844, aged 18, B.A. 1849, M.A. 

. 1863, ord. D.1849, P. 1850, waa C. Maguiresbridge 1849-53. Served in English Curacies 

1853-74, became Inc. Diamond (Armagh) 1874-80, V. Shelland (Norwich) 1882-96. 

1853-60. Robert Gilbert Eccles (Thorn), See Ballybay Curates. 

1861 . William Watkins Deering was Curate 1861-9 (I.C.D.) He was 2nd son of John D. 
Q.C., b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Burnett, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1831, aged 17, B.A. 1836, 
M.A. 1839, ord. D. 1837, C. Derryvullan 1839-41, C. Newbliss 1844, C. Aghavea to 1847, 

C. Clones 1858, m. at St. Andrew's, Dublin, 18 Nov., 1841, Eliz., 2nd dau. of Lieut, 
Charles James Adams, of Shinan House, Co. Cavan, and had issue. His dau. Jane 
Foster, m. 3 Oct., 1872, Ambrose Going Adams, of Northlands, Co. Cavan. (See 
B.L.G. " Adams.") See also App. IV. 


1870. John Orr, Lie. June 12 (D.R.), b. at Ervey, Brookeborough, June 11, 1847, son of 
Henry O., and his wife, Eliza (nee Biddell, of a Co. Mon. and Belfast family), ed. at 
schools in Monaghan, etc., T.C.D., Hons. in Cl. and Log. and Ethics, Heb. Pri., B.A. 
and Div. Test. (2) 1869, M.A. 1876, Classical Master at Portarlington School 1869, ord. 

D. June, 12 1870, P. 1871 (Armagh), C.-in-Charge here 1870-4, C. St. James, Halifax 
1874-8, C. Lenton (Notts.) 1878-81, Sec. C.P.A.S. for N.W. District 1881-5, V. Ashted 
(Worcs.) 1885, V. Glen Magna U. (Leicester) 1919, m. 1882, Catherine Emily, dau. of 
Frank Bawson, of Lenton Grove, Nottingham and has issue 4 sons and 3 daus, viz. 
(1) Bev. George Fleming, M.A., Oxon., Schoolmaster, Beading ; (2) Bev. Arthur Welles- 
ley, M.A., .Camb., V. of St. Paul's, Kingston Hill, Surrey ; (3) Rev. Henry Cecil, M.A., 
Oxon., V. All S.S., Grimsby,; (4) Bev. Edward Percival, M.A., T.C.D., V. South Elmsall, 
Doncaster; Kathleen Gladys m. Bev. C. H. Maxwell, M.A., Camb., V. Holy Trin., 
Bichmond, Surrey, and Winifred Margaret, and Constance Muriel, unm. 

1874. William Chapman Lie., ord. D. 1872, seems to have vaoated the C. in 1879 or 
. 1880, d. at Lisbellaw 27 March, 1899, aged 78. ' 

1880 Charles James Ward was C.-in-Charge 1880-1, T.C.D. B.A. and M.A. 1884, B.D. 
1891, ord. D. 1878 (Kilmore), P. 1881 (Down), C. Lisnaskea 1878-80 ; became C. St. 
George's, Belfast, 1881-4, C. St. Helen, Kensington, 1885-7, C. All SS., Kensington, 
1887-9, C. St. Michael's, do, 1889-91, B. Nettleswell, St. Albans, 1891-1909, R. Barns- 
ton, Essex, 1909. 

1881 James Prltchard, Lie. Dec. 29 (D.R.), b. at Lurganboy, Scotshouse, 1868, son 
of James and Martha P.; T.C.D. B.A. (Besp.) 1880, Div. Test. (2) 1881, ord. D. 1881 
(Armagh), P. 1888 (Goulburn) ; res. this C. in 1883 and became C. Toolburra, N.S.W. 
1883-5, Inc. Temroa, N.S.W., 1885-8, now living at Lurganboy, near Clones. 

1883. Abraham Augustus Watson, Lie. 23 Nov. 1886 (D.R.), only son of Bev. George 
T. W., Incumbent of Mullinacuff e, Co. Wexford; T.C.D. B.A. 1875, ord. D. 1876, P. 1877, 
C. Ballintoy 1876, C. Drumglass 1876-9, C. St. Augustine's, Derry, 1879-80, C. Clones 
1880-2, m. Dec. 24, 1875, Julia Blake, dau. of Bev. Charles M'Donnell, LL.D., and 
niece of Provost M'Donnell, and had issue. His eldest son, Edward Augustus, d. Aug. 
25, 1922, at Knutsford, Cheshire; 2nd son, Victor ; his 3rd son, Beginald Henry Nixon, 
d. Feb. 7, 1922, ar Essondale ; 4th son, Francis Bichard John M'Dowell ; a dau., Julia 
Anna, d. Oct. 31, 1889, aged 6, and another dau., Emily Caroline F. M., d. April 8, 1899, 
aged 12. He d. 14 Nov., 1905, aged 52. His wid. presented a Brass Leofcern in his 
memory to the Church at its renovation in 1910. 


1806. Thomas Troughton, Lie. July 6 (D.R.), son of Thomas T. of Co. Armagh; T.C.D. 
B.A.-M.A. ord. D. 1899, P. 1920 (Liverpool). Was Headmaster Viscount Weymouth's 
Gram. Sch;, Carrickmasross, 1884-95 ; 0. St. Peter's, Aintree, Liv., 1899-1904, C. St. 
Mary's, Dublin, 1905-6, d. suddenly after morning Service, June 30, 1918. 

1918. Thomas William Coursey, Lie. Sep. 5 (DM.) ; res. for Currin 1921. See Deny- 
vullen N. 

1922. Edward Joseph M'Kew, Lie. , son of John M., of Valentia, Co. Kerry. 

T.C.D. B.A. 1916, ord. D. 1916, P. 1917 (Clogher), C.-in-Charge Mullaghdun 1916-18, 
Inc. do. 1918-22, res. for B. Lisnadill (Armagh), 1927, m. and has issue. 

1927. William Edwin Charlton Fleming, Lie. . See Kilskeery. 


Maguiresbridge Church' seems to have been built as a Ohapel of Ease to Agha* 
lurcher in 1841. According to Sep. Ecc. Com. 1867, 106 Os. 6d. had been spent before 
1866 on " Maguiresbridge Licensed House of Worship." It was Licensed for Mar- 
riages 8 Nov., 1871 (D.R.) A New Burial Ground was given by Peter Heywood 
and a new Church consecrated in August, 1888 (D.R.). The Parish Registers from 
1840 are in Parochial Custody. Of the Communion Plate a Flagon, Chalice and 
Paten are inscribed " Maguiresbridge Church,1841," and another Chalice " Maguires- 
bridge Church, 1863." 



1532. Philip Maocreveyr seems to have had possession of the B. (Ann. Hib. i., 51). 

1532. Cornelius Maccordill, prov. 14 July to the Church of St. Patrick of Bamacinals 
[a corruption of Bathmacmalus, "the rath of the son of Malus," further corrupted into 
Baokwallis an alias for Monaghan], as also to the Churches of St. Mellan of Errigal 
and of Galloon, and they are to be erected into a Canonry and prebend of the Church 
of Clogher (Ann. Hib. i., 46). , 

1622. Edward Hatton is B. "most commonly resident" (R.V.) He was named as 
the 6th Prebendary being B. Monaghan, in the K.L. of 1629, and as the 1st Preb. in the 
K.L.'s of 1630 and 1631. He seems to have vacated this B. in 1632. See Chancellors. 

1632. George Oottlngham, coll. Oct. 16 (R.V., 1634), was also Preb. Tyholland, q.v. 

1656. John Ker (or Kerr) was app. Commonwealth Minister here at 100 per ann. 
26 Dec., 1656. The inhabitants of the town had previously petitioned for John Nearna 
28 April, 1656. On llth April, 1659, Kerr was suspected of " scandal " and on 22 April 
his salary was suspended from 24 March, but his suspension was withdrawn ,by Order 
of 27 April, 1659. On 27 Nov., 1660, he was still Minister here, and claimed some money 
(Seymour's Transcripts Com. Pps. pp. 16, 63, 88, 159, 199, 211). 

1661. John Kerr (same as last) was coll. Mar. 28 (V.B.) to the B. Monaghan and Preb. 
Tyholland, q.v. 

1661. Patrick Leslie, coll. Sep. 5 to the same (Lodge Mas.) 

1678. William Smith, coll. June 25 to the B. (F.F.) ; res. in 1682 for Clones, q.v. 

1682 William Jephson, coll. Oct. 4 (P.F.), adm. Vicar Oct. 4 (D.R. Leighftn). He 
was son of Major-General John J., and grandson of Sir John J., Knt., of Hants., wash, 
in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. April 27, 1675, aged 17, B.A. 1678, M.A. 1683, Minor Canon St. 
Patrick's, Dub., 1680-4, Preb. Donoughmore (Lim.) 1682-90, signing as such an AddreSB 
to James I. on 11 Aug., 1683, Dean of Lismore and B. & V. Inishlonaght 1692-1720, 
B. Ardagh and Clonpriest (Cloyne) 1691-1720 ; was attainted in 1689, appears in King's 
Lists as " Bev. Michael Jephson, of Monaghan ;" m. Anne, dau. of Bedmond Barry, of 
Bathcormac, Co. Cork, and wid. of Samuel Hartwell, and had issue an only son, Ven. 
John, Archd. of Cloyne, and 2 daus., viz., Mary, m. Hon. James O'Bryan and wa8 
mother of the 1st Marquess of Thomond, and Anne m. Sir W. Mowett, Bart. He seems 
to have res. Monaghan about 1690. He d. 11 April, 1720, and was bur. in Lismora 
Cath., Mont, there (see also Brady's Records of Cork &et). His P. Will waa proved in 


1691 . John Winder appears ( V.B.) See Prebs. Tyholland. 

1692, John Law, coll. Aug. 29 (F.F.) ; d. in 1716, see Prebs. Tyholland. 

1716. John Dennis, coll. July 6 (F.F.); res. in 1725, for Magheraculmoney. See Cleenish. 

1725. -(Hon.) Francis Hamilton, coll. May 14 (D.R.) ; res. in 1738 for Aughnamullen, q.v. 

1738/9. Oliver Douglas, coll. Mar. 23 (F.F.) He was son of John D., " gen.", b. at 
Sixmiieoross, ed. by Mr. Martin at Dungannon, ent. T.C.D. May 13, 1702, aged 17, 
Soh. 1706, B.A. 1706, M.A. 1721, m. a dau. of Henry Richardson, of Poplar Vale ; was 
Preb. Tyholland 1720-39; d. in 1740 (F.F.) 

1740. John Hawks how, coll. Oct. 31 (F.F.) ; ordered to provide a Registry Book at 
Trienn. Vis. 1742 (D.R. Arm.), res. in 1759 for Dromore. See Tydavnet. 

1769. Richard Vincent, coll. R. & V. Rathwallis, otherwise Monaghan, Mar. 13 (D.R.) 
He was son of Richard V., of New Abbey, Co. Kildare, a Trustee of the Stearne Charity 
(see under Bp. Steame) and ent. T.C.D. July 14, 1728, aged 17, b. In Dublin, ed. by Mr. 
Cave at Naas, B.A. 1733, M.A. 1736, was Preb. Devenish 1738^-59, and ,R. Rossory 
1740-64, holding the latter with Monaghan ; m. Jan. 15, 1739/40, Anne, dau. of Rev. 
Andrew Mitchell, R. of Enniskillen. He seems to have resided then in Enniskillen 
(Dundaa, pp. 63, 74). He was Chaplain to Fermanagh Militia (Hon. Ncholas Loftus's 
Dragoons) 3 May, 1766. He d. in Abbey Street, Dublin, about July, 1764 (Faulk. Dnb. 
Jour., July 7-10). His P. Will, made 21 June, 1763,, was proved 4 Aug., 1764. He left 
all his property to his wife, Anne, mentions his eldest son, Richard (who ent. T.C.D. 
Jan. 8, 1756/7, aged 17, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Rev. Mr. M'Mullen), his late bro. Thomas, 
whp with him was a beneficiary under Bp. Stearne's Will [? Was he the nephew of the 
Bishop who got Monaghan when Skelton expected it. See Burdy'a Life of Skelton]. 
He had also a dau., Eliz., who m. (Mar. Setts, dated 22 and 23 Nov., 1765) John Craw- 
ford, of Oakley Park, Co. Meath, 2nd son of Jason C., High Sheriff, Co. Fenn., and had 
issue. He was owner of Derrygore, near Enniskillen, where he lived, and which was 
purchased by George Irwin, and is still in that family. He was C. Clogher 1737 and R. 
Derrybrusk 1737-8. 

1764, Oaulfleld Burne Oaulfelld, coll. Dec. 3 (D.R.) ; res. in 1768. See Archdeacons. 

1768. Arthur Benson, coll. Mar. 7 (D.R.) He was son of Rev. Edward B., Preb. of 
St. Andrews, Down, T.C.D. ent. June 5, 1732, Sch. 1735, B.A. 1736, M.A. 1739, B.D. 
1755, R. Lr. Langfield (Derry) 1748-68, m. Mary, dau. of Rev. John Stronge, M.A., 
Preb. of Tynan; d. 1771 ; P. Will proved 1771. His wid., Mary, d. at Fairview, Co. 
Arm. 1784 (Dub. Svg. Poat 30 Dec., 1784). 

1772. William Stopford, coll. May IS (D.R.) ; res. in 1773 for Killany. See Donagh- 

1773. Joseph Story, coll. June 18 (D.R.), 2nd son of Thomas S., of Corick, Clogher, Co. 
Tyrone, b. 1711,, was M.A. of Edinburgh, when ord. D. at Clogher 4 Sep., 1733 (Grant 
Book). He was Preb. of Whitechurch, Ferns, 1760-8 ; Preb. Tyholland 1768-72, V. 
Killany 1772-3. Cotton (Fasti, Vol. v.) states, in error, that he was son of Ven. Joseph S., 
Archd. of Kilmore. This was another of the same name (see Armagh Clergy, p. 226). 
B.L.Q. says also, in error, that he d. s.p., but the Will of Mrs. Elizabeth Noble, wid. of 
Wm. Noble, of Summerhill, Co. Ferm. (3rd son of Brabazon N., of Donaghmoine, H. 
Sheriff, 1764), dated 7th July, 1801, proved 10 Nov. 1820, states that the Will of her 
late father Rev. Joseph Story was dated 24 March, 1783, and the Marr.Sett. of Mrs. 
Noble clearly states that her father was "Rector of Monaghan." It is dated 31 March, 
1777 ; she wag then wid. of John Mulholland (who was son of John M., of Conaghy, H. 
Sheriff, Co. Mon., 1733), High Sheriff Co. Mon., 1766, Oapt. Monaghan Militia, whom she 
hadm. in 1774, who d. c.1776. Rev. J. S. d. in 1784 (Dub. Evg. Mail, 18 Sep., 1784.) 
1784. Joseph Warren, coll, Sep. 13 (DM.) He was son of Rev. Stafford W., was b. 
in Co. Mon., ed. by Dr. Folds, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 27> 1738, aged 16, Sch. 1742, B.A. 1743, 
M.A. 1.746, was R. Baldungan (Dublin) 1759-[84?], Preb. Tyholland 1777-84 ; m (1) 
in 1752, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Lucas by Hon. Alicia Blayney, dau* of William, 6th 
Lord Blayney ; m. (2) Dorothea Loftus (M.L. 9 Oct., 1788), d. 24 April, 1793 (D.R.) 
P. Will proved 1793. He was C. Donaghmoine 1747, and V. Clontibret 1767-77. 

1793. Robert Montgomery, coll. July 3 (D.R.), 3rd son of Alexr. M., of Ballyleok, ent. 

. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1771, aged 17, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Dr. Norris, B.A. 1776, was Preb. 
Tyholland 1787-92, V. Drumsnatt and R. Kilmore 1792-3, m. Sophia Mabella, dau. and 
co-heiress of Thos. Tipping, of Beaulieu and Bellurgan, Co. Louth, d. 24 July, 1825, 
aged. 72, leaving issue, including Rev. Alexander (see Armagh Clergy, p. 147 and Hist, 
of Montgomery of Ballyleck). A Mural Tablet in the Church to his memory says he was 
R. for " upwards of 50 years," an evident mistake for 30. 


1825. Charles Evatt, coll. Aug. 6 (D.R.) ; was eldest son of Humphrey E., of Mount 
Louise, High Sheriff of Co. Mon., 1796, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1807, aged 17, B.A. 1812 
M.A. 1815. He was C. Monaghan 1812-25, High Sheriff Co. Mon. 1812 ; m. Sophia, 
dau. of Capt. Bayley, and had issue Charles Robert, Evelyn, Clayton Bayley, Eliz. 
Sophia, and Caroline Augusta. He d. April 13, 1840, according to a tablet in the church, 
which also gives his age as 61, but on May 13, 1840, according to the D.R. The Qente. 
Mag. has also April 13. Records are not, we see, always infallible. 

1840. William Lennard Roper, coll. June 10 (D.R.) He was the eldest son of Very 
Rev. Henry R., Dean of Clonmacnoise (see Clones), was b. in Co. Mon. and ent. T.C.D. 
Nov. 2, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1822, M.A. 1829 ; m. 21 Sep., 1824, Charlotte, dau. of John 
Paine Garnett, of Arch Hall, Co. Meath, and had an only dau., Mary Charlotte, who m. 
Matthew Henry Sankey, of Lurganbrae, and had issue. (See Peerages, " Teynham "). 
There is a Mural Tablet to him in the Church. He d. Aug. 13, 1849. He was C. Augh- 
namullen 1826 and R. Templecarne 1835-40. 

1849. Henry Maffett, coll. Aug. 23 (DM.) His name erroneously appears in some lists 
and records as *' Moffett," was C. Monaghan 1836-49. Henry Maffett, son of Samuel M., 
b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Ryan, ent. T.C.D. June 5, 1820, aged 17, B.A. 1825, M.A. 
1850. He d. in 1864 and was bur. here Aug. 6, 1864, aged 61 (Par. Reg.) 

1864. William Rlchey Bailey, coll. Aug. 23 (D.R.) ; res. for R. Clogher 1873. See Prebs. 
Kilskeery. Disestablishment Annuity 376 Os. 6d. 


1873. Charles Maurice Stack, inst. June 27 (D.R.) Cons. Bishop 1886. See Bishops. 

1886. Robert Stuart O'Loughlln, inst. Nov. 5 (D.R.), younger son of Bryan O'L., of 
Carrigview, Co. Lim., b. July 31, 1852, ed. at Dio. Sch., Limerick, T.C.D. B.A. 1876, 
M.A. 1882, B.D. 1888, D.D. 1891, ord. D. 1875, P. 1876. C. Lisnaskea 1875-6, C. Drum- 
ragh (Derry) 1876-7, R. Sixmilecross 1877-86 ; res. Monaghan in 1894 for R. Shankill 
(Lurgan), Diocese of Dromore, which he held till 1924, when he retired on superannua- 
tion ; Dean of Dromore 1905-24 ; m. (1) in 1877, Alice Catherine, dau. of Hans Fleming, 
M.D., of Omagh ; she d. 30 July, 1880 (Tablet in Sixmilecross) ; m. (2) Florence Marie, 
eldest dau. of Hon. J. Burrowes, of New Orleans, and by her has issue 3 daus., Lilian, 
Annie, and Florence Marie who m. Sep. 19, 1917, E. L. Woodward, of the Intelligence 
Corps of H.M. Army, son of G. E. Woodward, of Westminster. The Dean is living at 
Rostrevor. Dean o'Loughlin published 

Sermons on Christian Evidences, 1911. 

1894. William Harm a Bradley inst. Nov. 24 (D.R.) ; d. in 1910, see Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1910. James MacManaway, inst. July 19 (D.R.) ; res. for Enniskillen, 1919. See 

1920. John O'Connor, inst. Feb. 20 (D.R.) appd. Precentor 1927. See Prebs. Tully- 
corbet, ' 


1681. James Christie appears, also in 1693 (V.B.) ; see Aughnamullen. 
1715. Fielding Wallls appears (Den. and Exc.) ; see Magheraculmoney. 
1717. Alexander Lawson appears and also in 1720 (V.B.) ; see Derrybrusk. 

1723. Francis Schudall appears and also in 1726 (V.B.) ; ord. D. 8 June, 1718, P. 9 June 
1723 (Clogher Grant Book), T.C.D. B.A. 1713, M.A. 1716, C. Carrickmaorosa 1719-20, 
C. Donagh 1720. See also App. IV. 

1729. Edward White appears and also in 1731 (V.B.) ; perhaps Edmund W., son of 
James W., " gen.", b. at Ballintra, Co. Wexford, ed. by Mr. Miller, Enniscorthy, ent. 
T.C.D. April 5, 1708, aged 16, B.A. 1712. 

1732-50. Philip Skelton was C. (See his Life by Burdy and Prebs. Donacavey.) 
1752. Edmund Hamilton appears and to 1766 (V.B.) ; see Donagh. 

1767. Edward Mayne appears and to 1783 (V.B.); T.C.D. ent. June 30, 1731, B.A. 
1735, M.A. 1743, LL.B.and LL.D. 1752, C. Kilsaran, Co. Louth 1750-66. 

1785-1802. Thomas l*endrum (V.B.) ; see Muckno, 


1803-06. David Bricked (V.B.) ; son of Wm. B., farmer, b. in Co. Mon., ed. by Mr. Noble, 
ent. T.C.D. Mar. 3, 1773, aged 19, B.A. 1781, C. Castleknock (Dublin) 1784 ; rn. Anne, 
3rd dau. of Adam Noble, of Longfield, Co. Mon., H. Sheriff Co. Mon., 1768 (H.B.S.) 

1809-13. Alexander Johnston (V.B.); was B.A. 

1812. Charles Evatt (V.B.) ; see Rectors, "13 years curate and 14 years Rector " 

1828-49. Henry Maffett (V.B.) ; see Rectors. 

1842. Alured Henry Alcock, app. C. (Ir. Eccl. Jour., Jan., 1843) ; son of George A., 
" Causidieus," who was son of George A., Lord Mayor of Dublin, b. at Bath, ent. T.C.D. 
as S.C. June 27, 1838, ed. by Mr. Hudson, B.A. and Div. Test. 1842, ord D. (Dub. for 
Clogher) 1842, P. (do.) Sep. 24, 1843, became Asst. Chapl. Madras 1845, C. Booterstown 
1867-71, Asst.Chapl. Mageough Home 1879-82, d. Nov. 28, 1893, aged 77, at Cromwell 
Road, London. 

c1843. William Studdert Evans was C. (Bourns), son of Wm. E., " gen.," b. in King's 
Co., ed. by Mr. Kennedy, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1836, aged 18, B.A. 1841, ord. D. 184-, 
ord. P. for Clogher at Kilmore Cath., Dec. 17, 1843. He was C. Muckno 1846, C. 
Tyholland 1847, and again appointed C. Monaghan 1852 (V.B.) Subsequently V. of 
Ulley, York, 1867. 

1847-52. John Henry King was C. (V.B.), son of Rev. Gilbert King, became C. Lough- 
gall, 1856, subsequently R. of Drumglass 1867-79 ; m. Lady Mary Crichton, dau. of 
the Earl of Erne, d. Aug. 17, 1879. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 269). 

1855-72. Edward John Bury (Par. Reg.) ; see Prebs. Tullycorbet. 

1861. George Beamish (Par. Beg.); son of Richard B., of Beaumont, Clonakilty, b. 
27 Oct., 1830, T.C.D. B.A. 1859, Div. Test. 1860, ord. D. 1860, P. 1863 ; res. for Curacies 
in Cork. Subsequently R. Templeomalus, 1870 ; m. twice and had issue ; d. 2 Mar., 
1900. (See Calebs Records of Cork and Clontibret Curates.). 

1872-7. Alexander Kenny, Lie. Aug. 4, 1874 (D.R.) ; See Finner. 

1878-81. William Hanna Bradley (Par. Reg.); see Rectors and Prebs, Tullycorbet. 

1881-3. Charles William O'Hara Mease, Lie. July 16, 1881 (D.R.) ; son of Andrew M., 
F.R.C.S.I., b. in Dublin o!857, ed. at Royal Schs. of Cavan and Armagh, ent. T.C.D. 
as Royal Sch., B.A. 1878, Div. Test. 1881, M.A. 1885, C. Monaghan 1881-3, R. Kil- 
loughter (Kilmore) 1883-4, C. St. Geo., Belfast 1884, C. St. Stephen's, Dublin, 1884-8, 
Minor Can. St. Pat's., Dub., 1885-9, C. Killiskey (Dub.) 1888-9, R. do. 1889-93, Dean's 
Vicar, St. Pat's. Cath., Dub., 1893-1902, V. Castleknock 1902-22, Sub-Dean Chapel 
Royal, Dub., 1905-13, Preb. St. Audoen's in St. Pat's. Cath., Dub., 1913-22, Dean of 
Chapel Royal 1913-22, m. May 16, 1888, Susan Maria, eldest dau. of Rev. George H. 
Martin. Shed. Oct. 2, 1891. He d. May 21, 1922. 

1883-5 Frederick Sevan (Par. Reg.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1878, ord. D. 1881 (Dub. for Armagh), 
P. 1882 (Kilm. for Armagh), C. Lisnaskea 1881-2, R. Currin 1882-3, C. Monaghan 1883- 
1886 ; went to N.S.W. and became R. Aldbury, N.S.W. 1904 and Canon of Goulburn 

1885-8 Louis Cloak, Lie. Sep. 15, 1885 (D.R.) ; ord D. 1879 (California), P. 1881 (Wis- 
consin), R. Lancaster (Wisconsin) 1880-2, R. Mohegan (New York) 1882, C. St. Pat., 
Walsall, Staffs. 1882-3, C. St. Andrew's, Bordesley 1883-5, C. Monaghan 1885-8, R. 
Cloone, Co. Leitrim 1888-1917. 

1889 Acheson William Smyth, Lie. Mar. 18 (D.R.) ; see Newbliss. 

1890 Charles Frederick Langford, Lie. Oct. 8 (D.R.) ; ed. at St. Bees ; ord. D. 1888, 
P. 1889 (Down), C. Kilkeel 1888-9. Subsequently held Curacies in England ; became 
V. Bradpole Budport (Salisbury) in 1909, d. in 1917. (See an appreciative Obituary 
Notice in the Guardian and also under C. Drumsnatt.) 

1892 Victor James Fletcher, Lie. June 18 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. James Saul F., D.D., 
T.C.D. B.A. 1892, M.A. 1895, Div. Test. 1894, ord. D. 1892, P. 1893 (Clogher), C. 
Monaghan 1892-6, C. Malahide 1896-1902, C. Lower Ungeni, Natal, 1903, C. S. Peter, 
Maritzburg 1905-10, V. Richmond (Natal) 1910-13, C. Shire U. (do.) 1914-15, Chapl. All 
Malabar Hill, S. S., Bombay 1916-23, C. Derry Cath. 1924. 

1896 David Holmes Gillman, Lie. May 8 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1894, Div. Test (2) 1897, 
M.A. 1898, ord. D. 1892, P. 18QS (Clogher), C. Monaghan 1896-8, C. Pudsey, Yorka. 
1898-9, C. Mariner's, Kingstown 1899-1909, Sec. Hib. C.C.S. 1903-9, Inc. St. James's, 
Bray 1909, R. Lucan 1911-18, and with Leixlip 1918. 


1899. Henry Blddall Swanzy, Lie. Mar. (not recorded in D.R.) ; 2nd son of Rev. 
Thomas Biddall S., Vicar of Newry, b. 6 Oct., 1873, ed. at Newry Interm. Sch., and 
South Eastern Coll., Ramsgate ; T.C.D. B.A. (Resp.) 1896, Div. Test (2) 1898, M.A. 1899, 
ord. D. 1899, P. 1900 (Kilmore for Clogher), C. Monaghan 1899-1900, C. St. Mary's, 
Newry 1900-8, R. Carrowdore 1908-10, R. O'Meath 1910-14, V. Newry 1914, Preb. 
Wicklow, and representative Canon of Down Connor and Dromore in St. Patrick's. 
Cathedral, Dublin, 1926, M.R.I.A. 1919. Among other works published by him are : 

Some Account of the Family of Hassard, Dublin, 1903. 
The Families of French of Belturbet and Nixon of Fermanagh, Dublin, 1908, 
The Vicars of Netory, with Lists of Curates and Churchwardens, Carswell, 
Belfast 1926. 

and with the late T. G. H. Green, M.R.I.A. 

The Family of Green of Youghal, Co. Cork, Dublin, 1902. 

Canon Swanzy, who is a skilled genealogist, as well as a hard-working and zealous 
parochial clergyman, and an interesting and eloquent preacher, has given much help 
to the present writer (see Preface), and recently issued a Pamphlet, giving a List of the 
Churchwardens and Vicars of Cfontibret, with which his family has so long been con- 
nected. A recent sad incident the assassination of his cousin, District-Inspector 
Swanzy, R.I.C., in Lisburn, on a Sunday when he was returning from Divine Service, 
takes us back to the 17th cent., when the first Swanzy who came to Ireland was settled 
in that town. (See also Armagh Clergy, pp. 393-4.) 

1900. Hugh Brice White, T.C.D. B.A. 1899, Div. Test. 1900, M.A. 1908, ord. D. 1900 
(Ossory for Clogher), P. 1901 (Derry for Clogher), C. Monaghan 1900-3, C. Portarlington 
1903-14, R. Kilcummin (Tuam) 1914. 

1903. Thomas Cecil Magee, Lie. Mar. 14, 1904 (D.R.) ; see Tydavnet. 

1806. William Ivors Stewart, Lie. June 5 (D.R,) ; see Cleenish and Templecarne. 

1907. Alfred William Lepper, Lie. May 5 (D.-R.) ; yst. son of Francis Robert L., of 
Elsinore, Crawfordsburn, Co.Down, T.C.D. B.A., M.A., ord D, 1907, P. 1908 (Clogher), 
res. in 1909, served as 2nd Lieut. Shrops. Light Inf. in the Great War, d. as the result 
of an accident at Thames Dittoni Oct. 6, 1921, aged 39. He m. Helen, dau. of Harry 
Rogers, J.P., of Monaghan. 

1909. Richard Tyner, Lie. June 6 (D.R.) ; see Ematris. 

1910. William Thomas Browne, Lie. Dec. 21 (D.R.), son of William B., of Ballinlough, 
Co. Rose., T.C.D. B.A. 1909, Div. Test (2) 1910, ord. D. 1910, P. 1911 (Clogher), C. 
Monaghan 1910-13, C. St. Geo., Dublin, 1913-14, Dio. C. Clogher, 1914, d. at Beaufort 
West, S. Africa, Feb. 8, 1918. 

1913. Frederick William Ernest Wagner, Lie;, May 17 (D.R.), son of Yen. W. E. 
Wagner, LL.D., Arch, of Elphin, T.C.D. B.A. 1913, Div. Test. 1912, M.A., 1917, ord. D. 
1913 (Clogher), P. 1915 (Tuam), became C. Aughaval (Westport) 1914, R. Knocknarea 
(Elphin) 1917-26, now Editor of a London Weekly. Is a Registered Dentist. 

Author of : 

A Modern Development in the Study o/ the Greek Testament : and 
Bishops and Priests in the New Testament : has written an interesting 
History of the Diocese of Elphin with a Succession of the Clergy, 

not yet published, but a copy is preserved among the R.C.B. Records, with an Index 
compiled by the present writer. 

1914. Edward Gordon Ward, Lie. Sep. 20 (D,R.) ; see Aghadrumsee and Clontibret. 
1916. John McKeever Gibson, Lie. Sep. 24 (D.R.) ; see Clogh. 

1918. Norman Elliot Qarstin, Lie. May 26 (D.R.) ; son of late Ven. Wm. F. G., 
Archd. of Derry ; T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1918, M.A., ord. D. 1918, P. 1919 (Clogher), 
C. Monaghan, 1918-20, C. Castlerock 1920-4, Curate-in-Charge Moville Upper 1924-27, 
R. Drumholm (Raphoe) 1927. 

1920. John Fulton Gilliland Mag ill was C. 1920-2 ; See Sallaghy. 

1923. Austin Swanton, Lie. April 22 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1920, Div. Test (2), 1923, 
ord. D. 1923, P. 1924 (Clogher), res. for C. Enniskillen, 1926. 



Monaghan is in the Four Masters called Muineachan=" little shrubbery ;" another 
derivation 1 makes it " hilly place." It was also called Raokwallls. See above. 

In 1622 " Church new built, is indifferently repayred ; no house, nor gleab." (R.V.) 

In 1634, the value was 60 (R.V. ) In 1836 a new Church was built ; Mrs. Margaret 
Jackson.left 1,000 to build it. The Rep. of Eccl. Com. 1867, states 2,000 was spent 
on building and 1,031 16s. 6d. on subsequent repairs. An interesting Article on the 
History of the Parish and Church, with illustrations, appeared in the Church of Ire- 
land Gazette of June 22, 1909. The Rossmore Mausoleum in this parish, was 
cons. Sep. 8, 1876 (D.B.) There is a note in Armagh Registry with reference to the 
sale of pews In the Church. No date given. 

The Parish Registers from 1802, are in Parochial Custody ; also Vestry Books 
from 1802. The Communion Plate (silver) includes a plain Chalice, 2 small patens and 
a Flagon : each inscribed " Ex sacro supellectile Parochiae de Monaghan alias Rack- 
wallis," with maker " D.K.," Crown and Harp and date letter : 2 Chalices (cast) in- 
scribed " The gift of Baron Rossmore to the Protestant Parishioners of Monaghan," 
undated, and 2 large Patens,now used as Offertory Plates, same design as Chalices, with 
Rossmore Arms, undated. An Alms Dish inscribed : " Parochiae de Monaghan Gris- 
hilda Echlin Legavit, 1733." and 2 Silver Offertory Plates, inscribed " Glory to God, 
. . . . Men " with Monogram R.M.I. See also App. IV. 



1416. Florence O'Han ratty [Ohanrantaych] V. is d. (Ann. Hib. i., 47). 

c1416. John O'Culyn, a priest of the diocese, paid a mark or more to the patron, 
Nemeas O'Efanratty and was pres. to the V. and inst. by the Bishop. He was deprived 
in 1426 for Simony, having held the V. for 10 years or more in 1426, on the complaint of 
John O'Laygyn (ib.). 

1426. John O'Laygyn was prov. to the V. value 6 marks, on Dec. 30 (Ann. Hib. i. 31). 


1421. Philip Mycgyllakenan, R. is d. (Ann. Hib. i., 27-28). 

1421. Nemeas O'Hanratty [Ohenrachtaych] is coll. to R. of St. Melodotua of Maonam 
(sic) vacant by the death of P. M., and value 8 marks, May 12 (ib.). 

1429. Matthew O'Daman, R. of St. Melldotus of Mucnam is d. (ib. i., 32). 

1429. Thomas O'Hanratty [Ohanrachfcaich] was prov. to the R. March 16 (ib.) Thos. 
O'H. was still R. in 1435/6 (Beg. Octav. 71) 

1B31. Magonius O'Hanratty [O'Hanroghty] R., res. because he had committed homi- 
cide by killing a cleric ( Arm. D.R*) 

1531 . James O'Duffy was coll. R. by the Primate, Dec. 30 (ib.) 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1622. Felix Crane appears " non resident " (B. V.) ; see Donaghmoine. 

1627 William Flood, inst. R. & V. Sep. 20 (F.F.) He appears as " William Floyd " 
in R.V. 1634, where he is said to have inducted Boyle into the V. of Carrickmacross on 
18 March, 1628. 

1631 John Lutfutt [Lightfoot], inst., Nov. 20 (F.F.) was still R. & V. 1633/4 (JR. P.), 
and is said to have been murdered at Castleblayney in 1641, when his name appears as 
" Lightfoot " (Dep. of 1641, Jane Fields'). 

1634. Humphrey Qalbraith, inst. Oct. 16 (F.F.) Query, had Lightfoot resigned T 
For Galbraith see Archdeacons. 


1642. Joseph Berry was " Minister of Muckno " in 1642 (Dep. T.C.D.). He appears in 
1647 as " R. of Mucknogh" and was then residing in Dublin (Carte Papers xxxi, 346-8). 
He was Commonwealth Minister in Ardee from 23 Jan, 1654/5 at 50, increased to 100 
from 25 Dec., 1657 (Seymour's Transcripts pp. 22, 193, 204). The P. Will of " Joseph 
Bury, Minister of the Gospel, of Arthurstown, Co. Louth " was proved in 1661. 

[1681. James Watson, Commonwealth Minister was deprived for non-Conformity this 
year (V.B.)]. 

1682. Nicholas Montgomery, coll. Oct. 31, ind. 25 Jan, 1662/3 (V.B.) ; res. in 1664 for 
Magherbss alias Carrickmacross, q.v. 

1664.-r-Patrick Leslie, coll. Nov. 4 (F.F.) ; see Prebs. Tyholland. 

1678. John Knox, coll. June 25 (F.F.) ; seems to have res. in 1708 ; see Donagh. 

1708. Francis Knox, coll. May 14 (F.F.); again coll. with V. Clontibret 5 (or 6) Mar., 
1721/2 (D.R. and F.F.) He was son of Rev. Andrew K. (perhaps A. K.,who was Preb. 
Inver 1630-61), ent. T.C.D. Aug. 30, 1699, B.A. 1704. His son Andrew matric. at 
Glasg. Univ. 1737, M.A. 1740, and was evidently the A. K., who was ord. at Kilmore 
Cath, 1747. On a tombstone in Monaghan the death of " Kas " [? Jas. or Fras.], Mary 
and George Acheson, children of Rev. F; K. and of Mary, his wife, are recorded. 

1739. (Hon.) Charles (Talbot), 8th Lord Blaney, coll. 21 (or 25) Dee. (F.F.),b. 27 Jan., 

1714, ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb., M.A. , ord. D. at Clogher 24 Aug., 1738, Preb. 

Cumber (Derry) 1740, allowed to hold R. Muckno with it by faculty, also held the 
Deanery of Killaloe from 1760, succeeded his father in the Peerage 1732, and took his 
seat in the Irish House of Lords 1735, was Governor of Co. Mon., m. in 1734 his cousin 
Eliz., dau. of Nicholas Mahon and had issue, Henry Vincent who d. before his father ; 
Lord B., d. in Dublin Sep. 15, 1761 (See Peerages.) 

1761. John Campbell, coll. Dec. 16 (D.R.) ; res. in 1763 for Tyholland. See Carrick- 

1763. William Babington, coll. June 30 (D.R.) ; son of Capt. Richard B., Officer of 
Dragoons, of Mullagh, Limavady (by Isabella, dau. of Wm. Wray, of Castle Wray and 
Ards, Co. Donegal), who fought at the Boyne under William ; T.C.D. B.A. 1737, V. 
Donagh and Diocesan Schoolmaster 1758-63, held also R. Errigal (Derry) 1765-77 ; res. 
this R. for R. & V. Kilmacrenan 1767-77, also R. Ballyscullion 1776-7 ; m. Dorothea 
Campbell, and had issue (1) Rev. Wm., D.D., for 47 years Chaplain at Dumfries, 
R. of Arthuret, Cumberland, who m. Janet, dau. of Chas. Maitland, of Eccles, Dumfries ; 
(2) Rev. Wray, M.A. T.C.D., ord. P. at Derry, 30 April, 1775, C. Banagher and Dungiven 
1777-8, who d. in Canada ; (3) Murray, Lieut. 10th Regt., Capt. Killybegs Volunteers, 
of Bonnyglen, Co. Donegal, m. Mary Heron, dau. of Gilbert Gordon, of Hall Heath, 
Dumfries, and aunt of llth Earl of Dalhousie ; (4) Margaret, m. William Patton, of 
Croghan House, Fanad, Co. Derry ; (6) Mary Anne, m. John Patton ; (6) Dorothea, unm. 
He d. 25 Mar., 1777. 

1768. Robert Beatty, coll. Jan. 27 (D.R.) ; son of Wm. B., b. in Newry, about 1723, 
nephew of James B., of Clones, ent. T.C.D. 19 Mar., 1739/40, aged 17, Sch. 1742, B.A. 
1744, M.A. 1747, R. Muckno 1768-93, res. 12 April, 1793 ; R. Moydow and V. Gen. 
Ardagh 1776-1804, Archd. of Ardagh 1790-1804 ; m. Jan., 1769, Ellen, dau. of Theobald 
Butler, of Priestown, Co. Meath, and Waterville, Co. Kerry, by Mary, dau. of Sir Natha- 
niel Whitwell, of Dublin. He d. 26 Dec., 1804, aged 79> having had issue Ven. Robert 
(Archd. of Ardagh), James, Barr.-at-Law, and Ellen. His P. Will dated 4 May, 1804, 
was proved 27 Jan., 1805. 

1793. Leake Hall (or Luke Hall) coll. May 4 (D.R.) ; res. in 1794 for Inniskeen. 

1795. Robert Cunning, coll. Jan. 12 (D.R.) son of John C., Merchant, b. in Dublin, ed. 
by Mr. Francis Hutcheson, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. June 27, 1728, aged 16, B.A. 1732, 
M.A. 1736, was C. Aughnamullen 1742-54, V. Magheraclooney 1767-95, d. in 1802 ; 
his son, John, Matric. at Glasg. Univ. 1774, M.A. 1776. 

1802. Thomas Lendrum, coll. June 17 (D.R.) ; son of George L., of Moorfield, Co. Tyrone 
(See B.L.G.) ; ent. T.C.D. Jan. 31, 1759, ed. by Rev. Dr. Dunkin, Sch. 1762, B.A. 1763, 
was C. Monaghan 1785, d. intestate 1817. 

1817. Thomas Hackett, coll. April 25 (D.R.) ; son of the Ven. Thomas H. (Archd. of 
Clonfert 1796-1802), b. in Co. Galway ; ent. T.C.D. June 5, 1780, aged 16, B.A. 1784, 
M.A. 1817, was Sacrist of Clonfert 1794-1802, Archd. of Clonfert 1802-3, Preb. Killa- 
spicmoylan 1804-12, Preb. Kilmaeallane (Elphin) and R. Boyle 1799-1841, d. Sep. 1, 
1841, bur. at Boyle (G.F. and D.R.) He had a son Thomas, b. in Co. Roscomrnon, ent, 
T.C.D. Oct. 14, Z822, aged 17, B.A. 1827, 


1841. John Thomas Whlteatone, coll. 7 Oct. (D.R.) ; res. in 1847 for Killeevan, q.v. 

1847. Alexander Hurst, Jun., coll. Nov. 11 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. Alex. H. (R. of Aghabog), 
b. in Co. Ferm., 1789, ed. by Mr. S. M'Cann, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 3, 1806, aged 16, B.A. 
1811, M.A. 1832, ord. c 1919, C. Drumcheeran 1825-30, C. Lisnaskea 1830-47, V. 
Drumsnatt 1847 ; m. Mary Anne Gibbons 1821, d. s.p. " in the 64th year of his age 
and the 34th year of his Ministry," on Dec. 27, 1862 (Tombstone and Mural Tablet at 

1853. William Smyth Burnslde, coll. Jan. 15 (S.R.) ; res. on 31 Dec., 1862, for 
Magheracross. . See Chancellors. 

1863. Gorges Irvine, coll. Jan. 21 (D.R.) ; son of Gorges I., " gen.", b. in Co. Ferm., 
ed. by Dr. Graham, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1837, aged 18, B.A. and Div. Test. (2) 1842, 
ord. D. and P. 1846 (Kilmore).C. Killinagh 1845-7, C. Derryvullen 1847-63. He d. in 
1896 ; his sisters presented a Brass Lectern to the Church in his memory ; and a Pulpit 
of Caen Stone with marble pillars, has been erected in the Church with the inscription* 
" To the Glory of God. This pulpit was erected by the Diocese of Clogher and some 
friends, in memory of the late Rev. Gorges Irvine, B.A., Rural Dean> for thirty-two 
years Rector of the Parish of Muckno. A munificent benefactor of the poor parishes of 
the Diocese. Died 18th April, 1895." His Disestablishment Annuity was 359 6s. 4d. 
He bequested 9,418 4s. lid. towards Clogher Poor Parishes. 

1895. John Crozler Hudson, inst. July 10 (D.R.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1906. Thomas Ernest Rudd, inst. Dec. 4 (D:R.), b. at Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, son 
of Rev. Thomas R. (see Inniskeen) ; ed. at Portora and at Dr. Chambers Sch., Kings- 
town, T.C.D. B.A. (1st Resp.) 1892, ord. D. 1890 (Clogher for Kilmore), P. 1892 (Kil- 
more), C. Kilkeevan (Elph.) 1890-1, C. Urney (Cavan) 1891-6, Dep. See., Hib. Bible 
Soc., 1895-7, R. Ballycarney (Ferns.) 1897-8, R. Tomregan 1898-1900, R. Clonmethan 
U. (Dublin) 1900-2, R. Derryvullen 1902-5, Preb. Devenish 1924 ; m. Belinda Sanders, 
eld. dau. of Parker Dunscombe, of Cork, and of Nannette Baldwin Waggett, his wife, 
and has issue Eric Thomas Sutherland, B.A., M.B., B.A.O., B.Ch., T.C.D., Surgeon- 
Lieutenant, R.N., and 4 daus., Nannette Frances, Zelma Gorel, Belinda Saunders 
Dunscombe, and Dorothy Sybil. See Foster's Noble and Gentle Families. 


1674. James Christie (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1696. Jo. Buckhurst (V.B.), probably " John Barkhurst " (sic.) son of Philip B., b. in 
Co. Dublin, ed. by Mr. Henderson, who ent. T.C.D. as Siz. July 11, 1679, Sch. 1683, 
B.A. 1684, V. Taghmon (Meath) 1693. 

1740. Andrew Kerr appears and in 1742 (V.B.) ; son of Andrew Kerr, " gen.", b. at 
Newcastle, Co. Meath, ed. at Carrickmacross, ent. T.C.D- April 16, 1729, aged 16, B.A. 
1733, M.A. 1736. 

1764. John Walsh, Lie. July 24 (S.R.) ; was still C. in 1777 (V.B.) 

1781 Richard Butler ( V.B.) He was the eldest son of James B., " gen.", of Priestown 
Co. Meath, b. in Co. Meath, ed. by Mr. Kerr, ent. T.C.D. July 10, 1773, aged 15, B.A- 
1778, B.D. and D.D. 1800. He subsequently became V. Street (Ardagh), where he kept 
a curate while he went to Edinburgh to study medicine ; became qualified to practice 
medicine, came home, and practised among his parishioners gratis. Was V. Trim 
1818-19, resigning in the latter year in favour of his son. Preb. Mayne (Ossory) 1796- 
1818, V. Burnchurch (Oss.) 1796-1841 ; m. in 1792 Martha, 2nd dau. of Richard Roth- 
well, of Burford, Co. Meath and had issue (1) James [? R. of Navan 1859-75] ; (2) 
Rev. Richard, V. of Trim 1819, and Dean of Clonmacnoise, a celebrated antiquarian ; 
(3) Thomas ; (4) Lewis Whitwell ; (5) Rev. Edward ; (6) John; and a dau. Maria. He d. 
27 May, 1841. (See B.L.G. and Jour. R.S.A.I., 1873, p. 248.) 

1788. Francis Noble (V.B.) He was 2nd son of Andrew N., " gen." by Anne Johnston' 
his wife, b. at Longfield, Co. Mon.> ed. by Mr. Murray, ent. T.C.D. July 1, 1776, aged 17; 
B.A. 1781. 

1791 Leake (or Luke) Hall (V.B.) See Rectors. 

1801-3. John Kane (V.B.) See Aghavea Curates. , 

1818-24. Hugh Stewart (V.B.) ; son of Thomas S., " Litium Procurator;" b. in Co. 
Antrim, ed. by Mr. Alexr. Leney, ent. T.C.D. Dec. 6, 1813, aged 16, B.A. 1817, became 
C. Mullabrack 1826, C. Brigown 1830, R. & V. Kilcuminer, Cloyne, 1835-40, Chanc. 
Ferns 1840-79 r 


1828-37. Outhbert Thomas Haokett. See Killany. 
1853-5. Edward John Bury, See Frebs. Tullycorbet. 

1865-8. John Edmund. Costello had previously been a Curate in Bermondsey for 2 
years to a Mr. M'Call, went to Armagh Dio. 1858. Subsequently became R. White- 
house, Connor, 1866-90 ; m. and had issue, d. Sep. 15, 1890 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 405). 

1859-61. Joseph Carson Moore, son of Edward M., "gen." by Dorothea, dau. of 
Joseph Carson, son of Rev. Thomas Carson, b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Graham, ent. T.C.D. 
Oct. 14 1845, aged 16, Soh. 1850, B.A. 1853, ord. D. 1856, P. , became C. Umey 
(Cavan) 1861. 

1861. Richard Archdale Byrn, C. See Broomfield. 

1882-3. Christopher Burkitt Harley, See Magheracross Curates. 

1863-9. Edward Jeremiah Algernon Percy, son of Henry Win., " gen." b. in Dublin, 
ed. by Rev. J. M. Lindon, ent. T.C.D. June 13, 1838, aged 21, B.A. 1851, M.A. 1872, 
C. KUlalon (Meath) 1870. 

1870-3. Anthony Lewis Elliott, See Rockcorry. 

1874-6. William Hanna Bradley, Lie. May 18, 1875 (D.R.) See Frebs Tullycorbet. 

1876-80. Ed ward Car leton Fife, Lie. Oct. 6, 1876 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1880, ord. D. 
1876, P. 1880 (Kilmore), C. Muckno 1876-80, C. Aghalurcher 1880-1, C. Bangor (Down) 
1882-4, C. Kmmbbin 1884, R. Dunsford 1891-5, R. Killaney (Down) 1895-1912 ; m. 
July 15, 1891, Margaret Jane, dau. of Robert Allen, of Londonderry, d. Sep. 3, 1912. 

1882. William Doran Falkiner Wilkinson, Lie. Jan 4 (D.R.) ; ed. at T.C.D., ord. D. 
1881 (Kilm. for Arm.), P. 1885 (Dub. for Arm.). Became in 1885 R. Castleterra (Sil- 
more) 1885-99, R. Dromara and Garvaghy (Dromore) 1899-1920, retired. 

1886. Francis Hilary, Lie. June 1 (D.B.) ; res. for Currin 1889. See Clabby. 

1889. Thomas William Clinton, Lie. Mar. (D.R.) See Aghavea. 

1893. Joseph Ruddell, ord. D. for this C. Mar. 29, 1893 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 


Muokno=Mucshnamh " The Swimming place of the pigs " (Joyce). It was the 
name given in the Annals to a religious establishment on shore of the Lake of Muokno 
where it narrows in the middle. Joyce adds " Some of our Ecclesiastical writers 
derive the name from a legend, but the natural explanation seems to be that wild pigs 
were formerly in the habit of crossing the lake at this narrow part." The name appeal* 
in the Papal Taxation as " Mutynam " and the parish is valued at 2 marks. St. Mael- 
doid, the Patron Saint, is commemorated on 13th May. The O'Hanrattys were of the 
same stock as the Saint. 

In 1622, "the Parish Church translated to Castleblayney, but not yet dedicated and 
now ye Mass is said in ye old Church in the other side of ye Lough." (R.V) In 1591/2 
Henry Bagnall was granted the termon or territory of Muokno, containing 3 Ballibe- 
taghs at a rent of 20 English, 6 Mar. (F. Eliz.,5722). 

Shirley says that the original Church at Churohhlll or Mullanadde on the E. side 
of the lake of Muckno, was the parish Church till the 1 7th cent., and that in 1690, William 
Lord Blaney erected a Chapel near his Castle, the nucleus off the present Church, 
which was rebuilt in 1811 on another site above the old Chapel and enlarged in 1859. 
But this does not agree with the account given in the B. V. 1622, which was contem- 
porary and must be preferred. The Eccl. Com. Report 1867, says the Ecol. Comrs. 
rebuilt the Church between 1804 and 1864 at a cost of 4,373 14s. 10d., and that 455 
10s. lOd. was spent on its repair during the same period. 

The Parish Registers from 1810 are in Parochial custody, also Vestry Books from 
1802. Of the Communion Plate a Flagon is inscribed " Ohristus Pascha Nostrum 
immolatus est." A Chalice " Calicem Salutaris Acoipiam et nomen Domini mvocabo'," 
and a credence Plate " Agnus Dei qui tollis peecata mundi da nobis tuam paeera." 
An Alms Dish " God loveth a cheerful giver. To the Glory of God and in Memory of 
Albert R. Pym, J.P., born 10th June, 1859, married 17th Dec., 1895, died 14 August, 
1897, Churchwarden, 1893-97." Tkere is also an old copper Collecting Plate with 




1868. Daniel Eocles James Dlokson (I.G.D.), son of Rev. James D., b. in Go. Leitrim, 
ed. by Mr. Moore ; ent. T.G.D. Oct. 11, 1844, aged 20 ; B.A. and Div. Test. 1850 ; ord. D. 
1860 (Oxford), P. 1862. C. Macclesfield, 1853-4, 0. Maryport 1855-8, C. Barragh 
(Leighlin) 1862-6, 0. Templeshambo 1865-7, app. P.O. Muckross 1868; became In- 
eumbent at Disestablishment, Annuity 44 ; d. April 27, 1906, aged 83, bur. at Muckross. 

1908. Joseph Abbott inst. Nov. 24 (D.R.), son of John A., of Annaghdoe, and brother 
of Ven. D. 0. Abbott. T.O.D. B.A. and Div. Test 1884, M.A. 1888, ord. D. 1880 
(Kilmore for Clogher), P. 1885 (Down for Clogher), C. Fiverpiletown 1880-3, C. Mala- 
hide 1883-6, 0. Clones 1885-9, Dio. C. Qlogher 1889-1900, R. Kffleevan 1900-6, retired 
1921, on superannuation, d. in Tasmania Nov., 1925. 

1921. Walter Auohlnleck Stack, pres. by Lieut. R. Graham Lowry, R.N., the Patron, 
inst. July 16 (D.R.) ; 3rd son of Bp. C. M. Stack (see Bishops), b. at Lack Rectory 28 
March, 1869 ; T.C.D. B.A. 1890, Div. Test. 1892, M.A. 1893, ord. D. 1892 (Armagh 
for Clogher), P. 1893 (Clogher), C. Drumcheeran 1892-5, R- do. 1895-1921, Preb. 
Tullycorbet 1925 ; m. 6 May, 1897, Henrietta, dau. of Major Francis D'Arcy, Indian 
Army, 4th son of William D'Aroy Irvine, of Castle Irvine, Co. Fermanagh. 


Muckross Mttc-ros, " the peninsula of the pigs." It was established as a 
Perpetual Curacy 6 April, 1865, and had then no district attached. John and 
Armar Lowry conveyed ground for the site of the Church 7 April, 1866 (D.B.). 
Having endowed It, they had the Patronage in 1868, when the Church dedicated 
to St. John, was built. They executed a further Deed of Endowment 80 May* 1876. 
The Churchyard was cons. 6 July, 1892 (DM.). 

The Parish Registers from 1868 are in Parochial Custody. 


&ncumBents, etc. 

1814. Andrew Staples Clarke was appointed C.of Cleenish.and in charge of Mullaghdun 
as D.C. Nov. 20, 1814, T.C.D. B.A. 1814, M.A. 1832. Was here in 1869. A son, George, 
d. aged 23 on May 12, 1842. 

1868. David Charles Abbott appointed Curate-in-Charge on account of Mr. Clarke's 
inability, Oct. 27 (Y.B.), and inst. in 1870 ; res. in 1872. See Archdeacons.- 

1873. Edmund Maturln, inst. Jan. 7 (D.B.). See Newbliss. 

1874. John Thomas Heney Abbott, inst. Sep. 11 (D.R.), He waa son of John and 
Mary A., of Annaghdoo, Monaghan, and brother of Ven. D. C. Abbott and Rev. Josepk 
A. ; b. 2 July, 1841 ; ed. at St. Bees, ord. D. 1868, P. 1869 (Ripon), C. Gt. Norton, 
Yorks, 1869-70, C. Milltown (Armagh) 1870-4 ; m. Aug. 21, 1872, Phoebe, only dau. 
of James Armstrong, of Creenahoe, and had issue (1) James Armstrong, who d. at 
Chesterfield, of blood poisoning, on the eve of ordination in 1904 ; (2) Rev. John 
Charles, R. of Shannon, N.Z., m. ; his wife d. s.p.; (3) William Ethelbert, who went to 
Australia, joined up with the Australian Infantry in the Great War, served at Gallipoli, 
and France, and was killed Oct. 3, 1918, just before the Armistice; and 4 daus., viz. : 
(1) Mary Heney, m. Rev. S. M.Watt (see Inismacsaint) and d. 1920; (2) Annie Rebecca, 
m. 1907 Frank Reynolds, Headmaster of Cardiff High School, and has issue by him 
(who d.) a son, Frank Armstrong, now ed. at Christ's Hospital, and a dau., Phoebe 
Monica ; (3) Josephine Marion ; (4) Phoebe Alice, m. 1912 John Hamilton O'Regan, 
Master in Marlborough College, and has issue by him (who d.) John Michael, and 
Patrick. He d. in 1915 and was bur. in Mullaghdun, where his stone is inscribed " Rev. 
J. T. H. Abbott, 42 years Rector of Mullaghdun, died November 16th, 1916, aged 73 
years* In full assurance of a joyful resurrection." His wid. survives. 


1916. Edward Joseph M'Kew, Lie. Curate-in-Charge 19 Mar. (D.R.), inst. In. June 
30, 1918 (D.B.) ; res. for Maguiresbridge, q.v. 

1922 Edward Lionel Keane, was C.-in-Charge, res. in 1924 for Clontibret, q.v., also 

1925. Thomas Perclval Rose. Lie. C.-in-Charge April 4 (D.R.). 


Mullaghdun ?" Summit of the fort," was established as a District Curacy, 
out of Cleenish, about the year 1817, when the Chapel of Ease was built. 537 7s 6d 
was spent on rebuilding or repairing it before 1866. A plot of ground, 57 yards by 17, 
in Corriagee townland was conveyed to the R.C.B. by Rev. J. T. H. Abbott on 19 
May 1885 for an additional burial ground, which was consecrated by the Bishop 
of Down on 22 June 1885 (D.R.). 

The Registers from 1837 to 1877 were lost in the P.R.O. 

Of the Communion Plate. A Plated Flagon is inscribed " Mullaghdun Church, 
Diocese of Clogher, 1836," and 2 Alms Dishes, " Presented by Rev. D. C. Abbott, 
Curate 1869-72, to Mullaghdun Church, 1886." 


Perpetual Curates, 

1838. James Moore. Lie. Nov. 27 (D.R.). Was M.A., T.C.D., probably=Jas. M., son 
of James M., farmer, b. in Co. Fermanagh, ed. by Mr. Whitley, ent. T.CJX Jan. 6, 
1817, aged 18, B.A. 1821, M.A. 1832. Was C. Boho 1825, C. Rossory 1833-5. 

1847 William Henry Edward Wood Wright, eldest son of James W., " Miles," b. at 
Golagh, Co. Monaghan, 29 Nov., 1816, ed. by Mr. O'Beirne ; ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1832, 
aged 17, B.A. 1837, M.A. 1844 ; m. 1862 Jane Eliz., only dau. of N. Stewart, of Shell 
field, Co. Donegal ; d. May, 1870 ; had a son, Wm. Henry Edward, High Sheriff, Co. 
Monaghan, 1877. 

1870-2. Vacant. 

1872. David McKlnney Coll. (on lapse) in succession to Wood-Wright, May 31 (D.R.). 
Ord. D. 1870, P. 1871, res. Dec. 26, 1872 (D.R.). Was, I think, R. Ardara (Raphoe) 
1872-6. Became R. Ballyscullion (Connor), 1875. . 

1873-5. Charles Todd Buchanan, was Curate-in-Charge ; b. at.Downpatrick, youngest 
son of George B., M.D. by Anna, dau. of Richard Wright, of Dublin, ord. D. 1873, 
P. 1874, res. in 1875 ; held curacies in England till 1891 ; became chapl. Bethesda Ch., 
Dublin, 1892-3. C. Knockmore (Cloyne), 1893-9, C. Westhide, Hereford, 1901, lie. to 
preach, Southwell Diocese, 1903, living at East Grinstead, 1906 ; m. 21 Aug., 1861, 
Annabella Harding, dau. of Wm. Going, of Alta Villa, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, and had 
issue. (See Cole's Records of Cork, p. 302). 

1875. Parish vacant, but J. Fleming appears curate (I.C.D.), and Wm. H. Lyne also 
appears C. in Par. Reg. 

1877 William Woods, Lie. C. in Charge Nov. 22 (D.R.). T.C.D., B.A. 1860, M.A. 
1867, LL.B. and LL.D. 1873, ord. D. 1861, P. 1862 (Dublin), C. St. Mary's, Dublin, 
1861-5, C. Magd. Ch., Dub. 1865-7, C. Killough, King's Co., 1867-70, C. Errigle 
Trough 1870-6, res. Mullaghfad 15 Mar., 1889 (D.R.). He was here in charge before 
he was licensed. The Parish has been held with Cooneen since. For succession see 


Mullaghfad was formed as a P.C. out of Aghalurcher and Tydavnet parishes. 
.The Church was built by the Board of First Fruits and Eccl. Comrs at a cost of 900 ; 
304 was subsequently spent on it. Was Licensed in 1836, and cons, in 1841 (D.R.)' 

The Parish Registers, 1836-78, were lost in the P.R.O. 



District and Perpetual Curates. 

1837. William James West, son of Mathew West, of Ederney, Co. Fermanagh and 
Dublin, Ensign 16th Foot, afterwards Alderman of Dublin, b. 9 June, 1809, Matric. 
T.O.D. 17 Oct., 1825, B.A. 1830, M.A. 1832, travelled in the East as a young man, wrote 
an account thereof in the Dublin University Magazine ; ord. D. (Raphoe) 23 Feb., 
1834, P. (Ferns) 5 Oct., 1834 ; was successively Curate at Tullow, Co. Carlow, 1834 
C. Templecarne, res. 1837, presented with a Family Bible in 6 vols., C. Newbliss 1837- 
1840, and Derralossory, Co. Wicklow, c. 1840-7. Rector of Delgany, Co. Wicklow, 
1847-1859, Rural Dean of Bray. Died at Delgany 22 Oct., 1859, having m. 3 Aug., 
1838, Elmina, dau. and co-heir of Alexander Erskine, of Balhall, Co. Forfar, etc. (the 
last heir male of the Erskines of Dun) by whom he had issue, 7 sons and 2 daus, of 
whom (1) William Alexander Erskine, M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxon., m. 12 Sept., 1839, suc- 
ceeded his father in the Ederney and Bannagh Estate (which he disentailed and sold to 
Colonel Irvine of Killadeas in 1876) assumed by Royal Licence the additional surname 
and arms of Erskine in 1872, settled in South Australia for health reasons, was member 
of the Legislative Council, also Minister for Public Works. He d. unm. at St. Anne's, 
Cork, 22 Oct., 1892 ;-(2) Augustus George, of White Park, Co. Fermanagh, Lieut. 76th 
Regt., b. 19 Jan., 1841, m. 31 July, 1867, Sara, dau. of Rev. Canon Richard Booth 
Eyre, M.A., Rector of Eyre Court, Co. Galway, and Canon of Clonfert. He d. 30 June, 
1911 ; she d. 21 Dec., 1914. Both buried at Colebrooke. They had issue, 4 sons and 
3 daus. (Family Papers). See also B.L.Q.I. 

1841-2. William Poulter Maokesy. Was C. Killeevan (q.v.) and in charge of Newbliss. 

1842. James Richards, res. this C. (Ir. Elocl. Jour., Nov. 1842); son of Rev. George R., 
b. in Wexford, ed. at Drogheda Grammar School, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 20, 1828, aged 17. 
B.A. 1835 ; subsequently was Treasurer of Leighlin Cath. 1854-70 ; m. Eleanor Sarah 
Crawford (M.L. 1836), and d. 1870. See App. IV. 

1842. William Wat kins Deering. Was app. C. or " Chaplain " by the Patron, A. Kerr. 
(Iv. Eccl. Jour., Dec. 1842). See Maguiresbridge. 

1850. Henry Burdett appears ; res. in 1868 for Ballybay, q.v. 

1869. Charles Crowe app. ; son of Charles C., of Farm Hill, Co. Fermanagh, J.P. (by 
his 1st wife, Isabella Harris), who was eldest son of John Maxwell C. of Leager, Clones, 
by Eliz., dau. of Thomas Young, of Corlismore, Co. Cavan ; ed. by Mr. Taylor ; ent. 
T.C.D. Oct. 22, 1827, aged 18 ; B.A. 1832, ord. D. 1837, P. 1838. P.O. Clough 1853-63, 
C. Drumsnatt 1863-8. He was twice mar ; his 1st wife, Mary Jane, d. 12 Oct., 1863, 
aged 41; he m. (2) 21 Nov., 1866, Fanny, youngest dau. of James FitzGerald, 
Clonaville, Co. Monaghan ; res. Newbliss 7 Nov., 1881, d. at 13 Waterloo Place, 
Dublin, 29 Oct., 1898, leaving issue. 


1881 Joseph Russell Little, inst. June 30 (D.R.); T.C.D. B.A. 1877, ord. D. 1878, 
P. 1880 (Kilmore for Tuam), C. Killoran (Achonry), 1878-82, res. Newbliss, 13 Jan., 
1883, R. Ardara (Raphoe), 1883-90, V. Killasnett (Kilmore), 1890-1905, d. 7 Nov., 1906. 

1883. Thomas Henry Royse, inst. April 17 (D.R.); became R. Forkill (Armagh) Oct. 

28, 1886. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 303). 

1887 Edmund Maturin, coll. (by lapse), April 1 (D.B.) ; son of Rev. Henry M., F. 
T.C.D., and R. of Clondevaddock ; b. in Co. Donegal, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 21, 1833, aged 14, 
Sch. 1836, B.A. 1838, Heb. Pri. 1839, Berkeley Gold Medal and Div. Prem. (1) 1840, 
M.A. (Windsor N.S.) 1853, ord. D. 1843, P. 1845, C. Desertlyn (Arm.) 1843, C. Clonde- 
horkey 1845, C. Laghey 1846-50 ; m. and went to Canada and was C. at St. Paul's, 
Halifax, 1860, verted to Rome, being one of the few Irish clergy who did so ; found 
"'tis distance lends enchantment to the view," and in a nearer view of Romanism was 
disillusioned, and returned to the bosom of his Mother Church. He became C. Donough- 
more (Armagh) 1863-6, C. Carlingford 1866-7, G. St. Geo. Hurstpierpoint 1870-2, R. 
Mullaghdun 1873-4, R. Aghavilly 1874, R. Cloncha (Derry) 1874-86, R. Dowra 1886. 
Had a son, Charles, of Belfast G.P.O. Telegraph Department, who d. a few years ago. 
His dau., Mary Emily, m. Rov. Alexander Knox, R. of Doneraile, He d. R. of Newbliss 


Nov. 21, 1891, in his 72nd year. He was C. Errigal Trough 1866. He published : 
A Brief Memoir of All the Bishops of Derry since the Reformation, with a 
Sketch of the Early History of the See. 1868. 

See a Letter in Ir. Eccl. Qaz., May 20, 1898, by " Scribulus," concerning his Per. 
version and Return. 

1892. Acheson William Smyth, coll. (on lapse) 10 Feb. (D.E.). ord. D. 1883 P. 1885 
C. Inniskeel 1883-5 R. do. 1885-6, R. Carrick (Derry) 1886-9, C. Monaghan 1889-09.' 
C. Aghanunshin 1890-2, res. Newbliss 1894, R. Castleconnor 1894-6, I. Omeath 1898- 

1894. Samuel Ferguson Cunningham, inst. Dec. 17 (D.R.) ; res. in 1900 for Donagh. 

1900 Michael Hamilton Gibson Willis, inst. June 16 (D.R.), b. in Dublin 1864, son of 
Hamilton W., ed. at High School, Dublin, and T.C.D., B.A. 1897, M.A. 1903, M.B.E. 
1918, ord. D. and P. 1895 (Kilmore), C.-in-charge, and Inc. Killersherdiney 1895-1900; 
res. Newbliss 16 Oct., 1903, R. St. Michael's, Belfast, 1903-12, R. Donaghadee 1913 ; 
m. and has issue a daughter. See also App. IV. 

1903. Edward Champion Wade Hannan, inst. Nov. 7 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. Francis H., 
R. of Tullyallen (see Armagh Clergy, p. 432); T.C.D. Theol. Exhib., B.A. 1891, 
Div. Test. 1887, Elrington Pri. ; ord. D. 1886, P. 1887, 0. Tullyallen 1887-8, 0. St. 
Stephen's, Dublin, 1888-9, res. Newbliss 1905 ; subsequently Chaplain of Great N. 
Cemetery, London; m. July 24, 1888, Mary Bailey, dau. of Samuel Adair, of Ardmore, 
.Drogheda ; his son, James Maxwell Adair, Lieut., Tank Corps, was killed in the Great 
War July 23, 1918, aged 19. He published : 

The Acts of the Apostles, with Introduction and Maps, London, R. Holland. 

1905. James Oondell Taylor, inst. July 15 (D.R.) ; res. in 1910. See Galloon. 

191-0 Alexander Seattle, inst. Nov. 12 (D.R.) ; ed. at Meth. Coll., Belfast, 1898, ord. D. 
1908, P. 1909, C. St. Matts., Belfast, 1908-10, R. Newbliss, 1910-15, C. Ballymacarrett 
1916-20, C. St. Barnabas, Belfast, 1920-2, again C. St. Matts., Belfast, 1922. 

1918. Walter William WUIoughby Scott, inst. Sept. 2 (D.R.) ; b. 1880 at Edenmore, 
Armagh, 2nd son of R. W. Scott, of Beechgrove, Dungannon, ed. at Royal Sch., Dun- 
gannpn ; T.C.D. B.A. 1908, M.A. 1916, ord. D. 1908, P. 1911 (Down), C. Dromore 
(Co. Down) 1908-14, held C.-in-Charge Seapatrick while his half-brother Rev. R. 
TJsaher Greer served as Chapl. to the Forces, 1914-15 ; m. Oct. 18, 1921, Annie Enid, 
younger dau. of S. K. Jackson, of Cara, Clones, and has issue, a dau. Sophia Madeline 
Ida, b. 1922. He is also C.-in- Charge, Killeevan since 1920. 


Newbliss was formed as a P.O. out of Killeevan and Aghabog parishes about 
the year 1840. It was liberally endowed by Mr. Andrew Kerr, and Trustees of the 
Church were nominated under Act 6 and 7 William IV. The Chapel of Ease was cons. 
1st July, 1841. 

The Parish Registers since 1842 are in Parochial Custody. 


Perpetual Carafes. 

1823. Henry Lefroy, son of Anthony L., " gen." and bro. of Chief Justice Thomas L- 
b. in Co. Lim., ed. by Mr. Millar, ent. T.C.D.;as S.C. Nov. 7,il808, aged 19 ; B.A. 1812, 
M.A. 1820, res. in 1826 ; was V. Santry 1843-76, d. Jan. 29, 1876, bur. at Santry. 

1826. Henry Anthony Burke ; res. in 1842 for Trory. See Tydavnet. 

1842. William Studdert Evans, son of William E. " gen.", b. in King's Co., ed. by Mr. 
Kennedy, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1836, aged 18, B.A. 1841, ord. D. 184-, P. 1844 (Clogher). 

1843. Thomas Le Ban Kennedy, app. P.O. (Jr. Ecc. Jour., Feb., 1843). He rea., 
however, in a few months and returned to Errigle Shanco. See Deans. 

-1844. Charles Maglnnls, app.' June 8 (V.B.), 1866); res. in 1872 for Dromore, q.v. 
Disestablishment Annuity 169 13s. 7d. 



1872. Albert Whltmarsh, inst. Aug. 13 (D.R.), ed. at St. Aug. Coll., Canterbury, 
ord. D. 1862, P. 1863, successively 0. Woodstock, Davenham and St. Paul's, Newport 
1862-9, Dep. Sec. I. C. Missions 1869-72, res. this parish for a Curacy in England, 8 Sep., 
1874, was V. Kempston 1880-8, P.C. Walton-on-Hill 1888-91, V. Holme Eden 1891-4, 
V. Cholsey 1895-7, P.C. St. Stephen's, Southport, 1897 

1874. Eugene Henry O'Meara, inst. Dec. 4 (D.R.), 3rd son of Rev. Eugene O'M., 
R. of Newcastle Lyons, T.C.D. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1888, ord. D. 1870, P. 1872 (Armagh), 
C. Kilskeery 1870-2, R. Currin 1872-4, res. Newtownsaville in 1880 for Newcastle 
Lyons, R. Tallaght 1887-1913 ; m. (1) Jan. 8, 1876, Ada Gertrude, only child of Robert 
R. Moore, B.L., d. at Greystones July 17, 1913, aged 66 ; his wife d. Nov. 16, 1891, aged 
43. He m. secondly and hia wid, survived him. 

1880. George Gardiner Parkinson (afterwards Parkinson-Cumine), inst. Aug. 3 (D.R.) 
res. in 1884 for Galloon q.v. 

1884. John Reid, inst. April 29 (D.R.) ; ord.D. 1874,P. 1875 (Clogher),C.andR.Sallaghy 
1874-84 ; held this R. until his death on April 10, 1913, aged 62. Was m. and had 
issue, 6 children. 

1913. Thomas Stothers, inst. Aug. 23 (D.R.); res. in 1924 for Inishmacsaint, q.v; 
1924-26. Parish Vacant. 

1926. John Robert Meara, R. of Drummully, Lie. as C.-in-Charge, Jan. 8 (D.R.) See 


Parish was formed as a P.C. out of Clogher in 1820, but there is no record of it in 
D.R., or reference to the Perp. Curates up to 1870 ; Erck. p. 16, states that in 1820, 
29 townlands were cut off in the Manors of Cecil and Cope, in the Parish of Clogher, and 
erected into this parish. 

The Parish Registers 1833-77 were lost in the P.R.O. 

The Communion Plate is inscribed " Newtownsaville, 1827." 


District Curates and. &ncumBents. 

18B5. Thomas Allgood Robinson, was D.C. ; son of Rev. Thomas Romney R. 

Precentors), ed. at Royal Sch., Armagh, ent. T.C.D. April 7, 1842, aged 19, B.A. 1847, 
ord. D. 1848, P. 18, was C. Ematris in 1852 (Thorn) ; d. July 6, 1858, at Armagh. 

1858. John Tenison Tarleton, was D.C. to 1868. See Kilmore. 

1868 Henry St. George Edwards, D.C. ; son of James Kynaston E., " Miles," b. in 
Co. Dub., ent. T.C.D. Nov. 1, 1841, aged 17, B.A. 1846, M.A. 1860, res. Rockcorry 
8 Aug., 1873, for R. Appledore, Kent, and endowed Roekcorry with 1,220, the Com- 
position of his Annuity under the Irish Church Act. 

1873 Anthony Lewis Elliott, inst. Oct. 31 (D.R.), pres. by Lord Dartrey ; T.C.D. B.A. 
1869, Div. Test. 1870, M.A. 1872, ord. D. 1870 (Kilmore), P. 1873 (Derry), C. Muckno 
1870-3, R. Rockcorry 1873-6, C. St. Geo., Dub., 1877-83, R. St. Oath's., Dub., 1883-94, 
R. Killiney 1894-1910, Canon Ch. Ch., Dub., 1905-10 ; m. April 9, 1874, Frances, dau. 
of Rev. R. Gibbings, D.D., and had issue, including 4 sons, of whom Rev. David William 
Matthew Albert, M.A., is R. Kilfarboy and Rev. John Brooke, M.A., is C. St. Geo., 
Winnipeg. He d. July 5, 1910, aged 61 . He was a strong supporter of the Reunion and 
Missionary Causes. 

877 Charles James Ferguson, inst. April 2 (D.R.), pres. by Lord Dartrey, res. in 
1887 for Derryvullen, q.v. 

1888 -- John Moorhead Strickland, inst. June 9 (D.R.) ; res. in 1903 for Killany. See 
Precentors, and Rectors Tyholland. The parish has gone with Ematris, its mother 
Parish,, since 1904. 


Rockcorry was formed out of Ematris circa. 1855, the Earl of Dartrey being Patron. 
The Parish Registers 1855-79 were lost in the P.R.O. 



Rectors and P/cars. 

In 1622. " Sir John Davis, Knt. [layman] hath ye appropriation of both Parsonage and 
Vicarage." (R.V.) It does not appear that Sir John had appointed even a Curate. 
His statements in his published works that have come down to us about the Church 
of Ireland are somewhat extraordinary, and are, doubtless, founded on his own case 
from which he must have generalised. So that his accounts of the condition of the 
Church must be largely discounted, for as compared with facts, they are inaccurate and 
unreliable and in some cases untrue. 

1626/7. Christopher Seaton was coll. to V. Rossory and Preb. Kilskeery, Feb. 8. He 
was ind to this V. Feb. 10 (R.V., 1634) ; see Prebs. Kilskeery. 

1628. William Fullerton was inst. and ind. V. in 1628 or 1629 (P.P.) He as R. Rossory, 
got a grant of glebe Feb. 29, 1631/2 (Morrin iii., 693). There were two of the name in 
Armagh Diocese in 1633. (See Armagh Clergy pp. 50, 69.) 

1633. John Lyell, coll. V. May 18, ind. July 14 (.R. V. 1634). SeeDromore. 

1635. John Smith, pres. to R. & V. Rossory, united pro hac vice to Enniskillen April 30 
(L.M. v., Ill), adm. Aug. 31 (F.F.) See Precentors. 

NOTE : Reeves, in his Lists includes Humphrey Galbralth, who was Archdeacon, 
here as R. Rossory. I think he was mistaken as I can find no authority for the insertion. 

1661. Robert Sheidow, coll. May 7 (F.F.) ; also held Enniskillen q.v. See also Pre- 

1666. William Vincent, inst. V. July 14 (F.F.) ; was also Precentor q.v. 
1683. Michael Mosse, adm. R. & V. July 31 (F.F.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 
1696. Nicholas Browne is R. & V. (V.B.) See Prebs Kilskeery. 
The Parish was vacant May 19, 1709 (V.B.) 

1709. Daniel Bayre appears (V.B.) He was son of John B. "dux," b. at Tolare in France, 
ed. by Mr. Jones, Dublin, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 10, 1698/9, aged 16, Sch. 1702, B.A. 1704, 
M.A. 1707. 

1714. Alexander Mitchell, coll. Sep. 16 (F.F.) ; res. in 1740. See Precentors. 

1740. Richard Vincent (Son-in-Law of Mitchell), coll. Sep. 16 (F.F.) See Monaghan. 

1764. John Maxwell, coll. Dec. 7 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 

1768. Caulfeild Burne Caulfeild, coll. Jan. 6 (D.R.), d. 1803. See Archdeacons. 

1804. Alexander Auchinleck, coll. and inst. Mar. 17 (D.R.) ; son of James A. and grand- 
son of Rev. James A. (see Cleenish), b. 1749, ent. T.C.D. July 9, 1767, ed. by Mr. Noble, 
B.A. 1772, C. Donacavey 1773, m. Jane, dau. of James Lowry Eccles, of Shannock, 
near Clones, and had issue Rev. James (see Lisbellaw) ; Rev. John (R. of Dunboyne) ; 
Daniel m. Eliz., dau. of Rev. Thomas Stack, R. of Badoney, and Anna m. Richard Dane, 
D.L. (See Belmore's Two Ulster Manors, appendix, p. 406). He was made a J.P., 
Co. Tyrone 1 Feb., 1788, and d. in 1833. 

1833. Robert Loftus Tottenham, coll. Oct. 8 (D.R.), ind. same day by Rev. J. 0. 
Maude (Par. Rec.) ; res. for Templecarne 1835. See Donaghmoine. 

1835. William Bali, coll. Mar. 30 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1809, M.A. 1833. Was 0. Clones 
1809-30 and probably to 1835, d. 6 Nov., 1842. 

1842. John Taylor, coll. Nov. 30 (D.R.), ind. same day by Rev. Richard P. Cleary, Curate 
of Enniskillen (Par. Rec.) He was son of Thomas T., " Lictor," b. in Co. Tipp., ed. by 
Mr. Ardagh, ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 14, 1808, aged 19, B.A. 1812, M.A. 1818, C. Aughna- 
mullen 1816, C. Clones 1825 ; m. Jane Bradshaw (M.L. 1819) and had issue, including 
Rev. Thomas, B.A., R. of Gowna (Kilmore) who d. Oct. 17, 1902, Richard, B.A. T.C.D. 
1849, and Rev. Henry Roper, B.A., late R. Culfeightrin, Co. Antrim, who left a large 
collection of books to the Down and Connor Diocesan Library, and a sum of money to 
found a Prize for an Annual Essay on a Scripture subject. 
Rev. J. T. " d. on or about 14 Jan., 1847." (D.R.) He was P.C. Trory 1837-42. 


1847. Allen Mitchell, coll. Jan. 22 (DM.), ind. same day by Rev. Mark Whittaker, V. of 
Boho (Par. Sec.). See Drumsnatt ; d. July 12, 1847. 

1847. Robert Johnston, coll. Aug. 17 (D.R.) Son of Rev. William J., b. in Co. Leitrim, 
ent. T.C.D. Jan. 1,1816, aged 17, ed. by Dr. Burrowes, B.A. 1820, was C. Aughnamullen, 
in 1843, C. Drum 1842-7, m. and had issue. His eldest dau. Mary Eliz. 0., m. Nov. 3, 
1868, Lewis Algeo, J.P., of Glenboy, Co. Leitrim. He res. Rossory 29 June, 1874. 
Disestablishment Annuity 288 4s. 8d. He d. Dec. 24, 1874, at Wellington Place, 
Enniskillen, aged 76. 

1874. Christopher Halahan, inst. Aug. 29 (D.R.) ; res. in 1906 for Donaghmoine q;v. 

1906. Isaac Henry Pratt, inst. Sep. 29 (D.B.) T.C.D. B.A. 1901, B.D. 1911, brd. D. 
1903, P. 1904 (Clogher), C.-in-Charge Boho 1903-6, Repve. to Gen. Synod since 1916, 
Hon. Sec. Clogher Dio. Synod and Council, 1917, Rural Dean of Enniskillen, 1919, 
Canon of Clogher and Examining Chaplain 1923, Member of Diocesan Court 1925. 
Was Acting Financial Sec. of Dio., 1925 ; m. 1909, Florence, dau. of William Teele, J.P., 
of Dunbar, Enniskillen issue, Derrick William, and Robert Henry (ed. at Portora). 

1634 Robert Hutchlnson (B. V.) 

1665. John Walker, ord. D. 12 April, 1665, P. 13 April, 1665 (V.B.) 
1681. Alexander Stephens, Lie. April 13 (S.JR.) See Enniskillen Curates. 
1682. Alexander Moutray appears and in 1685 (V.B.). Also C. Enniskillen, q.y. 
1711. James Hastings (V.B.) See Galloon Curates and Prebs. Tyholland. 
1720. Alexander Steele (Den. and JExc.) See Derryvullen Curates. 

1720. Qustavus Hamilton, nom. Curate of Enniskillen and Rossory 23 Nov., 1720, 
by Rev. Andrew Mitchell, Rector (Papers in P.R.Q.) See Errigal Trough. 

1738. Ralph Higginbotham (V.B.), was M f A. of Glasgow Univ., ord. D. Clogher 4 Sep., 
1738 (Grant Book), lived in Enniskillen (see Dundas, p. 79) He d. circa 1752, when his 
Will was proved. His wife Dorcas d. at Enniskillen in 1778, aged 96. He had 2 soni, 
Ralph and Rev. Newburgh (below). 

1752-84. Newburgh Higglnbotham (V.B.), son of above. See Derrybrusk. 

1766. Henry Dunkin (V.B.) See Enniskillen Curates. 

1795. Thomas Johnston, resigned this C. for Enniskillen this year. See Boho. 

179B. Richard Montgomery, nom. C. at 50, Nov. 10, vice T. J. res. (Papers in P.R.O.)* 
He was still C. hi 1798. See Magheraculmoney Curates. 

1799. St. George James Oaulfeild, nom. 10 Jan. (ib), became in 1805 V. Maghera? 
clooney q.v. 

1826. John Auohlnleck appears as Curate and up to 1831 (Par. Records); 

1832. Andrew O'Belrne appears (Par. Rec.) He was son of Andrew Birne, " portitor " 
[Carrier], b. 1771 in Dublin, ed. by Mr. Keller, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 26, 1785, aged 14, B.A. 
1792, M.A. 1818, LL.B. and LL.D. 1819, changed his name to " O'Beirne," was Head- 
master Portora Sen., 1820-36, d. 29 April, 1836, aged, 65, bur. in Old Rossory Graveyard 
(See Dundas p. 127 for Latin insc. on tomb). He was m. and had issue. Three of his 
sons grad. in T.C.D,, viz., Andrew, b. in Down, 1803, B.A. 1825, M.A. 1832, Charles, b. 
in Down 1809, B. A. 1830, and Stewart, b. in Fermanagh 1821, B.A. 1844. See also 

1833. James Moore appears and up to 1835 (Par. Rec.) See Mullaghfad. 


Roaaorry=JBoa awihir, "the Eastern peninsula" of the A.F.M. ; was probably 
served by the regular clergy of Lisgoole Abbey, founded about 1106,! destroyed 
by fire in 1360 and in ruins in the time of Henry VIII., the last abbot surrendered 
it when it was afterwards built by the Franciscans as a place of sepulture. It 


was granted at the Dissolution to Sir John Davis (see above under 1622). The old 
Church which was used for Divine Service was a very ancient building, said t6 
have been founded In 1084 by St. Fanoea. It seetns to have been in bad 
repair in the early part of the 19th century. At a Vestry meeting in 1835 it was 
resolved " that the present Church i is in a dilapidated state and by the report of 
the Provincial Architect incapable of permanent repair ; the accommodation being 
at most for 230 individuals, while the Church population, according to the Census 
made in January, 1835, amounting to 2,232." A new Church was, therefore, 
built on a different site at MuUinacaw by the Ecol. Conors; at a cost of 1,810 Is. lOd. 
The Western transept was built by the Eccl. Commissioners for the accommodation 
of the pupils of Portora Royal School, which is situate in the parish, which seems to 
account for a sum of 225 8s. 2d. appearing in their accounts. The new Church was 
first used in 1841 as appears by the following notes in the Parish Records : 

" The new Church of Rossory was opened for Divine Service, on Sunday 4th April, 
" 1841, by me, Wm. Ball, A.M., Rector, with the permission of Lord Robert Ponsonby 
" Tottenham, D.D., Lord Bishop of Clogher, by his Lordship's letter bearing date 18th 
" Feb., 1841. An overflowing congregation. Blessed be God." 

" On this day, Friday, Aug. 6th, 1841, the new Church and Cemetery of Rossory 
" in Mullinacow, were consecrated by Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham, Lord Bishop 
" of Clogher, in presence of a crowded congregation of the Parishioners and a numerous 
" assemblage of the clergy of the Diocese, Rev. Wm. Ball, A.M., Incumbent, of Rossory, 
"preached on the occasion from 2 Chron. v., 13-14." 

Unfortunately the old Church of Rossory was completely demolished, the ma- 
terials being sold, with consent of the Bishop for 27 and the stones being carted away 
to build a stable at the new Church ! ' Not one stone was left on another. Vandalism 
could go no further. Canon Pratt has found and preserved at the Rectory a stone 
belonging to the ancient doorway, showing mouldings. 

The Church was handsomely restored in 1911, at a cost of about 1*500, defrayed 
by a generous lady who wished to be anonymous. A beautiful three-light window was 
erected in memory of A. A. Johnston, LL.D., of St. Angelo, by his mother, Mrs. C. E. 
Field, at a cost of 800. Its subject is intended to illustrate the Te Deutn. It was 
painted by Miss Nellie O'Brien at Miss Purser's Works, and is one of the best specimens 
of stained glass in Ireland. 

The Parish Registers from 1797 are in Parochial Custody as also some earlier 
entries which are, however, illegible, and Vestry Books from 1763-1816, and from 1883. 
Notice of Marriage Book 1845-70. 

A very beautiful tower was erected in 1915 by Mrs. C. H. Field, at a cost of 1050, 
in memory of her brother-in-law, the late Robert Johnston, Esq., of Lisgoole Abbey. 
It stands on a commanding position and is a pleasing feature in the landscape. 

See also App.. TV. 


District Curates and &ncum&ents. 

01840. William Brownlow AsheisC. SeeDonagh. Shirley says he was Lie. 29 June, 

1847. William Bredln appears C. He was son of Edward B. (described in Matrio. 
Book, T.C.D., as " Agricola," who was also a prosperous yarn merchant) and Anna 
Hall, b. atPorthill, Aghavea, Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. O'Beirne, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 22, 1827, 
aged 19, B.A. 1836, ord. D. 29 Sep., 1840 (Lim.), P. 184r-, C. Aghavea 1844, m. circa 
1835, S. Thompson and had issue (1) William, in Australia ; (2) John ; (3) Mary ; (4) 
Rev. Edwin, M.A., T.C.D., R. of Rathdowney (Oss.) ; (5) Annabella ; (6) Sarah, m. H. 
Hall, of Australia ; (7) James ; (8) Letitia m. G. Skelton, of New Zealand ; (9) Eliz. 
m. hi Australia ; (10) Alfred ; (11) Jane m. Rev. T. B. Naylor, D.D. He d. at the Rec- 
tory, Newtownbutler, of typhus fever May 14, 1866. His bro., Rev. James, M.A., 
T.C.D., was R. of Nurney and Myshall, Leighlin. 

1867-9. Joseph Torrens was D.O. ; T.C.D. B.A. 1864, Div. Test. (2) and Eh?. Theol. 
Pri. 1867, M.A. 1873, ord. D. 1867 (Armagh), P. 1868 (Down for Armagh) became C. 
Clonmel 1870-3* 0. St. Miohan's, Dub. 1873-6, R. Coolbanagher 1875, Preb. Rathangan 
1882, B. Naaa 1901-8, Archd. of Kildare 1894, d. Aug. 7, 1909, aged 70. 

SLAVIK. 345 

1869. Hugh Alexander, res. in 1873. See Derrybruski 

1874-84. John Reid, inst. (on lapse) 14 Nov., 1879 (D.R.) \ res. for Newtowneaville, q.v; 
1885-7. William Hannah, Lie. C.-in-Charge June 1, 1886, res. for Cooneen q.v. 

1887-90. Thomas Pemberton, ofd. D. for this C. Deo., 1887. Lie. C.-in-Charge (as 
Priest) 21 Dec., 1888 (D.R.) ; res. 25 Mar., 1890 [? 1889]. See Cleenish. 

1893. James Water eon, Lie. C.-in-Charge Jan. 5 (D,R.) ; inst. Incumbent Dec. 6, 1804 ; 
res. in 1901. See Aghabog. 

1902. Francis St. Glair Caithness, inst. April 3 (D.R.) ; ed. at Bp. Wilson's Theol. 
Coll. I. of Man., 1896 and T.C.D. 1904, ord. D. 1898 (Sodor and Man.), P. 1899 (Arm. for 
Clogher), C. Kirkloran I. of Man. 1898-9, C. Donaghmoine 1899, B. Errigal Shanco 
1900-2, res. Sallaghy for R. Clabby 1923. 

1924. John Fulton Gilliland Mag 11 1, Lie. Curate-ln-Charge May 1 (D.R.) ; ed. ai/Meth. 
Coll., Belfast, Asst. Master High School, Dublin, 1916-20, N.U.I. Univ. Coll. 1st cl. 
Prizeman in Classics, T.C.D. B.A. 1920, M.A. 1923, ord. D. 1920, P. 1922 (Clogher), 
C. Monaghan 1920-2, C. Hillsborough 1922-4, m.Mary H. Connor, Undergrad. Q.U.B. 
and Dipl. (1st cl.) in Technology, London, issue Elinor Mary Kathleen, b. Oct. 12. 


Sallaghy district was formed out of Qalloon about the year 1840. The Ohuroh 
was consecrated 4 July, 1843 (Ir. Ecc}. Jour.) 

The Parish Registers from 1841 were lost in the P.R.O. 

Of the Communion Plate a Flagon is inscribed " Sallaghy Church from Rev. Henry 
Tottenham, Rector and Vicar of Galloon and Chancellor of the Cathedral of Clogher, 
1846." and a Chalice and Paten " Sallaghy Church,, 1842," another Chalice, " Armagh 
Manor Church, 1861." 


District Curates. 

c1840. George Harrison Reade. See Inniskeen. 

1841. Qeorge Houston (Bourns and Thorn) is here 1844. 

1846-58. Halahan Dunbar appears. See Inishmacsaint Curates. 

1887. Robert Andrew Phoenix. See Garrison. 

1876. Robert (VTQregor. See Lisbellaw; 

1877. Charles Ephraim J. B. Morrow. See Tempo. 

1880. Andrew Elliott, Lie. April 2 (D.R.) 

1886. John Magi II, Lie. Mar. 17, held with Garrison (D.R.) 

1890. Thomas H. MacFaddln, Lie. Oct. 8 (D.R.) See Garrison; 

1894. Qeorge Charles o'Keeffe, Lie. April 23 (D.R.) with Garrison, q.v; 


Slavln was never a parish in the true sense of the word ; was originally a district 
curacy in Inishmacsaint .parish and is now held with Garrison. The.^cpl..Co0ir^ v Bpent 
312 6s. 8d. onrepairo to the Church' between 1835 and 1865. 

The Parish Registers from 1824 were lost in the P.R.O; 




1863-4. Samuel Ward Payne, ord. F. for this C. at Armagh, 21 Deo., 1853. See 
App. IV. 

18B7. Thomas Mason, nom. Nov. 20, 1857 (V.B.) See Aghavea Curates. 

1860. Isaac Henry Deacon appears. T.O.D. B.A. 1858 ; subsequently Inc. Trinity 
Church, Belfast, 1866-84, was inhibited in Armagh Dio. 8 June, 1876, for officiating in 
Ballymbre Parish against the Hector's wish, in a Wesleyan Place of Worship during the 
hours of Divine Service (Arm. D.R.) His son, Major Henry B. G. Deacon (tempy. 
Lt.-Col.), Connaught Rangers, won the D.S.O. in 1916, in the Great War. 

1863. Robert James Shaw was C. 1863-7, changed his name to Shaw-Hamilton, be- 
came Dean of Armagh. (See Armagh Clergy p. 30). 

1868. Edmond Malone Weir was C. to 1870. See Tydavnet. 

1872. Francis Michael Hanlon, nom. Feb. 2, inst. Feb. 29 (D.R.) ; res. 1 May, 1872 

1974. Matthew O'Connor, inst. (on lapse) as Matthias O'Connor, Jan. 16 (D.R.) ; ord. 
D. 1871, P. 1873. Seems to have been Curate-in-Charge 1872-4, res. for R. Brosna 
(Ardfert) 4 Feb., 1874, d. 21 Aug., 1901, aged 65. 

1874. William Hlatt Brushe, inst. June 12 (D.R.); son of James B., b. in Co. Wicklow, 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 5/1832, aged 16, ed. by Mr. Delamere, B.A. 1838, ord. D. 1843, P. 184-, 
. P.O. Moygounah (Killala) 1851-71 ; res. Tattykeeran 5 Feb., 1877, d at Killeigh, near 
Tullamore Jan. 7, 1879. 

Since 1878 the parish seems to have gone with the Mother Parish, Aghavea. 


Tattykeeran " ? The tate of the mountain ash " a tate was about 60 Irish acres. 
The Parish was originally a district In Aghavea, which became an Incumbency on 
Disestablishment. The Church the site of which was given by Sir A. B. Brooke, Bart. 
was cons, on 29 Oct., 1873 (D.R.) 

All Baptisms, etc., were entered in the Registers of Aghavea. 



1479. Nellanus Mag rath, a Clerk of Clogher Diocese, (on his petition that this R. of 
Templecarne alias Game, which had hitherto been united to the Priory of Lough Derg, 
should be disunited, as the Priory had neither Rector, Prior nor Convent, nor was Divine 
Worship celebrated there as its revenues had passed into the hands of some powerfu 
Clerks) was prov.- by the Pope to this R. July 10 (Ann. Hib. i., 49), 


1530. Peter (or Patrick) Mag rath (Macgrater), appears as V. and was inhibited Oct. 19 
(Arm. D.R.) 

1619. Hugh Magulre was pres^ by the Crown to the V. June 28 (L.M. v. 104). 
In P.P. of 1620 his name appears as Hugh M'Garr. 


Rectors and "Vicars. 

1621. Maurice Buchanan, coll. Dec. 7 as R. & V. (R.V. 1634), ord. D. & P. 11 Aug., 1621 
(ib), got a grant of a glebe here, Feb. 29, 1631-2 (Morrin iii., 693). Was C. Clogher in 
1632, is here in 1634. 

1661 . William Watson, coll. May 7 (V.B.), also held Inishmacsaint q.v. ; d. in 1678. 
1678. Hugh Johnston, coll. June 29 (F.F.) His P. Will was proved in 1692. 
1692. John Smith appears (V.B.) See Inishmacsaint. 
1696. William Pockrldge (or Pochrich) appears (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1698. Alexander Colhoun appears (V.B.) ; son of William 0., of Newtownstewart, Co. 
Tyrone, ent. T.C.D. June 7, 1680, aged 17, B.A. 1684, was C. Donacavey 1694-9, C. 
Dromore, 1694, C. Kilskeery 1700. Seems to have been C. Clogherny circa, 1698 ; m. 
Judith, dau. of James Hamilton, and sister of Dr. Andrew H., Preb. of Kilskeery, and 
had issue (1) Major William'; (2) Rev. Alex. ; (4) Audley ; (6) James, grandfather of 
John Caldwell Colhoun, Vice-President, U.S.A. (See Armagh Clergy, p. 179) He d. 
in 1717. See also App. IV. 

1717. Richard Richards, coll. R. and V. " of Templecarne alias Castlecarne " Oct. 26 
(D.R.) res. in 1718. See Killany. 

1718. Fielding Wallls, coll. R. and V. " of Templecarne alias Castlekernmograth " 
Nov. 14 (D.R.). See Magheraculmoney. He was ordered to provide here a Registry 
Book and a Surplice at a Trienn. Vis. 1742. 

1746. Samuel Lindsay, coll. Aug. 6 (F.F.) ; res. in 1750. See Precentors. 

1750. Philip Skelton, coll. June 27 (F.F.) ; res. in 1759 for Devenish. See Prebs. 

1759. Thomas Hlglnbotham, coll. June 11 (D.R.) ; son of Thomas H., of Tullyma- 
glowny, Co. Cavan, Cornet, Cavan Mil., by Anne, dau. of George Nixon, of Granshagh, 
and sister of Rev. Adam N., Sen., b. at Lisduff, Co. Cavan ; ent. T.C.D. 1718, aged 17> 
Sch. 1721, B.A- 1723, M.A. 1726, ord. D. 24 Jan., 1727 (Dub.), P. 16 June, 1728 (Clogher), 
C. Enniskillen, 1726-9, C. Clogher 1741-64 ; m. Anne Eliz., dau. of Rev. Robert Higin- 
bothom, Presbyt. Min. of Co. Deny, and left issue (1) Lieut. Thomas, H.E.I.C.S. d. 
Dec., 1793 in India ; (2) Rev. Robert, of Dublin, d. intest. 12 Feb., 1818 ; (3) Martha, m. 
April, 1765, Rev. Henry Wright, C. of Bray, Rev. T. H. d. in May, 1762 (H.B.S. See 
also Dundas p. 79). 

1762. Michael Hugh Tuthlll, coll. Sep. 8 (D.R.) ; res. in 1767, see Prebs. Donacavey. 
1768. Joseph Carson appears (V.B.), held with Errigal Trough, q.v. 

1775 William Tisdall, coll. Dec. 14 (Mason) ; signed Parlt. Ret. of 1777. Perhaps 
W. T., who was C. Kilsaran 1740 (See Leslie's Hist, of Kilsaran, p. 227) He was V. 
Donagh 1773-4, and evidently V. Aghavea 1774-5, holding also Duneane and Cranford 
(Connor) from 1772. He was also V. Drummaul in Oct., 1765 (Reynell Mas., Down 
and Connor, London Mag.) 

1791 . Andrew Allen, coll. June 4 (D.R.) ; res. in 1793. See Archdeacons. 

1794. Thomas Wallls, coll. Mar. 24 (D.R.) j was R. Boho 1766-94, d. 20 Jan., 1807. 

Note. There is considerable confusion in the Records concerning the appointment 

of his successor. Thus, one entry in the D.R. has 

"1806. William Moffitt, B.A., coll. to Came 6 Mar., vac. per resig. of 

A. Allen, who held it from 18th July, 1795, to his resig. on 6 Mar., 1806," 

While Reeves, in his Lists, has 

"1806. John Lottie" on what authority, I do not know ; and Mason, 

in his Survey, has 

"1806. Arthur Hyde pros., but not ind." ["Carne" is evidently an 

error for " Currin."] 
That these entries are not reliable is seen from the following in the D.R. 

1807. John Leslie " coll. R. & V. Carne, otherwise Templecarne, on April 16, in room of 
Thomas Wallis, who held it from 24 March, 1794, and vacated it by death, 20 Jan., 
1807." He was the 2nd son of Chas. Powell L., of Glaslough, b. 12 Oct., 1772, ed. by 
Mr. Carpendale, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. July 3, 1790, aged 17, B.A. 1794, M.A. 1805, ord. D. 
20 Nov., 1796, P. 2 July, 1797 (S.R.), was V. Donagh 1800-7, R. Fiddown (Ossory) 
Mar.-Sep, 1807, Dean of Cork 1807-12, Preb. Tynan 1808-12, cons. Bishop of Dromore 


at Armagh Jan. 26, 1812, transl. to Elphin 1815, and to Kilmore and Ardagh 1841 ; 
m. 8 Aug., 1808, Isabella, dau. of Rt. Hon. Thomas St. Laurence, Bp. of Cork and Rosa 
(she d. 10 Nov., 1830) and had issue (1) Charles, who became Bishop of Kilmore; 
(2) John, Barr.-at-Law ; (3) Thomas, Barr.-at-Law ; (4) Arthur, Lieut.-Col., and 6 daus. 
(See Baronetages)', he d. 22 July, 1864 (D.R. has 23 July), bur. in the new burialground 
at Kilmore 28 July (Par. Reg.) ; he res. this parish for Tynan 1808. 

1808. Richard Babington, coll. April 20 (D.R.), b. Feb. 17, 1765, eldest son of George 
B., of Derry City (and grandson of Richard B., of Mullagh), by Mary, dau. of Edmund 
Stafford, of Portglenone, ed. at Foyle Coll. ; T.C.D. B.A. 1786, M.A. 1807, R. Lower 
Langfleld (Derry) 1803-11, R. Termonamongan 1812-13, R. Lr. Cumber 1812-31, having 
a faculty to hold it with Templecarne 7 Dec., 1812, and another to hold R. Clonpriest 
(Cloyne) with Comber 1820-31 ; he res. Templecarne on Aug. 25, 1820. He m. and had 
issue (1) Anthony, of Creevagh, Registrar of Derry Dio. ; (2) Thomas Henderson, M.D., 
of Derby, m. Alice, dau. of Thomas Ackers, of Liverpool ; (3) George, Major in the Army ; 
(4) Richard, Attorney at Law ; (5) Henry ; (6) William Knox, Lieut. Gen. Madras ; 
(7) James, Capt. R.N. ; (8) Rev. David, B.A., R. of Glendermott 1860-89, and Canon of 
Derry, m. Anne, dau. of John Atkinson, of Mullavilly, Co. Armagh ; (9) Rev. Hume, 
M.A., R. Moviddy (Cork) 1833-86, grandfather of the present Dean of Cork; m. Esther, 
dau. of Richard Nettles, of Nettleville, Co. Cork ; (10) Anne, unm. ; (11) Angel, unm. 
Rev. R. B. d. Feb. 8, 1831, aged 65. 

1820. Robert Staples Jacob, coll. Sep. 19 (D.R.), son of Samuel, J. " Jurisconsult," 
b. in Co. Tipp., ent. T.C.D. as S.C. July 8, 1805, aged 17, degree not recorded, but ia 
B.A. in D.R., ord. P. 12 May, 1815 (Ossory), d. in 1835. 

1835. Robert Loftus Tottenham, coll. Mar. 12 (D.R.) ; res. same year for Aughnamul- 
len. See Donaghmoine. 

1835. William Lennard Roper, coll. Aug. 4 (D.R.) ; res. in 1840 for Monaghan, q.v. 

1840. Thomas Birney, coll. June 10 (D.R.), eldest son of Joseph B., Merchant, b. in Co. 
Tyrone, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 2, 1797, aged 15, B.A. 1802, ord. D. (or P.?) Dec. 2, 1805 (S.R.), 
C. Aghalurcher 1809, C. Clogher 1815-8, R. Staholmok and Cruicetown (Meath) 1830, 
R. Aghavea 1831-40, d. in Aug., 1847. Will proved 1847, was m. and had issue. His 
wid., Mary Anne, d. Jan. 5, 1861, aged 80, a dau., Mary m. 24 April 1840 J. B. Bank- 
head of Tullyquilly, Co. Down. 

1847. Charles William Maude, coll. Sep 15 (D.R.) ; eldest son of Hon. J. C. M., R. of 

Enniskillen, and Prec. Clogher, b. 2 Oct., 1816, in Somersetshire, ed. at Winchester, Sch. 
T.C.D., ent. as S.C. Oct. 17, 1834, aged 18, B.A. 1838, M.A. 1863, ord. D. 1840 (Derry), 
P. 1841 (Armagh), was C. St. Patrick's, Newry, 1843 ; res. Templecarne for R. Great 
Munden, Yorks., 1863 ; m. 25 Sep., 1849, Charlotte, dau. of Robert Myddleton Biddulph, 
of Chirk Castle, Denbigh, and had issue by her who d. 7 Oct., 1871, two sons, Charles 
Thomas and Robert John. 
1863. Andrew Williamson, coll. April 4 (D.R.), res. in 1867 for Magheraeulmoney, q.v. 

1867. Walter Young, appears ; son of John Y., " Pragmaticus," b. in Co. Tyrone, ed. 
by Mr. Rollestone, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1822, aged 18, B.A. 1831, C. Lisbellaw (Cleenish 
Parish) c. 1838-67 ; m. Mary Susannah, dau. of Thos. Young, of Lough Esk, and sister 
of Thomas Young Brooke, of Lough Esk, Co. Donegal, and had issue, including John 
Grove, of Lough Esk, J.P. ; Margaret (2nd dau.), who m. June 1, 1868, John Michael 
Donnelly, of Blackwaterfcown ; Rose Mary (4th dau.), who m. 1878, de Barri Crawshay, 
of Rosefield, Sevenoaks, Kent, and Jane Eliz., who m. 17 Oct., 1878, Rev. John Crozier 
Hudson, Jun. (See Prebs. Kilskeery), and a dau. , m. Vignoles. He d. Feb. 9, 
1880, in his 76th year. 

1881 . Thomas Fullerton, inst. Mar. 15 (D.R.), was C. Killeevan 1870 ; res. Sep. 20, 1881. 
Afterwards resided at Armagh. 

I 381 .James Wilson, Lie. C.-in-Charge 30 Dec., 1881, inst. R. Jan. 30, 1883 (D.R.) ; rea. 
in 1885. See Tyholland. 

1885. Morris Richard Davies, ord. D. for C.-in-Charge 17 Dec., 1885, Lie. June 1, 
1886 (D.R.) coll. Incumbent (on lapse) Mar. 13, 1891. See Aghavea.- 

1896. Richard John Robb, Curate-in-Charge 1895-6, inst. R. Mar. 6, 1896 (D.R.) ; 
T.C.D. B.A. 1893, M.A. 1896, ord. D. 1893, P. 1894, C. Kilrossanty 1893-5, res. Temple- 
carne in 1900 for C. Bolton le Sands (Manchester) 1900-5, ,0. St. Luke's, Brierfield, 
1905-6, C. St. Peter, March., Cambs. 1906-9, C. Ch. Ch., Sutton, 1909-18. 
Diamond (Armagh) 1918-19, C. St. Geo., Battersea, 1919-21, C.:inrCharge Ford, Ber- 
wick 1921-2, C. Tottington U., Norwich, 1923. 


1900. Robert Gregg Bury, inst. June 30 (D.R.) See Clontibret. 

1901. Richard Caleb Lapham, inst. Sep. 30 (D.R.) ; res. 1 July, 1903. See below. 

1903. Thomas Dagg,inst. Sep. 12 (D.R.) See Prebs. Donacavey. 

1908. Thomas Cecil Magee, insfc. June 12 (D.R.) ; res. in 1917 for Tydavnet, q.v. 

1917. Richard Caleb Lapham (again) inst. July 21 (D.R.) ; res. 1922. See Cleenish. 

1922. Edgar Watt M'Kegney, Lie. C.-in-Charge Mar. 12 (D.R.) ; T.O.D. B.A. (Eesp.) 
1921, Oratory Medals Univ. Philos. and Theol. Societies, ord. D. and P. 1922 (Clogher), 
had served as an Officer in the 8th Batt. R. Innis. Fus., in the Great War, 1916-18, 
wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans 1918 ; res. this parish 1924 and became R. 
Dutton with Lome, Huron Diocese, Canada, 1924-6, R. Sandwich S. and Colchester 
N. Huron 1926. 

1924. William Ivors Stewart, inst. R. Aug. 3 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1906, M.A. 1923, ord. 
D. 1906, P. 1908 (Clogher), 0. Monaghan 1906-7, C. Boho 1907-12, R. Cleenish 1912-24. 


1624. John Keare [? or Ker] (R.V.) 

1665. James Sinclair appears ; was also C. Inishmacsaint, ord. D. April 12, Lie. Ap. 13 
- (D.R.) 

[1669. Reeves has" John Garroch(F.B.) "; but in 1670 "John Garryooh " appears as 
" Clerk to the Parish," not as Curate (V.B.)]. 

1672. Simon Well (or Will) (V.B.) 

1692. John Forbes (F.B.) was probably a son of Rev. JohnF., R. ofBallinderry (Armagh). 
(See Armagh Clergy, p. 122). 

1694. James Watt, M.A. (V.B.), but the name might be " Wall." 
1696. John Wilson appears and also in 1701 (V.B.) See Cleenish Curates. 

1761. Andrew Young, Lie. June 1 (V.B.), ord. D. 31 May, 1761, P. 4 Sep. 1763 (S.R.). 
He res. for C. Dromore 1765, and d. c. 1786. See Dromore Curates. 

1809-29. William Ingram appears (V.B.) ; son of John I., merchant, b. in Co. Armagh, 
ed. by Mr. Carpendale, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 8, 1787, aged 16, Sen. 1790, B.A. 1792, C. Kil- 
leevan 1806, He was father of John Kells Ingram, F. T.C.D., and of Thomas Dunbar 

1849. John Ferrar ,(Q1dham). Son of William F., " gen.", b. in Co. Antrim, ed. by Mr. 
Grey, ent. T.C.D. July 4, 1825, aged 17, B.A. 1830, ord. D. 1833, P. , was C. Cappagh 
(Derry) in 1844 (Bourne) ; was C. here in 1862. 

1867 William Ralph Pilsworth, T.C.D. B.A. 1867, Div. Test. 1867, was C. Temple- 
carne to 1872, C. Palgrave, Suffolk, 1872-4. 

1873-4. Samuel Hoare Simpson. See Barr. 

1876. John Crozler Hudson, Jun., Lie. Oct. 6 (D.R.) See Prebs. Kilskeery. 
See also App. IV. for Curates. 


Templecarne=? " The temple (or Church) of the earn" [of Magrath] see above 
under F. Wallis. In 1662 " the Church ruinous ; inconveniently placed ; no house " 
(R. V. ) Value in 1634, 30 (R.V. ) An Order in Council was passed on April 18th, 1730, 
for removing the Parish Church to a new site. This Church was built in 1749 in the 
Town of Pettigo. (See also Mason's Parochial /Survey, Vol. i.) Robert Plunket was 
Skelton's tithe-prootor here. The value of the tithes was at that time 200 a year. 
(See Purdy's Lije of P. SJcelton ). The Rector (W. L. Roper) made thejfollowing report 
to the Chapel of Ease Society in 1836 : 

" The parish Church situated in the town of Pettigo, has long since been condemned 
by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners' architect, and some months ago we were obliged 
to leave it altogether, in consequence of its dangerous condition ; and strange to say, 
in this extensive and populous parish there is not a place of Protestant worship of any 
denomination. We have therefore been obliged to assemble in the market-house, 
which does not contain more than one-third of the number which would attend had we 
room. Indeed the parishioners, generally speaking, are thirsting after divine know- 
ledge, and are much dissatisfied at having no Church in which to assemble. They have 
voluntarily subscribed 500, and upwards, for erecting one. I have frequently made 
to the Commissioners the loud and urgent calls for a Church, calculated to hold 


from eight hundred to a thousand persons ; but I grieve to add, withput avail. This 
is the more to be regretted as " Lough Derg,' that awful scene of superstition and bigotry, 
is in this parish ; and the intermarriages of Roman Catholics with Protestants, to a 
fearful degree frequent, so that there is but too much reason to apprehend the conse- 

" About five miles north of Pettigo, the farmers, aided by small contributions, have 
built a house, but which there are not any means for otherwise finishing. At first they 
called it a ' school-house,' but have since designated it a ' Church,' and have applied to 
me to supply it. It is capable of holding about two hundred people, but by erecting a 
gallery, etc., would accommodate a much greater number. This field I wish to occupy, 
and propose, the Lord being my helper, to have Service there as often as possible. My 
income, however, will not admit of my paying a second curate, and the duties of the 
parish are so very considerable, we could not at all engage in having it regularly and 
effectively supplied. Application was made to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, for 
aid, towards paying a Clergyman for that district, but also without avail. We could 
have produced them a lease of the house, and ground upon which it stands ; perhaps 
indeed a larger space if necessary. ' Bo Island,' in Lough Erne, contains about two 
hundred Protestants, one half of which is in Templecarne, and the other hi Drumkeeran 
parish, is destitute even of a school-house or room, in which Lectures might be held, 
consequently, being difficult of access, (except in fine weather), the inhabitants are in 
gross ignorance." 

The Church was built by the Eccl. Conors, between 1836 and 1865 at a cost of 2,059 
12s. Od., and during the same period 299 13s. 4d. was spent on repairs. 

The Parish Registers from 1825 are in Parochial Custody and some old VestryBooks. 
Of the Communion Plate a Chalice and a Flagon and Paten are inscribed " Parish of 


District Curates. 

1824. Henry Leard (V.B.) He was D.C. here as 0. Enniskilten in 1830 and perhaps 
1835. See Boho. 

1835-8. Richard H. Webb (V.B.), perhaps Richard Henry W., son of Arthur, "gen.", 
b. in Co. Kilkenny, ent. T.C.D. as S.C. June 20, 1795, aged 17. No degree recorded ; 
ord. D. Leighlin, 1812, or more likely Richard, son of Wm. W., " gen.", b. in Co. Meath ; 
ent. T.C.D. Nov. 2, 1818, aged 16, B.A. 1823. He was 0. Enniskillen, 1825-38. 

1838. Nathaniel Hone (V.B.) There are three of this name who grad. in T.C.D. about 
the same time, two of whom were laymen. Mr. Dundas (Enniskillen Parish and Town, 
p. 81) suggests this was N. H., son of Wm. H., who ent. T.C.D. July 3, 1826, aged 16, 
B.A. 1831, M.A. 1834, but I have found that Rev. N. H. was ord. D. in Kilmore Diocese 
on 21 Feb., 1830, when the above N. H. was only 20 years and not a graduate. Another 
N. H., son of Nathl. H., Alderman andLordMayor of Dublin, ent. July 1, 1816, aged 16, 
B.A. 1821, M.A. 1832, who is evidently our N.H. was C. Tullylish (Dromore) 1830 and 
C. Newry 1835-38. He does hot appear in any Irish Clergy List in 1852. 

1843-70. John Whlttaker was C.-in-Charge. See next. 

1870. John Whlttaker (above) on Disestablishment (Annuity 135) became Incumbent ; 
son of James W., b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. O'Beirne, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1827, aged 19, 
B.A. 1832, C. Killeevan to 1842, C. Drum 1842-3 ; d. Dec. 19, 1876, aged 68. 

1877. Robert Thomas Le Ban Anketell (I.G.D.) ; ed.. at St. Bee's Coll, ord. D. 1870, 
P. 187-, C. Boho 1870-5 ; was here only a short time. 

1884. William Matchette, coll. (by lapse) Oct. 6 (D.R.) ; res. 30 April, 1885. T.C.D. 
B.A. (Resp.) 1882, Div. Test. 1883, M.A. 1892, ord. D. 1882 (Kilmore for Armagh), 
P. 1883 (Down for Armagh), was C. Tempo 1882-4, afterwards C. Kildollagh (Connor) 
1885-7, R. do. 1887-8, R. Ballintoy 1888-1916, R. Ballyrashane 1916-19, retired, d. 
18 Jan., 1922. Author of For Church and Creed. 

1885. John Hall, inst. Sep. 2 (D.R.) ; res. in 1892 for Garvary, q.v. See also Prebs- 

1893. William Albert Betty, Lie. C.-in-Charge 20 Dec., and inst. Inct. 21 Dec., (D.R.); 
res. in 1903 for Clogh. 


1903. Frederick George Nelson, inat. Sep. 12 (D.R.) ; eldest son of Arthur Nelson , 
J.P., Registrar of Probate Court, Deny, ed. at St. Bee's Coll. 1891, ord. D. 1893, P. 1895, 
C. Carlingford 1893-4, 0. Glenavy 1894-6, Acting Chapl. Bilbao. 1897-8, C. Stoke -on- 
Tern 1899-1900, C. Cobridge 1900-1, C. Tamlaght (Armagh) 1903, res. Tempo 16 July, 

1906, R. Derrygortreavy 1906-12, went to S. Africa, V. Chor. Cathl., Kimberly, 

1912-13, now C. Cullercoats, Northumberland. 

1 806. James Wilson (Jun.), inst. Oct. 19 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. James W., R. of Tyholland, 
T.C.D. B.A. 1900, M.A. 1904, Div. Test. 1902, ord. D. 1901 (Down for Clogher), P. 1903 
(Clogher), C. Clontibret 1901, C.-in-Charge Trory 1901-2, C. Tyholland 1903-6, res. 
Tempo 1915 for Derrygortreavy. 

1916. William Johnston Smartt, inst. Jan. 22 (D.R.) ; res. in 1919 for Donacavey, q.v. 
1919. Thomas Henry Scanlon, inst. Oct. 4 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1915, Div. Test. 1916, 
M.A. 1918, ord. D. 1916, P. 1917 (Down), C. Seagoe 1916-8, C. Enniskillen 1918-9. 


1870. William Coohrane res. for Drum, 1876. 
1879-81. Ellas Frank Naylor. See Precentors. 
1882-4. William Matchette. See Incumbents. 


Tempo in Irish An tIompodh deisiol=" turning from left to right," so-called 
from the ancient custom of turning sunways in worship. 

The District was created in 1838 out of Enniskillen Parish (D.R.) It was the 
old " Pubble " district. A Faculty for altering the Church was granted 25 April, 
1866 (D.R.) The New Chancel was cons, in 1893 (ib.). 

The Parish Registers from 1836 are in Parochial Custody. 

The Ohalice and Paten are inscribed " The gift of the Rev. Thomas Smyth, Rector 
of Enniskillen to the Church of Pubble, 1772." 



1874 Owen Handcock Phlpps, inst. April 7 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1859, Div. Test. (2) 
1863, M.A. 1864, ord. D. 1865, P. 1866 (Down), C. Shankill (Lurgan) 1865-9, C. Hills- 
borough 1869-72, d. June 14, 1892. 

1892. James Fordo Leathley, inst. Oct. 1 (D.R.) ; res. in 1899. See Inishmacsaint. 

1900. Francis Doherty, inst. Dec. 11 (D.R.), b. in Co. Armagh, Prel. Theol. Exam. Camb., 
3rd cl., 1887; R.U.I. B.A. 1888, ord. D. 1888 (Winch.), P. 1899 (Quildford for Winch.), 
C. Chilworth, Hants. 1888-9 and 1891-2, C. Tyfield, Hants. 1889-91, C. Clones 1892-5, 

1. Augher 1895-1900, res. Trillick 31 Jan., 1906, R. St. Clements, Belfast, 1906-13, V. H. 
Trin. Skirkbeck 1913-14, V. Wilsden 1915-17, V. Armley Hall, Ripon 1917, V. Broad- 
wood Widger, Exeter, 1926. 

Author of Sunshine in Religion and General and Harvest Sermons. 

1906. Robert James Mitchell, inst. Mar. 15 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1889, 
M.A. 1899, ord. D. 1889, P. 1890 (Down), C. Ballyphilip 1889-92, C. Shankill (Lurgan) 
1892-5, R. Drumsnatt 1895-1906, m. and has issue. His dau., Eleanor Patricia m. Jan. 

2, 1924, A. H. T. Warnock, L.R.C.P. & S.I., of Trillick, son of Robert W., of Fintona. 


This Parish was erected since Disestablishment out of Kilakeery. 

Trllllok=" three pillar stones." The Church was licensed for Divine Worship 
on 9 Dec., 1872, a Deed of Endowment from the Archdall family, dating 4 Nov. 
It was licensed for Marriages June 1, 1904 (D.R.) The Parish Registers, being only 
since Disestablishment, are not controlled by the State and are in Parochial Custody. 
The following documents are also in Parochial Custody : 

(1) Deed of Endowment of the Parish Church by Mervyn Archdall ; (2) Copy of 
Indenture of lands held by Local Trustees under the Irish Land Commission and certified 
copy of Land Certificate ; (3) Copy of Extract of the Will of Rev. Owen Phipps ; (4) 
Weed of premises occupied by the late Eliza Smith. 



Perpetual Curates. 

1779. Michael Tu thill, Lie. Mar. 2 (S.R.) appears as Michael Hugh Tuthill, 13 Mar., 
1801, when he res. for Drumcheeran (D.R.) 

1801. William Weir, Lie. April 23 (DM.) ; ent. T.O.D. as Sizar June 8, 1762, ed. by Mr. 
Burgoyne, Sch. 1764, B.A. 1766, 0. Enniskillen 1768-94, E. Boho 1794-1801, had a son 
John, ent. T.C.D. July 29, 1788, aged 17, b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. Noble. 

1818. John Richardson Young, Lie. Mar. 10 (S.R.) was here in 1816 (V.B.) ; res. in 
1832 for Tydavnet, q.v. 

1832. Butler Brooke, Lie. Jan. 19 (S.R.) ; res. in 1837 for Aghabog. See Killeevan. 
1837. John Taylor, Lie. Jan. 12 (D.R.) ; res. in 1842 for Rossory, q.v. 

1842. Henry Anthony Burke, Lie. Nov. 30 (D.R.) ; res. in 1846. See Tydavnet. 
1846. Charles William Maude, Lie. Sep. 17 (D.R.) ; res. in 1847 for Templecarne, q.v. 

1847. Henry Montgomery Arohdall, Lie. Nov. 11 (D.R.) ; 4th son of Edward A., 
of Riversdale, Co. Ferm., ent. T.C.D. July 6, 1835, aged 17; b. in Co. Ferm., ed. by Mr. 
Burnett, B.A. 1841, M.A. 1858, ord. D. 1844, P. 1846, res. Trory May 13, 1876, Annuity 
283 3s. 6d. ; m. in 1848 Elizabeth, dau. of James Blaokwood Price, of Saintfield, and had 
issue, Edward, etc. (See B.L.Q.) 


1876. Samuel Leslie Brakey, inst. Inc. Nov. 24 (D.R.)', res, in 1901. See Chancellors. 
1902. William Hall, C.-in-Charge. See App. IV. 

1903. John George Perdue, Lie. C.-in-Charge Sep. 26 (D.R.) T.C.D. B.A. 1899, M.A. 
1907, ord. D. 1902 (Kilm. for Ologher), P. 1903 (Clogher), C. Lisnaskea 1903, C. Trory 
1903-6, res. 22 Oct., 1906, C. St. Paul's Cath., London, Ontario, 1906 ; Org. Sec. C.C.C.S. 
for Ireland 1910-16, served in R.A.S.C. in the Great War 1916-21, Chapl. and Asst. 
Master, Nautical Coll., Pangbourne, 1922-24, Org. Sec. Miss. S.E. England 1924. 

1907. Arthur Thomas Webb, inst. Jan. 11 (D.R.) ; res. in 1911. SeePrebs. Tyholland. 

1911. Archibald John M'Master Yair, inst. Dec. 6 (D.R.) ; b. 11 May, 1873, at Ports- 
mouth, Hants., son of Archibald Y. (late of the Admiralty), ed. at Gosport by J. G. 
Thomas, and Chichester Coll. 1896, ord. D. 1898, P. 1899 (Liehfield), C. Acton Trussell, 
1898-1900, C. Eman. Ch., Dulwich, 1900-1, C. Oxted 1901-2, G. Ide Hill, Kent, 1902-5, 
C. Lyminster 1905-6, R. Gartree 1906-11, res. Trory in 1921 for C. Tetbury, Gloucester 
1921-5 ; P.O. Poulton, Gloucs., 1925 ; m. 26 May, 1901, Elsie Catherine Mytton, dau. 
of Sir Richard Mills, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., late Comptroller and Auditor-General, of Lin 
dridge, Oxted, Surrey, and has issue Ailsa M'Master, b. 15 Sep., 1903, at Ide Hill, 

1921. Parish held since June 1921 with Enniskillen. It has been united to Enniskillen 
under the Minimum Income Scheme, 1923. 


1858-63. Francis James Hurst. See Archdeacons. 
1869-71. William Brennan. See Garvary. 

1873. Christopher Halahan, Lie. June 27 (D.R.) ; res. in 1874 for Rossory. See Don? 

1876. Samuel Leslie Brakey, inst. Nov. 24 (D.R.) ; res. in 1901. See Chancellors; 


Trory Parish was originally a part of Devenish and there was a Chapel of Ease here 
before 1768, but " there was alternate Service only. It is ( I quote from a Parl. Return 
of 1777) contemplated to rebuild the Chapel, which is a very mean one and for the See 
to give a Glebe out of the Archdall lease." The Church was rebuilt at a cost of 300, 
raised by assessment on the parish. It is described by Lewis (Top. Diet. ) as a very plain 
building. On 18 Sep., 1778, the new Church and Parish of Trory was taken out of 


Devenlsh by the name of " the Parish or Chaplry of St. Michael's, Trory " (D.R.) 
The Church was cons, on Aug. 13, 1788 (ib). A Faculty for alterations was granted in 
1862. Up to 1865 343 Is. 9d. was spent on restoration (Rep. of Eccl. Com. ) A Faculty 
to alter and repair the Maude Vault in Trory Church was granted 20 June, 1889. A 
New Burial Q round given by Edward Mervyn Archdall was cons. 11 Sep., 1900 (D.R.) 
Killadeas Parish was endowed out of Trory in 1864. 

The Parish Registers from 1779 are in Parochial Custody. 

The Communion Plate includes a Flagon inscribed " The Parish of St. Michael's, 
Trory, A.D. 1783." A Chalice, the " gift of Richard Vincent, Esq.," and Patens " Par- 
ish of St. Michael's, Trory, A.D. 1783." 



1415. Nicholas O'Luan, priest, of Clogher diocese, son Of a priest and of an unmarried 
woman, res. this year the Perp. V. of Tullycorbet for the V. Cleenish. (C.P.L., vi). 

1526. Magonlus M'Crenyr, coll. V. by the Primate (Arm. D.R.) was also V. Aghavea, 
is called " Dean M'Crenyr " in 1528 (ib). 

1528. M'lllerny seems to have been V. this year, when the Church was burned. (Arm. 

1530. Tor re lotus O'Duffy, coll. V. (*&.) 

1531. Adam M'Goarta, coll. V. Dec. 27, O'Duffy being deceased (ib.) 

In 1622 the Vicarage was united to the Rectory. 
For Rectors up to 1885, see Prebs. Tullycorbet. 
Since 1883 the Parish has been united to Ballybay. 


1634. Paul Read (B.V.) 

1664. William Harvey (V.B.) was also C. Aughnamullen. 

1676. William Smith (V.B.) 

1679. James Christie, also in 1693 (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1701 .David M'WIIIIams (V.B.) here 1707. 

1704. William Nell Gordon (V.B.) 

1710. William Young (V.B.) See Magheraoulmoney. 

1717. William Adams (V.B.) 

1723. Alexander Lindsay ( V.B.) See Drumsnatt. 

1748. Alexander Qlllesple and up to 1760(F.B.) ; son of Eneas G., " colonus " [farmer] 
b. in Co. Mon., ent. T.C.D. as Siz. June 4, 1729, aged 29, ed. by Dr. Folds, Carriekmacross, 
degree not recorded, ord. D. 1743 (Kilmore) as B.A., ord. P. (Clogher) 20 June 1748. 

1763. Andrew Kerr, Lie. Sep. 6 (S.R.) ; is here in 1764 (V.B.) See Aghabog. 

1766. John M'Kee, 0., signs Parl. Ret. this year, and also one of 1772. Is here in 1791 
(V.B.) See Derrybrusk. 

1800. Charles Wolaeley, Lie. Jan. 10 (S.R.) Was here in 1806. Son of Rev. William 
W., Preb. of Tullycorbet. 

1810 William Issac Macartney (V.B.) 

1816-1821. Francis Rawdon appears (F.B.) ; son of JohnR., " gen.," b. in Co. Mon., ed. 
by Dr. Carpendale, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 4, 1793, aged 16. Degree not recorded. See Clon- 
tibret Curates. 

1844. John Moore appears (Thorn). 

I848 j; James Field Lie. June 3 (V.B.), son of JohnF., merchant, b. in Dublin, ed. by Mr. 
galloon, ent. T.C.D. Ot. 18, 1824, aged 19, B.A. 1831, ord. D. 1836, was here in 1862, 
0. Ratbgraffe (Meath) 1863-70. 



TulIyoorbet=I 1 Zacft Garbait " the hill of the Chariot," O'Donovan in the Ordnance 
Survey Letters connects it with the legend that St. Patrick's Chariot broke down here. 

The Rectory was granted with the Monastery of Clones for 21 years to Henry Duke 
in 1687 (F. Eliz. 6042). The termon of Tullycorbet, viz., 12 tates of land, was granted 
to Hugh Strawbridge at a rent of 6 English for ever in common socage tenure 13 May, 
1692 (P. Eliz. 6138). The Rectory seems to have been restored to the Incumbent 
before 1322. In that year the report is "Church repayred, a reasonable English (sic) 
house, no gleabe " (S.V.) The Rev. Walter Cope, Preb., got a grant from the Crown 
of 40 acres of Qlebe, June 17,1769 (L.M. v.172) and a glebe house was built on it in 1773. 
The Church was built In 1831 at the expense of 860 a loan from the Board of First 
Fruits. Up to 1864 281 3s. 4d. was spent on repairs. It was originally dedicated to 
St. Patrick and was re-built on its ancient site in 1831. 

The Parish Registers from 1836 to 1885 were lost in the P.R.O., but a volume from 
1741-67 was salved from the ruins and is in the Dublin Record Office. 

There is in Parochial Custody an old Vestry Minute Book. 



1422. Brlclus O'Luban, V. is deceased. See next. 

1422. Barthlomew O'Luban was prov. by the Pope to the V. of the parish Church of 
Teachdearmada (sic), value 6 marks, vacant by B. O'L's death, Jan. 21 (Ann. Hib. i., 
29). He was deprived in 1440. 

1440. Malaohy McMahon (Machmacuna) was prov. to the V. of Theachdampnada, value 
8 marks, vacant by the deprivation of B. O'L., April 21 (ib. i., 36). 

1422. Donatus O'Oheenan was prov. to the R. of Techdampnada, value 6 marks, May 

1429. Eugenius O'Gonnolly (O'Connalayd) was prov. to the R. of Teaohdamnada, 
value 6 marks, Mar. 18 (ib. i., 34-5). He was made Abbot of Clones in 1430-1 (ib. i., 48) . 

1454. Thomas Maorevayr R., was appointed Abbot of SS. Peter and Paul, Armagh 
(ib. i., 22). 

4B4. William Macrevayr was coll. R. by the Bp. (ib.), but see next. 

1454. James O'Hanratty (O'Hannrachtach) was prov. by the Pope to the R., W. M. 
being deprived, Sep. 10 (Ann. Hib. i., 22). 

1484. Patrick is R. May 12. (Beg. Octav. 124). 

The Rectory and Vicarage are consolidated in 1612. 

Rectors and Vicars. 

1812. James Hey gate, Archdeacon, was coll R. & V. Oct. 1, 1612, ind. April 21, 1613 
(R.V., 1634). See Archdeacons. 

1636. John Heygate (son of above) was pres. to the R. April 4, by the Crown (L.M. v., 
112), inst. June 11 (F.F.) See Drummully. 

1637. James Colquhoun, coll. May 20 (F.F.) ; res. in 1637 for Boho (q.v.) 

1637. Humphrey Qalbraith, coll. Deo. 4 (P.P.); appointed Archdeacon 1640 and 

perhaps, continued to hold Tydavnet. 
1661 .William Aldridge (or Aldrich), Com. Minister held the R. and V. on 26 Mar., and 

seems to have been deprived (V.B.) 
1661. Miles Symner (or Sumner) appears R. & V. Aug. 14 (V.B.) See Archdeacon* 


1061. William Smith, coll. R. & V. Dec. 6 (P.P.) ; was the eldest son of Rev. John S. 
(See Precentors) and was ord. P. 30 Oct., 1661 and held (by faculty) also the R. of Kil- 
more and V. Drumsnatt. He was Archd. of Armagh 1669-73 (See Armagh Clergy, pp. 
51-2). He m. in 1662, Katherine Rowley and had issue (1) Edward, of Clonlagh ; 

(2) Rev. William, R. of Loughgilly ; (3) ? Henry, of Dublin, and 4 daus. He d. in Dublin 
and was bur. Feb. 11, 1672/3 (Par. Reg. of St. Nicholas). His wid. survived him and 
proved his Will in 1673. 

1672/3. Ralph Barlow, coll. Feb. 28 and also to Kilmore and Drumsnatt (F.F.) ; was 
brother-in-law to William Smith, above, having m. his sister Katherine. See Drum- 
snatt ; d. in 1706. 

1706. Arthur St. Qeorge, coll. Sep. 30 (F.F.) ; res. in 1709. See Chancellors. 
1709. Thomas Warren, coll. June 4 (F.F.) ; res. in 1719/20. See Carrickmacross. 
1719/20. John Cranston, coll. Mar. 21 (F.F.), was also Archdeacon, q.v. 

1762. John Hawkshaw, coll. Nov. 10 (F.F.) He was the son of Joshua H., " gen." 
b. in Dublin, ed. there by Dr. Lloyd, ent. T.G.D. Feb. 25, 1729/30, aged 15, B.A. 1734, 
M.A. 1737, was V. Clontibret 1739-40, R. Monaghan 1740-59, R. Dromore 1759-62 ; m. 
Elizabeth,dau. of Rev. Samuel Madden, D.D., she d. 18 March, 1787, aged 80 (Tombstone 
in Tydavnet). He had issue, including Rev. {Robert, who held Prebs. in Glonfert and 
was also Preb. Taghmon (Ferns) 1785-1813 ob., Rev. Samuel, Preb. of Tyholland 
q.v., Rev. Richard, R. Fahan 1794-1813, and R. Termpnamongan 1813-25 ob., George, 
ent.T.O.D. Nov., 1773, aged 16, b. in Co. Mon.', ed. by Mr. Murray. 
He d. in 1792, when his P. Will was proved. He was C. Clogher in 1738. 

1793. Howard St. Qeorge, coll. R. & V. Tedonagh (sic), Feb. 1 (D.R.). He waa 6th 
son of Rev. Arthur St. G. (see Chancellors), b. 1744, ed. at Kilkenny College under Dr. 
Hewetson 1755-9, ent. T.C.D. June 19, 1759, aged about 16, B.A. 1764, M.A. 1767, 
B.D. and D.D. 1779, as LL.D. was ord. D. 22 July, 1764 (S.R.), ord. P. 21 Sep., 1766 
(Oss. S.R.) ; was R. Magheraculmoney 1767-93, R. Drumgoon (Kilmore) 1770-92, R. 
Drumcheeran 1793-1801, purchased the estate of Kilrush, Co. Kilkenny, m. (M.L., 
Dec. 8, 1767) Mary, dau. of Edward Lucas, of Castleshane, and had issue (1) Arthur 
John, of Kilrush, m. and had issue, d. 1853 ; (2) Rev. Henry Lucas, R. of Dromore, q.v. ; 

(3) Thomas Belmore, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 5, 1798, aged 16, ed. by Rev. Anthony Pack, 
B.A. 1803, M.A. 1832, Barr.-at-Law, m. ; had issue and d. 1863 ; (4) Rev. Richard 
Quintus, V. of Crossmolina, b. 1785, m. and had issue, d. 1877. (See Baronetages). 
Rev. H. St. G. d. in 1820. He was C. Donagh in 1765. 

1820. Robert Wynne, coll. R. and V., " Tedaunagh, otherwise Tedawnett, otherwise 
Tedenagh," May 25 (D.R.) He was 2nd son of Robert W., " Armiger," of Rathmines 
Castle, Dublin, Lieut. 12th Dragoons, afterwards Comr. of Customs (by Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sydenham Singleton), 4th son of Rt. Hon. Owen W., of Hazlewood, Co. Sligo, by the 
Hon. Anne Maxwell, sister of the Earl of Farnham, and dau. of the 1st Lord Farnham. 
He was b. in Dublin, ed. by Dr. Carpendale, ent. T.C.D. July, 4, 1810, aged 14, B.A. 1814, 
Incorp. at Cambridge 1818 [Shirley says he was M.A. Query ?]. The following account 
of his death on 29 Aug., 1826, is given in the Newry Telegraph of Sep. 1, 1826 : " On 
Wednesday an inquest was held at Elphigers Hotel, South Frederick Street, Dublin, 
by Alderman Montgomery, one of the Coroners for the City, on the body of the Rev. 
Robert Wynne, Rector of Kilmaran (sic), Co. Monaghan. It appeared that deceased's 
mind having been affected for some time previously by a complaint in the head, he had 
arrived in town on the preceding day, accompanied by another clergyman, for the pur- 
pose of seeking medical assistance. Towards the evening of the same day his friend 
having left him alone for a short time, on his return he found him suspended by a cord 
in his apartment, a lifeless corpse. A verdict of insanity was returned." 

1827. Henry Lucas St. Qeorge, coll. Jan. 19 (D.R.) ; res. in 1832. See Dromore. 

1832. John Richardson Young, coll. Jan. 19 (D.R.) He was son of Rev. Gardiner Y., 
R. of Ballinascreen, b. in Co. Derry, ent. T.C.D. Feb. 3, 1800, aged 17, B.A. 1804 ; P.O. 
Trory 1818-32 j m. Marianne, dau. of John Cromie, of Cromore, Co. Antrim, and had 
issue, including Rev. Gardiner R. (see Errigal Trough). He d. in 1862. 

1862. Henry Anthony Burke appears (I.C.D.) coll. was not ent. in D.R. ; b. 1798, 4th 
son of William B., of Ballydorgan, Loughrea, Co. Galway, by Julia Frances, dau. of 
Valentine Blake, of Lahinch, Co. Mayo (by Anna Maria, dau. of Hon. and Rev. Richard 
Henry Roper) ; ed. by Mr. Gwynne, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 6, 1809, aged 15, no degree recorded 


was P.O. Newtownsaville 1826-42, P.O. Trory 1842-6, R. & V. Magheraotoss 1846-62. 
res. Tydavnet 19 April, 1871 (D.R.) Annuity 548 17s. 2d. m. and had issue, including 
Michael George, etc. (See B.L.G.) 

1871. Charles Maurice Stack, inst. July 25 (D.R.) ; res. in 1873 for Monaghan. See 

1873. Lewis Richards, inst. Sep. 4 (D.R.) ; son of Rev. Edward R. R. of Clonallon, 
Dromore; T.C.D. B. A. and Div. Teat. (2) 1854, M.A. 1859, B.D. and D.D. 1891, ord. D. 
and P. 1856 (Kilmore), C. Drumgoon 1856-60, P.O. Warrenpoint 1861-6, P.O. Ashfield 
1866-72, res. Tydavnet for R. Drumglass 1879-1907, Preb. of Ballymore, Armagh 
Oath. 1896-1907, m. Feb. 13, 1866, Charlotte Georgina, 3rd dau. of Rev. J. 0. Maude, 
Precentor, and had issue. His dau. Mary m. Rev. Kivas 0. Brunskill, R of Donag. 
henry and d. leaving issue a son. Dr. Richards d. Nov. 6, 1910. 

1880 Edmund Malone Weir, inst. Jan. 14 (D.R.) ; 6th and yst. son of John W., of Hall 
Craig, Co. Ferm., who was son of Robert W., J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, Co. Ferm., 1796, 
elder son of Capt. Alex. W., of Hall Craig, by Barbara, dau. of John Crozier, of Maghera- 
dunbar, Co. Down ; was R. Lack 1871-9 ; pa. (1) Isabella, dau. of John Murray, of Marl- 
field, Co. Tipp., she d. Dee. 1, 1876, leaving issue one son and two daus. ; m (2) 1880, 
Charlotte, dau. of Rev. William S. Burnside, Chanc, of Clogher, by whom he had one son. 
He was C. Tattykeeran 1867-70. J. C. Weir, K.C. is his son. 

1886. David Oharles Abbott, inst. 27 Nov. (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 

1917. Thomas Oecll Magee, inst. 9 June (D.R.) ; son of James M., of Kilconla, Tuam ; 
ed. at T.C.D. 1900, ord. D. 1901, P. 1902 (Glasgow), C. Gartcosh and Coatbridge 1901-3, 
C. Monaghan 1903, R. Drumsnatt 1906-8, R. Templecarne 1908-17, m. April 23, 1919, 
Marjorie elder dau. of N. H. Kane M.D. 


1634. Manus MoMahon (R.V.) 

1708. Thomas Nasmlth (V.B.) See Galloon Curates. 

1710. John Brloe appears and also in 1712 (V.B.) ; son of William B. " Causidious " 
b. in Trim, ent. T.C.D. Nov. 24, 1694, aged 17, Sch. 1697, B.A. 1702, M.A. 1702. 

1716. Fielding Wallis (or Wallace) appears (V.B.) See Magheraculmoney. 

1719. Thos. Skelton (V.B.), ord. P. 25 Sep. 1720 (Clogher). See Clontibret Curates. 

1764. John Cranston, Jun., (V.B.) See Aghabog. 

1773. Samuel Hawkshaw appears and up to 1785 (V.B.) See Prebs. Tyholland. 

1785. James Flddes appears and in 1809 (V.B.) See Drumsnatt. 

1809. Henry Lucas St. George (V.B.) See Dromore. 

1814. Richard St. George (V.B.) ; son of Rev. Howard St. G. (see Rectors) ; b. in Co. 
Kilkenny, 8 Mar., 1785, ed. by Mr. Pack, ent. T.C.D. June 7, 1802, aged 15, B.A. 1807, 
M.A. 1832, ord. D. 24 Aug., 1810 (Ferns), P. , C. Clonbroney 1826, V. Crossmolina 
1835-72, m. July 12, 1811, Henrietta Maria, dau. of Sir Robert Langrishe, Bart, (she d. 
25 April, 1877) and had issue ( 1 ) Rev. Howard Boyle, R. of Kilwarlin, m. and had issue; 
(2) William, of Bryansford, P.O., m. and had issue ; (3) Robert Henry ; (4) Henry Charles 
and 6 daus. (see Baronetages). He d. at Rosslare Aug. 8, 1877, aged 92. 

61823. Allen Mitchell appears (L.M. v., 227) is C. in 1824 (Ercle) See Drum- 

1825-34. John Potterton (V.B.) ; son of James P., b. inCo.Meath, ed. by Mr. Millar, ent. 
T.C.D. Nov. 7, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1824, M.A. 1832. Was V. Lusk (Dublin) in 1844, 
and to 1866 or 1867. 

1837-40. James Richards, son of Rev. Geo. R., b. in Co. Wexford, ed. at Drogheda Gra. 
Sch., ent. T.C.D. Oct. 20, 1828, aged 17, B.A. 1835. He was 0. Ballycanew (Ferns) in 
1844. Treas. Leighlin and R. Cloydagh 1854-70 ob. 


1841-3. Robert James Leslie McQhee, Lie. May 22, 1843 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. and 
Div. Test. 1841, M.A. 1844, ord. D. 1841 (Dub.), P. 1842 (Oa3.), both for Clogher, was 
Chapl. Magd. Asylum, Dub., 1843-4, R. Mullavilly (Armagh) 1844-50, Ohapl. to Forces 
1855, retired 1878 (See Armagh Clergy, p. 387). 

1843-51. Gardiner Richardson Young, Lie. April 26 (DM.) See Errigal Trough. 

1853. Adolphus Q lad well was ord. D. for this C. at Armagh on 21 Dec., 1853, waa here 
in 1868. T.O.D. B.A. 1853. 

1863-73. Francis James Hurst, Lie. Mar. 8, 1866 (D.R.) See Archdeacons. 
1910. Samuel Mackay Watt, Lie. Feb. 9 (D.R.) See Inishmacsaint. 

1910-16. Lionel Gilbert Frank St. John Eocles, Lie. Dec. 21 (D.R.) See Agha- 

1917. Edward Lionel Keane, Lie. Jan. 14 (D.R.). See Ologher and Clontibret. 


Tydavnet (also written Tedavnet)=Teac/4 datnnada " the house of Damnat," S. 
Dympna whose Patron day waa June 18 (Martyr Tall.) In the Papal Taxation it 
appeared as Thechdamnad and waa valued at 2 marks. Other variations of the name 
are given above. A remarkable fact is that the Vicarage was of higher value than 
the Rectory (see entries above). I have not found a similar case. It was usual for the 
Vicar to receive one-third and the Rector two-thirds of the total tithes. In 1622 
" Church ruinous, no house " (R.V.) In 1591/2 John Conolan, Rector of Moynalty, 
got a grant of 2 parts of the Termon of Tydavnet containing 16 tates, for ever in com- 
mon socage at a rent of 8, Mar. 6 (F. El$z.5920). An Order in Council for removing 
the site of the Parish Church is dated Nov. 16, 1754 (L.M., v., 129) The Church 
was enlarged in 1830 at a cost of 471 defrayed by the parish and 503 15s. Id. were 
spent on it between 1834 and 1864. 

The Parish Registers from 1822 are in Parochial Custody and a Vestry Book be; 
ginning 1808. 

Of the Communion Plate a Flagon is inscribed "Tydavnet Parish, 1880," a 
Chalice, " The Parish of Tydavnet, 1742, one Paten " The gift of Mrs. Mary fforster of 
Tullough, to ye Church of Tydavnet," and another Paten " Parish of Tydavnet, 1765." 



For Rectors up to 1886 see Prebendaries of Tyholland. 

1885 James Wilson, inst. R. (on the death of Preb. J. R. Tarleton) April 28((D.R.) 
ed. at At. Aidan's Coll., ord. D. 1881 (Armagh), P. 1882 (Kilmore for Armagh), 0. 
Templecarne 1881-3, R. do. 1883-5, m. and had .issue, including Rev. David F. R., 
Rector of Donnybrook, and Preo. St. Patrick's, Dublin, and Rev. James (See Curates 
below) . He d. at the residence of his son in Dublin, April 24, 1910, aged 73. A Tab* 
let in the Church Commemorates him. See also an Appreciative Obituary Notice in 
C. I. Gazette May, 1910. His widow, Letitia, d. July 6, 1927, at Brantry Rectory in 
her 90th Year. 

1910. John Moorhead Strickland, inst. June 30 (D.R.) res. 1927. See Precentors. 
The Parish was united to Monaghan in 1927. 


1634. William D. (R.V.) Query ? Dunkin. 

1693 James Christie (V.B.) See Aughnamullen. 

1704. Peter Sheahan ( V.B.) was M.A. 

1713 James Arbuthnot (V.B.) See Drummully. 

1764.- Mark Foster (V.B.) See Prebs Tyholland. 

l786.-Traver8 Madden (V.B.) See Aghavea 



1842.-7 Richard Daniel Falklner was 0, ; son of John F. " gen.," b. in Co. Tipp.,ed. by 
Mr. M'Donagh, ent. T.C.D. Oct. 14, 1836, aged 18, B.A. 1841, ord. P. for Clogher Dio. at 
Limerick, 18 Sep., 1842, was C. here to 1847, became 0. Hollymount (Tuam) 1847, 
afterwards R. Hollymount and R. Kilmaine (Tuam) which he held at his death on 
Nov. 17, 1877, aged 59, was m. and had issue a dau. Anno of Rev. R. D. F. and Isabella, 
his wife, was bap. in Tyholland April 18, 1847, ? same as " Nannie Sydney," described 
as his only dau. at her marriage, April 9, 1867, to Gerald E. Barren, M.B., of Hollymount. 

1847. W. 3. Evans appears (Thorn), perhaps William Studdert Evans, T.C.D., B.A. and 
Div. Test, 1841 (son of Wm. E. of King's Co.) who became V. Ulley, Yorks, 1867. See 
also Monaghan Curates. 

1856. John Tenison Tarleton (Thorn), became D.C. Rockcorry 1858. See Kilmore. 

1860-2. William Hautenville Rambaut was C. ; son of William R., nerchant, b. in 
Dublin, ed. by Mr. Sargent, ent. T.C.D. June 3, 1839, aged 17, B.A. 1848, Div. Test, and 
Reg. Prof. Div. Prem (1) 1849, ord. D. 1860, P. 1861 ; C. Tyholland 1860-2, C. Bally, 
mover (Armagh) 1862-4, Asst. Astronomer at Armagh 1864-8, C. Darver 1868-70, C. 
Kells (Ossory) 1871-2, R. Drumreilly (Kilmore) 1881-8 ; m. July 20, 1861, Alice Cathe- 
rine, dau. of Jonathan Osborne, M.D., of Dublin and had issue. A dau. Catherine was 
bap. at Tyholland Nov. 2, 1862. 

1869-84. John Tenison Tarleton (again). 

1903. James Wilson (Jun.), Lie. July 19, 1904 (D.R.) See Tempo. 

1908. John Ramsay Crooks, Lie. Dec. 21 (D.R.) was here 1906-9. See Augher. 

1909. Lionel Gilbert Frank St. John Eccles, Lie. Sep. 21 (D.R.) ; res. for C. Tyd-